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Red sports car with aftermarket wheels looks good going down the highway.

I really love the car because it is a sports car and I have added a few aftermarket parts I have owned it for seven years and never had any major problems just routine maintenance I would feel confident that I can get in it and go anywhere without having to worry about mechanical problems it does ride a little rough but I think that is because of the low profile tires and wheels 3. 9 motor with plenty of power it has all leather interior and a nice stereo factory I like it as much now as I did the day I bought it. Thank you.

- Colin W

No legroom, but great driving experience.

Overall the car is excellent. Even though it is a standard model the v6 engine definitely has some kick! Handling is great for the most part but sometimes it will slip in the rain. The only real downside is the interior; the lack of passenger space isn't usually something that one considers when looking for a sports car but I absolutely noticed that the legroom in the back is essentially non existent. For those of you rolling solo or with one passenger I definitely recommend this vehicle, for the family person not so much.

- Jordan D

It is a candy-Apple red mustang.

Starts right away, and runs fine. What a nice heater! Too hot to touch! And the air conditioner is really cold. I got new tires a year ago at firestone, and they perform very well. I have had this car since it was new, and I do not have any plans to sell it or trade it in. It does need new paint, though. It is very comfortable to sit in and while I am driving. The radio continues to work fine, and I had a couple extra speakers installed, so I can listen to old rock and roll loud, as it was intended.

- Bobby L

A 2004 Ford mustang, 40th anniversary edition.

I have had problems with the drivers side window, it doesn't always work on hot days. During the summer is the worst, however it works most of the other seasons. The fuel pump went out right after buying it and battery can act out sometimes, but overall I like it. A little small because I am so tall, but for a car almost 15 years old it is pretty great. I am not even considering another car. I probably should though, because driving it on hot days (90+ degrees) is not a good idea.

- Taylor L

2004 Ford Mustang reliable and comfortable.

I love my car a lot. It has been very reliable for me and even with over 100, 000 miles continues to be a reliable car for me when I travel over 300 miles each week for work commutes. I think it is comfortable and fun to drive. What I do not like is that it is, obviously, not good in winter or bad weather and that there is not a lot of space for passengers. The trunk is rather roomy though for being a sports car!

- Sarah D

2004 red two door mustang.

I love my mustang. It is red with tan racing stripes. I am only the second owner of the vehicle and it has been very well maintained. It currently has over 150,000 miles on it and because it is 15 years old it is starting to have some problems. The muffler had to be fixed in it last year and the transmission went out in it about a month ago. Even though it has recently had problems I still live my car.

- Amanda S

Ford mustangs can run forever if you take care of them.

My ford mustang runs very well as long as I keep up with the oil changes, tire rotation, etc. The paint is fading on the roof of my car but the rest of the paint in the car is fine. It seems to run well on gas, does not burn it up like other cars do. This car is low to the ground so you always have to be careful going over speed bumps or else the bottom of the car will scrape against the street.

- Judi C

Amazing mustangs forever!

This is the second mustang I've had and both have been amazing! The first was a 95 mustang and I traded it for my 04 with 235,000 miles on it..never put any real money into it, only minor issues and the normal brakes, tire, etc. my 04 has almost 200,000 miles on it and it's still running great too! Had an issue with the alternator, but that's the main thing that went wrong!

- Karen P

The size is small and cramped depending on who drives it.

I have trouble with taking friends places. When buying this car the back seat is very small and cramped. If you are looking for a car that looks good and only are interested in having one other person in the car with you this would be a great car. I would not recommend having children in car or booster seats in the front seats because they do not fit in the back seat.

- Kaitlyn W

My experience with my 2004 Ford Mustang.

Mustang is small and compact on inside. Not a traveling car. . No trunk room. Rides a little rough. . Squeaky shocks. . Seems to be very light weight. . . Hydroplanes on wet roads. Car looks good. Is about all I can say. . If you are buying a Mustang, I would buy a 2010 or newer GT. Because the 6 cylinder doesn't have the power you think a Mustang should have.

- Angela T

My mustang: black beauty.

My vehicle has been a great car to own, I like the body style, the color, and it is always run great. It is a super reliable and cool sports car! I knew I wanted it when I saw it on lot. Even though it is now 15 years old, I still get a lot of compliments on it. I have always taken good care of it so the engine is in good shape and so is the paint job.

- Daphne G

Driving in the snow and ice is challenging!!

I have a convertible mustang and it is really cold in winter. I have always wanted a mustang and still love it no matter what. I have low profile wheels so driving in the snow makes it a challenge as it is like having two skies in front for tires. I have weighed the trunk down and it does not help. Also I would like a bigger trunk but I will live.

- Stacey D

2004 ford mustang pros and cons.

The only problem with ford mustangs is that ball joints does not last more than 6 months to a year. The rest of the car is more so good. Great with saving gas & the convertible tops is helpful on hot days. Only warning this is not a family car at all. The back seats are too small for car seats of any size or to my opinion not safe enough.

- Nicole K

Ford mustang 2004 red. Space and car details.

Mustang is a car for whoever wants to have a car only for dates or for yourself. It is not a great car for families due to it is design and it is space for people. Really hard for tall people as well. My husband is 6’3” and it is a hustle for him to get in and drive comfortably. It is also a hard car to drive due to the low vision area.

- Ana R

04 Ford Mustang quick review.

The 2004 Ford Mustang drives well, good as a first car. It will start slowly needing fixing after about 5 years of mostly normal use (no crazy driving, breaking). It is a fairly small car, it does have a back seat that only fits people under 5'5, because of the roof. Nice space in the trunk though, the spare and jack cables are in there.

- Rebecca R

The 2004 ford mustang is extremely nice to have and dependable.

My mustang is super dependable. I have had it for 5 years. It was my first car. I have broken both ball joints on the front but that is the only major problem. It is super comfortable and easy to drive. The only other problem might be it is low to the ground so people that are not able to bend easily might struggle to get into it.

- Skyler B

Ford Mustang (not GT) Review

Love: great interior, long lasting, not bad on gas, little problems Problems: convertible top unsticks from the window, when it rains, water enters through the window and into the car and trunk. reliability: Great mileage for a sports car Comfort: seats are leather and very comfortable but the interior of the car is very small.


2004 mustang gt convertible. Reliable, safe, and comfortable.

We have to change the belt at least every 6 months. The mustang drives bad on water or anything that isn't dry. It's a fantastic car and performs well. The 2004 doesn't come with many features unless its aftermarket. I enjoy driving it most during the summer, fall, and spring. I do my best not to drive during the winter months.

- Na N

My dream car review and summary.

Ford Mustang is one of the most sporty looking vehicles out there. The car makes you feel good driving it and people always look when you drive by. Even when it's not at it's cleanest. Driving is comfortable but I have to admit there's not much room in the back seat area. It's definitely not a family car. It's a dream car.

- Dawn H

It's a sleek convertible. . She runs smoothly. Fun to ride.

My convertible Ford Mustang is beautiful sleek car. Very roomy inside. Leather interior. Beige and black interior. Console is wood like. Wonderful gas mileage. Runs very smooth. Convertible top comes down easily. I love the top down on a sunny day. The CD radio has great sound. I have very minor problems with this car.

- Vivian J

My car runs fine with over 150, 000 miles.

My car's biggest issue is it is age. Because of this is has over 150, 000 miles. These miles are starting to show. For example my fuel pump went last year after a long drive. My check engine light seems to be on, but there are no problems as my car just passed inspection. It runs fine, but its age has caught up to it.

- Brandon P

Amazing smooth sports car.

Right now there are a couple of parts that I need to replace. I need to replace the power steering pump and having some issues with the brakes. But other than that I absolutely love my car. I love how it drives and it is sport car so that is a plus. My car is smooth and it goes fast. It get me from point A to point B.

- Christine Y

Fast, attractive, popular, competition and sporty

It's a sports car, the body of the car looks really good and attractive looking. The performance of the car is high performance meaning fast. The car is a stick shift, which I would prefer an automatic, smooth driving. The air conditioner and the heated seats are in well condition. I may need to upgrade in the future

- Marcia R

It is a silver mustang convertible with an aftermarket exhaust and sound system.

I am not a huge fan of the later body style but I have done a couple of modifications and customizations and now it looks very sleek. That being said, it seems lower like one things going wrong with it everything is. He does have 128,000 miles on it so I'll give it that much. I do love the convertible though.

- Samantha E

It is reliable and super comfortable to drive!

It obviously has its ware and tear, but it has been a good car! I have had it over 5 years, and besides general maintenance (i.e. oil changes) the only work I have ever had to do to it was replace the alternator once, and a new battery. I am not very mechanically inclined, so it has really been a life saver!

- Stephanie B

2004 black Ford mustang v6 5 speed standard 14 in low profile wheels and tires.

My car is a 2004 Ford mustang black with 14' low profile blacked out aftermarket rims with special key to be able to change tires. Power locks, windows, and seats. Window tint 5%. V6 motor 4. 9 liter 5 speed standard with aftermarket cold air intake, aftermarket excel kit, aftermarket headers and exhaust.

- Evelyn P

My 2004 Ford Mustang; Reliable, Fuel Efficient and Responsive

My 2004 Ford Mustang is a very reliable and comfortable car to drive. Easy to maneuver and responds well when I need it to. Feels safe and secure. Easy to parallel park and to find parking being that it's size allows me to fit almost anywhere. I love driving it and look forward to going anywhere with it.

- Adam E

I like that is goes really fast.

Continue to have electrical problems in the dash. Not enough space in the back for passengers. The trunk is a good size though. Fuel usage could be better. Replacement parts are expensive. The radio speakers could also be better. I have a hard time seeing over the dash unless my seat is all the way up.

- Joey H

Ford Mustang; Still the BEST!

2004 Ford Mustang Convertible. V6 motor 5 speed transmission. Room for two adults and luggage. Good mileage, good power, looks sporty. Luxury car looks for economy car prices. This is a really nice car for someone who wants a sports car without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

- John L

Really dependable, super reliable.

Super dependable. Very few issues, normal wear and tear, normal maintenance. Gas mileage is horrible. Overall a pretty good car. Has had minimal issues over the last 14 years. Still running great and drives pretty good. Not always a good car in rainy or wet weather conditions though.

- Miranda C

Sleek, loud looking fast car.

I really enjoy driving my car, not only does it look nice, but also drives good. The engine has lots of power, and the car also has a smooth drive. It being fast also is a plus. The car has awesome control. The sleek look of it is also a plus. There is plenty of trunk space as well.

- Jackie B

Smooth ride and looks great and fast.

It keeps going no matter the problems and low cost for issues it is had. It is really good and high performance. I enjoy driving it. Other than rain it slides some. Great engine good on gas. Has very few issues. For an older model I really like it. Ford has always done good by me.

- Dana G

It's a nice sports car, but its a Ford, so expect some problems.

I like the visibility, not really any bad blind spots. I like how it drives. I do not like that it seems to have more issues than many other car brands, I feel like I am always in the shop fixing something since i have owned the car. I do not like that the back seat is so small.

- krystal k

Ford Mustang is one of the best cars!

My car is extremely reliable. It is a very safe car and easy to drive. The gas mileage is not so great but I love it anyway. The performance is amazing. It gets up and goes whenever you want it to. The exhaust is very nice sounding. It's not too small of a car and is very roomy.

- Elizabeth E

My ford mustang has been a good car and I would definitely buy another one.

My mustang is a very dependable car. I have had to have the front end completely rebuilt but from what I understand many ford mustangs have to have front ends rebuilt. The car has 150 000 miles which is good for an older car. Overall. The car has been a very dependable car.

- Jennifer M

2004 ford mustang convertible.

Bought this car used in 2013. Only issues I have had was I had to replace the alternator and it had a power steering leak. Also, I had to replace the top, which can be done cheaper than expected. But all of these issues are expected with age. Otherwise, it has been great.

- Kristin A

A reliable, resilient American muscle car.

Exhaust manifold cracks because the ac drips on it - happens to every mustang. Rides smooth with easy handling. Great power with amazing acceleration. Other than basic maintenance, I have very rarely needed to take her to the shop for repairs. It is a perfect little car.

- Danielle B

Most reliable car I have ever owned.

My car has 300,000 miles but it drives like a brand new car. It is very reliable and comfortable and it has to been to California on several road trips and I have never any many mechanical problems with my truck. It is strong and ford tough and I highly recommend it.

- Tina F

It is older and small but gets the job done. ok on gas but could be better

It runs well, performs well, handles well but the ride is a bit rough. Not much room inside. Still in good condition due to well maintained and garage kept. I have had it for a long time...........................................................................

- liz t

Speed is great and it runs smoothly. Big trunk and very comfortable front seats.

I love the that is a fast car and it runs smoothly. It gives me a good number of miles per gas gallon and it has a big trunk. I do not like is that the back seats are very uncomfortable for my kids and it has a few blind spots at night. Overall, I love this car.

- Stacy W

2004 Ford Mustang GT 40th Anniversary Edition

I have had no problems with my 2004 Ford Mustang GT. It is a comfortable, affordable sports car that looks good going down the street. I have only had to do routine maintenance such as oil changes, brakes, tires etc in the 15 years I have been driving it.

- Kirk J

2004 ford mustang convertible.

2004 ford mustang convertible: it is very loud car. It's fun to drive with the top down. It keeps making the check engine light go on with a misfire on cylinder one no matter what we do. The interior is leather and there is not much leg room in the back.

- Charity G

Momma's fun retirement vehicle.

It is a Ford Mustang convertible, I have kept regular maintenance done, replaced tires as needed, tuned up on regular basis. It is a fun car to drive. Have gone on several trips. Car is approaching 200, 000 miles and runs as good as the day I bought it.

- Linda J

Why mustangs are a double edged sword.

Have had to replace the alternator twice in 5 years. Gas mileage is not the best. Everything else works fine. Air condition can be spotty. Engine is rather loud. Low to the ground. Like the color, paint is flaking on roof. Wouldn't get a two door again.

- Jamie S

2004 Ford mustang- good vehicle but not luxury.

This vehicle is a good car but has its nuances. We just had work done i.e. shocks and front end alignment, plugs and wires, and an oil change. We try to upkeep it as we go so that it lasts longer, it is comfortable, but not a luxury car by any means.

- Angela M

It is fast and holds its value very well.

I love my vehicle. It is orange, it has 390 horsepower. I can get up to speed in no time. My car is very fast. What I dislike about it is that it isn't all that comfortable and it is hard to get in and out of.

- Judy F

My 2004 mustang deluxe is amazing.

I love my car! I got it used for a very reasonable price. It is a manual which I absolutely love! The front end is the only thing I do not like about it, but the year 2005 is when they changed the front end.

- Lindsey B

2004 Ford Mustang convertible.

I suspect it has a fuel system problem, because it is not very perky for a 6-cylinder. Very reliable though. Convertible top does not meet the window in one spot, causing leaks in the rain.

- Lisa M

Mustang has been around a long time and is a very reliable vehicle. If you're looking for fun and a reliable vehicle--this is the one!

It is a convertible and if fun to drive. It is very reliable. I have had very few problems in the 12 years I have been the owner. This is the best car (of many) I have owned in my lifetime.

- Pauline F

White 2004 Ford Mustang- White

The mustang is an outstanding vehicle. The feeling of pure American muscle mixed with the feeling of ultimate comfort. So much power and get up, it easily throws you back in your chair.

- Clay G

Pony package! I love my dream car that isn't new at all!

It is maroon and has the pony package, the convertible top needs replaced, but we just bought it this summer and knew it's condition. I do have a hard time getting out of the vehicle.

- Robin C

It liked to go fast and needs to be controlled.

I like the way it looks and the fact it has been reliable over the years. I dislike it being so close to the ground. It is difficult to see when parked next to SUVs in parking lots.

- Donna l

It was ranked number one is safety, comfort and overall dependability this past year

My car now is very dependable. It is a 2018 Kia optimum. It drives smooth and is really fast. Only issue is the 2014 model had a engine recall so that concerns me for my year car

- Anthony W

A sporty and reliable vehicle that hasn't given me any trouble except for minor repairs

I have always liked Mustangs. This one is the 5th I have owned. This is the longest I have owned any vehicle. It has been a very reliable car, with only routine repairs needed.

- Dana B

Its very comfortable has lasted over 10 years.

Stalls a lot, needs a new paint job. Window will not roll down if its too hot outside. The volume control knobs is broken volume goes all the way up and wont go back down.

- Pat T

I love the interior and the exterior. I just love the car

My car is reliable and affordable, I love it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a first time car. I have had this car many years and it has given me no problems

- Araceli D

Visibility a huge factor.

It's a good car it rides good.. I do not like the fact the car do not have cruise control.. Sometimes I get tired of switching gears considering its a stick..

- Mia E

2004 Ford Mustang 40th Anniversary Edition

Bought in 2015 low maintenance replaced a tire ignition coil and battery in 3+ years have had problems with the CD player and wish there was more leg room

- Luke M

Its fast, and drives fantastic, handles well.

I love how fast it is, and great it drives. The engine is strong, and has plenty of leg space in the front and backseat. The truck is also very spacious.

- Jacqueline B

Love hate relationship for my mustang convertible.

Convertible and it leaks, the wires underneath the weak broke and my car would not get out of park. I do not love the car nor do I hate it.

- Erika C

MY BABY she is so pretty and everyone stares when I drive by. young girls with mini vans look on with envy

this is my fifth mustang and I don't believe I will ever be without one. it is so comfortable and when I say GO it doesn't ask questions

- aimee b

It has a kick to it, meaning it is kinda fast.

Reliable vehicle, gets me from A to B with no problems, although may waste a lot of gas from time to time depending on her far I travel.

- Joshua G

I am not really sure how to answer that.

No problems good performance reliable comfortable and fast running nice color cool inside leather seats which is hot in the summer.

- Mandy M

It is a great car that is reliable and fun to drive.

I like the color, the body style and the features. It came with additional anniversary kit upgrades. I really enjoy driving it.

- Joy M

best car ever to own and drive

It is a great car to have. It gets it tires and oil changes on schedule, all maintenance up to date and drives like it is new!

- lani n

Great first car. Not the best gas saver in the world. Fast.

Very strong motor. It does have some performance problems every once in a while because of age. Good on gas for a muscle car.

- Harley S

My mustang is a manual transmission.

My mustang is very dependable and have had very few problems with it. I love it because it is a sports car, but is also safe.

- Stacey M

Super fast v6 anniversary edition Ford mustang.

V6 good on gas, very reliable, less problems. It's a great car, also in very high demand. It's a coupe with plenty of space.

- William A

Very good on gas. . . It is sharp looking.

Vehicle is small, but very efficient on gas. It is a convertible and it is a anniversary model. It is orange in color. . L.

- Cheryl H

Great mileage and reliability

The performance of my Mustang is very good, and I can always rely on it as a good means of transportation to and from work.

- Nicolas L

It's an amazing car and gets me from point a to point b.

Its my first car ever and i'm absolutely in love with. Its my favorite car that ford makes other then the ford raptor. Lol

- Shannon S

It is so much fun to drive

I love my mustang. I love to drive it the way it handles and the way it looks. It is a dream come true to own and drive.

- Karen R

it is fun to cruise in, easy on gas, and very peppy! everything works great.

i really love this car, bright orange, 40 yr edition, convertible, white raised letter tires, automatic, mint condition.

- daniel z

It is very reliable. Mine is 11 years old and has had no issues at all.

Transmission is starting to slip cars been nothing but trouble since I got it. Wish it wasn't a automatic transmission.

- Matt H

It is not for sale, and it will never be for sale.

It's a convertible. The windows leak when it rains, and it leaks oil, but it's a great car. I wish I had two of them.

- Richard H

The mustang is a good car for single people without children due to its size

I love how the car runs but being older it will obviously have some problems like the alternator stopped working.

- day s

It's a 40th anniversary edition of the mustang.

I like the body of this mustang. I don't like how underpowered it is. I also don't like the outdated interior.

- Spencer J

Having a V6 it needs a good gas, regular, but not economy gas.

This is one of the most dependable vehicles I have owned. The only drawback is it sits low and you climb out.

- Richard P

Very easy to work and drive. Fix is easy.

Just got fixing the engine, save on gas and travel a lot. Only. Fit 4 people best for single moms or days.

- Kara C

Mustangs: are they really a good deal.

I have had to replace the alternator twice in five years. Not good gas mileage. The engine is also loud.

- Jamie S

Mileage it is a 2004 so it has over a 100,000 miles.Engine is strong and performance is great.I'm the second owner.It handles good.I do most the repairs myself.Will need tires and eventually a paint job.Overall a good running car.

It's a good running car.I have no complaints.I do most of the repairs.However I will need tires soon.

- Craig S

Hills will murder your gas mileage.

Runs well enough for It's age. Decent gas mileage and easy to repair. Doesn't take hills well.

- Logan B

it is a special edition 40th anniversary mustang. it is torch red and only 267 were produced

I like the ford mustang because it is distinct and has a powerful engine with a sleek design

- cathi m

Its American which mean parts aren't complicated to find

It's very fast,and dependable .I drive it almost every day. My only dislike is its a V6

- Shah A

I have heavily modified the vehicle but it is safe to daily commute to class. Its a 5 speed manual that does well on gas when on highway but poorly in the mountains or in stop and go city traffic.

It's a blast to drive. Its a 5 speed manual and it turns heads everywhere it goes.

- Trevor C

I dislike the gas mileage I get. I love the collectors quality of my car as it is the 40th anniversary edition. I like the speed and maneuverability of my car.

It will certainly turn a few heads on the road with its speed and maneuverability.

- Samantha R

The one thing about a mustang is the classic design; from year to year the design slightly changes, but is always in style.

I like the gas mileage and the trunk space. I also like the low cost of upkeep.

- Lesa J

It's a good looking reliable car that you will have for a long time.

I like the gas mileage and the overall look of the car. I have no complaints.

- Christian R

Some minor Transmission issues after 125k miles and some slight electrical issues, however overall a fantastic vehicle.

Classic look and feel, reliable and solid car for anyone who enjoys a ride

- Justin O

I wish it handled better in the snow. It also can get high-centered easily.

It gets fair gas mileage is dependable, and has a very sporty appearance

- Cyndy H

this car is a great deal for the money that you have spend.

it a very attractive car. it has great power. it very reliable car.

- edwrard j

Has a bunch of electrical issues. The brakes snapped and stopped working when I 1st got the car and I got into an account. Car has an exhaust leak and the passenger window doesn't work off and on. Tire has a hole as well

It needs a lot of work but I am attached to it and want to keep it

- Nicole H

It has a timeless style. The Ford Mustang will always be a classic car with great history.

I like the style, the color and the history of the make

- Brittany R

It works really well and doesn't use much gas which is convenient

I like this vehicle because I've always liked mustangs.

- Justin L

It is very fast, but does not handle well on ice

It's looks. It's speed. Most people want one

- Sarah f

Mustang the timeless classic. Love it or hate it. It is a great reliable car.

- Shelby H

Fun car that'll teach you how to handle sticky situations in the winter.

- Savannah K