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It was not built to last: several systems experience fault within the first three years.

On the whole it has been very reliable. We made the choice to purchase from Ford because my father in law was a Ford employee for many years and qualified for the family pricing. It was nice to be able to go to a dealership and not worry about high pressure salespeople. The Escape was large enough for our family yet small enough to get good fuel economy. The 1.6L EcoBoost engine has a surprising amount of pep, as well. Less than a year after purchase, the car had a problem with the climate control: it became impossible to redirect airflow from the floor, which was not only a major inconvenience in itself, but the dealership in the city we lived in at the time refused to fix it the first three times I brought the car in. A few months later the handle broke off the inside of the back hatch - I am not inhumanly strong, so this was indicative of poor build quality. Periodically the back hatch will start chirping like a baby bird on uppers, again an indication of poor build quality, as pieces of the hatch are held together with tiny plastic clips rather than actual hardware. Also, on long trips, the air conditioner compressor ices up, causing a near-catastrophic loss of engine power and acceleration. Unfortunately, as a consumer of modern autos, I have to temper my expectations. A car should be built to last, however to suit the corporate bottom line, cars are built to be disposable, and often do not last much longer than the standard financing term. I will probably purchase a Ford again, and possibly even an Escape, but simply because my family has the privilege of accessing Ford family pricing.

- Valerie S

Really great car: The overall design inside and out is outstanding. All the features ate great, but my favorite is the heated seats.

My Escape is beautiful and I love the features. I have the large screen, heated seats (which one of my favorite features), easy to fold down back seats which increases my storage space. I love my radio and the Bose speakers. A really handy feature is the controls that are on the steering wheel. You can adjust the volume of the radio and even chance the radio channels from the steering wheel which keeps your eyes looking straight ahead which lowers the chance of an accident. The Escape drives so great and smooth you almost feel like you are floating. Another great feature is it tells you exactly how many miles you can travel considering how much gas you have in the tank. It actually gives you a constant running tally. To me that is remarkable because knowing that lets you know how much farther you can go before you need to refuel and it keeps you from having to guess when you're fuel is getting low if you have enough mileage to teach your destination. Now that I have that feature I can not imagine ever going without it. The interior is really nice and comfortable. With the ability to adjust your seat to better fit your back you can drive for long periods of time without getting a backache. And I like the fact that I can change the color of all the interior lighting and the lights are well placed. The bumper to bumper coverage is great. It even includes your oil changes.

- Glenda W

Reasons why we love our Ford Escape and you should too!

We love our Ford Escape, we were looking for something with great gas mileage, but also a safe family car. We were thinking a Subaru in the beginning of our search, but when we drove the Escape we felt it ticked more of the right boxes. We have to fit 2 car seats in the back, so we wanted a car we could easily install car seats. This one makes it so simple and safe! I wanted a sunroof, my husband wanted a moon roof, the Escape has both! And it even extends to the backseat which is awesome. The kids love to look out at the trees and mountains on long car trips. The back hatch is light and easy to lift and the space is plenty big enough for our jogging stroller, groceries, and camping gear. The Bluetooth option is great and easy to use, I love the hands free option. The climate control is great and doesn't take long hot or cold to get the temp just right. My husband loves driving in sport mode and I love how it monitors your overall gas mileage, we love our car and plan to drive it till it cannot drive anymore!, I would highly recommend this to any family, or to anyone looking for style and frugality.

- Anna J

Gas mileage is great,looks small on inside,but roomy on inside,reliability.

Love in Tennessee.Friends have same year as us,different color.We drove through Arkansas,Oklahoma,New Mexico,To Colorado last July to Rockies.Came back through Kansas,St.Louis,Kentucky.Average mpg,on mine was 32.8 to 33mpg.Best every showed on dash was 34.9 mpg.We have about67,000 on it now.Ok our trip I never got tired driving.We stayed in Colorado ,I think 5 days.We were gone 9 days.No problem with either Escape.I replaced battery about 3 months ago,and so did my friends on there's.Our mileage is about the same.Only problem with mine is the last 3 times we filled it with gas,it didn't want to start for about 10 seconds.I let off the starter,and tried it again,and it would start right up.Gina check with my Ford dealer and check it out.Great Suv.We had a Rava 4 before we got Escape,and on hwy. Best gas mileage was 26 mpg.Only had 79,000 miles and it burned oil.Escape,roomer,ride better,more comfortable,more power,much better mpg.Would recomend it ,highly to anyone.4:5 stars.

- Gary

Great buy, reasonable price, perfect vehicle for me and my family!

I absolutely love my ford escape... It is the perfect height for me to sit in, so when I am getting in and out it's not too low or too high. There is enough room for my kids to be comfortable in the back seat and they love that they can adjust their seats in the back. That is something they have never had in a vehicle. I do not like that the only cup holders in the back are the ones located in the doors. I wish it had the middle seat that pulls down to a cup holder and so do they. The stereo could be a little better with the output of sound, but it's still nice for a stock stereo system. It gets up to speed just fine, but could use a little bit more power. The gas mileage is average for me, it takes about $35 to fill the tank and it lasts me about 2 weeks and I commute about 5 miles one what 5 days a week. The trunk space is very spacious for a compact SUV. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase!

- Jessica G

The bad parts of going from a Chevy to a Ford. But great gas mileage.

I have always drive a Chevy my whole life, this is the first Ford I have ever owned. The way you sit and drive it is very different, the way your feet go to the pedal is like your sitting in a chair and reaching forward, rather than a comfortable position and stretching out like a Chevy, that was the first thing I noticed. Also right where you look between your driver door and the front windshield where they meet it's very thick so you get a blind spot if your not careful and you won't see cars pulling up to stop signs or coming down the street on your left. Extremely dangerous... and the back seats are very uncomfortable, I let my daughter drive while I sat in the back and the back seats are terrible for anyone over 8-10 years old, no leg room and very stiff. But it drives fine, gets good gas mileage, but get good tires on it or you will be hydroplaning every time it rains heavy.

- Susan M

High satisfaction with the 1015 Escape.

The Escape is a very comfortable car, both for local and long distance. It has excellent maneuverability., has quick response to acceleration. The dash is well lit. Gauges easy to read. It has back up camera and the screen is clear, easy to read. It will give you your speed on screen, and what direction the car is headed. It will also give you the outside temperature. The spare tire is inside the vehicle and easy to access. Automatic transmission transfer very easily through the gears, very smooth. The driver seat has all kinds of adjustments for comfort,. And ease. The headlights have good alignment, very clear. Good light projection. Consul is large between the front seats is large, easy to access. The rear consul is easy to access. There are two power outlets for the GPS/phone charging. The door pockets on front doors is adequate size. Good foot room in the back seat.

- Sarah W

2015 Ford Escape. A comfortable, functional family car.

Our Ford Escape is a good, versatile car. I use it as my daily car and I like that it sits up high like an SUV but handles like a car. The base model, which I have, fits a car seat in the back with room for our dog to sit comfortably as well. I like that the back seats fold flat for storage or hauling a lot of material. We use it for our trips to the hardware store. It comes with a backup camera which is helpful in crowded places or really any time you are backing up. The SYNC feature allows you to speak hands free on the phone, connect your phone to listen to music, or use a maps app to get directions. Hands free is especially nice since they passed the hands free law. The 2015 Ford Escape is not too big that you can't street park or park in ramps. I have done both comfortably and easily. Overall, it has been a great car for us.

- Nicole A

2015 ford escape, the total package.

There was an issue with the automatic transmission not shifting about a month after buying it. Called the dealership and it was repaired under warranty. Right now there is a manufacturer's recall on a part. I haven't called the dealership yet but ford covers the cost of that repair. I love storing up higher than most cars just wish it say a bit higher like an f250. I am pretty technologically savvy it has not been difficult figuring out the touch screen control pattern. The dual zone climate control is great. Passengers can set their own without using the touch screen. Lots of room in the back seat. I like the extra cup holders in the door compartment. Perfect for a bottle of water. Plenty of USB ports and 12v plugs. Easy to close and open the rear gate. Cannot wait to see how it handles while towing.

- Robyn H

My Ford Escape. The best feature of my Escape is the color, lime green.

I love my Ford Escape. It is been with me 4 yrs now. Great gas mileage. Plenty of room in back for 2 car seats and more. Seats fold all the way forward for extra room. Very easy to drive if your a woman, not to big, perfect size for a mom or grandmother with kids. I chose the older model because it has more of a truck look to it. I wasn't to crazy about the newer models because of the dashboard. The dashboard for me was to close, I like the open feel. When I am driving. The sunroof and heated seats are a great feature. As far as mechanical issues there are problems with the air conditioners. I had a big problem with mine finally had to have them replace it. I did research on the air conditioners and it was a big problem with many Ford Escape owners.

- Carol A

Ford Escape, safety and performance.

The best features on my Escape is the being able to use a standard shift instead of automatic if I need or want to. This is important to me due to the amount of winter driving I must do. I find the front wheel drive very helpful too as an option for extra control without having to go to an all wheel drive option which can use more gas over the long haul. Would have been nice to have seat warmers which weren't included and auto start, both very important to Alaska drivers. I have been very satisfied with the performance of my vehicle, and really glad I did purchase the maintenance package. It has made the up-keep easier and so has decreased the loss in value as a vehicle normally does over time.

- Lori O

It's reliable, safe, and family friendly. It's a perfect car for those things.

I have a standard Ford Escape. Bottom line purchase. I love my large windshield, ease use of seats, and changing of the steering wheel height. I've owned the care for 3 years and I've only had to get 9 oil changes with almost 86,000 miles on it. The car as been in a front end collision. The resistance bar placed on the front end of the vehicle saved my life! High Safety features. It does a great job at alerting you to performance issues. The sync feature of the vehicle using bluetooth is my only downfall. The sync function does have issues at times. Struggling to connect via bluetooth, or sometimes requiring a complete reconnection with my phone and the sync capabilities.

- Jordan H

The 2015 Ford Escape does not have built in navigation.

The 2015 Ford Escape is one of the most smooth rides I have ever had in a car. Comfortable seats. Quiet cabin. This car has fantastic fuel economy for a SUV type car. The only feature I do not like so far is that it does not have a built in navigation system into the main screen console. So, I have to use the GPS on my smartphone to get me everywhere, which can be very frustrating and dangerous at times. I also do not like the touch screen features on the center console. They are difficult to get to and if you need to make any selections or changes while driving, this can make your ride very dangerous. However, the voice commands are very helpful in these situations.

- Alex T

This is a great family car.

I love my ford escape. I have not had any real problems with this car and I have had it for almost four years now. I love that it is an SUV but it is not as big as some of the other SUVs. There is still plenty of room in the back for whatever you need to haul with you. This car has a very smooth drive and is relatively quiet. It gets pretty decent gas mileage also considering it is an SUV. My family absolutely loves this car and we have no intention of getting rid of it. Ours has the fabric interior, not the leather, which works better for us because we have two small kids. I would highly recommend buying a ford escape especially for a smaller family.

- Kate D

It is very reliable. No worries about how it will perform.

The Ford Escape is a wonderful vehicle to drive. It is smooth and comfortable with ample storage room. I have taken it on many vacations with no worries about performance. The only time it is in the shop is for normal maintenance. I always feel safe on the highway because it is a little larger than than other mid size SUV. It is so easy to use all the information on the dashboard. I have never had a problem figuring out how to set something or check information on gas mileage or speed. Love knowing how many miles I have left until I need to get gas again. If you are a parent of a teenager you will feel confident with your child driving this vehicle.

- Ruth O

The Ford Escape is an EcoBoost.

My Ford Escape Titanium is extremely nice and sporty. This vehicle is spacious but still small, which is the perfect size for a small family. It has many special features such as a cover in the very back of the car to cover up anything in my trunk. It also has a screen instead of buttons to change radio stations plus a calendar and hands free calling. The Escape also has a feature beside the speedometer that shows a picture of the vehicle and what door is open and if my headlights are on or off. This vehicle is the best car I have ever owned. It is super safe and smooth on all roads. I recommend this vehicle to anyone with small children.

- Tess U

Economical, multi-functional vehicle that is fun to drive!

I have driven my escape on long road trips and on my work commute. I have hauled all kinds of stuff. . . Filled it to the gills! With regular oil changes and tire rotations, I am good to go! I haven't had any problems with this vehicle. It is comfortable, easy to drive, and it has all the bells and whistles I wanted. It is zippy, and very maneuverable. The sync system allows me to talk on my phone hands free and connect my mp3 player for hours of listening to my favorite songs. I have already decided that when I get another vehicle, I'll get another escape. Economical, reliable, zippy, and cute! What else could I possibly ask for?

- Rose O

2015 Grey Ford Escape SE with 1.6 liter ecoboost.

My 2015 Ford Escape is a very reliable, and practical vehicle. It is grey with black and chrome trim, stylish 17' alloy rims, with rear tinted windows. Performance wise it has a 1.6 liter direct injection turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with active 4wd, producing about 168hp. Handling is nimble and sporty. With seating for 5, and about 34 ft cubed area (68 with seats down) of cargo space it is comfortable and road trip ready. It has 3 USB charging ports, one aux port, and is Bluetooth ready. Two small 5' interactive non-touch screens display driving/ infotainment activity on screen and through its 9 surrounding speakers.

- Matthew L

Part of the family: Ford Escape se.

I have owned my Ford Escape for over 1 year. I haven't had any major problems with it as of now. The vehicle has everything that I wanted. The quality of the rear facing camera seems to be better than some newer vehicles I have been in. I have only had minor issues with the tires. I do feel that when I first drove it in the snow, I slid a bit. Every so often in the rain I feel that I slip. It is spacious and comfortable for my family of 3. We have had 3 small children in the back seat and they still had enough room. I test drove the s and was not sold on it, but when I tested the se it had more power, so I was sold.

- Samantha K

2015 Ford Escape se review.

The Escape is a good car. The inside feels a little small for my whole family, which is 4. The car drives really well and smooth, but you can hear a lot of road noise through the doors and windows. I haven't had any mechanical problems. The stereo is great, but I did have a problem with the passenger side speakers when I first got the car. The interior is wonderful. The seats are comfortable and the material is great. I does not get too hot or too cold and the material cleans well. There is a lot of storage in the truck area. The paint and the design of the car is beautiful. There is no discoloration from the sun.

- Page S

It's been a dependable, reliable, great vehicle for the years I have owned it!

It's been a great vehicle. It's been very reliable. I've had some normal issues with it, I believe for the transmission it was more so a bad transmission. I've had to have the transmission changed 3 times within one year. The break system seems to be a recurring problem with the emergency brake light coming on without the break being used. Along with the anti brake system light. It's a current ongoing issue but I will have it checked out soon. Other than them two issues it's been a great daily commute to and from work, stores, restaurants, etc. I would highly recommend this vehicle to friends and family!

- Sabrina S

Staying up with the times with my Ford Escape.

My Ford Escapes is very reliable has many features including heated seats, backup camera, many plugs for your Chargers and all your electronics. It gets great gas mileage on the highway and in the city. My Ford Escapes is great in the snow, you also can go from regular driving into driving into a stick. There is plenty of room in the back so you can stretch your legs out on a long trip. I have leather seats that clean up very easily especially when you a dog that gets car sick or messy grandchildren, I have always bought Fords and they have been always been a very reliable car for me.

- Sandra S

Small with excessive road noise.

Problem with a slow oil leak. Fixed once already and now another one on top--still under warranty so need to take it in. Also, comparing to our previous Escape, this later model is much smaller and has less space in front seat area to place/stow stuff. A bit noisy on road and a/c on high is very noisy. Very reliable. Worst issue is misleading info a purchase. Bought an accessory package that we thought included rear air but none in vehicle purchased. Ford has confusing packages because they vary so much within each group. 'big oops' from dealership does not make this purchaser happy.

- Paul W

Great room fro moving things or passengers. good gas mileage. Bluetooth capable but some issues with the display. Arm rests are not the most comfortable.

The car has good gas mileage so it is good to drive both on the highway and in the suburbs. I have not had any issues with it starting or driving and I rely on it. If I connect my phone to the car and play music via bluetooth I have to turn it back to the radio before I turn my car off otherwise the screen freezes next time I turn it on and I can't do anything on the display. Every now and then the display freezes after a in car phone call. I have the cloth seats and at times the seating is uncomfortable specifically when trying to rest my arms on the arm rest on the side.

- Katherine m

Small SUV, big impact: this one has it all! Comfort, reliability, performance.

My vehicle is a reliable, comfortable and sporty small sized SUV. It drives smoothly both on the highway and in the city traffic. The interior is both functional and appealing. I love my color backup camera with such a clear image. The radio and phone (once synced with Bluetooth) can be utilized from the steering wheel which is one of my favorite features. There is ample room in the back to fit large items and the back seats lay down flat to accommodate larger/longer items for when you need additional space. It have found it to be a very comfortable ride.

- Emily H

It's a great single person car and also for a family.

This car is amazing. The only negative is that it does not have apple CarPlay. It is great for starting a family. Most people fit comfortable in it. I have had two rear facing car seats and two adults in it and we were fine. I love the power liftgate and the style. It is nicer then the new body style in my opinion. I rented this car and fell in love with it so now I have one. I had a car with more toys than this one and I enjoy this one more. Its powerful and fast and very little blind spots. I love this care and I will keep it till it breaks down.

- Jessica M

2015 ford escape, comfortable, stylish, and great family car.

I love my 2015 ford escape se. I was looking for an SUV when I was trying to trade and sell my previous car. I loved the color of my car, which is a dark grey and the style of the car, which is very slick. I like dark seats and my car has dark grey/black seats. We are looking into having kids soon so dark seats were required. I got a great price for a used car and low mileage! It sits high but not too far, very comfortable ride for short or long distance. Great mileage. Makes me feel very safe in inclement weather. Overall I love my car.

- Molly M

Make sure it is 4-wheel drive and that the sync is updated.

I wish the SUV was 4-wheel drive because it is really lousy in the snow. I also seem to have a lot of problems with sync. It needs updating and it costs over $100 to get it updated a the dealership. I think it should come with the purchase of the car. The manual is lousy a explaining how to update yourself so I end up having to pay for it. Ford took away the vehicle health report that sync used to be able to provide so now I don't get to know my vehicle's health anymore without having to take it to a dealer and paying again.

- Stacey C

The one most important thing others should know about my truck is that it is a very safe vehicle to drive. It handles well even on wet or snowy pavement, it corners well and it is heavy enough to stand up to the storms that happen in NY. Overall in my opinion, I feel safe driving it.

LOVE my truck! First: it has remote starter-great for these Buffalo winter mornings, Second: the way it handles and corners is very smooth and controlled. It really hugs the road, and Third: it's not a lightweight. There is some substance to the truck. I know I won't be blown into the next lane it there is a strong wind. My only complaint is that when the back seats are down the floor isn't flat, There is a bump of about 8 inches that makes it difficult to slide long items into the back. And I do wish it had a sunroof!

- Ali W

2015 Ford Escape review. It is a nice looking car with Versatility.

Performance has been great. The size is perfect for my needs. The seats are just ok. It seems like I can never find the right adjustment when I use the lever on the passenger side for the back part of the seat. In addition it is very difficult to access both the glove compartment and the passenger side door storage bin when I am wearing my seat belt. There are items in that bin that disappear somewhere in that black hole. Just for this reason I wouldn't purchase a car with the configuration in the future.

- Melinda S

Great car spacious, realizable, comfortable, smooth

I have been driving this car everyday for the last two months. Haven't run into any problems yet the trunk takes some getting used to but comes in really handy since it's automatic. The seat settings are great I'm pretty short and my sisters very tall and we are both able to find comfortable way to sit in the seats. Great for moving lots of space to fit almost everything. Breaks are very good and when you step on the gas it speeds up fairly quickly. Backup camera is great for getting out of tight spaces.

- Veronica C

Ford I can trust. I backout my driveway using the backup camera exclusively.

When we looked for new car at that time it was the best in our price range and size needed. The ride was good the upgrades in the titanium’s camera for backup to this day is great for me and the GPS is the best at helping me not get lost. The only real problems have been the replacement cost for new tires and the first new car purchase vehicle our second Ford titanium had a pinging noise that could not be fix by Ford mechanics and we were given with same financing another vehicle Ford titanium.

- Linda L

Review of a 2015 Ford Escape

It's a great mid size SUV. I love the look, the interior is nice. I could use a bit more storage up front. It has a small console and a glove compartment. 2 cup holders but they are close together so 2 large cups bump up against each other. It jerks a little when I first hit the gas but other than that I've not had any problems with it. Its comfortable has a back up camera and bluetooth capabilities. Rides mostly smooth. Quiet. Gas isn't the best but much better than my husband's full size suv.

- Shannon A

I love this car! The Ford Escape is incredibly reliable and my favorite

It's SUPER comfortable and reliable. I learned to drive in this car and I can easily say it is safe, reliable, and responsive. The controls are not too touchy but also listen to your emotions really well. There are tons of great features in the car that make driving easier, safer, and more efficient. One of my favorite features is the voice Siri-like option. You can sync up your phone to the car and easily find addresses, phone numbers, and information all without taking your eyes off the road.

- Madeline B

2015 Ford Escape Inside Details

The 2015 Ford Escape is a great car for all. It has room for a family or anything you need to haul from location to location. The interior is well designed and comfortable. The main dash screen is a great size and has everything you'd need. The dash above the steering wheel has many options to view whether you are in 4 Wheel drive or 2 Wheel as well as showing your travel distance, gas mileage, etc. The center console has a USB port to charge your phone as well as connect it to the speaker.

- Kristen Y

Ford Escape luxuries at an affordable cost

The Ford Escape is a compact SUV but still provides enough space with the ability to fold down the back seats when transporting large items. The interior features include leather heated seats, a GPS system, Bluetooth capabilities, dual climate control, power sheets including lumbar support, cruise control and satellite radio. Gas mileage on the highway is not ideal but the Escape does run smoothly on the road. The Escape also has 4WD which is useful during the winter months.

- Kristina S

Adorable little vehicle with no issues!

I bought my Ford Escape 2015 new and I have never had any issues or problems with it! The one negative would be driving it in the snow but that was improved drastically after replacing the manufacturer tires! I love that the seats are not leather and do not burn your skin in the warm seasons. I love even more that I have taken it in for regular maintenance and have never had to take it in for anything other than that! And to top it all off, the vehicle looks absolutely adorable!

- Chelsea W

The 2015 ford escape has lots of extras for no extra cost.

I love the comfortable interior of the vehicle. There are lots of extras like leather, heated, electric adjustable seats. Also has three memory settings for different drivers size and comfort levels. Love the large sunroof. Love the backup camera for ease in seeing and also the warning lights and bells if something or someone is close to my car. Has saved me several times from having accidents. Although the mpg is not as great as my car was, it is about average for an SUV.

- Valerie G

Not a good choice to purchase a Ford escape.

I do not like this vehicle because it has rust on it already. The vehicle has only 36000 miles on it and it is rusted. Also has issues with the computer and radio not always working. So far Ford has not agreed to make repairs. I would not recommend this vehicle at all. The handle on the rear hatchback has also come loose and not covered under warranty either. I did not expect a three year old car to have rust on it yet. Not a good vehicle to choose as your next sub.

- Brent M

Ford is my new favorite car brand.

This car is better than any other car I have bought. This was my first Ford car and I have been missing out. The car is very reliable unlike my last BMW. The gas mileage is great and it comes with colors that I really like. I have had almost no problems with this car!! It has a lot of storage place for my many water bottles and lots of plugs to charge my devices. The leather is very comfortable and easy to clean. I love this car so much and cannot recommend enough.

- Nancy F

If you're looking for a little crossover vehicle, the Ford Escape is a good choice.

I really enjoy my 2015 Ford Escape, It gets good gas mileage, it handle quite nicely on the road. I think it pretty roomy, my husband and I drove it from Florida to Georgia, three times last year, and we had plenty of room to put everything no complaints, my daughter liked it so much that she bought one of her own 2017 model, mine is a 2015. hers is a little fancier, with ecoboost, and a larger back up camera. All in all we are very satisfied with our purchases.

- Jean B

Amazing starter family car!

I wish I had gone with the titanium addition of this car. I have cloth seats, but it is the new cloth seats that are still very easy to clean. I wish my back up camera was larger and was more clear. I have to clean it regularly, like almost daily to get a clear image. The size is perfect for me and my family of 3, plus the two labs. We have been very pleased with this purchase. Everything I do not like about it, I could have prevented by getting the higher model.

- Emma M

Overall, a great purchase!

My Ford Escape is very roomy and comfortable. The back seats lay down so it has lots of room in the back when needed. The only issue I've had is accessing the battery and coolant under the hood. When trying to jump my car, it was very hard to attach jumper cables because of the placement. I've also had quite a few electronic issues such as dome lights and back windows not working. But those could have been recalled or just a quick fix. Overall, great purchase!

- Jordan W

My Ford Escape has everything I could ask for.

I have had no vehicle issues with my 2015 Ford Escape. It is reliable and has made many out of state trips. I like the cloth seats which makes long trips more comfortable. My only desires with the car would be a sunroof and a bigger media screen. The gas mileage is good and the vehicle will tell me how many miles I have left before needing gas. If there’s anything wrong with my vehicle such as needing more air in tires or an oil change it will notify me.

- Olivia H

The Ford escape is dependable. My car has always started with no problems.

It has been very reliable. They escape gets good gas mileage. We do not have to fill up on gas very often. That helps especially since the gas prices are increasing again. I thought with a smaller engine I wouldn't like its performance. It proved me wrong. It has a turbo engine. So when am trying to get on the interstate I do not have to worry about not having enough power to accelerate. The only thing I do not like is the seat belts are hard to buckle.

- Carol T

Great Interior, Terrible Mechanics

I enjoy a lot of the interior features of the car. The media system is easy to operate. The seats are easy to maneuver. The mechanics of the car, which are the most important, are what have caused me numerous problems. Only driving my car and average of 5 miles most days, I've had 3 major repairs within the last 12 months. My car currently has a potentially unfixable issue caused by simply topping off my gas. I am less than pleased with this vehicle.

- Victoria G

Perfect compact SUV with modern technology included.

I love my Ford Escape. I am a married female with no children, just a dog, and this is the perfect size for me. It is compact enough that I can get into small parking spaces easily, but I sit up higher than in a car and there is ample room for passengers and cargo. I got the basic model but am still happy with the sync technology and really like being able to call hands-free and play music from my phone thru the car speakers. Great vehicle all around!

- Alan S

Ford escape 2015: spacious and advanced.

I very much enjoy the ford escape. I have the 2015 titanium model with the entertainment system. The touchscreen entertainment system is quick and easy for access, and I love the size of it! . The car has a full length sunroof that allows all passengers to enjoy, but I wish the roof would open all the way rather than just 1/3 of the way. The car has plenty of room and the back row of seats can be folded down for large equipment/luggage in the trunk!

- Sarah N

2015 Ford escape se a good all around vehicle for the modern American dad.

The ford escape is a great all around vehicle, there is plenty of room for the whole family, and whatever we need to take with us. It sits up high enough to see around the other cars on the road without being too big or cumbersome to maneuver. I really love that it's not difficult to drive or use especially when so many other things in life can be a pain. It's nice to just have a car that I can depend on to work and do what I need when I need it.

- Mark B

The car is great, the computer needs some work.

I have no issues with the actual performance of the car. The engine and all its car parts work as they should. Regular oil change and inspection show good results. The computer and Bluetooth system have problems connecting to my phone and the only way to (temporarily) fix the problem is to disconnect the battery and reset the computer. Ford does not have an actual solution to this issue but several other drivers have encountered the same problem.

- Marianna G

This car has a cover on the bottom that has to be removed and replaced ever time the oil is changed.

I love the fuel mileage that it gets and the general setup of the interior. I wish the seats would lay flat in the back with the very back of the car. I also wish that there was not a dust cover on the bottom because I can't get the screws to stay in it. I also do not like how the A/C vents won't go lower. It seems that the air is always blowing straight in my face when I want it more on my body. I like the material the seats are made of.

- Brandy D

Review on 2015 Ford Escape

I love my 2015 Escape, have had it for almost 3 years and haven't had any issues. Drives smooth comfortable seating, plenty of room, seats up to 5 comfortable. It has Bluetooth so I can connect my phone can answer calls hand free. Love the touch screen and built in navigation. What I love most and use a lot is the back up camera when you reverse. This vehicle has been very reliable and I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

- Katie H

I love my Ford Escape! I would recommend it to everyone.

This car is the perfect size. It's not too big so I don't feel like I am driving an SUV and its not compact so I freedom to transport people comfortably. Its sporty and very aesthetically pleasing, especially on the inside. The sound system is one of my favorite features. It's easy to use and the quality is great. I have yet to have any issues with the car and I've had it for two years now. This vehicle is definitely low maintenance!

- Zoe S

White, light brown leather interior, family car, low maintenance.

A good car overall, never had any major problems with the car! It is great for the family. . . Drives smooth and gets good gas mileage. Also great for traveling very roomy. The leather seats are very nice very smooth and well made. The car itself seems very low maintenance and was an amazing deal! We love Ford so much!! The colored led light over the plug in is a nice feature for being in the dark also love that it changes colors.

- Katherine S

Ford Escape Will Make You Drive Happy

My Ford Escape is a good car. I don't love it but I do like it. It has good pep when changing lanes, especially on the highway. The radio works well and the interior is roomy. I like the fact that the back seats fold down for more storage. The only thing I am not crazy about is that it sounds like things are rattling a little and the car is only 3 years old. Other than that I would recommend the Escape as a lower priced SUV.

- Mindy F

Look at all the different models of this same vehicle and decide what features matter to you most. I wish I had done this before I bought mine - I may have decided to go to the next level of models or maybe would have kept searching a little bit more.

I love the way my car drives and how comfortable I feel in it. I highly dislike that I do not have the ability to turn on all of the interior lights from the driver's seat. When I first bought the car I loved it and now that I have a little one with more items to have always I am beginning to learn how little space I really have. It's a nice care but simple flaws make me not interested in purchasing another Ford Escape.

- Hillary G

Fast, fuel efficient car with minor issues.

My car is quick yet fuel efficient. The Bluetooth allows for great convenience. Love the option of being able to put it in sport mode so that I can shift manually. One issue I have discovered which is very minor thus far is that in standard drive mode it shifts into too low of a gear making it rev to 3 to 4,000 rpms causing for great fuel consumption. Easy solution is to have it in sport mode when navigating over hills.

- Marcy C

I love the lumbar support!

So far, the car is quiet and runs smoothly! I love the extra features in it my previous car did not have. For instance, being able to move the seat up and down, while also having lumbar support. I can tell a huge difference between what I was driving previously and my new car purely based off the lumbar support. I, also, love the backup camera. While I still prefer to look myself, the camera is great for tight spaces!

- Kristen H

Roomier than you'd expect!

Great compact size. I love that my 2015 Ford Escape has the SYNC feature. It works flawlessly. The rear back-up camera is also a favorite. I've not experienced any trouble with reliability. The seats are comfortable and there is ample room in the trunk area. I have taken my 215 Ford Escape on road trips up to 16 hours of drive time, and everyone was happy. The seats fold down to accommodate even large things.

- Laura B

The technology in fords are superb. They car will call 911 if in an accident.

I have never had any issues with this car! It has twin turbos to give you a kick and it is great on gas! (24 mpg) this car is very reliable, it always gets me from point A to B and never any problems getting there. The inside is quite roomy for how compact the car is, you do not feel squished in the back. This car comes with Bluetooth/sync, a computer in the middle counsel, turbos, USB ports for your phones.

- Taylor P

Room and convenience all in one package.

My car feels sporty. Very easy handling. I love the features of my car. My favorite is probably the panoramic sunroof. The heated front seats are a plus too, it's nice to have the seats already warmed up while you are waiting for the heater to warm up. Plenty of room on the inside in cargo area and in the backseat and yet the vehicle is small enough to easily maneuver into tight parking spaces.

- Jo Lynn H

Very comfortable, smooth, reliable vehicle with great gas mileage.

I love my Ford Escape. I bought it new, I have owned it for 3 years now and have had very few problems (had to get new tires, brakes and fix a broken windshield) all of which are normal/expected repairs. It is very comfortable and I love the computer system which hooks up to my phone. I purchased the se with leather interior and heated seats which is one of my favorite upgrades in the winter.

- Ashley D

It�s compact and has a good amount of space.

The car is spacious, it runs smoothly, it's reliable. The only downside is that battery is really hard to get to, because it's under a lot of stuff and to get it replaced cost a good amount of money. Another downside is since the car doesn't have a gas cap, but instead has a plastic the is closed by a vacuum system within the car and that has to be replaced and it cost a lot of money as well.

- Daisy C

Why you should purchase the 2015 Ford Escape SE.

The performance of the vehicle is very sustainable. The features of the car are obviously dependent upon the specifications of the shopper, but as someone who purchased the car used, I am very pleased with the features. This is a car that I use for everyday travel to and from work, as well as for leisure and other adventures. I have yet to experience any problems or malfunctions with the car.

- Danny M

It must be the ease of getting in and out. My mom has bad knees and she can get in and out without putting extra stress on her knees is wonderful.

Love the ease getting in and out, the car seems to be the right height to get in and out without climbing up or down which makes it very comfortable. It also has a lot of room for cargo and passengers which is perfect for our family. The gas mileage is good, I wish it was a little better but most of the driving is in town but I can't really complain about 27 miles average of 50,000 miles

- Bruce B

Highly recommend 2015 ford escape titanium.

Very reliable vehicle. Spacious for family vacations. Good gas mileage. Love all the safety features. The space inside of the car has room for 5 adults to fit comfortably and still has room in the trunk for storage. Love the back up camera and large screen to see the camera on, sensors all around my car to alert me when I get close to objects. I would highly recommend this car to anyone!

- Caitlin S

Issues owning a 2015 ford escape se.

I have had numerous recalls and maintenance issues with this vehicle. The worst of the bunch is the wastegate on the turbo got broke, so a head gasket became damaged allowing water into the system causing overheating and oil burn off. Also, the rear tires seem to wear down fairly quickly on the inner side. No explanation for that but design flaw since it is continued after an alignment.

- Shane C

Ford Escape - better cars out there

It's a very bland vehicle. Interior feels very plastic like. Seats are super thin and pretty uncomfortable. Steering wheel was very uncomfortable and had to purchase a cover for it. The dash is huge and creates a terrible reflection of the sun. Blind spots are really bad as well in the car. Handles fairly well and have had no car issues or electrical issues. Just extremely dull vehicle.

- Karen A

Practical SUV fun to drive with great gas mileage.

Just at 98000 miles. Aside from normal maintenance ( oil changes light bulb, filters etc...) Have done nothing to this car. We take this thing everywhere it is pretty comfortable to us and get good gas mileage (average 28 mpg). Purchased this new. Have considered trading in for new model but am reluctant as I might not get lucky next time and end up with one that has tons of issues.

- JT O

Why I love my Ford Escape.

I love my vehicle because it isn't huge like a minivan or an SUV, but it still seats five. It has four wheel drive which is helpful when it rains or snows. The engine is really good and it gets great gas mileage (at least 25 mpg). I enjoy driving my car because it's fun and powerful. Also the seats collapse in the back which is super helpful when you need to transport large items.

- Jennifer B

Good choice for me. I feel safe driving.

I love driving the Escape. It is comfortable, easy to get in and out of. Very dependable, which is the most important thing to me. I am 73, alone and drive 30 miles to and from work every day, so I need something I can count on. The Escape has been that for me. The only thing I am not happy about is the gas mileage that I get. Seems like I am filling up every couple of days.

- Mary L

Love to escape in my Escape!

The escape is the perfect size. Large enough to be comfortable and feel safe yet small enough to park and navigate easily. The gas mileage is awesome especially for the stop and go, short distance driving I primarily do. The cargo space is adequate for travel and grocery shopping and the fold down seat adds extra space when needed. Very happy with this vehicle decision

- Brenda V

Spectacular Ford Escape!!

I absolutely love all the cool gadgets this car features. I love that it has the backup camera, heated leather seats, lights in the car that you can change colors of. I love the radio player. I love how smooth the car drives. I can see perfectly out of the car as well. I love the black leather seats. Makes it look very luxurious. It has plenty of room in the car as well.

- Katie R

A wonderful 4 person family car

I absolutely love this car. It's roomy enough that me and all my passengers can sit comfortably without feeling like I'm driving a bus. There is lots of storage space for travel for me and my family. The Rear view camera has been a lifesaver and really helps me to see what's going on even when there are kids in the car trying to talk to me while I'm trying to concentrate.

- Erin C

She's got a hidden treasure!

I love the pep the she has. You wouldn't think she could be so peppy but she is. I have only had a couple of issues with her and that would be her tires did not last long and had to continuously stop daily if not multiple times as a day for air. And the sync just recently stopped working. They should keep that updated but as the new vehicles emerge my items seem to vanish

- Nicole B

My perfect ford escape it runs smoothly, very comfortable it has lots of room.

I have only have a few problem like the brakes needed change. I changed spark plugs every time it say to do it and also the spark wires. The oil change every so many. Miles. It is a 2015 ford escape limited edition. It has heated seats. Lots of room. 4 wheel drive automatically puts it in 4 wheel drive. It run smoothly. It is the best car I ever owned. I love it so much.

- Kristen S

Great vehicle for a grand adventure.

My Ford Escape is very comfortable. It has great visibility for driving and can hold a lot on trips. In general I have not had many maintenance issues with my vehicle. The main problem I have had is that the ac zones do not always work so I have to fiddle with the dials to get the air to come out where it is supposed to be coming out. It does heat and cool well though.

- Jessica A

Easy driving SUV but is a tight fit for legroom with 2 carseats in the back.

I like that it's an SUV, the way it drives, the gas mileage, leather interior, backup camera, remote start, and proximity unlock. I don't like the lack of storage compartments/cubbies in the front dash to put keys, phone, etc. I also don't like the radio and information display as the touchscreen is difficult to navigate and I have trouble pushing the buttons I want.

- Susan W

When you need to escape, get in your escape

No problems as of yet at all! Love the dash features like compass, temperature, gas mileage, knowing how many miles I can drive before I need gas. Good stereo quality. The sync system is great! USB ports. I don't like the mirror inside the mirror on the exterior side mirrors though I'm getting used to them. Excellent gas mileage and it's a great size! Good headroom!

- Laura D

Overall good vehicle, but wish small details were different.

There's issues with one of the seatbelts in the back and haven't been able to fix it since I bought it. There's a good amount of room in the car so I can pick up most things with the seats down. I wish there was more room on the console, to attach my phone. There aren't any vents near the dash so it gets really hot in the summer. The ride is fairly smooth and quiet.

- Lila C

Affordable car with lots of space

The Ford escape is very good on gas perfect for a small family easy to maintain and a very smooth ride. The car has a sizable trunk and lots of compartment space. Digital radio and backup camera. In the backseat you can fit up to four people three with the car seat. The cruise control is easy to use and the oil change last a long time if you get the right blend.

- Amy W

Keyless entry. Perfect for busy moms who carry lots of stuff, or for someone who is always misplacing their key.

I like the size of it because it has enough room for a family of three to be comfortable. I like the radio because it is a touch screen and it's very nice. My favorite part is the keyless entry and push to start, because I can never find my keys in all the bags I carry, but at least I know my keys are on me when I go to open the door and it unlocks automatically

- Karlie F

Great vehicle, only one issue

I am more than happy with our Escape. It has all the comforts and additions as well as enough horsepower to get out of harm's way. The only issue we've had was a problem last year with the fuel system/emissions which caused the vehicle to shut off even when being operated. Luckily we purchased an extended warranty, but we were still billed a few hundred dollars.

- Cindy E

It drives great and looks good too! Loving this car

I like size of it. It isn't too small but not too large to maneuver it in all types of places. The remote start is very handy on cold days in order to warm it up. There is enough space for groceries and other cargo. I really have no complaints and since I only have a few payments left, I love it more and more. Can't wait to drive it when I truly own it outright!

- Donna K

The vehicle includes feature to see view as you backup. Love feature.

I purchased a 2015 Ford Escape. So far I have had to replace the battery 2 1/2 years after. Purchase. I have oil change as suggested every 5000 miles. I have had other maintenance done as suggested by the car dealer. I have purchased 2 previous Ford vehicles and have been pleased with each purchase. Would recommend this vehicle. Very reliable and runs smoothly.

- Sally T

2015 Ford Escape red delight.

My 2015 Ford Escape has great performance, it is a very reliable vehicle, I love the smooth driving and space inside. This vehicle features a security lock, a security code lock, security seatbelt reminder, airbags, anti lock brakes, CD player, am FM radio, power steering, power brakes, ecoboost, power windows, power seats, rear window defroster and much more.

- Theresa R

The keyless entry and pre start of vehicle.

Dislikes: there is lack of compartment space. It is too low to the ground. The interior material has turned white from my lotion. Likes: the car has get up and go. I love the touching of the door handle to open without having to get the keys out of my purse. The pre start to cool the car down is great. I like that I can open the trunk/cargo area with my foot.

- Lila R

It typically gets about 28.5 mpg around town and nearly 31 mpg on interstate.

It's a crossover vehicle which I like. It sits up higher than a car, but not as high as an SUV. That makes it easy to park and steer in and out of smaller spaces, without feeling like you're riding on the road. It's also gas friendly. In addition, it's very luxurious with leather seats, GPS, satellite radio, etc. I don't really have any complaints about it.

- Sherry B

Ford eclipse: love the car, Ford service not so much.

I like SUV, because it sits up higher and I can see traffic better up ahead of me. It dives very nice and is very comfortable. The rear view mirror is very clear, however, it is a little small. The reason I did not rate this a 5 is Ford service, which I believe they will fight you with warranty work. I probably will not buy a Ford next time because of that.

- Cherie L

It seems to be a great car for our family. It gets decent gas mileage, drives nicely, and has plenty of trunk space.

It is a good size for our family. I like automated features like remote start, memory settings for seat and mirror position for different drivers, self opening trunk, keyless entry, power windows and sunroof. I would like there to be just a little more leg room in the middle row as we have rear facing car seats and it limits the passenger side space a bit.

- Cassie P

Really good car for driving in the city or highway travel.

I truly haven't had any problems with this vehicle. It drives well. No major issues. Just normal wear and tear from diving, both city and highway, it has spacious leg room in the back seats even when the front seats are moved all the way back. The seats are comfortable and supportive, the radio and speakers are great and can get loud if you want them too.

- Dan W

It is a reliable small sized SUV that is great for a small family of 4.

I have the Ford Escape 2015 which has better safety ratings then its predecessor. Overall I've had no real issues with the car. I bought it in 2014 and I barely needed to replace the tires. I also have only replaced the battery once since owning it. It drives smoothly and it is a small size SUV which makes it easier to drive compared to a larger vehicle.

- Chelsey A

This car is a must buy, you will not regret it.

I really like the comfort of the vehicle. And it is fully loaded with a sunroof. It drives very smooth. I have not had any issues with the vehicle so far. It is very spacious and the one push trunk opener/closet is a must have. It has completely spoiled me. The motion sensors are very helpful for traffic and even persons walking by that you cannot see.

- Trinity G

Love the 2015 Escape for travel and my long highway commute to and from work!

Extremely reliable, had one complication after the purchase but Ford replaced the part for free. It is extremely comfortable for long periods of travel and gets pretty good gas mileage, I average 24 mpg but drive mostly on the highway. Technology is fairly user friendly but gets easier with time and once all of your devices are synced and connected.

- Cal E

Perfect SUV for family life.

The Ford Escape is a smaller SUV with a lot of room. It's perfect for a car seat, with space to store or move larger items. I've never had any issues with maintenance, and it's been easy to service. I've taken quite a few road trips with it and it's a comfortable ride with decent gas mileage. For a small family, one child, this vehicle is perfect.

- Cara V

2015 Ford Escape flaws: do not buy.

You cannot turn off the interior lights when opening the doors. This sucks when at a drive in. The car’s brain is faulty. I can no longer sync my phone nor can I charge my phone. I have to use the charger in the trunk. The trunk is nice sized but it would of been better if the back seat had more leg room and the trunk had a little less space.

- Mary B

Ford escape: lemon . A comfortable, great driving car that is unreliable.

The car drives great, but it is not reliable. We have spent close to $3000 on repairs, and that does not include repairs done when it was under warranty. With less than 100,000 miles we replaced the water pump, coolant hose, thermostat for the coolant, all four calipers. The car is comfortable, handles well, and gets decent, not great gas mileage.

- Lynn T

That it drives well in both the snow and rain.

I like my car because it is big enough for me and my family. It's big enough for a car seat or two groceries in the back and me and my husband. It's a very safe car, gets good gas mileage and drives well in the snow and rain. I know that there is a high percentage of turning over which is what I don't like but I am a safe driver, so I don't mind.

- Meghan H

The most interesting detail is the navigation system.

I have not had any problems. I love driving it. It's the best vehicle I have owned so far. The navigation system is awesome. Its excellent on gas. There is great cargo space. I would definitely buy another one. I really like the heated seat feature. The separate heating and cooling system is a definite plus. I would recommend this car to anyone,

- Rory C

White ford escape 2015- my favorite car that I have owned.

I have a white ford escape and I love it. I have not had any problems with it thus far and I have had it for 3 years. I have never had people complain about the back seat space being to small for them. My favorite feature is how easy the cruise control is to handle. I drive long distances to its nice to have an easy to control cruise control.

- Julie R

It has wonderful gas mileage. I can fill it up for $25 and go a long ways.

I love my vehicle. It is really nice to drive and a comfortable fit for me. I am tall but I can get in and out without hitting my head. The only thing I would say that I don't like (but knew when I hot it) is that it does not take off right away really fast when you hit the gas. But I still love it and wouldn't trade it for anything else.

- Kaitlyn M

Loaded Escape, 24 mpg and very reliable!

I love the sleek look but I wish I had more space. Being a compact, it is a little smaller than I'd like. It is extremely reliable and gets 24 mpg. I chose the loaded package which includes heated seats, leather interior and the outer keypad lock has been an absolute lifesaver. Overall I enjoy this vehicle and would consider buying again.

- Amber J

Awesome car! Fun and reliable.

I love my escape, my only complaint is that it does not have heated seats. It is great on gas and easy and fun to drive. I recently test drove the 2018 and I have to say the new model is a definite DOWNGRADE from mine (2015). The screen is much smaller and not a touch screen and the inside feels smaller and less roomy with less leg room.

- Lilli E

Pros and Cons of 2015 Ford Escape

Ford 2015 Escape has a stylish look, good pick up, bad gas mileage and hardly any leg room in the back seat area. Storage area in the back is good but would be hard for a short or petite person to reach up and be able to grasp the handle to close the hatch area. Having no way to check the transmission fluid is a downside of this car.

- De D

It is a fuel efficient vehicle that still fits the whole family.

I have not had any problems with my car though I have only had it for 7 months. It is very comfortable. It can fit me, my boyfriend and our large dog comfortably while still getting good gas mileage. I love the backup camera. I also like the blind spot mirrors. It has been very reliable and is good for the amount of driving that I do.

- Katie J

Comfortable and easy to drive.

Comfortable to sit in. Good drive. Easy to learn buttons on interior. Everything is automatic. Compact but give enough for family. Decent on gas. No cover to gas tank so easy you will not ever forget to put it back on. I paid good money for the year and model. They are up and coming vehicles. I have never had a ford but now I love it.

- Britt M

Perfect size, great handling

It has 4 wheel drive and handles very well in snow and ice. It's just the right size- not too small or big. The connectivity features are good although the voice recognition does always work well. The navigation system is fair. The graphics are good, but the selection logic is cumbersome and the ability to zoom in and out is clunky.

- Elizabeth W

This is a great car! Highly recommend

I have no complaints about this car. I wish this car had a touch screen radio. I'm not sure why it doesn't because I have seen 2013 models with the touch screen. Also I wish it had heated seats. Overall, I think this car is extremely nice and I could not imagine my life with any other car. It's sleek and classy, but not over the top.

- Erica T

Electrical and Bluetooth Issues

I bought the car new. I have had issues with the electrical system and Bluetooth. The electrical system issue was right after I bought the car and took multiple overnight trips to the dealer as well as one trip for almost a week. The Bluetooth went out within the second year and I decided it wasn't worth paying for them to fix it.

- Amanda T

My car is able to unlock without having your keys in your hand!

I love my Ford Escape it's easy to use and makes parking a breeze. Plus the gas to feel it up is super affordable! I wouldn't trade my car in for anything gets me places and it's really smooth for driving. One of my favorite features is as long as your keys are near in you possession weather it's your pocket or purse it will unlock!

- Lucia G

2015 Ford Escape Titanium.

Of the 3 cars I have driven, this car is the best. Incredibly smooth to drive, great gas mileage, and surprisingly roomy. It is very comfortable, it has many different seat positioning options. It has Bluetooth capabilities that are easy to use and reliable. The navigation is easy to use and accurate, even when wrong turns are made.

- Grace A

4 door crossover. Power seats. Bluetooth. 5 seats. Comfortable seats.

I have 2 children. Not much room for car seats. Not a lot of room in cargo space. Perfect for someone without children. I love the big windshield. Great gas mileage. 25 city. 30 highway. I feel very safe in it. Also tires are very affordable for this car. I also love the Bluetooth feature on the car. Amazing car for the most part

- Olivia M

Advanced technology, good acceleration, good safety features,

Great car. The technology, Ford Sync System is excellent. Easy voice controls, good navigation system, good Bluetooth good radio speaker system and good backup camera and sensors. The Titanium has very good acceleration. The cargo space is ample and the seating roomy and comfortable. Easy to maneuver reliable. I love it

- Claudia G

Perfect for travel - Ford Escape.

The Ford Escape is a perfect crossover for family trips, hauling camping equipment, bikes, kayaks etc.. The seats collapse easily, the ride is smooth, it has plenty of legroom for front and back seat passengers. Most of the problems with the vehicle have been electrical - from windows to the electrical outlets in the back seat.

- Ann Y

It feels bigger, but not too big. It's like a suburban light.

Too many recalls for software, bumper is easily damaged. Bluetooth sometimes does not connect (but could be my smart phone's fault). The lot tire pressure light went on, but later when driving home, it went off. It is a nice vehicle, that is higher up than my Focus. It feels like it can take more of the winter than the Focus.

- Richard S

Blue ford escape, leather, seats 5, midsize SUV, backup camera, bluetooth.

Overall I really like my vehicle. It drives very nice and smooth. There are a lot of updated features including leather seats, backup camera, bluetooth, ect. It is also a decent size for the price. I would prefer a larger vehicle though. Something with a third row or just a little larger. It is on the smaller side for an SUV

- marie P

Fun for Family and travel

The vehicle is a nice family car. It has enough storage in the back for jogger stroller and light suitcases for travel. Gas mileage is 25-30 mpg on average. Do wish it had video players for small travelers, but like it overall. My 16 year old is learning to drive in it, and it is comforting to know it is reliable and safe

- Lori W

It is a comfortable vehicle.

I like that it has comfortable seats, its the perfect height for me to get in and out of, the seats fold to give lots of cargo space and it has sync. I do not like that the battery is located under the dashboard and hard to access. I do not like the transmission. It shifts hard and the engine races sometimes going up hill.

- Christy E

Not a car for those with small babies.

Back seat does not allow enough room for rear facing child seats to recline comfortably. No air conditioner vents in rear of vehicle makes back seat passengers sweat in the Florida sun. Vehicle is lacking in storage and just recently Ford did away with the vehicle health report that was integrated in with the sync system.

- Jaime F

Comfortable & Reliable Compact SUV

Car is reliable & comfortable. It is a smaller SUV so it is more like the size of a sedan in the front and back seats. Large trunk space. Easy to drive & rides well. Did have a crack in the water pump hose after only having the car for a year or two. We were told this is sometimes a common problem with this car.

- Ellen D

seat adjustments, black spot mirror, big screen, be able to connection to cell.

I have it for a few months. So far no problems. Features are good, would say it's comfortable, like the fact it has AC for the back seats, It's running pretty good. Also like the 'big screen' for the media play. The seats warming and adjustments are great. The black spot mirror is a safety feature that I appreciate too.

- Claudia C

My car drives very well, I love it, and it gets me the places I need to be comfortably.

I love the size of my car. It's very spacious, it has really good air conditioning, and I can it more than myself and a passenger inside of it! It drives well, it's got good mileage, and did I mention it has air conditioning? My last car only had heating so having air conditioning that works is absolutely wonderful!

- Jessica P

The Bluetooth radio is to use. I can connect my Spotify to the radio!

My vehicle is amazing no complaints at all. It is comfortable, safe, and easy to drive. The radio is really good and so is the Bluetooth connection for when I need to answer my phone hands free. The trunk space fits all my luggage perfectly when I am going on vacation and the seats are easy to use and comfortable.

- Jake B

All in one package of an everyday vehicle

Doesn't have good pickup. Has great Bluetooth compatibility 4wd that's auto 17.2 miles/gallon automatic windows locks and drivers seat functions great ac and heat. Great cargo room. Stereo is great can store a lot of preferences. Bluetooth is great to connect a phone for calling and it does read out texts for you

- Kara B

The only thing wrong with the 2015 Ford Escapes.

The one problem with the 2015's is that Ford recently upgraded the entertainment touch screen console (new interface, apple carplay, etc. ) But only 2016's and newer can upgrade to it. If I would have known that I probably would have paid slightly more for a 2016 Escape. Other than that, it is a really great car.

- Shane C

Well worth the money. Would without a doubt buy again.

Very reliable vehicle. Comfortable and fuel efficient. No effort driving on long trips, or short jaunts. Solidly built, and attractive, has all of the features I need or want. The back-up camera is something every vehicle should be equipped with. The sync system is a godsend to facilitate hands free phone usage.

- Kerry P

Disappointments in Ford Escape.

The Escape is fairly comfortable, though not as much so as I had thought it would be when we bought it. I am also disappointed that Ford discontinued sync--which was one of the reasons we bought it. That said, my spouse is the car's main driver--I drive it only when we're out together or to appointments I have.

- Richard L

here's a great spacious Escape!😊.

It gets pretty good gas mileage for being a SUV. Drives smooth in any road and weather conditions. Went into the ditch a couple times and she came right out on her own. We haven't had any major issues whatsoever. She is still comfortable with ample space even when loaded with children without constant arguing.

- Heather G

Amazing vehicle. Love it.

No problems in the 3 years I have had escape. The escape drives very smooth and handles easily on the road. It has dual controls for the temperature so that everyone is comfortable. The backup camera is very beneficial with little children around and their toys. The back support in the driver's seat is amazing.

- Amanda D

Everything you could ever need.

It is comfortable, rides well, dependable, great features and I just love driving it. The back up sensor is probably my favorite feature because off street parking is not always an option. The moon/sunroof combo is nice also. I appreciate that the tailgate opens up instead of to the side like the annoying rav4.

- Tim H

Issues with the different Fords I have owned

Have had issues with the doors since I got the car. This is not my first Ford but will be my last as all of the cars had issues with door and locks that are not covered with warranty. Newer Fords are not made the same as older Fords. Car alerts do not work properly, sometimes they go off when nothing is wrong.

- Zachary M

My car is amazing and affordable!

The 2015 Ford Escape is compact with a lot of space on the inside. It is comfortable and the driver seat fits to your liking. The performance is great, I have hardly had problems with it! Technology built in is up to date and easy to use. I love this car and proud to say that it is the first one I have owned.

- Taylor C

Ford Escape is a solid car.

I have not had any issues in the last 6 months. The console between the driver and passenger is way to small for me and it is near impossible I have found to utilize any of the mounts that are available to secure a phone to the vents in the front of the vehicle. Other than that it is been a very good vehicle.

- Michelle P

Awesome car, great buy, totally recommend it.

I absolutely love this car, it is very comfortable, good sound systems with Bluetooth. Seats are very comfortable, driver's side it is automatic. Drives very smooth and has not given me any problems at all. Has good amount of space. Back seats can be folded for extra space. And does not use a lot of gasoline.

- Susanna H

Great on gas and room easy to drive have the hands-free call system.

Great small SUV great on gas easy to handle nice front wheel drive great interior rumery live weather radio surround sound adjustable seats lumbar in driver size seat. Rear seats fold down for moving things around more round in the backseat and in my sedan that I used to own. Fits 3 size adults comfortably.

- Kathy R

Love the pick up on the 2015 Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a very nice vehicle overall. Has great pick up. The inside is very sleek and up to date. Wish the back seat leg area was a little more spacious. The Ford we purchased from the dealership does have paint chipping on the hood which is a very big eyesore. Not happy with the paint job at all.

- Mackenzie B

My ford escape experience: a comfortable, easy drive.

It is easy, spacious for when I am going to and from school and home, and drives well and smoothly. It is also very comfortable, the seats do not get too sweaty. It is has good XM and Bluetooth capabilities. I also like putting the car in sports mode when I am on the highway. This is the perfect car for me.

- Liza R

Dependable and it drives great.

I love the smooth ride. The size of the inside is roomy and comfortable. I enjoy all the features. The only thing I do not like is the controls for the radio and the heater unit. The radio controls should be where the heater controls are located. It is a strange set up the way the 2015 console was arranged.

- Heather D

I find it very interesting my car payment are not high.

The seating is very comfortably, holds gas very well I fill up maybe twice a week and I run everywhere stores, work,friends house, home the space is amazing fits 5 people in the car and a lot of space for bags etc in the back. I never have any problems out of it straight dependable car I drive on the daily.

- Amber B

Some random things that do not work.

It is a good running car, does not drive too well in the rain. The seats are really nice and comfy. Sometimes the air conditioner does not turn on for the face and gets stuck on the floor. But if you turn the car off and on it will work right. You have to always turn the air off before turning the car off.

- Alyssa F

This is a great SUV for people just starting out!

No issues so far! I love it! This vehicle has four wheel drive, which is nice for winter. I like how it is higher up, so I can see better. You can fold down the back seats, so you have more space in the back. I can also connect my phone via Bluetooth to make phone calls and listen to music from my spotify.

- Bridget H

We got a good deal on the car and we are overall happy with it.

It has a nice exterior look, inside comfort and plenty of legroom. The AC works well, as does the heat. The gas mileage is not all that great. In the beginning, it was poor but it seems to have improved within a month's time. Trunk is sufficient for a 4-person household using sport equipment and groceries.

- Julie G

Reliable, sleek car that will get you to your destination no matter the distance

The only issue I have had so far is the turbo losing power, some parts needed to be replaced but then it was up and running again. Overall, a super reliable car. I drive long distances frequently because I go to a college nine hours away from my home and I never doubt my vehicle will get me there safely.

- Madeline R

Needs more space but overall a good car

Not very much room in the back seat, I have two toddlers and they constantly kick the back of the front seats. My Bluetooth won't connect to my phone once about every month and I have to call and get it reset which is pretty annoying, but other than that I really love it! Drives great and is good on gas

- Kylie A

Overall it is a roomy, comfortable and reliable vehicle.

This vehicle is very roomy and comfortable. It has been very reliable but I would have expected a better quality tire on the vehicle which was purchased new. Other than having to recently replace the vehicle battery there have been no issues other than safety recalls which were fixed at no cost by Ford.

- Janice G

Perfect size with comfort.

What I love about my Ford Escape is the comfort on the inside. I feel safe and secure and the size of the vehicle is perfect. We use this car for all our vacations and we have never had any issues. The drive is smooth and there is plenty of space for all our luggage or whatever else we need to carry.

- April R

My 2015 Ford Escape review.

I bought my 2015 Escape back in august of 2017 and I love it and my fiancé loves it as well, it drives smooth, the breaks are reliable, the Sirius XM is crystal clear, the safety measures are great, its speed acceleration is so smooth, after my fiancés car broke down I gave the Escape to my fiancé.

- Justin C

It is a great car just small with a husband, baby and 12 year old.

I enjoy my car but I have two kids and a husband so we outgrew the car. It is good on gas and highway mileage. I enjoy it on vacation and the rear view camera is amazing. And I also love that you can get in the car with a code so then days at the waterpark you can just leave your keys in the car. :).

- Amanda P

The Midwest takes on the Ford Escape.

My 2015 Ford Escape has been a great first SUV for us. It drives smooth, handles the road very easily and has plenty of space for my family of 4. We've had no issues arise at all. I love how much trunk room there is. Personally it could be a little more comfortable but it is not the worse I have had.

- Natasha B

A great universal sport utility car.

The ford escape is a really good family car. The seats are durable and is easy to get a car seat in and out of the back seat. It gets pretty good gas mileage and is fun to drive. It is also fairly comfortable on longer trips. The trunk area is very spacious and can fit a lot of groceries or luggage.

- Linda H

2015 ford escape is a great car.

I really like my 2015 ford escape. It is a pleasure to drive. It is very reliable and has had no mechanical problems. Most important to me is it handles very well in the snow. Gas mileage is good. The only thing I would upgrade is the navigation system. Overall, I am very pleased with this vehicle.

- Evelyn J

Hands free liftgate and backup camera with beeps is awesome.

My Ford Escape is one of the most dependable vehicles I have ever owned. I have 52000 miles on it and love the heated seats, satellite radio, and push button start. I also have a remote start that I love in the winter time. I have only had one issue with a sensor, but that was still under warranty.

- Julie W

Great car with some routine maintenance.

I have to replace steering bearings on 3/4 tires twice (car has 65,000 miles). Besides not having 'real' 4 wheel drive I love the car. It is the perfect size and makes me feel safe. The trunk space is a bit smaller than the earlier versions but you can still fit a significant amount of stuff in it.

- Meg N

Perfect size of a vehicle for those not wanting something huge

This vehicle is the perfect size. It sits up higher and has a trunk that can fit a lot. It drives well. The radio screen is a bit small. I wish it was bigger and was touch screen. I have had problems with the material on the doors staining and not being able to wash. Overall this car holds up well.

- Ashley T

The one important thing others should know about my car, is that it's new to me but it is used; don't take advantage of me driving people everywhere, and will run into problems later down the line.

I love how safe I feel while driving, especially the brakes! The cruise control is a plus! I've always wanted a bigger vehicle and 4 wheel drive, especially getting through the rain and snow. It is used, and only complaint is the smell from the previous owner, but I'm not the one who's complaining!

- Shelby W

Nice family vehicle. Very reliable.

It's a great vehicle for my family. My kids aren't babies anymore so I wanted to ditch the minivan. It's a great vehicle for running errands and still has decent trunk space. The sync system is touchy at times but still gets the job done well. It smaller than a standard SUV but still really sturdy.

- Halley C

Excellent vehicle for towing a camper trailer.

I love that my car has all the features that keep it current such as Bluetooth connect ability, Sirius radio, on board maintenance trackers, parking assist, finding a parking spot assist, and a tow package! I spent the summer traveling up and down the Pacific Northwest towing a 16 foot lightweight.

- Sara S

Good car for the amount of money you spend

i love the gas mileage i get. i do a lot of driving so it means a lot to me. i love the electronics as well. the way the dash looks is easy to read at all times. the only drawback is if you are a tall guy like me you don't have a lot of room in the back seat once you put the seat all the way back.

- mike e

Why I love my Ford Escape.

My car is very reliable and economical as far as being good on gas. It's a quiet riding car. I love the screen for backing up and the heated seats. I also love the Bluetooth for hands free phone use. It is not to big and not to small and very roomy to haul large things when you drop the back seat.

- Lois K

I love especially the hands free answering, back up camera.

My car drives fairly excellent. Handles curves very well. Vehicle starts right up. I don't like that my speakers are not loud enough and that I don't have touch screen near radio area. I don't know about the gas because you can put e85 or 87 in it but 87 seems to deplete faster than e85 gasoline.

- Jasmine W

Ford Escape is a great car for a young professional.

The gas tank is incredibly small. It gets great gas mileage, but it is not used the most efficiently because of the small gas tank. In addition, they could have made the trunk area a little smaller to great more room in the second row of seats. Overall, it is a great car for a young professional.

- Kelly C

Amazing family car with cool features.

The vehicle is a compact SUV for a small. Family. I enjoy the amount of space, performance and the amount of gas I save for a SUV. The vehicle also has the option to be driven in standard shift, which is cool. Overall, this is a great family car. I would recommend a Ford to my family and friends.

- Angela J

Crossovers are the perfect vehicle!

This vehicle has everything you need plus what you want in a car. I'm a small woman and it's big enough to fit my dogs, cargo, and passengers, but easy enough for me to maneuver. The backup camera is the best addition to this vehicle. It is the perfect medium between a sedan and a full sized SUV

- Maya S

Ford Escape is an interesting vehicle

This vehicle is very reliable. I have no had any issues since I brought it home. The Bluetooth is very user friendly and the keyless entry is extremely convenient. I would say it is a good purchase for anyone looking for something new and trendy. The safety features make this vehicle impressive.

- Amber H

Love My Escape from reality

I love my Escape. The ride is very smooth. The visibility is great. I feel safe. The base it pretty decent for a Ford. I enjoy the huge touch screen that offers many options including weather and searching for movie times! I enjoy the blinker not being to loud as well. Gas mileage is wonderful.

- Sydney J

Amazing Ford that I'd recommend to anyone.

No problems after 3 years. Great performance. Smooth ride. Comfortable seats that are adjustable. All of the features are simple but fantastic. Perfect car for a single person or for a family. It is a very reliable car, it handles well in all types of weather from snow to sleet to rain to mud.

- Jennifer F

Great vehicle and great value for a small SUV.

This car is very comfortable. The battery compartment may create a problem if you have to change it and the gas mileage is not as good as I expected. But I think it is because of the small tank. It is roomie and provide all the comforts I need. The control panel has easily reached by operator.

- Bobby D

2015 Ford Escape - great SUV for people who don't want to drive a big vehicle.

My vehicle is comfortable, and large enough to fit everything I need to travel with but small enough to not be overwhelming for a person who previously drove a small car. I have not had any major maintenance issues. Replacing a tire can get expensive though (only problem I have experienced).

- Meredith W

Easy driving of the good looking Escape.

My car has comfortable driving with great pick and go. It is extremely easy to maneuver turns and easy to park. The gas mileage is super efficient where it gets almost twenty miles to a gallon. There is sufficient legroom and huge trunk. I like the back up camera and the large side mirrors.

- Annie L

Ford Escape - great car to own.

Air conditioning acting up around year 4. Reliable on long distances. Great gas mileage. Very comfortable interior. Large trunk with back seats that fold down so lots of room for storage. Love the navigation and sound system. Heated seats are great, would love cooled seats and heated steer.

- Rachel C

Great Ford great price wouldn't expect anything less.

The performance is great. It is always a smooth ride. I have has this vehicle for three years and it's still feels brand new. I had to change the tires only twice since owning this vehicle. It is easy to steer I never worry going for long drives or worry about it breaking down it the city.

- Kell W

Mom Review for my mom car that�s does all my mom jobs.

The Ford Escape (2015) has a spacious back seat for two car seats or three people. Roomy front seats. Power adjust. Great for long car rides. Great trunk space fit enough luggage for 5 people. This is a great car with a smooth ride. I get decent gas mileage for an SUV (350 miles per tank).

- Jess H

The 2015 Ford Escape is an excellent starter SUV for a small family.

I really enjoy the Ford Escape. The titanium model is worth the money. All of the features are excellent. It drives well and is great on gas. It does well as long as you take care of it. Only con in my opinion is the software for technology. Its nice but has some issues (speed/connection).

- Lillian L

Comfortable 5 person vehicle.

I really like the size of my vehicle, it allows me to drive multiple people but is not too big that it is hard to park. I also find it very reliable and have had very few problems, all minor. I enjoy the features as week such as XM radio, moonroof, multiple cup holders, and back up camera.

- Emily Y

Overall performance is great.

Haven't had any problems except I have to put a new battery in it. Cold weather is affecting it but I really don't know how old the battery is. Got it stuck in the mud this past summer got it out ok. Performed very well under those circumstances. I love the overall reactions when I drive.

- Marianne N

Great vehicle, function and size combo

This is the perfect small SUV. Good sizing, drives well, very useful. All fords are reliable in my opinion. Ford customer service is the best. I have used my escape on long trips, off road, to tow a small trailer. This is a go to vehicle with a compact sizing that allows for easy driving.

- Lena R

Great gas mileage, more than enough room and comfortable.

Let's see well the overall performance is spectacular. It glides down highways and interstates with ease. It gets great gas mileage and serves me well whether it's just a trip to the store, going to work or going for a weekend haul. It's got just enough room and serves all my needs well.

- Michael B

2015 Ford Escape SE 4x4 Is The Perfect Daily Driver

The interior of the car is roomy and comfortable in both the front and back seats. One of the rear seats even reclines. Great gas mileage for a 4x4. Comfortable to drive and performs well. I also love the keypad on the drivers side door to unlock the car in case you don't have your keys.

- Karin S

Good car, bad gas mileage

I've only had it a month. So far, so good. No problems at all. I do definitely think the gas mileage is terrible. I only get between 200-250 miles per tank. I am filling it every 3 to 4 days. I only get 20 miles per gallon. Not so good on gas. Other than that, I have no problems.

- Gayle M

Dependability in performance and handling.

Cherry red body color does show dings and dents from other cars and road debris pretty easily. It does get good gas mileage and is an easy car to handle in various driving conditions. It does seat four people comfortably and with the fold down seats, can carry a fairly large cargo load.

- William D

The Escape is a good size vehicle with a comfortable ride.

Having previously had a 2 door compact car, I really like the 4 doors and that it sits up higher off the ground. I also really like the backup camera and the additional sections on the side mirrors that help to alleviate the blind spots. I do wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Eva S

Easy entrance for aging seniors.

My Escape is comfortable to get in and out of. It drives good but it is easy to jerk. It does not get the gas mileage that was posted but not bad. It gets about 21 mpg around town and about 25+ on the highway. For two people it is very comfortable but a little cramped in the back seat.

- Ruth S

I am not really sure how to summarize a car but it is a nice car.

Not a problem but the lock button is on the radio which is a little odd. The screen is a little small and the radio is strange. Backseat is a little small and cramped. Other than that great car and nothing wrong with it would recommend to others super fun car and great for a first one.

- Victoria H

Love of Escapes - why Escapes are the best cars for non mini can fans.

The Escape is one of the best cars! It helps me drive around my nieces and friends no problem! It has a smooth drive that handles well in all conditions. It is perfect for those who want a car that is reasonably priced, has room for growth or adventures without feeling like a mom car!!

- Rebecca P

A 30-year old dream car.

Super reliable, good gas mileage, comfortable, great speaker system, not overwhelming technology in the car. My brakes feel like they're giving out before they should. However, inexpensive parts and labor is helping. off-roading is also very easy even though it is not 4-wheel drive.

- Katherine N

Fun to drive. Well equipped smaller SUV.

The 2015 Ford Escape is a fun to drive small SUV. It has everything that the Ford Explorer has just in a smaller package. It has AWD/4WD intelligence and handles well in any weather conditions. The Ford Escape comes equipped with power windows and door locks and a keyless entry system.

- Nancy C

I love to Escape in my ford!

I have a fully loaded Ford Escape and love all the safety features. I especially love the blind spot warning in each of the side mirrors and the backup camera. It also has warning sensors on either side and front if you too close to an object. It has a fabulous sound system as well.

- Gloria A

Space and car key remote start button

The only problems that I see in the vehicle are that it could be a little more spacious. Currently I am having the problem of starting the car because of the remote even though we have changed the battery already we have to put the key next to the sensor otherwise it will not turn on.

- Norma B

Versatile and comfortable vehicle for smaller SUV.

I like my ford escape. Vestigial and convenient vehicle. Great on highway,. Comfortable ride nice upgrades. Love the heated seats, stereo system and large sunroof. Roomy back seat for Smaller SUV. Gas mileage could be better and prefer a better package to keep navigation current.

- Tina M

For a small size SUV, it gets horrible gas mileage.

I do have issues with the sync. Sometimes it drops my phone calls, sometimes it will not let my phone sync with the system. Also, the navigation system is a nightmare to program. Voice prompts seem to not work, and manual programing is a nightmare. This is why I prefer older cars. .

- James K

Spacious red rider more than reliable.

My car is great. It has great gas mileage and performance in all types of weather. It is spacious and comfortable. The heated front seats are a major plus for the chilly seasons. It has yet to let me down on my long trips and I do not foresee myself ever getting anything but a ford.

- Sarah A

My Ford Escape is the perfect size and it's fun to drive.

I love my escape. It's got plenty of room for both passengers and cargo, without being huge. It's easy and fun to drive and I have the ability to drive over different terrains with no problems. I love that it's not too obnoxiously big so it handles well and gets decent gas mileage.

- Vanessa M

The backup camera is my favorite feature!

I like the way the car drives. It is reliable. I like the features such as the navigation system and the Bluetooth for the cell phone. I wish there was a way to reply a text message back while driving the same way you can make a phone call. My favorite feature is the backup camera.

- Sandra E

The best kind of ride for me

Well it's very reliable when it comes to traveling. I love this model of Ford because even though I have no children it still is safe for my girlfriends' niece. But gas mileage is outstanding. Plus I choose this kind of vehicle in case I go out with friends they don't feel cramped

- Isaiah B

Moonroof on this model was a plus and also the 4 wheel drive.

The only complaint is that the transmission had to be replaced after 100,000 miles. My fiance drove the car all over South Texas for his job so the miles added up very quickly even though the car was brand new. It is a very reliable car and we love the fact that it has a moonroof.

- Alyssa C

Ford escape best SUV yet.

I haven't had army problems it off it yet. I haven't had it for very long. But it is a gas hog. I feel like I have to put gas in it every other day. It's probably the best SUV I've had yet. I don't plan on getting another car anytime soon. But if I did have to id get another ford

- victoria M

It�s very sleek and easy to drive.

It's a great car. It was purchased brand new back in 2015. I've had no problems with the vehicle since it's purchase. We regularly get our vehicle oil changes and maintain it. We have done a few long distance road trips and we get great gas mileage and it's always a smooth drive.

- Samantha H

Well loved small SUV for modern living.

Great smallish SUV. Seats fold completely flat which is helpful when transporting items. Only problem I have had was the rubber around the driver side door frame ripped and frayed in pieces. Otherwise great vehicle for comfort and easy and fun to drive. Back Seats are comfy too.

- Robin R

I love my Ford Escape back up cam.

Good on gas small easy to park and has sync seats fit my body has backup camera seeing things better while backing satellite radio Bluetooth hands free phone answer and dialing has radial hooks to your iphone phone book speak name and it will dial remembers last number dialed.

- Mary J

Nice and reliable vehicle.

The only problem I have had is that my tires need to be filled about once a month. I do not know what's wrong, but I have prematurely needed new tires because of it. The car is comfortable for my family of three. If we had another child, I may have to upgrade to a larger SUV.

- Angela K

2015 Ford Escape positive review.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle since I purchased it used six months ago. It has all the features I was looking for and was reasonably priced. I have not had to replace anything but the tires and get regular oil changes. The size is also perfect for my small family.

- Melissa B

Amazing rearview cameras make reversing easy.

Vehicle includes system maintenance alerts, rearview camera, Bluetooth compatibility, and folding rear seats. The Bluetooth compatibility does not connect to all devices, lacks a navigation system, sunroof, and side view cameras. Good for storage, has a reliable acceleration.

- Rose W

The titanium package is amazing!

My car is amazing. The titanium package has all the bells and whistles. It is dependability and look make it the well rounded vehicle. This car has also made me appreciate Ford vehicles. Safety and dependability provide me assurance that I made the right choice for my family.

- Stephanie C

Has ecoboost which is great on the road and better on gas.

No problems, definitely reliable, great on gas. Sporty. Has the SUV feel which I enjoy. Has great speed and had a smooth feel on the freeway going long distances. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a car as they will not regret it. Go test drive one today.

- Sandy P

I love my beautiful blue ford Escape.

Love my car. Great gas mileage. Has a lot of get up and go. It has a backup camera as well as a moonroof. It also has a remote starter and being in and where it gets cold getting into a warm car is really nice. The only feature I wanted and it does not have was heated seats.

- Shannon C

I love my vehicle and am glad I got it!

I love my vehicle. I am tall and while this car is not huge it is big enough I can get in and out of it comfortably and with no pain in my knees from being to low. The only thing I don't like is that it does not take off very well but it is a 4 cylinder so that makes sense.

- Kaitlyn M

Ford Escapes are amazing!

This is a great vehicle. It has been very reliable and I have not encountered any problems so far. It is a great family vehicle and fits a family of 5 nicely. It is a good size SUV and has a lot of trunk space. I would highly recommend this vehicle and would purchase again.

- April A

The Ford Escape is reliable

The gas mileage is not as good as was advertised, but that is my only real problem with it. Easy to drive, easy to maintain, all in all a pretty good car. It strikes a good balance between maneuverability and safety, both of which are important to me. A good, reliable car.

- Jake M

Very nice vehicle. Ford Escape. Low maintenance.

Really good quality car. Rarely had to get fix. Gets good mileage. Very comfortable. Gets good mileage on highway and a road trip. Fits passengers well. Price was good when I bought. Can take back to dealer to get fix. Very reliable vehicle. The upkeep is not expensive.

- Nadine M

Little blue SUV that could.

It is a reliable midsize SUV(crossover). It is not the fanciest car on the market but it is spacious and gets the job done. It fits two car seats without a problem. The back gives you a lot of room for hauling and the seats go down very easily to make more hauling space.

- Amanda L

I like it, very easy to use and comfortable to drive.

I like the Ford Escape but it has a really small fuel tank so that makes it hard to travel long distances. The car is very easy to drive and it has a lot of really good features and extras. It gets good gas mileage on the highway which is nice but not very good city mpg.

- Jess L

Practical but not built for comfort.

Not a very comfortable ride and you can hear a lot of road noise. Overall, not many problems. I do have a popping noise in the front wheel area that was supposed to have been repaired but it's still there. Decent gas mileage, approx. 20 mpg in town and 22 on the Hwy.

- Angela T

Best vehicle yet! Very happy with our purchase!

Very good vehicle. Hasn't had any problems in the 2 years that we've had it. Very comfortable to drive long distances. We have taken it across the country and back. It is our everyday driver because it gets great gas mileage. I would recommend the Ford Escape to anyone.

- Justin A

Smooth riding car with plenty of room and decent gas mileage.

Drives well and gets reasonable gas mileage. I love the room and comfort level. The cargo area is roomy. The mirrors are easy to adjust. Very good driving vehicle. Driving is smooth and effortless. Love the color and shape of the vehicle. Very good car to take trips in.

- Tab W

2015 Ford Escape SE - Safety, comfortability and performance at its best.

This vehicle gets great mileage; around 28-30 mpg. Great performance driving in any weather. Inside is spacious, especially when the back seats are stowed. A couple of the best features are the back-up camera and hands-free Sync Bluetooth with many input/output options.

- Jennifer R

My dream Escape and how much I love it.

My Escape runs like a dream. It is by far the nicest car I have ever owned. I have had no maintenance issues since purchasing it. With all the bells and whistles that the titanium has you could almost live in it. It is a 4x4 so it handles all road types with no worries.

- Adrianne G

The vehicle is comfortable to drive and easy to adjust the seat for multiple drivers.

I like the ease of driving it, good view of road and others through front window. The size is great for parking and the backup camera assists with backing up. I don't like the vent positions and the button to turn on the back wipers, it is easy to activate by accident.

- Lori R

I have only ever driven ford escapes!

The only con I can think of is that the windshield wipers constantly need replacing if I get them done through the dealership. Very loud and ineffective. Otherwise I love this car. I frequently drive multiple hours at a time and it is a very comfortable and sturdy car.

- Kristin G

Ford escape review points

The Ford escape is a roomy SUV, the Ford escape gets very good gas mileage, it is equipped with a backup camera that is a little small for my liking. The side mirrors are very good. It has many features that you can set like the radio won't play if you are not buckled

- Linda F

The stereo is my favorite feature with it being all touch screen.

Good gas mileage. Fits up to five people. Back 'trunk' area is spacious and can fit a lot of items. Radio is touch screen and hooks right up to my phone when I get in the car. Stereo is decent for being stock. Wish they had a second row seat option to fit more people.

- Chris U

Reliable SUV with plenty of storage.

Reliable car but takes a little bit to get up and going when pulling into traffic. Lots of storage room. Seats are very comfortable. Dashboard is easy to read. Steering wheel is comfortable. Good gas mileage. Center console not driver friendly to access things inside.

- Becky C

I Love my Escape, it suits me.

I like my Escape, it allows me to do what I need to do easily. The seats are easy to lay down. I just wish I had gotten the roof rack when I bought it. I love the extended moonroof, and the automatic lift gate. Slightly more leg room in the back seat would be great.

- Phaedra W

Driving my ford escape it handles well in the winter!

My family works for ford motor company and we always had ford cars I love my ford escape because it got me threw bad winter of 2019! And I love way it handles on the back roads I take to town to do my shopping I would buy another ford and it would be 2019 ford escape!

- Laura L

Cranberry color is popular, easy to keep clean.

Rides higher than cars, do better visibility. No problems. Good gas mileage both city and highway. Roomy inside for longer trips. Easy to load and unload groceries, furniture, plants, gardening implements. Easy to park and a fair ride. More like a truck than a car.

- Carolyn P

My Ford Escape has been great.

I have yet to have any mechanical issues with this car. It is very comfortable. I like the fact that I can hook my phone up to it via Bluetooth and the steering wheel has buttons for the radio on it. It is performance is very good. Pretty average mileage per gallon.

- Gayle S

Great vehicle. I love the back up camera and we have Sirius radio which is great.

I love my 2015 Ford Escape. It is roomy and comfortable. Lots of room in the back for passengers and cargo. Love the back up camera in it. The car has get up and go on city streets and on the interstate. Gas mileage is good too. Oil change is expensive but worth it.

- Joanna A

A happy college student with a great vehicle to get her anywhere she needs to go.

My car is well equipped to handle a variety of weather conditions and keeps me and my puppy safe while traveling! I have not had any major problems with this car in the 3 years I have had it. The biggest problem I had was the Bluetooth randomly deciding not to work.

- Martha P

Ford escape 2015 car review last 3 months.

So far so good. I haven't had any issues with the car. It runs smooth and is efficient on gas. I also have a sunroof that I absolutely love in the summer when I am cruising around. My boyfriend loves driving it around and it is a great fit for parking in city spots.

- Andrea F

Wonderful Small SUV to own!

I love the comfort of the interior as well as the gas mileage. I'm not a fan of the windshield having sensors in it that make it super expensive to replace if it gets cracked. The center console is a bit intimidating to the people less familiar with technology, too.

- Robbin G

The ford escape, the perfect car.

It is a easy to drive, accessible car. Great fuel economy with all the technology I need. I like the fact it has hands free sync. The ford escape is a great car for work and play. I would recommend the car to anyone. The seats fold down easy and make plenty of room.

- Colin H

Dependable vehicle with no problems

This has been a very reliable car. We have never had any problems with this vehicle. We take it in for the regular maintenance such as oil changes and tires. Very dependable vehicle. This is the second for escape we have owned and have had no problems with either

- Lisa L

Ford Escape. The Escape is a nice compact, but roomy SUV, that is fun to drive.

The vehicle handles great when driving, it is compact enough to maneuver great in traffic. The interior is set up to be very comfortable, there is plenty of legroom for both front and back passengers. There is lots of room in the back enough for 3 large suitcases.

- Amy G

Let the buyer beware of this car.

This car has had a lot of repair issues including 6 quarts of oil that went missing and caused the engine to seize. If it was a leak, we should have see evidence of a oil leak. Engine was spotless and the mechanic went over it looking for where the oil leaked out.

- Julie R

No specific interesting detail

Comfortable size to drive around in, not too oversized. Handles appropriately. The screen features for parking shut off randomly at times. The screen features for playing music are not simple to use. Always takes a lot of effort to be able to play music through it

- Sandy P

Ford Escape - Practical and Reliable.

My vehicle is very reliable and functional. I love that it's big enough for the family, but still compact enough for great gas mileage and ease of use. I have owned this car for about three years and have had no issues. Ten out of ten would recommend to a friend.

- Megan H

Battery dying and hoses breaking. Skipping

On the escape antifreeze keeps leaking due to hoses breaking. Battery has been replaced twice. Would not recommend buying the Ford Escape. Check engine light stays on. It skips often. We have kept it serviced. Would not buy another Ford. We have been very unhappy

- Sara B

I really like my Ford Escape.

I love the Bluetooth for making and answering phone calls hands free. I love the backup screen so you can see what's behind you and also the beeping red screen if something is along the back rear sides.. I love the heated seats. I love the lumbar driver seat.

- Lois A

I love the gas mileage and how it tells me when to change oil and get gas

It drives great, comfortable and great gas mileage. It handles well, lots of room for a small SUV. It has comfortable ride. The features are gs. Power seats, windows, mirrors, cruise control, temperature control for back and front, lock in speed and radio volume

- Jodi C

The right car at last for me and my family!

I love this car its roomy and comfortable and drives like a dream its perfect! It has plenty of room for my family and makes shopping so much easier. It also has GPS and I can dock my cell phone to it. The color is a seafoam green and I feel so proud driving it.

- Electra W

Love My Red 2015 Escape SE

love the cloth interior - it is hard to find. The A/C is strong and cold - good for the humid northeast region. Microsoft SYNC works well with my phone. Lots of room in the back even with the seats up, but especially with the seats down - tons of storage space

- Sherry G

Really love how well the car drives.

The vehicle is really comfortable. The buttons on the steering wheel are rather inconvenient though. The answer/skip song and end/skip song buttons are together and sometimes calls are ended before realizing I have done so. I love how smooth the vehicle drives.

- Toni W

Love my Escape, it takes me everywhere I need to be!

Very reliable vehicle. I have 145K miles on it already and no issues. Gas mileage averages 30 mpg. Love the heated seats. I drive 250 miles a day, 3 days a week. Car is extremely comfortable. Great radio and CD player. I could not be happier with this vehicle.

- Vicki B

Love the car, hate the My Key restrictions

This is my second Ford Escape and by far my favorite vehicle. My only issue is that I purchased it used and it only came with one key that unfortunately has the My Key setting. I'm unable to drive over 80 mph, turn my music over 14, or play music from my phone.

- Brit S

It�s a really nice semi big car that perfect to me

I haven't had any problems with my car yet. It is a very reliable car so far. We have had it for a year.I don't like that there is no air vents in the back seat of the car. I love that there is a backup camera. It makes it way easier to back into parking spots

- Sara L

More room in the back hatch area than you thing!

Great small family car. Have taken it to Georgia twice and we had plenty of room for a family of 3. The fit of the car is nice where you don't feel cramped while driving. Love the system check on the control center. Let’s me keep up with how my car is doing.

- Tori P

It is got a fairly good safety rating and gets pretty good mileage.

I like that it is roomy, and fairly comfortable for a big person, yet capable of being driven well by a small person. I dislike that ford canceled sync, and I do not like the other gadgetry on the car--it requires trips to the dealer to do or undo what I want.

- Rick L

Good MPG and storage in a decent package.

I've had it for two years and I like it so far. It has plenty of cargo space and the back seats can fold down to make more room... I have also slept in the back, not the most comfortable but doable. It has decent gas Mileage comparable with other midsize SUVs.

- Benjamin W

Good and bad/ pros and cons

Great smooth riding with a lot of visibility and ease of all electronics very dependable and lots of legroom not a lot of head room need a cover to hide item in hatch area with sunroof slider when window down it rattles in wind and hard to know if sunroof shut

- Angie H

Great car overall highly recommended.

I have never had a problems with my car. It drives very smooth! The double moon roof brings in such natural light. Having the Bluetooth voice makes a very great difference. The foot activated trunk is wonderful with groceries and any other storage I may have.

- Sarah Q

The cruise control is precise and very useful for highway travel.

I like the sportiness of the ecoboost i4 engine combined with a capable suspension. I have the Titanium model and it has the capability of satellite radio and USB connectivity to my phone. It is capable of high speed safely and it is comfortable to drive.

- Nathanael B

Ford Escape SE is a nice vehicle but not impressed

Its nice. I like the looks of it. It's not the package I want therefore I'm not thoroughly pleased but the price kept me from getting what I want. It's very loud on the road but gas mileage is decent. I miss the push button features I had on my other vehicle.

- Rhonda B

It has power especially going uphill

I like the size. I am petite so it is great for me. I like the navigation. I like that it has memory seats. My husband is over 6' and I am under 5' so we are always moving the driver's seat. The memory seat is great. All we need to do is press the button

- Sandy R

Ford Escape a safe comfortable and economic vehicle

Outside of regular maintenance I have not had issues with my car it is comfortable, reliable and drives well. I would and will definitely buy this type of vehicle again. It still gets gas mileage of 22 to 24 on highway and 18 to 22 miles per gallon in town

- Clara K

I have so much space and the ride is so comfortable.

This is the second Escape that I have owned, I have never had so little maintenance to do on a vehicle. I had the 2005 Escape for 7 years and never had a moments trouble. A very reliable vehicle and I will buy another Escape when I get ready for a new car.

- Martha D

My car is just fine but I wouldn't mind more features.

Never had any issues with the vehicle and its sound running and it has detect technology but I would like to have more technology to be honest. I am not sure what else you want me to say I wish it had seat or butt warmers. It's an average car but I love it.

- Nikki W

It has fantastic gas mileage! By far I think everyone should be aware of that.

I love that my Escape has heated seats, it's FANTASTIC on gas mileage, and most importantly it is comfortable. I also love all of the options on the touch screen dashboard. It really lets me personalize my car. There are no complaints about this car at all.

- Samantha G

Great vehicle to own and drive

This vehicle is wonderful. The ford escapes is the only vehicle we buy. This is now my 4th escape. If I didn't love the escape we would look at other vehicle models. The only thing I wished they would add is a heated steering wheel, that would be wonderful

- Sam M

Awesome car at an affordable price!

The car does not have many problems however it does use a lot of gas for a small SUV. Very reliable. Comfort is very good well. Did not get many upgraded features but leather seats are nice as are the heated seats. Sunroof is my favorite feature in the car

- Jeremy P

Grab the family and take a trip on a ford!

Fun to drive! Smooth ride and so much space for the entire family. Easy to steer, quiet, reliable, and safe. Cool features such as backup camera, Bluetooth, touch screen, sync available, plus heated seats. Great on gas - perfect for road trips! Must have.

- Mary R

During a downpour of rain the traction is amazing.

I like the remote start, heated seats, digital speedometer and sonny sound system. I dislike it has so many extras but is missing a/c seats, lane assist and brake assist. I am shorter so I do not like I cannot use the arm rest because it is too far back.

- Lauren P

Great single mom car! This is an awesome comfortable vehicle!

My Escape is a solid and sturdy vehicle. It is comfortable and has awesome features. I like the early warning signs and the rear view camera. It is efficient and has a lot of room for my children. It is also easy to fold seats and increase storage areas.

- Danielle L

Love the Roominess of my 2015 Ford Escape!

This car is super reliable and affordable! I love how it is large enough to fit five people comfortably, but not so large that I feel like I'm driving a boat around town. The trunk space is so large and convenient. The back seat is roomy and comfortable.

- Kiley H

It runs good and the turning radius is excellent for a SUV.

It rides very smooth. It is easy to handle. The turning radius is excellent. It is very comfortable. You can see cars from different directions. The inside is very comfortable. You have different options of colors to choose from. The price was excellent.

- Linda B

Headaches of recalls and mechanical issues.

It has been recalled 3 times, including a door latch and seatbelt issues. The rear seat belt always locks up, unrelated to the recall issue. The warning lights go on for no reason. Despite being checked by mechanics, there is no reason for them being on.

- Zach S

The vehicle runs smoothly and is easy to drive, but it does get a little challenging in very windy weather.

The vehicle gets good highway gas mileage. In town is not as good, but is not terrible. The vehicle drives and rides smoothly and has so far been very low maintenance. The seats are comfortable and the driver's seat has multiple adjustments for the seat.

- Kelsey J

I had a 2002 Escape and went after the 2015. I still like the 2002 model better.

So far I haven't had any problems, well my left back window had an issue when I first got the car. Ford fixes it. Haven't had any other problems. The one issue I do have is there’s no place to put the drivers stuff when there’s others in the vehicle.

- Kathy H

2015 ford escape awesome vehicle.

So far my ford escape has been an awesome vehicle. I have had no issues whatsoever since I bought it in September 2018. I would recommend this vehicle to anybody that wants a quality SUV. The fact that I can use Bluetooth to play my music is a plus also.

- Carrie M

Buy Ford Escapes they are a best buy

I have had no issues as of yet with my Escape. I enjoy it and it is a very reliable vehicle. I recommend Ford Escapes. I have had two over the past fifteen years. My college child drives my original 2005. She loves that SUV. They are solid and reliable.

- Bobby F

Safety yet comfort and style

This car is great on gas and super safe for the family. I am really happy with this choice of purchasing this vehicle. These is an awesome version, I love having a touch screen and backup camera, it helps when backing up. It's a really comfortable car.

- Adele H

hands free trunk works great for single mothers or even bigger families

No complaints very reliable, a lot of room, comfortable and up to date electronics. Seats 5 people and has a large trunk. You can open and close the trunk hands free. I have had it for one year and I have not had to make any repairs on anything at all.

- Elizabeth E

Good vehicle. Recommend to everyone.

I drive everyday to work. I love this vehicle. Less gasoline. Love it. I recommend to buy this vehicle. Less price, value of the car. Beautiful shape, safely, multiple colors. I really love this car. Recommend to everyone. SUV is the best car to drive.

- Ha H

It looks small from the outside, but it really is roomy. A family of 4 can ride very comfortably.

I love the size of the vehicle. It's perfect for a small family. The trunk has a ton of space for being a smaller crossover SUV. The gas mileage is truly phenomenal, I am very impressed. Also, the intelligent 4WD comes in very useful for Maine winters.

- Katie D

Easy to drive with minor glitches.

The car has a lot of electrical glitches with the stereo and also with alert messages that flash then go away quickly and the 4 wheel drive is not great either- slides a lot in the snow. I like the size and the features though and it is easy to drive.

- Cadie B

I am not sure. It is reliable and workable.

I haven't had any issues with my ford. It is a small SUV, but has enough room for the people I drive on the things I do. I also think it has been fairly reliable, lower amounts of maintenance. I have decent gas mileage and lowers costs on maintenance.

- Kelley M

Like my Escape. The fold down rear seats are a plus for hauling things.

This is my second Escape. I loved my first one, a 2011 with a moonroof. Wanted 4 wheel drive because we get a lot of ice and snow in north Ohio. I like my new one. My only problem is that there is no where to put my purse except on the passenger seat.

- Linda P

Fun, fast, and safe cars.

Before the 60,000 miles was up put in new transmission. 73,000 new left front arm joint was replaced. But all around great vehicle. Love the interior and it's a fun, peppy car to drive. We even put a hitch on it and tow a trailer for camping supplies.

- Jill K

Overall great crossover, would recommend.

Great, reliable car. I love how sensitive the gas and brake pedals are and how fast it can accelerate. Very easy to drive, plenty of trunk space, and has pretty good electronics even on the base model. I do not particularly like the design of the car.

- Taylor H

It gets good gas mileage for an SUV type car.

I like the size of the car and the gas mileage I get in it. It is an SUV but does not feel too big. I do not like the windshield wipers on the car because I cannot figure out how to adjust the speed of them, they either go really fast or really slow.

- Mary M

Dashboard is my favorite part of the car. Easy to handle while driving.

I love the gas mileage. Also the slick design. Drives smooth on long trips. Easy to handle in all seasons too. Tires are hard to find where I am from. Dashboard is my favorite part of the car. Easy coordinate while driving. Overall I say get the car.

- Mike V

It is rides smoothly and has a lot of room.

Things I like about my vehicle: it is comfortable to sit in. The back lumbar support is adjustable. The back entrance, pushing the button. Keyless entry. How it rides on the road. What I do not care for is that it does not have very good gas mileage.

- Donna D

Reliable comfort and safety.

I love my car. Its reliable and comfortable. I feel safe driving in harsh weather conditions and always get to places on time. It has been a wonderful experience owning this vehicle and highly recommend to anyone. Maintenance is minimal its perfect.

- Theresa F

Ok midrange vehicle. Ok mileage, ok performance, good reliability.

No good place to put phone. Fit and finish is ok. Ride is nice, but lots of road noise. Ok gas mileage. Love having a backup camera. Would not like driving vehicle without one. Owned for 3+ years with no maintenance issues, just regular oil changes.


That it is a very versatile vehicle for a reasonable price.

I like the handling, the mileage, the cargo capacity, the back up camera and the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle. I don't like the very poorly designed roof rack, the fact that the back up beeper can't be muted when a trailer hitched up.

- Alan F

A great car for the space to haul things and the gas usage.

I really enjoy my crossover. It gets me from point A,to point B. It has,a lot of cozy room and enough space to pack for a week long vacation to Disney world a good quality gas manager as well, could do a week long of using gas only in a week.

- Cari J

the ride is very nice and quiet compared to my other cars.

the radio controls are in an awkward spot for changing things while driving. i do like the sensor that will open the liftgate if my hands are full. i really like the sensor in the door handle that will unlock the door if i have the fob on me.

- eric G

2015 Ford Escape - Purchased Used

We bought my 2015 Ford Escape used from Carvana and couldn't be happier. It drives smoothly and (knock on wood) we've had no mechanical issues with it. It's comfortable for our family of three with plenty of space for groceries/shopping/etc.

- Megan D

Ford escape, great gas mileage, comfortable and satellite radio.

My escape is very reliable, great on gas, comfortable, has all the features I need, lots of room. Performance is excellent. Has a radio with Sirius satellite and a CD player. Plenty of legroom, comfortable seating, power and tinted windows.

- Barbara S

Dependable and comfortable. A joy to ride and drive.

My Ford Escape has been a most enjoyable vehicle. We went on a 4500 mile road trip stopping after 6 hours driving each day and never once felt overtired or anxious about how the car was running. No issues so far and it is now 3 years old.

- Melba L

Ford Escape is a great buy!

I love my Ford Escape. It rides extremely smoothly and I enjoy that its large enough to comfortably fit 5 people. Also, the Bluetooth connection allows me to easily chat on the phone safely while driving. The gas mileage is also a positive!

- Kristina K

We love our Ford Escape Titanium.

Very comfortable even on long trips, loaded with creature comforts and great on gas. The only time it was ever serviced other than routine maintenance was for a factory campaign change which was handled during a scheduled service visit.

- Glenn G

Built ford tough in America, it has ecoboost so it's really good on gas for a small suv.

It's the nicest, newest vehicle I've ever owned. I love the Bluetooth connectivity, the backup camera, comfortable spacious interior, beautiful sunset color. I don't like that it doesn't have a sunroof, navigation, or a trailer hitch.

- Angie W

It has a lot of room, so you can transport larger things easier.

I like that it has Bluetooth settings to connect to your phone, as well as a rear view camera when backing up. It has a lot of room and it's mileage is decent for a car it's size. I just don't like that it doesn't have built in wifi.

- Megan M

It has great gas mileage.

It has great pick up, and it is far more roomy than my previous car. It has great gas mileage and rides comfortably. I love the media input for the stereo system. The seats don't fold as intuitively as I would hope for, though.

- Brandon M

Safe and easy to drive bad gas mileage.

I like how my escape drives, and is comfortable to drive. The only complaint have is that when it rains, the driver's side wiper sometimes gets stuck in the corner of the windshield, and sometimes does not come down all the way.

- Sandra T

I do not care what other people will think of my car.

I love how the car handles. Also, I love all the amenities. I love that I only have a couple payments left. I do not like that you have to hold the gas nozzle in while you pump the gas. I also wish that the gas tank was larger.

- Bonnie C

This vehicle is very comfortable. The seating is nice and it is a comfortable ride.

The one thing that I would add to my vehicle is memory seats. There are two of us that drive and it certainly would be nice to not have to adjust the seats every time one gets into the vehicle. With that said, I love my Escape!

- Julie T

The most important thing is that the back seats are not very comfortable if you are taking long trips.

The seats are very firm. The back seats are not comfortable for longer trips. Putting down the back seats is very easy. The console on the dashboard is not easy to see. Good value for the price. The car has great pick-up.

- Sam J

Good size for a small family or someone who travels often

I like the size and shape of the vehicle. It is curvy and interesting, rather than boxy, and has enough room for dogs and luggage when I travel. I dislike the buttons and the dash, as I feel they could have been higher quality.

- Allyssa M

Lots of cargo space. Fits 4 adults comfortably.

It is a great vehicle for the money. But the front seats could be more comfortable. And I think the side mirrors should be the same as the rear view mirror to keep you from being blinded by a car coming up beside you at night.

- Rita H

I enjoy the screen on my dashboard. It is touch screen and has many features.

I love my 2015 Ford Escape. It is easy to drive, a perfect size, and love the black color. Some features I like are the backup assist camera and automatic trunk. The back has plenty of space but does not feel like a huge car.

- Lizzy V