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Great car for small family or large dogs

I bought my vehicle used after there was a new engine put in. I like the size of the car, not too big but its big enough for my large dog and now car seat. The seats in the back go all the way down and are very easy to get down and back up. When down there is plenty of room, we have moved twice since me having this car and it took no time as there was plenty of space of boxes. Our car seat was a breeze to install as there are easy access anchors to hook the base too. Downside to that is we had to move the passenger side up quite a bit and the front seat is a little cramped. Sunroof is a plus. I have had to put more work in my car and it's still causing problems. ABS system is messed up

- Kristina S

2003 Ford Escape makes a great family vehicle.

Even though it is an older vehicle, we have not had any major issues with it. The ride is very smooth and comfortable. It is equipped with driver and passenger airbags making it a safe vehicle for our family. The air conditioner works very well keeping you cool in the summer. The heater works very well as well to keep you warm in the winter. It is also equipped with a 6 CD changer which allows you to listen to a variety of music. The radio also has the option of having 18 preset stations. . . 12 fm and 6 am. This has been a very reliable car for our family for many years.

- Tricia W

Interior Space That Doesn't Feel Like You're Driving a Tank

The Escape is the perfect size car for my family. I can easily fit two car seats and other daily necessities in this SUV, but the handling and driving feel like a car. It's a great combo of storage and easy driving. Even though our car is 15 years old, it is going strong! How much more can you ask for as far as reliability goes? While the Escape could never be described as a luxury vehicle, it has all the features I need every day and is comfortable to drive and ride in. I love this car and would not hesitate to buy another Escape!

- Grace B

The 2003 ford escape has had it is minor issues but has stood the test of time.

This vehicle has driven a long ways without issue. I have made various long trips and put many miles on this SUV and it has proven to stand the test of time. I have made two ocean to ocean trips that spanned across the country. The only issue I had was that I had to replace a tube on it because of elevation differential. Recently, however, since it has gotten into the 157,000 miles range I have had to place oxygen sensors and install a new coil pack. Other than that with proper maintenance it has proven to be a great vehicle.

- Christina S

It's big enough to fit multiple car seats in the back! I've been able to fit three booster seats in the back seat and not have any problem.

I love my escape! It has been very reliable. It has over 200K miles on it now, and the only major work I've needed to do is replacing parts of the brake system. It has an optional 4-wheel drive in case I need to drive off-road, and is comfortable enough for my family. The catalytic converter is starting to go bad now and the A/C isn't working properly now, but those are things that you don't expect to last this long without needing to work on. It gets decent gas mileage. And I like being off the ground so I can see better!

- Courtney W

Me in car form... dependable, understated, does everything I could need and more.

It's getting old, so things are slowly needing to repaired and replaced but despite that it's running pretty smoothly. Cruise control doesn't work, but AC is good, big enough to fit anything I would need to but small enough to comfortably drive and parallel park in the city. Rear seats fold almost completely fat if you move the front seats up all the way (which I usually can't... long legs). Trunk is very spacious on it's own, though. Back seat is a tad snug - good for kids, not great for fully grown adults.

- Chelsea L

it's outlasted my sister's new Neelsen that was only 5 years old - safe, good on gas, easy to maneuver even parallel parking is not a problem

I dislike the fact that it is getting old and has close to 180,000 miles on it. Great on gas, just the right size for me and my dogs. It's lasted through 15 hurricanes while I lived in Florida and has never failed me. The catalytic converters have to be replaced every 7 years - died on the I78 while driving 65 miles/hr - came to a dead stop - good thing there was no traffic - my angels were watching over me that day - started up and pulled off to the side of the road until help came

- isabella J

Ford escapes are great as well as dependable.

I have had my car for many years and I have had very little difficulty with it. I have had the standard maintenance and upkeep which is to be expected but I have had to do very little other than that. It is still rides well and it has a lot of pep when I give it the gas. The mechanic at my shop actually said he would not trade it because it is still been very good working order. All the electronic still work with no difficulty.

- Cheryl T

Much love for my '03 ford escape. A great, handy little ride to have.

I love it. It is cute and small but big enough inside to be comfortable. I like the interior and the way the console is set up. I like that it has four doors and fold down seats. I like the easy open tailgate and the spacious rear compartment. With the fold down seats I can haul pretty much whatever I need to. I really like the four wheel drive option. It goes through my Minnesota snow like it is not even there.

- Pamela S

Has rusted significantly over the years.

I really like my car besides the fact that it is got a lot of miles and is pretty old. Like a typical Ford it is rusted out around the wheel wells badly and the paint is fading in places on the hood. Sometimes it acts like it does not want to start but always does. Others than those few things though the 4 wheel drive works great and is easy to turn on and off, it gets good gas mileage, and is pretty dependable.

- Audra B

Reliable, durable, spacious.

The gas mileage is not the greatest but, it is very reliable with the 4 wheel drive. I have had to put a lot of money into fixing things. The last owner didn't keep up with maintenance. The seats are comfortable, but they are not heated. I love that I feel safe in this car! I love the amount of space my passengers have! My boyfriend no longer needs to squeeze! The leather interior is pretty durable also.

- Sarah R

2003 Ford Escape has its problems at 15 years old, but still holds up well!

When I first purchased the vehicle 5 or 6 years ago, it was very reliable and had no problems. Eventually, it had a power steering fluid leak that won't seem to go away no matter how many times I take it to get it "fixed, " the volume on the stereo started acting weird, the ac went out, and the liner on the ceiling of the car became detached and unattractive. However, it has held up quite well otherwise.

- Faith L

Great car, would recommend it to anyone

This car is extremely comfortable, nice and high off the ground, allows for plenty of foot space as well. The trunk space is big enough to fit a stroller along with any shopping that needs to be done. We're currently expecting a third child and I'm not confident three car seats will fit in the back, so sadly we may have to say goodbye to this car. I would recommend it to anyone I know though!

- Mariah A

Excellent highway mileage.

I bought it used, it has been reliable but sucks gas, and over heats it seems; I own another Ford that if I had my ignition put back in I would drive only; the 2001 Ford sport 2 door I own is the best Ford vehicle that I ever owned : reliable, great highway mileage and comfortable. I hope to repair it because I have made several out of state trips with this vehicle without any problems.

- Lisa T

I really love the 4WD that mine has. It makes it easier to drive on or snow!

I love my Ford Escape! It works great for all of my needs, like moving bigger items. It also is very roomy so that is helpful when I have a full vehicle. The only issue I have had with mine is the alternator going out (most likely from how old the car is). If you are looking for a small SUV then I would suggest it. Mine also has 4WD and that can be very useful on the ice and snow.

- Crystal B

The Ford Escape is such a all around perfect car for any lifestyle.

Amazing performance, good for point A to point B driving as well as driving that is for longer periods of time such as long road trips. With 250, 000 miles on my car or more, it is nearly ran in tip top shape. There has been some problems with the transmission and some leakage, but virtually no other issues. This is an incredibly comfortable car and sleek for being 15 years old.

- Nicole T

High mileage, high performance.

Over 150k miles on it and still runs beautifully. High performance and reliability, only routine maintenance since buying it new over 15 years ago. Still rides smooth and seats comfortable as when I first bought it. Just now have an issue with a little metal in the transmission fluid, but is normal and natural in old vehicle. Fix is not complicated or difficult and inexpensive.

- Ashley M

The good, the bad, the expensive.

I love my SUV, but as it gets older just like most cars things go wrong. In the beginning it was an amazing SUV, very dependable and always ran like a champ. However 5 years ago the heater core busted and I decided not to replace it as it would cost to much. If I could I wouldn't own it after 250, 000 miles because that is when everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

- Miranda W

I love my Ford it has been a very dependable vehicle.

haven't had any really outside of the normal wear and tear that vehicles have like tires batteries windshield wipers stuff like that. Been a really great and dependable vehicle. Set appointment for the vehicle has been outstanding and it is so reliable I am so happy with my Ford Escape. It has 4 wheel drive and I use it in the winter time at north to get around.

- Dana R

Wonderful, reliable SUV for everyday use, road trips, and adventuring.

I love my car. It drives well, it is reliable, it has just enough features in it but not too much technology which I love. The shifter is next to the steering wheel which I also love. For being an SUV, it is great on gas, runs well, and I have never had any issues with it. I drove cross-country and this car and did not have a single issue.

- Mackenzie B

My car is blue all over with a red hood. Due to an accident I got in.

My car turns off when I drive it but I am not entirely sure what the problem is. Also it runs hot, I believe this is due to the coolant holder needing to be replaced. But as of now I have put bonding glue on the crack in it. I saw on online that using water to cool the car is only good for a short period of time. Coolant is more long term.

- Lisa R

The vehicle is dependable, comfortable, and versatile.

I bought the vehicle used so it has an oil leak, which I obviously dislike. However, I love the vehicle itself. Even with it's age, it still drives very well and is perfect for our on the go family of 3 plus 2 dogs. I like that the seats fold down and we are able to haul most normal items. Yesterday we hauled a coffee table and armchair.

- Shannon S

It is a good vehicle overall.

One of the rear window hinges was broke when I bought it, the sunroof controls are touchy, the front bumper started falling off within a month of buying it, and the clothes on the passenger door came off a week after it was bought. Overall it is a good vehicle but the dealership should have fixed the window before I bought it.

- Cheyenne F

The best part of my car is it is easy on the gas mileage.

My car is highly reliable, the only problem is the age of the car. Due to its age it needs constant maintaining. However it is very affordable to fix and easily taken care of. It always gets me where I am going and it is a comfortable ride. The heating and conditioning system works efficiently and the heated seats are nice.

- Cassie B

Ran good for many years with several owners

Both of the passenger side door handles have broken. Only the Drivers side door has a place to insert a key to unlock it which can make it interesting if there is snow or ice. The way the engine is placed has made for some difficult mechanic issues. As the car has gotten older the power steering can be an issue at times

- Eric A

I love my car, even with the slew of issues it has.

The car I use most often has plastic-leather heated seats. Even though it has a lot of maintenance issues, it has easy handling and the size is convenient. Maintenance issues include brake issues, alignment issues, and suspension issues. However, it does run 35 miles to the gallon currently and is a very dependable car.

- Starr B

Ford Escape 2003 still got it going on.

Great reliable car for over 10 years. Not many things have gone wrong besides the usual oil change, tire change. The upholstery is dated and worn but the care is fourteen years old. Still runs great. Over 200, 000 miles and countless round trips with my car. The 6 CD player also does not work currently but that's okay.

- Kris K

Takes a licking and keeps on rolling.

Have not had any major problems just the replacing of worn out items over the years. The performance is superb and it gets good mileage. It is very reliable give the circumstances of daily driving. Very comfortable to drive and I could use some update features to keep up with the times like a new sound system.

- Olivia B

The most amazing thing is that I have not done hardly any scheduled maintenance or any maintenance at all.

I have owned all three major motor companies that are American made. I have heard people criticize Ford however they are the most reliable vehicles in my experience. Primarily the engine. My most recent vehicle is a Ford Escape with 360k miles and the source of any major issues has been the electrical system.

- Max D

Positive attitude about my escape.

I bought my escape used 6 yrs ago. It has been the perfect vehicle for me. It zips around with great power and maneuverability. It is the perfect size to keep me independent. I can haul things and carry things I couldn't in a car. I get very good gas mileage and have spent very little on upkeep and repairs.

- Twyla C

I recommend this vehicle for its efficiency, stylish features and gas mileage.

My 2003 ford escape is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage and is very smooth on the road. Living in Michigan, our roads are in very bad shape and my escape handles these potholes very well. The interior is very user-friendly and efficient. The features are very modern even though it is a older model.

- Lawrence W

Not for sale-salvage vehicle.

My vehicle was a salvage vehicle so I wouldn't recommend buying it nor would I sell it unless it was to a junkyard or something similar. It still has many issues but it still drives, no dents, everything is still in tact, nothing visibly broken. Been driving it for over 2 years now, she has a great engine.

- Deira H

That I absolutely love driving it. It's been pretty obvious.

I love my vehicle being an SUV. I have room to take my Labrador with me and both still be comfortable. It's small enough that I get decent gas mileage but roomy enough that can haul anything I need. I decided not to get another vehicle until this one died. It has 225,000+ miles on it and refuses to die!

- Nancy W

2003 Ford Escape: old reliable.

When it rains a coil gets wet and makes my car sound weird, but it still drives fine, . Sometimes it shakes when it is raining, but other than that I have had no problems with my car. It is fairly comfortable and I often drive it multiple hours between home and school. It is a very reliable car.

- Lauren B

Old but very reliable car

Very reliable car, seats are very easy to clean, brakes are easy to replace, surprisingly the air conditioning still works. However, when on the freeway my car shifts quite often when going over 70 miles an hour. I also get good gas mileage from the car when I'm on the freeway and on the city.

- Jack B

Great on gas and snow and ice.

I really enjoy my car it is good on gas it is roomy and drives well in the winter months it is a four-wheel drive 4 doors and a roomy trunk it does great in town it also drives well on the highway I have driven for hours straight with no problems I enjoy that big trunk 4 grocery shopping.

- Angel M

Features of the ford escape.

Almost bald tires, very bad gas mileage, has over 100,000 miles, 4 wheel drive, sunroof, 6 CD changer, electronic windows, electronic doors, fold down rear seats, split rear seats, charging ports, floor mats, center console, cruise control, intermittent wipers, rear wiper, rear defrost.

- Kemper S

Always gets me from A to B.

My car runs like a champ, except it started dying all the time. The battery would not hold a charge, so. I had to replace the alternator. That is the last part I put in. Besides tires, I absolutely have no trouble with my car. I think it runs satisfactory. It always gets me from A to B.

- Stephanie L

2003 Ford Escape is perfect for people with kids

I own a 2003 Ford Escape, it's a very reliable car, it has almost 200,000 miles on it and it still runs great ! I have 3 children so space is REQUIRED lol this truck makes life so much easier as I am able to transport my kids and strollers, cribs, and swings to and from places easily

- Lakiesha S

My Ford Escape is a passenger vehicle. Plenty of room for traveling with family.

It's a very nice vehicle. It's roomy, drives great. I haven't had any problems with it. I've driven it all over, most to Pennsylvania from Virginia. I love that it's an SUV! All around, it's been a great vehicle. I might just trade it in for another Ford Escape! Time will tell.

- Catherine M

Ford Escape red leather seats 2003

We bought ours used so the radio CD player gave out but we replaced it and everything works good now. The 3rd row seating is an amazing addition because we transport outer dogs and a lot of kids throughout the year. The only thing I don't like is the leather seats in the summer

- Kara H

Great gas mileage, never left me stranded. It has been a really good car.

I have had very few problems with my car. The only things I have had to fix were just from normal everyday driving. Such as tires and alignment. It gets great gas mileage and has plenty of room in the back for storage or for shopping trips. I wouldn't trade it anytime soon.

- Leslie H

Spacious and great running

I like my escape for it comes with a lot of room. I'm not big on cars as they are lower to the ground but my escape I have to step up to get in. The way it's higher off the ground unlike cards I can jump curbs and take it off road. All together a great car for me and the kids

- Felicia R

Ites red with gold trim and shiny and nice tires.

I have power windows and air conditioning it is romie and I can go anywhere with it. I have a window that I can open in the back and lots of room for things. The color is red with gold trim and I have a sic CD player. I have new tires and brakes and I like to drive it a lot.

- Janet B

Why I love my 2003 Ford Escape.

Have had no problems at all with my 2003 Ford Escape. Have had to replace the battery twice and the tires once. Drives very easily, has 4 wheel drive and both CD and cassette player and a/c. Perfect size for me to drive and to park with no problems. . . Love this vehicle!

- Val J

Good gas mileage, moonroof, heated seats, not too many repairs

My Escape is a 2003. Don't want to get rid of it unless I dies. We have had some repairs on it, but not enough to want to trade it in. Love the gas mileage and love the sun/moonroof. But if I ever have to get a new car, it will be an Escape. Hopefully with a moonroof.

- Patty H

It is a heavy-duty sports utility vehicle that can go for any occasion.

The AC doesn't work and there's an electrical problem going on. There's also strange noises that come from my car while driving; it sounds like a whistling, chiming sounds. A lot of various leakage coming out from the engine area such as brake fluid, oil, coolant, etc.

- Natasha V

It's awesome it drives well it's fun to have.

It drives really well. So far I like it. Lots of space for storage and passengers. Safe vehicle. Gas mileage is not great but it's a good car for me and I like it. I like having my own car to get around and I am glad I bought it. Fords are now my favorite kind of car.

- Jake D

Ford Escape: great vehicle, just more pricey repair with age!

My Escape is somewhat aged. It has new tires on it and that helps with gas mileage. I love the SUV part. I'd like a newer model but it will do for now. I like it just wish I could upgrade. The only thing I do not like about it is you have to change the oil too often.

- Sharon H

I think it would be really important for someone to look at the backseats and see how slender it is inside. My twins had convertible car seats and with both of them in there, you had absolutely no other room for another child. Now that they are in smaller boosters, I would be able to fit a third child. I think that is probably a really important aspect to consider since most people upgrade to an SUV due to needing space.

I would really enjoy this small SUV if it wasn't on its last leg. I think I got a car that had previously been wrecked or messed with. But I love its size, it's perfect for me and my two kids. I just wish that my particular Escape didn't have all the problems it has.

- Ashley F

Every time I fix one thing something else goes wrong with the car

Power steering pump went out, had to replace 2 Cadillac converters, the car is rusting. The axles are bad, the air conditioner doesn't work. The muffler is loud. The car shakes of you go over 70 or while your braking. The headlight has a short so my headlight is out

- Felicia C

This is the best car to haul animals and children in.

I haven't had any problems. It seats 5 people comfortably, and I can use the back to haul my dogs. A hauling system can be put in, however, I didn't want it. The oil is easy to check, along with other parts of the motor. This is the best car I have ever owned.

- Amber M

This vehicle has plenty of space especially when the backseat is folded down.

I bought my vehicle from a third party seller. Because the previous owners did not take care of this vehicle, the vehicle needed a lot of repairs after I purchased it, but after getting the repairs it needed it now runs great and I have no problems with it.

- Amber W

Great family ideal car. I definitely recommend it.

I love it and it's not too small or not to big. Perfect family car. I haven't had any problems with it since I have had it, and it's always gotten me to and from places. I definitely recommend it to someone who's looking for a great medium sized family car.

- Olivia E

Nice design, very room. Roomy.

Bought it used with about 20, 000 miles, now has over 160, 000. Been a very reliable vehicle. Have only had to replace the compressor twice otherwise, no major repairs. Paint is peeling on hood, but still runs well. Just drove it from Oklahoma to Delaware.

- Michael S

Great winter car or all season.

Catalytic converters inside clog up otherwise it's a good car good on gas 4 wheel drive reliable great heat good sound trustworthy SUV all together good first car or whatever you're looking for I recommend this vehicle for winter or summer all season car.

- Brandon L

Handles Michigan winters with no slipping and sliding!

My car I' m the second owner as far as I know you would never guess it is a 2003 it still starts up and runs like it is new car. My escape is very roomy and very comfortable and it handles the snow great even though it is not even a 4 wheel drive either.

- Kim L

Great vehicle, low gas mileage, low maintenance and very roomy!

I am on disability and found my Escape on Craigslist. Well maintained and cared for. I have not had any major issues, concerns or mechanical issues with it. I currently know of five other who own Escapes and although they are newer, they swear by them.

- Christine L

It�s a Excellent vehicle for a small family.

A/C sometimes doesn't work always have to buy Freon for it. It's reliable to get you to places you need to go to. Sits 5 people. It's good on gas. The heater works good. It makes me and my husband and child feel safe while driving in it. Has a sunroof

- Ashley M

It's got safety issues, check with dealers or the manufacturer before even considering buying.

We bought this vehicle used when it was 9 yrs old with only 77K miles on it. Have had problems since purchasing. Most notably, the entire front end of the frame fell apart. There have been more recalls for this vehicle then any other I've ever owned.

- Frances H

You will not regret owning an escape.

I bought my 2003 Ford Escape in 2005. I love this car. I haven't had major repairs. It fits everything I need to haul. I have spent hours travelling and it stays comfortable. My next car will be a Ford Escape too. You can't go wrong with this car.

- Nicole O

Recommend 2003 Ford Escape.

For a 15 year old vehicle, I have experienced minor problems. The starter and fuel pump was recently replaced. Maintenance on a regular basis has limited setbacks in performance. This vehicle make and model has been extremely reliable.

- Jamie B

Good over all with a few fixable problems.

Overall it is a good vehicle but the dealership should've fixed the rear window hinge before I bought it. The sunroof controls are a little touchy and the passenger side clothe on the door came off within a month after I bought it.

- Cheyanne F

That is comfy and tough! I hope it lasts me another 10 more years.

In the beginning, I bought this new and there were so many problems. Not sure if it was due to the fact that the Escape was just released when I purchased it. Through the years and currently, I love my car. It's my tough mobile!

- Cindy C

My car is big enough, but not too big. It makes for an enjoyable driving experience.

I love that it is big enough for me and my family, but not oversized like a minivan or large SUV. The back of it makes it easy to pack for long trips. Also, my car is bright yellow which makes it easy to spot in a parking lot.

- Janette M

That it's a reliable vehicle, it has lasted through accidents, long trips, and harsh conditions.

I love my Ford. It has been very reliable. It's very spacious, I can fit almost anything in it. It's an all wheel drive, which really helps in tough Wisconsin winters. I like the size of it, not too big not too small.

- Debra F

It's dependable and fuel efficient and looks awesome

I love that it is good on gas. In all the years I've owned it, it has only been in the shop twice for anything other than oil changes and regular maintenance. It has plenty of room to do things with my grandchildren

- Linda M

Stay up on oil changes or you'll lose a significant amount of gas mileage.

Wheel wells & running boards rust particularly in the 03 models. Hard to find replacement parts for rear window hatch & interior pieces. If well maintained performance stays above par I am at around 185k mileage wise.

- Amber I

The Ford brand has been good for me. 15 years old and still starts like a champ and very little maintenance.

My vehicle is very dependable. It has enough room to do most all of the hauling of household goods I need. It is showing signs of age now. It is starting to rust around the wheel wells but still is a good vehicle.

- Bryant M

It has been reliable throughout its lifetime.

While my Ford Escape gets me around and where I need to go, it is now an older car, and has some ongoing maintenance issues. Although, at this time, I am not in a position to get a new/used vehicle to replace it.

- Christopher C

It runs and has good power on the highway.

What I dislike about my vehicle is that it is very old. I bought it used and it came with a few problems. The oxygen sensor is out and that will be a pricey fix. Also the radio/CD player does not work well.

- Stephen E

Outstanding, reliable vehicle.

This auto has been a reliable car. It is comfortable and handles easily. It serves many purposes and has been a great car to own. The car is kept in great condition with regular routine maintenance.

- Peggy S

It has a tendency for the rear wheel panels to rust out over time.

I dislike that the rear wheel wells rusted out, the breaks are not that great, and there is a rattling noise that cannot be solved. However i like the size of the vehicle and that it has 4wd.

- Anna R

2003 Ford escape great car.

I am not a car person. The car is great and reliable but I need a truck. The car is good on gas and is a good all around car. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable nice car.

- Sandra B

Ford Escape 2003 reliable and safe

I have not experienced many problems with my 2003 Ford Escape. The only minor problem is the fabric began coming off the side panels of the doors. It was an easy fix with a few staples!

- lauren b

My car is a great family car. There is plenty of space for car seats and other gear a family needs.

My ford escape is the perfect size for me. There is enough trunk space and it gets good mileage. It is a little older and has a tendency to need work done more often than I would like.

- Olivia B

Ford Escape, great drive, gas saver, easy to maneuver.

My vehicle is a 2003 Ford Escape, gold is the color, I have had it for 2 years. It is a great vehicle to have, drives well. As of right now there are no problems with the vehicle.

- Summer S

It is very reliable and economical and I would highly suggest buying a ford.

I love my Ford Escape I bought it used it is four wheel drive it is got four doors hatchback a little SUV I haven't had any problems with it and it is a Ford what else can I say.

- Dana R

Good enough for basic transportation. It gets me from point A to point B.

This vehicle is very comfortable, but I have had issues with the exhaust system and brakes. I bought the vehicle used from a private party. The condition of the body is great.

- William P

It's 15 years old, has thousands of miles on it and still going strong.

It's a sturdy vehicle and gets me from point a to point b. It can haul smaller furniture and passengers in the back seat. It gets decent gas mileage and rarely has problems.

- Miranda S

Dependable good on gas and very roomy.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love it for short trips to make errands around town and for long trips to other states. It get great mileage and easy to drive.

- Sandra D

It is a navy blue Ford. Escape with a personalized license plate.

I have not had a problem with my vehicle at all! It has not had major repairs. I enjoy being able to carry all my stuff from school in the car and my siblings as well.

- Ashley L

It's a reliable very reliable vehicle

The interior vinyl came unglued & has been difficult to reattach. The engine is put together so that they need to drop the manifold in order to do a full tune up.

- Phyllis G

She is a sports utility vehicle so she fits a good amount of people.

I like that its big, it has great gas mileage, and its comfortable. I don't like how she looks in a few places, I don't like the age. All in all it's a good car.

- Jacob N

That it's easy to drive and plenty of room for kids in the back.

I like that it's easy to see surrounding areas when I back up. I like how much room is for storage in the back. I like the size and leg room on the inside.

- Meagan T

It is a great make and model.

It is very dependable. I love Ford vehicles. It is very sturdy, was hit in the back of it didn't even hurt my car but the other car front end was smashed.

- Melissa H

It's practical and spacious.

Love that it's fairly larger for a midsize SUV. . I hate that it's breaking and I have no money to fix it. Bigger things break on American cars faster.

- Kathleen S

The frame broke and it makes a horrid sound since being replaced.

Bought it used, it's blue and it had 77k miles on it when purchased. Like the height/view. Hate the scooped floors, wife cannot enter and exit easily.

- Steve D

This car is built very strong!

I like that it has not had any serious issues at all. All I really have to worry about is maintenance. It is also one of the cheaper cars to maintain.

- Julia S

The Ford escape is a great car for a small family.

I love my car. It drives well. It is mechanically sound. I wish it were a little more cosmetically appealing, but it is a safe car and fun to drive.

- Sara A

It's an extension of me, it reflects me and it's a symbol of freedom and independence. It's like my best friend.

I Love the size, it's small, but can easily be taken on road trips. It's great on gas, good mileage. I love driving it, so much fun to drive.

- Anna L

I hate my car. It really sucks big time.

The gas mileage is awful. It sucks up a lot of cash on a weekly basis. The engine is funny and its rusty. There are a lot of other problems.

- Kay S

It is reliable, and gets me where I need to go. The gas mileage isn't bad, so I don't spend a lot on everyday travel.

It is very stylish. It has a lot of trunk space. I would love more passenger area, but overall, it fits nicely with the needs of my family.

- Celeste H

It gets great gas mileage.

I like my vehicle because it is an SUV, the bigger the better, I do not like my vehicle because I want an upgrade but I cannot afFord it.

- Summer S

I have been really rough on this vehicle. Not only has it driven over 350,000 miles but it gets hours of idling in every week.

Most reliable engine ever! Has had some electrical issues but it has 360,000 miles on it and it is not showing any sign of slowing down.

- Max D

The one thing people must know about this car is that it's so good on gas.

It is reliable, has had minor fixable issues, can hitch a small trailer behind it, and can fit many things inside with the seats down.

- Nicole S

It is reliable and very roomy.

I like that it gets me where I need to go. I do not like that it has low mpg. If I were to get a new car I'd want gas to last longer.

- Lucy T

It doesn't run as smoothly as newer cars, but it is a great daily driver!

I love my Ford Escape! I bought it used and have had it for 8 years. As long as you do regular routine maintenance it runs perfectly!

- Danielle B

It's all-round a great vehicle that is great for a single person or a family.

I like the size. It is economical. It is easy to handle. I regularly use the hatchback to haul things without having to ask for help.

- Twyla C

It is reliable, gets good gas mileage and is very easy to drive.

I like that it is a car and a truck. I like that I sit up higher and am able to see better. I dislike that it is not a newer model.

- Shirley M

Four wheels drive. Can use for a long time

The car typically good performance. The battery is good. Not comfort at all. Four wheels drive is okay. Air conditional is fine.

- Cao C

Four wheel drive. Sits high but not too high

Vehicle has four wheel drive. A great asset when used fishing. I had a problem with the headlight a loose wire but an easy fix.

- Michael U

Its yellow and it stands out.

My car is okay. There is a lot of rust on it. I keep it in the best shape possible. When you go over 80mph, it starts to shake.

- Jonas M

That is solid, it is very reliable and trustworthy.

The 2003 Ford Escape has terrible gas mileage, I travel highway for work and it uses a half tank of gas just to get to work.

- becky z

It drives well after 15 years.

Drives easily. . . Good on gas. . . Comfortable. . Drives easy and looks nice. Like Ford cars and will buy Ford again.

- Toni S

Every car has its issues some are better than others some have more rust it.

It's a nice car family wise we enjoy it, I would like a new one but I don't have any any complaints. Thank you much.

- Christopher S

It is got Its problems but it is reliable.

Brakes often squeal when stopping and the engine stalls if it is on to long. Radio does have good reception, though.

- Sara A

Just a really great vehicle. Saves on gas.

Great performance, reliable, great all around vehicle, great for long and short trips, great for hauling trailers.

- Ashley C

Has been updated with new strut a/c window tracks and lights.

Broken right now but replace a/c and negative terminal wire blue four seat alarm glass and door trunk nice tires.

- Rachel F

The problems I had with my Ford Escape.

Alternator went out, so battery died, ac went out, brakes seem to go bad a lot, a lot of money goes into the car.

- Quinton C

Smooth rider very roomy a perfect car for a sports mom.

The car is ok beside the brakes there very touchy. The driver seat sits very high and no way of bringing it down.

- Tanya K

It has been through alot, yet still running very well.

My car has taken me across country several times. It has always been reliable. It has also always been safe

- Christine H

Reliable, economic transportation

No problems to date. Smooth running and reliable transportation daily to and from work year in and year out

- Tammy S

Great in bad weather, poor gas mileage

Great in winter with four wheel drive. Poor gas mileage. Has been reliable in performance and maintenance.

- Nicole T

it runs like new all with regularly annually check ups

it is very good on gas and runs smoothly. i have done very little repairs to date. there are no rusts also

- brenda p

The best Ford Escape ever.

No issues. It's 4x4. Runs perfectly. Very reliable. 6 disc CD player. Power locks/windows. Tilt, cruise.

- Rachel C

It has been kept in good condition. And it has very low miles for It's age,

It's a good vehicle, I just would rather have a pick-up. But it is reliable, and in good condition.

- Andrew G

It is very reliable and I am the only owner.

It still runs excellent, and it is very reliable. Their is nothing that I dislike about it.

- gloria d

it is a solid ride not to bumpy but be aware on tight turns

it is a decent vehicle , but it drives like a brick and the back seat is always very warm

- jack D

my vehicle is clean and saves mileage.

my vehicle is the best on the market. IS a beauty and very comfortable. It is so sharp.

- karen E

Dependable, easy to service, roomy, Ford is a good brand

I like that it is suv. Sits up high. Lots of storage in back. Reliable service

- Amy M

it gets me where i need to go and is big enough for my family of four. lots of room for groceries

lots of mechanical issues. no key hole for trunk. sometimes back doesn't open

- christa d

Reliable transportation that carries small or large loads

It gets me to work and back every day. It's white, so it shows dirt easily.

- Fred T

It is a great size and very reliable

Great family car, it is not too big for me to feel comfortable driving.

- Chelsi F

It has run over 200,000 miles and still going strong

Very dependable. Goes good in snow.still runs good over 200,000 miles

- Todd A

It has driven many miles.

It is yellow. It looks like an SUV and sits up higher. No complaints.

- Bwn b

it gets ok mileage. it transports family. it has room.

it has 4 wheels and a radio. it has a sunroof. it's good to drive.

- joe s

It's a Ford Escape Limited. It's nothing to fancy, but gets the job done. Only dislike I have is that it's not four wheel drive.

Very roomy and accommodating for its size. Decent for hauling.

- Joseph F

its been through a lot of journeys with me and my girlfriend

love the room in it hate that it gets lousy gas mileage+10mpg

- martin c

I have an older vehicle, which is now in need of regular maintenance. While it has held up for many years, the back door hatch either sticks or does not lock.

It has been a reliable car, but it is time to move on.

- Megan C

it is good gas mileage with a lot of room

it has been a great car and continues to run great

- vic M