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Convertible Mustang lover, the ins and outs.

Sleek, handles well, good performance, brakes are terrible, very squishy (been changed and looked at and no "problems" with them). Back seat is non existent with no leg room. I use it for storage. Several safety recalls, mostly with the airbags, but free, mostly easy repairs. I have owned this car for 11 years and still love it! Good on gas, convertible is amazing! I will say that the convertible model is very loud in the car, even with the top up and windows up. Still very noisy, hard to hold down conversations on long drives. Gas tank is angled to where gas spills out easily or the gas nozzle shuts off even when it is not full. Takes forever to position the nozzle properly to actually fill the tank without the nozzle shutting off. Very reliable, very few problems. In Illinois, I had trouble with rust on the undercarriage. The convertible model has support bars that are impossible to find replacements for. We had to go to a junkyard to find replacements as mine were so rusted, the mechanics would not work on my car until I got them replaced. Easy to work on myself though which is a plus! Love this car!

- Stephanie R

My likes and dislikes of my 2005 v6 mustang.

The car is too small on the inside. Needs an aux cord. But beside that it's a nice car. Gets me to point and b. Good on gas. Even tho its a v6 I still enjoy it. Nice color on the outside, cool figure. Looks kind of girlish but it's right. I like the lights in the back and how the are aligned by three on each side. I love the pony emblem in the middle makes the car unique. Um the sound system is nice too. Not to loud or too soft. I like the seats with the mustang stitching on them. I like the way the car handles. It's very quick and precise. The acceleration is very good as well you barely press the pedal and it moves. Brakes aren't too bad since I just replaced them. The steering wheel looks good as well probably my favorite part of the car with its pony emblem on it. Also love how you can change the colors of your speedometer on your dash. Very good air conditioning works well. Good automatic windows and locks. Seats in the back ain't bad but i'd rather only use it as a two seater. Looks great with aftermarket rims.

- Ryan J

I love my mustang! It's a fun ride with an amazing look!

My 2005 Ford mustang is a v6 with an automatic transmission. What a fun car! I have found it to be very reliable. The fold down rear seats are a plus as I've been able to fit items such as ladders and lumber in it. I have only had a few issues with it. Any issues happened after nine years old and my car has never been garage kept in the midwest. Keep the cabin air filter clean and the drain plug under it clean as it is prone to back up into the passenger side of the vehicle. The clusters are prone to malfunction as well as the thermostat. That being said my car was older and high mileage before I had any problems with it. I would consider purchasing again. This mustang handles fairly well in the snow with touring tires as well.

- Christine W

The 2005 mustang is an eye catcher. Fall in love with driving again

I drive the 6 cylinder model and I love it. Fast enough to have fun But still gets good gas mileage. 23/MPG on the highway 17/MPG or so in the city depending on traffic. Huge trunk space and the rear seats fold down to give even more space. I hauled a complete drum set to my sons wedding to give you an idea of how much space there is. I was worried about leg room in the rear seats but both my sons have sat back there and they say it's comfortable and even like the bucket seats. I bought the car used with a few electrical glitches but they were worked out and I haven't had a problem since then.

- John G

My Ford Mustang is yellow, I call it the yellow pony.

I like this vehicle it is reliable it has not broken down on me one time, it is also comfortable but has limited space in backseat can only hold 4 passengers. One of the features is that it is a convertible. Personally I don't like it being convertible not too much of a fan of the wind blowing in my face. Also friends through gas very quickly and is very expensive to fill up. This is more of a luxury car and you should only be driven on occasion. I would not recommend this car if you have more than two children, the backseat can only hold two and is very small

- Kristen R

Stylish. Great on gas, and love the color.

I have had my car for 7 years I have had no problems with it. As far as comfort it is very comfortable, unless your sitting in the back sit, not much leg room. I really love the body style, it is gray with black stripe down the hood. The mustang has always been a favorite of mine. I really did not like the rims when I first got the car, but it was an easy fix. I went up a size in rims and went with aluminum rims and a size bigger on tires. I have dunlop sport profile tires, they were well worth the cost.

- Christine L

she is a yellow and black sport looking car that is very fun to have and drive

I love my ford mustang so much. It is my first car, and we have been through a lot. My car has really not had many problems for being 14 years old, just standard things like brakes and tires. We have had a few things happen such as a antifreeze leak, but it was very easy and not expensive to fix. She is my trooper. I swear this car will do anything I need it to. She has also sadly been in three accidents with me, none were my fault, but she is still strong and for a mustang that is surprising.

- Kaitlyn V

Race Red mustang with oracle lights.

When it comes to owning this car I love it because I am a mustang fan. Even though the style is gorgeous the car isn't necessarily the best day to day car to drive all the time. Gas sucks but the tires hold together well. the transmission in this particular year is not the best shifting trans. Watch closely for the coolant box in the engine interior because it will break in cold. I suggest buying an aftermarket part in that area. Other than that I love my car.

- Devonte B

Ford Mustang, One Owner!!

2005 Ford Mustang It has only had one owner. The car runs well, but does have a couple issues. There is a tiny antifreeze leak, and the driver's seat doesn't move forward or back. The passenger door needs the handle fixed, and sometimes the brake pedal sticks which can cause the battery to drain. But all told, I love this car. Even with it's small issues it has been a good car for me. Every recall has been attended to and it gets me where I need to go!

- Janice K

Sharp Sonic Blue Mustang. Look good going down the road. Turn heads.

this vehicle is not only fun to drive, it is truly eye catching. The Sonic blue body sports white striping on hood and trunk, white 'mustang' stripe on driver & passenger sides along with hood clips and a bullet gas cap cover, The rear windshield has a louver cover so it not only looks great, it helps keep the interior cooler & more comfortable. It is extremely well maintained with upgraded air filter and plugs. This is one fine machine!

- joann C

2005 Ford Mustang Convertible

It had issues with the cooling system which needed to be replaced with metal parts as the factory parts for this were plastic and thus eroded. My particular car was in a crash and rebuild but it drives just fine regardless. I absolutely love the convertible on my car, that and the color were my reasons for going with this particular mustang. The feeling of the wind through your hair and the sky above you as you drive down the open road is amazing.

- Timothy G

It is a great fast speedy reliable car and I love it.

It is very comfy and it drive extremely well and just glides on the road. It is very steady and has great acceleration and it goes very fast really quick. It is the best the car I have ever had in my life. It sounds good it roars the best. I would recommend this vehicle for anyone that appreciates a good car, it is very reliable and good on gas and good miles also. It is good for road trips on the road and off the road.

- Chris W

I love the sound of my car but hate everything else.

Has had its fair share of issues, would not recommend this car to anyone it has broken down plenty of times the speedometer is broken the fuel line is busted and is a huge waste of gas. I do not like this car at all and wish to get a new one however I am currently stuck with it due to me financing the car from a dealership (also wouldn't recommend) it is much easier to just save up and purchase a car in full.

- James W

2005 mustang: overall this. Is a very fun sports car.

My vehicle had never gave me problems. I have had it for about 5 years. Last year I got into a car accident and it was pretty bad. The car was totaled but a friend was able to fix it and it got back to normal. After the accident, I did start to have issues with the wheels and the breaks and then my cavalier exhaust broke. So with time it did get a bit expensive to fix.

- Diana C

2005 Mustang fun, sunny day drive

This car is a lot of fun to drive and looks nice. When it was newer the performance was excellent but deteriorated over the next few years quickly and I wasn't even driving it that hard. In the past 3 years I have had to replace practically the whole engine, so even though it looks nice and fun to drive.. the car does not hold up to wear and tear easily.

- Kelly A

Mustangs are ok I guess, up to you.

Is ok. Just noisy. That is likely because it is a convertible. I got it second hand and I am sure it was fun to drive new. It is a 13 year old car and it drives like it. But it is still running so I guess that is better than some. I thought parts would be cheaper since mustangs are so common, but the convertible and coupe parts are different.

- Blake M

Mustang detail and experience.

My car is 13 years old now and is still running great. No major fixes since I have had it (almost 10 years). Only thing is my floater in my gas tank has not been working for a little bit. Not too big of a deal to have fixed. Otherwise, great car. Highly recommend mustangs. I plan on getting another one when the time comes.

- Allison T

It is very reliable. I have had very little go wrong mechanically. Only replacing light bulbs and one alternator replacement.

My vehicle has been very reliable. I purchased it used, and have only had one mechanical problem in 5 years. I love the design, despite Its age. It still looks like a strong muscle car that has a monster engine. I love the color. I purchased one in a color called windvane blue. I have no complaints at all on the vehicle.

- Sean C

Wonderful vehicle would love to own a newer model

Vehicle is not good in poor weather conditions, back seat is not very roomy for multiple passengers, trunk has a lot of space, horsepower from stop to go is great. Have not had to make any major repairs on vehicle and is 14 years old. Does not have a USB port which can be inconvenient when wanting to attach your phone.

- Nicole L

It's a very reliable car to be a sports car. Ford has never let me down on the quality of their vehicles.

It's a Mustang GT and I love it. It's Candy apple red and has 140 mph on the odometer. I don't drive it that fast, of course, but it's nice to know I can if I want to. The only issue I have with it is that it only unlocks from the driver's side. There is no way to unlock it from the passenger side...from the outside.

- Rebecca L

Ford vehicles are well made.

Owning a Ford has been a pleasant experience for me. It is reliable and well made, a very sturdy and smooth driving vehicle. I would recommend and purchase another ford. I haven't experienced any breakdowns or other mechanical issues while owning my vehicle. Easy to maintain, fun to drive, and all around great car.

- Lynn F

Its is a sharp looking car.

Ford Mustang is a very reliable car. It is front wheel drive but not very good in snowy Icy conditions. It's a comfortable car for four passengers. It has anti lock brakes and built in alarm system. The only problem with this car the back end is very light which can lead to fishtailing in bad weather conditions.

- Ellen T

The windows roll up after the door is closed like BMW which ensures a good seal.

I have only had very minor issues with this car. 14 years old and still handles and performs well. It can sit for months and fires right up. A very reliable vehicle. I have over 150000 miles on it and have never had to do any serious or expensive work on it. My major maintenance investment in this car is tires.

- James S

Fast Reliable Car with a Sporty Look and Feel

My vehicle was brand new when I bought it. It has been very reliable over the years. I love how sporty looking it is and the color. The only complaint and dislike about my car is the fact that I had to change out my thermostat twice within the last 3 years. Also, my car taxes are still higher than I would like.

- Lyndsay L

Nice car with lots of issues.

Love my car but once I moved out I realized it was useless for anything practical that needed to be done on a daily basis. There is not enough room in the vehicle to be able to fit anytime of a slightly larger size. Also I have had to deal with several recalls with the car as well as replacing the transmission.

- Amy H

Black beauty never sleeps.

Air conditioner keeps messing up. Paint is perfect. Polished black. Has over 200,000 miles on it and is going strong. It is black interior. The base is really loud but not cheap sounding. It has a lot of pick up/horsepower. I have had to take it to get fixed on average every other two years. I'd do it again.

- David G

Racing stripes, spoiler, decal name on driver door, recalled airbag

Very reliable, fast, it has high miles but hasn't ever broke down. It has a lot of rust its getting old. Last year they made tv 4.0 liter. I have had to change headlights and upgrade to halo lights they are way brighter. I've hit a deer and a raccoon and it broke the bottom grill but that was it for damages

- Tracey W

The Mustang runs great, otherwise, it's nothing fancy.

The car obviously does have a great engine and has run great over the years, and even when I have had to do maintenance, It hasn't broken the bank. On the other hand, the interior of the vehicle leaves a lot to be desired. Cheap plastic, cheap upholstery on the seats. For a sports car, it's pretty cheap.

- Michael M

That after 214,000 miles it's still going despite little maintenance. Have had to change brakes and rotors a few times however.

After owning trucks before I car, I would never go back. My car has a lot of miles on it so any wear and tear is expected. It sometimes idles very slowly and uneven. Being a sports car, I like the take off it has when accelerating, and the tight turn radius. I would not hesitate to buy another Mustang.

- Stacie B

Fast red mustang, not your grandma's car.

2005 Ford mustang 2 door convertible. Cherry red with black leather interior. Good gas mileage, easy and fun to drive. Only drawback about the stereo system, is a glitch with the shaker 500 that can cause battery issues. This car has been well maintained with factory recommended replacement parts.

- Steve C

2005 Mustang looks and runs great!

The car performs great when it is well kept and taken care of. It is pretty spacious for me but I feel like some other features would make it better. I also feel like it saves me a lot of gas. The only concern I ever have is with the airbags since many vehicles were recalled because of this issue.

- Scarlet F

Durable, comfortable seat, transmission, nice car.

I have had that car for a really long time and it is a durable car! I loved how reliable it is, I have used that to travel across states to states. I loved the seats, the transmission, how it saved my gas money, and more. The only cons is that the kind of car is not ideal for family with babies.

- Heather B

It is a great car with a nice body style.

The car has a very nice look to it, I got a black one haven't had any problems with it, until around 150, 000 miles, had to repair the calipers and a ball joint, after that the a plug on the alternator came loose and that was a easy repair, it runs nice only problem I have with it is the rims.

- Logan B

Sporty, rather decent on speed, seats are comfortable and hold you nicely.

Not had any problems with car at all, space is small for a family car with teenagers, great gas mileage, would recommend it to a college student or a family with no children, sporty look is nice, trunk is huge and holds a lot, cup holders need to be bigger, more storage space for phone, etc. .

- Jennifer P

I have a convertible and have had plenty of fun times with women in the car.

The alternator is really the only problem I've had with the car. The engine has never given me any problems. Also the needles on gauges on the dashboard tend to loosen giving inaccurate readings. Rpm or temperature needles tend to fluctuate and you can really notice it in the winter months.

- Gerardo A

My vehicle is considered a cool car but it is not reliable.

My vehicle has had many problems over the last few years. I have had to fix it multiple times and even fix some things twice because the problem became a problem again. The vehicle I believe is not a very safe vehicle and sometimes I am scared to drive it because it might break down.

- Shayla M

My mustang is a white convertible with two red racing stripes.

I really love my mustang. I have had my mustang for 6 years now and it has done a pretty good job getting me places. It broke down one time and it cost me 1300 dollars to get it running right again so it's kind of expensive to maintain but when it is running good it's a good car.

- amber S

Fun mostly dependable car

Fun car but has EVERY problem that Ford knows is an issue but does not fix under warranty. Hood paint peeling Gas tank does not fill properly rear window defroster tabs broken door speakers rattle. Has been dependable. Does overheat in summer due to poor thermostat housing design

- Jay C

2005 legendary lime mustang gt with white racing stripes.

My car is a beautiful legendary lime with white racing stripes. It has a powerful v8 engine, and the only problems with it are a cracked windshield, a CD player that does not work, and a connectivity problem with the trac control. It will probably need a new battery soon, too.

- Lauren J

Runs and drives very well

Very good car. I would buy it again. Runs good drives good. Have not had any major problems with it. Keep oil changed, tires rotate and brakes in good shape. Car has no rust on it as of yet. Rides good. Has plenty of room in it to hang out with friends or family. Daily driver.

- Timothy G

Dashboard panel issue is simple to solve.

I love my cars performance. It is got good pick up, nice control on the road, decent on gas. . . The only issue is my dashboard. My speedometer and gas gauge needles quit working. It is inexpensive to fix, just a hassle to have to do because the entire panel must be removed.

- Lane S

Love my Mustang because it is maintenance free.

Love the v8 performance and for a car that is over 10 years old it really has held up well. I have always had it serviced at my dealership and that has made a positive difference in performance. Annual maintenance is very reasonable if you take car of minor issues quickly.

- Christine R

This body style was genius. It's the first step back to the retro phase!

My 2005 ford mustang has proven to be ford tough. I haven't had any major problems with the car yet. So far the only thing that have put it in the shop for was a new clutch plate and alternator. I am the only owner so for the last 13 years or so has been awesome great buy!

- Lawrence B

Muscle cars new take on life.

The vehicle performs amazingly. It's comfortable and quick. The perfect build car for those car guys out there. Gas is a little bit of guzzler but it is a beautiful car and there's not much more to say. Its a base model so not many features exist on it but it does its job.

- Ian J

Still looks, drives, like new.

My car is still like new I hand wash it almost every week it still drive and rides like it is new. I never have a problem. Ti's still fast as day one and still have the still performance. It is still gooks new. My partner love driving it because it is faster than his car.

- Jon L

Tell people about your vehicle problems.

Tell people about your vehicle problems, performance, reliability and comfort and features it must be a very long thing that you have to write. Honestly I am just doing this for money and it is quite annoying to do this, I do not even have a car. I do not need to do this.

- Brand R

Its beautiful blue and outstanding to drive.

I love my mustang I got it for my 16th birthday as a present from my parents the only thing I hate is that it goes into neutral when I am driving sometimes and when it rains my seats and floor get wet and it starts to stink I don't know if its the windows or what it is.

- Katie C

Awesome sports car, not so awesome winter terrain vehicle

Can be troublesome to drive in snow and ice and muddy conditions due to rear-wheel drive. Very comfortable car, but sits low to the ground so older adults often have a harder time getting in and out. Has always been reliable for me except during the winter conditions.

- Janet A

A fun pony car to drive around in the summer.

Comfortable car with great steering and acceleration. A pleasure to drive. Unfortunately it has developed a hitch in the transmission. The sound system is phenomenal. And the interior is small but plenty of room in the trunk for storage. The brakes are not the best.

- Kayla E

My vehicle is a red Ford Mustang made us 2005

It is small, has no modern technologies. I would like a car that has Bluetooth so I can play music. It is just getting really old and little things are tearing up. I also hate that I can not pop my trunk from the inside of my car... it has to be unlocked with a key.

- Heather L

The gas sometimes doesn't work but overall I love my mustang

I love my car. It's comfortable and I have enough room. I have had problems before with it though. My gear shift has messed up twice since having it and when I go to pump the gas, sometimes it stops it when it isn't full. Overall it's a beautiful car and I love it

- Madison J

2005 Ford Mustang review.

They are a fairly reliable vehicle. I have had mine for a long time without any problems. It runs really well and is comfortable to drive. There are some cool features. There are also some updates that need to be made but are not critical to the cars performance.

- Ab C

Amazing 05 ford mustang light blue with a drop top.

The convertible part does not work due to connection mess up. It is a great car in all on gas and the space. It looks like there is not space in the back seats but there really is. I haven't really had any issues with it besides the convertible not working.

- Emily W

My car color is white with two lines in the bottom with the lettering mustang.

My vehicle works perfect I love it. I have no problems with it so far. I love the make of ford. It lasts forever the motor on mustangs always comes out very good lasting. My car color is white its a v six and it saves a lot of gas to do plenty of errands.

- Teresita A

Beautiful performance car that is reliable and great for travel!

The performance is great and it is completely reliable. It drives very nicely, and very smoothly. I haven't encountered any problems or mechanical issues! The gas mileage is great and it fits in with my lifestyle very nice as I am constantly traveling.

- Natalie W

The gas mileage is that if a sports car not a cost saving mileage car.

The vehicle has not given me any problems, besides the normal wear and tear. It does provide me with lower gas mileage of 15-20 mpg. It is more of a sport car comfort not enough backseat space. Other than that the vehicle is a good reliable vehicle.

- Ruby G

Lots of blind spots when driving this car.

Gauges barely work, accelerator is incredibly touchy but then sometimes does not engage right away. Is a very nice looking car but that's about it. It's not very spacious anywhere but the passenger seat. Trunk is decently sized but not very tall.

- Levi D

I feel others should know that the mustang is really easy to fix yourself!

I really love my mustang because of how classy it is! My particular model is not the fastest but is super sleek and classic even if it is older. Also for a sports car it is quite reliable. Ford is not my favorite brand but the mustang is awesome.

- Adam W

The interior its like no other vehicle and the car in general is just beautiful.

It's a good and beautiful car but after awhile starts to break down like most cars. I love how it looks and its American made. Ford mustangs have always been an iconic car and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sports car.

- Kayla C

My vehicle has survived a tire blow out because of how fast it was driven.

It has a lot of mileage and it breaks down most of the time, the battery of the car gets wasted pretty fast even if it is a new one it just blows out including the fuses. The windshield wipers only turn on to go fast and not slow.

- ClAudia S

It's a good car is a lot of cheap plastic parts.

It is cheaply made. Everything that is plastic is breaking at this point. The shifter is cheaply made and does not shift easy. I like the pick up and go of my mustang. I also like the look of the car from the outside.

- Rich S

It feels great to drive. It's very comfortable in my opinion.

It's very comfortable and has enough features in it to keep me interested. The performance is also great. The reliability on the other hand is not very good. This car has broken down on me about four different times.

- omar C

The sound of a muscle car is one of the most important features! Usually, the louder it is, the better the car!

It's has some age to it. Some parts are needing to be replaced. But nothing major. The inside door panel has come off due to heat exposure. Insurance premiums can be a bit high, but that is to be expected.

- Dorian W

Comfortable and easy to maneuver.

Haven't had any problems. Service as required every 3 months, runs very smooth. The seats are bucket seats, but comfortable. The mustang is a fun car to drive and can even take on long road trips.

- Patty B

It is very dependable and it doesn't drink gas as bad as everyone thinks it does.

The front end is too big for me to see over. The back seat isn't really big enough for people to sit. I understand it's a coupe, but still. I'm just not a ford person in general. Give me a Chevy!

- Magen B

The year model I own comes with a 4.6 8 cylinder it was not ril years later they started putting the 5.0 engines in the GT again.

I like it being a sports car and a five speed, enjoy driving sometimes feel like I'm driving a race car. When gas prices are high the poor gas mileage is the only the I dislike about the car.

- Todd M

Careful with your ragtop people

It's ok. Its second hand so take what I have to say with a grain of salt because I'm sure it was great new. Having problems with the convertible top, so if you have one, use it sparingly

- Blake M

Red Ford Mustang 2005 model

My mustang has been an amazing vehicle for me. I have minimal problems out of it, and thank goodness no major problems. The only complaint I have is the back seat is small

- Chelsey S

The number one thing I'd want people to know about my car is that it gets good gas mileage.

What I like about my car is that it drives very smooth. It drives smooth and gets good gas mileage. What I don't like about my car is how low to the ground it is.

- Shannon H

My car is an all around good car use only for SPECIAL occasions

My car is black an has 2 door power windows am factory rim an new CD player no scratch or marker in very good condition I keep the oil change and has low mileage

- Katrina S

It has a fast acceleration and it jerks sometimes when you take off.

The car runs very smoothly. The car has a brand new alternator and battery installed in it , the only problem really is that the breaks are a little messed up .

- William S

It does a good job for the number of years that it has latest.

I use to enjoy my vehicle when it was first purchased, however now I dislike it due to wear and tear. The sunroof has become an issue on wear and tear.

- Melissa H

Love this car. Would buy again!

I have had my car since 2008 and have had very few problems with it. The top had to be replaced in 2010 but other than that it has been a great car.

- Dustin C

You should convert to synthetic oil to keep the power optimal.

I Like that My Mustang is a convertible. I enjoy the power and the styling of the vehicle. I dislike that people keep hitting it in parking lots.

- Todd A

The most important that others should know about my car is that it is a convertible.

I like how fast and stylish my car is. I wished that it had more mileage than it currently does. I don't like the headrest of the driver's seat.

- Morgan M

If you work far, don't buy this car. Get a car with good gas mileage.

I like how the car looks and how it runs. I really don't like how bad of gas mileage it has. Also, don't like how easy things break.

- Alec G

The most important thing others should know is how fast it goes.

I love my vehicle overall, but if I could change one thing, it would be the size of my back seats. I feel as if they're too small.

- Kiara H

The gas pedal can be very touchy at times along with the breaks.

I love the gas mileage I get with my vehicle. I love the sports car look of it. I also love the design and sound of the vehicle.

- Marissa H

It is a good model of muscle car with a great body style.

I love the color. I love the way it drives. No complaints about my vehicle. This is the best vehicle I have ever had in my life.

- Lynn S

Eye catcher head turner real fast

Real good on gas rarely problems with the car drives smooth real sporty looking eye catcher a real good car for your first car

- Jovan S

It has always been dependable and got me from point a to point b.

I love the way my car rides and looks. It handles great on the road. I always get compliments from other people on my car.

- Annie W

Timeless type of car! Looks amazing and feels cool to drive!

Super fun car! Definitely, know you're driving it (not like a newer sedan that feels like driving on a cloud). Fast.

- Alex G

. Easy to locate boot cover to match the color of convertible top.

Mustang in good condition/ wish it was easier to keep convertible cleaner. . Brake lights seem to burn out often. .

- Wanda P

A great car to drive, dependable, and sporty.

I have nearly 300, 000 miles on my car. It has had minor mechanical problems, but overall has been dependable.

- Josie W

Reliable and strong. It is a great car for the year.

Absolutely love my 2005 Mustang. I am building it to look brand new. They are a strong reliable year of car!

- Lisa H

Ford Mustang from hell. Never buy a mustang as a primary vehicle, durability terrible. Gas mileage horrible. Great looking car

Poor gas mileage, truck latch sticks, interior seat poor durability, a/c terrible, air flow mechanism terrible

- William M

Lucy's got one sweet ride! Come and check this baby out!

It's a red mustang convertible. My wife wanted something other than a grandma car, so she traded in a Taurus.

- Steve C

Daily Ride in an American Pony

I have had my car for over ten years and it still runs great. I still look forward to driving it everyday.

- Joel R

It may be a couple years old but it runs perfectly.

I love my vehicle because its my dream car. But dislike it because it's not a family friendly kind of car.

- Alicia R

fast, loud and gets a lot of ass.

it drinks a lot of gas, not the best on slick roads, sometimes the gasket leaks oil onto the headers.

- nate e

My car is built ford tough to handle all driving conditions

My car is super fast and handles the road great. She has over 100k miles and still is holding up well

- Alex P

It reflects how I see myself in style and color. I own it because i love it

I love everything about it except that It's my only vehicle and now has a lot of wear and tear

- Amie R

Drives smooth and it very comfortable to sit in. It has a great steering wheel.

I love my car because it looks amazing. It drives like a dream. It is very comfortable.

- Thomas R

That it is a good car that is quick that does not burn a hole in your wallet

I like that it gets good gas mileage for a sports car and the quick acceleration

- Tyler N

I have no idea what 'others' should think of my car, duh! Why would I care? Do your own research, yeah?

Looks awesome, fun to drive, love the power! No complaints. Very reliable car.

- Barry I

Its an awesome convertible v6 engine. I love driving it with the top off.

I love my car, I wish it got better mpg but other than that I love it.

- Ryan L

I love my Mustang and wish I could keep driving it forever! It is a 2005 model and has 170,000 miles. The seats are very comfortable to me but my power is out for the driver's seat and it can't be adjusted right now. It has red leather that still looks brand new in the back seats. There is some fading in the front leather and the leather on the door panels fell off and needs to be fixed.

Reliable and fun to drive! At 170,000 miles, it is still going strong.

- Drew E

It is an older car, 2005, but still looks nice.

it's reliable, it still looks nice. It gets me where I'm going.

- connie G

It is very fast and very easy to drive. Excellent brakes.

Very fast. Nice looks. Very easy to drive and quite reliable.

- Richard M

That it was a custom built and I got it the way I wanted it and that it has low mileage and is my car and no one else's.

It is custom the way I asked for when it was brand new.

- Kimberly R