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See the world in my expedition.

I love it because it is high and I can see all the traffic in front of me. I like the information that the computer gives me, like 'low tire' or 'washer fluid needed.' I like the way the seats work and the ease in which they work. I wish that the driver's side window would not go all the way down when you push the button. The owner's manual is not particularly intuitive, for instance, I still haven't figured out how to automatically set the seats and mirrors. I also cannot figure out how to get the backup beeper to work again. The computer notifies me that the beeper is not working but I cannot figure out how to make it work.

- Barbara K

The Ford expedition. . . A truly great experience!

I really do like my Ford expedition. It is an Eddie Bauer edition, so it has a lot of extras on it. I absolutely love the heated seats and mirrors! It drives and handles beautifully! This is a very comfortable ride. . . And I enjoy driving on both long and short trips. The only thing I do not like is the incredibly low gas mileage. It gets about 13 mpg, and seems like I am always spending a lot of time at the gas pumps. Overall, though, I love my Ford expedition!

- Alan M

What a great family vehicle.

My 2006 ford expedition is a great family car. It has three rows of seating of which two rows fold down for lots of cargo space. It handles great locally and on the highway. It has front and rear heat and air conditioning controls for everyone's comfort. Because this is a large, heavy vehicle it is not fuel efficient. It can also tow a boat and trailer with ease.

- Diane M

Great vehicle for being older.

I love my expedition. It has so much room and very comfortable. I Have the option of six passengers with the three row seating. I usually only use the two rows and have the rest for storage. The vehicle seems to have a lot of legroom, and headroom. My vehicle is pretty basic but that is ok. It is drives very nice and haven't had any sort of problems with it.

- Cass O

Good sized vehicle, easily converts to smaller if extra backseat space is needed.

I love this vehicle, however we have encountered a few problems. The electrical wiring on one side of the car needs some work, and the catalytic converter filters need replaced. Neither of these problems have put the car out of commission, but they do incur cost and concern. This car runs well, has good space, and is comfortable, would recommend!

- Mel B

Loving our v8 triton expedition.

I absolutely love my expedition! We have 2 small children & we travel a lot. It has plenty of room for 2 large car seats with plenty of room to pack all of our stuff. I also love that, it has a v8 triton! Living a rural area it is awesome in the winter! I cannot say enough good things about my fords, we love Ford so much we own 3 of them.

- Mercedes W

Long-standing Ford expedition family vehicle.

My expedition has been our long standing family vehicle. We can safely pack and fit our family in this car, for long or short trips. It has been an extremely reliable car needing only required maintenance with over 150k miles. The entertainment system was important when the kids were younger but as they are adults it is less needed.

- Heather B

My sunroof is very useful on a cool evening.

I have had one major problem with my expedition the computer needed to be replaced since then it is worked fine it is very good on gas and it is easy to maneuver. The 7 seat. Are really a plus for me when the grandkids need a ride. I find that it is not too crowded with car seats and booster seats the DVD player is a welcome asset.

- Lilly M

Great family car for all your needs.

Love my vehicle, the ease of driving, it sits up high which I love. The seats are comfortable, there is plenty of room in back and even has 3 seats in very back which is awesome for extra friends or children, and all 3 of my kids car seats fit in middle row without having to have 3rd row in use. Love and would buy this model again.

- Brittany C

My Ford expedition and why I love it.

I absolutely love my expedition. It has plenty of room for luggage, groceries and anything else you need to haul around with you. It is roomy and comfortable to take on long trips. I also like that it has a tv/DVD player to keep my kids occupied. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone with a large family who needs plenty of room.

- Ashley K

Cons. Fail safe mode. Gasoline.

It needs a lot of gasoline. I spend about 30 or 40 dollars per week on gasoline. Also on winter time something that is call fail safe mode gets activated in the morning so you cannot drive. You have to warm it up for more than 20 minutes. Then turn the car off and back on and if you are lucky it might work again.

- Marina C

The cow leather captain style seats are extremely comfortable.

Had to replace the transmission at around 120, 000 miles. Also have had to change out several engine coils. Bought used so not sure what issues were before us. No other problems with the vehicle. Our 5. 4L has a clicking noise in the engine that our mechanic tells us he's heard from others of the same year.

- Rose D

Easy to get in & out for old people & short people.

1-i can start it from inside the house in winter cold months. 2-seats a lot of people. 3-i don't like that used tires are hard to find & if u do find them are very expensive. 4-seats move up close to pedals. 5-the car is easy to control in snow. 6-air conditioner works very well. 7-heater works very well.

- Mary S

Ford expedition: reliable and strong.

I have always been a Ford fan. The king ranch expedition is a really great choice for our family. Other than general maintenance we've had no issues at all. At the 140, 000 mile marker we had to have the plugs and coils changed to the tune of around 400 dollars but that is not really to bad considering.

- Brandon L

Very reliable and comfortable for large family

We have had this vehicle for 9 years and it has been very reliable for us. I like that it fits the entire family comfortably. It gets horrible gas mileage, but that is to be expected for this large of a vehicle. We usually get 14 mpg. I hope to keep this vehicle for another couple years

- Jennifer F

Low mileage expedition but very comfortable.

There are no problems besides the fact that the car only gets 6 miles per gallon because it is so old. It has almost 200,000 miles on it but is still running well. The mileage is the only real problem. The vehicle is comfortable to be in as it has heated seats for when it is cold out.

- Georgia B

Ford excellence at it is best!

I have only owned my vehicle for 3 years but in those 3 years I haven't had an6 problems with it. My SUV drives, runs and looks great. I will say it has done what I have needed it to in the years of owning it and the 4WD has got me out of many of the bad New England winter.

- Edward M

The thing I love most about my expedition is the ceiling a/c in the backseat.

My 2006 Ford expedition has been a great car! It has high miles and still runs like new. This is an awesome car for a large family or for someone who travels with lots of luggage. It has third row seating and seats 8 people and still has plenty of room in the trunk.

- Miranda B

Good for bigger families. Not just the number of people but little larger in size people.

For a 2006 it still runs great. We have had very little maintenance required. The engine is strong and the ride is comfortable for my family of 6. We go out of town often and it travels nice. The only negative is the plastic parts inside are not lasting as long.

- Erin S

Car details issue hazards lights with flat tires.

Tires lights transmission car starter oil change lights pressure water windows tires insurance vehicle. Car lights motor rim air conditioner water steering wheel windows doors seats gear shift brakes gas trunk keys locks hood sunroof front back mirror.

- Andrea N

When you fold the seats down, you seriously have the capacity of moving things like you would in a truck.

I love how much room it has inside. I love how well it handles, drives very smooth. I love how safe it would be in an accident. I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike parking it in small spaces. I dislike that an SUV costs more on insurance.

- Shannon K

Even though it is big it handles really well.

I love the amount of space inside, both for cargo and passengers. I also like that it has a separate controlled rear air conditioning. I like how it drives and the amount of power it has. The only thing I really hate is the gas mileage.

- Dawn D

Reliable and Dependable vehicle.

I absolutely love my Ford Expedition. I have it since 2005 and intend to purchase another when the time comes for a new vehicle. I have had the normal issues with a vehicle and it has always been reliable.

- Sue M

Expedition a must have family vehicle

Vehicle is super roomy fits 7 easily. Seats are comfortable and roomy so i can fit 2 car seats and an extra person in my second row no issues. Able to load the car up and still have room for people.

- Erika P

Roomy dependable Suv that seats 8 comfortably. Cold air.

Very roomy comfortable ride for short and long distances. Plenty of leg room and room for luggage. Extra luggage rack on top. Dual ac and stereo. Cold air, warm heat and runs good. Seats 8

- Erika S

It's a very safe car. Comfortable. Perfect for large family with pets.

I love the spaces the car have a ton of room perfect for traveling. Has lots phone charging outlets. Only thing I do not like is the seat belt cannot move around it keeps you in place.

- Andrea A

Runs great handles so well it drives itself

I have a expedition 4 door black in color 3 roll seating runs great handles very well not sure what this is for I don't won't sell it I'm just participating in a survey

- Nakisha C

Great for hauling,good gas mileage on trips ,comfortable to ride or drive heated seats for winter

Over 100000 miles comfortable to ride and drive seats eight with plenty of cargo space hauls the horse trailer. Three horse with ease no major problems performs great

- Darla O

That it is very versatile. It can easily fit multiple kids in car seats or adults or combination of both. It is 4wd so it can go off road and goes well in the snow.

It is a full size SUV with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. It is 4wd and can pull a trailer. I love my vehicle, it has been reliable so far and drives well.

- Saundra P

If it's in great condition to drive in the streets.

I have liked my vehicle so far no problems. It did get me out of difficult situations which makes it reliable. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to people.

- Cruz D

Can be used as a work truck, toy hauler, or family vehicle. 6 seats.

I love it because I feel safe when I am driving it.. It is very nice and I love the 3rd row of seating.. It is very dependable and not bad to look at either..

- Sharon T

Gas is the number one thing I like about my car. My car is very roomy it can fit eight people. The air-conditioning still work .

It's nice but stained on the inside from my kids. It's very good on gas but not really wanting to sell but if you make me a very good offer we can talk.

- Marci V

It is a sturdy, reliable, all-weather car.

I like the size. I have room for several passengers and the seats can lie flat for carrying cargo. I do not like the gas mileage. I average 14 mpg.

- Wanda H

While there is lots of room for passengers and items it doesn't get great gas mileage.

I love that there is plenty of room for my two kids and husband and if we have additional people/stuff with us. We travel frequently.

- Ellie H

Offers decent durability as far as car shape that is tuff. Can get good gas mileage on highway

I like the space for 8 people to sit, has trunk lift that has a window to also open, sunroof. Downfall it does is a ton of gas Oe

- Sabrina S

Very dependable and efficient

It's surprisingly fuel efficient. It has a very smooth ride, and I'm impressed that for as old as it is, it still runs very well.

- Nicholas T

Car runs as long as you service it right. Will almost hit 200 thousand miles.

My 2006 has a 5.4 engine which i believe has 300 horsepower in the engine. Love the third row sit. Has a powerful double a/c.

- Alvaro P

Maintenance free since we have owned it, other than routine service.

It is very comfortable. It has plenty of power for towing. There are heated and cooled seats. It has been maintenance free.

- Francis F

It drives nice and has room.

It is fantastic. It drives nice and the radio is good. It is spacious and has a TV so that is very nice and leather seats.

- Kayla M

The size is great and I like the electric back seats

I like the size. I wish it had better gas mileage and the DVD player broke quickly and is too hard to fix. It drives great

- Kim C

It has enough space to fit many people to go many places.

No complaints. It has been a good vehicle to drive over the years. It has been reliable. I would purchase another model.

- Alexandra D

It is reliable, comfortable, super spacious and many people fit in it.

My Ford Expedition has never given me any problems. It's super spacious, has awesome stereo sound and I can rely on it.

- Jessica C

It drives very smooth and very well for being 12 years old.

I like how much room it has. It fits all my family members well and gives us room for anything we need to take with us.

- Shannon K

The Ford Expedition is very large and comfortable.

I like just about everything about it. There are issues with tire pressure sensor but not much else to complain about.

- Sarah M

Like a brick outhouse. Sturdy, does what you need, but unnecessary.

It's a decent running vehicle, no major mechanical issues. Just a major gas hog, it gets about 15 mpg on a good day.

- Daniel J

Great for those who want some extra room for transporting large items

It has separate controls for front and back air control. The heated seats really come in handy during the winter.

- Lenorz L

It is great for carpooling and moving.

I love the size of the car. It feels safe to drive and i feel secure. One thing i do not like is the gas mileage.

- Justin H

It has an optional third row seating.

I hate that it wastes so much gas. I do like that it has been a reliable vehicle and it fits our family of 7.

- Vanessa Q

Has a great third row seat than can either be used or folded down for extra space.

I haven't had any problems. It drives more like a pickup than a car. Has a lot of space and third row seat.

- Shana H

That it gets me from point a to point b.

It is very roomy. It is comfortable to travel in. Does not waste too much gas. It gives you a smooth ride.

- Laura T

It is a safe vehicle for you and your family of any size.

I love that it handles well in all weather. It's a comfortable ride. It also has plenty of storage space.

- Robin M

Plenty of room and trouble free.

Plenty of room in the vehicle. Very nice ride and easy to drive. Styling is up to date. Plenty of power.

- Randy F

The body is going to rust faster than another brand of vehicle.

I like that it can fit my whole family. I do not like that the trunk space is small and it rusts easily.

- Emily N

Uncomfortable seats hard on gas.

The passage r seat is very uncomfortable. Very hard on gas other than those things the vehicle is great.

- Tammy H

Do not be confused it's a Ford.

I like that it gets me to my destinations and back. Also its very sturdy. And I can depend on this car.

- Dust G

It is great. Runs great, drives great, great color, plenty of power.

I love that it is a bit more comfortable on the inside. The CD player never worked when we bought it.

- Ro D

Easy to drive for such a large vehicle, and very comfortable interior.

Lots of interior space. Decent gas mileage for a large engine. Comfortable ride. Great acceleration.

- Eric M

They last a long time if you take care of them

I like that it's big enough for 7 people, or can haul a big load. Dislike - not great gas mileage.

- Jennifer B

It is a smooth riding vehicle although it is a little noisey

I like the fact i can fit a least 8 people in it. I dislike the fact that it burns a lot of gas

- Bridget S

my car is Good for traveling.

I like the height I like the smooth ride I like the feel of safety I don't like the blind spots

- drjo l

Lots of room and good towing.

Love the room in the vehicle. Lots of power from the engine for towing. Nice leather seats.

- Adam A

The Ford Expedition gets very good gas mileage, only fill once a week

Like the way it handles in the snow. Hard to drive in a car wash. Lots of room inside.

- Eileen B

It's terrible on gas but has lots of space

I like the space.I dislike that it is very inefficient in regards to gas mileage.

- kelly S

The car can comfortably fit 8 adults

My vehicle is great. It has room for all my kids. The gas mileage is a little low

- Kasey C

My car is very reliable and even though it is from '06 it still runs perfect with no problems.

The car gets good gas mileage. It is very spacious and has a nice interior.

- Dallas H

The space and seating in it it has room for 8 people

I love the size and space it has i don't like how much gas it takes

- Ciara M

It's comfort and dependable you. Low cost maintenance. Great deal

Very nice with a great ride. No problems. Has over 200,000 miles

- James S

I gets me from point A to point B. It's surprisingly is okay on gas.

i love my car. I really have nothing negative to say about it.

- justine G

I like the color it is black. I like the way it drive. I like the seat. I don't really dislike nothing about.

It's good on road trip and the seating. You have leg room.

- Nicole W

It's Great on long distance trips and comfortable to ride in

Lots of room rides nice but now need a smaller vehicle

- Katie J