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Perfect for single person or small family. Great mileage. Stunning color.

It works very well. As I near year 5 of having it is beginning to have some issues. The fans quit to cool the engine last year and caused the car to overheat a lot. It made some very expensive plastic piping melt. The next fix is our air conditioning even though we just did a full inspection on it to make sure it was functional last summer. So things can go out quick on it. But I like it is size and gas mileage and the bright green color is what attracted me to it at first. It is safe and has never failed to carry me from one place to another. I have had to replace the battery twice. It fits a lot more in it than you would expect. The Bluetooth and aux outlet features are great.

- Ellen B

My car is the body of the car, the cars body looks like the body of a rally car.

Car is a hatchback, it has 4 cup holders, with an large cup holder with an adapter for another normal sized cup holder. White with steel rims with hubcaps, with folding rear seats. It has a car charger, built in aux cord, multi screen car dash diagnostics. Car takes about 12 gallons with 29 mpg city/38 mpg highway and with specially designed capless gas tank. The car is stable while driving and even though it is a front wheel drive it drives through snow and ice like a all wheel drive. This model year and the year after is prone to transmission problems such as loss of power in acceleration from idle in the first two gears, but other than that it is a safe car with 5 airbags.

- Ashley R

Surprisingly comfortable for such a small car!

I bought my fiesta used from someone about 2 years ago and it was in good condition, and is pretty much still in the same condition. Over time (several weeks or months) the pressure in one of my tires tends to get low, I think there may be a leak because it has never just gone completely flat. The light always comes on to notify me when it is getting too low though which is nice. I like my car because it has good speakers and it is very comfortable even when I have to drive places over an hour away. It is quite small so I would not recommend for a large family or anything but it is comfortable and suitable for personal use and to give rides to others for normal distances.

- Renee B

DON'T BUY THIS CAR!!!!! IT IS A LEMON!!!! I would never recommend a Ford ever again. The dealership is HORRIBLE and the car is DISASTROUS. Save yourself and buy something else.

I feel like I bought a lemon. My car has had transmission problems since day 1. I had a factory recall on the transmission and it took me over 4 years and multiple visits to ford to get it fixed and it still doesn't drive great. My safety locks on the doors failed. When I took it in I was told that was also a recall no one informed me about. And the handle to my drivers side door snapped off in my hand when I was closing my door at the gas station the other day. The door is made out of cheap plastic. Also, fun story, you cannot buy wiper blades at regular stores, they MUST be purchased through Ford and cost a FORTUNE. I hate this car.

- Aimee V

480 miles until empty on a full tank of gas.

I really dislike that it does not have a cruise control option. The placement of the locks is a bit uncomfortable but it's manageable. I just prefer my locking feature on the door and not under the stereo. Everything is very nice. It has splendid gas mileage as well and that was a big plus for me. The spacing inside is bigger than what it appears on the outside. Trunk space is a little small for a hatchback but not too much that it would be deterring. Overall, I love my car. Just a few things that are more so comfort flawed that make it not perfect for me.

- Courtney B

Reliable and a gas saver.

The only problems my vehicle has had is because it is already 7 years old. It needed a band replaced, windshield wipers, all four tires, the part that cools the engine and just general recalls the dealerships do to cars. Performance is great. This car is a gas saver and is reliable. The comfort is good. It is a small car but it is comfortable and fits five people. The interior is nice and has led lights that change colors. It makes the interior look nice. The air conditioner works very well and is great when it is a hot summer day and you want to cool off.

- Stephanie B

The paint job on the car is a lot of money if you some touch ups.

My car is awesome. I like the metallic paint job, it gives the car a unique color when the sun is shining on it. The heated seats in the front is great for winter, and the quick auto defrost is great for when the windows are fogging over. The lights around the floorboards of the car are a great touch. They have many different colors to pick from. I like to change the colors of the lights every couple of days. The dashboard also lights up with a nice red color that matches the rest of the lights in the car. The seats are soft and great to sit in.

- Leah W

The most important thing about the 2011 Ford Fiesta is if you are looking for a basic economic vehicle with few extras this is not the right car for you.

I currently own a 2011 Ford Fiesta S. It is a very basic car with very few extras. I have had transmission problems and brake problems when I purchased the vehicle back in 2015 from Carmax of Lexington Kentucky. There was a recall on the vehicle at the time for the transmission but this fact was not disclosed by Carmax at the time of purchase. Overall the Fiesta has been a descent car but gas mileage has been poor which was the main reason for purchasing this particular vehicle.

- Shawn S

Fun, sporty, and well equipped small car.

Even though the fiesta is a small car, it has a lot of useable room. The back seats lay down to give you quite a bit of room. It is a good-looking, sporty, fun car to drive. Mine is a manual which some people may not like. For the amount of money we paid, it was extremely well equipped. We have heated seats, auto dimming rear-view mirror, as far as the sync audio system goes, it has some good and bad days. Sometimes it works perfectly, other times it does not work at all.

- Terri G

Great gas mileage, perfect little car.

I absolutely love my Ford fiesta. I commute about 45 minutes each way to work every day, so the small car is perfect for me and my wallet. The size is also super convenient for parking, as it makes parking anywhere easy. I have never been so good at parallel parking in my life! I have plenty of space for me and a passenger, although the one downfall is that the back is not very big for additional passengers. It is such a cute little car and I just love driving it.

- Katie L

It starts really well in very cold Temperatures, but it struggles a little bit in very hot temperatures.

I really like my car. When I first got it I loved the Radio System and the Sync Technology so I could talk on my Phone hands free and listen to Podcasts on my iPod on the road. However, a couple years after I bought the car the Speakers went out and I haven't been able to replace them. Also, there have been a couple of recalls, that have been a bit inconvenient. However, I still really like my car and it has taken me over 60,000 Miles and on several road trips.

- Lauren M

Small, compact, but efficient and comfortable car.

My car is very small and gas efficient. It only takes about $20 to fill up the tank usually. The car drives really well kind of like a go-cart. Very easy to get around in. The features make the car look sleek and nice. The car is very compact. It is comfortable driving and sitting in the passenger seat, but it is uncomfortable to sit in the back and there is not much room in the backseat at all. The trunk is large and fits a lot in it.

- Jo F

Great little reliable car!

The dual clutch transmission is a bit glitchy. It difficult to accelerate or decelerate without real babying it. But the gas mileage is like no other. The biggest problem I have with this car is the back seat. Despite being a 4 door, the back seat is essentially non-usable space. There is just not enough leg room unless the front seat passenger wrenches her seat forward which is not a comfortable solution for anyone.

- Jamie F

Ford fiesta so far the best car I ever purchased.

I love my Ford fiesta, the gas mileage is excellent, the car itself is small but that is great for me and my fiancé and our daughter. It's so far never let me down, I hit 2 deer and had no serious problems with the car and it was all fixable by my insurance. The value of the paint though is pretty high at least it is on my black one. Meaning if the paint is damaged badly the insurance my want to total the vehicle.

- Joseph G

The Ford fiesta: the dream of mediocrity.

Problems: I have this problem where the car stalls sometimes at stop lights/stop signs. I read online that this is common for the Ford fiesta. They need to do a factory recall and fix the issue for free. Performance: good on gas. Reliability: besides the stalling issue (which seems dangerous), no major issues. Comfort: average. Features: I like that there is a Siri button, I just need to get a subscription.

- Kristin K

Take it in to read error codes as soon as possible; they might not last long.

I like how my car makes use of its space. It is roomy and has a lot of room in the trunk while still being altogether compact. However, I have had trouble with the throttle body in the past which caused the car to stall when I had multiple accessories turned on. The worst part was how hard it was to identify since the check engine light would only turn on every so often and only for brief periods of time.

- Donna T

My car was inexpensive and doesn't cost much to fuel and maintain.

I like my car because it has great gas mileage so I save money on gas, don't need to refuel very often, and refueling is quick and easy with a small tank and no gas cap. Cruise control, maneuverability and sufficient power make it easy to drive. Love the bluetooth and hands-free phone capabilities. The only thing I dislike is that it sometimes stutters when accelerating from a stop.

- Leif S

Great for cities and small towns.

I like the car in general - good for getting around town quickly, to get errands done, to pick up a few people and park virtually anywhere. It zips around quickly. I do not like that the lock/unlock button is in the middle of the console instead of by the door. Also sometimes it locks all the doors when you go outside so I have to walk back and unlock the car to get to the trunk.

- Dari G

Perfect commuter for a low price.

I use this car as a commuter to get to school, it is really good with gas mileage (35 average) and always seems really cheap to fill up. There was one recall on my door handles where one of my doors actually would not close and that was frustrating since I didn't have my car for several days to get it fixed. Overall it is a sturdy car that gets you where you need to go.

- Diana G

2011 Ford Fiesta pros and cons

The transmission stutters when switching gears. I've had it for 3 year and the problem has never gotten worse, but there was a recall related to it. It gets great gas mileage. It's comfortable for 2 people, but any more than that it's pretty small. The bluetooth doesn't connect to smartphones the best, but there is an aux and USB cord to connect anything you'd want.

- Deanna B

This car is great on gas and has great performance.

The ford fiesta is very good on gas and has very good handling. I have had this car about a year now and the Shocks, and struts have went out and the wheel bearings have went out as well. they would have cost over $2000 to get them fixed but i was able to replace them with the help of some friends. other than that this is a very good car that is great on gas.

- Benjamin C

2011 Ford fiesta hatchback review.

My vehicle does not really have any problems, it runs very good. Except the brakes screech once in a while. The performance is also really good, since the gas mileage is great. The vehicle is very reliable and also comfortable. However, sometimes the drivers seat can get a little too low. The only car feature that I wish my vehicle had was a backup camera.

- Maria C

Ford fiesta . It is the lime green color which everyone loves including myself.

This ford fiesta has been a great car. For a small car it rides very smooth and comfortable. The gas mileage is amazing. I get 40 miles to the gallon on the highway. The seats are very comfortable on my back. Also the back is very roomy even for tall people to fit in the back. Since it is a hatchback it can hold a lot in the back with no problems.

- Beth S

Great Car and gas mileage

The car is very excellent on gas mileage. I have had issues from wear and tear from a lot of miles and driving I do for a delivery service. Performance wise the car is great. The problems that I run into are the same problems people will run into as they have a car during the course of their lifetime. It's great and I recommend it to anyone.

- James E

Good things come in small packages.

My car is a great value. I bought it new for $12, 000 and it has not cost much in all these years to maintain. The mileage is great, so fueling is infrequent and economical. The car came with free direction services for the first couple of years. We've used the voice commands and Bluetooth the most, syncing our phones for hands free calls.

- Michele S

The Ford fiesta is a small fuel efficient great running car that is good choice.

My fiesta is a great running car. This car is known for bad transmissions and I have had to repair mine with notice from the Ford company. Since then it is been a year and I have had no issues. It is very fuel efficient and I only put 20 dollars and I barely get to half a tank in two weeks. It is small and perfect for short small people.

- Monica M

It's economical and a great value.

I love the gas mileage, Sync bluetooth, and how easy it is to drive. I'm always happy how quickly I can get out of the gas station and how infrequently I need to refuel. I dislike the visibility, the headrests, and the occasional stuttering when accelerating after a stop. All in all, I've had no major problems in all these years.

- Michele P

Completely reliable never doubted once.

I love my car I love the performance including speed torque and gas mileage its very fast and goes forever without needing to stop at the station to fill up. I've took it as far as California and I am on the east coast never once did it break down or even show the smallest essence of trouble when we took that long of a trip.

- Zachary W

My car is that it has colored lights which can be changed with a button.

The transmission is questionable almost all of the time, it is not a car cut out for living in Oregon where I experience a lot of weather. It has a lot of features like an auxiliary output and hands free talk. Which to someone like me that is very concerned with safety, I love. It is quite comfortable for my friends and I.

- Erica H

Best thing is the color. I would never buy this car again.

It gets great gas mileage. I really love the color. It's not very good on wet or snowy roads. It has a good stereo. A nice deep trunk. Very easy to manage in heavy traffic. Not much room inside, thought it would be roomier. I have had to do very little maintenance. Only normal inspection, oil changes, and tire rotation.

- Tammie T

Going strong at 7 years but not my favorite car

The front seats are pretty comfortable. I don't like the shape of the car because the odd angles mean that it is difficult to fit a lot in the back seat (trunk is fine). There are also blind spots. It has a hard time getting up to speed from a stop, which can be scary at times when trying to time a turn into traffic.

- Becky E

2011 Ford fiesta review.

Good mechanically. Drives smooth. Decent in the snow. Do not like hatchback because it is hard to see out the back and there’s a lot of blind spots. Do not like that the unlock/lock button is on the dashboard and they locks are very odd and randomly. Lock and takes a second to lock or unlock to let someone in.

- Jill S

It has great gas mileage and air-conditioner and heat are a big plus too.

It is nice and comfortable. The only thing I don't like about it is the bright green color and it's not really big enough for a car seat. I love the interior and leather seats. The driving is great and great on gas mileage which makes it great for long driving trips. The air-conditioning and heat works amazing.

- Dessa S

It is a ford sedan, which is known to have many problems.

I like that it is small and very girly. The color is green apple which is very appealing to me. I dislike that it has had many factory problems, including the clutch and radio system. I am on my 4th clutch, which was a warranty issue. The radio is not, so I currently have no functioning radio system in my car.

- Heather F

Good gas miles. Price is right. The size of the car. Picking the right car for you.

Great On gas. It is very small car. Just run the car max it will tell you everything about the car and then you can do other websites to see if there are a lot of problems with the cars. Also make sure that the price is right before you buy the car. If you want to buy a car make sure that it is right for you.

- Katya D

It is a very small car, but despite its size it's actually fairly safe for accidents. It was barely dented the one time it wash crashed into from behind even though the other car was totaled.

I like that the vehicle doesn't use too much gas compared other vehicles. I don't like having to pay to replace parts simply because it's getting older and has a lot of miles on it. My only complaint would be that it's actually too small to hold much of anything so it isn't very good for transporting things.

- Shianne R

Tl;dr great car but u can do better with your money. does not have Cruise control.

Overall a reliable car but you can definitely tell with closer inspection that it has a lot of minor features missing and that it was not made with the driver in mind. I would definitely consider this a great daily driver but its not worth the price in comparison to a majority of other models of ford sedans.

- Hugh G

Comfortable reliable midsize car.

I've only had one problem with my fiesta, that being the battery charge life. Other than that my fiesta gets great gas mileage, has an awesome sound system equipped and alerts me to any problems it may be having on my alert dash. Overall this vehicle would be 9/10 as far as reliability and 10/10 on comfort.

- Trisha I

Comfort and style for a great price.

Overall, I have had a great experience with the Ford fiesta sle. It has great gas mileage and when commuting to work throughout the state and for long periods of time I am comfortable mostly due to the bucket seat design. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a reasonably priced sedan.

- Allison S

Great, cost-effective, reliable vehicle.

Great drive, size, and reliability. I love that it is a 4 door car. I can fit all my friends and family. I can fit all my gear for biking, running, and camping. Great mileage. I love the Bluetooth hands free capability. Seats are a little too low for my liking, I am constantly adjusting my seat.

- Jane H

My adorable fiesta. It gets me efficiently from point A to B.

I like that my car is reliable. I haven't had many issues with it working. It gets me where I want to go efficiently and it is cute. It does not have a huge trunk, but that is almost never an issue. I am not often going to Ikea or Costco. The Bluetooth is convenient and I like the seat warmers.

- Rebecca M

Great gas mileage. No serious problems.

The only problem I really had with my Ford fiesta was that it needed a replacement with the transmission. It was a factory recall on a part of the transmission that seemed to be a problem with all of the Ford models. However, the dealership and Ford replaced the problem with no problem or cost.

- Michelle N

Overall, it is a very nice vehicle to own, considering it is my first car.

The Ford fiesta has great mileage and is a very reliable for traveling. The Audio system is also great. However, there is a problem when it comes to stopping. The vehicle stalls and kind of shifts back. Also, the seats are not leather, even though they're comfortable, I prefer leather seating.

- Sarah B

2011 Ford fiesta ses black.

Its very small, so makes it hard with children. It has amazing gas mileage. It's also easy to park because its so small. The radio glitches sometimes which I am unsure of why. The speakers also blew out really easily even when the music is never loud. Like how you can change the colors inside.

- Nicole B

It is easy to spot, which is great for parking lots and also for avoiding accidents!

I like that it is compact, well shaped. It also has a really fun color of lime green! My mother had it and then passed it to me. We've had wonderful experiences with Fords really lasting. My previous vehicle was a Ford Focus and it lasted me 17 years. Could have probably gone longer too.

- carolyn C

Ford fiesta: the fuel efficient vehicle.

My car handles nicely. There are a few blind spots when backing up. Not a huge amount of legroom in the back seat but manageable. Very reliable and gets great gas mileage. I would buy another Ford fiesta if they could correct the blind spot issues. Otherwise it's a really good buy.

- Terri L

Spark plugs have a wear / wear problem. The more you use your car, the possibility that the spark plugs fail increases significantly.

Spark plugs have a wear / wear problem. The more you use your car, the possibility that the spark plugs fail increases significantly. A spark plug problem can cause your car to move at a speed well below its capacity, consume more gasoline than normal, and produce very rare noises.

- jessica P

Good features on the fiesta make it fun to drive.

Good pick up road handling, hatchback feature is great for grocery runs or hauling small equipment. Seat for driver is comfortable and can be adjusted for comfort. Radio has good sound quality. Bluetooth capability makes it safer for driver. Other features like Sirius is available.

- Carole I

Gas mileage is GREAT! Ten gallon tank that saves so much money on gas

My Fiesta is great-- the best part about it is the size (small and can fit in a lot of small parking spots) and it gets great gas mileage. The windshield doesn't do well in the rain, and the breaks are not wonderful, despite getting both of these things checked on a regular basis.

- Fallon K

Must buy a manual transmission if purchasing an older model Fiesta.

I love the gas mileage and the look of the car. I have had nothing but problems with the windows; 2 doors have had the motor go out and the weather stripping around one has been replaced 3 times. I love that it has bluetooth and that I can change songs from the steering wheel.

- Meghann C

It gets me place to place. It has lasted me 7 years.

It is always breaking down, and needing repairs. It is difficult and dangerous to drive at times. I had 10 rental cars in the first year or two of owning the vehicle. Not a reliable car. I do not know if I just have a bad seed or not. Planning on getting a new vehicle soon.

- Crystal T

A day in the life of my little red racers, the pros and cons.

I have had to take it in for the transmission slipping 4 time to have the clutch plates replaced. The car still looks new on the outside, the paint and plastic are holding up well. Not much room in the back seat for adults to sit comfortably, but the trunk is nice and big.

- Barbara L

70000+ miles -- No major issues. I've fixed brakes, tires, and oil changes; that's it.

I love my car. I get great gas mileage (28mpg) and have plenty of space. There are 4 doors, so I can fit 5 people if I need to and the trunk provides spacious room. I have leather heated seats and it's worked great for 70000+ miles, so I really have enjoyed driving it.

- Melanie B

Golden Ford fiesta, 2011.

My car performs really well. Gas mileage is good, and drives fantastic. The comfort is good for my height, but it might be uncomfortable for tall people. For me the features are good enough for now. It does not have a backup camera, but has Bluetooth, AUX cord, and more.

- Marie M

Why I love my Ford fiesta.

Do not have problems with my car. It runs great with regular tune-ups. Small enough for parallel parking with ease. Standard transmission helps with the four cylinder engine. Roomy trunk the rear bumper has held up to minor rear end collisions less than 5 miles per hour.

- Di L

The gas mileage can get up over 50 miles per gallon when on the highway.

I love the gas mileage and smoothness when driving my car. However since the year I bought my car was the first year it was released there have been many recalls on it. It is a great compact car that is still under 100,000 miles despite being almost eight years old.

- Jessica B

Ford fiesta - good car, bad transmission.

The Ford fiesta is a great starter car. Gets great gas mileage and is easy to take care of. My biggest problem with the car is the transmission. Do not buy a fiesta without checking to see if the recall has been applied or qualifies. It requires an entire overhaul.

- Kate M

You can speak to others on the phone by programming the car inside.

Ford is a pretty dependable car and lasts a lot longer than other cars. There were some potholes by the hotel where I used to work, and it weathered some of them. And ford is so good for long distances too with less repairs. I would buy a ford again in the future.

- Doris R

If you do a lot of stop and go driving the transmission will sputter a bit.

I love my vehicle mostly for the great gas mileage. It's also pretty small but can hold a lot, which is good cause I travel often. One of the few things I dislike about my car is the lack of a few accessories in the car. But nothing that affects how it drives.

- Gail S

Very small, but great on gas!

Just very small, I wish it was larger. I can spread my arms out and be window to window. With two children in car seats its very difficult to sit comfortably. My seat is all the way to the dash with the infant car seat. I personally need something much larger.

- Ashley K

The car gets great gas mileage. It has a small tank but can go about 400 miles per tank.

I like the small size of the Fiesta, it fits in small spaces, which is quite useful. It also gets great gas mileage. I don't like the transmission issues that this model has and wish it would just go out so that I can get it fixed without having to pay for it.

- Tristine H

The vehicle is good. It is comfortable and the performance is decent enough.

The vehicle is good and comfortable. I would prefer more leg space. Also if different colors were made available it would be nice. I did not face any problems as such till date. The performance is good too. I would suggest others also to buy this model.

- Amy A

It's compact and easy to drive. It gets great gas mileage and comfortably fits a lot in the trunk.

I love that it is compact and that I fit into any parking space. Parallel parking is a breeze with this car. For being so small, it still provides plenty of room on the inside. I like that the dashboard tells me when I need to check tires, oil, etc.

- Amber O

There's an engine problem, causing my car to hesitate after stopping.

What I like about my vehicle is that it has great mileage and has a sleek design. What I dislike about my car is that there are some features that I wish it obtained. I wish I could rise the seat up, it'd be a bigger and for it to be not as light.

- Sarah B

Good pickup and sound system.

Love the car. The vehicle however is a Ford so it definitely comes with transmission problems but the Ford customer service team is awesome, never a problem when I need to go to them to get my car fixed. Definitely recommend getting the warranty.

- Kelly B

It gets great gas mileage.

Small size is easy to maneuver, I like the hatchback style. I love the fuel economy and I've had very few issues - It's reliable. I do wish sometimes it was bigger, it is difficult to do large shopping trips or have more than 3 people in tow.

- Heather i

It's not big or super roomy in the back. Great for someone wanting a smaller car and good gas mileage with decent trunk space.

The Fiesta has been very reliable. I have done all maintenance required to keep it up and it runs great after 8 years still. One issue with a sensor that the dealership was able to fix. No other problems other than normal wear and tear.

- Deatra S

I researched many vehicles and found this to be quite safe.

Compact vehicle that gets great miles per gallon on normal streets as well as highway driving. I like the fact that it tells me when I need service. Great little radio plus CD player. I like the restraints in the back seat for car seats.

- Becky L

Ford are tough long lasting trucks and cars. Can't go wrong with Ford.

Like the mileage, ease of driving, cruise control, hands-free phone, Bluetooth speakers, low maintenance, easy to park, quick refueling with no gas cap. Dislike occasional jerky acceleration after stop, warning light turns on too often.

- Michele S

It has a recall recently and it is important to get that fixed.

I like how fuel efficient my car is- a full tank will last me about a week. But I do not like the style of the car- its mostly plastic of the inside and has a cheap feel and it hard to keep clean (but that is more of a personal issue

- Heather S

Little treasure "Ford"

My car is a Ford. Even though it is small is very comfortable and economic. It has a great performance. I feel very secure on it everytime i drive. It looks small from outside but you would be surprised by the space it has inside.

- Silva G

The handling is very good. It's a joy to drive on curvy back roads.

The Fiesta is very reliable. In the almost eight years that I've owned it, I've only had one mechanical issue, which was in the past year. It is light and low to the ground, so it can be a struggle in difficult or winter terrain.

- Amanda R

The Ford Fiesta is a defective car. It should be avoided.

The Ford Fiesta is a fuel efficient car. Unfortunately is suffers from a defective transmission. The car shudders after prolonged driving with stops and starts. The car also sometimes 'revs' itself while idling.

- Brian H

The car is a reddish burgundy and has a black interior. It has bluetooth which is my favorite feature.

Two months after it was bought the transmission had to be replace. Then about a month later the master cylinder along with a belt is also having to be replaced. The car runs alright but there are too many problems

- Julianna T

You don't have to worry about this car breaking down, it's very well manufactured.

It drives really well, very smooth. Maintenance is low, I haven't had any major expenses for repairs or replacements. It's a fairly small car, so I can fit in in most places with little trouble. Good fuel economy.

- Jared C

small, dependable, fuel-efficient little car by ford

It is small and very fuel-efficient for not being a hybrid. It is a little cheap in terms of materials and feel, but so far has been solid. I like that it has a hatchback option for better storage/hauling space.

- Stephanie H

The most important thing anyone needs to know about my car is that it's green.

I love the color. I love how small it is because it makes it easy to get into small spaces. I love the Bluetooth because it makes it easy to talk on the phone. I love how good it is on gas because I drive a lot.

- Tamara E

It is extremely reliable, I've had few problems

I had a Ford Escort for 16 years and I loved it. The Fiesta is fine, but it's not the Escort. When I am overseas, I usually rent a VW Polo. If that car were available in the US, that's what I would buy.

- arks I

Gets great gas mileage and with proper maintenance will last a long time.

The dual clutch causes my car to jerk a bit. When contacting Ford, I am told it is normal. I also had to replace the stereo because the antenna went out. This is apparently a common issue as well.

- Amy F

It can't fit four grown ups in it comfortably. If you are transporting adults, this is not the right car. If you have a young family, this may be okay. I think it's best as a single person's car.

I like that my car is good on gas mileage. It doesn't take a lot of money to fill the tank which makes taking road trips more affordable. I don't like the compact size or the lack of trunk space.

- Mieko S

If you're looking for a good family car this is not it. The backseat is small and uncomfortable.

The backseat is too small. So whenever I need to take more than 2 people in my car I can't. I like how efficient the gas mileage is. It rides smoothly and works perfectly for my current commute.

- Melissa S

This is a very spacious car.

I love how compact it is when trying to find parking spaces, I fit in nearly any small space! The inside of the car however is very roomy. , fits so much when traveling or during shopping trips!

- Amber O

It is small but it does have AC. It gets really good gas mileage.

The car is small. It's easy to drive and it has AC. The car doesn't have a lot of horsepower. It can't store a lot of stuff. It It's uncomfortable for passengers because of the size.

- Carmen R

Great gas mileage and electronic feature

Very reliable car, awesome gas milage, easy to drive and park. Oil change needed only once a year and has an electronic feature that alerts you when needed. Very low maintenance vehicle.

- Margherita L

It's a tiny vehicle that has great gas mileage and basic features.

This vehicle is extremely compact. It benefits in the lightness of the vehicle and the gas mileage. Although those are great benefits, there is not much room for much else than people.

- Helen D

Sassy Red Fiesta! Super cool sound and lights

I have had about seven recall repairs in this vehicle within the last year. I also wish the car was a slight bit longer to allow for a more comfortable ride for passengers in the back.

- Erik W

Most important thing is that the vehicle is properly taken care of.

A dependable and reliable vehicle with a reasonable gasoline consumption. In fact I had just broken the 100k milestone and I am certain that it will last another 100 if taken care of.

- Nikita K

Great economy car. Highly recommended.

My fiesta is great on gas, I get 42 miles per gallon on the highway and 37 around town. It has a decent ride. Haven't had any problems since I have owned it. I just hit 50, 000 miles.

- Bill B

My little green 2011 fiesta!

I have great gas mileage, not to many problems with my car. When I first bought it my transmission was messed up but the car dealer fixed them and even got me a rental for the week.

- Sam R

It's a fun and reliable car with a lot of character.

It's zippy and fun to drive. I have driven it to Los Angeles and back a few times and it's done well. It's had a few problems, but most were covered under warranty or a recall.

- Lisa M

It's my first car. I put a lot of time and research into buying this car

I like the gas mileage on my car, if I drive daily I don't have to fill up for about 2 weeks. I love the compact part. I don't like that there is no middle console though

- Cecelia E

It's too slow for freeway. There is no get up and go

My car is only a 3 cylinder so it is not a fwy car It gets me. Around town and that's good but if I had it to do over I would have bought a car with at least 6 cylinders

- Kathleen S

I have almost 250,000 miles on the car. This car has been very reliable.

This car is very easy to drive. The auto get excellent gas mileage. The car is small and easy to maneuver. The only issue was the gas filling issue with this model.

- Albert r

The Ford Fiesta gets really great highway gas mileage.

I have had continuous problems with the air conditioning with this car. I have had to replace the unit twice, and it took several times to find the problem each time.

- Jennifer J

The fuel efficiency is amazing.

My vehicle has been used frequently. Other than my own accidents the car has remained in great condition. The gas mileage is great and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Woodrow W

That the car is cheap to insure and also cheap to run

I enjoy the ride of the vehicle. The steering has a nice weight to it unlike some cars with electronic steering. I do not like the way the hands free system works

- sam e

2011 Ford Fiesta Highly Recommended

My car is very reliable, I haven't had to do anything but normal maintenance. It gets great gas mileage. Comfortable drive. Love the lumbar and seat adjustments.

- Shirley L

Drive of your life! Feel the comfort at your own hands.

No problems at all, performance is very smooth and is a manual car. Very comfortable to drive and the features are fairly old, but you make it work best for you.

- Chelsea R

The Ford Fiesta will cost you quite a bit of money in repairs.

The Ford Fiesta has a defective transmission. Ford has had to replace the clutches in my vehicule three times. I would not recommend the Ford Fiesta to anyone.

- Elizabeth W

My Fiesta has good gas mileage. I have gotten over 40mpg when I drive on the interstate.

I like my Fiesta because it has a wonderful lime green color. I get good gas mileage with this car. It handles very well. Nothing drives better than a manual.

- kate w

Has to be good on gas and be able to carry passengers.

I like that my car is fast. I like that it runs good on gas. I like that is I car carry my friends around with my car. I like that my car has new plugs in it.

- Young D

My car is small, lightweight and reliable. It gets me from A to Z every day.

I love how company my car is. It is great on miles and drives pretty smoothly. I don't like how cramped it feels inside, and would prefer a larger interior.

- Kayla A

It is very good on gas.

That is so small but I got it because I need a car. The clutch is a pain, so are the inside door handles, phone will not connect to car, and ac is acting up.

- Gabby J

It's a good car,easy to drive.

I like the Ford Fiesta,it gives a good ride,and I get good mileage for the gas. What I don't like about it is you can't open the trunk from inside the car.

- Margreta O

I commute a lot for work and it gets really good gas mileage

I really like this car. It has always run well and been reliable, it is comfortable and provides all the space I need and gets me everywhere I need to go.

- Ray M

One important thing that others should know about My car is that it has built in Bluetooth.

I dislike the fact that its very short. I do like the fact that its very manageable and convenient on gas. I also like the fact that it's a four door car.

- Jacqueline H

It's a very reliable car that gets good gas mileage.

My Fiesta is very reliable and economical. It get great gas mileage and is easy to maintain. It also handles very well. Negatively it's a little small.

- joshua W

Great gas mileage and roomy.

Has some strut issues and has had issues lately with picking up speed quickly. Really great on gas and has a good amount of room for a mouse sized car.

- Sparkle J

it is very economical and gets really great gas mileage

I love that it gets great gas mileage and easy to get in & out of parking places. it does not have the comfort of a larger car.it rides a little rough

- janice w

It's the best Ford you can purchase!

It's a green Ford Fiesta. I love my car, it runs very well and doesn't require a ton of maintenance. The back window won't roll all the way up lately.

- Renny M

A/c does not work even after 3 mechanics have looked at it.

The a/c keeps running out of Freon. I have taken it to 3 different mechanics and all they do is replace the Freon because they can not find the leak.

- Janet S

It is a great compact car, with good gas mileage and great safety features.

I love that it is compact, easy to park, safe, and gets good gas mileage. The only thing I don't love about it is that the back seat is very small.

- Marina M

It drives automatic, switches gears like a manual.

I like the durability. I like that I can see how far I can go before running out of gas. I dislike how it's automatic switches gears like a manual.

- Brandon W

My car has great gas mileage with comfortable seating and cruise control.

My Ford Fiesta is a small white passenger car. It has great gas mileage and cruise control. The interior is comfortable, but shows dirt and stains.

- Alyssa L

It gets really great gas mileage which makes it great for road trips. It's not very big thought.

My car gets great gas mileage, but all of the features are pretty cheap. It's been fine for traveling but regular maintenance has become annoying.

- Mar T

Not to buy it because there are known problems with the transmission

My car is sporty and gets great gas mileage. I'm not happy with the known defects with the transmission that ford does not cover with a warranty.

- Chelsea B

It is great on gas and won't break the bank to fill up.

I love that my car is little and also great on gas. I feel safe driving it. It is very dependable. The only thing I really dislike is the color.

- Jen L

Beautiful car. The air conditioning is strong and amazing

My Ford Fiesta is so comfy and drives so very smooth. I am a smaller person so I fit in well. If you are tall it is a little harder to ride in.

- Destiny B

Great gas mileage. Can drive to kc and back on one tank of gas.

Great gas mileage very dependable very little maintenance have never had any trouble with it besides the routine things that need to be done.

- Barbara U

It gets great gas mileage

It is pretty good for the most part, it has had some recalls but overall has been running well. It is very small but gets great gas mileage.

- Kayce A

It is a very functional, safe, fuel efficient vehicle.

It is a good vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and has great safety features. It is a bit smaller than I typically like. It runs very well.

- David B

Easy to drive and can park anywhere.

Too small no pick up power. Almost get hit all the time because it is too small, cheaply made. No room for people to sit in the back seat.

- Molly R

I do not spend a lot of money on gas.

The car gets great gas mileage. It's 7 years old and no major engine problems. I can parallel park it and I cannot park most other cars.

- Diana L

It's a nice little car that gets great gas mileage and the trunk is surprisingly big.

I love it. My only slight complaint is that I got a new phone and the audio system doesn't always automatically connect to the phone.

- Jennifer P

It is a great value when taking into consideration the price and total cost of ownership of the car.

The main complaints are the lack of comfort of the seats on long drives. I also dislike the legroom between the front and back seats.

- Zan C

it is reliable and great gas mileage, easy to maintain

it is real reliable and easy to maintain, it gets me to where I need to go and back home safely, it's practical and great gas mileage

- Destra B

It is like the Tardis, it's bigger on the inside.

I love the lime green color, and that it gets good gas mileage. I am disappointed that they took Sync away, as I used it frequently.

- Darla S

A good hatchback for the price.

Generally a good car, have had issues with the transmission but so far has been covered by Ford. The hatchback is so convenient!

- Molly P

good on gas bad on reliability

Ford Fiesta is economical with great gas mileage and still is able to fit my family of 4 comfortably. It is unreliable however.

- Dave C

I like the paint job on my vehicle

Has troubles starting in the morning when it is below zero, also has a bad pull back on breaks, could be that money is for 2011

- Maggie S

It is very reliable and easy to drive!

The car itself is entirely too small. It is very cramped and hard to get in to. I think it is because of the very large trunk.

- Adrian L

How well it runs. Never lets you down.

Love it, It is small and fast. Easy to zip in and out of traffic and easy to park. I have never had any problems with my car.

- Linda K

It's practical and affordable

The affordability is a plus, gas mileage as well. A lot of transmission issues that occurred when I first purchased it though

- Gina N

It is economical to drive especially around town.

I like the gas mileage, I like that it was affordable. And it looks good. I do not like how small it is. No real complaints.

- Jake B

It's a safe car with superb gas mileage

I really like the color and the handling of the car. I dislike that it has been recalled by the manufacture at least 3 times

- Paul H

The most important thing to know about the Ford Fiesta is that there is not a lot of room inside.

I like that it is a push to start. I don't like the size, the color, the amount of room inside the car, or the acceleration.

- Kevin L

Its in working conditions and runs like a dream, hasn't been in any accidents.

I'm satisfied with my car, its a good model, fairly new/ in good conditions and has giving me hardly any issues or troubles.

- Jennifer M

Excellent price and cost of ownership.

Like: price, value, fuel economy, and cost of ownership. Dislike: comfort of seats, roominess between front and back seats.

- Fred C

The gas mileage is pretty good.

I like how easy it is to control. The gas mileage is good on it. I don't really like the hatchback style but it is fine.

- Maya B

That yes it is old, but still takes me from A to B with paying less for petrol.

I love that it is a manual as most cars are auto these days. Easy on petrol money and has a lot of mileage still to use.

- Chelsea L

I like Great gas mileage and its too small to lug people around all the time.

I love how compact it is. The way it rides and how easy it is for me to drive. I like that it has good gas mileage too.

- Diane G

It is very fuel efficient, even though it is small it is very comfortable.

I like the convenience of it. It is very fuel efficient and fits into small parking spaces. I dislike the engine noise.

- Alfredo B

It is a good inexpensive alternative to other bigger cars, but will not be able to give a lot of power

I like that it is small, fit anywhere I also like the ruby red color. Don't like that it doesn't have a lot of power

- Lola M

It gets over 40 miles per gallon on the road.

The radio works at times. Other than that is it runs great. Gets very good mileage and has had very few problems.

- Donald P

That it does have quite a few blind spots.

I like that it has 4 doors, is a standard, reliable and compact. I do not like that it has quite a few blind spots.

- Tay S

2011 Ford Fiesta SES Hatchback

My 2011 Ford Fiesta SES Hatchback gets the best gas mileage of any car I've ever owned. It has a sporty look too.

- Jay J

It's easy to find pieces or get it fixed cause the make is very popular, which you will need because it doesn't last much with original parts.

I've had to fix it multiple times. The ac, radio, door and other pieces have gone bad in a short period of time.

- Keishla S

Ford Fiesta - Economy by Ford

Great on gas, bad on space. It doesn't do well in the snow at all. Back seat doesn't have much room for adults.

- Mike K

great gas mileage. very small easy to get around

Very compacted. I have had many transmission problems but the dealership tells me they can't completely fix it.

- Marissa B

The motor for the driver seat broke and it is stuck almost all the way forward.

Good fuel economy, small trunk space. Seats comfortable. Gas is expensive, good ventilation, good paint color.

- Bobby C

It gets great gas mileage.

The dual clutch causes the car to jerk a bit when accelerating from a low speed. This is apparently "normal".

- Amy b

Gas mileage is good for the car. The price of the car was decent as well.

Car is nice and compact. No problems as far as I can tell. Drives very smooth. Gas mileage was what sold me.

- Kris B

Very small car and good on gas mileage

It is a very good car that saves gasoline and it is very comfortable but it is small not a lot of room in it.

- Katya D

The great gas mileage it's better than my motorcycle.

Transmission problems, good gas mileage, nice small vehicle, hard to get up to speed, vehicle is really low.

- Melinda B

It is a reasonably priced vehicle.

I like that it is great on gas and looks nice. I dislike how small it is and how car seats do not fit well.

- Angel A

Low shop time easy to work on and is easy to park.

Sporty; has all the right curves. Gas mileage is super - 40 mpg. Comfortable interior and lots of headroom.

- Bob K

It has a known issue with the transmission and I feel Ford has not taken care of people by recalling these cars. Very unsafe.

Don't buy this car because it could kill you by stopping dead as your driving. Ford won't take care of you.

- Michael T

Good vehicle , but small.

This vehicle is great, but small. Economy car. I have not had any problems with this car yet. Good choice.

- Mauricio R

The fiesta has been a reliable car with great gas mileage.

It has been a great car with minimal problems. I dislike that it had to have a transmission replacement.

- Michelle W

The engine and stylings are what make this car.

Very reliable, pretty much never let me down. Very sporty, good looks, great handling. Cheap to repair.

- Jonny M

Great gas mileage, comes in several awesome colors.

Love the color and style. Great gas mileage. Dislike: kinda small for a family of 4, with 2 car seats.

- Karen S

When in a traffic light that just turned green, the transmission is a bit defected and it makes lifting off slower than people like but it makes good gas mileage and can be driven a good distance everyday.

It has one of the best gas mileages in the car industry if you get the right fuel. Also cheap so yeah.

- Allan E

Great gas mileage! You rarely need to fill up

It's small and easy to drive. It's also got great gas mileage. It has a sleek design and look to it.

- Abbie S

Affordably priced compact car with good gas mileage.

Has good gas mileage. Compact and fit into a variety of spaces. Seems to require a lot of repairs.

- Latoya J

It jerks you constantly, there's no way to go from stop to start without stuttering.

I love it, it zooms and is small. I just don't like the how the engine adjustices to the driver.

- Jessica R

It had very nice gas Mileage on it, and few miles.

It has very nice interior, smooth driving, great model, and enough size for what I need to do.

- Jake S

It is a very small car. It is fun to drive because it drives like a go-cart. It gets really good gas mileage, which I like. I do dislike that it is really small. It's hard to fit guests into it.

The Ford Fiesta gets really good gas mileage and is a good car for one or two people to use.

- Jordyn F

Good mileage, it's reliable, and has not had any mechanical troubles.

Not too large, a hatchback, easy to drive, with enough power on the highway, a good mileage

- Edward D

It has issues but great fuel mileage

The transmission sticks. The tcs occasionally turns itself off. It hesitates accelerating.

- Troy Z

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is fun to drive.

I like the design of my vehicle and it is fun to drive, but I dislike how small it is.

- Ashley J

This small car gets 40 miles per gallon but sometimes hesitates when accelerating.

I love the size. It gets fantastic gas mileage. Sometimes hesitates on accelerating.

- Teddi G

Lots of trunk room. Sporty handling. Looks good as well.

Pretty good engine for a hatchback. Really more of a hot-hatch than anything else.

- David B

It's comfortable and efficient. It's not too costly and it's small so it can fit into parking spots easier.

I like that it's small and gets good mileage. It gets me where I need to go.

- sam s

This car has great gas mileage 45 highway and 34 city.

Has great gas mileage Has low maintenance Has good handling None complaints

- Yoel A

Gas mileage is great!! It's small and compact & good for single people

I like the low gas mileage. I don't like the size, I wish it was bigger.

- Annie M

Great gas mileage. Compact for city living. Bluetooth.

The Ford fiesta has Great gas mileage and compact for duty living.

- Meg N

It is fuel efficient. It has low maintenance. It is easy to drive around town. Nothing to dislike.

Fuel efficient. It is great on gas and saves me money at the pump.

- Bonnie B

which is very comfortable when it comes to driving

It is small, useful, comfortable and easy to park and yields fuel

- mike r

Economic and have all I need

Is comfy brings everything I need and I don't spend too much gas

- Leslie Z

People should be aware of the transmission problems I have had with my Ford Fiesta.

My Fiesta gets great mileage but has had transmission problems.

- Debra J

that It's a lemon but good on gas

The vehicle has been a complete lemon but It's good on gas

- Justin G

Efficient, practical car, if a little dull

The pickup is slow. The air conditioning is a little weak.

- Karl J

Small roomy great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage. Small but roomy .easy to drive love it.

- Darlene M

It is easy to drive and definitely a smooth drive. It works well and haven't had any mechanical issues at all.

Great small vehicle which is perfect for a family !

- Elizabeth D

It is a fun little car to drive.

I love my car it is fun and fast it runs great.

- Hunter S