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Mustang Has Been My Daily Driver for 10 Years

2006 Ford Mustang

My Mustang GT is a 2006 model with the 4.6L V8 and 5 speed transmission, so it has a little age on it. However, I bought the car used with 14,000 miles on it in 2008, and now in 2018, has almost 80,000 miles as my daily driver (Mostly commuting in the city with occasional long distance trips). The only mechanical issues I've had besides regular maintenance is the ball joint in both driver and passenger side front wheels had worn out around 65,000 miles, and was about $1,000 to replace. As far as comfort.... it's a sports car. No one is buying a 2006 mustang nowadays because it rides like a Lincoln. They're buying it to have a fun car to drive around. It may not be great in gas (15 mpg in stop and go, 24 highway nowadays), but it's been a great daily driver for me for the past 10 years.

- Jay H

Sporty, Reliable Highway Car

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

I've been driving my 2006 Standard Coupe Ford Mustang since 2014, so about 5 years. Some of its features include leather seats, an excellent sound system, cup holders, a center console for storage, dual front airbags, and power windows. The performance of the vehicle has stayed very good in my opinion. The only major issue I have come across is the transmission. I live in a city, and Mustangs are not meant to be stop-and-go cars. They're meant to be on the highway. I had the transmission completely rebuilt in 2016 and it did not totally resolve the issue, as in the car still hesitates for a second when you put it in drive, but that may speak more to the mechanic's work than anything. Overall, I love this car for its looks and reliability.

- Madeline H

My time with my 2006 Mustang

2006 Ford Mustang

Honestly I love my car, there is not to much that I could say negative about it. Although there are a few things, with my particular car whenever it rains water will somehow get in the driver side vent and spill on the floor. This is just due to the age of the car and the plastic grommets not working as they should because the plastic hardened over time(can be replaced). Then the only other thing about it was I did not care for how basic the stereo was, but I just replaced it. Other than those few things I love my car and always love to drive it around. I never have to many problems with it, it's a reliable car that I would recommend to anyone that wants one.

- Travis L

2006 Mustang Makes your drive to work exciting!

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

Problems: transmission had to replaced when car was 2 years old. Replaced transaxle. Trying to get recalled airbags replaced has been difficult. Performance: for a V6 it picks up and goes. Pretty economic, I drive 200 miles a week and fill up every 2 weeks. This mustang has been a very reliable car. I do get regular oil changes and maintenance. I find this car comfortable but I am a smaller person the mustang is smaller inside. The back seat is comfortable put tight. Not a lot of legroom. The mustang is a very exhilarating car to drive!

- Jennifer B

Ford Mustang 2006 gt financial abyssal.

2006 Ford Mustang

I have a 2006 Ford Mustang gt, it's been a great car. Issues I've had is a bad spark plug, muffler rusting and falling off, hit a dog once tore up front end and backed into once by a truck. Experiencing transmission issues now at 130k every now and then it slips. Car has been a great vehicle other than the small issues I've had. I've done a lot of stuff to it to make it more mine. Everyone seems to love it. I am wanting another one probably a 2014 gt.

- Justin F

Fun to drive around in summer with the windows down and the music blasting!

2006 Ford Mustang

There is a recall from the dealership about the airbags. I have gotten multiple of these, even though I have already taken it in and gotten it fixed. It makes me nervous because I hope that the airbags are fixed. It is also not the best car to drive in the winter, however, it is the only car that I own. It is great for the summer! It only gets 20 ish miles per gallon depending on how much town driving and highway driving you are doing.

- Tyler C

My vehicle has an aftermarket air filter and brakes to enhance performance.

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

My car still runs great at 240,000 miles! It is not too comfy, but it is not suppose to be. It has a fair amount of power which I like and is capable of getting up to 25 miles per gallon which is not expected for a sports car! I does wear down its tires quickly on the inside which is a bummer. One time there was a weird electrical problem which resulted in all electrical items to temporarily shut down; windows, wipers, lights, etc.

- Ken N

The Mustang Legacy Lives On

2006 Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is not just a car, but a legend. It is the only muscle car that has never gone out of production and there is a worldwide following for this amazing vehicle. Every aspect of the car is customizable, either through the dealer when building and buying your new car, and also by plenty of aftermarket suppliers. I have 3 of them- they are all completely different from one another and yet all distinctly Mustang.

- Anja H

The highlight of my vehicle would be the low cost for repairs.

2006 Ford Mustang Deluxe

I own a 2006 Ford Mustang Coupe. It has held up for 11 years. The motor is about 90,000 miles. It is a very reliable car. The gas mileage could be better. However, I really don't travel as often using this car. I think that this car is on its last leg because of the 90,000 mileage. All-in-all, I believe that this car have been a great asset. I only had to make minor repairs through the years.

- Jasmine W

Mustang are sturdy powerful beast that deserves to be called American muscle.

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

The mustang is a great vehicle if you're looking for reliability and strength in a motor. I've been driving my mustang for 11 years now and it's been the most reliable ride ever. Problems are few but easily fixed, also be weary of sharp turns because it is back heavy and can spin you out of control but as long as you're driving the speed limit this Mustang will not disappoint you.

- Jose V

Comfortable car that grabs the attention of people when you drive by.

2006 Ford Mustang Base

It goes really fast. Besides it being a gas hog sometimes, it is dependable and comfortable when traveling. It has tinted windows in the front and back. It is painted a green and grey color. There are no problems with the car. We had a recent problem with the engine overheating but we had it taken care of. I am not sure how many miles there are on the vehicle at this time.

- Haley C

2006 ford mustang: fun but not the best built.

2006 Ford Mustang V6 Standard

The 2006 ford mustang has been a fun car to have as it is a good time to drive on the freeway and country roads. The front seats are spacious, however, the back seats do not fit extra passengers comfortably. The major downside with this particular model is that the air filter gets clogged with leaves and dirt causing water to pour into the passenger side feet space.

- Felicia J

The Pony Edition Mustang has all the perks as the GT Mustang v6 not the v8.

2006 Ford Mustang

I really like that it handles the road. Excellent horsepower, rides like a full size vehicle. Great sound system. Hardly any road noise. Overall I couldn't have picked a better car. Very pleased with my Pony Edition Mustang. The only problems I have had with it was the alternator had to be replaced, other than that just oil changes and brakes have been replaced.

- Anthony S

My latest and most cherished Mustang.

2006 Ford Mustang Deluxe

Rides pretty hard. Has a few cabin leaks over the past few years. The gear shift knob was pretty flimsy and had to be replaced. It's a rather heavy car, so I have to be mindful of that when braking during the rain. There was an airbag recall on this model, but it was free to replace, so not a big deal. Otherwise it's held up very well with minimal maintenance.

- Doris G

2006 Mustang GT 5 speed 8 cylinder convertible.

2006 Ford Mustang V6 Standard

My Ford Mustang GT has been extremely reliable in performance from an engine standpoint. The seat knobs that allow passengers in the back have had to be replaced as they broke easily. The fan for heat and air conditioning seems to blow fuses every 3 months. I did have a tire blow out (fairly new tire) on the freeway driving 70 mph and car handled well.

- Lisa M

It's a great ride I look forward using every day

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

It handles so well that you wish you had gotten the bigger engine. Snuggling into the driver's seat feels like you are putting on a jet fighter. All the controls and gauges are right in front of you where they belong. You can access most controls for driving without letting go of the wheel. There is however a blind spot so keep that awareness in mind.

- Ken R

Ford mustang is a great car.

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

My mustang drives very smooth, I would recommend it for anyone. No problems at all ever since I bought it from the lot, which makes me want to try a newer one because I know it'll last just like my '06. It is a very comfortable car, I do not feel too much sway or bumps when driving on the road, and just the overall feel when driving it is just nice.

- Ishmael S

Mustang, the overlooked family car

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

I love this car. The handling is amazing. Even though it's a small vehicle , it's not bad on long trips. I'm not too enthused with it being low profile but besides that, it's aces. The convertible top can be high maintenance depending on the climate you live in, but nothing is better than taking a drive on a sunny day with the top down

- Christina R

Plenty of get up and go. Nice power.

2006 Ford Mustang Deluxe

Breaks the thermostat housing every three years. Been a good car otherwise. Comfort- you don't buy a mustang for that. The engine is great and an awesome car on sunny days. Not made for winter. I am going to trade soon for something more comfort soon due to rough ride. Fine for short trips. Not good for long trips on rough roads.

- Erin F

I have a white convertible with a black top and black inter.

2006 Ford Mustang Deluxe

My mustang has been very reliable and the performance has been great. I enjoy the convertible top. I presently have 111000 miles on my car and the only have changed the battery and the alternator which I think is a good track record. I haven't owned that many ford produces before and they have won me over. Thanks ford motor company!

- Glenn C

It is my very first car I ever purchased on my own and it was my favorite color

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

I've had my car for about 6 years and it's gotten me where I need to be but it's been used so much I use it for road trips so it's a bit worn out. The battery and brakes are the main issues with me having to update them every year or so. Also the air conditioning tends to not work during the summer blowing hot instead of cold

- Abigail H

Got me where I needed to go.

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

I bought this car used with over 200,000 miles on it and to say it is had its problems would be an understatement. But luckily it has never been anything to major and has kept me on the road for over two years now. If it would have been properly taken care of by its previous owners I am positive it would be a great vehicles.

- Kaitlyn M

Great running car, amazing handling and good gas mileage

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

The car runs great have had no problems with it except rebuilding transmission one time and changing it from a automatic to a standard car, good gas mileage awesome handling in the steering of the car, great break system overall I would recommend this type of car to anyone who inquires about looking into trying one out

- Mercedes R

2006 mustang v6 standard coupe reliable car for ten years.

2006 Ford Mustang

I currently have 2006 Ford mustang. Standard coupe. V6. Automatic. I have had my car since 2008. I have not had too many problems with the car. Worst problems have been the air bags that are recalled and having to had my transmission rebuilt. Other than that it has been a very reliable car with regular maintenance.

- Casey K

Ford Mustang GT convertible.

2006 Ford Mustang

Considering the time that we have owned this vehicle it has held up quite well. Unfortunately we have used it as our main vehicle which is not ideal with a four year old. The car has not presented any mechanical problems and the convertible top looks new even after twelve years. Great car, not a great family car.

- Angelica B

Sporty, comfortable, dependable and great for those hot summer days!

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

My Mustang is a convertible. Not only is it sporty but very comfortable. It's very sharp looking with racing stripes and Apple red. Very easy upkeep and gets good mileage on the highway. Mustangs have been around for a long time. They are dependable. My mustang has a lot of zip! You will float down the highway!

- Tammy E

Black, v6 mustang - appears to be a gt with bodystyle & pony package.

2006 Ford Mustang Deluxe

I have had my car for 6 years and considering it had 117,000 miles on it whenever it was purchased, it has been a great car! Overall I think I have spent approximately $3,000 including regular maintenance as well as repairs that needed to be done/or if my car broke down. Overall it has been a very reliable car.

- Harley W

Great vehicle that looks, handles, drives and runs very well.

2006 Ford Mustang

Vehicle handles and runs well. Love that they are easily customizable. Love the classic looks. Paint has held up very well considering the age. Motor still just as strong now as it was when I first bought it. Only complaint is the door panels seem to be peeling which seems to be common in this model.

- Pamela P

The most fun in a reliable car.

2006 Ford Mustang Premium

My car has been reliable. I have commuted more than 140 miles a day for 7 years and have only had to do normal wear and tear maintenance. The seats are comfortable and It is a manual transmission so I have a lot of control and she definitely has speed. I love my car I would recommend it to anyone.


It is a sweet ride, looks and drives great!

2006 Ford Mustang

I love the way this model year looks, it is retro and modern at the same time. It drives really well, takes corners and turns smooth and tight. It is a convertible and is super fun in good weather. The seats aren't as comfortable has they could be, the headrest is the wrong shape and height.

- Darcie L

Badass blue mustang-a great buy!

2006 Ford Mustang

I love my mustang. Its an older model but it is such a nice car. Very sleek and timeless looking and the interior is so classy. I haven't had any issues with maintaining the vehicle either. We have only had to replace one serpentine belt and keep up with regular oil changes and that is it.

- Kayla M

Fast red mustang is enjoyable to drive on a sunny day.

2006 Ford Mustang

The vehicle is fun to drive and turns the head of a lot of people. I enjoy the quick response of the vehicle. It has over 100k miles on it with no serious repairs. however there are some cons, first the stick shift knob cover has worn off, the head unit has an auxiliary button but no port.

- Dave H

Convertible fun in a great dependable vehicle.

2006 Ford Mustang Premium

My ford mustang is a reliable, stylish vehicle that gets good gas mileage and I enjoy driving it in both city and highway traffic. It is fun to drive and I very much enjoy the fact it's a watertight convertible! I can recommend it to other drivers who are looking for a fun stylish vehicle.

- Ron O

The iconic an enjoyable mustang

2006 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

The 2006 mustang gt convertible is the most reliable cars I have ever owned. It is a lot of car for the money if you look at comparable vehicles from Dodge and Chevrolet they are considerably more. I also like the performance and styling and the fact that the mustang is an iconic vehicle.

- Phil P

Fun little car that is good on the pockets.

2006 Ford Mustang

It has great power and decent handling though it is a little loose in the rear end. Some may consider this fun as I do. It has been quite reliable. Pretty comfortable but not the best the seats are a nice leather. It is a fast little car and is all around fun with that good American v8.

- Andrew N

It is old but sound brand new.

2006 Ford Mustang

Well my car has had its issues. I bought it used and I had to replace the brakes first. Once I replaced the brakes, I had to replace the catalytic converter. Then, not too much longer after that, an engine belt broke. So the car had problems in the beginning but now it has worked fine.

- John U

It's special to me and only me

2006 Ford Mustang

This is my favorite model of the Mustang before the view started to change. It's is also my first car with air conditioning so that's a bonus! My biggest setback is that the car is white. I like the color black as it doesn't seem to get as dirty as quickly (especially during spring)

- Sabrina S

2006 mustang gt; Grey, Deluxe Trim, manual transmission.

2006 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

So my complaint doesn't really come from the car itself, more because I don't have the mods I want on it. I will give some things though. I guess the drivers side seat has a motor that is prone to going out, and currently mine does not work so I can't move it forwards or backwards.

- Darryl C

Legend lime green mustang with white stripes.

2006 Ford Mustang

My car has not given me any trouble for the past five years. There was one time when my computer system got water damage and shut down. That was expensive to fix, but other than that my car has not given me any trouble. I also do not like how my car does not give the temperature.

- Melody C

Great car for someone without kids and likes sports cars

2006 Ford Mustang Premium

Car is comfortable for being a sports car. Has a large engine for a 6 cylinder and can add packages to suit the look you want. They have great handling and control. There is no room in the back seats for passengers... generally should be a car intended to seat one or two people.

- Natalie T

2006 Mustang 2 door standard coupe

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

Car for a couple not much room for more than 2 people, great gas mileage, has had almost no mechanical problems! I had issues with heater core once and had to replace the alternator and battery recently in 2019 so for 13 years old that's good, other than that no major problems!

- Casey G

Aftermarket Parts update a 2006 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

2006 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

Ford Mustang GT Convertible it is very fast, I have added features such as a backup camera and new Bluetooth stereo with navigation, the stock stereo CD changer broke I guess that happened often with that stereo system. I've also added a viper alarm and remote starting system

- Kathryn S

The sporty mustang is great even at the age of 58.

2006 Ford Mustang

This has been a great car. I love the performance and the sporty look. I just wish I had gotten a black one instead of a white one. I am 58 years old and it is a straight drive. Probably would need to get a different car when I buy another one. Something a little less sporty.

- Sharon B

Fun to drive, fast with the gas.

2006 Ford Mustang

The paint chipped easily. It is also not an all weather car and sometimes it leaks by the windows. The headlights are a bit too dull. It is fun to drive and I get a lot of compliments on it. I like that it is a convertible. I can go really fast in a short amount of time.

- Corby F

I love the slick inside the all black interior matches so well with the outside.

2006 Ford Mustang

I love my 2006 Ford mustang. The outside is just as beautiful as the inside is. I cannot go anywhere without getting at least a few compliments on my car. Even though the back seat is not meant for people you can still fit stuff back there plus the trunk is pretty wide.

- Rhiannon H

You should purchase a Mustang

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

The Fuel line, bearings, and axle have all given me issues throughout my ownership. Other than that the car has ran pretty well. I have consistently driven it from Texas to Florida and the car has done just done. I also maintain it well. I'd recommend buying a mustang.

- DJ H

It is a convertible which is nice on the hot summer days

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

Has comfortable seats not good for small children or tall people. Parts are fairly easy to find due to the year of the vehicle. Not a whole lot of trunk space so would advise against using it to pick up big things. Great for weekend drives or even a grocery grabber.

- Nicholas W

The problems associated with the car

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

When accelerating the car doesn't take off immediately like most cars I have had. The inside design is cheap so it falls apart easily and the paint chips very easily. The headlights don't turn on automatically which is kind of a pain and there is no Bluetooth stereo

- Cassie B

Looks great, performs eh.

2006 Ford Mustang

Gas guzzler, interior pretty basic and boring, performance is okay, overheats easily, needs a good amount of checkups, should not drive long distance. Seats are not as comfortable as they should be, very easy to lose things and drop them in between seats.

- Malik H

Solid and fun to drive sports car

2006 Ford Mustang Standard

My 2006 Ford Mustang is a fun car to drive. It seems like a solid car. I get 18 miles per gallon. However, I have had a few problems with it throughout the years. When it's cold my speedometer doesn't work and there is a terrible squeaking in the dash.

- Melissa C

Mustang has it pros and cons.

2006 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

From my experience it is a good sports car. Smooth, fast, and persistent. Not a family car more for a person who's looking for excitement and adrenaline rush. As mechanical problem wise it has had a few electrical problems regarding the charging system.

- Joshua J

Great vehicle at high mileage!

2006 Ford Mustang

the ford mustang is an incredible vehicle, mine is at 188,000 miles and still running strong. It's had a couple little issues such as the power steering pump going out, and the radiator needing to be replaced, but overall 9/10 would buy again!

- christian s

It is pretty good on gas.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like this car because it is the last model year for my car to look like it does. All of the other models have an "updated" look and I have never been fond of the way it looks. My car also has air condition which my previous cars did not.

- Julie W

Ford Mustang's are fun to drive.

2006 Ford Mustang

A Ford Mustang is fun and sporty, and really has some get up on go when you open it up on the freeway. However, it consumes quite a bit of gas. As, it's much bigger than you'd assume and can be troublesome to parallel park.

- Vanessa Q

It is good on gas and has good miles on it.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like that it is a sporty car and it drives really good, the color is also perfect. The only dislike that I have is that it sits a little low for me because I am short and I currently looking to upgrade to a gt model.

- Vera O

Simplistic yet, problematic

2006 Ford Mustang

Simple look, colored white, interior-khaki colored, radio-non bluetooth, CD-only, V6, Gas mileage in City is costly. Recalls for airbags, had two-transmission problems between 2006-2018. Issues with odometers and ac.

- John C

Mustang convertible - no issues with roof system

2006 Ford Mustang

2006 Ford Mustang with 107K+ miles. No serious problems over the years. I have replaced tie rods and there was a coolant system crack that occurred a couple years ago that, once replaced, has had no further issues.

- Shannon F

It is a great summer car, but you will need to plan on having a second car.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like the look of my mustang. I enjoy the convertible feature of the vehicle. I dislike the gas mileage, though it is much better than my previous vehicle. I dislike the poor winter driving quality of the vehicle.

- John D

Just because a vehicle is older does not mean that it is over the hill. When taken care of, a car can last a long time and be very dependable.

2006 Ford Mustang

My vehicle makes me feel like it is an extension of me. It is very maneuverable. It accelerates quickly and allows me to pass easily whenever I need to. It is classy and dependable.I have no complaints about it

- Annie M

It is reliable and well built.

2006 Ford Mustang

Great car, drives fantastic but it is second hand and due to wear and tear is not aesthetic! I would love a newer version or alternatively one in better condition. Lastly there is a lot of play in the steering.

- Max B

My car is very fun to drive! My car looks good because I am able to park in my garage!

2006 Ford Mustang

I love the look/style of my car. My car gets okay gas mileage. My car is sporty and turns heads sometimes. I can drive my car all day and still feel pretty good. I enjoy the performance of my car.

- Bob M

Fast Car that hugs turns all day

2006 Ford Mustang

Nice car, fast and hugs turns well. Does have a problem with water getting in when it rains all day. Paint coat is also an issue since the sun has worn off the protective coat on the fin.

- Davi H

Awesome car to drive! Super sexy and fun! Lots of speed and the convertible top is a must! I've had the car for over ten years and still get compliments all the time.

2006 Ford Mustang

Great reliable car. Very fun to drive. Has lots of horsepower and it's a convertible which makes it even more fun. It's an older car now but it still just as fun as the day I got it.

- Wanda K

One thing that you should know about this car is that you should stay on top of your regular maintenance and oil changes. Especially if you have a heavy foot.

2006 Ford Mustang

I currently drive a 2006 Ford Mustang GT. The color is red. It has a convertible top. My favorite part about the car is the power. It comes off the assembly line with 350 horsepower.

- Trenton W

Great gas mileage, rear wheel drive.

2006 Ford Mustang

Its sporty and I like the color and great gas mileage. It's nice and small easy to park in tight spots. What I don't like is its rear wheel drive and not good in snow covered roads.

- Kelly M

The silver streak. Very fast and aggressive car on the highway.

2006 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang has amazing performance and is very stylish. The only thing that I do not like is the fact that a 300hp engine typically uses a little oil requiring often checking.

- Vincent C

Is the ideal look for a race car and it runs super fast.

2006 Ford Mustang

It runs fast, the two front seats are comfortable, it runs smoothly and is stable. Spends gas really quick, it has a lot of blind spots and the back seats are really uncomfortable.

- Sully D

It has power and the motor is awesome. I've had very few repairs besides wear and tear which is normal.

2006 Ford Mustang

I love the power with the V8. I love how it steers. The only thing I don't like is they could have added an eyeglass storage or maybe have the backseats raise up for storage.

- David G

It has been super reliable.

2006 Ford Mustang

I have no complaints. I love that it has never broken down on me, except for a couple new batteries and tires and the normal maintenance, i have never had any issues at all.

- Rosemary M

It is efficient as well as reliable and I am a proud owner of this car.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like the color of my vehicle. I also love how easy it is to drive my vehicle and to get from one location to another. I do not have any complaints as I am 100% satisfied.

- Ash S

2006 Ford Mustang is reliable except for alternator issues

2006 Ford Mustang

I've had my 2006 Ford Mustang for 12 years. I've had a few problems with it - the alternator has had to be replaced 3 times. Other than that, it's been a very reliable car.

- Julie P

Mustang is powerful and reliable

2006 Ford Mustang

The car performs great as you would expect from a muscle car. It's usually pretty reliable, however lately I've had problems with one of the engine cylinders missing.

- kaleb m

It does not operate well in temps under 40 degrees.

2006 Ford Mustang

Owning a 5 speed manual trans in the North East is not beneficial. The car is over 10yrs old, although it runs well, things are starting to need repairs more often.

- Terance C

my car is very reliable and hasn't had any major repair bills.

2006 Ford Mustang

Love my car because it is low maintenance and i've never had a big repair bill. The only thing I dislike about it is that it doesn't have Bluetooth capability.

- Jane E

The most important thing about my car is that it's a stick shift and a 8 cylinder.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like my car because it's a faster sports car. It's a coupe so I don't have to have anyone in the back seat. But I do wish the gas mileage was a lot better.

- Taylor J

It is somewhat expensive to maintain. Buying used comes with a higher risk of maintenance.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like my car because it is powerful and gets me where I need to go. I've had trouble with the fuel system and the transmission as well as the alarm system.

- Thomas R

The car I am driving is a 2006 Ford mustang it is a metallic blue.

2006 Ford Mustang

I love how it is a sports car the make and the model as well as the color of it which is blue. It's a automatic not standard and find it easy to drive.

- Nicole C

It is fun to drive with the top down.

2006 Ford Mustang

I love that I have a convertible. I love being part of the mustang community. I love the pick up and the speed of my car. It is really fun to drive.

- Corby F

Its my favorite color as well as car.

2006 Ford Mustang

I live everything about it. I love the color. The model is very nice. I like leather seats. This inside of the interior is black which I love also.

- Nicole A

Very little maintenance had to be done. Still handles nice.

2006 Ford Mustang

No major mechanical problems. Handles nicely on the road. Very sporty and good gas mileage. Would purchase the same make and model vehicle again.

- Robert C

It's a very good car in excellent condition.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like the Color of my car. Also i like how fast it goes. I don't like the fact It's not dual exhaust. I don't like the chip paint on the hood.

- Terence H

It is good on gas, and it is fast.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like driving my vehicle because it is good on gas. I also like driving it because it is fast, and loud. It is a very nice car and I love it.

- David S

It takes too long for the air conditioner and heater to work.

2006 Ford Mustang

Love the style of it, do not like that in that year they downsized the engine from a 5.0 to the 4.6 liter, the pearl lag is very frustrating.

- Robin D

It has power and get up and go. I want to be able to feel that power while driving.

2006 Ford Mustang

I love that it's sporty looking and it sends a message about what kind of person you are. It's also decent on gas mileage for a sports car.

- Patricia R

People should know that I really appreciate my car and the history of the model.

2006 Ford Mustang

I have had my vehicle for 10 years. It has been very reliable and still has the original engine and transmission. No reasonable complaints.

- Seth G

Been very happy with 06 mustang

2006 Ford Mustang

My car has been great. The only problem has been with alternators, been through 3. I am at almost 200,000 miles and has been very reliable

- Stephanie P

Powerful performance. Roomy. Comfortable seating. Sporty.

2006 Ford Mustang

Although I have a six cylinder, it has a lot of power. Quick take off and accelerations. It sit comfortably with electric seating control.

- Donna N

Mustang 2006. 12 years old and still runs

2006 Ford Mustang

Runs good, wish it had a better radio and up to date electrical. Gas tank makes the engine light come on. Lots of recalls on the air bag.

- Kira N

Even though it's a muscle car, it's just not for guys. Ladies like the muscle car too.

2006 Ford Mustang

Well it's a mustang so it's a very cool looking car. I love how it takes off, lots of speed. It handles great and the ride is smooth.

- Pam C

The accident reports on the vehicle. This car has been in a few accidents.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like the body of the car and the feel of the drive. I dislike how old the vehicle is and now having to fix major items in the engine.

- Maria J

What I like about my 2006 Ford Mustang

2006 Ford Mustang

My mustang is Bad on gas other than than that it's a great car I have aftermarket everything because I like my music loud and car loud

- Deion C

It has a rebuilt engine as of late and got it under warranty.

2006 Ford Mustang

It was built for me and I got it from "Santa" on Christmas. I love my car because there is not another one like it in color and style.

- Annaliese T

If you do have to go over a bump of any kind make sure you go very slow.

2006 Ford Mustang

It is too low to the ground. And very small on the inside. Not good for more than two people. It is not good for kids in my opinion.

- Mara K

First years of the best body redesign which was a throw back to 1970's mustangs but upgraded

2006 Ford Mustang

I like the styling of the 05 to 08 mustangs the best, I don't like that the engine size is only a 4.6 liter instead of the 5.0 liter

- Robin O

It is fun and low maintenance.

2006 Ford Mustang

My car is always reliable very low maintenance great gas mileage and absolutely fun to drive it feels sporty and is a perfect size.

- Patricia D

It is fast, and you must be careful.

2006 Ford Mustang

It's been perfect. I have had absolutely no issues a all with it, and it has been the most reliable motor vehicle I've ever owned.

- Donald M

Great commuter. Great on gas. Does not cost much for maintenance.

2006 Ford Mustang

Great gas mileage. Runs well. Has electrical. Problems. Tires are bad. The insurance is too high. The convertible top sticks.

- Amanda D

It's a older car so there is bound to be problems.

2006 Ford Mustang

Its a sports car which I love. And it is very comfortable. I will be upgrading to a new more recent one when I graduate.

- Christian S

It is fun to drive and has great pickup.

2006 Ford Mustang

It is a convertible. It is a v8. It is a joy to drive. No complaints. Ordered from the factory the way that I wanted it.

- John E

It moves fast and makes sharp turns.

2006 Ford Mustang

Love 5 speed manual transmission. Dislike that I can't easily get my body under the front end with a mechanic lift.

- Diana C

IT will beat you in a race. And it is way cooler than anything they have

2006 Ford Mustang

Its our family car, and its still fast like a race car. It looks better than a lot of cars and has a lot of power

- Alycia W

Ford has been a dependable car and I would definitely be interested in another.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like that I have had no mechanical problems. I also like the power of the motor. It has been a very good car.

- Erica K

Ford 2006 Mustang is nice for parking

2006 Ford Mustang

I love this car considering I used to drive a truck, being able to fit in more parking spots is always a plus.

- jacob m

It is a fun car to drive with the top down.

2006 Ford Mustang

My car is a convertible. It is red. It rides low. It is a fast car. The only thing I do not like is the radio.

- Em M

I still love it she runs great with a few wrinkles

2006 Ford Mustang

I love but it is getting older needs some cosmetic issues taking care of and not as practical as it should be

- cathy s

i really have enjoyed owning it

2006 Ford Mustang

Have had 12 years with no major problems has been paid off for 6 years The fabric on the doors is coming off

- Matt B

I love the car even tho it is falling apart. Mechanically it is in great shape.

2006 Ford Mustang

The leather is cracking. The interior is falling apart. There has been no major issues with my car thus far.

- Amber S

It has a sealed transmission and costs too much money to get changed

2006 Ford Mustang

I love mustangs. I have always wanted one. The only thing I hate about it is it has a sealed transmission.

- Teresa S

That it makes me happy just to drive it, especially with the top down.

2006 Ford Mustang

I love driving around in my Mustang convertible. I dislike all the dings a recent hailstorm put on my car.

- Kevin B

It is very low to the ground so it can be hard to see.

2006 Ford Mustang

It looks cool and people compliment it. Drives fine and no problems but it eats through gas very fast.

- Brandon H

This is a very reliable, very tough truck.

2006 Ford Mustang

Very dependable, low maintenance, are likes dislikes limited seating capabilities small trunk space.

- Mark W

The mustang is very Dependable and reliable car. The first 100,000 miles with absolutely no mechanical issues

2006 Ford Mustang

This is a good and dependable car. I have had this car 11 years and has over 140,000 miles on it

- Daina P

My mustang is very dependable and easy to drive. It performs just as you would think a sports car should.

2006 Ford Mustang

For a sports car I believe it gets exceptional gas mileage. Especially on the highway

- Vincente B

That it's mine and I'm not giving it up.

2006 Ford Mustang

It's a very good looking vehicle. I love the sound it makes. It's a great muscle car

- Pam W

Reliable, dependable and fun to drive with great gas mileage

2006 Ford Mustang

Not much maintenance. Great gas mileage. Fun to drive. No complaints at all.

- nan m

Muscle Car, with a big engine!

2006 Ford Mustang

Love the body style. The sports car model. Dislike it being not easy on gas.

- Tiffany Y

It's horrible in the winters

2006 Ford Mustang

I love the look of it and the speed. However, I dislike the gas mileage

- Robert H

It is a manual meaning you have to have a balance between the accelerator and the clutch.

2006 Ford Mustang

Good for a small car, not good for any more than 2 people at a time.

- nikolas p

Great car that serves well and looks almost new.

2006 Ford Mustang

It is a pretty color. Has plenty of power. It looks almost new.

- Bradford F

i like the power it has. i choose the color i liked. there is nothing i dislike

2006 Ford Mustang

the power it has, it runs with such a power. that's what i like

- jose r

It's a fast car and a great daily driver reliable car really no issues with it very sporty

2006 Ford Mustang

i love my mustang no dislikes ford makes a great cars

- catherine b

The powerful engine is a plus. The bucket seats are comfortable. Rear wheel drive makes it more difficult to drive in rain or snow.

2006 Ford Mustang

Gas mileage can be improved with responsible driving.

- Andi G

It is not just a vehicle to be recognized for speed.

2006 Ford Mustang

I like the style. I also like the economic factor.

- Karil F

it is fast and louder than most!!

2006 Ford Mustang

fast elite comfy good good condition great price

- scott K