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It's the best car for families! Big and spacious, more room then you will ever know! So many pockets and cup holders!

I LOVE all the room the flex offers, it fits my whole family of rambunctious boys! And all the soccer games, practices, and tournaments we do a year it's so nice to have the tailgating seat options, it fits all the equipment and oh so very much!!! It fits anything from groceries to heavy big bulky items with an ease, added plus the back has it where it goes down in the back so it's not flat so when you open back for groceries you don't have to worry about them falling out and breaking everywhere. It also gets awesome gas mileage for being an SUV!! Long story short I will forever be getting a Flex as long as they keep making them!

- Jessica C

Solid car, but be wary of some mechanical problems.

I love this vehicle. It is luxurious on many levels. The heated leather seats are a blessing on a cold day. It has a roomy interior with lots of storage and access to power supplies to keep your electronics at the ready. For a large vehicle with a large engine, the gas mileage is unbeatable. The ride is smooth and quiet, unless you turn on the amazing sounding radio. The sunroof makes for a little nature in your ride. I have one complaint, be wary of timing chain problems. Ours slipped and we had to replace the whole engine.

- Heather D

A really nice thing for in the winter is that it has heated seats.

It is really nice. It holds my family of five, and my kids love it. My flex has cloth seats, which is great because we live in an area that gets a lot of snow. It has lasted for a while now, and is still in really good shape. It is super easy for me to clean. We go on trips a lot and it holds all of our stuff, but if you bring a big amount of things, it does get a little bit crowded. It has only two wheel drive, but it is still easy to drive with in the snow.

- Roseanne M

Larger SUV but looks more masculine than a minivan.

This vehicle worked great when we had a St. Bernard with bad hips. The back end is lower to the ground than most and the seats fold flat. My only 2 complaints are regarding transporting children. You can only have 1 forward facing car seat in the 3rd row, only 1 anchor. I wish it had captains seats, accessing 3rd row with 5 car seats installed is tricky, but doable. Overall this car has been great for us.

- Ashley W

Dependable, safe, and comfy.

The reason I purchased this vehicle is because I worked at Ford and I never saw a flex come in for major mechanical issues. I have had this one two years and no issues. Also it has row bars in the roof, so that sold me also. I looked for how comfortable the back seat is when I found this one and the back seat is very roomy and the seats are comfortable. I ride back there a lot.

- Cindy P

The Ford Flex is roomy, sporty looking and drives nice even at 182,000 miles.

I love how the vehicle drives and the sporty look of it. I like the roomy interior and way the second and third row seats have multi-position capacity for storage or hauling items. The drawback is the helicopter sound and change in air pressure when only one or two windows are partially lowered, in other words, not very aerodynamic. Also there is no gas cap.

- Brenda M

Good road trip vehicle due to comfortable wide seats and legroom.

The flex is great for tall people, lots of legroom in first and second rows! Also can adjust gas pedal! Steering wheel tilts well. Great for road trips, although could be better on gas mileage. Very reliable, comfortable leather seats. Great trunk space except when 3rd row up. Easy access to 3rd row on passenger side has button to fold 2nd row seat.

- Jerry H

Best spacious growing family car.

It is very big inside. Tons of headroom, butt room, and very comfortable too. Dual control heat and air make it convenient for littles in the back seat. Great car seat safety and fit. Love how easy the seats are to move up and down and forward and back. Wish the sync system could be updated via a quick system update to be more current.

- Lindsey J

People need to know that it is a force of nature.

I love that it has space for my whole family and still has enough trunk space for our weekend outings... I found that for some reason my drivers window screeches really loud when I roll it down. I am not a fan of the shape of the car but because it fits all of us with a good trunk space I couldn't pass it up..

- Sarah S

Love the car, hate the quality.

I love the size and capacity of my flex. The cargo space and seating is really awesome. I love the moon roofs on all 3 rows. I really hate the quality of the parts; the door handles have broken off, the knobs on the a/c have come loose and other beauty pieces do not seem to stay where they go.

- Julia O

Smooth sailing with the Ford Flex .

I have my Ford Flex for 2 years now. It has been beyond reliable. I have had only minor costs costs to fix issues. The only issue I really had was the driver side window controls. It was a quick 35 dollar fix. One of my favorite features is the space, it is very comfortable to drive.


The ride in my transformer.

This is a cool vehicle. She has a back up camera and a park assistant for us people who cannot parallel park. She also has 3 seats that hide away and options to see where you are going or where you have been. Which means you can face forward or backwards and she also has 3 sunroofs.

- Patricia N

The ford flex is sporty and sleek.

My ford flex is very spacious and comfortable. It has enough space for 7 passengers. It is sleek looking. It gets great gas mileage. It is sporty yet still is luxurious. I would have to say this was the best car choice I have ever made. I would recommend this car to everyone.

- Kelley G

Very pleased with the performance of my ford flex.

Roomy, comfortable. Seats 7 with room for luggage. Ford air conditioning is the best, it cools very fast which is important when you live in Florida. Seats have heaters which is nice on cold mornings. Leather seats and interior has held up well despite high heats in Florida.

- Melissa S

Great comfortable ride and good gas mileage. Just don't get the ecoboost engine.

For a vehicle that size it has great mileage with the non ecoboost engine. It is very roomy and handles 5-6 passengers easily. It has a very smooth comfortable ride and handles nicely. I literally have no complaints at all and will buy another one when this one wears out.

- tracig P

Hands up to flexing. From here on ford.

I like Ford but all the parts need to not b plastic, the interior stains easily. The radio brakes and the gas gauge stop working, the cruise control works great and Bluetooth is awesome. Good on gas highway or city. Hands free and interior lights change color very reliable.

- Gabriel C

Let’s bring jimmy since he has a Ford flex and we can all sit comfortably!

The only problem with my Ford flex is “user error”!! It was my father’s car before I left Georgia, and moved to Texas. . It is a great car for me to have since I live next door to my brother and am always able to be the “designated driver” when it is needed!!

- James I

Great family vehicle with many amenities

I absolutely love my flex. I have an upgraded version so I have bluetooth, navigation and backup camera and even though its an older model no one would think it was anything older than a 2015. I love the flip down seats that make it easy for my kids to get in and out

- Ariana N

The truck drives really smooth.

It's a very good truck, it runs great, good motor and gas mileage. Love the radio system and love how it rides and drives. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The only thing that I would change about the truck is the color, and the seat, they're not that comfortable.

- Sierra A

Very luxurious vehicle and comfortable.

Only air conditioning, rides great on the road out of town, good on gas. Comfortable seats seven people can ride, plus room for bags. Features are sunroof, both front and back, TVs, everyone says it's a nice luxurious vehicle. Interior is leather and stays clean.

- Diana L

The fact that it holds my kids in it is enough.

I do not like the way the front of the vehicle looks. It fits my 4 kids in it without any. Complaint from them and it can hold a lot of stuff in the trunk but other than that it looks like mater from the Disney movie cars just not brown but silver updated one.

- Josephine W

Love it! Nothing like buying a car and having no regrets.

We have own our car for 6 years and have driven across the us three times. It is a very comfortable ride and give the family plenty of space to spread out. Never have had any issues mechanical with the car. This vehicle is reliable, comfortable and roomy.

- Andy I

Good on the inside but need some modifications in the engine.

Love the interior space of the vehicle. However this last year we have had started having mechanical issues. Killing batteries, we are on our 3, did a tune up on it and still getting check engine light to come on and now the fuel efficiency is down.

- Jondalyn U

It is very comfortable and clean.

I think that my car is very durable and comfortable. Although my car has many clicking sounds throughout it. There was constant ticking sound in the back of my car a little bit age and now a ticking sound in the front when ever my car is started.

- Stella W

It is roomy and great for carrying stuff.

I love this car and so do my grandchildren. They think it is "cool". Very roomy, comfortable and easily fits 6 to 7 people. So far has been very reliable for us. Only drawback is that it is not great on snowy, icy roads.

- Mary B

It is easy and comfortable to drive with few blind spots.

I really like that it has the room of a Suburban but drives like a car. I love the storage in the back and find it to be a wonderful vehicle for cross country travel. My only wish is that it had a rear backup camera.

- Heather S

Comfortable ride for a vehicle this large. Great visibility in all directions.

This vehicle is very comfortable, and has been reasonably reliable. I encountered one problem with overheating, which was due to a computer malfunction. I average about 20 mpg, with about 50% urban driving.

- John S

It can seat 7 people (really 6 comfortably). It does need a bit more storage if you are taking it on long trips with a family. Overall, I really like my Flex.

The only thing I would complain about is the need for more storage in the car. Also, that the back seats could be adjusted (recline, etc). In temperature is not evenly distributed to the last row of seats.

- Kimberly H

Great Family Vehicle, Drives like a Car

My Flex is easy to drive. It is a great size for my family of four. I like that we can easily bring along the grandparents. The one thing I don't like is that it doesn't have sliding side doors.

- Beth W

It drives amazing adults can sit in the back and the third row very comfortably.

I love everything about it. The space - the smooth ride - the look. The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage. I know the car companies can do better than they are about gas miles/car or SUV.

- Colleen H

It is got a third row seats, which is very important for me especially.

It is a good trusting vehicle. Love the backup camera. It is got good highway miles, just the only downfall is that you need special tools to do a brake job which takes hours to do.

- Monica V

Comfortable and technological

My flex is very comfortable to drive and for all of the passengers. I've had it for almost 9 years and it has been very dependable. I also enjoy all of the technology that it has.

- Amy H

It is mine, keep you cat off of it. Rather more to the point my Ford Flex is easy on the pocketbook. Low cost of maintenance, insurance, and fuel.

Great gas mileage, third row seating and super A/C. Those make my Ford stand out from the others.The cabin is roomy, comfortable, and makes hauling all my grandchildren possible.

- Jenny T

Very roomy backseat, big enough for adults

I love my Ford Flex, has always been very reliable and the backseat is very roomy. Only issue I've ever had is that the low tire pressure is very sensitive and goes off often.

- Morgan S

Ford Flex is comfortable, spacious and has a good quality motor.

My Ford Flex is the first car I've owned that I've really liked. We traded in a mini-van for this and it drives so much nicer! We have not had any major issues with it.

- Valerie W

Family vehicle/ Expensive repairs

Wonderful family vehicle for around town and out of town travels. Premature transmission problems including a cracked transfer case that is crazy expensive to repair.

- Millie D

The most amazing family car.

I absolutely love this car and would buy it again if in the market for a new vehicle only feature I would make sure I have is a backup camera. The best family car.

- Elizabeth M

Able to put all back seats down for transporting larger stuff

It os very reliable good in the snow and out for camping a lot of room. Put all the seats down and can get stuff from hardware store and go to the town dump

- Seana M

It is a comfortable ride. Great for road trips. Love it.

Haven't had any real issues with the vehicle. I like it because it has the room of a minivan, but the comfort of a car. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- Debbie H

a lot of room for traveling with family.

At the present time a/c makes a slight noise, I also have a TV in car in 1 is not working at this time. Overall the car has had no major problems.

- Diana R

Does flex: the newest version minivan

Love that it feels like a car but has a third row. Has 140,000 miles and not really had problems. Only problem is my sunroof is starting to leak

- Lori B

It is very comfortable. The doors make it very easy to get in and out.

It is very versatile. It has a very smooth ride. It is a little too big. It can be a little shorter and still remain the same size on the inside.

- Bob R

For a larger car, the gas mileage is quite high, running around 22 mpg.

I love the color, red. It's really quite comfortable. It's a little difficult to use back seat. Also, I don't like the 'boxy' look of the car.

- Joh K

Plenty of legroom even in back seats. It is low to the ground so it is easy to enter and exit.

It is easy to get in and out of even for my 90 year old mother. It has lots of legroom but I wish it was easier to get in the back seats.

- Nell K

Vehicle Ford Flex- my favorite feature is heated seats and fitting 7 people.

I have had no issues with my 2011 Ford Flex. I bought it in 2012 with 20,000 miles on it. I do make sure to get regular oil changes.

- Marissa G

Great family car!!!!!!!!!

It's a great car... Great for families and kids... Easy and comfortable to drive... big enough for what we're bed but not too big

- Hannah W

Super pricey to get the headlights fixed.

Like the navigation system. Like the comfort. Like the amount of interior room. Steering could be easier, more precise.

- Di D

Be aware of this before you purchase.

Water pump needed replaced. Required removing almost the entire engine. Cost over $1000 labor to replace a $50 part.

- Robert F

It is a VERY safe car in an accident.

The seats are VERY comfortable. It is large and has multiple functions. It is a VERY safe car in a car accident.

- Kari Z

Great family vehicle especially for the price & fits 6.

Love how it fits the whole family. The A/C works great. It could use a little more storage space and roof rack.

- Steven R

If you are looking for a great utility vehicle with a luxury feel this is it.

Great cross over from SUV and car. Luxury and utility. Rides great. Esp. on highway. Carries a lot of cargo.

- Terry B



- Anna D

It's safe and spacious. It is great for a growing family. Very functional.

It's very spacious. We have never had a problem with it. It's great for our family!

- Tiffani D

Smooth drive, and great control.

Love the space for family, but the airflow to the back seats is low.

- Lin X

Miles per gallon is not as good as expected.

Has enough power. Needs better mpg. Wears out tires quickly.

- S S

I have no complaints. It gets great gas mileage with the non turbo boost engine. It has a very smooth nice read. It provides plenty of room for six people and with the back seats laid down it has lots of cargo space.

It provides great gas mileage for a vehicle that size.

- Wayne G