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Old reliable: still going strong after 13 years.

Before we owned this car, the previous owners had driven it from California to Idaho and had it sitting in the driveway for 10 years. This has led to parts needing to be replaced after we came into ownership. Adding to the difficulty, YouTube tutorials for fixing it ourselves were a rarity. That being said, it is a reliable car for our daily needs (shopping, commute, etc. ). All in all, a good little starter car, at least.

- Brittany K

Reliable full size sedan to seat the whole family.

I enjoy my dodge stratus, for being as old as it is it and buying it used it is a very reliable and dependable car. We have had to do very little maintenance since buying this car and it drives perfectly. It is starting to have some issues like a tick in the motor and the wheel bearings are going out but I think this is typical wear and tear and needs a tune up. This is a full sized sedan and fits 5 fairly comfortably.

- Britney D

Spacious and convenient, great for getting seniors around.

The car is very reliable and is relatively low maintenance. The interior is spacious and so is the trunk. The position of the cigarette lighter makes it easy for me to connetc.my phone to the radio via Bluetooth. It has a CD which also works fine. The rear view mirror gives a nice wide range of vision.

- Starr J

Comfortable seats. Nice looking. Good pick up. Good on gas.

This car was gifted to me upon the death of my sister. It seems to be okay but it took me a while to get used to it as my other car, a 1989 Dodge spirit had better visibility. It does drive nicely and has good pick up and it is also a comfortable car. It has a good radio and looks like a nice car.

- Barbie L

Dodge stratus great gas mileage.

My car is an ok vehicle. It is a standard so it is not easy to drive in heavy traffic. There have been a few bugs since I have owned it but I did not buy it new. The gas mileage is wonderful though and I do enjoy the smallness of the car. I would love to buy a new one but maybe in a few years.

- Linda P

Dodge stratus is reliable.

My car is 18 years old and has 104, 000 miles. It has been a reliable car for the most part. Just within the last 3 years it is starting to cost more to maintain. Nickel and dime repairs. Due to the car being older that is expected. For the life of the car it is done well.

- Heather M

Cheap car but worth it for what needs fixed.

Needs new struts put on when driving it squeaks and hitting bumps is hard on it. If you hit a bump the radio with shut off and turn back on, it for sure needs some tlc done but for what we paid for it. It's worth the price of it. Only paid 300 hundred for it.

- Katie B

It is a large paper weight at the moment.

My car is currently not able to be driven because the battery is dead. It also needs new tires as it has sat for over 3 years without being moved. Another issue it has is the coolant tank leaks so I have to replace the coolant very often when I drive it.

- Jeff C

Check the recalls that is super important.

Transmission is horrible. Several recalled parts and gas is eaten daily in all you've seen what other cars can do on little to none. No fuel pump has been replaced 3 times. Were still smelling gas in the cabin.

- Ashleigh S

There are a lot of them still on the road, so it does show fairly long life.

It's a sedan with poor gas mileage, compared to current models. It also has none of the new tech such as USB ports or MP3 input. And it is starting to show rust even though cared for meticulously.

- Don S

It runs great, and is very reliable. Safe family car or great first teen car.

I love this car! For being a little older, I have never had major issues with it a all. Just an oil. Hangs every 3k miles and new tired when necessary are we’re set! Love it!

- Kota S

This is an older car, but reliable.

I like that it is spacious and comfortable for up to 5 adults. I dislike that the battery is mounted in such a way that I have to bring it to the mechanic to change it.

- Stephanie G

That its reliable and sturdy.

It's got a lot of miles. Its reliable. Good car. Could get better gas mileage. Its air conditioning no longer works and could use a newer car but its dependable.

- Sara F

Very good on gas mileage.

I am having serious issues with my car. Parts are going out. Other than that it is reliable for work when something is not wrong with it.

- Julia R

There's absolutely no a/c in it at all, so if you are to go on a long trip. Guarantee you ts going to be a miserable one.

It has had a lot of money put into it, way more than what should be into it or what it's worth but its still trucking along with no a/c.

- becca W

I just got it so I am not sure.

The ride is smooth but my transmission is going out. It is a 2000 but it only has 87000 miles. That could be normal for miles.

- Tracy J

Brakes may give out sooner than expected.

Pretty good except brakes gave out early. Has good acceleration for a vehicle that is quite old. All in all, not a bad car.

- Tracy B

It gets me where I need to go and it doesn't cost a whole bunch in gas

I like that he has power windows and is 4 door. It doesn't cost a lot for gas. It gets me to the places I need to be.

- Laura K

It has its spooky quirks, but it is largely safe. Some stuff doesn't work ALL the way.

It is a drivable garbage can, with a nice engine that is fairly reliable. It's a commuter car for a poor student.

- Beth L

That it runs well, has a good sound system, and an alarm system too.

It is a hard working vehicle that runs well. It has a good sound system. It also has a good security system.

- Kate R

Others should know that although my car is not much to look at, it is very reliable and easy to maintain.

I love my car because it is so easy to drive , gets good gas mileage and is relatively easy to maintain.

- Cathy K

I am so proud of the performance, it is so confident in the way and very soft driving.

I like so much because is very comfortable, only disciple to me is the paint... it has been really bad.

- hhhhh R