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Ford Escape you will not regret.

The Ford Escape has been the best car I have ever had. I have had minimal problems with the car. I have had to change out the car battery only a few times but nothing severe has happened. It has been very reliable. One of the main reasons I like it so much is that it has great space. It has the good mixed between a car and a SUV. It gets great gas mileage like a car but has the space of a SUV. So having that happy medium sure make it easy to enjoy and want another one just like it. The Ford Escape does have a new one that comes out that gets like 41 mpg. I have heard nothing but great reviews with the new Ford Escape. So I can only hope it will be just as good if not better than the 2008 I have. You will not regret getting the Ford Escape. It will definitely be your forever car once you make the purchase. You can beat the price, the mileage, the space, and the reliability it gives to you and your family. So win and doubt get you a Ford Escape. You will not regret it and it will make you the happiness girl/ boy in the world. So what are you waiting for? Go get that Ford Escape and show everybody who’s boss and how happy you are!!

- Lacey D

Ford escape hybrid: a compact SUV with not so compact problems.

I like the compact SUV size of the ford escape hybrid. I like how it is tough on backroads. It is comfortable and has plenty of room. It does have many problems, however, that I have had to deal with over the years. The electric engine causes many issues for things like overheating (which causes it to stall in the middle of the road or at a red light) and brings fear to the driver when thinking about getting rear ended (the electric engine is located in the back of the vehicle). It is a very loud car and can be very bumpy at times. It is really not a very smooth ride. My aux input blew out a year into having this car. I have had issues with the ac and heating system failing on me in the middle of summer and winter, which can cause some discomfort. We have had to put more money into this vehicle than we would have liked for it to actually work. This might just be my car, and others might have better experiences than I have, but I would not recommend this car to potential shoppers. I know it has had many recalls over the years, so that is something to be aware of.

- Madison J

In love with my ford escape!

I love my ford escape. It has plenty of room for trips but handles like a sedan. I like having room in the back for groceries or whatever I need to haul along with me. The seats go down easily to extend the room in back and the front seats adjust to make long trips comfortable. We often travel 11 hours to visit our children out of state and we're able to remain comfortable. The lift up back makes loading and unloading easy. I like the water spray nozzles on the hood for cleaning the windshield even while driving. The back windshield also has a wiper, which is convenient in inclement weather. Someone must have actually driven this model before designing the center column storage, cup holders and plug instead in front and back. They are very convenient. The side mirrors adjust with a button on the driver's side..So convenient to adjust them back after my husband has driven the car and changed them. The driver's seat adjusts with a control on the seat, which makes adjusting the seat much safer. All I all, I could not be happier with my 2008 ford escape.

- Mary F

The best feature is that the seats in the back fold down totally flat.

My Ford Escape is descent with gas, I average 26 mpg, which is good for a 4 wheel drive SUV. It is super reliable and I have not had any problems with anything but the fan assembly. One of the fans broke which means I have to replace the whole fan assembly. If I get the fan assembly from amazon for $120 and have the mechanic fix it, I will save almost $200 compared to if I have the mechanic order the part and fix it. Sometimes I leave the keys in the ignition and go to jump out of the car, but the car starts beeping to remind me the keys are in the ignition, which I love. I also love that I cannot take the keys out of the ignition if the car is not in park. Another thing I love is that the car beeps if I leave my headlights on, so I never have to worry about my battery going dead from leaving the lights on. The best feature in my opinion is that the seats in the back fold down totally flat. So, when I travel, which is a lot, I can sleep comfortably back there.

- Sandra B

This vehicle is a solid investment.

I love this vehicle. It has always been dependable. It has had a few minor problems, but all basic maintenance. My particular vehicle has had several battery replacements. Has a slight oil leak that started a couple years ago. The car was 8 years old when this started. It handles well in the snowy weather. I don't have 4 wheel drive but I do have the traction control which is nice. I do love having electric windows. Very nice option when you are the main, only driver. Gas mileage is decent for the year of the car. My car is not the flex fuel version as I didn't want to pay another 10 grand to drive a flex fuel. I did upgrade to the leather seats which has been a decision I have never regretted. I do not like the fact that ford decided to put some sort of sponge above the rear fenders. This has caused the fender on my left rear side to begin rusting. However my right rear fender doesn't show signs of rusting.

- Bam J

The Escape is reliable, comfortable, and good for hauling dogs and cargo.

The Escape is a reliable vehicle except after 10 years or so the car formed some malfunction where it drained the battery while parked. After having several mechanics look at it, we ended up putting a switch on the battery where we can disconnect it when parked for several hours. Other than that, the vehicle has served us well. I like driving it because it sits high enough to see the road much better than small cars. The gas mileage is not as good as we like and didn't live up to the advertised range. It is comfortable to drive and to ride in as a passenger. Another reason we like it is that the seats fold down flat in the back, making it nicer to transport our dogs and carry cargo. The back seats also split 70/30 so that a passenger can sit in the back seat while most of the seat lays down for cargo. This vehicle is 10 years old and I hope will last another 5 years. I would consider buying another Escape.

- Cindy G

The 2008 Ford Escape is a fun and sporty vehicle to drive.

I love my Escape. It drives great and handles well in the rain. The Escape has the room I need, and can easily be parked in a door spot. I get the comfort ride of a car with the height and space of a truck. I get excellent fuel mileage and can even tow a trailer. The Escape has a power adjustable drivers seat making it easy for me to reach everything and my husband to accommodate his large frame. The Escape has both rear defrost and wiper for the back glass. The back glass opens independently or with the liftgate making it easier to grab items from the back. The rear seat folds up to allow more cargo space. The Escape even has a feature that lets you know if you have a low tire.

- Sheila P

Old faithful: no major problems over 10 years.

My Ford Escape hybrid has been a reliable car for the most part. It has a CD loaded GPS system, heated leather seats (in the front) and gets great gas mileage because it is a hybrid vehicle. I took it to a local garage when it started giving me a message that I had to pull over safely; the problem was solved when I took it to a local garage, which did a google search and discovered the throttle needed to be cleaned. Haven't had trouble since. I would avoid taking it to the dealership - they will pretend not to know what the problem is and charge you a ton just to do a diagnostic check.

- Jodi A

It gets good gas mileage and is big enough to do the job I need it to do even though it is a smaller SUV.

Overall my Ford Escape has been a good vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and it's good in the snow since it has AWD. It's big enough to hold things I need to move. I have to give it a very good rating. On the other hand it is a whiny sounding car, due to being a hybrid. The horn is not very impressive and kind of sounds like a toy. I hate the big box in the middle between the front seats, it's always there in the way, but that seems to be in every modern car. I prefer my old 1992 Dodge Grand Caravan that has open space between the front seats in that regard.

- Tina S

Great, reliable first car.

Only problem I have had to fix is replacing brakes but other than that everything has worked fine. The tire pressure light is always on just because the sensors in the make of m car stop working after a while but that's not a problem if you just check your tire pressure occasionally. I love the feel of the car it is comfortable. It makes me feel safe and works extremely well in all weather conditions. A great first car and lasts a long time. Has everything you need, an AUX input, able to charge mobile electronics. Has lots of space and very reliable.

- Alexis S

Super reliable SUV, just be careful with it!

My car is very reliable about 95% of the time. Occasionally, if I've been driving it too long or on rough terrain, it has a hard time accelerating above 50 MPH. It's also front wheel drive, which might contribute to that. It uses a lot of gas as it has a V6 engine, but that's just how it is when a car has that type of engine. I really do love this car, I bought it at 190,000 miles and it's still in perfect working condition, well loved, but works well. Overall, it is a very reliable consumer car for someone who wants an every day, 5 seat SUV.

- Abigail T

2008 Ford Escape is getting older, but still reliable.

I love the size of this car. It is big enough to load and carry big items, but is not too big as to where it is hard to maneuver. It fits in parking spaces easily yet is large enough inside to not feel cramped when there are 5 people in it. As my car gets older, since it is about 10 years old, things are starting to break and need replaced. For about the past 5 years every winter it has had to go in the shop for about a week at a time, and usually around $800-$1000 each time. This year it has been twice already at about $1, 500 each time.

- Brittany B

The vehicle seems to be quite reliable. If you take care of the car and basic maintenance the vehicle will hold up well.

It's a decent vehicle, it's large enough for our family. Plenty of room for storing groceries, sports equipment, pets supplies or other things we are transporting. We bought this used so there are some issues that came with this vehicle that we have to deal with. It has some cosmetic damage as well as some wear and tear from the previous owners. The back seat is has seating for 3 however, that really is tight the few times we have tried to put 3 people in the back seat. That makes it difficult to take an extra person with us.

- Melissa L

2008 Ford Escape, blue with tan interior and fabric seats. The sunroof is great!

The 2008 Ford Escape is a great SUV. It is comfortable and spacious in the front seats, back seats and the very back. The very back has enough room for family size groceries and for luggage. It is the car we take for road trips out of all my friends cars. When you fold down the back seats the amount of space you have is amazing! It is the size of a full/queen bed back there. You can haul tons of stuff around. The car is very reliable if you take car of it and do the regular maintenance. Overall, I love it!

- Allie M

Good CD good drive comfort for legs.

It like small SUV, it keep running if I keep up with maintenance oil changes and things like that, it run smoothly, keep me running in winter storm, hot days it great air conditioning run well. No problems.It reliability comfortable, affordably trustworthy car lot back room to pack thing in, lot leg room, radio,CD for all your music can hook up for phone use, heat work well amazing no wear and tear clean car, you can adjust seat, put seat down carry extra luggage 4 door cars extra cargo easy for car seat.

- Lillie B

Overall a good and reliable vehicle.

I bought this car used, I believe I am only the second owner, and have only had it for a few months. I really like the car as it seems to have adequate interior space. The seats are comfortable. The car has really good power on the highway. My only complaints are that the gas mileage is not great but some of that could be due to the need for replacing an o2 sensor that has failed. Also the factory radio in the car malfunctions constantly so I am unable to use the radio. Otherwise, it is been a great car.

- Steve E

Great fuel economy, boring car to drive.

I love the fuel economy. I seem to constantly have to put money in to fix it, though it has nearly 200,000 miles on it so that is to be expected at this point, and for many years it was very reliable. This is a small thing but the turn radius is terrible, even compared to my wife's vehicle in the same vehicle class. As someone who drives a lot of miles for work, the fuel economy is the biggest plus side. Since I can get ~30 mpg both in town and on the highway, while still keeping plenty of cargo space.

- Josh T

Title: my used Ford Escape. I drive my Ford Escape locally, and also on trips.

I love NY Ford Escape for various reasons, however the main reason is, it sets up high enough I feel comfortable to be able to see the road etc., much better. I have always driven a large model and usually the best, but when I purchased this auto, I just felt good. I love the idea of being able to put the back seat down and make more storage area when traveling. I purchased it used, with over 153, 000 miles on it, and to date, have had no major problems, feel it to be quite reliable.

- Joan J

Mechanically sound and love the heated seats!

I have the limited edition 2008 Ford Escape. I absolutely love it! I have always been a fan of the Escapes and was very excited to purchase my very own. It has leather seats which I was a little skeptical about, but they hold up very well in the hot summer and cold winters. I love the automatic windows and sunroof. My favorite features have to be the heated seats and the touch screen stereo. I honestly do not have complaints about my car and neither does my husband who is a mechanic.

- Sarah F

I can escape anywhere! I love my ford escape!

My 2008 ford escape was bought used from CarMax in Raleigh NC some 120,000 miles ago. It has seen a lot of hard driving to and from work over the past nine years. It has been driven a number of times to the mountains and along our Outer Banks. I enjoy driving my escape because it fits me and comfortable. The sunroof and heated seats are handy for their respective seasons. I have sworn to myself that I will continue driving this vehicle until the wheels fall off. I love it that much!

- Bruce S

I love the four wheel drive and the stabilization button I have for icy roads.

I love my vehicle. It was the best purchase I ever made. She is a Ford Escape 2008. I haven't had an issue with it. She rides smooth and is very comfortable. I love the stabilization feature I have for when I am driving on icy roads. She is roomy with cruise control and tinted windows. She is very comfortable as well. I could move my entire house in it. And as a single mom it is very important that I have dependability and comfort along with room for two growing teenagers.

- Michele L

No sour grapes with the Ford Escape.

I had my Ford Escape for two years, I haven't had many problems with it. The 4 wheel drive is great in the winter, the heated seats and mirrors are great. It gets decent city and highway miles. I only put new front pads and front wheel bearings. Drove it to Tennessee from Indiana and it was smooth ride and we got there fast. Took it to Kentucky 3 times no problems. Plenty of room and ruck space also the seats fold back for more space just an all an all great vehicle.

- Marvin L

2008 Ford Escape is a very comfortable and economical car.

This car is very economical. Gets about 350 miles to a tank of gas. Very comfortable and compact, yet the seats fold down in the back making plenty of room for luggage or anything else I might want to haul. There is a problem though with the door ajar signal when I remove the key it continues to chime until the door is shut. DI did have a window regulator plastic clip that brook and had to replace that, but other than that it is very reliable and economical car.

- Rita S


I absolutely love my Ford Escape hybrid! It's amazing! Great on gas and has plenty of space for my family. We oftentimes use it as our car to go places although we also have my fiancé's truck. It's spacious like I said but not so much that it's hard to reach your stuff such as groceries packed into the trunk. Mine is a hybrid so any traveling under 25 mph is done on battery only which helps in saving gas. I will be driving it until it breaks down.

- Chelsea R

Great 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Currently the only issues I have with this vehicle are the heat and a hole in the exhaust, which leaves my check engine light on. I like my escape because I feel safe driving it. I feel this car is really reliable, we have problems only pop up occasionally. My car has leather interior and a sunroof, a 6 disc CD Player. There is enough room for 2 car seats. Has a big back end, I am able to get a lot of groceries in the back. My car takes unleaded gas.

- Cassidy M

It will always get you from place to place and has so much room mine has so many miles and I've never had a real issue with it

I absolutely LOVE my car. It's actually the sister car to the ford escape it's a mercury mariner which is exactly like it. I've had my car since I was 16 yrs old and I will be 25 next may! It's so spacious and roomy and i can lay the seats down if i need to move things from place to place or put my wet dog on the back from coming back from the lake. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. I have 156000 miles on it now and it is still going strong

- Caroline H

My perfectly sized Ford Escape.

I took over payments on my Escape after my father passed away and it has been a fantastic vehicle. I have only had to do routine maintenance and parts replacements. It gets great gas mileage and that was a huge issue for me, as I live in the middle of nowhere. The space the vehicle provides is perfect for myself and my teenage son, to accommodate all of his things we've toted around over the years. I hope to get many more years out of this vehicle.

- Nina E

It's extremely reliable, not fancy, roomy, safe and good gas mileage!

I like that It's really simple. I dont have backup cameras, Bluetooth, blind side indicators or any other fancy (and expensive to fix) stuff. I love that it isn't as "responsive" as other cars today. You actually have to move the wheel and press the gas for it to go! It's roomy but not too big and has a shorter front end which i prefer. It's been mechanically sound since the day i bought it and i'll be putting a new engine in it when it needs it :)

- Suzanne M

Great family car with bonus of non radio listening option.

Ford escape is a decent car, I love the compact size it has along with the spacious trunk. My kids love the sunroof so that they can look at all the clouds and stars. It has a great performance as long as routine maintenance is of course kept up like every other car on the market. It has the standard features like most cars, but my absolute favorite is the CD player and the aux cord plug in system so I do not have to always listen to the radio.

- Jennifer J

Plenty of room, basic, wind can push it around, great for camping trips.

I purchased my escape for it is room. My niece and nephews are not crammed in, there is plenty of room for their stuff and the hatch is perfect to pop open and just hang out. One of the features I would like was on my focus years ago: radio controls on the blinker. The fabric on the ceiling came loose after a few months and driving in heavy rain/high winds can be scary. Overall it's a great vehicle and has done everything it was made to do.

- Stacy G

Great truck that is comfortable, easy to drive, and lots of room.

The vehicle drives wonderfully. The only problem I have run into is rust problems. Wheel well and trunk door has rust. But it drives like a dream and have had no giant problems. My car has almost 90,000 miles on it and still is going strong. The seats are very comfy and leather. Also when you put that back seats down there is a ton of room for groceries or pets or whatever you have. The colors are really great too, mine happens to be blue.

- Cynthia C

Reliable car but wouldn't buy again.

I have loved the hybrid aspect of the car for gas mileage and being good for the environment. But we�ve had a few problems because of it. We had to replace a part that was a defect but ended up paying about $1800. Also the air conditioning does not work once it is a certain temperature, especially if humid. The car is spacious and great interior. But it is sort of a rough drive. It is a reliable car but I wouldn't buy another hybrid.

- Stefanie H

Sporty all purpose safe vehicle.

I have used this vehicle for everything around the farm and it always performs. I have driven it across country at high sustained speeds without one problem. I had one problem with the 4 wheel drive valve and a broken timing belt. Both were fixed without a hitch and she keeps on going. I like the power and comfort of the vehicle. It holds me (a large man) comfortably and I have carried loads of lumber in the back and on the roof rack.

- Ronald C

Runs great even at 10 years old!

Works very well for being 10 years old, a/c cools the whole vehicle interior in less than 2 minutes. Takes more gas than expected but runs great on long distances. Brakes are great and cruise control is extremely helpful, it does accelerate and decelerate weird on inclines and will not turn on unless you are going a certain speed. I wish the glove box were a little bigger but the center console has plenty of room to make up for it.

- Erin S

I like that my vehicle warns me of any problem be such low tire pressure.

I like my vehicle because it rides smooth and very good on gas. The only issue I have with it right now is that I need coils or spark plugs. It is starting to crank a little slower now. So ideally need to take care of this problem. It has cloth seats, but would be better if it had leather seats because I have 2 kids and if they eat the crumbs goes through their car seat and stains the cloth seats. Overall my vehicle is great.

- Teresa T

Problems but would buy again.

This vehicle is comfortable on trips. It has few problems. It handles weather conditions very well. It handles well in traffic. The seats stain whenever anything is spilled on them. The vehicle seats five people easily. The gas mileage is good. I had to replace the transmission at 70, 000 miles. In reviewing the problem on the internet the transmission replacement is a problem on most vehicles for the year model.

- Debra H

Fuel efficient ford escape hybrid.

One of my favorite things about this SUV is the fuel efficiency! It is also a very reliable SUV from my experiences, as long as you care for it. The SUV is very roomy and comfortable and still has room in the back for loading. . My only problem with the hybrid version is that the repairs can be pretty pricey but overall, 2 years later, I still love this SUV and have no plans on trading her!

- Toni F

The pros and cons of my Ford Escape. More pros.

I have had my car for about two years now. Only problems I have really had with it is tires. My tire pressure is on and I should be getting it looked at. Other than that the car drives nicely to be a 2008 with over 100, 000 miles. I also like the seats because they warm up in the winter. I also got a automated started which sometimes makes the car hard to start but was told that is normal.

- Sheila M

Ford Escape: small SUV, big value.

So far, I love this vehicle. It is very solid and a smooth drive. It gets pretty good gas mileage, has cheap replaceable parts and all kinds of cool interior gadgets/perks. . . My favorite being the exceptional sound quality of the factory stereo. So far is a very reliable vehicle with no major issues. This seems like the perfect SUV for both every day driving and off-road adventures.

- Tessa R

All around good vehicle with plenty of room.

My escape has been very reliable with general maintenance. It starts up in well below zero weather and the heater keeps me toasty warm. Air conditioning works well, but I do not use it often. Seats 5 and has an auxiliary jack and 4 cupholders! . The only thing I do not like is the mesh style fabric on the seats which is very hard to get clean. Overall, a great vehicle in all seasons.

- Tracy T

SUV with eyelashes that catch the wind.

I have not experienced any problems with this vehicle. Last year the engine light came on which showed me that the thermostat was sticking. Besides the brakes and tires this is the only things I have had to replace on this car. The gas mileage is great. I would drive from school to home then to work then back to school. This car is very reliable and gets me to the places I need to be.

- Lindsey L

Ford needs to stand behind all their vehicles no matter what.

My Ford Escape has been a pretty good vehicle. Very smooth. Great mileage. Comfortable. The biggest problems I have had is the electric power steering unit went out, there had been a recall on I and Ford will not honor it. My front suspension is now vibrating, which is also connection to a recall. And the people that owned it before me had an accident and my bumpers are falling off.

- Stacy H

Ford 2008 Escape is great.

I like the older style of the Escape, to me it's visually appealing, the interior is roomy for both driver and passengers. The large windows allow great visibility which is great for highway driving. The ride is smooth and handles great, easy to park anywhere, even parallel parking. The most that I have had happen is the starter going out, the rest is usual oil change, rotate tires.

- Jackie R

I have loved every minute of the 7 years with my Escape!

I love my Escape! It was bought to replace an older Ford Escape. It provides plenty of legroom in the passenger seats and lots of storage in the back for groceries or luggage. The rear seating is super quick and easy to put down to allow more room to haul large items or lots of things (like when moving). I have not had any problems with this vehicle and have had it about 7 years.

- Frances G

The car drives very well, you always feel in complete control, even in bad conditions.

It drives very well, especially in the snow which is very important where I live, I never feel like I lose control at all compared to my previous vehicle which I hated driving during the winter. The gas mileage is decent for an older SUV. My one major complaint is the seat becomes uncomfortable on longer drives but I rarely go too far with it so it hasn't been a huge issue yet.

- Mike T

It is gas efficient, enough room for passengers and in the trunk.

Love the Ford escape. Great on gas and extremely comfortable, very spacious in the front and the back. I love the kiwi color green. Parts are not expensive. Been having it over 10 years nothing major just your normal wear and tear things. Of course the usual repairs like brakes, oil, etc. The only problem I have had is the airbag sensor for the passenger and the air tire sensor.

- Joanna H

Dependable and long lasting, the ford escape hybrid.

It has been a very good car. I have taken it from coast to coast without any problems. It has 180,000 plus miles on it and it's still going strong. The only things that have gone wrong are minor. My power steering went out and it was over 1000 to fix. The back door wouldn't open suddenly. Turned out to be a broken latch. I would definitely buy another one in the future.

- Jeffery H

Ford Escape- 4 wheel drive?

I enjoy driving the Escape. However it is an older car and so it comes with problems of course. Another thing I like is that it is 4WD however I hate that it turns on automatically and that I cannot turn it on. I live in buffalo where it snows a lot so it would be nice to be able to turn it on myself. Other than that it is a smooth ride and gets decent highway mileage.

- Megan R

A tall man's crossover SUV.

Well built little crossover SUV no major issues since taking ownership in 2014.. Normal wear and tear upkeep cost just wish the gas mileage was a bit higher I average 24 to 27 miles to the gallon. Power is good for what I need with plenty of cargo space to haul array of things. It is roomy with good legroom for me being six four without feeling cramped on a long drive.

- Phil T

It is the perfect versatile vehicle to carry children and their gear.

My car has been a reliable vehicle. Most repairs are normal ware due to usage. The sunroof leaked but only because the tracks needed cleaning. I have been able to travel short and long distance without having any problems with the car. I have taken care of the vehicle by getting regular oil changes and maintaining the engine. I would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Patricia R

Review of the ford don't have much to complain about. Paint peels off.

It's great SUV. Only a few minor problems after 14000 miles so all in all its great would buy another one. But don't like the. Fact that seats aren't scotch guarded and stain with water spills. Would get seat covers and don't like the fact that spate is underneath. Mine is dry rotted so it costs 75. 00 to get a new one. I just buy a reg tire and keep it in the back.

- Caroline S

Most enjoyable car make of my lifetime!

I have had no problems with my car so far even with how old it is! I love the performance, it has been constantly a smooth drive. I believe my car is very reliable and comfortable to drive. I love the gas mileage feature so I know just how many miles I have left before I need gas. I would highly recommend this car for anyone looking for a reliable vehicle.

- Anna I

The fact that this is a family car it is a big plus.

My 2008 Ford Escape is a nice car I have just had problems with the breaks and having to replace them which that is needed with any car. It is a very nice family car. It have a lot of room and features. It gets me from work and back everyday. The gas mileage for this car is not too bad either. I would definitely recommend this car to a friend.

- Kaitlyn M

good fuel economy without some of the more complicated fuel/emission systems

My Ford Escape has been very reliable for the three years I have had it. I have had only do maintenance such as replace worn brakes and steering components. The only electrical problem was the blower resistor which is a common problem on vehicles with AC. The car is quiet and fun to drive. and the 4 cyl gives me the power I need with okay economy

- gregory p

This Ford gets you around town daily.

This vehicle is good for moving things and getting around town, have not took it on a road trip, had an exhaust leak, had to get that fixed, a brake problem and it seems to be having some alignment issues going on right now, but other than that it is a good little truck to get you from point A to point B, I guess I am just used to having Honda.

- Rhonda J

I love my SUV it has the look of a small truck and serves me perfect.

The brakes seem soft its has more rust than I think it Should change engine to new the same kind just new overhead fabric is falling down carpet needs replaced other then that it rides good seats comfortable roomy great for a group of people when going on long drives other then the few problems I would buy another one great for shopping moving.

- Gina H

My Ford Escape is the perfect car for an active family.

I love that my vehicle is compact, but still has plenty of room to transport what my kids and I need in our busy lives. It has great gas mileage for an SUV, but still plenty of room. I had to have a steering wheel replaced because of a recall, but even that was relatively painless. I love my car and will buy another Ford Escape in the future.

- Jennifer M

It's perfect for a smaller family sporty but cute.

I really like my Ford Escape its roomy I can pack more in. The seats lay down its great on gas. Has 4 wheel drive. I never get stuck in the snow overall I would buy another one. It has CD player theft lock car starter heats up quickly also has a text feature button that you can connect to your ph great stereo system good speakers love it.

- Pamela R

The pros and cons of the Ford Escape.

I very much enjoy how the car drives; I love the six cylinder aspect. The car is very unreliable; I am the second owner to this car and have had to replace almost everything in the car; it constantly breaks down. It is surprisingly amazing on gas considering it is a mini SUV. Great sound system as well. Ac has been out for five years now.

- Ford B

In love with my Ford Escape!

I absolutely love my Ford Escape! It is a perfect fit for me and my two kids. It has plenty of room for all of our needs. The gas mileage is also great, I get about 20 miles/gallon. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone and everyone! I drive for Lyft and have put plenty of miles on it quickly and it is still running great.

- Melissa H

4 cylinders and a whole lot more!

Our 4 cylinder 4 door Escape has been an excellent car. It has been economical, reliable transportation. With mileage approximately 125, 000, I intend to keep it as long as I can. We have it serviced on a regular basis. It has been easy to keep clean inside and out. It is a little boxy and not so easy for elderly passenger side riders.

- Donald B

Comfortable, reliable, smooth ride.

It is a great vehicle. I bought it used. It does make a noise up front but I think that is just the brakes. Drives nice and easy. Very comfy with a lot of legroom. Perfect size for someone who is bigger. Is also a 4 wheel drive and is awesome on side roads. Has better mpg on the highway but relatively decent gas mileage all around.

- Heather R

My car is 11 years old but still runs good.

My vehicle is a green 2008 Ford Escape that I bought in Hawaii in November 2007. I do not have any problems with my vehicle currently. Last year I had to change out the battery, and this year I had to buy a new tire. Also last year, I have to have the emissions sensor changed so that I could pass my state vehicle safety inspection.

- Jack B

Ford escape best car ever.

There is a recall on power steering and I have an issue with abs and traction control. But other than that I love my car. I've had it for 3 years now and no major work has been put into it. There is an aux cord in the 08 and there's options for leather or cloth seating. Also says direction I am driving and tells the temperature.

- Tiffany B

...The most reliable... I truly enjoy driving it.

Even though my ford escape is 11 years old, and has high mileage, it still runs smooth and quiet. With regular maintenance service it has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. My escape is good on gas, and roomy enough for passengers and cargo without being too big, or using too much fuel. . I truly enjoy driving it.

- Cora J

Just a smooth ride, the 2008 Ford Escape.

I bought it a few years ago, so it was 7 years old when I got it. If I'd bought this car new, I'd still own it today. It has a very smooth ride, even on back roads. Not a single mechanical problem that wasn't an act of nature (a rock went through the grille into the condenser, cannot prevent that one). It is a great vehicle.

- Tony V

It drives real well on the highways.

I had issue with the steering wheel and had to replace the power steering and I had issue with the brake system. This car is a real headache. The think I like is that it will not get stuck in the snow. Also when it gets cold the radio will not turn on. American car makers must develop a much better car that will last longer.

- Juan R

Good all purpose vehicle.

I like my Escape. It has been dependable, it is comfortable and performs well in the winter. Plenty of storage space. It has features I use and like seat heater and moonroof. Easy to use the back window to load groceries and other daily necessities. The height of the Escape is easier to get in and out of than lower vehicles.

- Elaine M

Why I love my car and the good qualities it has.

I love how much space it has. It is very comfortable to ride in. The seat have a nice cushion so it is comfortable to take long rides in this car. And I love how it drives. I feel safe while in it. Like nothing can hurt me. I will hopefully be able to pass this car on to my kids one day so I know they will always be safe.

- Summer J

The Ford Escape is a standard car for beginner drivers.

There were transmission problems, it is old, I do not like how it does not have Bluetooth. It is a good car for beginner drivers, I like how the brake is not too sensitive. It is pretty comfortable and it gets me from point A to point B. Because it is a little old, the fabric seats are kind of stained which I do not like.

- Neda A

Very reliable and the perfect size for single to small family drivers.

I like that it is very reliable. I have had it for about 8 years and have not had any major mechanical problems. There have been minor problems with the brakes and steering. It is good on gas. The size of the vehicle is just big enough. Since it is an older vehicle there are no high tech features but it has all you need.

- Jessica T

My ford escape 2008 is a red car. It has a built on rack on top of the car.

I like being up high with the view of the road. The seats are not low so I do not have to crouch down. I feel safe driving in this car. The back seats go all the way back flat with the trunk. It has 4 wheel drive which is nice for off roads. The gas mileage is not too bad it is not very expensive compared to other cars.

- Jade P

Perfect geologist vehicles.

Highly reliable on all road conditions. Only malfunction has been occasional loss of power steering in extreme cold but this was mentioned in the recall notice and a fix is available we just have not been able to make it to a shop. This vehicle is consistently a top performer on Montana's Maine's and California's roads.

- Sara L

I love my easy to handle, good looking, travel ready ford escape.

My ford escape is very dependable, has had few major repairs. It is comfortable, especially on long distance driving. Like the power adjustable driver seat and steering wheel, the intelligent four wheel drive and the sun roof. It is easy to get in and out and appreciate the back for loading groceries or almost anything.

- Tania L

2008 Ford Escape ignition troubles.

I purchased my 2008 Ford Escape pre-owned, and it has been a very reliable vehicle for about 3 years now. Aside from routine maintenance such as new tires / oil changes / tune up etc. I have only had 1 real issue with the vehicle. I have had to repeatedly take it in to get an ignition part replaced over and over again.

- Lea B

My car is awesome and roomy enough for me to take naps I love it!

I love how it is so room I had a small car before this and now I am in love with my Escape. I have some minor issues but I think it is just the car alone. Some reason water keeps coming from the outside when it rains. But either than that I love my car. I love that I can take naps in the backseat during my break.

- Andrea M

No maintenance issues other than manufacturer's recalls.

A power steering issue that was covered and fixed through a manufacturers recall. No other issues to this vehicle other than regular maintenance done to this vehicle during the two years I have owned it. There have been several recalls on the vehicle that the dealership has fixed as they were from the manufacturer.

- Sheila P

Vehicle gets me from point A to point B. Plus it gets me thru the tough winters in WI.

I bought my vehicle about 5 years ago due to needing a bigger vehicle. I was lucky enough to find this vehicle which had only had one previous owner and took very good care of it and had very low miles. For the most part the vehicle has been okay. We have had to change the brakes and suspension but that's about it.

- Kirstin N

My point of view on Ford Escape.

It has all the standard features and doesn't cost much to own it has four days and okay on the gas mileage easy to get around in and has tinted windows and excellent sound system but I would recommend this type of vehicle to people easy on budget and easy on gas and can get you from point A to B with no issues.

- Alexander T

Very dependable reliable comfortable SUV.

My Ford escape is a good driving and riding car. Really good a/c and heat. Back seat has plenty of room for your legs. The pop up is very roomy for loading stuff. I have drove my Escape all over this state very reliable and dependent. I keep all oil changes tires and any other things that come up taken care of.

- Cherry G

Great and reliable car! I love it!

I love my car, it is very reliable, comfy, and very spacious which is good. I have had it for about a year and a half now and the only complaint I have is that it is a little bad when it comes to gas mileage. But that is reasonable because it is a pretty big vehicle and it is a v6. But I definitely recommend.

- Ashley C

It is a base car, and front wheel drive. It will be hard to drive in rain and snow if you're not used to it.

I love that even though it has the appearance of a small SUV it is actually very comfy and nice to be in during long drives. I really don't like that it is loud on the road, it could be the tires but overall is a loud car from driving. I love the handling of the car and MPG. I do wish it came with Bluetooth.

- Walter S

I love the 2008 Ford Escape.

I love the spaciousness inside. It has a good 'get up and go' to it. Its small enough to fit in the compact car parking spots so parking is rarely an issue. The cup holders in the center console are one in front of the other. And the cup has to be pretty short to fit in the farthest holder to the back.

- Will B

That vehicle is strong and economic.

I love my car is wonderful, my car is my partner. I never have problems, I like to drive and the space. When raining I do not have obstacles with it! Everything I have to do and that car help. Everybody in my work and house. If I can bought other car is Ford because that company is very confiable.

- Angelina A

Strong reliable, long lasting car.

Some recalls but they were fixed for free by the dealer, extremely reliable. I have over 200,000 miles on the car and it still performs well. Love the sunroof, power adjustable seats, and cruise control. No other issues with the car that were not self inflicted fender benders. Rides smooth and quiet.

- Holly M

My Ford Escape is an amazing and reliable car!

I love my car because it is great on gas and has never died on me. It is great in the snow and is always reliable. The seats are super comfy and are in really good condition. This car has over 100, 000 miles on it as well but still runs like new. I am firm believer that everyone should own this car.

- John Z

The Ford Escape is a great, affordable, luxury, family vehicle.

The Ford escape is a great mid size suv. It's a great year round driver with all kinds of interior and exterior options. It's reliable and cost very little as far as maintenance. It is comfortable for long distance trips and is very comfortable and roomy. It gets great mileage both city and highway.

- Holly P

My favorite giveaway that was a gift.

My car is very reliable I love it does not have may issues it is big enough for MY family. It just got done getting some work done so now it should be e ready for the road again. It's good in the snow I can move furniture in it as well as pretty roomy it is gray with leather interior good tires.

- Melissa W

Reliable under all conditions.

Very reliable. Very few maintenance problems. Very comfortable. Excellent in snow and mud and winter driving. Easy parking and handling. Gas mileage could be better, but overall not too bad. Between 17 and 19 miles per gallon. Since it is 10 years old, the body and finish has held up very well.

- William C

We own it and it is reliable.

Likes:.. Car handles very well.. Limited edition police vehicle.. Has gps, power steering and front wheel drive.... Dislikes:.. Sometimes the steering wheel locks up (rarely).. Previous owners did not maintain vehicle so I had to put a lot of money and work into the car.. Eats gas like crazy.

- Andrew W

2008 white Ford Escape with sunroof.

The only problem I have had with it so far is the power steering pump is going out. It is very comfortable to ride in and to drive. It gets pretty good gas mileage and I love the sound system. Overall, I am very satisfied with my Ford Escape. It is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

- Leah T

Comfortable seating, giving each passenger plenty of space for themselves.

It is a nice car overall, but it was used when I purchased it so there have been a few minor problems compared to previous cars I have owned. It runs nicely, all features work properly, and the gas mileage is decent, however I do not like that the back seats do not lay down completely flat.

- Peyton O

2008 long-haul. Great durability, built tough a few tough spots and faulty gadgets.

The 2008 Ford Escape we have is in excess of 150k+miles. It is durable, but it does not have a quiet cab, the rear window wiper & tire sensor default constantly. Other than those things we've had a pretty successful run with this vehicle, and would suggest leather seats instead of clothe.

- Carla M

I think it provides pretty decent gas mileage and you never run the risk of running out because there's a gauge that tells you exactly how many miles you have until empty.

It's had some issues lately that I've found out are dealing with recalls, so that's been disappointing. I love that it's a small SUV, but find the passenger side space to be a bit small for taller individuals. I do find it to drive smooth and provide enough space in the back and trunk.

- Roketa D

It's great I never wanted to get a van so when I got this it was the perfect size.

Recently had to replace the transmission which kind of sucked but it seems to be working well since. Have had a problem for a little over a year now when starting bit up sometimes there is a delay getting fuel to the starter so it can take a few key turns but has never just not worked.

- Holly D

Love that I can get sirius radio.

I have not had any major problems with the engine. I like that it tells me when to change oil, or any maintenance needed. My car has great gas mileage. It has a comfortable ride. It easy to maneuver in close spaces. I really like the style of the car. This car has never let me down.

- Barbara L

Great car to get from a to b.

I wish I had power locks and car start sometime I need Bluetooth for when I need to charge my phone and play music. I have and iPhone 7 plus and it has one port. So you cannot do both some times a screen would be nice. To quickly tap the next song instead of typing all the songs in.

- Kay L

That the trunk space is huge and very versatile with the lie down back seats.

My Escape is a great car. I love that it is spacious, comfortable, and very versatile. It has a huge trunk which makes it perfect for traveling. It is very reliable, requires very little maintenance beyond regular check ups, and gets me where I need to go. It's been an amazing car.

- Laura R

Do not buy a Ford Escape, or any ford!

Not very comfortable for a small SUV, terrible on gas mileage, has a lot of mechanical issues and recalls. The parts are not easy to find and can be pretty expensive. All the Ford dealerships near me have horrible service and they have refused to fix the 3 recalls that my car had.

- Samantha N

The battery never goes dead because the car shut it off before then.

Suspension sucks so it is four-wheel-drive it goes good in the snow if you have snow tires it is not good on breaks it sucks oil it is good on gas like the comfort and the sunroof power windows radio plays good it has a six disc CD player traction control lots of room to sleep in.

- Cindy M

No major problems with this year.

Love my SUV runs great! Only had one problem went through a car wash. And it made the light for steering come on but had it reset and its fine. Don't like the fact that the spare tire is under the SUV my tire was dry rotted. Cost $75.00 for a new spare. I keep it in the back now.

- Caroline S

I think people should know that it is very comfortable with lots of room and folding rear seats easy for travel and also that gas mileage is really good especially highway.

I love the roominess of the vehicle and that the gas mileage is good. I love that the air gets very cold; however I do wish that there was a way to spread it more evenly as it seems either way to cold on driver or you must point it away. I also wish it was a manual transmission.

- sarah b

Great dependable car, runs good and looks good.

It's a great car. It runs good and has good gas mileage. No major problems with it. The seats are nice and comfortable, good features. Overall nice vehicle. Safe and dependable. Great heating and air system, CD player and AUX hook up. Charging port in back seat as well as front.

- Tab W

2008 Ford Escape limited 4x4.

The 2008 Ford Escape limited 4x4 has been a pretty reliable vehicle. I have only had to make minor repairs to it. Most of them I could do myself or with the help of a friend. There is a tendency to rust around the wheel wells. The ride is smooth, and the seats are comfortable.

- Jason C

A good ride with lots of cargo room.

I have no problems with the vehicle except for the gas mileage. It is a safe and comfortable ride. I like the cargo room. I do not care for the color of it but that is something that differs on all vehicles. It has a smooth ride. The passenger section is roomy and comfortable.

- Mark V

Gray, tan interior, limited.

My Ford escape is so amazing! I absolutely love it I use it as a daily driver and it is good on gas and reliable. My only problem with it is that I am always in my car and so I feel like it is not a very comfortable car to be in all the time but other then that it is perfect.

- Savannah L

Has survived going across the country multiple times and different regions.

Overall really great car, I have had to replace a few items in the past year, but they were minor elements. Nothing to stop the car from working. Interior of the car has cloth which is probably the only con of the car overall. Has not aged well especially since I have a dog.

- Shannon G

I think it uses more gas than my old car. It is not too bad but not great.

I purchase the care used. This is the first automatic i have had in over 20 years. I am still getting used to it but I like it. I like that it knows when to turn the headlights on and off. I like that the windshield wipers are variable depending on how hard it is raining.

- Dar R

It is a 2008 Ford Escape v6 with sunroof or door XLt or will drive button.

It is great on gas I like the ride it is: brakes and has a sunroof the four-wheel-drive works it is good in the snow if you have good tires the bad thing is it is the transmission it has not held up his eyes I thought that it would other than that the vehicle is pretty.

- Cindy A

Lots of room in seats and in the trunk!

Great car. Gets good gas mileage but I have to fill up every week. Lots of room in the back seat and front seat. Never really had any problems with the car. Oil change is only $20 at Walmart. Suspensions seems to make a lot of rattling noise when driving but seems fine.

- Ellie R

Ford Escape -- good vehicle.

This vehicle is reliable and the performance is superb. It comfortable sits 4 people. It has a sunroof to enjoy the warm sun during the summer months. The one problem is how much gas it uses. I find myself filling every other day and during the summer it's almost daily.

- Lorena M

Very safe, eco friendly, and saves on gas for city drivers!

Works amazing! I love having hybrid for when I drive in the city to save on gas and the four wheel drive is helpful with Michigan winters! The only trouble I have had over the last three years is the wheel bearing. Otherwise, it is been a great, long term, safe vehicle!

- Nicole S

Ford Escape comfortable and reliable

My escape is a very reliable car. It is comfortable for everyday use and also has great space when I need to move large things. Decent gas mileage - might have to go hybrid next time. No significant maintenance problems. Will probably get another one in a few years.

- Jillian K

It is the perfect car for someone who travels a lot.

I love the way it handles and the size. It is technically an SUV so it is nice to feel higher on the roadways. It is also spacious inside. Because the model is 10 years old, I do not like that there are not many electronic/tech features like navigation, Bluetooth, etc.

- Emily G

I like the way it is up rather than having to sit down into the car. I feel you can see better and being older it is easier to get out of.

I don't like that is has about a 2" lip from the floor while getting in. It would be nice to have an even floor and not have to lift your foot up extra to get over the lip. I would like to buy a new Ford van but they are so boxy. I would like something more rounded,

- Nancy B

It's a wonderful car w/great fold down seats for extra cargo room.

I love the size, the space for carrying items like bikes. I love the racks on the roof. I like the design better than the current escape designs. I don't like the 3 Ford service departments that we have in my area. They discourage me from wanting to buy another Ford.

- Tiffany M

This is a SUV that holds 5 people but has extra space in the back.

This vehicle is very spacious, I travel a lot and this is always the car that can hold the most luggage and all my essentials. It's also very reliable and the sensors appear as soon as an issue occurs. Not the best on gas mileage but worth it for the safety of a SUV.

- Heather H

2008 Ford Escape 4WD SUV great buy.

2008 Ford Escape, 4WD, manual transmission, only a 4 cylinder motor. The car does not have much power, cannot start in second gear. Purchased the car cash from original owner. 4WD but could not pull anything (I. E. Camper, boat, tow). Reliable car with moderate mpg.

- Nicole L

The name of the vehicle is gracie.

It does not get the gas mileage that I thought it would. The back window rattles and makes an irritating noise. It does not handle real good on the road. The switch for the air conditioner/ heater only works on high blast. Not real happy with the 4 cylinder engine.

- Jennifer R

Safety for my family is my concern this vehicle has provided this for my family.

This vehicle is older but still safe and reliable for my family. Yes it needs some fixes but minor issues and it is lasted pretty well even in tough climates. Overall the safety is most important for my family and I trust it in the snow and ice when driven slowly.

- Kevin M

Ford Escape with sunroof is amazing.

Haven't had any problems with it. Drives very smooth. Very reliable. Starts right away. Taken it on many road trips and it does great. Features moon and sun roof. Drives amazing through the snow. Very comfortable seats that can adjust just about any comfort level.

- Tamara L

It's very safe and dependable to drive and it gets great gas mileage. Also the motor is a vulcan

I love that it's very dependable it always starts. Has a great air conditioner an is fun to drive. The thing I dislike the most is that the sun roof has leaked since we bought it we replaced with a new one and it still leaks guess it's a ford thing I don't know

- Crystal K

Personal review of 2008 Escape.

The car is great on gas mileage and great in the ice and snow. Wish it had full tinted windows though. The sun roof is one of my only features that I have problems with cause if you don't stop pushing the button exactly when it's closed it will open it up again.

- Melissa M

2008 Ford Escape: reliable and simple but nice features.

Very reliable. Have had no issues. Like the design of the inside and look on the outside. I did tint the windows and added a new stereo. I would have added a sunroof. Like the amount of cup holders that is in it. Easy to keep everything organized and accessible.

- Caroline D

Long lasting beast of an amazing SUV.

My car is amazing. It is 10 years old and is so reliable and comfortable. I wouldn't want to change it for anything! It handles really well in all kinds of weather. I do not have 4 wheel drive but I have only had a couple of issues of getting stuck in the snow.

- Rebecca N

It is the perfect size SUV.

I love the body style, the comfort and the accessories. It has heated seats, the seats fold down for more cargo room and it is comfortable. I wish I could take this body style and add a few minor upgrades like Bluetooth, heated steering wheel and backup camera.

- Jj H

DO NOT BUY A 2008! The make and model are great, but this year had issues.

My car did very well until a few months ago things just started to fall apart. Apparently this year and model has issues with the ignition failing and my brake caliper on my passenger front tire had to be replaced. We also have had issues with the roof leaking.

- Abbey E

Hybrid which is really great.

I love my Ford Escape hybrid and I plan on purchasing another one soon. It has lots. Of room. Gets. Good. Gas. Mileage. And is a great vehicle to drive, I wish they were cheaper to buy, maybe I will get a used one the next time but a new one would be good too.

- Mark E

2008 ford escape in detail.

I own a 2008 ford escape. It drives pretty good, but we have had problems with the transmission twice. It is an older model, so I am about ready for an upgrade. The truck has about 150 thousand miles on it and has been heavily used within last couple of years.

- Shelly P

All wheel drive is the way to go in the winter with Midwest snow storms.

Ford Escape- I love the all wheel drive, especially in the winter months with snow. Lots of room in the back to haul things, extra room when seats are folded down. Love this mid size SUV and being up a little higher when driving. Great solid, reliable vehicle.

- Stacey S

The wheel bearings are rusty.

The wheel bearings rust really easily giving the vehicle a bad appearance. Otherwise it is been a pretty reliable car for me to use. It gets me to all of my home visits for my job. It does not have a lot of features. I haven't really had any problems with it.

- Sarah R

It is black I suppose it is amazing.

Amazing car. I honestly wouldn't change it for the world. It fits all my kids and it is beautiful. My car is amazing. I love it so much. I have been saving up since the 7th grade for it. A dream came true. Best purchase I have honestly ever made. No regrets.

- Leah F

It is a wonderful car despite the few priceless I have had with it.

I love the car. I have had a few problems through. My steering column was not working right, I had a belt tear off of my engine while driving. Also my air pressure sensor broke off into my tire so it no longer works and always tells me to check the pressure.

- Cabree F

Best car I've ever driven

I've had my escape for 4 years now and have never had a serious issue. My biggest complaint is I always have to have my brakes fixed and axle shaft replaced. The interior also holds water and stains with anything that touches it. Otherwise a great vehicle

- Stephanie B

Gets good gas mileage. 28 mpg.

Do not like that there’s lots of road noise, no spare tire area because of hybrid battery in the rear. The sunroof is no longer functional. I like that there’s lots of room and the back seats fold down for extra cargo space. Very comfortable seating.

- Timothy P

Review of 2008 Ford Escape.

I have been driving my 2008 Ford Escape for over 4 years now and I have had no problems out of it so far. It is very spacious and has plenty of room for the people as well as the groceries and other things that I may put in my car. I have no complaints.

- Eryn S

Very reliable vehicle with decent sticker price.

My vehicle has only been in the shop once in 10 years! Very reliable. It does not block out all exterior noise, otherwise it would be perfect. But I would still recommend it, especially if you are budget conscious and like to keep your car for a while.

- Patti C

This vehicle gets better with age!

At 11 years old, it still runs like a new car. The only problem it ever had was a broken axle. It was no match for WV potholes. Plenty of room. Rides smooth. Dependable. Great for hauling camera gear. It is the perfect height for ATMs and drive-thrus.

- Lisa T

It is very reliable and the performance is spectacular.

This is one of the most reliable vehicles on the market that I have ever owned. It has a very consistent record for gas mileage as well. To be a 6 cylinder engine the torch and power is simply amazing. Over all I love this vehicle. Highly recommend.

- Fred A A

Do not go around curves at high speeds because there is a high rollover risk.

I like that it has a large cargo space that I can travel with a significant amount of things more than a car. I also like that I sit higher than a car but sometimes I miss the compactness of a smaller vehicle that is a little more easier to handle.

- Jennifer W

I like fuel-efficient SUVs

I love my car because it's the perfect size of being off the ground (sedans are really low) but not being too big like a truck. My only issue with it is that it's a hybrid so most mechanics don't take it and the dealerships can be kind of pricey.

- Zoe H

A very reliable car that will get me were I need to go for many more years.

I love how short it is making it perfect to parallel park making it perfect for living in a city and wanting more of an SUV. A problem is that the left rear wheel well rusts on every Escape that I see as well as my own. It is a very reliable car.

- Anna C

Good things about my '08 escape.

My vehicle is comfortable it has plenty of headroom for my husband. It handles well in the winter in the snow and on the ice. I like the all wheel drive and the Posi traction. I enjoy the heated seats in winter too. It has been a dependable car.

- Elizabeth D

It is dependable. It has lots of room, seats are easy to put up and down.

I love the room it has without being a big SUV. I love the way it handles and feels on the road.. I hate the rear tire wells are rusting. I think it was the way the car was designed that all the slush and rain hit the tire well so it rusts..

- Michelle S

Dependable, good gas mileage.

Medium size SUV, dependable, good gas mileage. Noisy on the road. Comfortable, but would like something a little more roomy. Love the cargo space. Excellent vehicle for young family (1-2 children) or individual/couple with no children.

- Maryann W

It's a comfortable car and it holds up really well I've had it for 11 years and it requires minimal maintenance

I like mostly everything about my car the fact that when I'm driving I'm a little bit higher up because it is an SUV it gets decent gas mileage the only thing I don't like is when the windows are open or even just cracked it's very noisy

- Patricia S

Reliability, quality, and size

The car itself is incredibly sturdy. I love taking it for long car trips, because it holds a lot. With plenty of passenger seating and a great stereo system, it's my favorite car so far! Super simple to fix problems, when they do occur.

- Rebecca R

Very dependable vehicle, long lasting.

This is the second escape I have owned and I enjoy it very much. . Has enough room for everything I need and is very nice to drive. Price was right. My first escape was a 2002 and it had over 275, 000 miles on it when I got a new one.

- Wanda H

That we received it as a gift without paying anything.

My vehicle was given to us by my mother-in-law several years ago. It is already paid for a truly a blessing to our family. I like that we don't have monthly payments. I dislike that we don't always have enough money to get gas.

- Monica H

The four wheel drive is awesome. It is very easy to drive and get around in.

I love my 2008 Ford Escape. The most significant reason I love it is that it is always in four wheel drive. I have always worried about getting out of my driveway in the winter but am confident that my Escape can handle the snow.

- Tammie K

It is really dependable and has lots of room inside..

I like that it is a 4 cylinder & gets decent gas mileage.I like that it is easy to drive & comfortable.I like that I can fold the seats down & haul lots of stuff. I strongly dislike the fabric seats-even rain stains the fabric.

- Laura K

My car runs almost like new.

I love the heated seats and being able to control my radio/stereo from the steering wheel. I also love that even though it is a 10 year old SUV, it runs almost like new! I do not like that my ignition is starting to go out.

- Beth S

Older, but has more room than the newer models

I've always driven fords, upgrades from a Taurus for more room. Like that it's AWD, like that it sits up higher to drive. Don't like that it drives like a truck, and there is not enough room in the backseat for my 2 kids.

- Caitlyn J

My car is a Ford and so it is very prone to breaking.

Breaks often; ranging from odd noises while driving to the wheels falling off while on the highway. Has a nice range of functionality such as heated seats and built-in gps nav system. Design is appealing aesthetically.

- Carl W

It's is very safe and family friendly

I love the seats, they slide and fold down making it easy for me to pack in more stuff. I like the fact the back seats are big enough for my dog to fit on the floor and lastly I love the attention I get when driving it

- Chris C

The color is beige, but looks different colors in different lights.

I have not had any problems with my Escape. It is fun to drive and I feel very safe in it. Also I enjoy its roominess and the fact that I can put large cargo in it. I bought it used, but it feels new and looks good.

- Sandy D

Not too big and not too small.

My Ford escape runs really well. I really like the interior of my escape because it is not too big and not too small. I like that it does not feel like an SUV kind of vehicle, but it feels as if I am driving a car.

- Jessica G

This vehicle is very dependable and Reliable to whoever buys it.

This is. Very reliable vehicle. I have 381000 miles and still going. The gas mileage is around 24 mpg average. Low maintenance required. Comfortable for the size. I would highly recommend to anyone to purchase

- Fred A

It's the perfect safe size to drive to school and work and around town

I love my car. It's the perfect size for a college student as it fits all my school stuff as well as has enough space for me to go on trips. The gas mileage isn't that great, but the benefits outweigh the cons

- Becky B

it is very reliable. i can count on it getting me from point a to b relatively smoothly

it is the perfect size for me. im bigger than most and this vehicle suits me nicely. i'm not crazy about the gas mileage, but it does ok for a suv. i also like how she handles icy roads and slick conditions.

- aug T

Powerful radio, custom dark gray interior. Cherry red body.

Great on gas, spacious inside without being too bulky. Fits my four children and everyone has room. I feel safe and the all wheel drive makes the handle on these icy roads in our horrible winters very easy.

- Jannelle H

Only had one major problem with it, but it was something I was able to survive without! Best vehicle I've driven so far!

Love my car! Have had minor problems with! The gas tank gauge went out but we were able to drive without that for a long time, and thanks to a family member being a mechanic, we were able to get it fixed!

- Shell R

It's drives good. It has 4 wheel drive and has lots of room.

My car is comfortable to drive and handles well. I love the sunroof. The only problem I've had is with the air conditioner. It was blowing hot air but the mechanic fixed it. It was still under warranty.

- Terri M

It's big enough to haul small furniture and items around, but also comfortable enough that it still feels like a car.

I like sitting up higher like a SUV dose, but I also like how my vehicle is still a small sized SUV. I like my light, leather interior. I also like my air conditioning, as my old car didn't have it.

- Sierra S

The escape does get reasonably good gas mileage.

I like having an SUV. I would like the escape to be somewhat larger, more the size of a Ford explorer, which I had previously. However, no specific complaints, overall, very satisfied with the escape.

- Mary Ann W

It has a lot of space. It would be excellent for kids.

I love the way it drives and the size. I dislike the upholstery, and the gas mileage. This is the second escape I have purchased. My daughter drives my old one with over 200,000 miles on the odometer.

- Teresa K

The safety rating of this vehicle is fantastic. The features have improved with the newer models but I am totally satisfied with my car.

I have had this car for 11 years and I love it. It had very few miles on it when I bought it and it still runs great after all these years. I am passing it to my son when he starts driving next year.

- Christina T

This is a great versatile small SUV that rides like a car and is easy to maneuver.

The car is great overall, very dependable. Over 100K miles and no major problems. The car gets good gas mileage. The only thing I dislike is that it is not as comfortable as my old car, a Lincoln.

- Jacquie J

Best car I have ever owned.

Problems with alternator. Gas mileage could be better but for the size car and the performance it gives it is great. Seats are comfortable and the trunk is big enough to hold everything I need.

- A E

It starts to fall apart as it nears It's 10th birthday.

I like that it's got a decent amount of seating and storage, but I wish there was a little more seating and storage. I like that it drives like a smaller car. I wish I had better gas mileage.

- michael c

They should know that in he 10 years I have owned it, it has served me well.

My only complaint is the back hatch window which broke. Other than that, the car drives well, let's me see traffic better than a compact car. It is not horrible on gas and the ride is smooth.

- Susan P

1st Toyota owned. Got it used @ 166k miles now has 396k miles & runs well.

Like: size, radio/CD/aux, sunroof, steering. Dislike: not super comfy, flimsy interior design (headliner falling out, door pieces becoming dislodged), could be more roomy in 2nd seating row.

- Haleigh W

The escape has lots of room to transport items, including small furniture and other such bulky items!

I like that it has lots of room to transport items. I like that it sits slightly higher off the ground compared to a car. I like that there is an aux jack to stream podcasts from my phone.

- Michael L

It is a Hybrid and I get excellent gas mileage!

I have always liked Fords. I like the Escape because it is an SUV. You sit higher in the seat then a car. It has more room then a car. I feel it is just the right size SUV not too big!!

- Weston G

My car is pretty fuel efficient for not being a hybrid.

I like that my car is dependable and has lasted such a long home. I don't like however that, because it is so old, it does not have some of the same amenities that are found in newer cars.

- Jack F

Dependable, in good shape for a 10 year old car.

Overall it is been a pretty good car. We had to replace the drive shaft after about 9 years. The a/c has been slowly dying over the past few years. Other than that, it has been dependable.

- Melinda R

The Escape is a breeze to travel in.

I love to travel and the Escape is a wonderful vehicle for that. It is comfortable, good gas mileage, and I have had no problems on the road. It is very easy to handle and spacious inside.

- Deborah B

It's very reliable. In the ten years I've owned it it has rarely broken down or anything like that.

I like my car overall. It's nothing special but it gets the job done. It's reliable and gets me to where I need to go. There's nothing outstanding about it but I kind of like it that way.

- Brice M

it's a consistent, dependable suv.

I like the gas mileage it gets, has 140000 miles and still runs good. The transmission has slipped since we purchased it, had it adjusted 3 times and it still slips. Easy to change oil.

- Thomas L

Great family vehicle. Great towing capacity. Heated seats are the best thing ever.

Isn't great in the snow but everything else is amazing. A lot of power, decent gas mileage, great sound system, lots of room and storage, leather seats are easy to clean. I love my car.

- Emily A

That it is reliable. I will probably get another one when the time comes.

It is a bit uncomfortable on long trips, and the ignition switch keeps breaking, fixed it 3 times already, so that is sort of annoying. Other than that it has been a great reliable car.

- Lisa M

It is 10 years old and has had no major problems. Preventive maintenance has been my only expenditure

The model year that I purchased still has a multi cd player and I utilize a lot. It is roomy and meets my needs perfectly. The gas mileage and acceleration are the only drawbacks.

- Vicy W

It's sturdy and fun, and fits my lifestyle really well

It's got personality, and it's a fun, sporty car. It has nice features (like a sweet sound system) and keeps me safe on the roads. It's durable and handles my awful driving easily.

- Katie B

It has a good amount of cargo space for both family and things.

I bought my car used and the person who had it before me used and abused it. It was in the mountains all the time. There are a few quirks, but it has been reliable for my family.

- Sarah M

Is an extremely dependable vehicle.

Has great gas mileage and is extremely reliable/dependable in almost all situations. I would like for it to have a little bit more power, but overall is an extremely good vehicle.

- Jason E

It gets me where I want to go with no worries and it is more or less comfortable

It has been a family owned suv and was purchased new. I gets fair fuel economy and can handle most of my light hauling. It does squeak a lot and can be bothersome on a bumpy road.

- David M

It is a very comfortable car and is very reliable. I am a big guy and I fit well in it.

It has been a very reliable vehicle and gets me to where I need to be. I wish it was a 6 cylinder and 4 wheel drive. We bought it new and still runs great with 125000 miles on it.

- Jason F

It gets great gas mileage

I've had the Escape for 10 years. It gets great gas mileage and I haven't had any mechanical issues with the vehicle. Easy to drive, comfortable, roomy enough for us plus cargo.

- Thom S

Good small size SUV that handles well.

It handles well on the road. Get about 18-20 miles to gallon in city. Maintenance is reasonable & in line with 10 year old vehicle. Happy with it. It's 2nd Escape I bought!

- Karen M

Hands free controls inconsistent.

Love the hands free features. Phone, radio, etc. controlled from steering wheel. Whish voice command worked better. Does not always understand correct name you want to call.

- Mary B

Recall on power steering but feels like Jeep.

Escapes are really great if you want a Jeep feel but at a Ford price. Unfortunately, I have had to replace the transmission and there is also a recall on the power steering.

- Mary M

What they should know about my car is that it is simple, decent on gas, and gets us to our destinations.

It was a previously owned car, but it ran extremely smooth. Like older cars it does have problems, but overall it does great in all conditions of weather and is a safe ride.

- Anthony V


My Ford Escape is the perfect size for me. I can haul garden items and up to 3 friends. It is a very dependable car. The only thing I dislike at all is the gas mileage.

- Chriss B

2008 Ford Escape-Limited!!

the ford escape is a great car for a first teen driver the power is weak, but it will get you to where you need to go and can hold things like, a bike, a tv and some boxes

- Wesley S

Hybrid engines helps cut fuel consumption.

I like having a hybrid engine to save fuel. The vehicle is quiet and runs smoothly. The vehicle can be used for transporting items. The vehicle is comfortable for trips.

- Tim K

The great gas mileage. I drive a minimum of 500 miles a week and itis green.

My car get great gas mileage and accelerates very well. It is comfortable and everything is easily accessible while driving. It is also easy to put the rear seats down.

- Jennifer T

It's easy to drive and you can haul a lot of stuff in it.

I like that it is an SUV. I like that it is off the ground a little more than a car. I like that it is all wheel drive. i don't like that it rusts over the wheel well.

- Karen C

It has tons of room and it is easy to reconfigure from lots of seating to storage.

Easy to hear road noise when driving. I have had the windshield and doors checked, but all the insulation and stripping is installed correctly and in good condition.

- Melissa A

It handles wonderfully in the winter and fits well in the garage while still having enough passenger and cargo room.

I like the size of it. it rides smoothly and I like how the back seats fold down. I dislike the fuel economy, since I was used to a car with better fuel efficiency.

- q f

It gets great gas mileage.

The seat is tough to adjust and get comfortable in due to limited amounts of adjustments that can be made. This is for the drivers and passengers seat in the front.

- Joe I

Maintaining oil, brake fluid, etc.

The suv is very reliable, runs and rides fine. I'm not a fan of ford but i can't complain about this one o guess. Vehicle hasn't given me problems in 2 years tho.

- Chris d

It's a great SUV that drives well in the snow and is stylish and comfortable to drive.

I love my 2008 Ford Escape because it is great in the snow and hardly ever has mechanical problems. It is very classy looking and I'm proud to drive it anywhere.

- Michele M

I really like the hybrid aspect because it saves on gas and is better for the environment.

Works well. Hybrid, so I don't spend much on gas. However - the body of my vehicle is messed up because of hitting a deer and that is really the biggest drawback.

- Samantha D

Maintenance is everything.

My escape drives well. It has a lot of room for passengers & for storage. It is very dependable & low maintenance. Vehicle is SUV, but drives smooth like a car.

- Trina R

Its a strong running truck.

Start it up is a problem sometimes put the ac is cold it runs great other than that It's a pretty good truck it looks good I would recommend it to people just.

- Anthony M

It's great for a family of 3, a little tight for four

I like it's storage space overall and have comfort driving it. I dislike some of the older features which are starting to break down a bit like the ac settings

- Lydia P

It holds the road very well, and I often drive on major highways in both good and bad weather and for considerable distances.

I love the shape of the vehicle (more square), the comfort level for me and I am a tiny person 5'1" and 105 pounds, reliability in bad weather (snow and rain.)

- carol h

It is an SUV but it drives easy like a car. It has a smooth ride and is not bumpy at all.

My car may be ten years old but it still runs great! It keeps myself and my three children very safe going on our daily trips. It also has a very smooth ride.

- Anne K

The car gets great gas mileage for being a SUV which is very nice in this day and age with gas prices so expensive.

I like my car and it gets decent gas mileage as it is a hybrid but the well wells have terrible rusting and i am scared of what will happen in a few years...

- Jennifer N

It is a reliable car that has treated me well

I like that it is a compact suv. It provides me with enough seats and storage space. It is on the older side so it doesn't have any of the new fancy features

- Kayy T

This vehicle receives excellent gas mileage for a small SUV.

My vehicle has a hybrid engine which boosts It's gas mileage considerably. It is roomy, comfortable, and has plenty of storage. It's also a nice grey color.

- Nathan Z

Great family car that's reliable.

It is a fantastic family car that has been very reliable. I feel safe when driving it and have had few issues with it. Just replaced the tires and battery

- Jennifer P

It handles well in the snow and ice.

It is dependable. It has all wheel drive which is nice in the winter. It has plenty of room for the dogs. It has a heated seat which is nice in the winter.

- Elizabeth D

The most important thing to me is it is good on gas. It is roomy.

I like the room it has. 2. There is no call back on the power steering. 3. It is expensive to get fix. The truck is nice if I could afford to get it fixed.

- Willie M

It gets great gas mileage because it is a hybrid SUV.

I like that it is a a hybrid. It is roomy and comfortable inside and easy to maintain. The sound system is premium and it gets good gas mileage for a SUV.

- Courtney L

It is reliable. It is not a gas guzzler. It is not insanely priced.

I love that it is not a gas guzzler. It has no let me down. I would recommend this to my friends and family that are in the market for a reliable vehicle.

- Amands B

Works great for an older car! Does eat gas more than I would like too.

I dislike it because the ride is rough, I already had to put a new transmission into it so that doesnt make me happy. But other than that I like the car.

- Mallary H

Reliable vehicle to drive

don;t like that It's getting older in years. like that the engine still runs well. don't' like that you have to change all the tires when you get a flat

- al C

The rear shocks go out before anything else.

The car performs very well even now after 11 years it is easy on gas and is very roomy. This car is a great compromise between size and fuel efficiency.

- Will L

The most important thing about my Ford escape is the space on the inside.

Love the size and gas mileage, size of gas tank, color, nice and spacious in the back. Plenty of legroom in the back and plenty of spots to hold drinks.

- Leo Y

It is a good family car with plenty of power and stability.

My Ford is an underrated vehicle. It has a lot of power and stability. It also has a nice interior and sleek features. I like the look of it as well.

- Patrick L

It is a Reliable and Dependable car.

I love the reliability of my escape. It has been a good car. I'd like to try out the new Ford Escapes, but I don't want to give up my current vehicle.

- Bob E

My vehicle is a safe car. It has a four star crash rating and would highly recommend it to anyone

I like the amount of space in my vehicle and the color. I dislike how the seats material stains so easily. I like how my escape gets good gas mileage.

- Sarah F

Roomy good family size car. Lots of room for moving bigger objects.

You did not have the type of vehicle that I own but you didn't give me that choice. I have a mercury mariner. It is okay but I preferred my escape.

- Dawn H

It's in good condition and I've had it for years now

I like that it has an built in GPS and that I haven't had many problems with it. I dislike that the tire pressure is always low so I have to fix it

- Khursheda A

It doesn't breakdown runs on both electricity and gas.

I can easily park it anywhere. It has plenty of room. I don't have to worry about breakdowns. I would have liked better color choices and options.

- Kay B

I like that my Ford escape is all wheel drive and I can go many places I couldn't without it

I love my Ford a scape. I have had very few problems. I like the style and the overall look. I would recommend the Ford escape to anyone who ask

- Robert G

It is a reliable brand of car.

It is roomy. It is for the most part dependable. The gas mileage is good for the year and style. I wish it were equipped with a back up camera.

- Betty W

Reliable, cute and comfy ride

I get great gas mileage satellite radio and it is crazy comfortable. I have driven it for 10 years with almost 170,000 miles with no problems

- Nikona M

It is good for a family and has a lot of space.

I like that my vehicle can fit all of my family members. It is big and spacious. The miles are good. I do not like that it is not very stylish.

- Abby G

It's a great car for a small family.

I like the size and style of the car. It's big enough for my family and a decent commuter car. I do wish it got better gas mileage for commutes

- T C

AS a hybrid SUV, great gas mileage and dependable, long lasting

For an SUV, it gets 31 mpg. Been very little maintenance. Now has 230,000 miles and still runs great. Will buy another. It's the hybrid model.

- Michael M

It is very reliable and has not given me any problems.

I love my vehicle because it is a good size, looks nice, and is dependable. I dislike that it is not a little newer, but it gets the job done.

- Cassandra P

Just because it's a cuv doesn't mean it's a gas guzzler I got good gas mileage.

The vehicle was perfect for a new driver. Practical, dependable and just the right amount space. Easy to handle on city streets and highways.

- K J

Two other people have had it and there's a ton of miles on it.

What I love about my vehicle is that it has room for everyone. It also gets great gas mileage. I really do not dislike anything about my car.

- Lisa B

I really enjoy driving this car. I get the perks of a SUV but good gas mileage.

This vehicle is the perfect size for me and my household. I can load it with camping gear and dogs or use it to drive around town with ease.

- Anne L

I have a great sized car, very safe.

I love my car. I feel extremely safe in it, gets great mileage. It is very reliable, it has an AUX cord, I have not really had any problems.

- Maria S

it is all around a great car, would recommend to anyone

i love my vehicle. it has plenty of room for people to sit and enough room in the back to carry things. i love the overall style of it too.

- mahayla p

It is a very reasonable car with lots of options. Has enough room.

I love the fact that it is a cute family vehicle. Not to big yet not to small. Carries everything I need for a family event or for my job.

- Tabatha J

The gas mileage is great it is a hybrid

I love the size of my suv. I love the hatchback where I can store things and put my groceries. Everything is at fingertip while driving.

- Theresa V

It has plenty of room for storage

I don't like my vehicle to much because it is already having problems that aren't covered by warranty. I do however, like the size of it.

- Melanie B

It's a very safe car and from a reliable brand name.

I don't have any complaints. I enjoy my vehicle and I feel good driving it. I like that it feels safe and is large enough to drive others

- Mckenzie S

It's comfortable to ride in on long distance trips.

I like the backup warning system. I like the way you sit up in the seats. I love the leg room. I like the overall look of the body style.

- Lori O

Not a very comfortable ride and the seats have no cushion.

Has a rough ride. Seats are not nearly as comfortable as other SUVs. Drives ok. Have 93,000 miles and just had to get a new transmission.

- Gail E

It's a reliable vehicle that drives easily and hauls people and anything else you need to move.

I like the size, it's perfect for me. I like the ability to haul things. It's easy to drive and I sit high enough for good visibility.

- Cindy S

The little SUV Hybrid that could

I like the care very clean and easy to drive but very expensive to fix. Last year we had to replace the transfer case and it was $4000

- Mara M

I feel it is a safe vehicle and it maintained.

Like the gas mileage. Wish it was bigger for hauling. Use to drive a vehicle with a bigger engine so "pick up" is a little slow for me.

- Lee D

She’s reliable for school and she’s not for sale.

We had to replace the transmission, and the brakes squeak. Also replaced the air conditioning. Other than that she runs like a champ.

- Jamie S

It's great for winter roads. With my last vehicle, I had multiple slide-offs during the winter, no matter how careful I was. I have not had a single problem with this vehicle.

I love that it is all-wheel drive. With Michigan winters, that is almost a necessity. I wish that it had better gas mileage though.

- Kimberly L

Absolutely love how much space there is

Comfortable to drive, very spacious, great sound system, great gas mileage and love the seating (being able to put seats up and down)

- Ashley F

It's a compact SUV, but still has plenty of room for seating and packing a lot of luggage and other items.

It's easy to drive. I enjoy the way that it handles. Everything works and when something goes wrong it's just a minor inconvenience.

- Nicole G

I feel very safe and it runs well. Its affordable. It does fantastic in the winter.

I love the size of it, how it runs, the gas mileage, the comfort of it. I dislike the stereo system. My cd player has broken twice.

- Beth A

2008 Ford Escape.........

I notice my vehicle interior creaks a lot as I'm driving around, especially when turning. I get 22.4 average mpg, which is decent.

- Nick R

It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned.

The size is great with having dogs. Easy on gas. Very little maintenance. We have owned it for seven years and have no complaints.

- Susan B

It has a very smooth ride. Lots of room for people and stuff!

I like the room that is available in it. It is comfortable to be in for many hours. It could get a little bit better gas mileage.

- sabrina b

It makes me feel good driving it, much better than the compact car I had before it.

I like that it is a SUV. I like the way it feels driving it. What I dislike is the problems, mechanically I'm having with it now.

- Helen J

The Ford Escape is a great car for the price range!

I love the size of the vehicle and how it handles. It gets pretty good gas mileage as well. I wish it had a few more options.

- Jamie B

if it has gas or not in the tank. whether or not you'll have enough room for the occupancy of your guests.

I like that it is an SUV. I also like the fact that it is good on gas. I dislike the fact that i feel all the bumps in the road.

- Dalton L

Most dependable vehicle I've owned.

Very dependable - good gas mileage- I have spent less than $1000 on major repairs in the 10 years that I have owned the escape.

- Karen R

Didn't have anything go wrong for 10 yrs almost.

I love it is reliability for 10 years.No complaints except I cannot afFord a new one and some things are starting to go on it..

- Loretta F

It is an amazing car. I love how it looks and how efficient it is.

The brake is very sensitive. Even when I just tap it, it is like the whole car lurches forward. It gets annoying after awhile.

- Tanya Z

Reliable Basic SUV good for transporting a family. It performs well on winter roads. The only complaint is the lack of overall power/acceleration.

It is fine and I like the AWD for winter driving. The model I have is only a 4 cylinder and it feels noticeably under powered.

- Travis a

We bought this Escape to replace the one that was totaled rolling over on a hill. That car was an Escape and I feel secure in this one.

Great sound system. Heated seats, navigation system, power windows have had some problems, finish on the roof racks has faded.

- Dianne S

The Ford Escape is a stylish, versatile vehicle.

I like the look of my Ford Escape. It's reliable and was an affordable price. It also gets great gas mileage and rides nicely.

- Shane c

Ford escape one of my better vehicle purchases

Like new. All regular maintenance is completed on time. One small rust spot on rear fender that has been covered and repainted

- Tony L

It is a reliable nice car to own.

I like how smooth my car runs. I like the SUV style and the color is pretty blue. It was like new when I bought it last year.

- Susan S

Family Friendly vehicle that still lets you haul all your stuff

It has plenty of room for the family. It has room to haul things. But it is compact enough to fit into smaller parking spots.

- Brenda C

It's a good investment. Expensive but hasn't left me stranded anywhere.

I dislike that hybrids are such difficult upkeep. Although my Ford is spacious and gets me and my daughter from point a to b.

- Amber P

very dependable suv looks amazing and drives great.

nice design, good size and features. love the sunroof and heated seats. dislike that it leaks water and rattles in the back.

- Kay G

This is a reliable car with good power and basic helpful features

It is a very Reliable vehicle. It has good power, however the mpg is low and the back seat is not very big to hold car seats

- Jose C

Not made to last. Rusting.

Problems always fixing it only 10 years old. Does not tow very well. Rough on engine. What can I say it not made very well.

- Don M

It is expensive to keep fueled and tires are also expensive

I like the SUV style. I like the easy ride. I like roominess. I don't like the gas mileage. I don't like the cost of tires.

- Tori D

Nice family vehicle. Good gas mileage. Nice height off the ground - not a low riding vehicle.

Comfortable space inside. Good gas mileage. Could ride a little smoother but isn't a bad ride. Nice height off the ground.

- Kim P

Comfortable and functional.

I like that I sit up high, it feels solid, I have lots of space and I like that the seats fold down to carry bigger items.

- Elaine M

It is safe to drive in most conditions.

I like the cargo capacity. I like the safety of it. I do not like the miles per gallon. I do not care for the color of it.

- Mark V

It is a reliable vehicle. Does not break down very often.

Lot room comfortable to seat 5, low on gas. Have not have any issue so forgoes and safety carat's not new but is reliable.

- Louie M

It has a good fuel economy. It is inexpensive to fill up and gasoline last a good amount of time.

I like the amount of room my car has. I like the miles per gallon I get. I like that any repairs are easy and inexpensive.

- Sarah S

I love that it is a 4 wheel drive so it is great in the winter.

My vehicle is good but it is getting old. It struggles to go up hills sometimes but this is all do to the year of my car.

- Victoria K

This vehicle is the perfect size for smaller families.

I have no complaints about this vehicle. It is just the right size for our family. We have not had any problems with it.

- Carrie M

The most important thing people should know it good on gas mileage.

My car is good on gas mileage. I love the color of my car. However, when starting my car the engine/ hybrid mode is load.

- Kat C

Great gas mileage,but it doesn't have cruise control so we plan on paying to have that installed


- Terri K

2008 Ford Escape - limited.

The Escape is a great car for a new teenage driver the power is weak but can haul moderately large packages in the back.

- Wesley S

It is the most dependable car I have ever had.

I love everything about it, I would buy another one when this one needs replacing. even if the new ones are ugly looking

- S D

Not to big and not to small which make you feel safe on the road.

Easy on gas. Is comfortable on long road trips. Plenty in front and back. Easy to get in and out of for elderly people.

- Sharon O

A crappy car for a high price

I have had my car for about a year and I have had so many problems out of it. I wouldn't want to recommend it to anyone

- Robin G

The vehicle is extremely reliable with very little maintenance involved.

The vehicle has proven to be extremely reliable with very little maintenance. It's also comfortable and very spacious.

- Heath B

It is a reliable car to drive. It was also made well despite not being easy to work on

I like that it is comfy and fairly good on gas. However it is a pain to work on and not very quick when it needs to be

- Jeff N

Ford cars last forever and are reliable.

My only complaint is that there is not a release button for the trunk inside the car, I have to get out and use my key

- sophie T

How spacy and comfortable it is but yet small enough to park and drive.

Been all over America and it has been so reliable. I love my escape. As long as you keep the up keep then you're good.

- Brooke E

My car is red and fairly big. The seats fold flat and I can get three dog crates in it.

It is actually a Mercury Mariner but that wasn't a choice. I like that the seats lay flat. I wish it was a big bigger.

- Jane R

This is the car that my parents decided was best for their teenagers to learn to drive in.

We have had to change the alternator and transmission but otherwise I love this car. It is comfortable and good power.

- All E

Smooth ride cold ac great gas mileage.

Overall it's been a good vehicle I've had to change the brakes and the brake calipers are bad and need to be changed.

- Fran G

It is a functional vehicle that can go anywhere but is also a suitable family car.

I love everything about my vehicle. It has all the features that I need and it can handle anything that I need it to.

- Brittany M

It is very spacious, large, but and drives very smoothly.

It is very spacious. The back can hold my stroller (very large for my 2 children). It drives smooth, minimal issues.

- Brittany O

Comfortable and easy to drive, great driving vehicle

I love the way it drives. My issues are from the upkeep of the previous owners. Comfortable seating. Great handling.

- Theresa S

It is very practical and reliable.

It is very versatile and reliable. It is not extremely expensive to fix. For an SUV, it gets very good gas mileage.

- Rachel K

It is very reliable and had great gas mileage for an SUV

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. It's over 120k miles and I've not had a major problem with it yet.

- Amanda F

It is roomy enough for small family, reliable, and good safety.

It is roomy enough for me. I'm pleased with the options it offers. It's had minor maintenance requirements so far.

- Ann F

It can carry an unimaginable amount of cargo.

I like ford quality. This mini-SUV gets good mileage and handles well. I also like the comfort and safety systems.

- Ron C

Starts every day and has over 160, 000 miles.

Extremely reliable. Only real issue was with steering column. Ford had a recall so it was repaired without charge.

- Leslie B