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My review title would be likes and dislikes of a 2013 Ford Escape.

My vehicle has the power I need and want and it runs smoothly. I like the idea of Bluetooth, but it does not have the backup camera. I would love to have the backup camera but my vehicle is small enough that I have no problem parking between two vehicles. If someone pulls too close, it is small enough to pull it out without trouble. It is easy on gas but it has a small gas tank and it seems like I have to fill up a lot, but I love my vehicle. It tells me if I have a low tire, but not which tire. It tells me when it is time to change my oil and I like that reminder. My vehicle has the heated seats which for the most part I do not use, but my daughter does because it helps her back. I would have liked to have had cloth seats. The leather seats can be uncomfortable when I wear shorts in the summer so I use a towel on the seat. I like how the dimmer switch is on the steering column so that I can use it conveniently. I like the features of my vehicle. My vehicle is not too big nor too small. I dislike the size of the tires. The tires are 18" and of course they cost more, but it handles nicely. The features that come in my vehicle are just right for me. My car was bought used so that I did not have the option of picking what I wanted, but am satisfied with what I have.

- Donna H

Wonderful car but could be better.

I very much like this vehicle. It has taken us from Seattle to Houston and Houston to Chicago. That in and of itself is amazing. We never had a problem during any of those road trips. I give this car a 4/5. I would have given it a 5 out of 5 but there are a few things that could be better. For example, if it had better storage up front. The middle console is so small and the side compartments in the door are also very small. Similar vehicles I have been in from same time frame have better storage. One 'feature' I don't like is that if the key is near the door it will auto open, which sounds convenient unless you are in the car with the key and want the doors to be locked while parked. They do auto lock while the car is moving. This can be unsafe for those who are more targeted by thieves. The car runs wonderful and has a lot of great features though. I especially love the kick feature for the back hatch to open when hands are full. The heated seats are wonderful.

- Amanda B

The car may be decent if sold at any location aside from Blaise Alexander

When we first got the car, two years ago, the headlights weren't working. We took it back. A couple of weeks later, one of our tires went flat. Love the fact the car told us of the issue. Then we had a problem with the turbo boost getting stuck open. All of these were fixed by the dealer. Then we had s problem with the shocks, which were supposed to be covered under warranty, but they said nothing was wrong with them, even though multiple places told us they were bad. Blaise Alexander Chevrolet in Munch, PA. We are currently having problems with the drivers side door handle getting stuck open, the middle seatbelt in the back seat is broken, the headlights keep going out and are expensive. The water pump went, then about 6 months later, we had to replace the fuel pump, which was a dual, and had issues that apparently should have been seen by the service department of Blaise Alexander, but of course they didn't. They never inspected the car.

- Lisa H

Things to be Aware of

After 6 years we have had the following problems which if you are looking at a used one you should be aware of. All the lug nuts had to be replaced after 140 000k. They actually "swell" to where the wrench will not fit. Bad news if you have a flat while traveling. The battery is a bit difficult to replace due to its location up under the cowl and against the firewall. See YouTube for some helpful hints. Have just began having some problems with the navigation system and satellite radio. I think this may be a programming error as I recently did the recommended SYNC update so will try to do that again. Overall not a lot of problems. Oil changes are not really a do it yourself job either as there is an engine shield under the car that has to be removed. Buy good winter tires if you live in the snow belt because the "intelligent" 4 wheel drive is not all that smart and you will find yourself stuck when you really shouldnt be.

- Jim Willett

Would buy again and again!

My sel is amazing. It drives smoothly, gets great gas mileage, and is incredibly comfortable. Heated leather seats, sync voice activated features and a back-up camera are wonderful additions that really make this car great. Sometimes the sync Bluetooth feature does not pick up my voice correctly, or at all. For instance, when the defrost is on or the ac fan is up a bit, it is unable to hear me at all. I have to turn off the fan in order for it to pick up what I have said. The automated foot gate feature is useless 4 out of 5 times also. It always seems to work fine when I do not need it to, but when I have my hands full and need to use it is when it never wants to cooperate. Although there are a few minor issues with this model, they are all add-ons and not necessary to make up a safe, reliable, and comfortable car. overall I am in love with my Escape and would buy it again and again.

- Drew W

The Ford Escape has comfortable seating and recliners, sound, and 4WD.

I love my car! It has low miles, great trunk size and comfortable seating with the driver's seat and room for four others. It is reliable, strong and comfortable. The back two seats fold down easily to allow enough room for large items such as tables, 2x4's and other large items to be stored without hanging out the back. In the rare occasion that I have had to let some hang out, there are clips available for tie down that are easily accessible. The car is great for low key off-roading and has great 4WD. The sound quality through my speakers are great. It has your classic radio and CD player options and you can adjust treble, bass, etc. As well as which speaker or part of the car you would prefer the sound to come from. The Escape has great recliners, air conditioner and heaters! Great car all around, I love it!

- Andrew M

Many pros, only a few cons.

I love how easy the 2013 ford escape is to drive. Love my heated leather seats. Air conditioner and stereo always work great. Front seats are very comfortable, back seats are easy to fold down. Plenty of cup holders and great places to store cards, receipts, & loose cash (clips on visors, card slot holder under air conditioning controls, hidden clips under lid of center console). Mine is all wheel drive and I have never had an issue with getting stuck (and I live in Colorado, driven it in snow/mud up and down the mountains). The only negatives I have is that the road noise is very loud, back seats are uncomfortable, and the battery is a pain to get to if you want to replace it yourself. Other than that, I absolutely love my car! Very reliable!

- Samantha P

Every car has pros and cons. I love mine.

I love all the features of my titanium model. The sunroof extending to the back is constantly open adding lots of light. I have had some front end boggling issue for a little while. It is great on gas- currently getting 26. 3mpg which is great in my opinion for an SUV. The trunk space is not as much as my old rav4 had but it gets the job done. My passenger window control from driver side switch recently stopped working. Only negative would be it is hard to work on if you work on your own vehicles. Everything under the hood is hard to access. Including my battery which normally is a 15 min job- was a 2 hour job the other day. Love the wipers they are large and automatic so I never have to touch them based on how hard it is raining.

- Lauren R

What I like about my Ford Escape.

I drive to and from work everyday in my vehicle. It has heated leather seats and remote start. It is really easy for me to get my car warm before I leave for work in the winter. My Ford Escape also has a moon roof that is my whole roof. There is XM radio in my vehicle and I love it! There are also two outlets for a charger. Two spots where someone can put a car charger inside there. I am also able to put a memory card for music, etc. The radio is all touch screen and there are controls on my wheel that allow me to control the radio there. I haven't had very many problems with my vehicle. It is decent in gas as well and drives very smooth.

- Hanna B

Tried and true, meant to last.

For the most part our escape is amazing. It gets an average of 24 miles to the gallon. It runs very smoothly and controls are great. The break time is remarkable in all weather. The body of the escape is built to last for many years. We have been rear ended twice and with minimal repairs we are back on the road, like nothing happened. The interior is very easy to clean and maintain. The only downside to the escape for our family is that my husband and 15 year old son are both over 6ft tall to the space is very limited. Before our son was this tall it was great we had plenty of room to drive from Colorado to Texas comfortably.

- Brittany A

Awesome automobile to meet the needs of a single person or a family.

My Ford Escape is a great vehicle to drive. It has the get up and go you want with the space to haul many things at once. As a former teacher I was able to get all of the items I needed to school for the school year and able to take all of the items plus more home at the end of the year. The only problem I have is that since the back opens and closes sometimes the rear lights do not come on automatically(front lights do) unless I turn on my lights manually. It's not too big of a problem for me to just turn on the switch. I am happy with this vehicle and would get another one if needed.

- Amy S

Love the size of the car, small SUV is the perfect size for what I want.

Drives smoothly, but can be a little noisy at times. Perfect size car for what I want, I like an SUV but I do not want a really big car. The entertainment/technology aspect of the car could definitely use some improvement. My phone gets disconnected often and I have to reconnect to Bluetooth a lot which can be an inconvenience. Another downside to the car is the small tank and gas mileage, I find I have to fill up gas more often than I did with other vehicles and compared to other people. Overall it's a great reliable car and I feel safe driving it. Just could be more convenient.

- Hanna O

Reliable, quiet ride no matter where you are heading.

The Ford Escape has been a smart purchase for my family. I drive the are every day from home to work and back, dropping my kids off in-between. Never do I worry about our safety in this car. Sitting in this car for long trips has proven comfortable. Right now we have enough room in the car for our family. A concern, though, is that as our kids grow, we will probably need to get a bigger car. With bigger kids there will not be legroom for them. The Escape is quiet when on the road - when I am stopped at a stop light or train I cannot hear the engine. We really love this car.

- Megan A

You can check that off your list.

My escape is great and very reliable. It gets great gas mileage, looks great, and has a ton of features I love. The only issues I have had with this car is that the radio and speakers will just not work sometimes as well as the air conditioning. In those instances all I have ever had to do was turn the car off and turn it right back on. I love the Bluetooth feature so I can listen to music, talk on the phone, and use navigators all hand free. The seats fold down for more room when moving things around. It is the perfect size for me and is both a good city and country car.

- Nicole P

The ford focus: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The ford focus hatchback is perfect for someone who does not need status but needs dependability. Rarely has a problem but the main one is that you run out of gas when it says you have 40 miles of gas to go, which as it is very economical, most people would not expect that. The other problem is that with a light tan cloth interior it stains even if you spill water. It looks filthy inside immediately.. With those negatives, there are positives: Bluetooth audio and hands on wheel controls. It has plenty of legroom and the seats recline back in a very relaxing position.

- Cathy N

This vehicle is comfortable for long trips.

My Ford escape is a titanium model. It has all the bells and whistles. I can save three driver seat settings, it has the towing package, when you are driving at night and turn on your signal to turn, then begin the turn, there is a light that lights up the area you are turning to. I love that I can just push a button and open the tailgate and push a button to close it again. This vehicle is packed with so many nice features, it is impossible to list them all, but one of my favorites is that you can set the wipers to come on automatically!

- Kathryn C

It feels really safe, while acting strong and looking gorgeous!

I love how smooth the ride is! The engine has a good amount of power, excellent suspension with sport tires, and it breaks beautifully. I have the titanium model so it has turbo boost. The interior is comfortable, the seats are built sturdier than prior years, with a good amount of legroom and lots of space. I love how sharp it can turn. It handles really well on city streets as well as highway. The spare tire is easily accessible. I also have the Ford tow package, which is very sturdy and works great for a trailer or a bike rack.

- Sarah M

Gas mileage is a saver, panoramic sunroof let’s in your daily sunshine needed.

Love the gas mileage, easy to get in and out of those tight fitting parking spots. The Eco boost engine gives me the feel of the additional power, but does not help with my speeding habits. Overall no real big recalls, no major troubles. When looking for a new vehicle and put major miles on, this would be what I would want. The back seat has a small recline to it if need, which also comes in handy while traveling with additional family. Love the panoramic sunroof, after being in an office all day it is the first thing to go back.

- Jami E

Fun to drive, a real workhorse!

The Escape is comfortable, roomy, and has dual-temp control for the front seats. I love the handling abilities. It has a nice turning radius, and when you get accustomed to the fuel-injection performance, it has an eco-boost feature which really gets you into out into traffic quickly. The only issue I had with it was a malfunctioning valve body in the transmission, but fortunately, I had the drive train warranty and the repair was covered. I have been a Ford owner all my driving days, and this vehicle lives up to my expectations.

- Liane L

Escape is a great mid size SUV. Gas mileage could be better.

I love the comfort. I have heated seats, air-conditioning, sunroof, back up indicator and more. It has been a reliable vehicle for me. I have had to have several repairs on it, but they were all covered by the extended warranty. The dealer had difficulty with the transmission problem and had it for a month. They told me at first that they had parts on backorder and then they had to bring in someone from corporate to fix it, but I had a loaner the whole time. I really like the Escape but I wish that it got better gas mileage.

- Sharon F

Ford Escape; a great first car.

The 2013 Ford Escape drive nicely, but the brakes and accelerator are a touch sensitive. The stereo buttons on the wheel is a very nice addition, but the numerical buttons on the dash are just far enough away that I have to lean over to use them. The back seat is a little cramped for your feet, and the petals are a too far back for a shorter person to use comfortably. The trunk space is perfect for a family of four going on a weekend trip out of town. I like the size of the Ford Escape, and I am glad that I have one.

- Jamie S

Ford Escape: Wouldn't recommend

I love the AWD on the car. However, I have to take it in to get the oil changed because there's a shield on the bottom of the car that I have constantly had issues with. Like, I have to take it back after every single oil change because they didn't screw it on correctly or the screws didn't fit the first time. Also, there are issues with the lug nuts and it's a known issue by the Ford company but they won't do anything about it; Even though there are current lawsuits against them about this issue.

- Nope N

It works as a good mom car but it is older now and there are cars with better technology that make day to day life as a mother easier.

I like that it has plenty of room, but it is not too big to try and squeeze in to places. It runs well. It doesn't have problems all the time and have to go to the shop. The buttons on the steering wheel are easy to use. I wish it had a rear backing up camera. I also don't like that there is no button to close the back door. When open I have to get on my tiptoes to grab it and close it. I also wish there was a start button on my key fob so I can cool it down before putting the kids in.

- Liz D

Great vehicle and very reliable!

I love my Ford Escape. I really haven't had any problems. A few recalls and one or two sensors that needed to be replaced. Overall, it is been a really reliable vehicle and it drives and rides very smoothly and comfortably. The touch screen is very convenient. I love the voice commands. Makes it easy to keep focused on my driving without being distracted. The kids fit in the back seat with plenty of room with the car seat. The dog loves it too. It is not too high for him to jump into.

- Megan Y

Maintenance free, good looking, comfortable ride low gas usage.

I purchased this car used and it great! Maintenance free no problems except oil changes. Heater and air conditioning are the best they both take no time at all to start heat or air. Exterior is still great it washes up where you feel your car is new. Ride excellent; I am handicap and I purchased so I would have more room to get in and out of car. This feature is very helpful as I can ride very comfortable. Would recommend - I really am very pleased with car and the performance.

- Diane N

Comfortable for hot or cold weather conditions.

Things I love about my 2013 Ford Escape are it includes a sunroof, cruise control, Bluetooth radio, seat warmers, & a code on the outside driver door to unlock it! I love how I can listen to my own music and enjoy the warm seats on a car ride! It is spacious enough for a few friends, but not to bulky or large! Great for hauling pets as well! It also offers flex fuel to save gas and mileage! The Ford Escape is pretty much the best SUV I have purchased!

- Lindsay B

Small, smart looking and reliable.

Great little SUV. Runs well and comfortable enough. Performance has been great. Has now developed a coolant leak that seems cannot be found or fixed. Bought used but believe I was overcharged at signing. It has been very reliable as I have placed a lot of miles, 144,000 so far and still running great. The interior has held up well as has the carpeting. Replaced windshield once and have it routinely serviced every 3-5 thousand miles. Handles well.

- Linda G

2013 black shines like a diamond in the sun.

I wish my vehicle was 1 foot longer for certain hardware store items. Other than that I love this vehicle. I have noticed the transmission shifts a little at times. Maybe they will recall it soon. Plenty of room for grocery shopping, hauling the dogs to the park and just enough room for road trips. I think the back seat is too crowded for 3 regular sized adults and not a lot of room for knees. Nice for garage saling.

- Tammy B

Fantastic Ford Escape is reliable and fun.

I love the stability of the AWD. I have driven in rain, snow and mud and the traction is great. The vehicle has been very reliable and the only major problem was the electronic brain went out shortly after I purchased the SUV. My warranty covered everything. It has had a few minor recalls but Ford took care of them very quickly. I don't want to get rid of it even though it's getting time to look for a newer model.

- Wayne G

Reliable family car with easy gas access.

I like the size and look of my car. I can fit both of my kids, their car seats, my dog, and other gear we might need. It has been a reliable car, I really haven't had any problems with it. My favorite feature of my car is that the gas tank is on the passenger side. It seems like most cars have it on the driver's side. I like that mine is on the other side because I usually do not have to wait to get gas.

- Carmel P

Great value for the money.

My car has numerous options such as heated seats, park assist, remote car starter and rear view camera. Considering these and other options, the price of the car was very competitive. The size was perfect in that I didn't want anything too large but able to carry large items, especially when the seats fold down. A larger engine would be nice, such as a v6 versus a v4 but it still has enough pep for me.

- Rosa N

2013 ford escape se great family car.

Great vehicle has done wonderful for my family and I however now we are at high mileage and this being the first year of the new model it seems like a lot of stuff is going wrong and I have always taken excellent care of my car so I am a little surprised and upset. Otherwise we have had lots of long distance road trips with it and in the snow and it has been amazing especially the all wheel drive.

- Lynn T

Ford's problems should not be a consumer issue.

Sadly, it is a ford. Even with the low mileage. I encountered a major problem. The cost to replace a water pump was $1600. This was a major problem with the design of the vehicle. With that being stated, Ford only recalled certain vehicles based on production info. I was disappointed. The other issue is the continuous clicking. I replaced the axles and there continue to be a clicking upon turning.

- Joanne H

Titanium Escapes are the best!

The Escape is a titanium model; it has every. "Extra" on it. The color of the paint is tuxedo black; it is black with other colors shining iridescently. The interior is black leather. It has heated seats, GPS, sunroof, Sirius XM radio, its own telephone, floor mats laser cut to fit, etc. It is the most comfortable vehicle to drive and/or ride in for long periods of time or for short jaunts.

- Karen W

Small SUV, perfect for family of 4 or less, does well in bad weather conditions.

This vehicle has had a few problems, one being with the vacuum seal on the gas tank leaking and causing my car to stall when trying to start up after getting gas. Also does not have much back seat space and I have two kids in car seats so that is a challenge at times. Seats are not comfortable for long rides. It does get okay gas mileage for an AWD car and the interior looks great.

- Stephanie H

It drives nice, more like a car than a truck/ SUV feel, more stable.

I like the body style, and it is a decent size but could be more roomy. The seats are a little small and the width of the car is a little tight for space. The front seats are very uncomfortable, especially for driving long distances. I am not thrilled with the sync system, not very user friendly, also the air system does not work well when putting it on cool vent from outside.

- Tina R

2013 Ford Escape features.

I like that it is a high vehicle, it makes it really comfortable to drive. However, I hate that it does not that a USB port or Bluetooth to listen to! This would really be the perfect car if it did. I think the space in the car is also really comfortable, it is not a huge car but it is comfortable enough to fit four other people and it is also comfortable to drive long distances.

- Ruby V

My car is great on gas. Most SUVs are not.

My Ford is amazing. I love the different features, especially the Bluetooth hookup to my phone. Although I have to connect it every time I get in my car, it is a really easy process. It just takes a few seconds. The speakers sound great, the car runs great, and I have had no issues in the past few years that I have owned the car. Regular maintenance is required, but that is all.

- Veronica V

The fold down seats are a must for me as I am always hauling something.

The only problem has been a part that comes loose on the left passenger door which prevents it from opening but it easily repaired. The vehicle is quiet and is very comfortable even for a long trip. I drove cross country with 2 pets and we did great. I like that there is no obstruction to my view, plus, it drives smoothly. Local service through dealership is convenient.

- Rosa P

Easy and fun to drive, comfortable and fairly good gas mileage

When the boys were out of school I downsized from a large SUV to an Escape. I love it. The size is perfect. It is comfortable, easy to drive, no major problems - just normal maintenance. I drove it daily for 4 years, now just on occasion since I carpool to work. It is comfortable, seat adjusts to my liking, cools and heats quickly. Love it and would buy another.

- Jeannine B

Navigation, leather seats, panoramic sunroof, siriusxm, backup camera, parking assist.

I love my car. I traded in a Lexus sports car for the Ford Escape and was for sure I was going to hate my car, but I wanted something with good gas mileage, practical for a family and something that could house 2 car seats. I also didn't want to have a payment and this was reasonably priced. I have the Titanium package and it has all the extras which I really enjoy.

- christian g

2013 Ford Escape air vent review.

Only real complaint about the car is how the air vents are set up. The vents are hard to position towards the passengers in the front seat. This is because some of the vents sit on top of the dashboard so they face up towards the roof. The vents toward the center of the dashboard point toward the windows. It is very difficult to point any airflow toward the seats.

- Karol E

Escape with the new Ford Escape!

I love the fit of the Escape! It's not huge but bigger than a regular car. It is featured with an automatic car start which is perfect for those cold mornings or hot days to preach your car! It also has seat warmers, 4 wheel drive and great gas mileage. It rides smooth and is awesome on road trips. My only real wish is that it came with a hitch to tow all my toys.

- Emily R

I wouldn't say that the car is amazing, but it seems very solid and so far has been reliable.

It's a fine car overall. The main problem with it is that if the battery in the key fob were to die, it is impossible to drive the car (although we can get in). The other car we own is a prius, and when the fob is dead we can both get in and drive the car. I do not want to get stranded somewhere when I may not have had the time to get a new battery for the fob.

- Rach R

Mom loves all the high tech features the Ford Escape offers.

I love my Ford Escape. It is perfect for my small family. I do not have any issues with car seats fitting in the back seat. It gets great gas mileage. I make frequent trips down to texas and if does great. I also like all the high tech features. The touch screen, and dual temperature settings are probably my favorite things. I feel very safe in my Escape.

- Kay W

2013 ford escape automatic 4wd.

Low maintenance as long as you go for regular check ups, good gas mileage love the sunroof the dual cup holders. The interior lighting. Is great the trunk has plenty of room for camping equipment, drives well in snow and rain. Love the digital stereo & the controls on the steering wheel, the Bluetooth capability, electric locks & keyless entry.

- Kim H

Ifs a Ford product which speaks for itself.

None. I have been lucky! My car has been a gem. No problems whatsoever. I would buy another if ever afforded the opportunity, I have taken good care of my car and I believe that is just one reason it works so well. The Ford dealership was fun to work with when I bought my car. They even took my picture and sent it to me. I like the personal touch.

- Pam C

Perks of a compact SUV vs. A full sized or sedan.

I love the fuel economy on my car. The storage is pretty ample as well, for a smaller, compact SUV. I wanted something larger than my sedan, but not a full sized SUV. There are also plenty of additional features, with the titanium package. The full sized moon roof is nice, although I wish it would open more. The boss speakers are amazing as well.

- Allison B

The price is higher than other similar vehicles.

I like the way the car looks. The hatch back is convenient for shopping. I like the color but it seems like other cars have trouble seeing it we have almost been hit numerous times. I think the color is too close to the color of the road. I like the size of the vehicle. It burns more gas than I thought it would. Overall, I am happy with the car.

- Cynthia G

My favorite feature of this car is definitely the trunk space!

These cars are great for families! The seats are super comfortable for long or short car rides and the features are amazing with heated seats. The back seat is roomy enough to fit a convertible car seat and one other child. The trunk space is amazing! There is so much room; enough to store a stroller, groceries, and whatever else you would need.

- Kaitlyn H

It is roomy, spacious, has great features inside and has a code door lock!

I love my 2013 Ford Escape. It is bigger than the 2008 version, which we are very glad for. We have a 2.5 year old who sits in her car seat behind me and she has plenty of room. I love the features of the car, my absolute favorite is the code lock on the door, so I never have to worry about locking my keys in the car with my baby in the car.

- Makayla J

Reliable, dependable, all around great SUV.

This vehicle has been very reliable. It drives very well in snow and wet conditions. I have used it for many long (6+) hour commutes and it is very comfortable. I also have pets that travel with me and the vehicle's space and design inside accommodates them well. I haven't had any issues with the car's performance as of yet (fingers crossed).

- Ashley M

Rated fair neither extremely bad or amazingly great.

Good for getting me around town and to/ from work. Rolling the windows down/ up drains the battery on the vehicle. The motor protector underneath is plastic and the company does not offer a replacement if it cracks/breaks. The plastic screws for the protector are not offered for sale so if lost/ fall off must zip-tie in for keeping in place.

- Joy K

I love to Escape in my Escape!

I love the size, the shape and room of this vehicle. It is has very comfortable seating in the front and back. I love the hatchback feature, and the height of the back area. One thing I have an issue with is the poor and sometimes unsafe view area right around the side mirror on the driver's side. As I turn to the left, my view is blocked.

- San A

Sporty, fun, family car. This is not your mother’s minivan.

A few of the electrical features broken pretty much right away. Nothing was a big enough deal to get fixed. Example sunroof cover stuck open half way. I also wish there was a little more leg room. I have to have the seat reclining in order to move it back far enough to be comfortable on long drives. Gas mileage is fab and reliability also.

- Jennifer C

My car is reliable. I have never had any issues.

My car is extremely comfortable to drive. The seats are a good level to be aware and see while driving. The style of the car is sleek and trendy. The cars pick up is good for being an SUV. I have owned the car for a little over a year and have never had any issues with the it. The technology works great but the navigation could be better.

- Lindsey Z

Amazing drive and interior!

The vehicle runs well in any type of weather and drives well in winter or rain. The interior is very nice and the car really has all the bells and whistles you could need. The rear assist parking is wonderful and the car does amazing on the highway. It is the perfect car for wherever you would like to go, on short distances or long ones.

- Megan R

It has a large sunroof and heated seats that my children just love.

They love the size of it and the sun roof as well as the features like the heated seats and the GPS system, it is a very reliable car that is amazing on gas, it has plenty of room in the back seat for children as well as lots of storage space and it has a self opening back hatch which comes in handy when dealing with kids and groceries.

- Alexis L

Highly recommend this vehicle.

This car is great on gas and reliable. Safe for my kids. It performs great and is a low maintenance vehicle. Picks up speed quickly. Comfortable and smooth riding vehicle. All the controls are easy to navigate. It has a decent amount of space and storage. Mine has different colored lighting in the inside, which is a nice added feature.

- Chelsea K

The issues with the dashboard lights coming on are ridiculous. It happens too often and can be frustrating if you need your vehicle to be fully dependable.

I think the vehicle runs smoothly overall and I'm happy with the Ford brand. My biggest complaint is that my engine light frequently turns on and my car begins to run really rough or not at all. This happens much too frequently and we have not been able to pinpoint why this happens but I have read it is a common issue with my vehicle.

- Samantha S

Escape to adventure in your Ford.

Car has been very dependable and not any problems except the usual maintenance upkeep. Tires, oil change and tune up. Comfort and size of the car is good. At first I thought it would be to big. But it is perfect for my needs. I bought the car due to the color, which is green, with all the details that came with I have been very happy.

- Penni E

It gets great gas mileage.

It's a very reliable car. It gets good gas mileage. It is not very expensive for maintenance cost. Has a good sounds system in it and comfortable interior. The only thing I do not like is the fact that the back seat area is a little small. We are a family of five and there kind of cramped in the back but it does have good cargo space.

- Mary L

Need back window that opens.

It is fine, like the cup holders, big enough. Only thing wrong with it is the back window does not open. I wouldn't have traded in my vibe, whose back window did open, if I had been aware there was such a thing as a non opening back window. It really limits what you can haul with it and I am a craigslist, yard sale, auction junkie.

- Dianne L

2013 Ford Escape review summary.

It is overall a decent car. It has a good size with enough room for a family to ride in, and has a spacious trunk space. It is descent with gas and mileage, and has a nice look to it as well. It is also modern enough for its year model. The comfort is nice as well; nice seats with enough leg room in both the front and back seats.

- Jen S

The winter cruiser. I recommend this vehicle to anyone with young drivers.

For some reason it runs through water quite frequently. There could be more passenger space. But it gets good gas mileage has lots of power and enjoyable to drive. And as for safety I do not believe there's a safer vehicle to drive in icy weather the Smart Trac 4 wheel drive will not permit you to lose control even. upon trying.

- Kenneth J

My favorite vehicle - the Ford Escape.

My car is very reliable. No issues so far. I have had it for 2 years. I love having an SUV, especially because my daughter rides in a bulky car seat. It is still very spacious and it always makes me feel safe. I get great gas mileage as well. I drive a lot and I still do not have to put gas every week, maybe ever 10 days or so.

- Tammy G

It gets around great in the snow with the automatic 4 wheel drive.

Like the 4 wheel drive feature.I also like the fold down rear seat, controls on the steering wheel, and floor shift. I don't like having to have a hotspot to connect to the Wifi. Would like to have someplace to put a purse when someone is in the passenger seat. Also, the engine noise is too loud when running at highway speed.

- Vicki P

It is fantastic, saves gas, easy to drive.

2013 Ford Escape. It is black and classy. It does not consume fuel at all. It has Bluetooth connection to my phone. Easy to drive and cozy. Very easy to clean. Every rider that comes in it likes it instantly. It have 5 seat belts, it also have very good security system. It have air conditioner and heater, very easy to operate.

- A M

I love how much room is in the back for my daughter.

The lug nuts come loose but easy fix, and I love how comfortable it is and how it make me feel safe when driving with my daughter. It is really smooth when it drives on highway, it also has a good speaker for long drives. Perfect SUV for the in between type of driver, meaning not wanting a car but not ready for a big truck.

- Mikaela B

Ford escape: works well but would like more features!

I truly love my car! However the only thing I wish I could change about my car is that it is only front wheel drive. Living in Michigan, 4 wheel drive would help me a lot more! I do feel very safe in my car! I also wish apple play was available in my dad but it is not! For being a used car it is nice and runs decently well.

- Madeleine M

It is a dependable car that provides the things that most of us want in a vehicle and will consider when thinking about value.

My Ford is a relatively dependable car. It has up to date technology and it gets great fuel efficient thru the Eco-boost system, which gives you remarkable power in a 4-cylinder vehicle. That said, the peripherals are not very high quality (i.e. plastics and other materials inside the car are not meant to last very long).

- Jennifer C

Great ride and value for the money.

My escape is roomy, comfortable and great on gas. The touchscreen is very easy to use. I love having my phone calls over the speakers. I am not a technology person so if I can work the system anyone can. I have plenty of space for groceries or luggage. I can also fit my three grandsons in the back seat, 2 are in car seats.

- Carrie R

The Escape is the perfect size and reliably built.

My Ford Escape has had no issues in the three years I have own it. The Escape drives smoothly and tightly hugs the road. The size is great: more space than a sedan but not too oversized like some SUVs. I have had no mechanical or technical problems. The sync system easily allows you to connect with your phone's Bluetooth.

- Kathryn V

It's a good compromise for someone who wants more cargo space and/or something higher off the ground but does not need a large SUV.

I like that it is higher off the ground than a regular automobile. It is easy to fold down the rear seats for more cargo space. It gets good gas mileage for an SUV, but poor gas mileage compared to a car. I feel like a newish crossover ought to be able to do as well as my 12 year old sedan could in 2007. Disappointing.

- Penny W

Smooth ride. Would buy another.

Overall, I love my vehicle. It drives very smoothly and able to pull out pop up camper. Only issue I have had is that a piece under the vehicle keeps falling down. I have taken to the dealership 3 times and it will not stay up, so now it is cracked. But beyond that I love the Ford Escape. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

- Angela M

Do not Escape this Ford Escape!

Dependable, cost effective vehicle rides great and is easy on the wallet. Quick pickup when needed and maneuvers well. Good trunk space and sleek design. Does not cost much to fill up the gas tank and with regular maintenance this vehicle will be around for a long time. Great American made vehicle for an American citizen!

- Barbara K

Great car for city living; gets the job done.

Needs improvement: Gas mileage could be better. Back seat could be more spacious for passengers. Also would be great if hitch came with the vehicle. Positives: The car drives fantastic. And it is very reliable; any mechanical issues I have had are from general wear and tear of putting 50k miles on a car over two years.

- Brendan M

One of the details that I love about my car is that it came with heated seats.

It is a wonderful car, very good gas mileage. It is used as the family car so it has to be able to go for many miles. The company is very reliable when it comes to fixing any problems that may come along. The only problem that I did find is that the bluetooth is very scratchy and hard to listen when talking on the phone.

- Alexis B

Sporty SUV with fun modern features.

It is not as comfortable as I would like the seat and brake pads are not an optimal distance from each other. Plus the inside looks like a spaceship. I do love the trunk and how it can open with just the swipe of your foot very user friendly when you have a handful. I like the sound system and the technology of the GPS.

- Rachel B

Very well rounded vehicle.

I love this car. The only reason I gave it a 4 is because of the leg room in the back seat. Other than that it runs wonderfully and drives really nice. Does excellent on gas for a bigger vehicle. Even though its a 4-cylinder with the ecoboost it gets up and goes. It's a well rounded car. I would definitely recommend it.

- Briony B

Great small family vehicle.

Very comfortable and roomy without being too large. Easy to drive, feels safe. Fits a family comfortably yet you are still in close proximity to your children behind you. Not too large, very easy to control and park. Is extremely reliable, only needed scheduled monthly/yearly maintenance done, no unexpected surprises.

- Ang A

Grant automobile purchase.

I have been extremely pleased with my Escape, both for comfort and reliability. I have not experienced any major issues nor costly repairs. I always get compliments on its appearance. I really enjoy driving it on long and short trips, whether across the country or around the block. The screen display is very helpful.

- Karen B

Very roomy. Personally, I'd rather have a bigger car than a small one.

Ford escape is a great starter car. Very suspicious and have had very little problems with it. I've had it for about 3 years. Fills up a tank of gas with about 20 dollars. I would recommend this car. The interior is very nice. Not too much. Has a small screen that would be the only thing that I don't like about it.

- Jonathan G

Ford lost my business due to the fact they do not care for customers needs.

It was a great vehicle until Ford decided to do away with the sync system. Now, no direction assist, trouble making in car phone calls, and no services info. Also no vehicle health (oil, fluids, brakes, etc. ) I was planning to buy another, but if this is the way Ford conducts business, I'll go back to Chevrolet.

- David D

Never another Ford Escape in my future.

Was a great car until Ford decided to drop the sync system for that year. The vehicle itself is a good vehicle. Good drive, great stability and plenty of room for passengers, and space with the fold down rear seats. I was going to purchase another Ford, until the removed a vital sync system. Now it is Chevy time.

- David D

Great size and sleek looking and easy to handle.

The size and gas mileage is great. I love that it is an all wheel drive. The cargo space is adequate and when the back seats are pushed down then there is more than enough to carry almost anything I need. I had problems with the electrical system when I first bought the vehicle but they have since been repaired.

- Elizabeth H

The most important thing is that it is good on gas!.

The Ford escape is an amazing SUV and has many safety features. It's a recreational and family vehicle. I have to say, it is the best and most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The only complaint is that if your have to replace tires, you have to replace them all at one time, usually, and it can be expensive.

- Michele M

Great car / horrible gas.

Low gas mileage - only 290 miles max go in tank. However the car is very reliable and the screen that has navigation and the radio is very helpful. The extended sunroof is a great feature. The back seat is very spacious and when the seats are down, the trunk has an extended amount of space to fit tons of stuff.

- Caroline M

My brown 2013 ford escape sel.

Currently my radio is not working and that inhibits the sensors in the back to not notify me that I am close to hitting something in the back. I also have difficulty with the engine at times where it feels like riding over rumble strips. The overall reliability of the car is great and I have great gas mileage.

- Cecilia M

It's just the right size. I can haul or carry just about anything.

I love my Ford Escape because it has decent mileage, leather interior, the size, comfortable, all the electronics, it's an SUV, the color (it's green), that I can carry almost anything in the rear, there's plenty of room for passengers, it's really fun to drive and I can park it just about anywhere, (handling)

- Robyn K

2013 Ford Escape a great SUV.

Our Ford Escape is equipped with heated seats which are wonderful during the winter. It does great in the snow and rain. It has lots of room for cargo in the back. There is room for 4 and when the seats are folded down you can haul lots of stuff. It handles well and is comfortable. It has great get up and go.

- Annie S

2013 ford escape review. All positive.

Really love the car. It is turbocharged and has plenty of power. Handling is really good and so is the gas mileage. My only complaint is it is not AWD. It has room for my two children but is not spacious. It has a nice dashboard style and plenty of cargo space. It always connects to my phone without issues.

- Trent T

Has a lot of room but does not perform well in snow.

I do not like the performance in the snow. It does not have AWD or 4wd. I like the visibility of the windshield. It feels a little bit big for a smaller SUV crossover. I like the cargo room. I do not like the front display panel. It is touch screen, but it really needs a lot of pressure in order to work.

- Jared B

Great ride and good looking vehicle.

No problems, it has great gas mileage, very comfortable smooth ride, very reliable never fails to start, heats up and cools down fast. Heated seats are to die for. Nice to look at, has the speckled paint which reflects in the sun. I think I would stay with Ford because I am so satisfied with my vehicle.

- Dolores L

Reliable and well handling vehicle.

Very reliable. Handles well. Expected gas mileage. I would buy this vehicle again. Plans are to replace with a new model in a couple years. Adequate space to carry everything I have needed to. Love the 'kick' open option to open the back door--that has been handy. The 'no-key' entry is also very handy.

- Carole V

My wife loved this car because of the color - frosted glass.

The vehicle is relatively small for a SUV so it is great for around town, it is very reliable, comfortable for front seat occupants, back seat is very tight legroom wise. Has great features- it is keyless and has remote start. It is quick off the start however, the gas mileage is not what was expected.

- Thomas S

Ford Escape is good if you want a vehicle with get up and go.

My Ford Escape has a lot of get up and go. It is very roomy and has quite a bit of cargo space. . I do wish the gas mileage was better. I think that it is very stylish looking. The electronics are quite good and I really like the sync system. I have had no major problems with it mechanically thus far.

- Terra M

Go for the upgrade! Do not settle for the basic package.

It is a great car but I do not recommend getting the basic package. Go all out and get the titanium. My tires and brakes lasted until this year and I have had my car for five years. Ford has really proven to be a great company. They've been great I just need something with all the bells and whistles.

- Alexandra D

Escape review for potential buyers.

Performance is good. It drives well in the snow, I haven't come across issues as of yet. It drives well, does not require a lot of maintenance. I wish it was a 6-cylinder though. The turbo is a nice addition to help with that though. Comfort wise it is nice to have the leather seats and butt warmers.

- Chelsea G

The small features are great: changing inner light colors and door keypad lock.

I love the car! It drives smoothly and so far I have had no problems! Over a year! Highly recommend to anyone that needs a reliable car. Also has plenty of space which is super helpful! It is not the best in bad weather but that is to be expected with most cars. A new pair of tires helps a lot too.

- Anna P

Nice practical small family crossover SUV.

I did have some problems, most were covered by the warranty. It is basic ok for driving around town. I wish it got better gas mileage. It has been reliable, the battery had to be replaced in 2018. There were some recalls. I see a lot of them on the road, so I guess that is a good sign. Affordable.

- Carol H

Great car with good durability.

My car is really comfortable, but it is getting close to 150, 000 miles. I am starting to get engine problems and I am also having problems with my technology. For example, one of my car charger ports do not work anymore. Also, my Bluetooth audio voice recognition does not hear my voice sometimes.

- Kaitlyn D

A great car to drive or ride in.

The Ford Escape is very comfortable to ride in or drive. The Ford Escape has a smooth start and can get out of it own way. The Ford Escape is a nice looking car and unless you are familiar with Ford Escapes the year is unrecognizable. The Ford Escape drives well in traffic and on the open road.

- Joan E

I love the color of my vehicle and the hands free feature.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my car. The gas mileage is good, the back seat and the trunk are very roomy and perfect for the car seat and stroller. The sync feature works well and hands free makes talking while driving safe. The color is vibrant and I have not had any major issues with my vehicle.

- Lauren F

Diamond in the rough-a beauty with issues.

I have had problems with this vehicle from the beginning starting out with numerous recalls. Now the electronics are malfunctioning and lights are lit up on the dash. The system does not recognize the keyless entry requiring me to press unlock button several times before I am able to start it.

- Kelli G

The best SUV you can buy any day of the week.

The vehicle is amazing very comfortable. Drives great is wonderful on gas. The seats are very comfortable plenty of room for other people. The body of the car is nice and looks sweet. I haven't found any problems with the escape. This SUV is very reliable lasts for years without any problems.

- Darren A

I think the light color changing feature in the vehicle is really cool.

I really love the features my vehicle offers. Automatic windows and seats. Heated seats. Light color changing feature. Gas mileage is great. I feel comfortable driving the vehicle because it is not too big and not too small, I am only 5'2" and do not like driving vehicles that are too large.

- Rae M

I love this car! I am so proud to be driving this.

I love this car! It is roomy and comfortable and gets great gas mileage. I have not had any issues with this car and it runs like a dream. Its dependable and sporty looking too. The features inside are also great. A great family car for sure! It is by far the best purchase I have ever made.

- Electra W

Functional and smooth ride.

Handles really well on wet roads and in snow. Very roomy inside. Offers a smooth ride. Love the heated seats. Gets good gas mileage. Offers good storage space and the seats fold down easily for moving bigger things. The speakers could be a little better and I wish it had vents in the back.

- Casey W

Great small SUV at an affordable price.

I love the side mirrors. They have the extra magnifier, so you can see in your blind spots. It is way easier to drive on the highway. All of the features are good. It is comfortable to ride in and is quiet. The gas mileage is excellent. I can drive in town for the whole week on one tank.

- Kerri G

My vehicle is amazing because it is reliable and very comfortable.

I like it. Works amazing and great on gas. I drive my vehicle all the time so need reliable and my escape is very reliable. I can fit my 3 friends in the back comfortably and without any of them complaining they need space. The back is great if you carry a lot of things in your vehicle.

- Angel A

Ford Escape best highlights I have enjoyed.

Handles great and easy to see out of. Love the fog lights. The reliability has been good with very few problems mechanically. It has rear window defrosters and heated seats both are great in the winter. The sound system is excellent allowing me to use my own music from my phone or sub.

- Jeff H

Meets the needs of a working woman who is in the road a lot!

Love my vehicle. . Good in gas and it is cute. Comfortably meets my needs and gets around quick. Not too big and not too small. If people are looking for a dependable vehicle and something that saves gas then this is the vehicle for you!! Oh and the price was just right and affordable.

- Barbara L

It drives really well in long distance trips and gets great mileage.

I don't own this vehicle but I am the passenger in every place I need to go. I like the comfortable seats, dual controls, the computer links for the driver. Only complaint is the driver can't see to well when backing up but can use the mirror and computer tells when you are to close.

- Drucilla M

Disappointed in the vehicle.

The vehicle needs a higher ground clearance. The battery is awkward to jumpstart. The angle of the windshield is not ideal for sunlight. The doors rub against each other and there is a rub in the paint. The dealership has worked on the vehicle 3 times and the doors still are not right.

- Melissa M

I love the color of my car and the interior.

I have no problems with my vehicle the only thing I have had done is a new battery. I love the comfort of my car in the sportiness of it. There is plenty of room in the back in for luggage or groceries seats five people comfortably. It is very economical and only takes $22 to fill it.

- Brenda F

I like the easy access to all of the instruments in the car.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and fits me like a glove. It has not cost me a dime. I treat it well and it treats me well. I love the comfort too. I have been on some long trips and love how smooth it travels down the highway. I would recommend this car to anyone interested.

- Pamela C

Great 4 wheel drive vehicle.

This is a very useful vehicle. It never gets stuck in the snow, and can haul almost anything. Easy to clean, and gets good gas mileage. Small enough to park easily, yet can carry five people comfortably. Only issue I have is the large frame around front windshield creates blind spots.

- Beverly B

We have the basic escort model - no frills. It is a great car. You don't have to buy a model with more options to get a great car.

I like the performance and handling. The vehicle seems to be well built. It gives a comfortable ride. The one thing I do not like is the fan speed control. The difference between 2 and 3 is too much. if they had a speed that was half way between two and three that would be great.

- ken k

Reliability with minor issues.

The problems I have encountered are the radio volume not working and sometimes the radio will not even turn on. There have been a couple if recalls on my car. Performance has been good and my car has been very reliable. In regards to comfortability, if I drive too long my back aches.

- Virginia L

Comfortable and dependable!

My Ford Escape is very comfortable and reliable. I have not had any performance issues with the car. The only things I have had to replace are the battery and brakes. I do wish the car was a little bit bigger as I have growing boys but, for now, it comfortable fits my family of four.

- Katie T

My ford is a sleek fun ride.

Comfortable leather seating. Enjoy the sun roof. I have the option to change the console lighting and this is fun to play with. Especially enjoy my Sirius radio. Very low maintenance, I have not had to make any major repairs. Came with extended warranty that was a positive addition.

- Gail A

Good car for parents.

The console its big. It makes the drive seat cramped. The gas mileage is good. I love that the back seats fold down, it gives my dogs more room to move. I love the Bluetooth. The only thing about the Bluetooth is that it's not easy to set up and can be a pain. I wish it was easier.

- Megan S

The car has a 'color palette' that wraps around the car and illuminates the floor. The lights can be changed to different colors from orange, to blue, to red, etc.

The Ford Escape features a sun/moonroof combination, a color light scheme that changes, and a parental 'guidance' system that doesn't allow the car to go over 80 mph or the music to play if the occupants in the front two seats aren't buckled. Overall, it handles well and I love it.

- Jamie G

Animal friendly and spacious for small family.

The comfort is nice. I take my dogs everywhere and they are labs. They have tons of room. The performance is alright. Nothing special. I have had issues with the brakes and wheel bearings but since I have gotten them fixed it is been fine. I would recommend for a small SUV vehicle.

- Danielle B

A lot of recalls but the company does fix and send notices immediately.

The car is overall reliable. The car is great on gas and has plenty of room on the inside. Great for road trips. Really the only downfall of this car is there seems to be a lot of recalls on it. Overall the car is comfortable and smooth to drive. I would highly recommend this car.

- Kyle W

Need a back window that opens.

Nice cup holders, but I wish the back window opened. The vibe I traded in for this car had opening back windows, so I could haul a lot more with it. I wouldn't have bought the car if I had realized it, just didn't even know there was such a thing as a back window that didn't open.

- Dianne L

Small quirks of Ford Escape.

The only issue I have with this vehicle is. No automatic headlights, and also no holders for random things. It is hard to get used to visual when you look out it seems as though you can not see the front of vehicle. Other than those few things I love it. Reliable and comfortable.

- Samantha C

Great car and good investment.

It is wonderful - very comfortable to drive, the seats are roomy and there are many ways to adjust them. Physically, it handles well in snow, ice and rain. I get great gas mileage, better than advertised. The heated seats and auto start are a great bonus as are the leather seats!

- Ann H

It's a good car for the cost you pay for it.

The things I like about it are that it's has technology that is useful to me, like bluetooth connectivity to my phone. The gas mileage is also nice. Items I dislike about it is there isn't a lot of capacity to carry oversized items and seems to be a lot of safety recalls for it.

- Tom L

It is 4 door. The color is Cobalt.

I hate driving it because I cannot see to back up. It using too much gas. I do not think it has enough room for more than two kids. To get something fix on it costs a lot more. The insurance on it is crazy as well. The payment is not worth it. My husband loves it but I hate it.

- Rebecca W

Love my Escape, the color, the ride everything about it.

Too many recalls, great gas mileage, comfortable seats, great sound system, lots of storage room, great colors, good service, very little maintenance or problems, drives good, quiet ride, this is my second Escape, love the foot control for the hatchback, very sturdy and stable.

- Pamela B

It is an amazing car to drive.

I have not had any really major problem with my car. When I have an issue I take it to winner Ford and they fix whatever is wrong. I love it half to death. I feel like I am up high and I can see better. The seats are comfortable. I like the fact it has a lot of safety features.

- Nancy N

No problems at the moment wonderful car.

No problems at the moment no complaints. The car is great and exceeded my expectations from the beginning I could not have asked for a better caring goes from point A to point B with no issues. Parts are cheap to fix and people at the Ford dealership are wonderful to work with.

- Jen D

Love the Ford and the way it handles.

The only problems we have is the coolant hoses have gone out one by one. . We purchased the vehicle used so we should have checked the hoses ourselves. Otherwise we love the Ford and the way it drives and handles. I would suggest others purchase a Ford Escape. They are amazing.

- Kathy M

It is a great combination vehicle. Spacious, but not too big, fuel efficient and reliable.

What I like about my vehicle most is the convenience and the fuel economy. For convenience, it has enough space for everything I need, including putting a wheelchair in the back. Gas mileage is good for a small SUV that isn't a hybrid or electric. No major complaints thus far.

- David C

I named my car Christian, because it is grey.. Lol.

It is been a good car for me. No real problems. I stay on top of maintenance. I do miss sync. For some reason Ford decided to no longer offer it for my year car. There is plenty of room with fold down seats. For a 2013 I only have 50, 000 miles on it and it runs beautifully.

- Susan R

Reliable vehicle with great features.

Comfortable, sunroof feature, sync connection works well with iPhone, automatic open/close hatchback, interior lights difficult to locate and not much room on the dashboard/cup holders, great on gas mileage, easy to cover the trunk for our dog and keep fur out of the trunk.

- Alexis K

It is a sporty small SUV that has been reliable and handy.

It is been very reliable but what I do not like about it is the stability of the car. It is very sensitive to bumps and turns. I also do not like that it does not have a good spot to put the car keys. I do like the ease of how the back seats fold down to create cargo space.

- Anita V

Awesome gas mileage and safe to drive.

Fine but was just hit and run. Always drives great and gets awesome gas mileage. Reliable and good radio with sync included. Very comfortable and tons of space. Safe for all. Put the back seats down for more space. I can fit tons of stuff moving back and forth from college.

- Jake H

Ford escape - it is okay - nothing special.

My vehicle runs well for the most part. It often needs it is tired filled with air, especially during the winter months. I have had to do some minor repairs. There are a few things that need to be done in the next couple of months. I wish the interior was of higher quality.

- Tricia E

My car is 4 wheel drive and has the larger tires on it for an SUV.

Dependable, easy to drive, great gas mileage, roomy, great air conditioning, love the wipers in the front and back, terrific roof rack, nice sound system, nice tac, easily fits in parking spaces, easy to drive, great pick up, comfortable as a passenger or in the back seat.

- Holly H

Reliable and durable ford escape.

My ford has been very reliable! It has lots of space to carry items and is comfortable for long trips. It is a nice looking SUV, and does not scratch easy. I have been an owner for 6 years now and have not had any major repairs or problems! I would buy a ford escape again.

- Augusta M

Comfort and low maintenance.

Great car! Very comfortable and easy to drive, the car alerts you with any maintenance required. Lots of space. Has all of the bells and whistles I could want! I love the touch screen. I wish it came with a backup camera. No other complaints. Highly recommend this vehicle.

- Caitlin A

It is very smooth driving.

The car has a fuel filter built into the gas tank, which is odd. And the smart transmission is annoying because when an alternate driver drives the car it adjusts to the drivers acceleration tendencies, so when I get back behind the wheel it starts to jump when shifting.

- Damien M

It gets good gas mileage and has a very smooth ride, especially on the highway.

I like that it get good gas mileage. I do not like the lack of "trunk" room. I do not like how difficult it is to back up as I don't have a backup camera. The back window is small and makes backing up difficult. Also, the sync doesn't always work with my cell phone.

- Marianne M

The back does not pack as much as you expect so for family trips it is difficult.

It's smaller than I expected. My old Dodge Charger was bigger. I do not feel there is enough trunk space. The navigation system is sometimes difficult to navigate. It's not very intuitive. It is very easy to drive though and gets excellent gas mileage for a small SUV.

- Ali S

Ford Escape not for me..

Good on gas, needs more room in the back seat, kinda cramped, lots of cargo storage, good value, Sirius radio, no back up cameras, could use better wipers, gas pedal kinda touchy, over all if I had the chance to do it all over again I would purchase a different vehicle.

- John D

Dependable with slight issues.

Recently there was a recall for the door latches. I was driving to the bank and when leaving realized the door wouldn't shut. Also the screen with the gas mileage etc. is sometimes fuzzy and cuts out. The truck has had space. Comfortably fits two car seats in the back.

- Amber M

Pre Owned Ford Escape sell 40, 000.

As of now haven't had any problems with my Ford Escape. It drives very smooth, it is a gas saver. Has comfortable seats. They only thing I do not like much is the size. I prefer bigger/roomier SUVs. Love the sunroof, heated seats, touch screen, steering wheel controls.

- Ale A

User loves her ford escape!

So far, I have no complaints regarding my car. I bought it used from a ford dealer and seem to like everything about it. The only issue I have, is that I need to learn all the accessories that go with it!! I love the phone system that allows me to talk with no hands.

- Elaine R

It is the perfect family car.

The Escape is the perfect vehicle size. It is feels like an SUV and has decent space inside but you don't feel like you are driving a tank. I have the lowest trim level so there are some amenities I'd enjoy such as fog lights which are not available on this trim level.

- Amanda R

It has get up and go and is reliable.

I like the size, the Bluetooth, rear view camera, and navigation. I like the Eco boost. There seem to be a couple of design flaws. M navigation was not mounted correctly causing problems. The location and design of outlet makes it difficult to keep things plugged in.

- Karen C

Beautiful car. Get compliments on it all the time.

Best vehicle I have ever owned. It is reliable, comfortable, beautiful, has a touch screen, everything is electronic. Nice leather seats. Plenty of room for my family of 5. Dashboard is computerized. Door handles and floor boards light up and you can change the color.

- Jacqueline D

Ford Escape 2013: one of the greater cars out there.

Great car! Only issues with the car is the amount of room there is. The SUV is on the smaller side, so if you are looking for a bigger car, you may want to pass. Otherwise, it has been my favorite car! I love the fold down seats feature and the radio is touch screen.

- Alicia H

The gas mileage is the best feature of the Ford Escape.

I love my Ford Escape it handles like a dream and does not use a lot of gas. The only thing I wish it had is a backup camera. I love going on trips because there is no need to stop for gas a lot. Parking is easy because it is compact but roomy enough for four people.

- Robin B

It is reliable and gets me where I need to go.

I love that it is 4 wheel drive and it holds a lot of stuff. I don't like that it is not as fuel efficient as a car. Also, as it has got older, I have had to make more and more repairs, including an entire new transmission, drive shaft, and rebuilt coolant system.

- Nancy R

It is a beautiful care to drive.

The car drives very smoothly. It handles very easily in any weather. The automatic air conditioner is very functional and makes the drives very pleasant in the summer. The seats are comfortable for anyone who sits there. We like the dash with all of the information.

- Ellen B

Cheap to fill up. Good gas mileage. Drives really nicely

I like the gas mileage and the Bluetooth. It's not too big but has a decent amount of leg space in both front and back seat and the trunk is a good size as well. Has a touch screen to navigate the sound system and alerts me when there may be issues or tires low, etc

- Whitney W

Hands free phone sync, and cruise control.

Very good, only problem I have had is a dead battery. Have taken many cross country road trips and not problems.. Good gas mileage and reliability. I have 89, 000 miles and keep up with oil changes. Keeps up well with traffic and has great passing power. Great car.

- Jack B

Best family style vehicle.

The vehicle has great handling in the rainy season, achieves great gas mileage and has plenty of internal storage for all the driver's needs when vacationing or moving things. It also comes with lots of safety features which is a bonus if you have pets or children.

- Jayden S

This escape is driver friendly and has a nice design Looks good going down the road

This car is very comfortable and nice to drive Some of the standard extras are nice but the constant reminders of oil change get on your nerves Wish I had a back up camera put in as my other cars do Only real complaint is that this vehicle goes thru a lot of tires

- Ron S

Space to go and do anything we want.

Have not had any major problems. We love the space. I have three teenagers and taking family trips is not a problem. Just now having to replace brake pads. Husband loves the leg room. The cargo space gives us enough room to haul camping gear to and from campouts.

- Melody H

Ford Escape: Lemon or Love it!

When I first took possession of my new Escape, there was a recall and Iost use of it for two months. Since then, odd things have happened with the electronic warnings and maintenance. Aside from these frustrating things, I love how the car is organized and built.

- Mur B

The vehicle is well made good on slick roads.. Easy on gas.

Likes - fairly reliable, like the smaller SUV.. Dislikes - tires had to be replaced after less than 2 years. Air conditioning repair needed this year - $500. Gas mileage not even close to what was advertised. I get about 21-22 mpg, advertised at up to 32. Noisy..

- Mary L

Ford Escape. . . A great way to Escape the everyday hassle of traffic.

Comfortable smaller AWD hatchback. Has more room than you would think. Great gas mileage. Drives smoothly, no problems yet and have nearly 90, 000 miles on it. Good in bad road conditions, lights are nice and bright at night. Inside trim is modern and efficient.

- Kelly M

Great family car for a good price.

The easy fuel is annoying the gas always cuts off when you put in the tank. Other than that car is great runs well looks nice good on gas. It has a nice feature that it turns into a six cylinder instead of the four so it has some nice power great family vehicle.

- Raymond M

Mostly great car. A few small bad points.

It drives very smooth. Carries people comfortably, cargo area is roomy. I like the backup screen n Bluetooth. I am short and the headrest pushes my head forward. When I rest my hand on the dashboard to change the station my hand turns on the emergency flashers.

- Eleanor H

Comfortable car and reliable.

Runs good. Gets great gas mileage. Less disability from the driver's seat. I have had no issues with it in the last 5 years. I am over 6 feet tall and I comfortably fit in the car. Plenty of legroom and trunk space. I have attached bikes to a bike rack as well.

- Kat A

The ford escape is great for a family or traveler.

I love how spacious and comfortable the car is for myself and the family. The easy grab handle on the "trunk" door really helps since I am short. The dual climate control is great. Overall a great car for road trips as we regularly make 6 hour trips down south.

- Amanda S

It's a great riding vehicle

I like the color, the ride, and the styling. There is enough room in it for our needs. It has all the right features that we use, and it's paid for. My only complaint would be that a small vehicle like this should get better gas mileage than this one does.

- Edward P

Overall satisfaction with it.

No major issues with my vehicle. Some minor recalls. Starting to have electrical issues such as my driver side headlight going out but coming back on when I cycle through the lights. Over all a very comfortable vehicle with plenty of room for a small size SUV.

- Rich G

It gets pretty good mileage for an SUV, and does great on long, adventurous road trips.

I like my vehicle for It's style, power, and handling. It's also versatile, since it can carry a lot of cargo in the rear. What I dislike is the sense of unease I have with the transmission records of the model. I feel like this company does recalls too often.

- Linda F

Dependable, modern family or student car!

I never worry about my car holding up. It is so dependable. I love the way the interior is set up. It is perfectly convenient. The leather seats are great for spills and the heated seats are a bonus on cold morning and when I have any back pain. 10/10 love it!

- Renee L

Bluetooth capability good seating room and options for storage good on gas.

Good first car, decent durability, nice storage, comfortable seating Bluetooth option is difficult to sync at times, pretty decent on gas mileage, seating combos for storage are great, good for city driving, gas consumption decent for towing small cargo etc..

- Zach C

Easy to travel in good gas mileage.

I really like my SUV. It does not have alarm on the back bumper to warm you of something close by when you are in reverse. The back seats are not comfortable. But we do not riders in back often. It offers satellite radio good gas mileage no mechanical issues.

- Connie M

I think it is worth it to pay for the extra safety features... lane change indicators, blind spot indicators, backup camera. It is a great car.

I love the fact that I can easily and comfortably transport people or pets and still have lots of room for "stuff" like groceries or hardware/garden supplies. I also love the safety features that help with the challenges of driving an SUV... like blind spots.

- Terri W

A black 2013 Ford Escape limited edition.

Had some minor problems which were taken care of by the company I brought from. I wanted a large vehicle cause of my height. Sometimes a used car is better than a new one. Brought my car from round rock Toyota in Austin Texas. Am a satisfy customer thus far.

- Robert C

Interior spacious, great on gas.

I honestly have no problems with my vehicle, I have 2 years with it and so far so good, I really love the four wheel drive specially for the snow living in the mountains, gas is perfect 4 cylinder, running is very smooth, interior is spacious I just love it.

- Junior S

2013 Ford Escape. Maybe not the best year for this model.

We've had a number of recalls on the years model. Also, the accelerator and brake pedal are very close together. It seems like it could be a hazard. We also have an older Escape; the design makes it easy to haul large items and there is a lot more headroom.

- Gail R

I love to Escape in my Escape. ,

I love the vehicle. The mileage is great. I average over 30 miles per gallon on trips. There is plenty of room and I like the radio, options, etc. The only thing that I do not like about it is the location of the ignition. Very cumbersome to insert the key.

- John H

2013 Ford Escape: a great and reliable family car.

My Ford Escape is comfortable for my family (with two kids) and has been reliable. We have had no performance problems with the car since we bought it in 2013. I purchased my car used with 30, 000 miles on it and it has been a good car for our family needs.

- Jessica C

Summary of the Ford Escape.

The Escape is a nice riding vehicle. It does have a buzzing sound on the driver side, underneath the steering wheel. Never goes away. Do not like that the headlights do not go on automatically. The front seats are comfortable but not so much the back ones.

- Carrie C

Sunset escape-the escape has a lot of good qualities, very good on gas for a SUV.

I am short and it seems to have some blind spots. There seems to be a lot of road noise, especially when on the highway. We are always getting a recall on it, that something needs to be fixed. My husband doesn't feel it is very comfortable for long rides.

- Tina S

Poor traction in winter conditions such as snow and/ or slush.

In general it is been an excellent car and have had no major issues. The tires that came with the car off the lot were not suitable for Wisconsin winters and it is very difficult to find affordable winter tires as the selection is limited due to rim size.

- Gwen N

Great first family vehicle.

This is the best economic ride ever. Roomy great family vehicle. Has all the bells and whistles. I would recommend it for family or starting off couple. Great on gas. Has a moon and sunroof. Has heated seats. Has ac seats also. Very safe vehicle. Love it.

- Melinda S

Ford Escape 4x4. Tough little truck.

Good SUV. Small storage area but good on gas. Tough 4x4 and good on most terrains. I use it a lot fishing n camping and its always provided my needs. Comfortable but stiff ride. You feel every bump. Hard to work on. Removing bolts and screws for service.

- Chris G

I do like the fact that it is keyless.

This is a great small SUV, comfortable enough for two to take a long vacation with. Really have had no problems with other than the recalls. I guess the only downfall is the estimated gas mileage is not what it was supposed to be (as with most vehicles).

- Thomas M

A cute car with lots of room and neat features.

There are lots of fun features on my car, like seat warmers and color changing lights and an adjustable steering wheel. However, there has been reports of the doors getting stuck or breaking. I haven't had this experience, but something to watch out for.

- Sydney S

You can Escape from the world when driving this car!

I Love my escape! It drives well and I have had very few problems with it. My ONLY issue is that the computer screen in front of the steering wheel is not working well and so it is hard to read the mileage on my car, and there is no other way to get it.

- Michelle W

Overall a great car for small family

It is a good car. As a family of 3 soon to be 4 I can see it getting small quickly, especially once my husband who is 6'4" had to have the seat he's sitting in pushed almost all the way back giving the person riding behind him a small amount of legroom

- Natalia S

Good mid-size vehicle with good reliability and gas mileage.

Good mid size vehicle. Tires were shot after approx. 27, 000 miles. Air conditioning problems after 5 years. No frills. Quite noisy road noise, I am guessing because it is not well insulated underneath. Like the size of the vehicle and the paint color.

- Mary A

It's not just a mom car, it easily hauls everything you could possibly need. As an agriculture teacher, it holds all my lab supplies and any farming equipment that I need for my small farm.

I love the room that the trunk has. I love the turbo boost in it. It makes it sound really awesome and less like a mom car. It gets really good gas mileage for the size of the car. The only complaint is how it handles in the rain and the turning radius

- Alana B

Raves about Ford Escape!!

I have not had any problems with my Escape. I have taken several long trips with no problems. I love my Ford Escape. I would recommend this car to anyone wanting reliable transportation. I prefer American made cars because they are easier to maintain.

- Linda B

It's a great car and I recommend it

The car is nice and sporty. Good leg room but my biggest complaint is the storage is horrible. No where to set anything and where they do want to go set stuff is weird and just doesn't work. I thought the gas mileage would be a little bit better also

- Mary C

Overall, it is an adequate auto but I would not buy another one of this model.

We have had 4 recalls, which is very bothersome to be without your car for an entire day. Also, the storage compartment in the front seats is very small. There is no place to stow your phone or sunglasses. The back seat area is also missing storage.

- mary lou S

Repair costs are not cheep when service is required and replacing the battery must be done by a mechanic.

I enjoy driving it because it is comfortable, I like all of the technology. I like the ease of handling when driving. I do not like where the battery is installed and how it is installed, this is a real problem if the car needs to be jump started.

- Kathy C

Ford Escape. . . No thank you!

Poor design. Interior has not enough room for storage. Exterior does not let enough air into engine. Coolant problems since new. Still a problem. Engine is very owner unfriendly. Hard to work on. I would never recommend a Ford Escape to a friend.

- Alan O

Small starter SUV but not for a family greater than 4.

I like the seats fold down for storage. It is a comfortable ride for 4 adults. I don't like there is very little leg room. The seats feel short 6 inches away from my knees. It hurts my legs and I feel like I am sliding off the seat because of it.

- Amy S

Not the worst SUV out there.

The Ford Escape is reliable but not perfect. The entertainment system is okay could be much better. It drives and handles well, however it takes forever to heat up the interior in the cold months and the ac never gets cold enough in the summer.

- Ken M

Great size overall, roomy inside but compact for driving and parking.

I love the escape. It is roomy put compact enough to drive comfortably and park easily. It has plenty of space in the back and room in all seats. My only complaint is that I wish it had a bigger gas tank so I could go longer between refuels.

- Danielle M

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the size and comfort of my Ford escape. I love the gas mileage on long trips but the gas mileage in the city stinks. Another thing I hate is the quality of some of the parts; an example being the trunk door handle; it keep coming off.

- Cynthia H

It has a LOT of recalls. There seems to be some 15 or so recalls on the vehicle and that can take some time to get them all resolved.

It seems to have a high number of recalls. I think the InFo Center is cumbersome but not overly difficult. I like how peppy the engine is and how responsive the transmission is. I also like that it act as a family sedan with cargo room.

- lee c

The most important things others should know about my car is that it runs smoothly and allows me to get to place to place easily.

My vehicle runs smoothly and allows me to get from place to place smoothly. I am insanely grateful for this car, it is my baby. The engine works great and the car has enough room for me and my friends. We have great fun thanks to that car.

- Haley Birr Q

Great vehicle with great benefits.

I love the style and comfort of my vehicle. The added features such as the sun roof, stereo system, Bluetooth connection are all plusses. The one thing I am not as fond of is the eco boost but that is because I like to accelerate quickly.

- Mary L

Great car for the first 4-5 years!

This year we had to get a few lights on the dash turned off at the dealer. And it had some kind of knocking and vibration in the under the car. It came down to a transmission issue after several mechanics and several hundreds of dollars.

- laura s

Impossible to change out radio.

I have great visibility when using rear and side mirrors. Very reliable vehicle. My escape does well when driving under poor weather conditions such as snow and heavy rain. I do wish it had a little more power when going up steep hills.

- Jean M

Everyone should know that my car is NOT a gas guzzler.

I like my Ford Escape because it is very compact and it doesn't use much gas. I can easily park in tight-fitting parking spaces. I also love that I can use my cell phone without using my hands and without taking my eyes off the road.

- Gwen F

Comfort and Style found in an Escape

I really love my Escape. In a world of vehicles that keeps getting taller, I am able to see around other vehicles as opposed to when I was in a car. It rides smooth and the seats are comfortable. Love my push button tailgate lift.

- Lynn A

My Escape is fun to drive and reliable. I know that I could jump in my car today and drive from coast to coast with no problems.

It's a sweet little SUV. The perfect size, not too large or too small. I enjoy kicking in the turbo, knowing I can get out of the way in a big hurry. It's great on gas and Ford has a great reputation. I will always drive a Ford.

- Kathy R

Metallic coloring, car changes from black to a burgundy when it is in the sunlight.

I have a 2013 Ford Escape. It ha 4 doors and a rear opening hatch. We have Sirius radio system, which allows us to make Bluetooth phone calls. It has a special coating which causes it to change colors depending on the time of day.

- Cecelia J

My work car that transports my children. I drive 50 miles to work each day.

Better gas mileage needed. More legroom for tall people in the front and back seat needed. More trunk room available or have optional storage underneath seat. The headrest is very uncomfortable. USB outlet available in back seat.

- Kellie E

Make sure they have updated and improved the seat belts--everything else is good.

I like the look of it , comfortable to drive, just the right size for my needs, love the hands free. My biggest complaint is that the seat belt doesn't always retract properly--absolutely drives me crazy--gets caught in the door.

- Sue W

Low upkeep and easy on the pocketbook because of the great gas mileage.

I love how easy it is to enter and exit the vehicle. The cargo space is wonderful when we shop. The back seats have plenty of legroom when we have an extra passenger or two. No complaints it is perfect for us at our stage of life.

- Shelia S

It has more power than I thought it would and it is extremely comfortable for a 4 wheel vehicle

I like the size I live rural area and when I go to town I need the space to pick up sweet feed or dog food 50 pound bags along with groceries sometimes the gas mileage is not what I thought it should be but then it does real good

- Della O

Ford escape sel, the all around family leisure vehicle.

We bought this vehicle used. It gets very good gas mileage. Has a beautiful leather interior, heated seats, panoramic sunroof, on board navigation, satellite radio. It handles like a dream. The acceleration is very good for a SUV!

- Michael P

Great gas mileage while still offering space

I like that the gas mileage is good for a SUV. I also like that it has enough room for a car seat and my dog. I would like it if it had a navigation system. I also don't like that sometimes the radio cover makes a rattling noise.

- Desiree N

Great sized SUV -- Not Necessarily Reliable

I love the size of my Ford Escape. It's a great sized SUV. I also love having All Wheel Drive for camping. However, I feel like there's always something wrong with my car and I'm always spending a ton of money to keep it running.

- Kaileigh N

Great starter car for a student or single person, small but roomy.

I like that it is a crossover/SUV and is small but has enough room for when we travel. Not always the smoothest ride due to the "trimmer" tires. Would like a slightly larger tank so I don't have to fill so often on longer trips

- Sarah B

Comfortable and economical

I love the extras the Titanium model offers. Its is comfortable to drive and handles well in snow. My only complaint is how hard it can be to get the navigation to understand where you want directions to especially rural areas.

- Molly W

That the passengers in the back seat have as much leg room and a place for their drinks as the people sitting in the front.

I really like the comfort, leg room, and room for luggage, space for drinks, and the leg room in the back seat. I really dislike that some things come unglued ( a minor irritation really ) and the low mileage per gallon of gas

- tonie m

My car is very relaxing to drive.

It is comfortable drive nice and gets about 25mpg I did have trouble with the back latch and the latch on the center console broke and they wouldn't sell the part I needed they said I had to buy a new one $$ no thanks I said.

- Mike L

The car has great gas mileage.

I like that it is big enough for my kids.. I like the fuel mileage. I like that it has heated seats... I do not like that it is an older car.. I do not like the look of it.. I do not like that it doesn't have 3rd row seating.

- Alexis L

Regular maintenance and care has kept the car in excellent condition.

I like the car for its comfort, it's quiet interior when driving. I especially like that I have good outward view through the all windows without having to crane my neck. It is also very easy to drive. I have no complaints.

- Rosa J

Ford Escape, drives well and is spacious but...

I really like the car, it drives well and is spacious enough for my little family, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because soon after we've got it two of the door panels came off, and part of the splash guard.

- Chris V

Beware of the Right Blind Spot

It is noisy. Not as much space as my Rav4. Sunroof is nice. Rear seats easy to fold down. There is a VERY significant blind spot on the front passenger side. I have almost gotten into accidents a few times because of it.

- Elaine C

The Ford Escape 2013 Drives

The Ford Escape is a good car. It is fun to drive has a good fuel economy. The only problem with my car right now is the brake light bulb. We already change the bulb but it still notify me that the bulb is still faulty.

- Divina G

It is reliable and fun to drive, the four cylinder is powerful.

I like How it drives, I like Features such as in dash navigation, ford sync and satellite radio. I like That the vehicle sends me a report about the health of the car. I like The four cylinder turbo and the gas mileage.

- Miranda S

It is easy to drive and park, and it rides really well.

It's easy to park and it rides comfortably. It gets rather poor mileage for such a small vehicle, though. There's enough room for two adults and a couple grandkids, but I'd like something bigger with more cargo space.

- Edward H

It is a mediocre car...was hoping for something on the nicer side for the price. Would have liked more features for the same price!

I like the shape, size and color...but there are some other things that I don't like. Such as the "short" that sometimes happens and everything on the dash freezes. Sometimes the air doesn't blow out the correct vents.

- Brenda J

It is a white 2013 Ford Escape se. It is 4x4.

I have had a few problems with my car. It is a 2013, only 5 years old and the compressor for the air conditioner has gone out. Other than that it has been a solid car. It is four wheel drive and goes great in the snow.

- Carrie M

It handles great and is easy to get in and out of as we age.

I love the SUV because it is small enough to park but large enough to haul small loads. The ride is comfortable and the price is affordable. When the seats are lowered it is perfect for the two of us when we shop.

- Shelia P

The one most important thing about my car would be that the fuel mileage is good for it's type.

The things that I like about my car are, the options that are built into it. Things I hate about it is that it isn't roomy enough for me and have some areas that have blind spots. Overall however I like the car.

- Tom r

Reliability gets me where I want to go in comfort and style.

It has great pick up and reliability. It is comfortable and stylish. My Ford escape gets good gas mileage and performs great on long trips. The eco boost technology is great; gives you the extra boost when needed.

- Dennis H

Perfect car for someone who does not want a big SUV but does not want a sedan.

Driver smoothly. Have had zero issues when it comes to reliability and performance. Only issues are the radio will not come on at random times and sync is hard to connect to Bluetooth if you ever get a new phone.

- Jessica B

Don't buy it. Ford is not a brand I would buy again. They had terrible customer service as I dealt with fixing their recalls.

The car itself is okay in terms of style. My car has had several recalls, broken down on the highway. It isn't reliable. I have had to put a lot of money into fixing issues that should have been fixed by ford

- Michelle S

Great vehicle. Especially 4 wheel drive.

Great gas mileage, very comfortable ride, sleek looking. Be sure to get the backup camera with the vehicle. Saves a lot of hassle backing up. If you can afford it, go with the titanium package. It is worth it.

- Fred D

No service problems, very reliable. Great in winter weather.

Easy to drive. Hugs the road good. Great in snow. Never had any problems. Extremely comfortable on long trips. Very good gas mileage both in city and on highway. 3rd escape I have owned and would buy another.

- Cindy W

2013 Ford Escape: A Great Family Car!

The Ford escape has been a great car! We bought it as a family car. We did think it was more spacious than it was, but has worked well for our family. We have had some recall issues, but we're fixed quickly.

- Aleesha H

That is seems to get me around good.

I like that it is an SUV higher off the ground. It seems to go good in snow. I like the back tailgate and the room to haul items. I dislike that it is smaller in length. I would like it to be a bit longer.

- Melanie B

My car is safe and easy to drive while still looking fresh and modern.

I have a white Ford Escape! I love the interior of the car! The seats can go down very easily to create space. It is a smooth drive and easy to navigate. There is not much that I do not like about my car.

- Maddie n

Overall a really good city car

Over all a really good car to drive. I do have a whistling sound that comes from the front windshield it seems to be a very common problem correctly him because you do have a very very front windshield

- Jesse W

It is reliable and drives smoothly.

I do not love how the backside looks but i love the features. I love that i have heated seats. I like that my sunroof is extended into the back seat but i hate that the window does not open all the way.

- Jenny T

People should know that it is a reliable vehicle.

I like its dependability, fuel efficiency, and sporty look. In addition, I like that it does not have very many miles on it. I also like the technology, specially usb outlet and Bluetooth capabilities.

- Taylor S

It's a great car for a great price and looks and drives nicely.

I like how compact it is for a SUV. I can fit my family of 5 in the vehicle and still have space in the back. It's a nice vehicle to get me to and from work and I love all the extra features it has.

- Adam S

My car is a very easy car to drive. It's very easy to see out of and it runs very smoothly.

I like that my car is so easy to drive. I feel so comfortable in it and I have no problems with visibility or anything. It's a relatively new car and it's so nice, the interior has held up very well.

- Lily D

I love my Escape. It has a, moonroof, and funky inside lighting options.

The only thing I have problems with is the turbo engine. It has been replaced three time since I bought it in 2013. The thing I love most of all is the gas miles, and the smooth and comfortable ride.

- Bethann B

My experience with Ford Escape

Very easy to drive. Has blind spots, but the small mirrors on the corner of the side mirrors helps a lot. I think it's a little bit of a boring design, looks like 50 other cars in the parking lot.

- Rachel B

The car might look small from the outside but actually there is a lot of room.

What I like most about my car is the size. It's perfect for a small family. Plenty of room in the back for shopping. I really don't have anything that I dislike about my car besides maybe the color.

- Heather C

Great reliable vehicle for young families with good gas mileage.

Overall, I love my vehicle. It's a great size for a small family and is perfect for toting dogs around. It has had a lot of recalls, which is inconvenient, but overall have not had any major issues.

- Ivy J

The SUV that suits all your needs.

I have had my car for two years now and have not had a single problem. It is the perfect size SUV. I feel safe driving it in the winter and I love that it's still small enough to park and maneuver.

- Mackenzie C

The Ford Escape isn't that fuel efficient, after all.

I like the size of my Escape. I also like that it is quite comfortable for me. But, I don't like that it is sluggish sometimes, it has a lot of road noise come through, and the MPG could be better.

- Carolyn H

It drives well in all conditions.

I love my Escape I get great mileage, about 30 MPG and on ice excellent traction it is very comfortable and I feel safe driving especially when I have my grandchildren with me plus lots of storage.

- Nancy B

I like that it's compact. The gas mileage is the best part of the vehicle.

It's a basic model which I wouldn't do again. It's reliable great gas mileage. I don't like the sync system in this vehicle. It's different then in the other fords i've Had. It's difficult to use.

- Melissa D

The transmission slips and, it burns oil.

The computer screen went black the first year I had the vehicle, I had to, replace the ball joints. It burns oil. The transmission slips. It is great in the snow. The heat is great- hot very hot!

- Kerrie B

Great family car, a lot of trunk space. Good in the snow.

This car has been very reliable. The only issue is that it leaks coolant and no one has been able to find out where the leak is. Other than that, it has been a great family car. Good in the snow.

- Amanda p

This car is perfect for family road trips because it is so comfortable!

I love this car! It is very comfortable and drives so well. The only issue I have had so far is the air conditioner not working all of the time. It could be just a small issue, but I do not know.

- Tara S

Finance rates and warranty details. These weren't explained to me in detail

It doesn't drive as smoothly as I thought. The tires had to be replaced. The sunroof doesn't close properly. There's plenty of room. Navigation is difficult. The rear camera isn't very clear

- Ilene S

It is a great size and gets good gas mileage for an all-wheel vehicle.

Like how the Escape handles. Like how the Escape circulation system works with the mid level vents by radio. I like the gas mileage. Dislike how the shield under car is attached below engine.

- David F

Economical Vehicle with lesser rush.

It is a nice car but doesnt seem to have the performance that I expected. It is a 4 cylinder vehicle. It is comfortable when riding but lacks the energy other Ford cars that I have owned have.

- Teresa W

Great maneuverability, sleek and stylish. A cute car for cruising around.

It is a nice little car. Great maneuverability and drives smooth. Backseat, however, is super uncomfortable and there is no way to check transmission fluid without taking it to a ford dealer.

- Tasha M

The two piece lugnuts tend to rust and have to be hammered off. Each one is nine dollars to replace. It's a terrible feature and needs to be addressed by Ford. In an emergency you wouldn't be able to get your tire off.

I like the style of my Ford Escape. I wish it had more safety features like a backup camera and collision warning. I might switch to Toyota because they have better safety features than Ford.

- Thomas S

Good vehicle with the perks of an SUV and feel of a car.

The maneuverability of this vehicle is unlike any other SUV I have driven. It definitely drives like a car but has room in the interior for a car seat, 70lb dog and 2 passengers in the back.

- Amanda L

It's a smooth ride, safe ride that allows me to sit up high.

I like the space. I don't like that the cost to get a new master key is $300+. I like the color; it's red. I don't like that my model doesn't have a latch to release the trunk from inside.

- Crystal T

The 2013 Ford Escape is an overall breeze to drive.

This vehicle is an overall fantastic vehicle comes with tons of space, sun/moonroof, 4 wheel drive, Ecoboost and a bunch of other different advanced technology that makes driving a breeze.

- Jamie N

It's a great, safe and affordable family vehicle.

I love my Ford Escape. It's the best vehicle I have ever owned and was able to purchase in my favorite color, green. I like that ford service is reliable and durable for all of my needs.

- Michele Y

The most important thing is the vehicle is sportier looking and more stylish than in years past.

I love the gas mileage. I love how easy and comfortable it is to drive. I dislike how difficult it is to change the battery. I do love that it is easier to maintain than older Ford's.

- Heather R

It is very comfortable inside and is easy to drive.

My 2014 Ford Escape runs very well and is very comfortable to drive. There is plenty of legroom and headroom, which I have struggled with in the past, with certain vehicles I have owned.

- Marc S

Versatility and Capability are what this car is all about.

I don't love the gas mileage, but I love everything else about it. It's a great size, has a powerful engine, good tow capacity, 4x4, all the technical features you could want and need.

- April J

The door handles have had issues and been recalled.

Air does not blow from vents a times even though the fan is running. Need to shut off the heating/cooling system for a period of time for it to work. This is sporadic and unpredictable.

- Jen T

i feel very safe in my vehicle because of all the safety features it has

I bought it new. I know what it can do and what it can't do. I got to chose the interior and exterior color and its beautiful. Nothing beats a new car even if its 5 years old already

- louise d

it is a very dependable vehicle and is very safe to drive.

it is a very dependable vehicle and it is very safe to drive. we use it to travel a lot on the highway. I could get better gas mileage. it has been hit by a deer but still survived.

- jim k

It gets pretty good gas mileage.

I dislike the amount of space it has inside. We make several long road trips every year and it does not handle all of our stuff. I dislike how many recalls it has had and how it runs.

- Kari P

Very roomy for large people

Roomy, good gas mileage, have had several issues with the brakes, the hubcaps don't fit properly therefore making a constant rattle when driving, air ducts don't work with controls

- Deborah B

Great Car Until.....they won't recall a defect.

The vehicle was great until the battery went bad and completely shut down all audio due to either a burned up sensor or the stereo going out. It should be a recall issue but is not.

- Camille J

Ford Escape has Great Mileage for Compact SUV

The best thing about this car is the gas mileage it gets as an SUV. It rides smoothly and built well. There's no real issues with the car so as long as maintenance is kept up on it.

- Matt W

I love the fact I can set my headlights to on, off or automatic.

I love the fact that it is just the right side for us. The windows are easy to see out of without any obstructions. The extra features are amazing. I drove my mini van for 16 years

- Jodee G

Love the Ford Escape SUV!

No problems at all. Good car. Small and easy to drive around and park. Gets good gas mileage. Runs well and drives well. Lots of room. Perfect car for me. Handles well on the road.

- Mary K

$35.00 a week to fill the tank.

I love my Ford escape, I love the all wheel drive in the winter time, love how it's a small SUV but still big enough I do not feel closed in like in a car. I wish I has a sunroof.

- Kayla T

that it hardly ever has any major problems and It get very good gas mileage

I like the fact that besides regular maintenance I never have any problems. Also I get pretty good gas mileage. and it is a pleasure to drive because it is a very comfortable car

- gerard j

Escape: dependable, cute. It is all you need.

No problems. Low maintenance. I would recommend replacing original tires with more expensive snow tires with deeper tread if you live in snowy areas. Makes a world of difference.

- Mary T

It's a great vehicle for traveling

I really love the gas mileage it get on road, the extra space in trunk for packages and that it is higher than a car. I dislike that the ride is not as smooth as other vehicles.

- pat H

There is a bit of a blind spot on both sides.

I love the color, sound system and size. The driving is pretty smooth and I feel gas mileage is decent as well. The only thing I am not too big on perhaps is the thin, low tires.

- Amanda S

Turbo Boost is awesome and love the skylight

I bought my car used and have not had any problems. Only 1 recall where the door wouldn't shut, but it was taken care of very quickly. It is a very reliable car and comfortable.

- Valerie G

It's quite comfortable to drive and the ride is fairly smooth.

I dislike the electronics and message system overall. Problems with the car are sometimes unclear or not exact and messages don't stay visible for a long enough period of time.

- Claudia S

It's safety features to keep my family safe in case of an emergency or accident.

I love the size, driving feel (smooth ride), color, look, features and Bluetooth capabilities. I wish it had luggage ralls and a lock on the gas tank; only things I don't like

- Daniel J

Display information not displayed when there is a problem with the vehicle.

2013 has had electrical problems. Cruise control does not work 1 out of ever 10 times used. Seat Belts don't retract. Connectivity issues in radio- sometimes no display a all.

- Rachel S

I love the smooth ride that my car offers. I also like that the car is low maintenance.

I've had my Ford escape since 2013 and she is still running strong! Never needed any work done on her and for the 5 years I've had the car all she needed done was oil changes.

- Stephanie K

my car handles well in the winter so i feel really safe.

I like my car very much. i love the color, that is what made me buy it. the only thing i dislike is my city gas mileage. highway is about 25/26 mpg but city is 17/18 mpg??

- dawn b

It is a good reliable car.

The car is very reliable and has a great amount of space for when we go camping. I do not like that it is a couple years old now and wish it had a few more updated features.

- Kirsten S

It's a great SUV. It has great gas mileage, great features, and great safety.

I like the size and the features. I like the Sync feature in particular. The gas tank is kind of small - I'm always stopping for gas, even though I get decent gas mileage.

- Jennifer O

It is very easy to drive and great gas mileage but has computer issues.

I get very good gas mileage for size. I have had computer issues such as screen freezing when I make phone calls and computer saying my engine is overheating when it is not.

- Nicole M

My car has a lot of trunk space for transporting large items and moving things.

I like the space since it has a large trunk, and I like how high off the ground it is. It has satellite radio, as well as a sunroof. I also like how it is all wheel drive.

- Kim M

It's a great small family vehicle. Perfect for a couple kids and a dog!

It seems to be a very reliable vehicle. I love the space it has. We often have trouble with the dashboard electrical. The air and radio/CD will malfunction every so often.

- Jessica L

I love the look of an SUV, but the size of a car so it's still little enough to easily park.

My escape is comfortable to ride in, gets decent gas mileage. It runs well. I did have a minor accident in it that caused minor issues. Overall, though, it was a good buy.

- Brittany H

Gas mileage is much lower than advertised.

Controls are not so complicated that I couldn't learn to use the car. Front-wheel drive. Just the right size for us. Do not really have anything that I dislike about it.

- Bob L

It has very good gas mileage.

Not enough storage space or leg room. But it is very good on gas mileage. I love the color! I do not like the round look, I like the older look it has. The square look..

- Jennifer D

That it has great nav screen features and good gas mileage.

Is a comfortable and easy to drive car with nice technology features. Has just the right amount of cargo storage in the back. Is affordable to drive for long distances.

- Sue D

Drives well, even in snow.

Like size, appearance, gas mileage, room inside vehicle, ease of driving comfort, 4WD. I dislike the recalls -- usually right after I have had the car in for service.

- Barb N

It is smaller than it looks.

Good on gas, like the color. I do not like the size it is too small for my family. But I do like that the trunk will open automatically with just the push of a button.

- Jenny S