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The 2004 Dodge stratus is a reliable and safe car.

2004 Dodge Stratus

The car is relatively reliable for an older model with several miles on it. In the four years that I have owned it, I have only had to replace a window motor for the driver side window. I have not had to make any other major repairs to the car. The radio features both a c. D. And a cassette player and gets relatively good signal from surrounding stations. The heat and air conditioning work well, as well, and only take a few minutes to arrive at the desired temperature. The car has both a front and back window defroster that heats up relatively quickly. The seats are soft and can be adjusted in several ways to the passenger’s comfort. The back seat is also relatively spacious and can fit three adult passengers comfortably. The driver seat has adjustable lumbar, an adjustable headrest, can be lower or raised, and can slide farther or closer to the petals if needed. The back windows have a safety feature where they do not roll down all the way to keep any children passengers safe. The doors and window also have working locks on the inside. The car comes with a key fob that unlocks or locks the car from quite a distance away. The key fob also has a panic feature. The trunk is very spacious, as well, and can fit groceries and even larger scale items like an adult bicycle. The car is smooth to drive and quiet, as well. The car also gets great gas mileage.

- Savannah G

My vehicle is white with some paint chips. It's long with a large interior.

2004 Dodge Stratus SE

My vehicle has run very well in the past 2 years that I have owned it. I have been having trouble with my windows not working at all. I'm not sure if it was a fuse or a motor yet, but it seems like a fuse. This happened slowly over two winters before all of my windows would not roll down. I have a little bit of trouble with the AC and heating in my car. Occasionally the coordination of the heating and cooling knobs and the actual AC quality don't align. Other than that, my car has taken me from Missouri to Colorado and back twice without any serious issues. The wheel bearings in my car were out recently and it became super dangerous for me to drive, along with my alignment being off. That could also have to do with the previous owner's care to the car. The Dodge Stratus is a great car and very reliable, at least for someone my age.

- Zoe V

2 door coupe, not many of these left. Great on gas 15 to 25 mile a gallon range.

2004 Dodge Stratus

When I purchased this vehicle it had 175399 miles. Vehicle now has 226764 on the odometer and has been a very reliable car. It has the sxt package 2 door coupe. 2. 2 liter Mitsubishi engine. On a side note I discovered that the Mitsubishi eclipse and Dodge stratus have the same engine and drivetrain. I have had to replace the lower a arms (ball joint) inner and outer tie rods, 4 new tires, new rear struts, still needs new front struts, new right front wheel bearing, new rotors, and brakes on front as well. Yes I've had to replace a few parts on it but in the cars defense it has a lot of miles on it, but it still runs great, no piston slap or valves rattling. Recently changed the oil as well. Car looks great nice solid vehicle would make a great 1st car or work car. If I were to sell this vehicle I would be asking $1500 firm.

- William A

A decent vehicle ruined by bad design choices.

2004 Dodge Stratus R/T

The dodge stratus is a pain to work on. Many times things need to be moved, and the battery is in the left wheel well. Expect expensive repairs due to this. The v6 engine is good, with a solid amount of power, but gas mileage struggles around 20/23 in best of conditions. Features are basic and you'll want an aftermarket radio, especially if you want aux or Bluetooth. It is fairly comfortable and can be fun to drive, I take naps for lunch in the backseat with little complaint. While the engine is decent, the cooling system is awful and has required numerous repairs and replacements.

- Corrie K

Dodge stratus. Easy on the eyes and easy on the wallet.

2004 Dodge Stratus

The car performs smoothly. It rides so smooth that you think you are moving at 45 mph and when you check the speedometer you are moving at 85. For a 4 cylinder car it has a lot of get up and go. It is comfortable to drive and it is a quiet ride. It uses very little gas and classy/sporty silhouette. The car features self-locking doors for your safety. Airbags and antilock brakes; plenty of let room and will seat a family of 5 comfortably.

- Susan B

My car, you have to take the front wheel off in order to replace the headlight.

2004 Dodge Stratus SXT

My car has been with me since 2009 and it's been a wonderful, durable car. Of course there are limitations of the technology and some of the aesthetics due to the age but it was a good car when I first acquired it. There have been some normal wear and tear with my Dodge Stratus but it still runs smoothly even after 15 years. I probably will not get another car until I run this car into the ground because it's been that durable for me.

- Collin S

It doesn't get good gas mileage driving around town, but on the Interstate I can go twice as far which is great.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I've had it for 14 years and overall it has been a pretty good vehicle. I just buy parts or have work done when it needs it. It is a basic car, but I wish it had the feature that tells you when maintenance needs to be done, how many miles left until I need to buy gas, GPS, bluetooth, backup camera, more comfortable seats. The paint has oxidized so I wish I had taken better care of the paint. I like that it has cruise control.

- Sheila M

I would definitely get a Dodge stratus again.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Right now it is having a few problems because it is getting old. But it is very reliable, easy to drive, and very comfortable. Right now it is making a screeching sound when it is started up. But once it is going, it sounds fine. It is fun to drive, and it looks good. I wish we had more money at this time and we could get any of the problems it may have fixed.

- Debbie L

04 Dodge Stratus, great putt putt car

2004 Dodge Stratus SE

My stratus has over 150,000 miles on it and I never have a problem outside of normal wear and tear. It gets great gas mileage and while it lacks some of the new fancier features that new cars have, I find it super dependable. I don't think there will be any issues with it beyond fixing the A/C which I have to recharge every summer.

- Crystal K

My cars heater/ac only works on high even though I have replaced the panel twice.

2004 Dodge Stratus SXT

Have replaced several sensors, the battery, radiator, water pump, thermostat twice, two of the window motors but two are still broken, and a couple other things. Almost everything in the car is unnecessarily difficult to access. For example, to replace the battery you must jack up the car and take off the front tire to access it.

- Emma D

Owning a Dodge car a reliable car and you can't go wrong.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Good on gas, reliable, sporty. I have had no issues with the car and it was bought as a used car. Dodge has been good to me this is my third purchase of a Dodge car previous cars were intrepid which were quite reliable. As a consumer my feelings are that I will probably always own a Dodge car because of trusting the brand.

- Lynn C

the trunk of the car is very roomy and holds just about anything

2004 Dodge Stratus SXT

the vehicle drives smooth and doesn't use too much gas. The alternator just quit on me but other than that the car is in great shape inside and out. The color is red and the interior is fabric and very light tan. haven't had any trouble with anything on the car until the current alternator problem but it's an easy fix!

- Madison J

I do not recommend it based on everything about it. However, I think It's age is the worst part so newer models would probably be worth looking into.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I like the car itself and the way it drives. I don't like that it is too old to have any nice features. I don't like the location of the battery, because normal replacement locations cannot replace it for me. I don't like how many issues I have had with it needing repairs, especially with the temperature system.

- k r

Daily driver of trust and value!

2004 Dodge Stratus SXT

I've had my car for over 8 years and it had served me well during that time. I've only ever had just the standard type of problems with it - nothing out of the ordinary. It's got over 140k miles on it and it's still holding up really well. It's been a trustworthy car and I've used it as my daily driver.

- Sarah S

Worst car I have ever owned

2004 Dodge Stratus SE

Nothing but problems since I've had it. It's currently broken down. Again! It is absolutely the worst car I have ever had, and will never purchase another one like it ever again. I have wasted more money on it than it is worth and I honestly think I would be better off selling it for scrap metal.

- Charlotte F

Pretty reliable car if taken care of it is a good car

2004 Dodge Stratus SXT

Overall no problems that comes from directly the cars fault. Certain parts of the vehicle were harder to find. The battery is in a weird location with ground wires up front but the battery itself is not visible. No overall issues good on gas and when taken care of it is a really reliable vehicle.

- Tessa S

Loves to travel on open roads, it hauls a 21 foot travel trailer like a champ

2004 Dodge Stratus SE

My car is a 2004 Dodge it runs amazing has not giving me any problems it is great on gas I drive it on weekends up north and there is always room for everyone. The color is a gray it is a sedan. I did have to replace the brake lines brakes and rotors last fall but besides that it's a great car

- sylvia B

Dodge stratus: it's not perfect but is a reliable vehicle.

2004 Dodge Stratus SE

My only complaint is that I wish it had more acceleration when trying to get up to speed. It is very reliable all I have had to do is regular maintenance. It is very comfortable for in town driving however my back hurts on long trips. Due to its age it is beginning to rust on the rocker panels

- Christina C

My vehicle runs well and gets me where I am going.

2004 Dodge Stratus

It runs well and gets me where I am going. It has like one hundred twenty thousand miles and has a slow leak in the transmission. Now we have to add transmission fluid once a month. I like this car because it is reliable. This car is good on gas mileage. It is from 2004 and is still running.

- Jessica C

Dodge stratus is a good car to own. It is easy to maintain. Gets good mileage.

2004 Dodge Stratus

This is a good one for traveling in. It gets good mileage. It has very few problems. When it does it is something very minor that does not cost you an arm and a leg. It is good on oil and does not have to be changed but once every six it is easy on your pocket book. Maintenance is very low.

- Louise T

Pretty dependable so I would not be scared to allow my child it take a trip in it.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I have had problems with my timing belt but other than that I love my car. It has wear and tear that all vehicles get such as brakes having it be replaced tune ups but all in all I haven't had any major things such as transmission to worry about. I would recommend someone to purchase one.

- Susan M

It is really a good running car.

2004 Dodge Stratus SE

It's a nice car. It runs well. The only issues that I have with it is the struts. The struts give out too fast but the everything is ok. You still have to keep the maintenance of the car as required. I recently had to replace the radiator and thermostat in the car but that wasn't major.

- Simone L

2004 Dodge Stratus is a great, dependable Car

2004 Dodge Stratus R/T

I love my car! It's very dependable and gets good gas mileage as well. It drives and runs good and is low maintenance. The air conditioning and heat works very good. The only issue I have is that the power windows don't always work and if you roll them down it's hard to get them back up

- Jessica L

The tail lights are very sharp looking.

2004 Dodge Stratus

The motor and transmission are amazing. I love the space the two door has to offer. The fact that I cannot redline the rpms is amazing. The interior is pretty and the way the vehicle flows is nice. The body does not really rust much either. The engine components are my favorite.

- Abigail C

My love for Dodge vehicles.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I am a Dodge junkie. The performance in all Dodges I have owned has been outstanding. One of the issues I have had with the 3 I have owned have been oil problems, power window and a sensor that will go out, especially check engine light. I am a diehard Dodge fan no matter what.

- Tammy D

I travel over 250 miles a week and I never have to worry.

2004 Dodge Stratus SE

I love this car. It's the only car I have ever driven and it's the one I took my road test in. It's super comfy and easy to drive. Tuning the radio makes for an easy drive. It needs a new wheel bearings but that the only problem with my car. It's a very nice size car for me.

- Ashley A

2004 Dodge stratus (used).

2004 Dodge Stratus

Very reliable. Have had nothing other than minor cosmetic problems. Have had for at least 3 years and it continues to serve. I travel for work so a dependable car is very important to me. Regular maintenance and talc have prevented most would-be problems with my automobile.

- Justin W

A Dodge is a great car to choose!

2004 Dodge Stratus

My current car I drive most often is a Dodge stratus and it handles well even though its a 2004 it is still in great shape and I like driving it a lot and hope that others decide to also choose Dodge as their car in the future because they are well worth the price.

- Kimberly R

Adore my stratus? Not so much.

2004 Dodge Stratus

My Dodge stratus has not really been too bad of a car it gets great gas mileage. It's just that it has always came with really bad cosmetic issue. Like these cars seem to fall apart and the struts are horrible. This is my second Dodge stratus. My car is also a 04.

- Christina D

Horrible investment. Very disappointed, will never buy one again.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Very uncomfortable, many problems with engine and poor features. Has a very poor stereo, runs very rough. Hardly any heat and defrost makes it quit running sometimes. Rust everywhere. Poor gas mileage. Does not hold any value. Would trade it for anything else.

- Shawn Y

About my 2004 dodge stratus.

2004 Dodge Stratus SXT

Engine light on, bummers needs the pins back in it to hold it on,I love the model of the car, the shape design, it is big enough for me and my family. It has cloth seats and are very comfortable, a sunroof,it is a 6 cylinder. A good running car. Happy with it.

- Craig A

Good reliable comfortable car.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Drives well dependable car is very comfortable for driving long distance it's a white four door has 16 inch Dodge wheels and is great on gas the only problem that I have is the location of the battery which is located inside of the bumper in front of the car.

- Carlos R

Someone almost ruined a great car.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I bought this car that was in unimaginable disrepair and pulled engine rebuilt the motor from all new parts and found someone was unable or wouldn't change the oil had to rework complete engine now runs great without any problems except regular maintenance.

- Brian R

it is reliable and runs good with minimum trouble and it is paid for

2004 Dodge Stratus

this has been a great car. Has not cost me a whole lot to maintain. although some thing do not work anymore, for as old as it is it has only 71k miles on it. but the rust will eventually get to it and that worries me

- greg b

Parts are not cheap most of the time you have to go online to buy to them. . .

2004 Dodge Stratus

It's a good car. . Not bad for the year the only thing I don't like is they only made the stratus 1 year with 2 doors it's hard to find parts for it. . But still a good car. . It runs and gets me where I want to go.

- Shawn D

It has a good stereo and it gets good gas mileage as well as a nice ride. It's fun to drive

2004 Dodge Stratus

This vehicle has been very reliable it has only needed regular maintenance like tires battery brakes and windshield wipers. It isn't full of special features but has a nice stereo airbags and electric windows.

- Alfred L

Its comfy and drives nice.

2004 Dodge Stratus

It's a smooth ride, very comfortable. It gets me from A to B, its very reliable so far. I haven't had any major issues yet. The only thing that bothers me is a rattle whenever I speed up, not sure what that is.

- Lori W

I only bought my vehicle for $400 off a friend and I've put three times more than that into fixing it. With no solution in sight.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I've replaced everything that the computer has told me was wrong and nothing worked. I haven't been able to use it in a week and I depend on it for everyday use. Without it life is a struggle.

- Tiffany Ann M

My car is reliable. She has not failed me, easy maintenance, good mileage, and she's still going strong.

2004 Dodge Stratus

My car is old at this point, but I do still love her. I wish they still made the Stratus, as I would love an updated version. I honestly have no complaints, and I've had this car since 2005.

- Katrina J

Runs nice, drives smooth, great in the snow, and have not had any major problems.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I was given my car from my grandparents and I drive it to and from work everyday an hour and a half each way. It has been a very reliable car that I haven't had to do a lot of maintenance to.

- Lindsay D

Only use bp gasoline because any other causes it to run bad.

2004 Dodge Stratus

The car has had very little problems. Has 72k miles. The rust is starting to show badly. Everything still works except the CD where the belts are bad in it. Always do the maintenance to it.

- Gregory B

The Stratus handles well on the road and is easy on the gas cost.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I like the way the Stratus handles on the road. Also it seems to get wonderful gas mileage for us and that matters. I really can not think of something bad, as i really like my car

- Lisa c

Dodge Stratus: Quick, Reliable, but a little small

2004 Dodge Stratus

The car is quite reliable and stylish and fuel efficient. However, there is a lot of road noise and the interior is cramped, so it's not good for large groups of people.

- Ryan M

My car gets excellent gas mileage because I keep up with the suggested maintenance on it.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I have no complaints about my car. I keep the maintenance up as per the manual and don't drive it hard. It gets great gas mileage and has been extremely dependable.

- Chris B

It was made in the USA, by American workers, where the money goes to an American company.

2004 Dodge Stratus

It is a car made my an American manufacturer. The car has been reliable since purchase only complaint would be the clear coat started to come off about 2 years ago.

- Dave S

This car gets awesome gas mileage overall, with amazing freeway mileage.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Good gas mileage, high miles but still runs decent. I do not like the rust, the ac is out, only 1 power window works, driver's inside door panel came off.

- Jennifer K

It has lasted for nearly ten years with only routine maintenance and a few fixes

2004 Dodge Stratus

I like that it is paid for, and that it has not needed major repairs since i have owned it. I dislike the gas consumption and the fact it is falling apart

- Brandon N

There are some with mitsubishi parts.

2004 Dodge Stratus

It doesn't have any problems, it gets me from point A to point B and is really good! The car can fit up to 5 people and it gets really good gas mileage.

- Danny C

Mechanically unreliable. Lots of repairs. Hope it was just a lemon but I won't buy Dodge again.

2004 Dodge Stratus

It's been the most mechanically unreliable car I've owned and if it wasn't for the numerous home renovations I've had to do, I'd have sold it long ago.

- mike h

It has low mileage and has been well taken care of.

2004 Dodge Stratus

It is very sporty and powerful. I love how it accelerates and the way it sounds. Right now the paint is chipped, so I don't like that.

- Renee D

Problem with the transmission has been documented on this model.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Had to replace the transmission with a little over 100K on the original. Otherwise I am very satisfied with Dodge vehicle performance.

- Henry G

Still a great car, even after 14 years!

2004 Dodge Stratus

This car still runs like a gem! The cruise control is amazing, and the dashboard lights up nicely. It handles very well in the snow.

- Amanda E

It breaks every other week.

2004 Dodge Stratus

It gets me from one place to another occasionally. It has broken down on me multiple times. Right now it is sitting in my yard.

- Lark W

This Dodge looks and runs Good!

2004 Dodge Stratus

Car has great styling and performance. 3.0 V6 w/auto trans. works very well. It's bright red with black interior, looks great.

- Barry A

Very comfortable on long trips.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I like its dependable and cheap on gas. I do not like its getting old. And also its getting high mileage which I worry about.

- J H

It's red and not in the best shape

2004 Dodge Stratus

It's a reliable vehicle that has problems here and there, It's not much to look at but it gets me from point a to point b.

- ryan B

Its dependable and always starts.

2004 Dodge Stratus

They are dependable. . U can have it till over 2000 miles and it still runs. . She's got rust on her but she still goes.

- Jessica S

It's hard to drive bc of turn radius

2004 Dodge Stratus

I like how fast it is . But it is very low and has a big blind spot . It also has a hard turn radius and is so long .

- aunica G

It works great all together and would recommend it in getting their first car.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Its pretty good on gas mileage. The front wheel drive kind of sucks in the snow. However, overall it runs very well.

- Chris D

Good on gas and low maintenance.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Too hard to fix. Not enough room for grandkids. The gas mileage is not near as good as reported. I need a new car.

- Kelli F

Crappy car. Do not buy this car.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Breaks easily. Does not have good gas mileage. Always needs repairs. I wouldn't recommend buying this car at all.

- Sara N

Its. A gas saver a small car but big inside.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Good on gas is reliable and does not have any major problems low mileage comfortable lots of legroom looks good.

- Brian R

My car has tons of bumper stickers

2004 Dodge Stratus

In the 4000 miles I have put on it only needed a battery change also has a nice ac and very comfortable seats

- Tristen F

The car still runs and has over 200,000 miles. I take it to work and back everyday. Original transmission

2004 Dodge Stratus

Works fine with 200,000 miles. Minor repairs needed like tires and windshield wipers. Still gets me to work

- Joe R

The safety features are comforting and it can be seen the car is well built.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Repairs. Had to replace a lot. Fun car to drive. Has a lot of get up and go left in it. Wonderful handling.

- Marge P

It drives great. The size is perfect.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Like the size of the vehicle. don't like the gas mileage. I love the color. I like the way it drives.

- Melissa G

My car is brutal on fuel and it's pretty comfortable it takes me where I need to go

2004 Dodge Stratus

Even though it's a Ford it has the Mitsubishi parts in it so technically it's not American-made

- Eva M

Very comfortable vehicle, could use a larger tire size to raise the vehicle.

2004 Dodge Stratus

Only complaint is that it has only one port to plug cell phone charges into. Good gas mileage.

- Woodrow B

It's safe to ride in and has all safety features required

2004 Dodge Stratus

No complaints. Dislike how low it is to ground. Like the speed. Wish it had bluetooth

- Kelly H

the car has always had some sort of a mysterious oil leak.

2004 Dodge Stratus

i bought it used so there were a few problems which i took care of. mostly i like it.

- winifred g

My car was reliable as well as good on gas. It may not of been a newer car but it's a great car.

2004 Dodge Stratus

I love the fact that it's reliable. I love the color of it. I love the gas intake

- Deon T

it has power and it looks good

2004 Dodge Stratus

It's got a nice look It's got a lot of power and it gets me where i'm going

- jimmy K

The Dodge Stratus is dependable, easy to drive, and roomy.

2004 Dodge Stratus

It is very reliable. It drives smooth. It's roomy inside for a sedan.

- Derrick G

Black 2 door 2004 Dodge Stratus. Compact sports looking car that runs great. It can go real fast, real quick. Trust me on that one. The car has had regular maintenance and has given me no problems at all. I love it!

2004 Dodge Stratus

The car has a lot of speed. It can go really fast, really quick.

- Lisa W