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My car: the glorious hatchback with a fatal flaw.

My 2001 Ford Focus was not built to last. There have been many problems we have run into where parts no longer function for the car. In addition, the car parts that do fall apart are not easy to fix and because of this, I have had to put more money into the car as I cannot afford to buy a new one. The Focus I have is a red car zx3 ( the hatchback model) and I find it to be very useful in carting around other or in transporting larger object and instruments because of the hatchback feature. It has been very useful to me in that regard. However, the car itself seems to be falling apart constantly which is frustrating because at this point it almost has all new parts.

- Mackenzie E

Comfortable and reliable Ford Focus SE

The interior of this vehicle is very comfortable, the back seat is quite small but there is plenty of room up front. I enjoy the manual transmission as it feels like I have more control. The gas mileage is great, even for around town driving at over 30 mpg. I have not had any problems with the vehicle and oil changes are easy to do myself. It has very basic stereo which has some small issues. It is my daily driver because of the comfort, control I have, and it's reliability.

- McKenzie M

In all the car is just fine for how old it is.

My car really does not have many issues for a 17 years old car. One of the main and only issues I have is that the steering wheel gets hard when it rains, and the radio can be really static. Other than that it drives smoothly, the anti theft system really works, it was almost stolen once but if you try to force the steering wheel to move without having the key in the ignition, the steering wheel will lock, also they tried stealing the radio and it wouldn't budge out either.

- Flor S

Overall good performance great on gas

Haven't had any problems but replace stabilizer bar link kit left control arm with ball joint hub assembly on the front right side need tires needs work that's how I bought it unfortunately it also drives wobbly I think it means other things otherwise than that I haven't had any problems before these problems it was driving good when I bought it it's was great the interior is good don't like it only 2 door and it's a sports edition pretty nice

- Amanda P

The most important feature of the Ford Focus is the great gas mileage.

Ever since purchasing my 2001 Ford Focus I have never wished I hadn't purchased it! Other than the color (it was the only standard shift they had a the time. ) I don't have any regrets. It gets great gas mileage. It has a great air conditioner. And the radio was amazing. I have had this vehicle for 17 years so of course it now has seen many repairs. I would not hesitate to buy another or recommend it to others.

- Ronald M

Small, maneuverable, with great brakes and a reliable system in general.

My car was picked up from a meadow and bought at a police impound lot, but despite the wear and tear on her, she's always taken good care of me. The brake system is really impressive, even when things go wrong with it they've worked in an emergency. In general that would sum up my car, really; even when things go wrong or get broken, she's gotten me safely home despite the damage, until she can be repaired.

- Serena S

it Is very economical to drive.

It is a little on the small side. It gets great gas mileage and has quite a bit of power for a four cylinder vehicle. The only complaint I have is that the locks would go on and off by themselves when no one was near the car. We ended up having to unplug the automatic door locks. It is a little inconvenient but the car is small enough to be able to reach across the car to unlock the passenger door.

- Doris W

If price to performance is what you are looking for this is a great car.

The car runs great for how old it is but the model I have is 2 door sedan which is not that great if you plan on driving with multiple people. The car is also super reliable I take it over 40 miles to work and 40 miles back no issues. The seats are somewhat uncomfortable and the radio is not that great either but if you are looking for price to performance it is a good choice.

- Gerardo U

My title review was really well.

My car is reliable. I drive to school and work and put quite a few miles on it. Personally with my car when I stop too hard my car will turn off. I turn the car off and on and bam it's like nothing happened. My car does overheat easily when I turn on the AC however this may be associated with the fact I live in Arizona. Overall, my car is great and I drive it everywhere.

- Alyssa R

Many annoying issues will creep up in a Ford. There is a reason why Ford is often referred to buy the acronym (F-fix, O-or, R-repair, D-daily).

My Ford Focus has been a problem since 2 months after first purchasing it in 2004. Although the car still runs and gets me where I need to go, it has many annoying issues. The rear window won't roll up, all of the dash lights have failed, passenger rear door only opens from the inside, etc. I am unimpressed with the car and I would never buy a Ford product again.

- Craig F

What I think if my 2001 Ford Focus sedan.

I purchased my 2001 Ford Focus sedan about a year and a half ago. I have to actually say I have been very pleased with my vehicle. The gas mileage is pretty decent. I have had no major problems with the vehicle. The only issue I do have at this time is with my back windows going down and not rolling back up. I also wish that the rear window has a windshield wiper.

- Shelly S

Blue Ford Focus, stick shift, 2001.

Reliable car and helps get to work and home easy. Taken the car on several long trips and has never failed us, we use this car as our main transportation and it has lasted us this long. Gas mileage is also a very strong perk, compared to past cars we barely get gas in the Focus, we have to fill up four times less often and that saves a lot of money in the long run.

- Sam W

An interesting detail is that the car is a manual.

the car runs great other than a few problems with motor mounts. Motor mounts are a common problem with the ford focus especially the older ones. Bad motor mounts cause a lot of vibration in the car however they are fairly easy to replace. There is also no powered windows or doors therefore you manually have to lock/unlock the doors and the windows are crank.

- Taylor H

Fuel efficient and has working cruise control.

There are none I feel this car is very reliable would not be afraid to drive it on a long distance drive and I have only had to have it worked on 2 times since I have owned it. I have had to put a new thermostat in it and then hook up the temperature hand. I feel it would get me wherever I wanted to go and it is easy on gas and is pretty easy to operate.

- Tracy L

It does function very well despite some of the issues I have had.

Having bought my car from someone else online, it did come with issues that weren't necessarily the fault of the car itself or the makers of the car. However, the issues I have had include large amounts of rusting, resulting in several rather expensive parts needing to be replaced, as well as just the slight inconvenience of it only being a 2-door car.

- Raven T

Ford Focus the good and the bad.

This car is reliable and gets great gas mileage. It is very easy to handle. The rear hatchback area has a lot of room for storage and has a removable cover. The downside is the only access to the back seat is through the passenger side because the drive seat does not go forward. This vehicle is also very light so driving in windy areas can be tricky.

- Brittany M

It is spacious nice looking not too big or too small.

I like my Ford Focus wagon because it is a very spacious vehicle and it does run very well for a car that is coming up in its age, 17 years old that is. I have performed min maintenance to it in the years and it has run very well. I drove it from NY to Indiana which is about a 15 hour drive plus and had no problems and that was only 2 years ago.

- Caitlin R

2001 silver Ford Focus se.

Very nice body design, never had an issue with maintenance, good gas mileage, 4 cylinders and small enough for me, very nice color and interior, wish it had and AUX but that's a feature in newer models, very reliable, my favorite car, very safe, can run for long periods of time without making me feel unsafe, cheap to maintain when needed.

- Jaime M

A very good car. Very economical and comfortable also.

My car is good on gas very comfortable. Very economical easy maintenance. It's the right vehicle that suits our purpose. To be able to travel in for less money. It has all the features keyless entry air conditioning works fabulous and the heater works fabulous also we have no issues with the car like other cars that we've had in the past.

- Gail W

It keeps going and going with a little help from my mechanic and me!

I have had my focus since 2001. It was the 1st car I had ever bought new. It is now 2018 and it is still going. It has over 150, 000 miles on it and has never caused me any major problems. Of course over the years I have kept up with maintenance and replaced things that needed to be replaced. Gotta be a good car to keep going and going!

- Karen F

Still runs great! Also has great gas mileage!

I love the mileage it gets, even after the past few years of using it for a lot of driving. I like how it looks, and how it does not have mechanical problems. I keep routine oil changes, and up keep. It has plenty of room as well. The radio still works good. Plus the hatch in the back it very convenient to load and unload items.

- Kim S

Size of the Ford Focus is great

Overall it is a great car. Small, comfy, and drives smoothly. It's perfect for getting into small parking spots too, I always feel great when I'm able to slip into a spot whether I'm going the right or wrong way down parking lanes. I'm able to fit a good amount of stuff in the trunk also which is very good for me traveling.

- Anthony M

Ford focus is a good car to buy if bought brand new.

Good on gas but gives me problems sometimes overheats, timing belt jumped I purchased it used currently looking for another car but besides the current issues the car is a good economic car, but if it would have been purchased brand new it would be a good car and would recommend it to my friends and family.

- Sara E

2001 ford focus - over 200K miles and going strong at over 25 miles/gallon

good reliability, good gas mileage low maintenance service costs, some problems with trunk latch and one door latch, paint is starting to oxidize. Replaced battery at 5 years. Replaced exhaust converter at 7 years. Comfortable ride last 10 years but shocks are starting to wear now and ride is getting worse


I would believe the vehicle is good on gas.

Everything is fine except the cars dash. Some of the fuses are blown along with the lighter ports. The gas meter doesn't actually tell me how much gas I have left in my car either. It just goes from back to forth. The fuse for the gear shift is also broken, so I don't know if I'm in park, reverse, or drive.

- Tori C

It's really reliable. I've been through a lot of stuff over the past 8 years and my car has been with me the whole way. It's a great vehicle.

I really like my car. I've had it for about 8 years and it's been very reliable. There have been obvious wear and tear issues, but I have about 212,000 miles on it and it still runs really great. Lots of room inside with a nice interior. Handles really well and maintenance is pretty straightforward.

- Chase M

The one recurring issue, however, is a constant leak in the radiator system.

The focus is a very dependable car and has few mechanical issues, even though it is almost 20 years old. It is an uncomfortable ride and the central console does not permit large drinks in the holder, due to a poor design. The back seats are okay but there is very little leg room for passengers.

- Jerome G

A dependable, economical, comfortable sedan.

It is dependable, long lasting, good on gas, comfortable to drive. It has all the features I need and great trunk room. It has not given me any problems, the only thing it really needs is a new paint job and new floor mats. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants a dependable car.

- Michelle J

It has been around for a long time and still handles well with little maintenance.

The car handles great; the fan has stopped working so I have no heat or AC unless it's set to maximum, but it seems to be an easy fix, and the car is 17 years old. I love the space it provides, the comfort, and how easy it is to drive. It's really a great car for me and my current lifestyle.

- Mellena C

The most interesting detail about my car would be that the gears skip.

The transmission is the biggest problem I have with my car. Everything else run smoothly. As long as there is coolant and oil your car will live long. It's comfortable if your looking for something smart. But I personally wouldn't recommend as a car forever. But definitely dependable.

- Breanna C

Very fuel efficient on the highway, love to use it on road trips due to its fuel efficiency.

It is a very fuel efficient vehicle. Very nice on short road trips and easy to maneuver in heavy city traffic. Has been somewhat low maintenance not including oil and other fluid changes, only complaint I have about it is it is an older vehicle and should of traded it in a while back.

- Christopher P

Used good condition 2011 Ford Focus zx3.

The car is a used in good condition vehicle. It is a 2001 Ford Focus zx3 two door. It has fairly good tires, ac blows cold. Has electric windows and locks, with keyless entry. Car is an automatic transmission and shifts smooth. Has a few discolored spots but nothing to worry about.

- Nic D

Good reason to stay focus!

At the beginning of this ownership, I had to take the car in four several recalls which was fine. But lately all the door locks don't work from the outside, however the car is a teenager and still runs good. If I were to buy a new car it would be an updated model of the ford focus.

- Renee C

Great compact car with excellent gas mileage

Great gas mileage, compact, easy to park, pretty good visibility, they last a long time. Easy to fix. I've had mine for 4 years and I'm almost to 298,000 miles and I haven't had too many issues. Just had to replace the alternator a few times but that was the biggest issue I've had

- Cassandra B

Great always reliable vehicle.

I bought my Ford Focus used about 12 years ago. Since I have owned it I have had to replace very few things on it and it has continued to be a reliable form of transportation. The gas mileage is great and you can fit far more in the vehicle than one would expect by looking at it.

- Heather H

My 2001 Ford Focus. Great vehicle even for first time car buyer.

I have nothing bad to say about the vehicle. Very dependable and great gas mileage. Really easy to work on if you like doing your own repairs. Also parts are very inexpensive and easy to find at any parts store of your choice. Highly recommended for even a first time car buyer.

- Scott S

Good gas mileage. Gets around good in snow.

Bought the car used it has ran good for most part only typical car maintenance. Good gas mileage just not a good travel family vehicle it's too small. I drive daily to work and run errands all weekend with no problems. Would consider another Ford Focus when buying my next car.

- Jackie M

Excellent fuel economy and spacious interior makes sense to me you decide.

My 2001 Focus has been a very dependable vehicle it runs great it gets really good fuel economy and it is not ugly the interior is comfortable and very spacious it also has a decent amount of trunk space so if your considering buying a Focus then you will not be disappointed.

- Dereck L

It is a fun little car that gets decent gas mileage and has never let me down.

The ignition switch went out in the focus as well as the power steering pump. It has 240k miles on it and has been very reliable. It has every feature available for the focus that year except for leather seats. It has cruise control, power seats, power windows and locks.

- Andrea V

It is a very reliable vehicle, durable, lasts a long time when taken care of.

I absolutely love my car. It has been extremely reliable. It has had some minor problems that have all been able to be fixed easily, and nothing that has been expected. There are a lot of miles on the car and it has had typical wear and tear, nothing out of the ordinary.

- Annie B

The amazing Ford Focus zx3

It breaks down quickly and isn't an efficient vehicle. It rots from the inside and works it way out. I would get rid of it if I could but it sticks with you. It's currently falling apart as I type this sentence. The only thing about the car that's durable is the wheels.

- James J

Do not buy an older Ford Focus.

My Ford Focus is generally unreliable. The engine has a valve defect where the valves are sucked inward. The car is underpowered and the headlights yellow badly. The air conditioner breaks regularly. It is not very fuel efficient. I would like it to have more leg room.

- Bob O

Ford focus review - an insight into a 'good' car.

The air conditioning does not work and the engine is always making noise. It needs a really bad tune up but a lot of the things just keep breaking. Many of the components sometimes fall off, and one of the parts ended up melting a few months ago because it got too hot.

- Joshua C

super cool and reliable ford focus

I love how reliable the car as it doesn't take much gas and has been through many miles but still keeps it together well. The steering is great and has a lot of get up and go. The seats are comfortable and haven't gotten much wear on them considering how old the car is

- kyle M

It is reliable and does not cost me a lot to run and maintain

It is a reliable vehicle that gets me where i am going with minimal issues. I do wish i had a truck because i prefer them, but my care gets better mileage than a truck. I would like to have something newer as well but it is paid off and that is a very big plus as well.

- Jesse M

Our little and very reliable car.

I know it is old but I love our little car. We have had it for a while now, it has quite a few miles on it but it is still reliable and comfortable. We have to think about changing it. I am very happy with the Ford brand and will look for another model in the future.

- Tanya S

It is a standard and when all parts are working, it is reliable.

The vehicle is pretty old and sounds like it is going to fall apart but its not. It does not always perform like I wud like it to. I would like a little more room at my feet and legs, and I think the back seat is fairly tight, especially if people have longer legs.

- Haley H

A good common commute car for a large city to get you one place to the other.

It is a very small car but it is a very good commute car where you could save gas money on it. And if you keep the maintenance on your car and you shouldn't have any problems with it because I really do not. And I really do not know what to say else about my car.

- Joann M

Decent well rounded car!!

The back is a bit small for my liking, I have had lots of problems with the battery keeping a charge even after replacing it. Its manual and sometimes shifting is a bit off. Otherwise its. A decent car it gets great gas mileage and has stuck around for a while.

- Lana M

It an older car so it does not have all the tech stuff you want.

It is a really good beginner car for first time drivers. The car drive nice and smooth. Since the car is older it still as very good radio with a wonderful bass. But the radio is an ordinary radio and does not have an AUX cord plug in. The car is nice hooptie.

- Amanda R

one thing about the car that I love it that it has all the clips for installing car seats unlike some cars that don't have any. cant put a car in backwards if you don't have them. and I got 2 that go resurfacing so it's nice.

works good for the most part. it has some issues trying to get up the hill to my house but if you drop it down to 2nd gear it works. needs new spark plugs and alternator. other then that it's a good little car. gets you from point a to point b so that's good.

- Melissa B

My car is a dependable car and I call the Ms. peppy.

It is a decent car. I have kept it because it is better than a car payment. I will drive it until it cannot go anymore. It is a Ford Focus which is silver. It has a gray interior and is a sedan. I drive it as my work car back and forth and it does well.

- Charlie H

My 2001 ford focus has been a great gas saver!

It has been a good gas saver and a good a to b. Very dependable car if given the right TLC. The seats are comfortable for the most part. The stock radio is fairly good. I love the road noise feature on it. All in all it has been a great little car to own.

- Alyssa L

My car is old but runs perfectly.

My car runs perfectly well. It is old but rarely has problems. The AC does not work anymore but it is an easy fix. I just replaced the exhaust but other than that it is a great car. It has some rust on it but for being old, it has held up pretty nice.

- Olivia H

It is spacious enough for a single mom.

Wiring problem, stalls out, won't start. Unreliable, would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. Wiring is messed up, badly. It does not have any cold AC. The lights will turn on, but the vehicle will not crank over. I would not recommend for anyone.

- Sara K

If you take care of it, it will last. And it is very reliable if taken care of.

I love how roomy it is inside. I love that it is a clutch. I love that it has a lot of go. I love that it fits my son's car seat perfectly. I love how reliable it is. I do not like that it is white. And I do not like that it looks like a van/car.

- Anna B

Extremely well designed and manufactured. Could not have been a better choice.

I purchased this car new and it has been amazingly reliable. Throughout the years it has been through so much and still keeps going. Yearly maintenance has been very reasonable compared to getting a new car and having monthly car payments.

- Mark M

It's not special and needs work to make it look and run better. It is reliable.

It has plenty of trunk space and ample leg room in the back seats. I like that it has anchors to hook a child seat to or other things if necessary. I like the style of seats they are very comfortable on my back for long car rides.

- Rachel G

T has been safe and reliable.

My car is old and have not had much trouble with it. It has been very comfortable, easy to drive and maintain. I wish it would last 10 more years! I am beginning to look for a new car. I might buy the same make and model again.

- Judy M

Hate to see ford change the focus

Have 191000 miles no real problems just old age. It has good comfort, easy to drive. I bought it loaded with sunroof, leather interior. With all the mileage there is some wear and tear in the suspension and worn clearcoat.

- Kevin L

It gets good gas mileage. Weather on the highway, or mountain roads.

I like the gas mileage I still get with it. Also plenty of room, with the back hatch door. The interior is nice as well. The one complaint I have is that the engine light always comes on. But there isn't anything wrong.

- kim N

It's very basic and it is cheap to fix if issues arise.

I dislike how basic the car itself is. I've had various problems from my car including thermostat issues, muffler problems, belts needing replaced, and many other things. The only thing that I like is that it drives.

- Rayven S

It lasted for eighteen years!

I love that my car gets great gas mileage. I love the size of the trunk. I love the ease of driving and parking. I dislike the age of my car. It is starting to have major problems - too expensive to fix.

- Robin J

It gets me from Point A to Point B with no problems!

It's great to be able to have a car in the city to get away from the city! It's an old car (low mileage) and has some troubles getting up hills - but it was a gift so it's hard to complain too much!

- Randi G

Easy to drive, handles well, good gas mileage. Great small car.

I have always loved my little car. It was the first brand new car I ever bought. It is now 17 years old and still going strong. I have never had a repair bill on it. And it still looks brand new.

- Darla M

The most important thing is that its a manual transmission.

I like that it get great gas mileage and it doesn't break the bank filling it up. I also get better mileage with it being a manual transmission. I hate that it's small and doesn't have much room.

- Edward W

It's very basic and simple with very little luxury at all.

I don't dislike the make and model of my car but rather the year be much newer. I have never owned a Ford before this one and it's been reliable so far but it's just old and I need a new model

- Stacy M

It gets great gas mileage, and I would buy another one if I ever had to.

I don't have any complaints about my vehicle. My car is amazing on gas and its very dependable. I love the way my car can handle driving for a while. I also love how compact my car is.

- Tiffany G

It's a great little car to travel the country in. It has excellent gas mileage for the year and seats four comfortably. Overall is sporty with a five speed manual transmission.

Well I drive a 2001 Ford focus see. I love the car, because of its gas mileage and size. However if you ever owned a Ford ,you know it's a lot of work. Fixed or repaired daily.

- Chris G

It requires a lot of maintenance but so far has been relatively reliable. It does not do well in the snow.

I was in a jam when buying this car. It has needed quite a bit of maintenance. It makes a lot of strange noises and is very loud from the inside. It's like driving an airplane.

- Mackenzie S

Great quality and good gas mileage.

I really like most things about it and that it has lasted this long. I wish it got better gas mileage and that it was not getting so old and needing to be replaced soon.

- Judith M

Bright red Ford Focus, year 2001. Equipped with sync media

Runs great, tires are the only problem. I've had to replace them and they're very hard to find in tire shops. Other than that the only thing is traction during weather.

- Abigail L

With gas prices rising, this is a great car to have because it's excellent gas mileage.

This car is great I haven't had any major problems with it. It's great on gas. The only downside is it's only a two door, but has a hatchback with good amount of space.

- Sandra W

Great gas mileage full tank lasts a week.

No problems really. Ride is a little rough after all these years. Not having modern tech in it is the biggest issue. But is a reliable point A to point B type of car.

- Tony A

Very low gas mileage for a four cylinder car. On top of that the gas tank is small

Get really low gas mileage for a 4 cylinder car, no guts and it takes forever to get going. Not an ideal car and i will never buy another focus unless it is newer.

- Christopher F

It is red, long, and has a hatchback so yeah.

There is not much to problems. I love my little car just have been driving it for so long. It is not really my style. Looking for something new and more stylish.

- Alyssa E

You cannot break the window.

It is handle well, it can take beating. It get up to speed quickly. Moves through traffic nicely. Has enough standard fixtures. Break proof glass windows.

- Heidi E

It is very comfortable specially for people who has to drive long hours.

I have owned my focus since 2002--it has been a great car-good on gas--good drive! I have no complaints and will consider another Ford down the road..

- Patricia M

It is comfortable to drive.

This car is amazing. It's got good gas mileage. I have taken it across the country with no issues. I love the radio set up, the seats are comfortable.

- Raven M

It's a nice average vehicle

It has a few minor issues. Cracked windshield, rough idle, broken exhaust. It has a very comfortable driver's seat, keyless entry, aftermarket stereo.

- Allen H

Perfect little get around vehicle

Reliable dependable as long as routine maintenance is kept up. For it to be a 18 year old vehicle starts up everytime and is the perfect A to B car.

- Anthony A

2001 Ford Focus, great small little car if you are first time learner

Gas miles are good on city and highway! Car is old but very good in working, getting me from different states. Shakes a little bit but runs perfect!

- Grace G

It still runs after 17 years, and gets good gas mileage.

I used to love my car, but since it is 17 years old, I would love to be able to replace it. However, finances are such that I cannot at this time.

- Maggie F

It's sturdy! I am not afraid in nit.

My car is reliable, gets decent gas mileage and is completely functional. The only problem I have with it is that it is a little loud inside.

- Kim M

You need to unlock it before starting the car.

It does not accelerate very quickly. The windows screech every time they open. The antenna fell off so there is no radio. The car is loud.

- Lee M

Nothing to tell besides its junk but gets me where we need to go.

It's totally reliable but it has a couple dents and dings in it. Around the back drivers side. And the grey color could be green instead.

- Ariel S

2001 Ford focus, vehicle overheats from time to time.

It has a overheating problem but overall good car. I wish it had back row air but does not. I've only have had it for about 6 months now.

- Jessica B

It is a perfect car for tooling around town.

Love the compact style, the gas mileage and ease of maintenance. Do not like cost to insure, the low rider effect or no air conditioning.

- Julie W

Manual transmission and very fast!

This little car has almost 250k miles on her. She starts up every time like brand new. Very reliable as long as regularly maintained.

- Kris L

That the computer went and I have heard that has been an issue in Ford focuses

Bought it uses. Ended up needing a new computer in it. Otherwise I like the model of the car, gives enough room for my entire family

- Danielle S

Ford focus reliable, even with age!

The Ford focus is a very reliable car. It gets us from point A to point B with zero problems. Even with the age we can count on it.

- Danielle L

Nice affordable and good gas mileage.

No complains I like how good the gas mileage is. Very big trunk can fit everything I need and there is plenty of room for friends.

- Chloe H

Good quality and reliability.

Perfect vehicle for work. Good gas mileage and very reliable. Getting close to 211000 miles on it and it just keeps rolling.

- Don L

My car is way to slow, no guts a all.

My car takes forever to go up a hill, no guts whatsoever. to slow to get going, no muscle to it. Horrible vibration problem.

- Christopher F

reliable, good gas mileage

the trunk room. the fact i can see both the front of the car and the back - i can't stand a car i can't really see out of.

- Joanne D

How many passenger can it seat? If it has airbags.

I luv that my car is pretty sturdy, it's been hit 3 times, I like that I can remove the stereo, I like the automatic doors

- Sheila H

Best Car For Driving in Town

Ford Focus is a small car and that makes it fuel efficient. It is very easy to find a parking spot because of its size.

- Caren K

It is small yet a reliable car which will hold up.

I like the car it compact, , it is fully loaded , more than i thought i was going to get. I It is very, reliable

- Douglas R

The car is very reliable. The parts are cheap and easy to find.

I've had my Focus for a year and it has never let me down. It runs great for the amount of miles it has on it.

- Harley M

The wagon has many options for storage of items.

A great get around car for city driving. Good gas mileage and easy maintenance. Can hold many items in trunk.

- Molly R

As long as you maintain the standard care, it will last well into 200k miles.

I like the dependability. The vehicle is comfortable for long drives. Speaker system is also good quality.

- Jessica W

Ford Focus details on driving and use.

Good on gas, easy to park, good around town, comfortable seating, handy fold-down rear seat, roomy trunk.

- Bert M

This car runs great and has an awesome heater. Both essential for life in Alaska.

My car runs good even with a bad alternator. It has an awesome heater. This car gets great gas mileage.

- Jennifer W

It's very reliable and dependable.

It has been very reliable, requiring very limited maintenance. It gets good gas mileage. It has no a/c.

- Philip R

It is my little blue hunk of junk. It needs frequent repairs but it has a lot of charm and storage.

How much it's gotten me through. I have driven to and from college, all the way to Missouri, and more.

- Kaitlyn S

Has a great Air conditioner and runs good. Get me to where i need to go.

It runs great, in the color of red. Has a very good air conditioner. Turn on a dime and easy to park.

- Alma H

The car is very compact and fun to drive however there are some flaws. The design things are hard to get to to fix myself.

The Exhaust is bad, and the transmission is slipping. The check engine light is on and won't go off.

- Frank M

its small, good gas saver, and it has goo trunk space

its pretty good. the cupholders are in stupid places and the mirrors don't work very well

- Amber b

Great car for going long distances if you don't mind the noise!

It's got good gas mileage and handling It makes a lot of noises and rattles quite a bit.

- stu r

It get good gas mileage and is fun to drive.

My Focus is good on gas. My Focus is fun to drive. I completely own my Focus.

- Edward v

It needs a new paint job and it has a cb antenna on the top

it's very good on fuel it is also my favorite color it is a very small car

- John K

Runs a lot better than it looks, has plenty of space

It gets me to where I need to go, good on gas plenty of room for my family

- Julie B

I like my car because it's reliable and gets me where I need to go.

I like the size and reliability of my car. I don't have any complaints.

- Emily A

That no matter what is wrong with her she is mine

I like the room she has but dislike the fact that the AC is broken

- Carolyn W