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Ford Edge Crossover All around great vehicle.

My Ford Edge is an amazing car. When I first bought it I was a little doubtful about a crossover. But I love it. It has lots of room for the things we need in the hatch. I am so impressed with the comfort of the heated/ac seats. It is nice to be able to warm up or cool down for each person. It has a lot of git up and go. I love the big tires, makes me feel safer in Utah winters. It has a handy console and instrument panel which makes things easy to read. Also like how it lets you know when something is wrong or needs to be checked. All around awesome vehicle.

- Karol P

My Ford Edge is roomy and reliable.

I have never had any issue with my Ford Edge. I have kept up with the regular maintenance schedule. It is very reliable. It is also roomy, I just traveled with 2 full sized trail bicycles and 2 extra large suitcases and 2 adults with room to spare. The leather seats are nice and durable. I haven't has any cracks or peeling of the leather. At the time I bought my Edge built in navigation systems weren't mainstream yet. I'd love to have that feature added.

- Marie K

Large back seat, lots of legroom.

I have had many issues with my vehicle in the past year of owning it (I bought it used). The transmission is going in it and in the past year I have only put about 20, 000 miles on my car. On top of the transmission, the cooling fan just failed and had to be replaced. My car only had 96, 000 miles and this is a lot to go wrong so soon. It is a comfortable car and I have a good field of vision, no blind spots and good features.

- Mckenzie L

Reliable and roomy Ford Edge

I have really enjoyed my 2009 Ford Edge. It has been extremely reliable, only needing standard maintenance to keep it running like a champ. The Leather seats have worn well over the past 9 years, the entertainment and temperature console is extremely well designed and easy to use. The Edge rides nicely and is the car I prefer to take on road trips with room for gear, dogs, and kid in tow.

- Marena k

Panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, spacious, comfortable.

Our Ford edge is one of the best vehicles we have ever owned. As a mom of 2 it is important to me to have a car that is spacious enough to fit 2 car seats in the backseat & still have room for strollers etc. I am a small woman so the edge does not feel overly big to drive which is very important to me. Our next vehicle will probably be the same car just a newer model! Love this car!

- Ashley D

The most important thing one should know about this car is how trouble free it is. It has never had anything major needing work. This is a car owners team to have a car that is so wonderful and never breaks down.

I bought my Ford Edge new and drove it off the lot. I loved all the attention I got while driving down the road. The car is sporty and lively to drive. This car, whom I call Pumpkin, has been an extremely trouble free car. I have never had any issues with it. My only complaint is the headrests. They sit pushing my head too far forward and there is no way to adjust them.


My Ford edge is reliable, comfortable, and fun to drive, and I am glad I got it!

I love my Ford edge! I purchased it used last year, I was a little afraid that it was used and that I would have problems, . It is reliable, very comfortable, and perfect for what I need. I am 70 years old, and I have always wanted a SUV, but was afraid of getting one, thinking that someone in my age group does not need one, but I did it and am very happy with my decision!

- Christine S

My ford edge rides on the edge.

Had a few problems with the car. Tires, ignition, something with the steering or transmission, not really sure, and had to replace the ptu unit. Airbag recall, but otherwise it is fine. It is a very wide vehicle and had blind spots that the rear mirrors do not cover. I do not like that the trunk does not have a cover.

- Cassie D

Tough. Dependable. Stylish.

The Ford edge has been a solid and dependable vehicle. Gas mileage for both city and highway are good. Seats are comfortable. No major issues except for cooling fan unit going bad (900$). And basics, tires, brakes. (160000 miles on it) body still looks good. Air conditioning takes a bit of time to cool entire vehicle.

- Bob K

The Ford Edge is reliable.

I like the car, for the most part it's been very reliable. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but it does have a few. It gets where I need to go comfortably. One thing that does bother me is that it doesn't always shift gears really smoothly... nothing major but just enough to give me pause.

- Shane V

Ford edge crossover made the change from a big SUV.

It is a very comfortable car. Well built, well thought out. Things are conveniently placed for easy access while driving. Handles well in all types of weather. Easy maintenance. Great car for small to medium family. Ample storage space. Great in snow, rain, ice handles it all. Has plenty of get up and go.

- Karol P

The all wheel drive is the greatest feature as well as the cargo space and automatic folding back seats. The panoramic moonroof is a great feature as well

Great performance, handles great and engine runs smooth and quiet. Picks up speed fast so merging onto highways is always easy. All wheel drive makes it great in rain and snow and it is a much smoother ride over bumpy and poorly maintained roads. Comfortable and roomy and sporty crossover suv

- Britany L

Comfortable and reliable easy care Ford edge.

My Ford edge sle had been great. I have done only standard maintenance. No issues with vehicle. It is reliable. The leather seats are comfortable. I love the backup sensors and blind spot mirror as well as the many configurations of seats are perfect for my dogs and moving odd sized items.

- Marina K

It is a dependable car and has easy maintenance. The vehicle is a good size for most things.

I like the size of the vehicle, it small enough not to be cumbersome but is roomier than a car would be. I like that it drives well in the snow because I get a lot of bad weather in the winter where I live. It is getting a bit old so I'm starting to think about when I will need a new car.

- Ann b

Ford edge is a must have for families.

The Ford edge is so reliable, since we have gotten it we have only had to do routine maintenance. We have had it for 3 years already. It is very roomy. We go on several trips throughout the year and are always able to get all of our bags and such and still have room for four people.

- Mandy H

I would never buy a Ford edge. My husband did. I do not like fords very much.

Poor design and placement of the water pump. Repairs are insanely expensive to do because it is in the center of the motor. Air conditioner is not powerful enough to keep the car cool on really hot days. The passenger front seat does not have enough adjustments available for it.

- Marilyn M

Ford Edge, Year 2009, so much of a lemon you could make a lemon cake with it

Initially I liked the size and look of the car, which I still do. But the brakes have always been soft since we bought the car, and I've always wondered whether I bought a lemon. The car also has been subject to several recalls, which is annoying and inconvenient.

- Rhonda d

Fast car that works great in the snow.

This has been a reliable car for us but it had problems since we got it. There's an issue with the rear end. It is a fast car and great in the snow. Radio works great. Nice features like answering calls through the car. Bluetooth. XM radio. Nice panoramic sunroof.

- Che M

Family Friendly and fuel efficient.

I love my car! It has leather seats, which helps with kids and spilled food and drinks. I do wish it had a built in navigation system. Also I love the back up beeper more so than the new back up cameras. I also wish it had better a/c output maybe more vents.

- Mollie e

Single growing family car.

Very reliable and roomy. I can get a baby car seat and still have room to move the front seat up and back for comfortableness. There are just 2 problems I see with it. I go through breaks and tires. It is rough on those, however I drive the turnpike daily.

- Melissa S

One thing others should know is it is okay to drive in heavy snow.

This SUV only has 47,000 miles on it and is always having problems. Just this summer I had to have a wheel bearing fixed as well as a tire and shocks. I also had to have the sprayer for the windshield replaced. I will never buy another ford.

- Anna L

The airbag recall repair has taken 2 yrs to get parts. Still not corrected.

It has a lot of room inside. I like the shape and style. I do not like a blind spot between the left windshield and the driver side window. Without a special accessory that we bought separately, the rain would land inside the car.

- Francine J

reliable vehicle if maintained properly

vehicle runs smoothly and is reliable. I have had a dead battery once. Other than that it runs good. I do regular required maintenance. It is comfortable to drive and is high enough up to get a good view of road. I would recommend

- steven c

Airbag recall. There was a recall for some Edges that were made in a certain time frame.

I like how smooth the vehicle drives and how spacious the interior is. I wish that there were some more advanced technological features. However, those probably exist in newer models. I am also concerned about an airbag recall.

- Anita B

Great Ford edge, roomy, comfortable, smooth handling, decent gas mileage.

No major problems besides regular wear and tear repairs, handles great in all weather conditions, has great features, GPS, heated leather seats, back up alarm, gas mileage tracker, Bluetooth. Generally, a very reliable vehicle.

- Lisa H

My 2008 ford edge is the best

My car was given to me used. There has never been any issues with it. I love the size; it is perfect. I love the bluetooth capability and how it holds 6 different CDs. It is very good for road trips and holds a lot of gas

- Jade K

It is very roomy but things like head and tail lite need to be replaced often.

Gas guzzler other than that I enjoy my vehicle. I love how much space it has I don't like the small issues I have like automatic seats not work and a fan that still blows after it is turned off.

- Marilyn B

My car is protected by security features on it.

I like the heated seats. I like the sun roof. I do not like that it does not have Bluetooth. I like that the car has enough room in the back for everyone when we have extra people in our car.

- Abigail W

All an all a very all around SUV.

My Ford is a very good car. It drives nice and is comfortable to ride in easy handling very well on curves in the snow I like the color black and the tinted windows in the back windows.

- Richard P

There is plenty of legroom in the back seat. It is extremely comfortable!

I love my Ford Edge. It has a lot of legroom and is great for long distance trips as well as hauling things around. It is about time to replace it and I want to look for another one!

- Jan B

The Edge is a great utility vehicle that can be used for anything!

The Edge is a great utility vehicle. The all wheel drive is a plus, power windows , sunroof and heated seats are also great. The only dislike is the sync doesn't work so good.

- Michael T

It drives really well and it's comfortable. It feels solid and safe.

It's getting older and doesn't have the newest technology but it drives great! I wish the back seat was slightly wider to fit 3 car seats but we have managed to make it work.

- Stacy R

It is a very comfortable vehicle to drive.

I have a 2009 Ford edge it is black with cloth interior it is very comfortable to drive but it does sputter a lot for not being so old and also the CD player does not work.

- Crystal J

Still running great at 100k.

Still running great at almost 100k miles. Large space in the back. Could use wider back seats more compatible with car seats. Love the keyless entry and the 6 CD changer.

- Lindsey B

It's lasted 9 years without too many problems. But Ford makes better trucks than cars.

The size is good and it's a comfortable ride. It tends to be tempermental in the winter with cold weather. The car is getting old, but still basically well running.

- James F

Has fold down seats in back, my dog loves to ride there.

Love the color which is black, is a little to small, but runs really well seats are comfortable, needed a little work this year but nothing to expensive.

- Diane D

it has tons of room/hauls just about anything and drives very nice.

I wish the back seat had heated seats for cold winter days/nights, locking gas cap cover and easier explanations for use of the sync and voice commands.

- tammy j

It drives real smooth and is nice and comfortable on long drives

I love the way the Edge rides it's very smooth. I love the panoramic sunroof. And my favorite of all is the switch for the neon interior lights

- Sharon S

Lots of space very comfortable.

I like the space I have 3 children and it has lots of storage as well it is not too bad on gas and is very comfortable on long car drives.

- Marilyn B

It's reliable and gets me to and from where I need to be

I like that it is a decent size but doesn't feel like I'm driving something big. It rides really smooth. Perfect size for my family of 3

- Jessica E

The one most important thing about my car is that it is reliable.

The Ford edge has been a fantastic SUV. It's reliable and functional. With the correct maintenance it is always been a stellar vehicle.

- Katherine F

Family friendly and stylish

The Ford Edge is perfect for families. Plenty of room for kids to sit comfortably and a huge trunk space for hauling all their stuff.

- Kayla B

He does great in the winter time and very safe for families.

My husband and I bought this Vehicle because it was very safe and handles very well in the wintertime when it's icy and snowy out.

- Brooke S

apparently has a lot of recalls on it. Including air bag, gas tank, seatbelt...

I really like being in a SUV. The only thing I wish I could change is that it is not 4 wheel drive. Otherwise, it is a great car!

- Parrin L

It is a great car for someone who drives other people or has children.

I love the room. I love the way it drives. I dislike that I cannot update the screen on the dash. I like the gas mileage I get.

- Kelsey P

The microphone is in the rear view mirror.

The car is good and roomy inside. . Great gas mileage. I love the moon roof and reclining back seats. . . Small easy to park.

- Cass L

Great SUV to own. All around great family vehicle.

As of now I have had no issues. It gets good gas mileage and very comfortable to drive long distances. Lots of power as well.

- Logan T

The car has needed many unexpected repairs. However, the space in the car is amazing.

The radio's volume does not work well. In addition, the brake is rough. However, the space available in the car is very nice.

- Molly H

It's a comfortable medium size SUV, with a good amount of storage for a family.

I love the size of the vehicle, for most tasks. We can comfortably seat 3 with a car seat, and have room for any luggage.

- Melissa N

It has 130k and is still going strong.

Mileage is not as good as it could be. I like the AWD function. It is a great car, has 130k on it and still going strong.

- Michelle E

Good for a small sized family gets you where you need to go

Heated seats, USB for music, seat belt recall that can't ever be fixed yet. Decent mileage, enough storage in the back

- Jessica F

The trunk is very spacious and the fold down seats give you even more room

It drives like a car with the size and space of a SUV. It is very good on gas and doesn't cost that much to fill up

- Jeff M

It is comfortable reliable.

It drives really good the up keep is easy. It is good on gas I love the color. The car is roomy and has good space.

- Mamie W

Reliability. very trustworthy car would highly recommend.

It is a great car. Haven't had a lot of issues with it since I have had it. Very reliable car would recommend.

- Blake M

That I value my vehicle and that I take good care of it even if it is older.

I like the size of the vehicle and how it handles in the snow. I do NOT like how the car does on gas mileage.

- Khatrina B

its fast and it is comfortable. driving is easy while on the wheel.

it's a good car, me like very much ,i like driving car it go fast. im comfortable while driving and enjoy it.

- bill O

It's designed horribly and be prepared for maintenance fees

I don't like the style. Ford products are not reliable. It's always needing work since it was purchased new

- T S

That it's my only car. And it drives amazing.

I like the roominess. Speed, gas mileage. I hate that the airbag on the passenger side is a takata recall.

- Selma M

Handles well in the mountains

It is a great 5 seat small suv. Very roomy. Handles great in the mountains. I have no special features.

- Desiree M

good ford and hope it last for a long time because I can not afford a new car

My vehicle is very comfortable and has plenty of room for grandkids and gets me to where I am going.

- bj j

The airbag can kill you. The airbag can seriously injure.

I dislike that the airbag has been recalled. It is easy to drive. Enough room for my family.

- Tina K

I love absolutely everything about my car! It gets good gas Milagros, it is safe, and stylish. I can fit my dogs in it with plenty of space and it is perfect for road trips!

It is so spacious on the inside! It can drag 5 adults, 2 large dogs, and still have room!

- Carrie O

My car is a one owner and it has never been in the shop except for routine maintenance.

It's an 2009 model and it still looks great as far as dislikes I don't have any.

- Danny P

It's got airbags and I feel safe while driving it

It's good for getting me place to place but it's uses more gas than I'd like

- Allison C

It is a good size suv if you live in a city. It is easy do drive.

I like the size and ease of use. I wish it looked somewhat cooler.

- kristen b

Great car for the money. I will but another.

The car gets good gas mileage, ride smooth and is easy to drive.

- Paul E

It is almost cost free to run. It is dependable and at 80 I feel ok to travel in it.

Dependable inexpensive It is almost cost free to run vehicle

- orville c

Recent airbag recall in news.

I wish it was a little bigger. Lots of issues with brakes.

- Rachel D

The most important thing is that I love the size of this duv.

I love a good SUV. I like the gas mileage. It runs great.

- Deb W

Very nice to drive, plenty of legroom in the back and it sits up high enough to have a good view of the road.

Very comfortable. Decent gas mileage. Good storage room

- Karen H

The seats are very comfortable compared to a lot of vehicles I have drove. I love the stereo in it. It is not very easy on gas, that is one downfall for me. I have had it for almost 2 years and have only had to do regular maintenance. It rides very smooth, unlike some suvs that have a more bumpy ride.

It is a very comfortable ride for taking long trips.

- Trisha W

The car has had two major issues. One is the airbag which ford took care of. The other was a computer sensor which cost 1200. Other than that, the car has been very reliable.

Ford is not great about standing behind their cars

- chris a