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2003 Ford focus. Extremely reliable and affordable.

A solid car. Reliable even into the higher mileage with regular maintenance. The biggest issue has been the brakes. For some reason they need to repaired or replaced more often than other vehicles that I have owned. It is a very lite and compact which makes it easy to park in tight spaces. It would be nicer if it had a little bit more horsepower but it is peppy enough. I have had a couple of problems with the power window mechanisms breaking as well as the radio shorting out. The seats in the front and back are very comfortable considering the smaller size of the vehicle. The gas mileage is very good for the year and it does not take a ton of money to fill the tank. It seems to do well with tire ware even though I purchase mid grade tires. Since I live in New York we get a bunch of snow and this car does very well except for severe icy conditions. The heating and air conditioning has had some issues but not until owning it for quite a while. I definitely would recommend this specific vehicle if you can find a used mid mild version.

- Sean E

The Ford Focus: a good, dependable, compact, family car.

I own a 2003 Ford Focus. I bought it used and the biggest issues I have had were motor mounts are weak and I've had to replace all 4 of them. The oxygen sensors are difficult to replace. And the piston rings have worn out way b4 I believe they should have. But overall it has been a great car. Good on gas. Easy ride on the highway or in town. I like my 4 door version because it is easier to get kids in and out. I also love the amount of truck space and that there is easy access to the truck from the back seat. Also that both back seats lay flat to make more room in the truck for long objects. As long as you keep up with regular maintenance on these cars it is an overall good dependable compact family car. I highly recommend them and will probably buy a newer one soon.

- Amy G

There is plenty of space in my ford focus, its comfortable and spacey.

My ford focus is a great car for commute to work and school. If you keep up on the maintenance of the vehicle it is a great dependable and reliable vehicle, it rides nice and is super comfortable and easy to drive, gets great gas mileage, and is a very reliable vehicle for whatever commute you have planned. It's a very comfortable car with plenty of trunk room and is a 4 door vehicle in case you have others carpool with you ever. The heating and cooling work great and if you're a music lover the manufactured stereo is pretty decent as well. It's a great starter vehicle and if you keep up on the maintenance it's a great vehicle in general all around. I would definitely recommend a ford focus to any buyer looking for a reliable car for their daily commute!

- Eva N

2004 red ford focus reliable, gas efficient, easy to drive.

My vehicle is a 4 door sedan. It runs very well and is very good on gas, I like that it comes with a CD player and the radio is up to date and you can change the bass and treble as well as other things. This car is not spacious and if you are going on a long trip I don't recommend having more than 2 people in the backseat. The front driver seat is hard to move and is mostly impossible to get it where you can be comfortable, I have not had any major problems with this car except that the headlights randomly shut off causing me to have to turn my brights on in order to drive at night. This would be a great first car for someone. This car is reliable and is good on gas as long as you keep the oil changed and keep it tuned up.

- angela T

Old Ford Focus: plenty of character.

I love my car. It is the perfect size - easy to park anywhere and I do not have to worry about driving on narrow roads. I like the handling and the feel of the steering wheel and the height of the car - it all feels very safe and under control. I think the car is not too large and not too small, but I must admit when I have passengers they generally think it is very small and that the back is rather cramped. It is an old car and many things have gone wrong and had to be repaired. The road noise is very loud. I do not feel safe driving above 70 mph. The headlights do not offer a ton of light. The hatchback trunk door does not stay up when you open it. It is also a pretty ugly car. But I love it, and it has served me well.

- Rachel N

Ford Focus requires lots of maintenance.

I love how my Ford drives, very smooth and no play in the steering wheel. But, probably because I bought my car used, I feel like it always has something to fix. There was an exhaust rattle for a while, then the motor mount broke off, the front passenger seat floor floods when it rains, I think the seal on the moon roof is bad because it is always loud when I drive, and the glove compartment has a knocking that occurs when the ac is on. I am sure this is all just common wear and tear and considering the fact that I drive more than 100 miles a week for my work, I would say this car is doing well/in great condition.

- Feather W

Ford Focus 2003: spunky and sufficient.

I love my car, but I also acknowledge it has its idiosyncrasies. Because it is an older model (2003), it has started to have trouble reaching high speeds and I do not feel particularly safe driving over 70, especially in the rain. Otherwise, though, I would say it has been very reliable and dependable. I like the handling and the size - it is so easy to park anywhere. I am able to pack a good amount of stuff in the trunk and backseat, thankfully. Comfort-wise, it is fine but nothing special. After a long drive, you definitely are ready to move around and get out of the seat.

- Rachel N

Ford Focus review- great car just old model

To start of my vehicle is very old and outdated compared to a new car. When I first got this car it was great and there was nothing for me to complain about. However, I have had this car for a long time now and it didn't have much problems as expected from an old car. It is very reliable. Problems that my car has had includes a non functioning air conditioner, a stiff steering wheel, and a door that was not opening. All the problems mentioned are fixable. This car looks a little rusty now, but it looked great when I first purchased it.

- Leticia C

My favorite friend - my non-fancy Ford Focus.

My car is not the most beautiful to others but she, however is the love of my life! I have had very few problems with her which makes her extremely reliable. She is so small but can transport many as we zip in and out of traffic when necessary. She can sneak in and out of parking spots with ease. "Fordy" is so special that she is easy on the pocketbook. She gets lots and lots of miles to the gallon so we do not visit our enemies, the awful gas stations, very often. Try a Ford Focus se. It is for the fancy and the non fancy folks!

- Joyce F

Cute and affordable Ford Focus

I own a Ford Focus 2003 zx3. I absolutely love my car because it has easy maintenance, very reliable, great on gas! Comfortable inside. This car will run forever with good care and i would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for starter car or a good commuting or everyday vehicle. Another great thing about my car is how much space there is in the trunk for shopping and also the collapsing seats that make the back into a flatbed that could be used for moving items, tailgating, or camping! Amazing car overall!

- Shaeporria W

Ford focus an economical and reliable vehicle.

My vehicle one main issue. The main issue is the ignition. The pins in the ignition get gummed up which prevents the key from turning the car on. The ignition issue is a well known issue with ford focuses. Additionally, the abs and anti traction lights are on which is most likely sensors that need to be replaced. Finally, the emergency brake no longer works however, it does not have any effect on the car. I have owned this vehicle since 2011 and thus far it has been reliable and is an economical vehicle.

- Tina G

I should note that because the Ford has such a wide frame, I don't have to worry too much about serious injuries in case of an accident.

My Ford currently has minor issues with the heating but it's extremely reliable as far as mileage and speed and the seats are comfortable enough for a smooth ride around the city or when I need to go handle business. It comes with built-in navigation so I never have to worry about getting lost on any trip and it's very easy to use. However the actual model of the car isn't as pleasing to me on the eyes, but it gets me from point A to point B which is all that matters to me at the moment.

- Mark W

My little Focus might be little but it is loyal and dependable.

My vehicle is easy to scoot around in. The gas tank is only 13 gallons, it doesn't take my whole check to fill up. It is easy to get in and out of my car. It has a nice big trunk. It is a great little car. The only thing I do not like about the car is that it does not get great gas mileage. I thought for sure it would but unfortunately it does not. I have a silver Focus and it is really easy to keep it clean. It always looks really nice.

- Ruth C

It gets awesome gas mileage because it is a small vehicle and it is a manual.

I love my small 4 door Ford Focus because it gets great gas mileage, it has a working radio, working air conditioner, never had any problems with it, and car repairs are cheap. Also my tags and insurance coverage are cheap as well. I only bought the car used for only 900 dollars, which is unheard of. It was not my first car I ever owned, it's my second. But all in all, it's the best vehicle I've ever owned and used.

- Alex C

2003 Ford Focus: Comfortable, Safe, and Easy to Drive.

The Ford Focus is a very comfortable, safe, and easy-to-drive vehicle. It gets up to 27 miles per gallon in the city and up to 36 miles per gallon on the highway. The Focus seats up to 5 people comfortably. It includes heating and air conditioning, and AM/FM stereo and cassette player. The Focus also has front and rear cup holders, front seat back storage, front door pockets, dual vanity mirrors, and power steering.

- Judy L

I have owned more than one Ford Focus and would definitely buy another one!

My 2003 Ford Focus is very reliable. It is very good on gas I can usually fill it up from empty on just $20. It is also very easy to drive. I also really enjoy the size of the vehicle it is not too big and very easy to park. It also is the perfect size for our family with a big backseat and large truck for groceries etc.. This is actually the third Ford Focus I have owned and I would definitely buy another one.

- Allison S

My car has pep and is cute and fun to drive.

This vehicle has been very reliable, although it is older, and has had to have a refurbished engine to replace the original one. It gets me around town, when it ravel out of town I get a rental car. I like the size, it gets decent gas mileage and runs very smooth with mid grade gas and synthetic oil. I like driving my vehicles until there is no life left in them. I do not have to have a car payment that way.

- Cindy N

Ford Focus 2003 good ride but costly repairs.

I purchased it used. The body was in good condition, some minor dents and scratches. Ac worked fine and heat. . After 2 years the transmission shift lever failed and had to be replaced at a cost of about $1200. It has had problems with the whole coolant system especially the thermostat, repaired for about 400. It gives good gas mileage and rides smoothly, but the initial expense after buying hit hard.

- Dennis K

Fast Focus a great car for quick, cheap, easy, traveling.

It's a very reliable car. I love it! It's great on gas, easy to drive, and you can pack in a lot of stuff if traveling. It handles great on the highway, parts are pretty cheap and very easy to fix. It has air conditioning! I have only had to fix the water pump since I owned it and that was hard because they don't make the part anymore so I had to go to a junkyard to find the piece I needed.

- Niki S

Red 2003 Ford Focus se, a good buy for me.

I have kept up standard maintenance and have had no problems with my 2003 Ford Focus. While it is not the luxury sedan, it is comfortable for long trips with the adjustable driver's seat. It now has over 150000 miles on it and still runs great. The paint has not faded and the interior is still in very good condition. I have owned my car since 2004 and have been happy with my purchase.

- Jean H

I am to be able to pack a lot of stuff in there for when I need it.

It sits pretty low to the ground and doesn't have a lot of horsepower, but it can get up to past 100 mph. The driver's seat is very comfortable. The back seats are pretty crowded. The trunk is super spacious which comes in handy. There is unfortunately no aux inputs, but if you want to play your own music, it's easy to get a cigarette lighter input from the store and it is Bluetooth.

- Emma S

It is a great car for short drivers.

I love my car it is the best car I have ever owned. What makes it so great is that I am very short and the seat will raise up high enough for me not to have to sit on a pillow. I have owned my car for a long time and have had many great life experiences with it. I got married and had my first child while owning my car. I am going to be very sad when I have to get a new car.

- Alaina M

Ford Focus: great car for anyone.

The breaks can get work out, and when you plan on accelerating, it takes a bit compared to something like a Honda. Not as much power. Good on gas, does not take up too much so it is affordable. Quite reliable from my experience, a bit small to be a long distance car but it still does the job. Most of the time it is easy maintenance. Access to Ford product is not difficult.

- Cole H

It's dependable. This car gets me to and from places safely and securely so I don't have to worry.

I like how reliable the car is. It gets me to and from where I need to be safely. The air conditioner and heater works great with minimal need for upkeep. It's easy to maintain. And it has great lasting appeal as it is an older car but looks brand new. My only dislike is that I wish it had a little bit more of the new technology but it's not that bad without it.

- Stacey S

It is blue-green and pretty nice.

Its blue-green. It is pretty good. My dad bought it used so I do not know much about it. Oh but I need to write more. It is smaller and low to the ground than other cars, which is nice, but the nose is kinda long which makes parking sort of difficult cause sometimes I do not realize how close to the curb I am, but that's probably just because I am a new driver..

- Laura T

It runs like champs I couldn't sell it even if I had.

I love my car so much even though I got hit from behind I still drive it like if it was the most luxury car in the world yes it can gives me problems and big headaches but I will fix it no matter what many people thinks is just a old ugly car but when you have worked hard and accomplish to get your own car by yourself then you will feel so proud of yourself.

- Israel N

It has required a lot of maintenance over the years for issues common with this vehicle. For being a small car, it can actually hold a lot.

My vehicle is small and cute. I like that it's short because it makes parallel parking easier, however, it's wide which can make it hard to get into spots sometimes. I've also had several problems with it, which after researching the problem, discovered they're just common problems with this model of cars that were made during a time range of this vehicle.

- Melinda C

2003 Ford Focus review sw model.

I have not had any issues with this vehicle to date. It has great gas mileage, a ton of room (I have the station wagon model), four doors, a CD player and automatic windows. This is an extremely reliable family vehicle for my daughter and I and I would definitely recommend this vehicle to any young mom out there looking for a fashionable and reliable car.

- Chelsea S

Over all excellent single or two person vehicle, sound engine.

Love my Ford Focus, ( pros ) excellent gas mileage, ( cons ) to compact, complete maintenance on a\c, replace motor mount, replace outside door handle on driver side ( twice ) just recently considering to change struts for the first time, replace tires at least 2 to 3 times a year, replace antifreeze bladder just wear and tear it developed small pinhole.

- Paul S

15 years old and still going strong.

I love my Ford focus. It gets great gas mileage, both city and highway. It is comfortable and has just enough get up and go power. The only issue I have had are the power window regulators. I have replaced both back regulators several times. I tried using a private mechanic as well as the dealer. Either way, the regulators go out every couple of years.

- Katherine H

Great card that holds up with time

Overall my vehicle has held up really well to be 16 years old. Several years ago, I had some problems with the air conditioner leaking water into the passenger floor. This was caused by a hole that occurred likely just over time. Of course, there have been some minor issues but overall it has been great. I would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Lauren T

Quiet and compact yet powerful and quick

The car is powerful for how compact it is as well as quiet. Had minor issues like the spark plugs needed replacing and needed gasket sealer but once that was fixed which was super easy, car ran perfectly. It's a bit small, obviously but once you fold the seats down it's actually can hold a lot as long as you don't have any backseat passengers

- Jessica M

I love my old car with lots ova highway miles.

I am not having any trouble with my car. I drive it to and from work everyday. I love taking my children out on outings on weekends. I have to get an oil change regular because this is and older car. I love my car. I would recommend a Ford Focus to anybody that need a good reliable car. My car was not expensive because I bought it used.

- Angela L

White Ford Focus SE 2003 cloth interior gray

It's a white 2003 Ford Focus SE. Pretty old car but is reliable. Bought it used for $1300. Only problems it had when I bought it was; it shook when driving, the tires weren't that good, the radio was crappy and the breaks were crappy too. But I got it all fixed and it drives perfectly fine. Haven't had an engine issues or oil leaks

- Yasmin A

My vehicle rides very smooth and is easy to handle.

The Ford Focus has a 2. 0 four cylinder and is very strong at 123000 miles it does not use any oil and runs very smooth. The body inside and outside is very well kept. The engine also has twenty four valve, it was well cared for in that it is service at the recommended mileage which is every three thousand miles, I am well pleased.

- Roosevelt P

It runs very strong for having 230 thousand miles on it.

It's a very dependable car replaced a lot of parts on vehicle but motor and trans work just fine it has over 200 thousand miles and couldn't be happier although I had to replace the six disk stereo twice and not happy about that besides that the car runs just fine only paid 300 and put in about a thousand so I am happy.

- Robert B

You don't want a Ford Focus

No air conditioner.it's got a lot of. Mileage on it and the paint is starting to peel. Rattles when you hit any bump-and has had every kind of problem u can imagine. Don't get very good gas mileage..but good thing is I don't drive it very far..there are no perks to this old car it was a plain Jane when we first got to.

- Tracey C

My Ford Focus and me forever friends.

My car is cute, stable, reliable and gas efficient. It rides smooth and accelerates nicely. I tend to be a defensive driver and my car meets those demands. It is small enough to be inconspicuous in right lane traffic. Everyone can zip right past me and I can continue to travel 'jollily' along at my comfortable speed.

- Joyce B

Perfect car for anyone learning to drive.

The 2003 ford focus se is the perfect size. It can comfortably fit 4 people. It rides like a larger vehicle but has the great feature of being small enough to navigate efficiently and safely. I have had my vehicle for almost 10 years and have only had to replace 2 parts. It is very reliable. I love my little car!

- Hannah S

My little get around car. Gets me there and back couldn't ask for anything more.

It is a comfortable car as compact go. I inherited the car have had it a year. They owners took good care of it, never drove it hard. Getting on in years not a lot of miles. I have had no problems with it. Keep the oil changed have it serviced one a year,I plan on having this car for a while good willing.

- Sharon D

Nice little car that gets you where you need to go.

Haven't had any problems. It is a nice little car that is super comfortable. I like that it has child safety locks on the back doors. We bought it used and it had issues but it kept driving really good so we could get it fixed. Took a road trip in it and we felt safe and comfortable the whole to and from.

- Erin W

This vehicle is dependable.

The 2003 Ford Focus I has overall performed well for me for the 10 years I have owned it. It's primary purpose it to get me to/from work and complete errands. What I don't like about it is that the windows/locks are all manual, it is loud, and it takes a long time to accelerate compared to most vehicles.

- Thea W

Saves you money to and from work.

Locks you out. Steering wheel airbag clock was broken to begin with. Great gas mileage. Long lasting car. 6 CD holder. Comfortable. Fog lights. Hatchback can fall apart. Windshield wipers on back window. No heated seats. Great speaker quality. Pay 30 to fill up car and as low as 10 on pick n' save card.

- Brittany D

Good, reliable car. I would recommend this car to anyone.

No problems at all, I have had this car since 2003. The only problem is normal wear and tear of daily use. New tires, timing belt, battery, car is cheap on gas too. Car is also a daily driver. I would recommend this car to anyone. If I had to buy another car like this, I wouldn't think twice about it.

- Leann H

I love the fact that I get very good gas mileage.

I have some axel problems with my front two. My passenger side door does not open from the outside, only from the inside. It's a pain. I know a lot of Ford Focus that were made the same year as mine had this problem. It also has some problems with the windows. I have a trouble bringing them back up.

- Hannah S

I love my car. It is great. It is been a great car to get me through school.

My car is great. I have had it for over five years and I have barely had any problems. It is great on gas. I can always count on my car to be reliable and get where I need to be. The only issue is that I have not upgraded the radio so that I can play my music from my iPhone. There is no port for me.

- Kristin H

It's not bad for being a really old car.

Electrical issues including radii, air conditioning problems. The hatchback won't stay up, and there is a rattle in the dashboard that will not go away. It still looks good from appearances. And gets good mileage. Random lights come on in the dashboard. I guess for a 15 year old car it is expected.

- Patti F

I love the air conditioner. The stereo. Back seats fold down.

I love Ford. I never have any problems with my Focus, because I keep up with. My oil change, rotating the tires. I rides. Smooth and I love going on long trips. The only problem that I had was the. Electric door locks. It is easy to work on. Because I can even fix some of things. On my Focus.

- Michelle Robinson D

Great car,, engine still good.

My car is very reliable and I like it is compact size especially when it comes to parking in a congested area. Other than normal wear to. Replace some parts at little cost I haven't had to spend much on maintenance. Of course I have low mileage (72, 000). I refuse to rid myself of my reliable car.

- Beverly G

Focus must be on the blue.

Reliable car, my drivers side window has stopped working but other than that, it is drove perfectly. It is just not the best to look at. I haven't had any engine problems since I have had the car. It is wimpy trying to climb up hills but it definitely gets me from point A to point B without issue.

- Matti A

Living in Florida my cars a.c. works really well and fast. Even though it is starting to mess up and make sounds once It's fixed again it will feel like brand new.

I like my car because it is very reliable, it gets me to point A to B. It's the perfect size for me and my kids, but It's starting to have problems. It's starting to make a funny sound and my husband said it was the ac going out. Once that messes up It's going to mess up other things on the car.

- Meagan U

I have been very pleased with this vehicle in all respects

mostly the problems I have had are general use things such as breaks, tires, plugs, points, etc. Because of speed bumps I have trouble with the tail pipe bracket keeps breaking lose..the car is very comfortable. The car has ample capacity for groceries & other things I need to transport

- Corinne D

Car performance is excellent.

Other than usual maintenance and replacements of certain parts from wear, I have had no major problems.. The car is getting already and has several vibrations, squeaks and rattles. It has performed well over the years. And would probably purchase the same model if it was still being made.

- Linda B

It's a reliable and safe vehicle that you know you can count on.

It's comfortable, but its getting old and has some problems with water leaking into the back. It runs great, it's quick and great on gas, and very reliable. It feels very small so, you can run out of room easily, however with that said the trunk is a good size and a lot can fit into it.

- Samantha F

The ford focus 2003 is an oldie but goodie!

My ford focus 2003 performs pretty nicely considering its age! It drives well, gets good mileage, and is overall very reliable when it comes to getting me from place to place! It is a very comfortable car, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality car for a fair price!

- Gale M

My very reliable 2003 ford focus.

This is an incredibly reliable car. It has almost 140k miles and still going strong. It is affordable to run, insure and fix any problems. I feel safe driving in all weather. It is comfortable and surprisingly roomy. It is small enough to find parking and large enough for my needs.

- Pauline B

Maintenance and experience

Works good, love the car never lets me down. Good for a starter car and very cheap parts. Very dependable and easy to work on. I had to fix oil pan and alternator cheap and worth it. Only took a couple hours and some beer lol. Very fast and easy works good and is a fast little car.

- Josh K

My favorite thing about the car is there is a sunroof and heated seats.

This vehicle is 15 years old so obviously there is issues. The real issue is that the parts are often different then they are supposed to be. Most of the 2004 parts are needed for my car and not the 2003 version. The clutch goes out very easy and a make sure not to ride the clutch!

- Russell J

It is great on gas and compact!

It is a small compact car. It has leather seats that are easy to keep clean. It drives well and is great on gas. My biggest problem would be the suspension and the tires are always causing issues. Even when the car was fixed up you could still feel every crack and bump in the road.

- Brooke B

Good car, but not incredibly reliable.

The car is incredibly comfortable. The visibility is good, I like the features in the vehicle (adjustable headlights, 8 speeds on windshield wipers). Gets decent gas mileage, good gas capacity. It does need to be serviced much more than other cars, ford reputation holds true here.

- Kay J

Even used it works like new.

I purchased it used. The performance has been reliable. I really enjoy driving it even without power windows and other amenities. I would definitely be interested buying a newer year version. I have nothing really bad to say about the car but its not blowing my mind or anything.

- Patrick S

2003 Ford Focus, getting old and dangerous.

The car has rusted out, is extremely loud and just does not feel safe to drive. We have done regular oil changes and for some reason my windshield fluid does not work. I had to change a tire when one popped and the wheel had like melded to the frame, it took a lot to get it off.

- Abigail B

Excellent service and reliable.

I have replaced tires twice on car but rarely have any major repairs. I have had the car checked, oil changed and other maintenance work done every 3000 miles. In the 15 years I have had it, I have spent less than $2000 on the car. 800 was tires. It has exceeded my expectations.

- Donna S

Great gas mileage. Drives smoothly. Very quiet.

Comfortable, reliable, it's a nice vehicle. Good car for a small family. It's great on gas. I really like my car. It is a good travel vehicle. It rides smoothly. Lots of safety. It's not very good for tall people my dad has a hard time getting in and out of it and he is 6' tall.

- Crystal W

The Ford Focus is pretty spacious for its small size.

The battery dies it shuts off the lights are dim the heat will not cut off the place space is really small and nice the paint chips off a lot for some reason. The door handles broke off on the passenger and drivers side. It is not too reliable, it pretty much does what it wants.

- Artesia H

The car has good highlight very simple.

My Ford Focus se performance is very good its an old car but its reliable, only problems I had is the motor mounts and the wheel bearing. The car has good control its simple its not a bounce of pointless buttons or screens it get you to a to b. I love my car it get the job done.

- Denise F

Durable car has almost two hundred thousand miles still running.

Paid $1800 3 years ago I have only done two tune ups two brake jobs and put four tires I got it with one hundred thousand miles and have put another ninety thousand I have driven to Florida three times from Boston and never had a problem I would recommend a Ford Focus anytime.

- Steven R

Not recommended. Get something that is more reliable.

Parts go out fast, needs repairs all the time. Steering wheel sometimes locks while driving. If one thing starts to go out then the whole car slows down. I need new spark plugs and the whole car lost most of its power. But they do last as long as you keep up with repairing it.

- Trish M

Perfect vehicle for a busy mom.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. I have been able to successfully take it on a 70 plus mile drive from Los Angeles to Redlands. It is very good on gas, I can fill up the tank with $40 and it has plenty of space for groceries. Cost of maintenance is fairly inexpensive as well.

- Char B

The motor mount rots and then causes the car to shake/ make a loud noise.

The car has overall been a very good car for me to get me through college. I learned with having this car the motor mounts on Ford Focus' often rot and go bad which can cause the car to be loud and shake. I also had to replace the starter but it is a 2003 so that is expected.

- Alexis C

Ford focus review! Getting a ford will be the best choice you have ever made!

I have had my ford focus for over 4 years now and it has been a reliable car. Of course it is a car, so things do happen (battery dies, pop a tire,etc.) I have taken my car for long distance trips when I went to visit family in Houston (I am in Dallas) and it held up nicely.

- Melanie L

Runs smoothly while driving.

Needs new transmission and there is a minor gas leak brakes down not to often has heated seats a sunroof the car itself you a great car it was my very first car that I purchased on my own. I recommend people buying this car and is great on gas runs smoothly while driving.

- tessa J

Old Focus with rust issue.

Because of lack of care in northern states, the car had a really bad rust problem with the undercarriage. If you live in the north, you have to get the proper car washes for this vehicle. My vehicle still has relatively low miles and runs great considering how old it is.

- Michaela D

Ford Focus that is reliable and affordable

Reliable. Holds up for long time. Would buy again. Comfortable for passengers and roomy. Had some electrical issues once that was easily fixable. Upholstery didn't hold up and I needed seat covers. Gas mileage is decent and I've never run out. Great car will buy again.

- Hayden P

It is a 16 year old car that only had one owner before me.

Because the car is 16 years old and it wasn't driven since may 2018, the car is a little shaky and hesitant. Once the car gets a tune up the car will run as good as new. The car is silver and is a very good car for a first car for me. The inside is very cozy as well.

- Mary M

Small, compact, nicknamed the skittle because it is bright blue.

Runs like a champ, just not pretty no more. Cracked windshield, hail damage from 3 storms. Mechanically sound. Love how I can zip through heavy traffic with it. Wish it got better miles per gallon like it used to. Has 144, 000 miles and needs tires. A/c works great.

- Christie J

Perfect car for everyday use.

This car gets great gas mileage, and runs smoothly. The car has needed little maintenance and had practically no issues thus far. There is a lot of room on the interior, and fits four people comfortably. Interior does heat up quickly, and makes car very hot easily.

- Ariel P

Ford Focus: Friend or Foe?

Overall, my car is very comfortable to drive and is good on gas. The car is used and has had quite a bit of problems since buying. This could be due to the previous owner or the car itself. I do enjoy driving this car though and would consider buying a newer model

- Morgan B

Found On Road in Delight!

The silver bullet, as I refer to her as, always has something going wrong with her. Either the heating gauge is to the top or a noise is being made under the hood. The fluids leak and there are constant repairs being made, but I don't completely hate the vehicle.

- Su H

This vehicle has alarm on duty.

The major problem with this vehicle is how easy and fast it is rusting. I had to replace brake lines. It drives good. Easy on gas. Battery problems a lot above average. I would highly recommend it for something for a new driver. The ac also broke in a few years.

- Harold F

Reliable and practical car.

Most reliable car I have ever owned. I've only had routine maintenance issues, like replacing tires and oil changes. It’s nothing fancy, but it is great for city driving and everyday commutes. Gas mileage is ok. Features are outdated. Practical and reliable.

- Kaitlyn S

Decent choice for commuting.

Ford Focus is a decent small sized vehicle. It is pretty reliable, cheap to maintain and service when needed, as well as good on gas. Mine is simple and unfussy, great for daily commute to work. Perfect for what I use it for. Definitely a solid economic option.

- L W

Performance of a 2003 ford focus.

This car gets me where I need to be but the interior needs work because it is coming apart. There were issues with the air conditioning which is very old fashioned but works okay currently. The muffler is noisy and there used to be issues with the turn signals.

- Amanda L

Good love it so good very nice.

Nice and good car I like it nice to drive handles well gas mileage is great. Sears are comfortable very soft and supportive I like the music system all the controls buttons and knobs. Tires are great smoky ride great breaks quiet nice smooth. Car is very good.

- Megan L

It is a beauty and runs good.

Car is a 4 door sedan red in color with a sunroof, am/ FM CD player radio. It has power steering, brakes, windows and mirrors. I bought it used and have done minor repairs so far. A new battery and cables and a new alternator. Tuned it up and changed the oil.

- George B

Ford still rolling strongish

My car currently has no AC unit with the hot California Sun it is almost unbearable, there's no sunroof it's stuck and the car rattles and shakes when I hit about 60 mph but it does have almost 300,000 miles and it's still going despite those minor problems.

- Carrie T

Ford Focus hatchback I would recommend.

My Ford Focus is very reliable, as long as kept up with, as most vehicles. It's a hatchback which is very helpful. Gas mileage is wonderful, since I commute a lot. There is a lot of room in the back, when the seats are pulled down. The sound system is great.

- Amanda S

Super great in oil! Super realizable!

It has never broke down on me. It does not have very much power. It is normal for top speed for a small size car. It does really well on fuel and will be really good. The front end of the fuel tank lasts longer. The car does well on oil and is super great!

- Sean S

It�s fast and low on gas.

Car runs ok it has low miles but still runs like it has so many. The hose wire under it fell for no reason after being put back. It's good on gasbags reliable. It's the perfect to and from car, it would be better if the back seat area was deeper and bigger

- Diamond W

My car is a red Ford Focus and she is great.

My car does not have any issues. I have had this car since college and it is still up and running. I have taken this car all up and down the east coast and there has not been any issues for me. In addition, it's a great starter car for younger drivers.

- Kris H

It is comfortable even for a tall guy like me in a pretty small car.

Not really many problems. It drives easily but not the greatest gas mileage. It is fifteen years old and I have replaced the radiator and some minor thing to the air conditioning. With a good polish it looks like new despite it being fifteen years old.

- James W

Basic and safe -- the Ford focus.

The car was reliable and safe when my sons used it in high school. It is a station wagon which permitted them to carry sports equipment to practice and games after school. It is struggling now that I am driving it, but it has lasted 14 years!

- Lynn K

The most important thing to know about my car is it's compactness and mpg.

I like the small size of the car and the relatively low number of miles on it and the fairly strong mileage rate it still averages. I don't like the sound system or the minor broken things like the gas cover and silly racing stripe stickers.

- Brian J

Ford made a winner with the Focus.

6 speed standard transmission makes a fun drive accept in morning/late afternoon traffic. Enough room for comfortable seating. Has good extras like inclement weather road handling. I bought it new and expect to have it several more years.

- Michael G

Ford Focus: a manual 5 speed that can really pick up speed fast and runs great for being a 2003

I love my focus. It is a manual and I learned how to drive manual on it. The only issue I've ever had with it is the ignition switch, but as I learned all focus's from 2000-2003 had that issue. Overall it runs great and is in great condition

- Alyssa A

It is a very reliable vehicle with lots of room.

I bought it used. The cloth piece by the door handle inside the car within the first month of having it. The rear windshield is being held on by one of the clasp and moves out of place by the smallest movement, the other one rusted apart.

- Cheyenne F

It has never left me stranded. It is very easy to fill with both gas and fluids.

I purchased my car new and have always kept it in good shape. It is a great car to use with my grandchildren. Lots of room for toys and car seats. Love the hatch back it is low so it makes it easy to use as I am only five feet tall.

- patricia G

You have to use caution to remove your keys because it has a ghost lock that automatically locks sometimes.

My Focus wagon has been a real workhorse over the past 15 years. I loved the body style when I bought it and still do. The only thing I would improve would be to make it a bit higher to make it easier to see ahead in traffic.

- frankie t

Nothing is automatic. Do not forget to lock the doors! Also there's no a/c.

It does not have a stereo system that you can plug a phone or iPod into. I actually like that the door locks and windows are not automatic. Fewer things to break. It has 100k miles on it and has never needed any serious work.

- Margaret C

It's roomier on the inside than it looks.

I like the size of my car. It feels very roomy inside but It's still fair small and is very easy to navigate tight streets, turns and parking spaces. I don't like that the alternator has needed to be replaced every two years.

- Angela s

It is fast and convenient. While it may not have much storage or trunk room, it is great for getting from place to place.

I like that my car is a small and zippy car. I dislike that it is old and starting to fall apart. I hate that I have a permanent air filter that cannot be changed. Otherwise, it is a decent and reliable car.

- Alexis P

it is very flexible with uses and has been very reliable.

I love the reliability and adaptability of the vehicle. In the 15 years I have owned it I have spent less then $2000 in maintenance and repair. I take good care of it and the body looks like a newer car.

- Donna C

It gets me from point A to point B. There's no bells and whistles because I don't want any

It's a sturdy, straight-forward car that's served me well over the last 7 years. It is getting old, however, and the need for repairs is adding up, nor does it compares to newer cars as far as MPG goes.

- Katherine C

It is a good and efficient car.

My car drives well and is in good condition and that is the reason I like it. However, I feel the model is old, and wear and tear is beginning to catch up with it. It therefore needs a replacement.

- Nd J




It really does get good gas mileage.

I like the fact it gets good gas mileage. I love the room inside and especially the trunk space. The downside is trying to work on anything in the engine compartment, too tight and too compact.

- Mary F

Amazing on gas. Not very many blind spots.

It has great gas mileage. If you do not mind small spaces then this car would be for you. If there is something that breaks on the car it's an easy fix for cheap. The seats could be softer.

- Kristin M

Great little car for basic commuting!

It gets me where I need to go reliably despite the fact that I do not get it serviced often. The gas mileage is good and the cargo space is spacious enough. However, it's a bit noisy.

- Bo Y

My car is really old but it still runs descent despite how many times it has been fixed up.

I enjoy how reliable it is first of all. It has lasted me a good 15 years so there's really not much to complain about. However I don't like how much it costs to get new parts for it.

- Christian R

That it is very safe and comfortable for family trips.

I like the comfort and dependability. I also like the roomy back seat and the safety features. The radio is also great. I don't like that the brakes are constantly wearing out fast.

- Maggi G

It does It's best to help me.

Although it's now old, it has been dependable. It has - so far - survived lots of back road driving for my job. It replaced a really unreliable car, so I feel like it saved me.

- Mary R

Ford Focus; a comfortable and fun car

I own a 2003 White Ford Focus ZX3 Hatchback, and it is truly a great vehicle. It's zippy, fast, and it handles corners with ease. It's great on gas, and comfortable to drive.

- Carrie R

It is reliable and will get you where you need to go.

I like the compact size, but still enough room in the back seat. I don't like the power windows that are now broken. I like the pick up speeds for driving on the highways.

- Kristin R

Great gas mileage. It's wonderful for long distance drives. It's very reliable.

I love the air conditioning, the mileage is fantastic. The motor hasn't given me any issues whatsoever. I've traveled over 1200 miles with it for a trip and it did great.

- Raven M

it's a good performing car, and does well in all types of weather, including snow.

I like my vehicle, it has served my needs for many years. It is the right size for my family needs. It is low maintenance and uses less gas compared to other vehicles.

- d b

Overall it's been a good car.

My car has lasted quite a while with an expected amount of maintenance. Recently I've had to get new sway bars, repair and oil leak in one of the gaskets, and new tires.

- Brittany J

It is very reliable and doesn't require much upkeep.

It's great on gas and handles pretty good in bad weather. Very reliable and doesn't require much upkeep. Not the best looking car. Would like awd or 4 wheel drive.

- Dennis H

it has high miles but still runs great other than the usual work needing done

i love the size it has a good amount of room in it. the car has had some electrical issues though that i'm not happy with. and so far it has been and ok car for me.

- heidi r

They should know that it's expensive to fix, the mechanic wants 3,000$ to make it run.

I like that it's small and compact, also stick shift. I also like the miles per gallon I spend around 40$ a week. I dislike the acceleration, it's slow to start.

- Juan R

It has a lot of miles but is still going.

Run well, is easy to dive, and gets good gas mileage. This vehicle has had minimal problems other than issues of age. Has high mileage now and still runs great.

- Patricia L

Old but reliable and need of fixing but not broken

I have had issues with keeping good tires on it. I have one bald tire still after slowly buying a new one each week. I also have an issue with my shift solenoid

- Maleah M

My car is not very fast, but it is reliable!.

I like that my car is manual, and is very fuel economical. The only thing I dislike about my car is that the interior for the seats is a bit scratchy.

- Meghan D

The reliability of the car is excellent.

I like that my car is reliable. It gets great gas mileage. It is a fun car to drive. It has plenty of room for storage. I do not have any dislikes.

- Michael D

It's definitely a reliable car even after many years. It proves to be a well made car

It's a fairly used up car by now saying It was made in 2003. But it surprisingly holds up well. With some average work done, it has held up nicely.

- Connor E

It gets great gas mileage so you don't need to spend much to get around.

It is a small car with very low cost of ownership, repairs are inexpensive as is the cost of gas due to the high gas mileage. It's nothing sporty.

- Andrew M

Low cost high fuel economy for 03 Ford Focus.

It is been a reliable car. Good fuel economy, low cost of ownership. Mechanically it has been solid with only wear and tear items needing replaced.

- Ralph R

It's comfortable and handles well, I will miss it.

Some of the newer cars have such small rear windows, I don't like that. The 2003 Focus has a decent-sized rear window. It also handles very well.

- Kate H

It is great on gas mileage.

Low maintenance and great on gas. Still looks good. Glad I have this car. It does make some noise when driving but it is older and I expect that.

- Karen P

Has not let me down very often.

I have had my car for about 7yrs. I have had some problems but have a great mechanic. If I had to buy another car it will be another Ford focus.

- Linda G

It is an incredible gas saver for its size.

It is a bit too small for my family. The kids are getting taller and do not fit in the back seat as well. It is zippy and has great gas mileage.

- She H

Even if it look old and broken, it will still take you places.

I like that it is easy to drive and it's small enough to fit in small places. I like that it's not electrical, because you get a small work out.

- Narelie G

It handles like a dream when driving.

I like the style and the way the car handles driving. The only thing I dislike about it is I wish it had more room. Overall, it is a great car.

- Melissa C

There was very little wear and use of it in its first 12 years of ownership.

I like the dependability of my vehicle. I like the way that it has held up for over 15 years of use. I dislike the old radio in my vehicle.

- Kelli D

It's not incredibly reliable even at under 100,000 miles

It's a little small. Fixtures inside the car break easily. I bought it because of low mileage, but it still has needed numerous repairs.

- Ed V

It's a good car. Fast car. Always reliable

Runs and operates good. It's the most reliable vehicle I've owned. Good radio and speakers. Only problem is tires but its not a big one

- Savannah B

The Fabulous Ford Focus: It Goes the Distance

It is great on gas mileage, compact and wonderful to drive for long distances. If you need a reliable car the Ford Focus is for you!

- David W

Very reliable means of transportation, and very good gas mileage.

Reliable, good gas mileage, just to small for a family, weak performance, makes a good daily driver, handles like a small go cart.

- Frank E

It is extremely reliable and extremely fun to drive.

It has run beautifully for 13 years. Only recently did it need some work done. It is fast, reliable and extremely fun to drive.

- Rinalisa G

It is a very reliable car.

I enjoy my car because it is a standard 5 speed with plenty of room in it for my family and I. It does well with gas as well.

- Patrick Z

This vehicle is compact but has plenty of room. It has fantastic gas mileage.

Works great! Coolant leaks a bit though. The biggest problem would have to be the fact that the stereo does not work so well.

- Zach C

Lots of money will be spent repairing this make and model of car.

Too many repairs. Overheating issues, power cable issues that no one can fix. Bad year of this car model. Lots of recalls.

- Lauren J

It is a very reliable car and gets me where I need to go on a daily basis

Reliable, Standard five speed, Good on gas, roomy enough for my family and myself. Power windows and doors and mirrors.

- Patrick Z

The car runs very well and gets decent gas mileage.

My vehicle is a very good one to drive, but it is getting up there in age and I am thinking about purchasing a new one.

- James C

The Honda accord is reliable and worth the money.

I like that the car is easy to maintain. I like that it gets fairly good mileage. I love the color of it is a silver.

- Ruth C

It is definitely not a sports car.

I like the good gas mileage it gets. It is surprisingly comfortable for a taller guy. I wish it accelerated better.

- Brent G

That it is mine do not ask to borrow it.

No complaints. I enjoyed this car for several years, but my next vehicle will be a SUV for added room and height.

- Lorelei W

It is old, but runs well for the age of the car. It has issues in the winter and with gas.

I have a silver 2003 ford focus. It has aged really well. The appearance is flawless. It is overall reliable.


cute compact gas mileage nice cd changer

love the sunroof. great gas mileage compact 2 door air conditioner automatic key fob alarm system nice color

- kindra n

Its safe and gets me from point to point b. She's a good car. Her trunk is spacious.

I wish my ac still worked. It has good gas mileage. It's not too big or small and it's comfortable to drive.

- Jen L

Cold air conditioning, and new radio.

It shakes when it is on, it rattles and is loud. The gas light gauge is off by almost 1/4 tank all the time.

- Ashley S

Easy on gas, dependable, it's a really good car. Small but plenty of space for us

It's a great little car. It is really dependable and so so easy on gas. I couldn't ask for anything better.

- Jess M

it is very good car as i said it is a little old but i like this car very much

i like my car, its a ford focus, it is a little old but it is very good and there is nothing that i dislike

- ruslan s

Nothing, as I don't care about it. It's a means of transportation.

It's small and easy to drive. I really enjoy it's good gas mileage. I don't like the color and it's image.

- Joe J

Very family friendly and great for bigger families and road trips.

I like the small size and that it is easy on gas it runs good and I have not had any real issues with it.

- Mary L

That it is a decently cheap, reliable car.

I don't like how bulky it is. I enjoy It's decent gas mileage. I didn't like the steering wheel too much.

- Zach F

My car has great gas mileage.

Love the gas mileage. Seems you can go forever on a tank of gas. Hate the low seats being a older person.

- Kimberly O

Space the color get dirty to easy but have unlimited car wash at be not have taken it on trips

Love it had a long time it's great had a few problems but used car nother major bought it with one owner

- Monica S

it's good on gas and its compact and comfortable and

i like the gas and how it drives i wish it was a little bigger i have three kids i need a little bigger

- danielle m

It overheats for no reason.

Electrical problems, no air conditioner, hatchback will not stay up, the handle came off the glove box.

- Patti F

It gets good mileage about 22 mpg city.

Stick shift constantly needing repair. But small and gas friendly. Economical. Cheaper parts to fix it.

- Kim B

It gets good gas mileage and is easy to park in tight parking spots.

It has been a good car. It is white and has a moonroof. It is getting older. We have enjoyed this car.

- Missy S

Ford Focus, overall good car

Pretty good first car. Unfortunately it has had some transmission problems since I got it 3 years ago.

- Rebekah T

Drives great, very roomy.

I love my car. I like Fords. The only thing I dislike is that it is old. Wish I could buy a newer one.

- Margaret H

Long lasting, reliable, good gas Mileage, easy to drive

I have had my vehicle since 2007, no MAJOR issues, mostly wear and tear items. Waiting for it to die

- Jen M

It is very reliable and it still looks pretty new

It is a comfortable car. It has performed great. It still runs good even though it is 15 years old

- Linda R

Ford has good cars and dependable.

Our Ford Focus is a good car needs some work. Has good gas mileage. But is to small for a family.

- Austin D

That it's reliable and good on gas. It's a small compact car. Not that roomy

I love that it's economical and good on gas. I hate that it's older but it's very reliable

- Jennifer E

i feel like this car has to many little issue to recommend

get me from i point to another just fine. there are many parts that seem to break easily.

- sean W

The great gas mileage and very easy to park in tight spaces

I like the great gas mileage. I don't the simpleness of it. I wish it had more options.

- Julie B

It was very cheap! Got it from my friend after the last one got totaled.

Nice and compact. Great fuel Efficiency. But has no power window! and it's getting old!

- Maurice H

Nice little station wagon

It's a good car. A station wagon with lots of room. Kind of a cute car, easy on fuel.

- Randall W

That it performs well, for the most part, but doesn't stand up to rust.

Like the way it handles.size is good.radio went bad.didn't stand up to that very well.

- Dan F

I've had it since 2004. I traveled an hour to look at it.

It's been a fantastic car since 2004 I love the sunroof. My window doesn't roll down.

- Valerie W

it goes where we want to go. it has standed the test of time and is enjoyable

It can hold my wheelchair. It has space for groceries. JIt has good gas mileage

- Alfred M

It's a ford station wagon.

It's nice and roomy with good cargo space. the gas mileage is a bit low though.

- larry G

I guess the only good thing is the care is small and gets reasonably good gas mileage.

The headrests are out of proportion to my body There isn't a clock in the car.

- deby m

That they should have great insurance.

It's been a POS since I bought it. Everything that could break has broke.

- Brandi J

The Ford focus has great mileage and saves money on fuel.

Has good gas mileage. Is safe, has side airbags. I have no complaints.

- Fonda W

It gets me where I am going I starts every time great on gas

Reliable gets me where I am going low maintenance great gas

- Ruth B

What I like about my car is that it is great on gas, and I can see over the dashboard. What I don't like about my car is that some parts of the car were cheaply made. Ex: the side view mirrors.

You'll spend a lot a money replacing the cosmetics repairs.

- Anastasia S

Runs good. Great on gas. Not a lot of room. Decent trunn

Good on gas mileage. Not good for long trip. Seats are hard

- Jen L

It is silver and has four doors. It runs decently, but has some issues. I bought it used so I can't really complain.

It doesn't run very well. It jerks a little when it drives.

- Breanna W

I love how it's saves gas. It's very economic. Compact & light. It's very nice.

It's safe and very economic. It's light and good to drive.

- Han P

It gets very good gas mileage! No complaints. Love!

It gets me where I need to go and it's great on mileage.

- Sharon M

very reliable car and does great in the winter every year

my car gets great mileage and seems to hold up very well

- mike g

It's really reliable and gets me a to b every single time

i dislike how small it is i wish it was a bit bigger

- dan r

It handles well while driving.

I love the style and handling of my car.

- Melissa S