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Ford F150: One of the best trucks on the market

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

I really enjoy the Ford F150. We bought it brand new in 2006 and have absolutely loved it every second. There hasn't been problems until about last year when it felt like the engine was skipping when it was accelerated quickly, like going on the highway. We had it checked out twice and both times they found nothing wrong with it. My brother had the same problem but it was worse with his Ford F150 Lariat and when he had it checked out they said it was just the spark plugs and he was told it was a common problem with Ford trucks. He got them replaced and hasn't had a problem since! I was told I needed to wait and bring it in when the check engine light comes on so they can be sure the problem is the spark plugs because it is an expensive fix. Overall, I think that's pretty good for being the only problem with the amount of time we've had it and the miles we put on it. I would highly recommend Ford F150 to any and all of my friends and family members.

- Vanessa O

Great long lasting work truck.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

My 2006 Ford F-150 XLT is a big truck. It is 8 cylinder so it does go through more gas than a smaller vehicle. I have a long bed which can come in handy at times but I don't believe the very few times it has that it is worth the long bed, I've realized that I don't ever want a long bed truck again(in my opinion the long bed trucks should be for companies or commercial use more than a daily driver). Having the longer bed limits me to fit in the garage and is much harder to drive and maneuver in traffic and congested areas as well as a hassle to park in and out of spots. The truck is a good working truck, it is durable and has a long owner life. I'm happy with the mechanics with this truck and it's what is most important to me, it's useless if it's in the shop or doesn't run, so overall I'd recommend the Ford F-150 just not the long bed, and remember big trucks go through lots of gas.

- Cris S

The reliability of a Ford

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

This truck is reliable. It has very close to 200,000 miles on it and we have only had a few minor problems. It is comfortable, and has a lot of room in the front and back seats. My brake light has been on for a while though and we spent $600 to get it fixed and it came back with the light still on, so that is concerning. But overall seeing that the car is 13 years old and close to that many miles, I would say it has been pretty reliable and easy to maintain. One thing I do not like about this car is that the suspension has been cracking for almost the entire 4 years I have had the truck. It makes very loud noises turning and just moving the steering wheel. I find this is pretty common with older ford trucks. It gets decent gas mileage for its size, getting probably around 15 mpg on the highway. It has a 28 gallon tank, so a tank lasts a while.

- Madison G

Ford 150 maintenance and performance review.

2006 Ford F-150

It is perfect for hunting, camping, off-roading, all the stuff we enjoy in the summer. In the winter it is great for hauling sand to the driveway and it is heavy enough to not slip and slide all over the road. The downfall is, because it is a newer vehicle it is harder to do your own repairs. I am very well versed in vehicle maintenance and half of the repairs that I can do on any other vehicle I cannot do on this vehicle because of the way the manufacturer designs it. They want you to spend money at their shop instead of doing it in your garage. Even replacing a third brake light took hours because the clip was barely out of reach. Spark plugs require a special tool and if you break a plug off, you need to tear apart your entire engine to find that piece. It is just hard to do your own work so you end up spending more money in shops.

- Megan J

Dependable and Reliable Transportation

2006 Ford F-150 XL

This has been a great reliable truck. The only problems have been as a result of just being an older vehicle. The automatic CD changer/ player does not operate anymore, although the radio itself is in working condition. Some very minor wearing of the letters/numbers on buttons have been noticed. The windshield cleaning squirting apparatuses often gets plugged up and requires a flushing out so to speak. We have been able to successfully clear with a compressor purchased from Lowes used for construction projects. All other functions have been superb. I have always done the routine maintenance and oil changes, and honestly have never had any vehicle operating problems.

- Lynn J

The quality of a Ford f150 is excellent.

2006 Ford F-150

The abs sensors go bad and my power steering leaks other than that I believe it is an overall great vehicle it is decent on gas and is great for my job. Is big enough to use as a family vehicle also because it has an extended cab. It's very comfortable and so far reliable. I use it daily and travel over 40 min to work and 40 min back and I only have to fill up the tank once a week. Also the air works really good and it handles extremely well on adverse weather conditions. My vehicle has 169 thousand miles on it and still drives like it has 60 thousand. I would recommend this truck to anyone and I use to dislike Ford vehicles but now I like them.

- Brandon M

It is a four by four 6 cylinder.

2006 Ford F-150

Great vehicle no problems with it, great in winter, it is nice having a truck to be able to haul things I do not really dislike anything except the abs light is stuck on and there is nothing wrong with brakes they think it was a short in wire from right front tire this vehicle was an r title that I bought and had reconditioned it only had 29000 miles on it in 2009 and now has about 62000 miles on it. I do not drive it more than 10 miles a day so gas is no problem and it is nice for helping out family members pick up large items like appliances or mulch for yard. I feel safe while driving the truck and it has many uses.

- Sean B

Keep up on regular maintenance.

2006 Ford F-150

I currently own two vehicles one is a ford f150 and 06 and my second one is a Chevy avalanches 2002 now I prefer my ford over my Chevy is better on gas and it seems to have less wrong with it my ford always starts up no matter how cold it is this is my Chevy once it has a certain temperature and how longer wants to start both my vehicles have 4-wheel drive I would like to say that my ford handles the snow better than my Chevy and they both have brand new tires but overall as long as you keep up with your regular maintenance of tires oil changes brakes rotors spark plugs wires both vehicles have been very reliable.

- Audrey R

Great First Truck for young adults

2006 Ford F-150 Lariat

Great vehicle/truck for any young adult 'first vehicle'. My parents bought our 06 new and was the family truck for years until it was time for my sister to drive. She began driving it while in high school until it was my turn to start driving and I began driving it in 2016. Only major flaw I see in the truck is the coil packs. I've had problems with them frequently as well as my friend who drives an 05. The truck will begin to rattle very hard even when idling, you can find a pack of 8 for about 90 online and take it to a shop and spend 250 all together on labor and parts. Great truck other than the coil pack.

- Chase H

A Comfortable women's ride

2006 Ford F-150

I drive a red Ford F-150 truck. I enjoy the features such as: extended cab with four doors, my steering column makes driving safer with the ease of cruise control, stereo channeling...volume availability and air controls. My information system always informs me on trucks needs. From oil changes to its time for a fuel stop and the leather seats make cleaning the interior a breeze. Speaking of seats oh how I love the days when the heated seats ease my back or take the chill from a really cool day. I love my ford truck and when I replace her I'll definitely go ford again.

- MaLinda K

My truck has always been there for me.

2006 Ford F-150 Base

I have had this vehicle for 13 years and it's the absolute best. Although the gas mileage is not the best (I get about 13 miles to the gallon), it runs like a champion. I have never had any issues with the engine or performance. I have slept in my car and it's pretty comfy. I changed out the radio to a screen back in 2006 and it still works to this day. I truly can say that I love my vehicle and even though I have tried to sell it multiple times to try and get a more affordable car for gas and more efficient gas mileage, I can't ever part ways with my truck.

- Courtney L

Amazing for everything. Family time, long trips, harsh weather, you name it.

2006 Ford F-150

Amazing vehicle. Worth the upkeep, which is minimal. Great for hauling loads or just family time. I have an extended cab two door, which is great for having small kids because it gives enough room but does not allow them to open the doors without the front doors being opened. Also the back window opens in the middle which is nice during the summer or if you want to do minimal damage in breaking in if you lock your keys in the truck in the middle of nowhere. This vehicle is very easy to put into four wheel drive and is amazing in snow and mud.

- Ami H

Our truck has been reliable despite a few minor problems.

2006 Ford F-150

We purchased used. So far, the fan only works on the highest level, lights turn on and off on their own, and the tailgate doesn't come down. It does run nice and gets us to where we need to go. We will know if the four wheel drive works here this winter. I do like how comfortable we all are in the cab ( I can fit all 3 kids in the back). The truck has the most basic of features. We really didn't need a fancy truck for our needs, as we live on a farm. All in all, even with the problems, it is a good truck.

- Kristin G

My truck is easy to drive, spacious and gets me anywhere I need to be!

2006 Ford F-150

I have a F-150 Crew cab and I love my truck! It has a smooth ride and I am able to maneuver it like a medium sized car. It has a great reliability and the tow pkg is helpful when I am looking to go camping or just haul loads for myself and/or friends. I recently used it to assist a co-worker to move into her new apartment and was able to make at least 3 less loads than she would have had to make with the other pick-up truck she borrowed. It is extremely spacious, both inside and out!!

- Chyann H

2006 Ford F-150! First Brand new vehicle we ever bought.

2006 Ford F-150 XL

I Love the smooth ride of the Ford brand vehicle. We did have some problems with the rear end of the 2006. We had to get it replaced 3 times since we've owned it, and we bought it brand new. One replacement was done under warranty, the other two were out of pocket. Otherwise, this pickup has been very reliable and performed well. We use it now mainly for short trips to run errands and such. It has all the features that a 2006 should have, and it's a Great vehicle.

- Roxanne S

Ford truck reliability and performance.

2006 Ford F-150

My Ford truck is very reliable I have 267378 miles on my truck and everything is good just minor wear and tear. It has always been for liable for me I believe that Ford products are always reliable as long as you take good care of the vehicle. I have a lot of friends and family that have Ford vehicles, everyone that I know has had great performance and reliability of their cars as long as you do the required maintenance, the vehicle itself will go well over 200, 000 miles.

- Ethan H

Most dependable truck ever. #fordowner4life.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

Truck has good payload for hauling, comfortable inside with lots of room. Dependable, never left me stranded. Can drive a long way with the gas light on. Downside, you have to take it to an actual shop to have the spark plugs changed. You can try to do it yourself, but the rentable tool sucks and breaks, and if the tool breaks you can bet so has the spark plug. Once you attempt to do it and fail, no auto shop will fix it for you without changing a ton of cash.

- Brooke S

Ford F150 thought I was going to hate it.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

I have a 2006 Ford F150 I thought that I was not going to like it when I bout it. The truck that I wanted was a Chevy Silverado but could not afford it. This truck really did grow on me tho even tho I'm a Chevy guy. I have only had to replace parts that are known to go bad and wear parts such as brakes and tires and such. So overall I am very happy with this truck. One thing that could be better is the interior like radio and such.

- Michael F

I love my ford-150! It still runs strong at 200, 000 miles.

2006 Ford F-150

This vehicle is very reliable. I have very few problematic situations with this vehicle. It is very sturdy and rides well in town and on the freeway. It requires the standard quarterly maintenance and standard check ups. I am almost at 200, 000 miles, and the vehicle still runs very well! I have moved a household of furniture with this truck. It is very reliable, and my family has used and loved the truck as well.

- Sandra P

Review for 2006 ford f-150.

2006 Ford F-150 XL

Our 2006 ford f-150 has been a very reliable vehicle! It drives and rides well too. We have done regular maintenance on it is all. There was the spark plug recall so we had to do that. An almost $1000 job but it was also due for a tune up and plugs, but the price was so high due to ford's hard to get out spark plugs that sparked this recall in the first place. Oh well the truck is well worth it. Love driving it!!

- Michele B

2006 Ford f-150, red, crew cab.

2006 Ford F-150

I love my pick up. It is big enough for me plus extra passengers but not massive to where it makes it hard to drive. The seats are comfortable and it has a nice amount of room in the back to be comfortable for people riding back there. It is nice to have a bed that I can throw big stuff in and haul different stuff. We have had a snag with the window but my husband fixed the motor for it and it works great again!

- Caitlin H

its loud and rides decent

2006 Ford F-150 King Ranch

typical high mileage maintenance. a lot of wear and tear on the body. Paint chipping. Window buttons out. Never got the code to my door, but that still works. overpaid for the overall quality and value this vehicle provides. Given I value its purpose more than anything. Having a truck is what helps me get jobs that I need, done. So far it's been reliable but I want to get something new and nicer.

- kyle C

Pretty over practical is more or less the only way I can describe it.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

Well the vehicle looks great and turns heads wherever I go. But it has to be known that with the 5.4 liter V8 Triton's that there are mechanical problems that you WILL run in to. I figured there was no way that all trucks just like that could have the same problems, but they all do. In short, it really depends on how much money you are willing to dump into it to have a good looking truck.

- Tray K

2006 Ford F-150 Super Cab 4 wheel drive

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

Need air conditioning clutch, manifold exhaust. Truck runs good. Four wheel drive makes it ideal for working off road. Truck comes with towing package. Comes with five point trailer plug and seven point trailer plug for pulling trailer with electric brakes. Truck is super cab with two row seating. Both front and back vents for heating and air conditioning. Comes with 4.7 L engine.

- Glenn E

Good work truck but lacking in a few areas.

2006 Ford F-150

Runs well after 220, 000 miles. . . Some engineering issues with original spark plugs and components of timing chain mechanism, but great reliability other than that. . . Could get better gas mileage. . . Also has much more interior noise than I would expect in a 2006 model. . . Interior has not held up as well as expected, particularly seats and plastic controls and displays.

- Timothy R

if an accident should occur, our kids would be safe. its high off the ground and build tough.

2006 Ford F-150

This truck has ecoboost, great gas mileage, and is very stylish. my hubby has put amazing rims on it, and it's white with leather interior and we keep this thing country styled out, we replaced the grill, as well. i get compliments all the time! nothing to dislike really ! every family needs a truck, to hauls stuff, and its high off the ground and safe for kids to ride in.

- Brigitte M

Ford f150 pulls horse trailer with no problems.

2006 Ford F-150

My 06 Ford f150 is a great truck but isn't perfect. It rides smooth, it tows our 3 horse trailer with no problems. We have had to replace some sensors and there seems to be a problem with the brake light sensor that needs replacing about every 6 months and the dealership can't figure out why. They think there may be an electrical short somewhere. Overall it's a good truck.

- Mary T

F1 50 Harley-Davidson edition has all wheel drive which is an awesome option.

2006 Ford F-150

I drive around the 2006 Ford f1 50 Harley-Davidson edition. It comes with all the bells and whistles you could imagine! Leather seats power everything for the options all wheel drive all the time so you'll never worry about getting stuck in the snow. The only downfall to the all-wheel-drive is I only get 12 miles to the gallon other than that I absolutely love this truck!

- Jason A

The 1st owner put a protectant spray on the entire underbody. Zero rust!

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

The only problems with my truck would be how rough of a ride it is and the spark plugs. When the spark plugs need to be replaced, I am not that is not easy as they break upon removal... This makes it quite time consuming and more expensive. There's general wear and tear, but those are easy fixes. For having 183k miles, this vehicle is in surprisingly great condition!

- Whitney Timmer T

Review of what I think about my Ford f-150.

2006 Ford F-150

This Ford f-150 is a really good truck I haven't had any problems with. I have done one thing on it and gotten brand new tires. I have gotten the brakes done. This truck has over 150, 000 miles on it. My Ford f-150 is really great. The CD player does not work anymore. As long as I keep the maintenance up for this truck I believe it will last me for a long time.

- Carl A

Most reliable, durable, roomy truck I have ever invested in.

2006 Ford F-150

Had very few problems only thing that is needed to be fixed or replaced is stuff normal maintenance or wear & tear. Been a great reliable vehicle. Also is very spacious inside and being full size have made a lot of money with this truck. Definitely the best decision I have ever made. It is now has over 300, 000 and still runs just as good as the day I got it.

- Tiffany B

Ford crew cab four wheel drive, the good and bad.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

Good, is the crew cab lots of room, no major problems with engine, the four wheel drive has been able to go everywhere, never got stuck., very comfortable ride. The not so good, rust underneath of bed (including the cable for the spare that went flying down the road one day), lots of small problems, bed is too small. Also does not get very good gas mileage.

- Adam Q

2006 Ford Truck - Solid Engine and All Around Good Truck.

2006 Ford F-150 Lariat

This pick-up truck is a has a solid engine. I have owned it for 3 years and the only issue I have had is bad spark plugs which were replace at around 140,000 miles. I believe the person who owned it before me was a little more rough on it than I am. One of my leaf springs snapped last year and I have had rear end issues with it since making the purchase.

- Cole F

We are Built Ford Tough!!

2006 Ford F-150 XL

I love this truck. It has a lot of space to fit multiple passengers. The speakers work really awesome. 1 thing that is annoying is that there is always a tick and was told that's normal. It doesn't have cruise control but you learn to live without. Otherwise it has power locks and windows. Also has a big enough bed that we can move a lot of stuff.

- Kayla F

Ford fill in the blanks and you will find your list complete.

2006 Ford F-150

The Ford f150 is the best truck I have ever owned built Ford tough great mileage looks good and does its job. In fact I have owned other truck brands but have never enjoyed owning a truck as much as this one. I am sold on Ford quality and style. And they're spokesman Dennis Leary is the best choice Ford could have went with other than Sam Elliott.

- Shawn J

Very roomy, comfortably, lots of space. Very reliable vehicle

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

I have not really had much problems with this vehicle. As long as you take care of the vehicle, it should run for years. But my paint is chipping a little on my truck. It kind if takes a lot of gas. It is an older model vehicle but it is still running fine. About 13 years old now. I have had it for at least 2 years and no problems at all.

- Chris C

Every memory I have had with my kids has happened with it.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

The only real issue I have with my f-150 is the body rust. It is a known ford issue but after a while it gets tiresome. Besides that, I love everything about it. It is hauled everything I have ever needed it to and made it everywhere up and including 600 mile trips; I'd get another f-150 as my next vehicle if they were not so pricey.

- John G

2006 Ford f-150 fx4 automatic with 250, 000 miles.

2006 Ford F-150

It has been very reliable. Mostly routine maintenance. It has a lot of miles but very few problems. I have changed the spark plugs. I've ripped the cv axle boots. Easy fix. Currently I have knock sensors throwing a check engine light but all that entails is removing the intake, unscrew the old sensors and screw in the new sensors.

- Rusty S

White two door work truck with toolbox.

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

White two door pickup with a long bed. It has a metal toolbox installed in the bed of the truck running sideways. The interior is not in the best condition both seats are torn but all seatbelts are operational. Radio is broken but tells the time. Has a leak that water gets in to and drips in the floorboard of the passenger seat.

- Matthew L

The most versatile vehicle on the market today. The ONLY disadvantage that I have found is the poor fuel efficiency.

2006 Ford F-150

Overall, I love this vehicle. It is roomy and feels safe on the highway. I like that I can see over most other vehicles on the road. I am able to tow a trailer and haul things in the bed. I love that it is 4 wheel drive. I do not like the fuel economy but if I wanted an efficient vehicle, I would have chosen something else

- Derek L

The Ford that was almost king.

2006 Ford F-150

It has a problem with the cam phasers and constant knock in the engine no matter how you want to fix it. It is a recurring nightmare. The rims are made of aluminum; so if you have a set of tires with great grip. Than expect to constantly fill them babies up if you hit the throttle to hard. Other than that, it looks nice.

- Tom D

A review about why I love my f-150.

2006 Ford F-150

I actually love my truck. It is large enough to fit my family comfortably and with the cab in the back it makes it easy for me to transport large items. I was especially excited when I had to move recently and the space in the back was so accommodating, I didn't really have to make as many trips as I normally would have.

- Mary A G

As long as maintenance is being done, it will work great

2006 Ford F-150

When we got this truck it was pre owned as is. Whoever owned it before was very hard on it. The rear end has been replaced at least 3 times total. Once while we have owned it. Now the power steering pump is going bad. Overall it's been a good vehicle. I just wish whoever had the vehicle before took better care of it!

- Lisa F

It will have problems, be expecting issues be prepared! Check while truck regularly!

2006 Ford F-150

I have enjoyed driving a 4 door truck, it allows easy access, but limited storage space. Runs well, but seems to have classic problem in most Ford trucks loss of power, spring replacement ect. 4x4 doesn't work well, not easy for inexperienced 4x4 driver. Ours guzzles gas when needing oil change.Has large gas tank!!

- Catheryn S

My big red beast aka ford lariat.

2006 Ford F-150 Lariat

I purchased my truck new. My truck is now 13 years old. Other than everyday maintenance tires, oil changes etc. I have only ever had to put $3000 into maintenance. It has been the most reliable, comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. I will definitely be purchasing another ford within a year. I love my ford truck.

- Jennifer L

2006 Ford 150 Truck review

2006 Ford F-150

I bought a 2016 Ford 150 truck brand new so far it has been a dependable truck without problems. Yes I have done maintenance on it like checking the fluids under the hood and changing oil and both Air and oil filter and drain Radiator and transmission fluid and replaced it with new fluids. It has been a good truck

- Dalton C

Not a pleasant fit for our family.

2006 Ford F-150

Our Ford f1-50 drives nice, but for my family the back seat is not big enough. I have tall boys and they have to fold up to sit in the back seat. I like having a SUV where I can put things protected after I shop. There is not enough room to put stuff in that back when I grocery shop. The front seat is a nice fit.

- Ursula H

Even though it is been put through a lot, performance is spectacular.

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

My ford f-150 might be a tad bit old and might have been put through many miles but I absolutely love it. The performance is amazing, it has never failed me once & my truck just feels great. It has good space both in the front & back. The tuck Alain has much space to fill up with just about anything.

- Valeria E

Smooth cruising in my black beauty.

2006 Ford F-150

Has plenty of room, very comfortable. Leather heated seats. Never really had any major issues, just regular updates such as brake pads, etc. Not very economic as far as gas mileage. Has plenty of room, having a crew cab for extra seating. A 4x4 bed, great for extra space if needed when moving large objects,

- Brenda C

Outdoor life with a Ford f150 truck. You won't be disappointed with this beast.

2006 Ford F-150

Great for outdoor life. I enjoy hunting and fishing so this vehicle has it all. Being a native to Wisconsin, this vehicle handles snow very well. I have had zero issues with it sliding or not being able to handle ice roads. I also like to use this vehicle to show off to my friends. They love my Ford truck.

- Nick J

I got a good 4x4 half ton truck all lifted and customize it good.

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

I like the space inside my truck, it's a 4x4 and has 5.4 liter engine. Has a lot of power and it good for off road. The seats inside are very comfortable, and it's very reliable for me to depend on my truck. Only problem I have is the very expensive parts that I have to buy to keep my truck running good.

- reggie T

F-150 built Ford tough for sure

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

It is rusty, but overall good vehicle. It has 250,000 and still runs strong. The Anti lock brakes have been out for the past couple years and we have had it checked but don't feel a need to spend $800 to get it fixed. The interior has held up well even with the wear and tear of small kids and farm life.

- Rachel W

Going and going and going.

2006 Ford F-150

My pickup has 561000 miles and counting!! This speaks for itself. Other than maintaining basic wear and tear parts it has been phenomenal. It does not get the best gas mileage for a six cylinder but overall I have been happy with vehicle and will be buying another just like it. Recommend it to anyone!!

- Matt E

Comfort of Ford f-150 lariat pickup truck built in the 2000’s.

2006 Ford F-150

The truck is perfect for what I need. It is very comfortable on the inside, perfect body no damage, only bad thing is the gas mileage is not that good. But overall I cannot complain about the truck. It is paid for so no payment. Has leather seats, so the comfort is there and plenty of room inside cab.

- Jim B

Love my truck! Wouldn't buy any other brand!

2006 Ford F-150

My vehicle has ran great ever since I received it. One thing I do not like is the dial to turn it into 4 wheel drive is right next to the a. C. Dial. I accidently without looking turned the 4 wheel dial instead of the a. C. Dial. Now my 4 wheel drive does not work. Other than that, the truck is great!

- Brandon B

Ford f-150 lariat. Nice truck.

2006 Ford F-150 Lariat

Bought my truck used. Nice truck, runs good. Lots of problems with the electrical system and need to replace some parts. Has nice interior. Very comfortable. Good safety options on truck. There are always some problems when buying a used vehicle but parts have been easy to find and not too expensive.

- Nancy B

Ford f150 easy to own easy to maintain.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

For the 100k miles I have put on my truck I have only put about 2 grand of work in to in and most of that was normally maintenance like the clutch spark plugs etc. I do an the scheduled smaller maintenance on my own. Rotate tires, change air filter and oil. Ect. I love my truck and I take care of it.

- Brent R

Good overall truck that I can depend on .

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

Main problem is that it sometimes leaks water in the passenger windows the seal gets open over time, it's been reliable for me and overall like it. Rust does start to develop on the bumper and from sides from this type of vehicle. This vehicle has 4 wheel drive and love that. Interior holds up well.

- Lance S

There's nothing really special about it. It's my work truck but I would be lost without it...more like up a creek without a paddle .

2006 Ford F-150

I love fords in general. For the most part it's been a very reliable truck. It's had some problems but I attribute that more to buying it from a buy here pay here establishment. I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to fixing vehicles so I have done all the work myself rather than have them do it.

- Shanon T

The best ford truck ever to be invented.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

I love my truck. It has magnaflow pipes. The motor is perfect. Some of the maintenance work on the truck can be easily replaced by yourself. The bad thing can be the control arms or ball joints which can cause you to break your hub assembly. The truck runs perfect and can last you for many years.

- Jessica B

Midsize truck with a full-sized heart.

2006 Ford F-150

This is a comfortably-sized pick-up with enough power to do what you need done. It is held up well over the years and miles of towing and has only suffered minor wear and tear. . I wish the gas mileage was better and I wish it had 4-wheel drive. Other than that, I would recommend this vehicle.

- Sarah S

Check out the F150 informative review!

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

Overall safe and strong vehicle, but has above average maintenance and fuel costs, but long term durability. Cost of ownership is sort of expensive, but it's also a reliable workhorse you can depend on most of the time if maintained well. Depending on your needs, this could be a great choice.

- Paul P

Runs smoothly rides comfortably.

2006 Ford F-150

Does good in snow, Very comfortable seats, drives smooth, rides like a car, dislike the fact it is rusting back wheel well. Has good pulling power, good four wheel drive, do not like the back doors on a extended cab, all and all I am a Ford person always be a Ford person will never change.

- William V

Very Reliable truck. Would buy another one.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

I bought this vehicle brand new and have had only one major issue with it. I had to have the transmission rebuilt at about 120,000 miles. Other than that it has been a very reliable vehicle. It now has approximately 147,000 miles on it. My next vehicle will more than likely be a Ford F150.

- Barry G

My Ford f-150 is that it rides very smoothly to be a big vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150

The Ford f-150 is a really great truck. I love to drive it. The seats are comfortable and it has plenty of legroom. The only problem I have with my vehicle is that it takes a lot of gas. With gas prices so high it is not the most economical vehicle to drive but it is not the worst either.

- De Shonda H

I've put this truck through hell and back with work and it still is running good

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

Great vehicle. I would definitely get another one but I would highly recommend a higher trim package. One of the only main problems I had was the transmission and PCM. This seems to be a common problem among F150's around this years model. Something they could have definitely improved on

- Liam H

Ford F150 is a great vehicle with plenty of space for the whole family.

2006 Ford F-150

I love it. Great comfortable truck with plenty of room for my family. I have replaced the alternator at 130,000 miles and also need to give it a tune up but I'm scared to break the spark plugs. It's the 5.4 triton motor that are known for breaking, that's why I have not given it 5 stars.

- Dale O

Great vehicle for nearly everything you want to do.

2006 Ford F-150

Love my f150! It is the second one I have owned and it is perfect for towing, hauling and camping. Great in all kinds of weather and drives like a dream. Excellent handling and a smooth ride in the city or on the highway—and off-road too. It is also a vehicle that holds it value well.

- Margaret M

Suicide doors are currently inoperable which means you have to crawl over the front seat.I use the back seat as my mobile office so it doesn't really bother me

2006 Ford F-150

I absolutely love Mr. Ford. He has almost 350,000 miles on him. He still looks great inside and out except the blue came of the Ford emblem. Lol. He has had issues at times with tires and air conditioning. The suicide doors need fixed but overall this man has given me 12 beautiful years

- Vicki M

2006 f 150 replacement parts

2006 Ford F-150 King Ranch

The 06 f150 has had some recalls. Overall it's a good truck but it just seems like it always needs something replaced other than the usual upkeep. The brake sensor has to be replaced about every 6 months.I've had to replace numerous sensors and have had problems with the shifter cable.

- Mary T

Great vehicle if not commuting a lot

2006 Ford F-150 XL

The gas mileage is horrible but I live it other than that. It rides very smooth and heads been extremely reliable. With normal maintenance to the vehicle it is up to 240,000 miles and I haven't had many issues. It did get some rust holes on the rocker panel though which concerns me.

- Angela P

Tough and rugged, last a long time if taken care of.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

Its lasted more than 200 thousand miles. Yes like every vehicle it has to go through repairs and tune ups. It has had a fire and has had minimal damage. I love my truck. I have never had a vehicle last this long and with so many miles more to go. If you want a durable truck its a ford.

- Annie G

Handles well, comfort and style!

2006 Ford F-150

Smooth, great ride! Comfortable seats and very roomy. Starts great and runs great. Handles well around corners. Radio and CD player work well and speakers are great! Heats and cools quickly and effectively. Excellent storage in middle consul. Other great storage for glasses etc. too!

- Lori W

2006 f-150 king ranch crew cab four wheel drive.

2006 Ford F-150

My 2006 f-150 king ranch does not get very good gas mileage. About 13 mpg. I really love the interior comfort. It is a crew cab so there is a lot of space. It is also a 5. 4 triton so it has a lot of power. It has a regular short bed. And is also 4x4. I use the 4x4 5-10 times a year.

- Kia M

Great, old but better, long lasting

2006 Ford F-150 XL

She is an old truck but it works great it was out for a couple of years, but now that is back in the road it a pretty good truck. The problems it had was the transmission but that's because it's an old truck things have to stop working after a while, but it's doing really great now.

- Rosario R

My truck is falling apart.

2006 Ford F-150

It is just getting old and needs work on occasion. Things are wearing out on it. Interior of the truck is very worn and some discoloration on the fabric. The heater does not work very well unless the truck is in motion. Cannot drive the truck on long trips because it is unreliable.

- Angela S

Very dependable and reliable.

2006 Ford F-150

Very reliable. Durable. Great on gas. Has a lot of space. Air conditioner works great, has power locks and power windows, radio and CD player. I do like the cruise control. Lots of space in the bed of the truck makes trip moving easier with fewer trips and towing is great as well.

- Michael H

2006 Ford f150 supercrew fx4.

2006 Ford F-150

Great truck for everyday use as well as a good recreational vehicle. No major issues with truck other than routine maintenance. I would recommend this truck to everyone that is looking for a truck. This truck has plenty power to pull my bass boat and other trailers that I need to.

- Corey J

Beautiful truck that makes you feel like everyone�s looking at you

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

Great looking, reliable truck. Can transport anything you need. I hate that it's 3 seater, it's definitely not a family vehicle. We love to take it to the drive in and go to watch fireworks. Great for camping. doesn't have enough give when going up hills or getting out of the mud

- Ashley S

The car is amazing and it is green and it runs like a champion.

2006 Ford F-150

It runs perfect and gets the job done and there is not a single thing I wouldn't want less. Especially when having to go home for the weekend, I really helps not only me but the family out really well!! Ford, also allows me to carry heavy amounts in one sitting and it is amazing.

- Isaiah G

Great truck for all your everyday needs.

2006 Ford F-150

Really good truck and has a lot of power for pulling horse trailers. A lot of run on the inside, seats 6 people. Starts up anytime no matter how long it sits for. Paint color has not faded or chipped. Just a really nice truck to have for everyday needs around your house or farm.

- Dusty S

Easy to handle. Comfortable and easy to make adjustments including mirrors.

2006 Ford F-150

My Ford truck has been so reliable. . . Have not needed any repairs at all. It is very comfortable and easy to load the bed. With the hand holds it makes it very easy to get in and out of the front seat or back. As a senior I haven't any problems driving or adjusting the seat.

- Monica L

Great truck if you have a family.

2006 Ford F-150

My truck rides just like a car but hauls like a truck, has all the options. The gas mileage is great 20 mpg, looks like a champ. V8 engine never lets me down, pulls the boat like its not there. I may keep this truck even when I go to buy another car instead of trading it in.

- Mike W

Affordable and reliable Ford.

2006 Ford F-150

My Ford 2006 f 150 is the most reliable vehicle I've ever had. I drive 45 mins to work and back each day and it gets me where I need to go any other time. It's also not to bad on gas to have a v 8 big block in it. It's a comfortable affordable ride. Its performance is great!

- Bob T

even though it is a great truck everyone should be aware of the design flaw in the spark plugs breaking off in the heads.

2006 Ford F-150

the truck rides smoothly and is comfortable to drive. the truck gets good gas mileage. what I dislike about the vehicle is ford has a design flaw in the sparkplugs which makes them break off in the heads when you try to remove them. which makes doing tuneups more expensive

- sam B

Its black, very shiny, has lots of power, good towing performance.

2006 Ford F-150

I really like my truck, it has been reliable, it's not very comfortable as far as the seats, for the year its in very good condition, hardly no rust, I would buy one again. , I definitely love the style of my truck, it looks great! I would highly recommend it to my friends.

- Kelly A

Good for leisure, or as a work truck.

2006 Ford F-150

Runs well, and is capable of pulling big. It is very comfortable, but could use more leg room in the back seats, as most trucks can. If I could change anything about it though, it would be to have back doors that could open without the front door having to be open as well.

- Ashlee C

My 2006 Ford F-150 has not needed any major repairs done on it and has not ever broken down on me and even survived Hurricane Harvey.

2006 Ford F-150

I like the look and color of the exterior and interior. I like how extremely good it has been in not breaking down and no major repairs have been needed fixed on it. It holds a special place in my heart because it survived Hurricane Harvey and our other vehicles did not.

- Joe E

An all around great truck that does what I need it to do. It gets the job done.

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

There's a small oil leak. Tire works well after being replaced. Brakes and rotors need replacing, haven't been replaced since I've owned it (Nov of '18). Gas mileage isn't great but it helps with work (hauling and carrying things). Room for a family, whenever I have kids.

- James C

Love my truck! Will not buy any other brand.

2006 Ford F-150

Great truck, performance is great. Bad interior dash design, the dial for the 4 wheel drive is badly placed next to the dial for the air conditioning. Very reliable I use it everyday and have had no problems. Comfortable on the inside, have plenty of space for everything.

- Brandon B

If you get an f-150 get the crew cab. It is great having the extra interior space.

2006 Ford F-150

It is always nice to have a truck, if I have stuff to haul around I can easily do it. Having 4 wheel drive is also great for driving in the mountains and in the snow. The only downside is the gas mileage and the spark plug design is poor which can cost a lot to replace.

- Greg K

I like the fact it's paid for and has been really problem free. Age and normal wear is starting to take its toll on the truck.

2006 Ford F-150

The truck has a180k miles on it. Had to replace the rear axle at 130k miles because it was wore out. The torque converter is starting to slip. Te truck ha rust issues in the box sides and the front fenders. It is paid for and does everything I need for the time being

- michael l

The vehicle has just about anything you would want on one being a king ranch.

2006 Ford F-150

It has no problems. Performance is great. It is very comfortable. It has heated seats that I enjoy lots of extra feature, and very reliable. It has power fold in mirrors, leather seats. Good shape, no dents we have kept it clean, inside % out. All power seats & windows.

- Linda P

The most important thing is that it has been reliable and sturdy.

2006 Ford F-150

The performance is good it has the 4.2 l v6 its fast and fuel efficient. It was voted most comfortable interior. I recently had to have the wheel hubs on both sides replaced. It was inconvenient because i needed a special torque wrench which other autos did not require.

- David L

Reliable yet older vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

This car is a little older and does not have all the bells and whistles that a brand new car does, however this truck does well in poor weather no matter what. This truck has lived in many states from North Dakota to Oregon to Arizona and has done well in all climates.

- Haley C

Is a reliable family vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150

The vehicle is a very reliable family vehicle. It is big enough to hold all family members and to haul things around. Biggest problem is that the truck does go through a lot of gas. Seating is nice but could use more room in the back seat. Is a nice medium sized truck.

- Chelsea P

Ford trucks are the best!

2006 Ford F-150

Good on gas, decent power for v6. Good for groceries and hauling items. Nice styling and comfortable to ride in. Good air conditioning and heat. I am not really sure what else to say, it is a truck and it is nothing fancy but I feel safe driving it. . . Love my Ford.

- Kristina K

Long lasting ford pickup.

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

My pick up is older but still running very well. It has over 200,000 miles on it. I like the 4 wheel drive, not many fancy things but it is a pick up truck so it does not need much. We've had this ford for 11 years and will not replace it until we absolutely have to.

- Kristina Q

It's 4 wheel drive and has heated seats. It also has a very spacious back seat.

2006 Ford F-150

My Ford is pretty awesome. It has heated seats, numerous cup holders, automatic seats, and so much room. There is honestly nothing that i dislike about it, well other than how much gas cost for it. Other than that it's an awesome truck and its super comfy to ride in.

- Rachel M

The vehicle is a very dependable vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150

The vehicle is very roomy. Enough room to fit a small family. Has great gas mileage. Enough room to assist in hauling items. Have noticed that when you are hitting bumps in the road that you can feel the bumps. There is a small noise on the rear end of the vehicle.

- Chelsea H

I like all the my car inside and outside.

2006 Ford F-150

I like my car because have big space and diver very good and enter all my family and no have to much consumed the gas every month I am very happy with my vehicle and I want buy another f150 more new when have money for buy again because I like to much this truck.

- Jacqueline L

My truck is a 2006 Ford f150 extended cab Exalt with a 5. 4 Triton v8 3 valve.

2006 Ford F-150

Cam phasers have went out after 270000 miles. The driver side seat sticks a little when you push it all the way forward with the power button but it does come back you had just have to give it a break. But other than those few problems I love my truck very much.

- Ethan C

Crt drive so you won't waste gas.

2006 Ford F-150

I got into an accident last Christmas, my truck is still standing. Exhaust is messed up and I need a whole new headlight unit but it still drives. There is a lot of miles on it but it still drives pretty well. Still dependable and hasn't let me down. I love it!

- Jasmine B

My 2006 Ford 150 and why I would tell others to buy one.

2006 Ford F-150

I wish it got better gas mileage. Other then that it has been a solid truck to drive. I have had to do very little other then regular oil changes and brake jobs. It gets me to wear I need to go and has a smooth and quiet ride and looks good going down the road.

- Don M

I most enjoy the large mirror and how elevated I feel when driving.

2006 Ford F-150 XL

very comfortable ride, large interior cabin, large side mirrors are a plus. The roll down windows are a bit inconvenient but they are not bothersome. The back of the middle seat does not have cup holders but they are in the doors and on the floor in the middle

- Caroline H

2006 F-150 FX 4 vehicle review

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

Reliable vehicle but does have issues with spark plugs that can break when removing. Beyond that I have not had any issues. Handles well with good power. I often travel across the state and this vehicle handles well on the long trips as well as the short.

- Chris B

Ford F150 - the truck of your dreams

2006 Ford F-150 XL

This Ford pickup has been very reliable. Spacious front seats, comfortable rear seats, lots of storage space, great handling and sturdy design. I highly recommend this vehicle for anyone wanting a pickup truck for everything from moving to everyday commuting.

- Kri M

Best decision ever. My next vehicle. Will also be a Ford

2006 Ford F-150 FX4

Have owned this Ford since 06 n wouldn't trade it for anything. No problems at all not even an oil leak. Never left me stranded. Other than tire problems. It is build to last. I don't care what anyone has to say about Ford's I would not drive any other truck

- Laura L

Riding high in comfort and dependability.

2006 Ford F-150

Can have starter issues needs factory starter. Handles all weather, great in snow. 4 wheel drive power windows, comfortable seats sits up high. It has 140000 plus miles and still runs like a beast. Have had to do normal maintenance and upkeep but I love it.

- Don G

A truck that drives like a luxury vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150

Ford f-150 is a very comfortable truck. Drives like a luxury car than a pick up truck. Has a lot of legroom. With regular maintenance it lasts well over 300, 000 miles. The only drawback is it is not gas efficient. Comes standard with a great stereo system.

- Susan K

God of trucks: the beast of trucks

2006 Ford F-150 XL

The ford f150 Rides so extremely smooth yet powerfully. It is one of the most amazing trucks I have ever driven. I use it to do all my farm work and daily house chores when needed. It's super sturdy and strong. Has a powerful engine and purrs like a kitten.

- Ashley P

2006 F150 is a great vehicle. For long distance traveling too.

2006 Ford F-150 XL

It is a great truck. I drive 80+ miles a day going back and forth to work and it has been a trooper! Handles well in rain and snow. I wish it was 4 wheel drive though. Little boggy when going up steep hills. Takes time to accelerate. Gas mileage is decent.

- Sarah C

The radio and air conditioner are the most amazing things in my truck.

2006 Ford F-150 XL

I have a Ford f-150 four door. It's amazing. Nice interior and exterior. Still great as new! I don't think I've ever had a problem with my current truck. In the past year I've only done a new tire change. Which is very good if your on a budget like myself

- Karla R

The f-150 is a dependable and reliable truck.

2006 Ford F-150

I haven't had to many problems with my f-150. It is a strong reliable truck. The front seats are comfortable but the back could have a little more leg room. The bed of the truck has plenty of room. If you get one with 4x4 it gets through snow really well.

- Daniel C

Good truck. Good price. Good savings.

2006 Ford F-150

Very good vehicle. Nice handling. Has lasted me awhile with little to no mechanical issues. The engine and body of the truck has over 250, 000 miles on it, but it shows little wear, except for the paint. However, I live in el paso where the sun is harsh.

- Justin V

My Ford is a super crew cab. It has all the extra room I need. I can seat seven grown adults in it and have room to move around

2006 Ford F-150

My Ford truck is very reliable and I drive it out of town on regular basis I can drive it hundreds of miles and not worry about it breaking down. All I do to it is regular maintenance change oil and keep good tires on it. I will drive nothing but a ford

- Richard Y

2006 Ford f150 supercrew truck review.

2006 Ford F-150

Great ride quality. No major problems. Only had to change the alternator once when it went bad without warning. Spacious interior. Handles pulling a trailer and my bass boat without a problem. Would recommend to anyone who is in the market for a truck.

- Corey J

Luxury inside and out, the best of the best. I love my beast.

2006 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson

The harley Davidson edition is so amazing. I have 205,000 miles and it is still trucking on very well. It pulled a trailer well but the wheel sensor went out and that has been a huge pain. Everything else about the truck has been nothing but amazing.

- Elizabeth B

It is useful but prone to wiring issues. It requires a lot of maintenance.

2006 Ford F-150

I like that it helps me accomplish a variety of tasks, like grocery shopping and bigger things like hauling tree branches. I don't like that it tends to have electrical or wiring problems. It has issues with the speedometer turning off and so forth.

- Shan F

Ford f-150, Harley Davidson extended cab edition. Black with sunroof. Nice.

2006 Ford F-150

This has been a great truck for us. It has lots of power and lots of room. We have never had to do any major work on it. I think the only complaint I would make is that it requires large tires and they seem to make the ride bumpy and I get carsick.

- Deborah W

Everybody has one there all over the places very common.

2006 Ford F-150

Never had any problems with it had to change the oil brakes and spark plugs. The spark plugs are a pain to change especially on the triton 5. 4 not sure why they made them three piece plugs but they break if you don't warm the vehicle up first.

- James P

Fords are very reliable and not expensive to repair when needed.

2006 Ford F-150

Still running after 14 years with minor repairs. Fords have always been good to me, would never buy a anything but a Ford. Drives well, enough room to carry extra passengers and items in bed. No complaints other than early signs of rust.


It is a ford. Does not do to well for getting places.

2006 Ford F-150

The vehicle is having trouble with the throttle body and ball joints. The key goes out and got to replace every now and then. It is just not that great. And the 4 high and 4 low don't help it any either unless you are going like 20mph.

- Dulcinea C

Definitely built for people like me! The extras are worth the price!

2006 Ford F-150

No problems, one recall. Best vehicle I ever owned. Reliability and performance has been excellent. Couldn't ask for better comfort. Features include standard plus cooling seats, camera, nav. System heavy suspension & others

- David H

It's not as hard to drive and park as you would think.

2006 Ford F-150

It's a reliable vehicle, and easy to drive. We have had many issues with the air conditioner, and have had it repaired several times. Other than that, it has been a reliable vehicle for our family. It is very spacious.

- Michelle T

It is long lasting and low maintenance.

2006 Ford F-150

I like that it still runs relatively well with 160k miles on it. I like trucks since they are flexible for transporting items, 4 wheel drive, and towing. I wish it could seat more people and had a jump seat in the front.

- Andrew L

Blue Ford F-150 Four Door - Great Work Truck

2006 Ford F-150

It is a four door 2006 Ford F-150. The truck is used specifically for work purposes. When I first bought it I had to replace the compressor for the a/c and some spark plugs. After the maintenance, it now runs well.

- Kelley G

Used F150 king ranch, great heated leather seats!

2006 Ford F-150

Used f150 4x4 king ranch trim, very luxurious and reliable truck. Burnt red in color. Short bed with tonneau cover. Has required front rotors and 4x4 vacuum components to be replaced, approx 170,000 miles. Some rust.

- Brittany K

It is big and roomy but takes A LOT of gas to go to and from.

2006 Ford F-150

This truck was good for a while but once things started breaking, it is a never ending story. There are leaks in the transmission and oil that has to be refilled every month and the a/c has went out multiple times.

- Stephanie M

Highlight of the vehicle is they got power and it does move.

2006 Ford F-150

I love the vehicle but it got one problem spits out spark plugs and now it runs like hell in fort industry do not want to fix it but I love the vehicle and I'll drive it until it dies and I get a new one.

- John M

Mechanically very sound vehicle, very few problems

2006 Ford F-150

It's a good solid vehicle. Haven't had any major problems, mechanically or body wise. Not real crazy about the design of the seats. And the big bad frame Ford bragged about makes for a very bumpy ride.

- Scarlet K

The starter usually needs to be replaced every two years or so.

2006 Ford F-150

I like the height of my vehicle and the power it affords me. I don't necessarily care for the body style, I prefer the older models. I have ample room in the cabin and the truck bed and plenty of power.

- Reinaldo B

Ford is the best in trucks. They take a beating, and just come back for more.

2006 Ford F-150

It's easy to handle. Great on gas. It is not like our old Ford diesel, it ride is really smooth. As just little rust. The dislike is the high mileage 192700 on it.. If it is Ford truck,i will buy it!!.

- Val M

Runs really well no problems.

2006 Ford F-150

I love truck and it is a good vehicle that is big enough to put my grandkids in I can pick up anything I see that I want I do not have to ask anybody for anything chuck's come in handy more than once.

- Melinda S

I want others to know that my vehicle has never had a malfunction I always keep everything up to date.

2006 Ford F-150

I like that it has a lot of space inside. I like that it has a big trunk that way when I buy something big I'm not worried about how I will take it home. I don't like that it uses a lot of gasoline.

- Islem M

The Ford f-150 is a gas guzzling power horse but it's a pretty decent vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150

I love the back up camera and navigation system. I do enjoy the bed cover with the exception that one side is currently broken. I dislike the height of it. I also dislike how much gas it guzzles.

- Lisa H

Ford F-150. A reliable truck for working Americans.

2006 Ford F-150

I have had my F-150 since 2006. It was purchased brand new off the lot and I have not even considered trading it in. I have almost 200,000 miles on the truck and it still runs like its brand new.

- Cullen K

12 year old F150 is a pretty decent truck

2006 Ford F-150

Exhaust Leak at the manifold, the overdrive is beginning to slip. The truck has always been comfortable and reliable, but I have never been impressed with the performance of the Triton engines.

- Jeffrey B

Daily use of my Ford F-150

2006 Ford F-150

My Ford F-150 has been pretty reliable performance wise seems to have the power needed to get up and go haul things. The seats are full size and comfortable just started to tear along the seams.

- Lisa O

F150 Ford pickup crew cab.

2006 Ford F-150

My vehicle performs great. I get about 17 mpg. Ac blows cold air. I have done only minor repairs battery starter and brakes. Only issue is front end issues. Have went through many sets of tires.

- Charles M

2006 Ford F150 - Best truck I've owned

2006 Ford F-150

Most reliable truck I have ever owned. Extremely capable off road and towing trailer. Large interior with ample room for passengers and cargo. Outperforms any similar vehicle in its class.

- Anthony R

It is a roughneck truck with all of the bells and whistles!!

2006 Ford F-150

Very reliable and as long as you stay up on regular maintenance, this truck will last forever! Doesn't get the best gas mileage but all of the other positives outweigh the negatives 10 to 1!!

- Michael M

That it is a dependable vehicle and is ready to help them if they need a truck.

2006 Ford F-150

I like that my truck has a standard transmission. I also like it because it has little doors that open to give access behind the seats. I do not like that it does not have a CD player.

- Wesley B

The highlight of the vehicle is Ford tough

2006 Ford F-150

The vehicle is a nice truck but the problem is the motor spit out spark plugs and now I got a Miss in a motor and it cost too much to fix it and Ford motor will not replace it or fix it

- John M

That it is dependable and reliable. It will also go through snow with little trouble.

2006 Ford F-150

It has a lot of space inside with many bells and whistles which I like. It does not get the greatest gas mileage but rides smooth. The bed is large and good for hauling large items.

- Lisa S

It is dependable in all weather conditions. In this state, that means everything.

2006 Ford F-150

I love the way it drives, and the way it looks. In spite of Its years, it runs like a dream. My only complaint is the gas mileage. It does eat up gas like a fire-breathing dragon.

- susan a

Problems with my 2006 f-150.

2006 Ford F-150

I had to replace the motor twice and it cost a fortune. I would not recommend the 2006 v8 f-150 motor. It has problems. I have also had to rebuild the transmission and a/c system.

- Bob E

It is a heavy duty pick up truck designed to last.

2006 Ford F-150

It's been owned by one previous owner. Bought it from a dealership used. Haven't had any trouble with it except having to replace the alternator after about a year of ownership.

- John K

Ford trucks are the best on the market. The interior is very spacious

2006 Ford F-150

Ford is a great brand and is reliable. Much like any car you must maintain routine maintenance. This year's biggest issue is the timing phasers which go bad around 100k miles.

- Herman H

It's the Harley Davidson edition and it looks pretty cool!

2006 Ford F-150

I like my Ford F150 because it has 4 wheel drive. I don't like the fact that it's too big for most parking spaces so it's very difficult for me to park it when I go shopping.

- Maria D

Family friendly Ford F-150

2006 Ford F-150

I love my truck I am able to take it anywhere I need to go from muddy corn fields, to driving on the freeway for family vacations with everyone being happy and comfortable!

- Bridget J

Its a truck, from Ford. It is very reliable and built well.

2006 Ford F-150

It has been very reliable and has had no problems whatsoever. It has a very comfortable ride, but for a 2006, its relatively void of features you find in modern vehicles.

- Charles B

My car gets great mileage on a gallon of gas.

2006 Ford F-150

Working a ranch, it does the job. Does not have the extras I would like to have. It is a basic model, and does not have the electric windows and music I feel is necessary.

- Carol T

The truck I own is very dependable. With routine maintenance, it hasn't quit on me yet.

2006 Ford F-150

It's a black f150. Has chrome trim. Love the lines floors instead of carpeting. Dislike the manual windows and the no power options in it. Drives great and maintains well.

- Nicholas B

That if you need room, this is the truck for you. I'm over 6 feet and I have plenty of room.

2006 Ford F-150

I really like the leg room in the front and back it's a crew cab. I dislike that it does have a stereo that I can hook my phone to. Over all I have really like my truck.

- Kevin A

Solid work truck that can get the job done. Tows and get you to the job site.

2006 Ford F-150

It is a basic work truck that does not have any added features. The radio is just an AM/FM radio. The truck is an automatic, not a standard transmission like I prefer.

- Chris B

The gas will kill the bank account . It's not good for city driving

2006 Ford F-150

It's a Harley Davidson edition. It's got Harley logos all over . Leather seats , gas mileage is bad but I love the truck . 22 inch tires . It's a beautiful big truck

- Holly L

That it is very safe for a family i have always seen good reviews.

2006 Ford F-150

I like that my vehicle is high above the ground i like how many passengers i can carry and the sound system. I like the hauling. I don't not like the gas mileage.

- John L

Extremely comfortable and ahead of its time. Incredible off road capability.

2006 Ford F-150

Very comfortable vehicle with lots of room in the front and rear seats. Interior is extremely ahead of its time and has a great look. Amazing off road capability.

- Tyler O

Fords are great vehicles and easy to keep on the road. They aren't usually expensive to fix either for the few occasions something needs taken care of.

2006 Ford F-150

I love the extended cab. I enjoy having a bed to carry things like bikes or mulch is wonderful. The gas use is disappointing but that is expected with a truck.

- Abigail R

The power of this truck is excellent. No hesitation whatsoever.

2006 Ford F-150

Love the F150 Truck. It has plenty of legroom. The power and get up and go is excellent. Room to carry my puppies as well as lots of luggage while on the go.

- Charles C

It is a dependable truck and always gets the job done.

2006 Ford F-150

The features are old and it needs some minor work. Other than that it has been a very good truck. Little to no work needed ever other than regular maintenance.

- Ben T

very reliable and easy to drive.

2006 Ford F-150

I put over 500 miles a week on my truck and have never had any reliability issues with it. Very comfortable to drive long distances. Easy to do maintenance on.

- mitch S

Great Reliable and Useful Truck

2006 Ford F-150

It's a great reliable truck. I haven't had any problems with it besides normal wear and tear, and some rust. But it's got almost 180k miles and still going.

- Jenna L

The most interesting thing about my vehicle is it's a pickup truck and gets 20 miles per gallon

2006 Ford F-150

My vehicle is a 2006 F-150 with a 6 cylinder engine is gray in color automatic with air conditioning very clean truck for each year very good on gas mileage

- Scott P

It is very dependable and relatively low maintenance

2006 Ford F-150

My truck is very versatile. I can use it as a passenger vehicle, haul goods, go through snow storms. Only thing I don't like is parking lots are too small.

- Josephine H

Just as good as any Camry.

2006 Ford F-150

This truck is very reliable. It is also a very good looking blue pickup tricked out. This truck also averages great gas mileage around 20 miles per gallon.

- Don B

Comfortable, reliable, and surprisingly gets good gas mileage

2006 Ford F-150

Very reliable for commuting, recreation and travelling. Holds a lot stuff when needed. Very little problems, only replacement of brake pads, tires, etc

- Steven B

Very roomy for a growing family of four. F150's rock.

2006 Ford F-150

It has been a really good truck. As our family grew, it provided us with more room in traveling. No real complaints about it. I would buy another.

- Angela S

The seats are very comfortable, even on long periods of sitting.

2006 Ford F-150

The seats are very comfortable! Easy & smooth driving. Wish it were a little newer & 4x4. Although the mileage is getting up there it drives great.

- Kim H

High mileage... Little issues, mostly minor ones..

2006 Ford F-150

It is a little old with a lot of miles.. Uses only ~1 quart of oil between oil changes.. Not many serious issues.. A pretty good and reliable 4x4..

- Rob P

It is economical for a truck.

2006 Ford F-150

It has a moderate lifter noise. It seems to be common in Ford trucks. I would never buy a standard shift again. Other than that, It's a good truck.

- Darin C

It always starts. Even when it has been sitting in blizzard conditions for days with temps we'll below zero, I don't even have to plug it in.

2006 Ford F-150

It's the most dependable and reliable half ton pickup I have owned. I trust Ford and Ford parts. It always starts even in temps well below zero.

- Chrystal M

I love my Ford truck can't go wrong with Ford.

2006 Ford F-150

Nice great reliable truck. . . Can't go wrong with Ford. . Had only minor issues I now own it. . It's a great family vehicle and work vehicle.

- Kathy W

I'll always love driving a Ford.

2006 Ford F-150

I've had no problems with my vehicle. I got it used a couple years back and have just loved it. I've always had a Ford and never had an issue.

- Luke H

It has a great paint job no dents great condition.

2006 Ford F-150

It is a great truck runs great love it lots of room and tow the leather is high quality sunroof room for lots seats 6 easy everyone loves it.

- Tiffany C

reliable & functional & comfortable

2006 Ford F-150

Great safe vehicle, drives smooth for a truck, easy to drive with a lot of features. Downside is emblems, trim, paint fade & chip quickly

- dana w

Love a truck. Easy to drive

2006 Ford F-150

I really like my truck. It is a heavy duty truck and can haul anything or tow anything. Easy to drive and get around. No major problems..

- Vickie S

It has been very dependable.

2006 Ford F-150

My ford f150 is safe, has good visibility ,seats 5, gets reasonable gas mileage, is able to haul heavy loads and pull trailers with ease.

- Joseph A

It's a smooth ride and very comfortable. It's made with good quality.

2006 Ford F-150

I like that it has four wheel drive. It's great to pull a travel trailer. I dislike that it costs more to get fixed than my wife's van.

- Jon J

how to properly change the oil and take care of all the maintenance and repairs

2006 Ford F-150

I love our 2006 Ford F 150. we haven't had any problems with it at all. I guess the only complaint I would have is it is a gas guzzler

- Katie F

That if you know how valuable your car is your going to know how expensive.

2006 Ford F-150

Ford is a good car that I ever had since I was in high school because my parents didn't let me have my own car because I was to young.

- Isabel P

A reliable truck that always works.

2006 Ford F-150

The truck is very well built. Very little with this truck has ever gone wrong. The truck has 330,000 miles and gets great gas mileage.

- Mark P

Trucks are fun but very expensive

2006 Ford F-150

Uses too much gas but I love the way it sits up higher than a car. I have had transmission problems and can't afford to get them fixed

- Manuel R

It's never left me stranded or broken down anywhere.

2006 Ford F-150

It's a single cab and it's not big enough for my family. Other than that it has been a great truck for me and has been very reliable.

- Rebecca b

It's a Ford what more can one ask for. Great looking too.

2006 Ford F-150

It's been very reliable and a comfortable riding vehicle. Plan on keeping it a few more years. We always drive Fords. There the best.

- Rebecca c

It's safe and dependable. Quality vehicle, no mechanical issues.

2006 Ford F-150

I love that it's high enough of the ground that I can see my surroundings. I like that it has room to carry cargo. It's comfortable.

- Ceci D

A white Ford F-150 pickup

2006 Ford F-150

The King Ranch Model has very comfortable seats, and is very big and spacious. Down side is it has been having transmission trouble

- Raymond M

White f150 2006 model xlt

2006 Ford F-150

I like my vehicle. No issues. It runs good and is reliable. I have driven other types of vehicles and this one is the best so far.

- Wesley C

Plenty of room inside fits 6 comfortably. Good gas mileage too.

2006 Ford F-150

No major problems. I added a Roll-n-Lock on the bed and now is converted t trunk space. 4 door for easy access to other passengers

- John C

it is sturdy and reliable and can haul quite a heavy load

2006 Ford F-150

it is big enough to carry 5 passengers and pull our boat. also big bed to haul lumber etc. i dislike the miles per gallon of gas

- Mary P

Spark plugs are very hard to replace. Never try replacing them in yourself.

2006 Ford F-150

Installed a new transmission at 101, 000. Now have 180, 000 miles and still runs great! I would definitely buy another Ford truck.

- Ken L

We love the color. It is a great vehicle in general.

2006 Ford F-150

We love the truck. Maintenance can be a pain and repair prices are scary costly. Tires have to be replaced more often in Arizona.

- Melody B

The amazing gas mileage it has.

2006 Ford F-150

I like the size of my vehicle. I like the bed of my vehicle. I like the smooth drive of my vehicle. I like the a/c in my vehicle.

- Michaela M

It can be put into 4 wheel drive on the fly.

2006 Ford F-150

I like the fact that it is a truck. It gets me around where I need to go..... The only drawback is that it is not 4 full doors..

- Tina C

It is a very dependable vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150

I like the versatility of the crew cab. This allows me to carry up to five people comfortably. I also like the four wheel drive.

- Armand B


2006 Ford F-150

There are no problems with this truck, very dependable and runs great. Vehicle is in very good shape, including the interior.

- jim w

It's very reliable and safe. It's well known , many people have one.

2006 Ford F-150

It's very reliable I feel safe in it because it's built well I've never had any problems with it It's never broken down on me

- Tam B

nothing right now, just working and cleaning and keeping it together

2006 Ford F-150

right now everything works on it been going to work and back in it every day so far knock on wood, nothing needs to be done

- darrell s

It is big, but it isn't too big for a short person to drive.

2006 Ford F-150

It is manual, the windows and locks and it takes forever to roll the window down at a drive through, then roll it back up.

- Mary M

it was stolen a few weeks ago and we got it back in the damage done to it the insurance company ain't fixed yet so that's why I'm upset with the truck

2006 Ford F-150

Gas mileage is important when you get your oil changes important just rotating maintenance on your car is very important

- Brittany P

It is dependable. That's the most important thing to me.

2006 Ford F-150

It is a great truck and can haul a lot. It is extremely dependable. It has definitely been one of my favorite vehicles.

- Steven H

The most important is that I keep it clean.

2006 Ford F-150

I like driving a truck but the color is ugly. The windows are getting stuck easily. I love the gas mileage on my f-150.

- Angela E

It sits higher than a car.

2006 Ford F-150

Driving a truck you are up higher, dependable. It is very sturdy. It is bigger. Dependable. Holds the road very well.

- Lori H

To take care of it and bring it back in the same condition with a full tank.

2006 Ford F-150

It is reliable. It is safe. It makes me feel good. I love my truck. I do not want to write any more about me truck.

- Stacy K

If they have thing to tow, they should go with the heavier truck.

2006 Ford F-150

It does not do well at towing camp trailers. It rides smooth on road trips. It is safe for my daughter to ride in.

- Megan R

It has very Bad gas mileage and tow capacity is bad.

2006 Ford F-150

I love the full size truck and all its amenities. I like it's four doors. I do not like the horrible gas mileage.

- Kris C

My car is a truck that suits all our needs in all kinds of weather

2006 Ford F-150

I like that it gets me around in the winter through the snow. I feel safe in it. I do not like that it is so high.

- Celeste S

It still runs, it low maintenance

2006 Ford F-150

I like that it still works. It doesn't look that great, it has some electrical issues and it has some hail damage.

- Ken M

It's absolutely perfect for a work/farm vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150

My trucks great, very roomy and runs great. Only complaint is it's a gas hog. Otherwise it's perfect for 6 people.

- Sarah A

It is has minimal problems.

2006 Ford F-150

Love it. Has good power. Rides nice and smooth. Looks good. Minimal problems. Good sound system. Interior is nice.

- Brent Baxter C

Its a bad model to get to many issues.

2006 Ford F-150

I don't like anything about it always something going wrong with it. It is a money pit. It is not reliable at all.

- Mikael B

It may be 13 years old, but it was made better than any vehicle made today.

2006 Ford F-150

Big and safe fast. Paid for. Old. Needs an air conditioner. Needs cleaning. Needs upholstery. Needs a paint job..

- Aaron H

It doesn't get good gas mileage

2006 Ford F-150

I like the trim package with woodgrain Hate the coil packs I like the soft leather seats Wish it had navigation

- Robert M

It's very reliable and drives very smooth.

2006 Ford F-150

None. I love my truck. I've only had to do oil changes brake change and fluids. I've replaced the battery once.

- Rebecca C

My vehicle was given to me quite a while ago back when I was still in high school. (This means almost 10 years now) Therefore, it's not as up to date with current cars. For such a worn and torn car, it is fairly reliable however the tire performance and comfort are less than acceptable especially compared to more modern cars.

2006 Ford F-150

It's a really cool car and the design is quite amazing. Still looks good (at least on the outside) to this day

- Kameron G

Great running truck, good for short trips.

2006 Ford F-150

Drives great but seats are not the most comfortable. It's been reliable so far. The gas mileage is kinda high.

- Michelle V

It is built to last and is safe for our family.

2006 Ford F-150

I love trucks and being able to haul a bunch of stuff when needed. I hate how it seems to always need repairs.

- Allison M

Good pick-up when you need it.

2006 Ford F-150

I have not had many serious problems. The truck is still in good working order. It does leak oil occasionally.

- Nora G

Good truck! Great for hauling, watching drive in in the back. And everyday use

2006 Ford F-150

I love the space for seating. Have had a lot of problems with tires. The bed of truck is great size for moving

- Heidi M

I can load a lot of stuff in my truck.

2006 Ford F-150

It's a big truck gets me where I am going, it handles big loads very well I gave no dislikes about this truck.

- Sally D

This vehicles engine has given me very little problem.

2006 Ford F-150

I dislike about this vehicle that it uses a lot of gas. The one thing i like most is the legroom and comfort.

- Kenneth L

The cab is to small, the back doors suck and the air system is bad.

2006 Ford F-150

Its to small. The pulleys have broke. The heater is horrible for northern winters, and the ac barely blows.

- Mindy L

Triton motor could use some work.

2006 Ford F-150

Has a few problems with the 5.4L Triton motor. Lifter ticks, some knocks, but nothing that cannot be fixed.

- Jay C

It is good on gas mileage and It is a nice truck to have.

2006 Ford F-150

I love my Ford F-150, It gives great gas mileage.What I don't like is all the repairs that needs to be done.

- Rosalee P

pick up truck. Used to carry heavy loads.

2006 Ford F-150

Ford is a good truck to have. It has been very stable and pretty decent on gas, going back in forth to work.

- Sara H

I have made the modifications myself

2006 Ford F-150

I have personalized my truck and made many modifications to it. It could use a paint job to make it perfect.

- Djuan H

It can go pretty much anywhere through any terrain.

2006 Ford F-150

I like the 4 wheel drive. I like the power and how tough it makes me full. I hate that it uses so much gas.

- Ashley J

It is very reliable and the mpg is very good.

2006 Ford F-150

I like the mpg, reliability, and size. There is nothing that I really do not like about my current vehicle.

- Steven Q

Shop around for a good price before purchase.

2006 Ford F-150

I do like the truck and payload. I do not like how much trucks cost. I would buy another if I needed it.

- Amos S

It has very good traction in rainy or snowy weather.

2006 Ford F-150

It pulls my boat easily and the 4 wheel drive really helps in the winter. The ride is very bumpy however.

- Shawn R

That I really like it and it works really good. And that I would purchase the same truck again if I had too

2006 Ford F-150

There is really nothing I dislike. I like how the truck handles/ drives and the craftsmanship is great too

- Kenneth C

The functionality of the vehicle and maintenance costs are important.

2006 Ford F-150

The vehicle is low profile and has good gas mileage. The options to help with day projects is a priority.

- Paul G

Love my Ford F-150! You will too!

2006 Ford F-150

It is a Great ride. Heavy duty. Dependable. Good looking vehicle. I love the interior. It's super sporty.

- Sue V

It is a very dependable and stable mode of transportation.

2006 Ford F-150

I like that it is a truck, it is useful to haul things. I dislike that the windows and locks are manual.

- DeWaldon F

It is a Harley Davidson Edition and has the VIN# imprinted below the radio.

2006 Ford F-150

I like that it sits up high. But it is very rough riding and it makes me carsick. It is also very loud.

- Deborah W

Ford truck runs very good.

2006 Ford F-150

I have had this now for a long time and I really love it. The paint job is really nice and it runs good.

- Ben M

It does have a very powerful engine and is capable of pulling a lot of weight around, downside is of course bad mileage.

2006 Ford F-150

The truck is the base model so not a lot of features. Wouldn't recommend the base model to most people.

- Samuel M

It is built Ford tough! Awesome.

2006 Ford F-150

Been a good truck has over 220k miles. Brother in law has same vehicle with well over 300k miles on it.

- Christopher S

Reliable, dependable, tough, and safe.

2006 Ford F-150

Very reliable vehicle. Low maintenance cost. Roomy. Very sturdy and safe. Many options to choose from.

- Joh s

Great pick up over the years

2006 Ford F-150

It has been a great pick up have not had too many problems. The transmission went out at 20,000 miles

- Bill H

It's a ford and they are built tough. Very reliable.

2006 Ford F-150

Runs great. great gas mileage. Great for hauling things. Dependable and seats are comfortable.

- Sher M

It's a really well made truck. It keeps running with no major issues just some minor repairs here and there

2006 Ford F-150

It has lasted for a very long time and has not need d very many repairs. It's the energizer bunny

- Matthew M

Its dependable. It always gets me back and forth to work.

2006 Ford F-150

I like that its mother is strong. I wish it was a crew cab. I dislike the amount of miles on it.

- Victoria S

My 2006 F-150 is a nice looking truck that has a nice interior with plenty of room

2006 Ford F-150

Has a nice ride and plenty of room. Drivetrain is a little weak and have had problems with it

- Tyler S

That I keep it in top running shape and clean it once a week

2006 Ford F-150

Great design truck. With great cargo space. Only downside is i wish it got more gas per mile.

- Chris L

Durability is the best quality Ford delivers to its customers.

2006 Ford F-150

I love having room to adventure as a family, power to pull trailers, and a nice ride quality.

- Sam M

I guess that it's a tough truck and it has high mileage

2006 Ford F-150

I really love that it's a truck and last very long and tough I don't like that it's older

- Eric W

Love my truck, wish it was newer but it is in too good of shape and and still runs perfectly that I can't make myself get rid of it

2006 Ford F-150

It is durable and capable of hauling anything. Ford has been very reliable in all aspects

- Melissa S

It performs great and it looks like a luxury vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150

It is a good looking vehicle. It has all the desired features and drives like a dream.

- Bob H

Built ford tough and looks nice and I like it and I can't think of more

2006 Ford F-150

Good vehicle. Wish it got better gas mileage don't love leather seats in south Texas.

- Char S

It is American Made vehicle from an American company supporting the American economy.

2006 Ford F-150

This vehicle suits us just fine . In the future I would replace it with another Ford.

- s p

Does not get very good gas mileage around town. Not that great over the road either

2006 Ford F-150

My husband fits in it well. Very roomy for passengers. Very big to wash and wax.

- Beth G

It is built to last with power. It may eat a lot of gas but it is sturdy and tough.

2006 Ford F-150

It has been reliable. It is comfortable. I do not like that it eats a lot of gas.

- Barbara N

It's very comfortable to travel in, and it is an all terrain vehicle.

2006 Ford F-150

I like 4 wheel drive. It's great to travel in. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Richard E

Very dependable and heavy duty, Never had a major problem,

2006 Ford F-150

It's all I hoped it would be, Very dependable, It's a good looking truck!

- Dave N

It's a great truck that runs well and gets the job done

2006 Ford F-150

I love all the features it has, and how few miles it has on it for its age

- Julio G

It's A Ford and it's mine! I love my truck! I Would like a new one

2006 Ford F-150

2006 F150 4x4. I love Ford and will never buy anything other than Ford.

- Baylis G

My truck runs really good for the age and miles on it

2006 Ford F-150

I am a ford fan. Don't like it doesn't have power windows or locks

- james f

Long lasting, safe, good view of the road, low maintenance

2006 Ford F-150

My E150 van is perfect for me. Enough room to sleep and have fun.

- Kazoom z

IT GETS THE JOB DONE I promise it does and I'm very happy with it

2006 Ford F-150


- d J

I take pride in that I customized it myself

2006 Ford F-150

I customized my truck but left it functional as a daily driver

- Djuan g

it's a nice truck with 4 wheel drive and rides smoothly

2006 Ford F-150

it's a comfortable ride, handles great and it's all paid for.

- Dawn B

This vehicle has been very dependable and comes in handy for projects

2006 Ford F-150

Bought new One owner Everything works great No complaints

- Wha W

It has been faithful and true

2006 Ford F-150

no power windows. has gotten around for many years.

- gary P

It's a safe dependable ride

2006 Ford F-150

I love the color. The way it drives. I can afford had

- Johnathan G

Very low mileage, clean one owner, no body damage, great overall vehicle

2006 Ford F-150

bought new, has low mileage, great traveling vehicle

- Arlene B

Clean, dependable transportation at an affordable price.

2006 Ford F-150

Comfortable seating, nice appearance and durability.

- Sean S

12 year old truck only had to replace starter and clutch

2006 Ford F-150

Very dependable low maintenance no complaints

- William L

It rides great, good gas mileage

2006 Ford F-150

I like the ride, It's just like driving a car

- Mike n

It really helps to have an extended bed.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT

- Jordan K