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The Ford flex is the best car for road trips.

I love my Ford flex. It is extremely spacious and excellent for road trips. We love road trips and with a family of four it will be hard to find something comparable in size without breaking the bank. When our in laws visit we have a third row of seating which is very accommodating. I do not think my father will ever drive anything else. Since our flex is a 2009 we have run into to mechanical problems. The air conditioning continues to go out and currently needs to be replaced- it is been an ongoing issue with our model. The manufacturer warranty is good and the Ford dealership where we purchased the car is very efficient. Recently our exhaust bolt came off and we replaced it, I think this is pretty normal for it is age and for a car with over 130, 000 miles on it. Simple wear and tear is what we are dealing with now. Overall our Ford flex still runs great. We will be looking for a new car soon and I would definitely consider another flex.

- Megan S

2009 Ford flex: a large, reliable, must have for large families.

My 2009 Ford flex came with tires that did not hold up too well. Granted I do a lot of travelling up and down highways for hours on end on a weekly basis, the tires did not quite meet my standards in terms of durability. One great feature about the car is it is sheer size! With two kids and plenty of nieces/nephews and other family members that need to be transported all together on a daily basis, a car with three rows of seating was a must. The Ford flex has all the room I need and more! I have gotten tons of compliments from passengers on the large amount of legroom the car provides in all three rows. I have had a huge problem with past cars not having enough space in the third row, this is not a problem with the Ford flex and my passengers and I could not be any happier! Other than having to replace the stock tires rather soon after purchasing the car and doing regular maintenance, I have had no other issues.

- Karen W

2009 Ford flex superior in design, comfort and safety.

The 2009 ford flex limited is superior in design, comfort and safety. The trendy cross of a minivan and SUV with attention to detail throughout. Three rows of seating with large bucket seats in front and middle and a bench in the rear providing comfort and ample leg room. In addition a second role console cooler/freezer allows you to keep chilled beverages on the go. Safety features in this model include rear backup sensors and cameras, front and side impact airbags and Bluetooth hands free phone operations. The main downside to this vehicle is that it was in it is first year of production and the trim and molding pieces have not held up throughout the life of the vehicle.

- Stephanie A

Great family car! From space to great amenities, its great!

This car really scores in the space department. There is plenty of legroom on all rows, the extras such as the sun roofs, DVD player and heated seats really help on long road trips. The trunk space and interchanging folding back row really helps with all kinds of situations, whether you need them flat for moving a lot of storage or groceries, to leaving them up for a full car of people or laying them down to have seats to watch a game out of the comfort of your own vehicle. Also, the trunk button on the key fob really helps when you are wanting to save time and have the trunk open by the time you get to it with a cartful of groceries. Awesome car!

- Aly J

This has been a great family vehicle.

The Ford flex has been the best car I have ever owned. There has been plenty of room. The driver's seat is extremely comfortable, especially for long road trips. I like to feel like I am sitting in a chair when I am driving rather than sitting on the floor with my legs extended. I have no issues with the care. It is getting older now so there are some creaks and groans but that is to be expected. It is a great family car for road trips and we have done plenty of those over the past 10 years as both of our kids are bowlers and that would take us out of town frequently. I would definitely buy this car again.

- Karen E

Ford flex all u need in one car and more

Only one problem and it relates to the transmission. Most of the problems are from there only. Easy fix over time, other than that the car to me is perfect has plenty of room for family for long trips for storage to move a lot of items at once I think the ford flex is reliable for many solutions that u need to help do or go from the car is comfortable to be in relaxing and smooth riding the features on this car are remarkable to me seats to what u need room for plenty of music options heated seats you get the high ends of quality for a good price best car yet for me and my family needs

- Marissa A

My dependable 2009 Ford flex

I really enjoy driving my Ford flex. It's not only reliable but it's very comfortable to take on trips. Everyone can sit comfortably in it. There are enough cup holders for everyone and charging ports. The legroom is amazing the only thing I would like better is if the trunk area was more spacious. I also like the way that it drives in the winter it is all wheel drive and I never have to worry about getting stuck. I've had my Flex for about four years and I've had little to none mechanical issues with it. It's been an awesome vehicle all around.

- Kami H

A practical alternative to a minivan.

The car has over 100, 000 miles and still runs great. The ride is comfortable, more like a car than an SUV or minivan. There is plenty of pick up in the engine. It will cruise comfortably on the freeway. The handling is responsive for such a large vehicle. The sound system is great. Seats are nice, especially the heated front seats. The rear seats have plenty of legroom. The cargo space is generous, my family of 5 can comfortably pack for a week's trip. The only problem we have had is brake wear, which is endemic on flex's of this year.

- Danielle L

Great, attractive ride with many winning features.

I love the flex! It has a nice look, plus so many great features. It is roomy with amazing leg room. It has a sun/moon roof over each seat - the one in the very front opens. The ambient lighting with color changing options is neat. It handles really well on the road. Our model even contains a built in refrigerator/freezer which comes in handy quite a bit. The only negative I have with this vehicle is that it goes through gas pretty quickly - the fuel economy is not good. That is my only complaint! Great vehicle!

- Jennifer M

The ford flex is a fantastic family car.

I haven't had any problems with this car. This car is wonderful on gas mileage and very reliable. I have taken it on several long road trip and the flex is very comfortable for the driver as well as the passengers. Now the third row seat I have some issues with because of leg room. It is half the distance down as the middle seat. My youngest child fits great but my teenager cannot fit his legs in the third row seat. I do love that the third row seat and the middle seat go down flat for hauling large items.

- Heather G

I like the fact that there is extra room and a choice to fold down the extras.

The Ford flex is a lovely sports utility vehicle that can handle a large family, or a newlywed couple quite easily. Made for life on the go, you can fill it with camping gear, or take it to the movies, it is up to you! With higher gas mileage than mostly comparable s. U. V’s in this category, you will sure to be the money saving mom or dad! Very reliable, comfortable, roomy with the third row, fold down back seat for more storage- you can almost go anywhere, and do anything!

- Matthew G

The Ford Flex offers comfort for an entire family.

Not only does my Flex ride like a luxury car and has all the new tech I enjoy, it's the perfect road trip vehicle! I can seat 6 adults comfortably without having to drive a minivan, which I despise. The number of cup holders and charger plugs are a luxury my family of 5 fell in love with! Ford Sync is another favorite feature. Bluetooth connectivity is now a necessity for every vehicle I buy. The body shape stands out so my car doesn't look like everyone else's SUV.

- Tracy S

Family car/ reliable/ minivan alternative.

My car is awesome! I love how much space the car has. I have a limited version so it has a lot of the fun gadgets in it. I really have been opposed to minivans most of my life, so this has been a great alternative for our family. The seats are comfortable and the ride is really smooth. This car is already 9 years old and it still working really great! I plan to drive it for a long time. I would also buy a newer version of it when the time came to buy a newer car.

- Rachel L

It is very economical on gas for it is size.

I like having a lot of room and plenty of seating up to 6 people comfortably. It also has a lot of nice features including leather interior, premium sound system with Ford sync, xenon headlights, reverse sensor, powered memory seat adjustments, power windows & locks, heated seats & side mirrors & it is a v6 so it is got good power but still economical on gas. The only thing I dislike about my flex is that the panoramic glass roof leaks a lot when it rains.

- William P

It is all about room and luxury. Super comfy car for my family!

I love the sheer space of the Ford flex. I can load 6 people into it comfortably. I also love that I can fold seats down flat so I can put crazy amounts of stuff into it. The down size is that I keep having electrical problems with it. Like, my driver seat will no longer move along with my side mirrors. Also, the electrical outlet has never worked. We've tried getting it fixed several times but it always stops working quickly.

- Crystal T

The cool mom car! Take the family anywhere you need to go in style!

I love my car, it is absolutely the cool mom car. It is a fun car to drive and the kids enjoy it too! It is really roomy inside with a mini fridge that keep drinks cool or frozen. The trunk is deep and can really pack a lot of sports gear or luggage. It has a smooth ride and handles really well. I will definitely buy another one when this one goes. But it has over 100,000 miles on it and it is still going strong.

- Erica D

It is a nice car. Just does not run good.

The look of the car is great. But I bought the car used and 2 months after buying it the car started overheating. It overheats quite often. The car misses and jerks. I personally wished I would have went with a different vehicle. It has a DVD player in it. It has heated seats but they do not work. Would love to have a brand new car and not have to deal with the problems from this vehicle.

- Heather S

I like that it has a heated seat.

This vehicle has been very reliable, great for families of 4 and very comfortable to travel in. The chairs fold down for extra storage in the back. The seat in our vehicle in the front are heated. Nothing extremely fancy with this model year. The chairs are soft material and not leather, stealing is automatic, very user friendly. Cost a bit to fill it up around 50 dollars if on e.

- Amy K

Flex, great for a family of five.

We like the car overall for size and ability to carry our family of five and all our gear. What I don't like is that the middle rows seat don't fold independently but either one seat or two flip at a time which makes placement of car seats difficult. Also, of the two seats in the third row only one has anchors for car seats which also limits options for car seat placement.

- Lynn R

I really love how easy it was to remove everything inside.

I recently took out all of the interior and built in wood paneling so I could camp in it and it is amazing. There is way more space now to sit entirely upright and lye all the way down. Recently the electrical units started acting up and it seems like there is a wobble when I drive now. I am not the best at tune ups but it seems like this is some long term wear and tear.

- Ava J

Spacious and comfortable!

The Ford Flex is comfortable, spacious, and attractive. Ours has the DVD player and with 3 kids it has been a blessing. The 3-row seating allows us to invite friends along on trips or have even more storage space for whatever we need! Our kids have plenty of room sitting next to each other, even with one in an infant seat and one in a booster seat. We love our flex!

- Ashley L

I believe it is a very dependable means of transportation.

I love the unique look overall; it has very good pickup for a v6; I feel like the transmission is in the beginning stages of "slipping" way too soon in my opinion; the inside appearance is sleek; the seats are not the most comfortable, but not the worst either; the headrest is the worst, very uncomfortable; it extends out too much for my neck.

- Cynthia B

Pros and cons of Ford Flex. A lot of maintenance but comfortable.

Pros: plenty of space for a large family. Decent gas mileage, neat bells and whistles. Seat warmers, aux hook up, 4 charger ports, sun roof, moon roofs throughout car, back seats lay down flat. Cons: don't have access to my last quarter tank of gas. Have to fill up at 100 miles until E to be safe. Brake calipers warp my rotors quickly.

- Kyle H

This vehicle is a must for families!

I love this vehicle it is very reliable and spacious. All three of my children fit very comfortable and enjoy the space. We use this vehicle on a daily basis and take it on long trips. The heated seats are amazing and I love that the middle row also has heated seats and the fact that it fits 6 people is great for our family of five.

- Valerie W

We are not a fan of the car at all.

Has had problems since we right after we bought and every few months a new problem has arisen. The wheel bearings were grinding and the brakes go quick. Now there is two holes in lines. One in transmission and other in radiator. I would not suggest this car unless bought new right off the lot. Too many problems come with the car.

- Felicia N

Great car for family or business. Great size of it and how much it can carry.

This car drives like a luxury vehicle. It's very smooth on the road and even though it's a small SUV, it handles like a car. The seats are extremely comfortable. I have a bad back and the support is perfect. The vehicle is very roomy and spacious for passengers. The back folds down completely to transport just about anything.

- Barbara P

2009 ford flex in a nutshell.

If you need a family vehicle, but do not want a minivan? This is the vehicle to get. Lots of room, normal maintenance issues, normal maintenance fees for an SUV. 2 row seat warmers, extra row of 2 seat (can fit 6 passengers altogether), power windows and locks, Bluetooth compatible and auxiliary. 3 power outlets for charging.

- Brooke A

The perfect soccer mom car for new age soccer moms

It's very roomy and has plenty of room to move around in. It's handles well in ice and snow and I feel safe driving it. I'm a mom of 4 and there are lots of cup holders and it's easy to put the seat down. The seats all fold down and even fold up when you really need to deep clean. It's the perfect cool soccer mom car.

- Megan E

7 passenger. Fully loaded. Bluetooth accessible. Entertainment system.

The 09 has some mechanical issues. Such as a rapid gas gauge drop at quarter tank, some expensive repairs. Our water pump repair with a private mechanic was 900 versus in shop wanted 1200 plus. We do love how spacious our vehicle is. The price was right and affordable for a 7 passenger vehicle. Gas mileage is decent.

- Ashley B

Great vehicle to haul the family, ample leg room compared to same class SUVs.

Extremely comfortable, poor sight lines, transmission shifts extremely hard, vehicles fit the family nicely, but a removable console in the second row would be nice to access the third row without having to flip down the seats. Ride and road noise is very reasonable, AWD is a must living in the Midwest with snow.

- Nick O

All around great family vehicle.

This car is perfect for a family up to 6. It is very spacious and feels solid when I am driving. The third row is great for extra passengers or can be folded down for a great amount of space to haul things. I love the sun/moon roofs as well as the DVD player for traveling. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Tammy M

Great family car! Recommend for anyone with 2 or more kids.

I love the space in this vehicle, it is perfect for a family car. It does seem kind of long when you first start driving it, but that is easy to get used to. The only complaint I have is the fan that blows hot/cold air occasionally makes an odd sound, but everything works fine so I have not got it checked out.

- Nicole M

My flex has all I could ask for in a car for the price I got it for. I love it.

My flex is the best car I have ever ridden or driven in. It has heated seats, climate control, and has some pretty sweet features for a 2009. There's even Bluetooth! There are three rows of seats, each with a crazy amount of legroom. There's rear air, and outlets throughout the whole car. I love it.

- Alan M

Great car! Handles great and I feel safe in it! Everyone loves to ride with me!

Is car handles beautifully! My next vehicle will be another flex! It is very roomy for up to seven people! Mine also has all wheel drive, so it handles very well in the snow! This car has more to offer than I ever expected. . . I can take everyone with when I travel! It's just a really cool car.

- Kathy O

Has a refrigerated cooler in the back, middle console and has two HD TVs

After purchasing this car it is important to be diligent and perform routine maintenance because sometimes the transmission may need to be worked on and there are no instruments in the vehicle that will tell you this. Other than that this vehicle is awesome for family trips or just joyriding.

- Seven B

How big the car is inside...very roomy, for big and tall people.

The Flex is a very comfortable car that is great for short or long trips. The flex is a crossover vehicle so it can carry big loads with ease,and has an automatic hatch that makes getting into the back of the car when your hands are full. The car isn't as fuel efficient as I would like.

- Debra D

This vehicle has lots of room!

I love my flex. It is big and roomy. Plenty of seats. Drives well. Has nice interior. Has phone charging ports. Has nice upgraded features. Very satisfied. It is all wheel drive, so it goes in snow well. The only thing I do not like is sometimes the air conditioner does not work well..

- Lila R

Best truck size SUV with seating fot7 people in complete storage in the back.

Love it. Drives like a charm works like a truck good gas mileage. Can seat 7 people or the whole back will fold down foe easy hauling and storage out of the weather. I would highly recommend. This vehicle to any one. Best SUV we have ever had. Heated seats are great for winter.

- Deborah S

Get the one with the moonroof all the way to the back.

The Ford flex is a great crossover SUV. It is three rows of seats enable 7 adults to sit comfortably. It drives very smoothly, we have had uncountable number of compliments from valet drivers who love our car. After going more than 110, 000 miles, it is still our favorite.

- Woon-mai Q

2009 Ford flex is a great vehicle. We will definitely buy another.

The Ford flex is a great car. The flex has lots of room for 7 adults. This car for great for road trips. The flex seats 7 and the seats can fold down to carry large items. The flex has be very reliable. Our flex has over 254, 000 miles on it and it is still going strong.

- Jeanne D

The DVD player is the highlight of my three girls love it!

It drives good and good on gas and carries a lot of people! Plenty of room inside, my three daughters love the TV, there is back up sensors and rear ac controls. A button for the back door, the back seats will fold down to make more room and the middle seats will too.

- Samantha B

Having a good car is hard to find.

The car is a good car it is good on gas very reliable god suspension the brakes are sharp good on gas the miles are good it's really easy to control and is a good car to have on the road and to drive its has great wheel alignment and will possibly be the best car.

- Jay D

It is a 2009 Ford flex model.

It is a 2009 model. It is sold but a very good car but it usually has a brake problem. It does consume too much gas and it is firm on the road. It is a four door car and it will get you to where you want to be. Just make sure you change the brake oil regularly.

- Janet A

It fits adult passengers easily in the second row. There is a lot of room.

The car is drives great and has a lot of room for our family of 6. It fits adult passengers in the second row with ease. The only consistent problem that we had was electrical. There always seemed to be something wrong with the electrical system.


Comfort on wheels and home away from home

My vehicle is equipped with security features, one sunroof and 3 sunroofs, a refrigerator/freezer combo, three video viewing devices and several different mood lighting settings. This is one off the most comfortable vehicles I have ever owned.

- Carmandy b

Very roomy, easy to get in and out of.

This car is great for travel. You can seat 7 and still have room for bags. It handles very good in bad weather. Mine is AWD. The only thing is that the gas mileage could be a little better. But this is a heavy car and one expects that.

- Kathy K

Perfect all around family vehicle.

We are a family of 4 and love traveling in the Ford flex. The third row is a great feature for luggage or additional people. The interior is extremely spacious and has a lot of keg room. The handling is very solid and drives smoothly.

- Tam M

Buy a Ford Flex you will love it ,my personal opinion!!!

I have had this vehicle for a few years ,I have had no big problems .The amount space you have in the seats are great for comfort .The ride is smooth ,the sound system is very nice.I also like the look of the outside of the vehicle.

- Paul J

It has been a reliable vehicle for me.

I like it is a 7 passenger vehicle, but it is hard to park in tight spaces. The ride is very comfortable for trips. When the grandkids were young the DVD player was good. The gas mileage though not terrible could be better.

- Anna F

It is comfortable as an everyday family car.

I love how roomy and comfortable the seats are. I also love the cooler, navigation, and temperature zones. I do not love how inefficient the air conditioner is or how little storage space there is with all seats up.

- Brittany K

My Ford flex is reliable.

I love my Ford flex because it has not had any mechanical issues. My Ford flex has a lot of space for my family of five. It also has lay down seats that are great for hauling large items just like a flatbed truck.

- Stevie F

The car's steering wheel shakes a lot at very high speeds.

My car is pretty good and runs well for the most part. The engine is pretty loud sometimes, and the steering wheel is shaky when going at high speeds on the freeway. Other than those problems, it's a good car.

- Sri G

it is very spacious. Riding in the backseat is nothing like any other car I've been in.

I love the space and generous leg room. Third row seating makes a great mom vehicle. It's unique design is a 'mom van with an edge'. Until now I've never had a vehicle I could honestly say I love!

- LeighAnn S

It is a great family vehicle.

The car drives great, however there are a few problems with it. The driver chain needs replacing and it is entirely too expensive to get it fixed. May be problems from previous owners.

- Jose P

Looks a little boxy on the outside but great interior volume and spurred performance.

AWD crossover that gets good fuel economy for Its size. Plenty of interior space for passengers and cargo for everyday use. Great traction for winter driving with the right tires.

- Larry M

Very comfortable! Lots of room, and very smooth.

Very comfortable. Big windows, lots of room! The only issue I have is that the cheap plastic parts on the inside are breaking. The gas mileage is not great, about around town.

- Christine W

Ford Flex a great car that is fun to drive, has a lot of space and has lots of features.

Lots of features: like heated seats, sunroof, gps and lots of space. My car is fun to drive and very comfortable. Goes through snow well. No issuers with it so far. Love it!!

- Denise W

It's so long. Backing it up is a challenge so I always try to pull through parking spaces etc.

I love the comfort and space. I love the size, I can load almost anything in it such as a 65 inch tv. I love the mini refrigerator in it. I love the sony sound system.

- Samk G

Great family vehicle with lots of room

I enjoy the Ford Flex. I have 4 kids and the amount of room is wonderful. The only downfall is that you have to put down the middle row to access the back seat.

- Jacqueline C

Its comfortable and reliable.

I love my Ford Flex. Its roomy and comfortable for my whole family. It's great on road trips. Its powerful and fun to drive. I don't dislike anything about it.

- Jen B

The Third row seating is comfortable even for adults

I like the size for passengers and it is a very comfortable car. There are some parts of the car's heating/cooling system that I don't like

- Holly R

Spacious. Clunking sound when put in reverse. Adjusts itself to driver's style.

Good family car. Nice smooth ride. Not that great on gas. There are some kinks that needed to be worked out since it was the first production.

- Sheila P

It is a great family car.

I love the space. I love the ride. I dislike the height and the fuel mileage. I wish I would bought a limited. Also wish I had 4 wheel drive.

- Lindsay P

great for families there's lots of room for everyone including our dog it is also very fuel efficient

it is a great vehicle and the family loves it on long road trips. there are a few item it needs work with but aside from. that it runs great

- jose p

It is very roomy and comfortable to travel in. Handles good in snow.

I love my car because it is very roomy. It also handles very good in snow. What I don't like is its low to the ground so it rusts easily.

- Kati S

If it can take you from point A to point B.

It is comfortable. The car drives good. And it is meant for a family car I drive the car to and from work. Never had a problem with it.

- Douglas D

I love my Ford Flex. Its awesome

It rides very smooth. Handles like a car. Has enough room inside to hold two 10 foot kayaks. Roomy and comfortable for long road trips.

- Shannon R

Its safe car reliable and dependable.

Nice ride smooth. It gets it when you hit the gas. Looks nice very roomy. Good for a family of four or more has third row of seats.

- Jorge M

That it is roomy and very comfortable to ride in.

Only dislike is I didn't buy a all wheel drive. I like how the flex rides and handles on the road. And it gets decent gas mileage.

- Andy B

Great family car with plenty of room for all 7 passengers.

Plenty of room for the whole family, decent gas miles, great in the snow, tons of great features, easy to use power liftgate.

- Julie R

Affordable ride with luxury style.

Great gas mileage loaded with lots of features including Bluetooth. Heated seats and park assist. Handles well, very roomy.

- Jessica J

It has lots of room and you can fit lots of people in it.

Like seating areas, lots of room, hate that it has lots of miles and parts starting to wear and has transmission issues.

- Melissa W

It will fit 7 people and is very comfy.

Spacious, reliable, comfortable, good gas mileage, this is a very dependable vehicle, it also is roomy and comfortable.

- Pamela B

Very roomy. Fits several people and tall people can sit anywhere comfortably.

I like that it is big. Specifically for tall people, a lot of overhead room. But I prefer the SUV that I used to drive.

- Carrie P

It has a mini refrigerator.

I have no complaints. It is comfortable & fits my three kids & dog. It drives smooth. Just wish it had navigation.

- Jessica W

It is a durable and reliable vehicle

The car has 230,000 miles and runs great. Very few repairs over the years. Love the size and feel of the drive.

- robert W

Inexpensive to own and run.

I love the space and the way it handles. I do not like the average looking interior design of the dashboard.

- Keith A

It's a Ford, and it doesn't have many problems, like other ford's i've owned

I like the roominess. It seats 7. all the seats fold down to make a large flat area for hauling stuff too.

- tammy c

looks like a box car, with nice rims

roomy, smooth driving, gas saver,FAMILY friendly car and has sunroof to the front and two towards the back.

- valerie S

It is spacious and durable. Also reliable.

I like the space, the simplicity and the accessories. I do not like that we had to replace a transmission.

- A J

It is very versatile vehicle.

Love the flexibility in my flex. It is versatile. It gives me the feel of a safe and sound family vehicle.

- Sandra T

Lots of space easy to drive

Love the space, easy to drive, not very good on gas in the city. Never really had a problem with the car.

- Tracey B

Get the full moon roof. . And go for the limited.

Very comfortable car, lots of compliments from valet drivers. Moonroof makes the car feel way roomier.

- Woon Q

It has had A LOT of maintenance and repairs done on it in just the last 3 years..

It's a decent little car but we've put more work into it than it's worth in the 3 years we've had it.

- Shannon D

It is very roomy, has great technology with bluetooth, navigation, and music. It has been very reliable and gets decent gas mileage.

It has lasted for over 175,000 miles and only major issue has been transmission replacement.

- Eric R

easy on gas . its comfortable. i've had no problems with it.

i love driving it. it's so comfortable. it's easy on gas. i have no problems with it

- yvonne s

It is very roomy, and very comfortable. Larger people will fit with room to spare.

This car is big enough for my family. We all fit in here comfortably.

- Khadra R

It has lots of space for passengers and your things.

It has plenty of room. It is stylish. It has good gas mileage.

- Emily E

Don't lean or sit on my car. I like to take of my car.

I love my car. It's wide like a SUV but sits low like a car.

- Tracy O

purchased used had issues first year model. great size and roomy, enough space to seat 7

it has plenty of space wish the passenger seat was powered

- mar h