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It is a low profile white 6 cylinder automatic Ford Mustang convertible.

This is the second Ford Mustang I have had in the past 13 years. They are great cars. I have had minimal problems with them and they remain a stylish “cool” car no matter the year. The back seats are not very spacious but are okay for a normal size person or short trips. Tall people are very uncomfortable in the back seats. My current Mustang is also a convertible. I found that the overall insulation of the car during rainy cold months is not the greatest and it can sometimes feel moist inside the car. . So I have to make sure I keep a dehumidifier bead bag in the car to absorb the moisture. The trunk is a decent space for a small car, however in the convertible, the back seats do not fold down for added space. Overall, I love the car and it was definitely worth the price I paid, around $12, 000.

- Sierra J

2007 beautiful and fun car.

I love the comfort, speed, v6 engine and the power of the engine. The convertible top is easy to put up and down and looks great with the white and tan color combination. The leather seats inside are soft, look great and extremely comfortable. Tithe car has held it is value and I have not had to put hardly any money into it other than new tires, oil changes and 1 set of brake pads. It is a quiet sounding engine when cruising but has the power when needed in an instant.

- Kathleen H

Choosing a Ford mustang was a good decision for me.

I was traditionally a Chevy person, but I bought my first Ford mustang in 09' and I have had no mechanical problems until last month (replaced belt). I had airbag recalls, but I had no out of pocket cost and have enjoyed my mustang for nine long years! I give my mustang 5 stars for durability and she looks great too. I would highly recommend to anyone who's looking for a great car to look into a Ford mustang.

- Carol U

Summer/fall # one must have car. You won't be disappointed!

On the pros side it's comfortable, fast, and has been low maintenance thus far. It came with a pretty decent sound system which is highly important. Believe it or not I get pretty good gas mileage. Cons the 'stang doesn't like the rain and makes an awful sound when the tires are trying to grip the road. It's a little lower to the ground than I wanted. Overall I would recommend this car to everyone.

- Rochelle G

2007 reliable and safe coupe Mustang.

My 2007 Mustang is the perfect car for a new driver. 6 cylinder, automatic, with just 150, 000 miles on it. No matter what circumstances are, the 2007 Ford Mustang has not let me down. Engine and transmissions are in great condition and running strong. The tan interior bucket seats are so comfortable and it even comes with an aftermarket pioneer radio system. Please contact with more questions!

- Emmy J

I have put very little money into maintenance in this car.

Visibility is low, huge blind spots. Uncomfortable for long rides back window is falling out, but it is 11 years old now. Still runs great. Lots of power. Handles great. Very low maintenance. The only maintenance I have done to this car is new harmonic balancer, new alternator, new thermostat housing, new brakes, new tires, new battery. Still a beauty after 11 years.

- Kim G

Nice car, but be selective when choosing it.

It is a nice car to drive, although it is not the best car does not driving distances, due to the gas mileage. However, in its defense, it is better on gas than most sports cars. It runs smoothly and has very comfortable seats with plenty of room. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who's looking for a sporty car and is not really worried about gas.

- Melody J

10/10 would definitely recommend.

I absolutely love my mustang. It does have semi bad gas mileage but the power and performance that comes with it are totally worth it. The comfort is great it's got leather seats with great support. For the age and mileage it's still in great condition. It definitely holds up to the elements very well. Will definitely be buying another mustang in the future.

- Matthew M

It is a large size mustang and looks a lot like the 69 mustang.

It is my dream car color blue with flakes. It is very reliable. The back set is not very comfortable but its a sport car not a family car. Even though we raised our kids in mustangs. It does not have all they fancy features a luxury car has. It is basic and has everything I need to be comfortable. My kids love to borrow it when they are going out of town.

- Barb R

Review of the super cool Ford Mustang.

My car is very comfortable and very reliable plus it is great on gas and it looks super cute if you love sports car. No a family car at all! This car also has great trunk space plus this car is super fast just a great car for young and people that do not have a family. My Mustang only has the basic features like powered windows and power locks.

- Taylor F

Reliable but it does come with quirks.

Issues with filling up with gas tank and auto shut off on the gas pump which is a known issue. It is been a very reliable vehicle. It held up well when t-boned in the rear quarter panel (gas side). There's been a recall on both drivers and passengers airbags which ford has acknowledged and sent several emails, cards, and mail items about.

- A H

In my opinion, my mustang is the best there is.

They just recently sent out a major recall on the airbags in my vehicle because of issues they have had in the past. It was kind of scary when I heard the news, but Ford was amazing about making sure my car was taken care of. I honestly couldn't expect a better company to buy a vehicle from that would provide great customer service.

- Ester G

11 years old 90,000 miles still running strong.

I have had only one major issue with the car, my car has a manual transmission. The secondary slave cylinder went out on the clutch. Other than that it is 11 years old and 90,000 miles. Rest of the issues are small cosmetic due to wear and tear. The car is very reliable drive long distances for most of ownership 700 miles plus.

- Charles E

Okay but plan for lots of maintenance.

Bad battery, belts go bad easily. Have to do a lot of maintenance, especially on brakes and Calipers. Reliable but uncertain in different driving conditions like the Rockies or big mountains. Takes curves great. The hood came with a paint defect and Ford would not replace. Paint is being chipped off. Ford is a sorry company.

- Miranda Z

Very clean, fast, and smooth ride.

My car has black leather interior. Very well kept car, very clean. It has a 5-speed manual transmission. Rides & drives very smooth. This particular car is new to me. But I've owned 2 others since high school. Honestly, these are my favorite cars. Anywhere between 2005-2009. Never had any problems with any of my mustangs.

- Destiny J

2007 Ford mustang gm. Torch red. Black leather interior.

Great performance from this 4. 6 liter pony. No problems in the last 11 years. Just rolled 100k miles. Fun to drive, plenty of get up and holds the corners. A must for any mustang enthusiast. Change the oil, rotate the tires and keep up with the general maintenance and this Ford will run for another 100k.

- Dwight K

great gas mileage and comfortable for travel and great for shopping

i love my mustang great for traveling an good gas mileage I've had it for quite a long time an not much to do to it keep oil changed it has been a wonderful car great for all my needs big enough for all my shopping adventures an grocerys big enough to seat 4 very comfortable in my 2 dogs and rabbit

- tammy o

2007 ford mustang review - great with minor issues.

The performance is great and it is durable as a rack up a lot of miles for my commute. I have had a few maintenance issues after it eclipsed 100,000 miles but nothing major. I have had issues with coolant leaking and with brake fluid leaking. It still drives amazingly and it gets great gas mileage.

- Tyler J

The interesting detail is the convertible.

I had just got the car and there are no problems with it. Its fast and loud and good on the gas. It's a convertible. It has little space. It gets me from point A to point B without no problems. It's a comfortable car to sleep in if you just so happen to fall asleep. It has nice speakers also.

- Rasheed W

2007 Ford mustang gt California special. 5-speed manual transmission. 300 hp.

It has been an extremely reliable vehicle that I have had since buying it new in 2007. With regular maintenance and oil changes, it has never given me any major problems or extremely costly repairs. It is extremely fun to drive and I still enjoy driving it every day even after 11 years.

- Scott E

Amazing brand new car. Highly recommend this car to a single person!

It is a brand new car so no issues and it is amazing. When I bought the car it only had 12 miles on it so it was fresh off the lot and the dealer was so nice and helped me the entire way. The car has touchy brakes and pretty touchy gas but it is a great car. It is small and amazing.

- Haley S

My little pony still has get up and go!

I consider my car to be very dependable. It has held up well and I am excited to still drive a car that looks and feels new when after twelve years of ownership. The interior is a bit worn but the outer appearance and drivability are not too far off from my first year of ownership.

- Miffy J

It is looks super cool and resembles the 1967 fastbacks!

I love my mustang gt! I have had it for 5 years now and it runs like a beauty. Great for beginners with a manual and just powerful enough to get you in trouble. ;) it is reliable with maintaining regular maintenance, changing oil and tires and small things as they come along.

- Christopher D

Awesome Mustang: one of the safest and most fun cars to drive

This is a fun car to drive. It handles like a dream. You do sit low to the ground, and it is a little hard on the lower back, but one of the best cars I have ever owned. Very reliable if you keep your maintenance up to date. Extremely safe in a rear end collision also.

- Susan L

Looks nice. Runs nice. But is not nice.

Has a bad wheel bearing. Has a couple interiors issues. Need new rims and I want to add led lights all around. Get new headlights fix anything else that happens to go wrong. Three rims do not match the one front right side so I have to spend a bunch of money to fix that.

- Albert C

Mustangs 2007 best running cars.

Always been my favorite model I do like that the body make of Mustangs after the year 2007 fast and reliable good with gas haven't had many issues at all with it and would trade it in for anything price is pretty good on them too great for racing and just driving around.

- Rachel D

An awesome vehicle to own!

The car offers a great balance of raw naturally aspirated power and smooth handling. The steering stabilization system that Shelby installed had helped to smooth out handling and control. The only downfall has been I have replaced the tail blinker lights a few times.

- James L

I love ease of putting down the convertible top. The car has great pick up.

My 2007 mustang has been a very reliable vehicle. It has a comfortable interior and the controls are all very user friendly. The performance of this vehicle is exceptional. I have only had minor problems with this car, such as air conditioner compressor replacement.

- Barbara R

Well loved mustang has a few nicks but still drives great.

It is in good shape although it has some cosmetic issues now from wear and tear. I have had brakes replaced as well as the alternator. I cannot use the key in the driver's side door because someone broke into my car and I never got it fixed. I just use the clicker.

- Jordan K

It is a mustang! What's not to love and mod on it despite the mechanical issues.

Mode door actuator to the front vents are broken and usually break frequently, tan cloth seats become dirtier more frequently, tire rotation and alignment are necessary along with frequent oil changes and brake checks, especially brake and rotor check in the front.

- Krystal B

My first car is a mustang

The mustang is very spacious for a two door. The car has a really great speaker system. The car has a V6 and picks up pretty quickly. The only downside is it does not have a remote start and does not go well in the snow. All together though I really like my car.

- Nicole K

This is a great sports vehicle.

Recently purchased my mustang. I have had no issues with it and it runs like a dream. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone interested in a new sporty car. It gets great gas mileage, and the captain sets are cushioned and comfortable for a small sports car.

- Tammy A

2007 Mustang, 2 door, black with a lot of aftermarket parts.

No problems so far, very relaxing, I have aftermarket parts inside & out. I would trust my car to travel anywhere in the world. It is great on gas. Only problem is it is not much room in the back seat. Large trunk! It would be great to have bigger back seats!

- Brooklyn G

Mustangs are really grate on gas very fast cars very beautiful.

I have a 07 Ford mustang gt, I have had this car for about 5 years it really fast, not to bad on gas, it bigger than the older ones so more room inside. Mustangs are just really beautiful cars. If I have to buy a new car it would have to be a new mustang gt.

- Heather O

2007 Ford Mustang gt convertible, a great car for summer driving.

My vehicle has a few mechanical problems but still runs like a dream, even after 150, 000 miles. The seats have been worn down over time and are not the most comfortable to sit in anymore but the smooth ride and growl of the 4. 7l v8 makes it well worth it.

- Michael H

Lots of looks in the drop top.

Thermostat housing is a problem but other than that, the car is very reliable. Gas efficiency is not great but the car has great power and torque. There are no leaks in the convertible top although it is quite slow when raising or lowering the top. Yep.

- Meghan L

It looks good and goes fast. It is a nice ride.

Mustang is a great vehicle it has a nice Audio system and a clean look inside. The design is flawless and the gas mileage is pretty good to be a Ford mustang depending on the model you buy. There is plenty of room for 2 and seats in the back if needed.

- David C

It is probably one of the most reliable mustangs I have owned.

The vehicle has decent power, looks great, and is very reliable. What I do not like about the vehicle is it is limited visibility. I also do not like that it is not very fuel-efficient. In addition it has limited backseat space for passengers.

- Pedro A

This car has the ability to get up and go when needed. When you step on the gas, you can feel the power under the hood.

I don't really have any complaints about it. The gas mileage is better than I would expect from something of a sports car. In keeping up with regular maintenance, it has proven to be very reliable and has lasted longer than I expected.

- Scott H

Best starter car out there right now.

My ford mustang is standard, I had a problem with the slave cylinder, the bushing on the stick went out but besides that is gray. I get crazy has mileage, it moves smoothly, ac works just great, but not for a family vehicle.

- Palmer C

Retro classic style with modern convenience and efficiency.

The styling of both the interior and exterior call to mind the most iconic years of the Mustang. It has all of the appeal of the original retro models with the reliability and efficiency of a modern automobile.

- Derek M

Great car that drives smoothly but lack of space.

Initially I really enjoyed having this car. It looks nice and drives really well. It gets average gas mileage (roughly 15mpg). The only negative to owning this car now is the lack of room for passengers.

- nick R

It's a convertible. Nice interior.

Well my car started off in good condition. It has been through a lot and has made it through many wrecks. It is a great vehicle. If it wasn't for Ford I wouldn't have a vehicle still on the road.

- Kirstyn S

Requires maintenance. Lots of fees if you cannot fix yourself.

Battery replaced more than usual. Replaced belts several times. Brakes are bad and wear easily. I like the looks of my car, it is extraordinary. I wouldn't exactly call it 100% reliable though.

- Miranda F

This car does not have a trunk button within the car so you always need your keys/remote. Also the seatbelt does not have a guide on the seat so it always goes back into the back seat area leaving you to go after it to put it on.

I love my car for how it looks, how it drives and that it is dependable. However I am normally more of a truck or SUV/Crossover type of person so my only dislike is the size, it is too small.

- Chrissy J

Has very excellent motor.

This vehicle has taken me everywhere, long and short trips, and keeps on ticking, I have only had minor repairs done to this vehicle and I plan on keeping her until she can no longer move!

- Geeta M

Get it if you love the mustang brand.

Like sportiness, the way it handles curves. Dislike it because of all of the maintenance. I have had to replace several engine parts that are not required for regular maintenance.

- Miranda C

Bought my vehicle as a daily driver once was a race car.

Slow, transmission, too low, hard to get in and out off, don't like the body style but paid 500 for it. Smells like carbon dioxide poisoning when you have to sit still or idle.

- Stacey M

It runs amazing and is very stylish.

I like how well the car runs after 100,000 miles. I also enjoy the visually stunning appearance of the car. The last thing I love about it is it's overall functionality.

- Jude F

Not safe, don't buy. Find a different car for your safety.

Mustangs are not very reliable, they have many issues, not a safe car. Has had many recalls and I would not refer this car to anyone. Nice looking car but very unsafe.

- Tiffany A

It is super reliable and a pleasure to drive. If they still made Mercury cars I would buy again

My car is a 2007 Mercury Montego but you did not have that as one of the choices. I love my car because it has ran great all these years with very little repair work

- beth m

What's a good reliable car.

Ford mustang very reliable auto with 60, 000 has a hundred and twenty thousand on it now haven't had any problems with it other than changing the water pump housing.

- Robert S

Love my mustang! Classic car

I love my car, not only is it fast but it handles sharp turns nicely and can easily maneuver in traffic due to my amazing turning radius. It can also stop on a dime!

- Leena D

3 valve mustang performance.

Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. Plenty of power and extremely reliable. Running over 400hp on stock internals and I have never had an issue.

- Jacob B

My vehicle a new engine put in.

I love the style of the vehicle. I love the sound it makes, you can tell the car has some power. I love the speed, with the wind in your hair you can go anywhere.

- Jacqueline L

It is fun to drive and a perfect hot weather car. I would recommend for anyone looking for a fun driving experience.

I like that it is sporty. It is a convertible so it is nice in the summer. The trunk is a little small and the backseat is also a little small for taller people.

- Ryan T

It's a great running car. /And I have very little maintenance to do on it

I love my car because it's perfect for me in every way. It's sporty and looks great. Considering it's a sports car the trunk has a ton of space for groceries.

- Karen M

Airbags have a recall on them. Parts are not available for the passenger side.

Love this car. Rides good for a sports car. I have never had a problem with it, I bought it brand new and it still runs like the day I drove it off the lot.

- Leigh H

The expedition is very roomy.

I love that my car is a fast sports car. I also love that it looks amazing. I dislike that it is an older model. I dislike that it is rear wheel drive.

- Amy H

They need to know it has wifi but no CD player.

Its fast, looks good uses reg gas. Convertible love colors great mileage. Just makes me feel good driving it and a lot if people comment on its looks.

- Andrea B

It's fast and it looks good moving and sitting still.

Like power, sound and handling. Gas mileage is good. Rides a little rough but is to be expected in a sports car. Like color, black, and sound system.

- larry M

The convertible feature is most wonderful.

No problems! I love my mustang. It is comfortable and is high performance. It slips a bit in snow, but if you know how to drive, it is no problem.

- Lynn R

It's a rather loud car, which is common for mustangs. It's also important to note that it is manual, not automatic.

I love that it's a manual instead of an automatic. I love the frame of the car. I dislike the air conditioning in the car, I prefer dual climate.

- Nina B

It's very fast and does not have updated technology.

I love how fast and cool it looks. It's an old car but it is still in style. I just do not like how it does not have many technical aspects.

- Dylan B

Shake the wheel if it gets stuck.

I hate the gas mileage. I love the squareness and the body of the car. It is the greatest body of all the mustangs, prior and subsequent.

- Marnie b

It's a really good car. I don't have much to complain about it but due to it being preowned I came with some problems. But like myself I kept up with the maintenance so I'm doing the best I can to keep up with everything it requires

It is a really great car. But I've been having issues with the engine. And the paint started chipping away from the hood, roof and trunk

- Juan F

Performance and good gas mileage.

I have had my mustang for 11 years now and it has been a great car. No major problems with. I will buy another mustang within this year.

- Beverly D

That it is a safe sports car.

It rides smooth. The engine is a beast, and it gets decent gas mileage. Handles well in the snow and rain. It has a nice body and color.

- Rochelle G

It accelerates slowly, you have to give it a lot when trying to get up a hill.

I do not have any complaints at all. I love it when we ride the mustang specially during summer as it is great riding with a top down.

- J G

It is a V6. It does not have the best gas mileage, but it is not bad. Very reliable.

Only ever had it break down once, and it was up and running 10 minutes later. Absolutely love it. Could be faster and have more horse.

- Kayla S

You have to be careful in snow.

With it being rear wheel drive it does not do too well in the elements. The radio it came with also broke and I had to get a new one.

- Derek D

It runs great u would love it as much as I do . really good car new tires replace a lot of parts to make it better

Its gray its a mustang . it work great it a beautiful car. Its drives awesome. I love it but got to get rid of it for a different car

- Felipe R

07 Ford Mustang is a fun drive

Relatively good car. It has over 120,000 miles and there is nothing majorly wrong with the car, it performs well and is fun to drive

- Madeline K

Sporty red color, drives good and more fun than average car.

Normal wear and tear issues for year and mileage. Small interior and very little back seat room. Fun to drive! Over all a good car.

- Michael G

It's not a long term car, it's more of a towncar and I wouldn't recommend taking it on long trips

It is a good car, however it has had recalls on it many times and that is a concern but other than that the car runs pretty well.

- Tiffany A

It has a V6 engine which allows the car to accelerate at a much quicker rate.

I like my vehicle's color. It can go pretty fast on the highway which is a perk. I wish that the backseat was a little bigger.

- John S

Good is good gas mileage vehicle

My mustang has been a good car good on gas and sporty and color is silver but paint is peeling a lot and needs a paint job

- Debbie T

My car is modeled after the '68 and '69 mustangs. Every detail about it is retro.

I rarely have any problems with it and it drives very smoothly. The cloth seats are very comfortable and good for my back.

- Lacie C

Be careful driving it in the rain in a vehicle like it. It is easy to lose control

Love the look. Hate the gas mileage. Hate the way it drives in the rain, no grip. Love the safety, always keeps me safe

- Brooklin L

That I treat my car like a family member, keep it cleaned and spruced up

I like that I have a standard shift, 5 speed, and I really like that I have all wheel drive.. I dislike the color of it

- Carrie D

The name mustang says it all, !!@!@.

I love everything about it. Gas mileage and looks. Fun to drive. Front seat is very room for legs and car looks good.

- Ann D

That it can go very fast if you're not used to that kind of power.

I like it because it is fast. I like it because it is America made. I like it because it came in the color I wanted.

- Josue Q

Its reliable and fun to drive!

I love how fast it drives. It drives great, very comfortable and stylish, but I do not like that it drinks gas.

- Rebecca W

That it is safe. It is a big car and easy to handle in traffic and highway.

Like. Fun to drive, sporty, classic style.. Dislike. Not comfortable for long trips hard to get in and out.

- Mike G

Review on 2007 mustang sport car.

Super comfortable and very reliable car and looks super cute and great on gas. Definitely not a family car!

- Amber G

It is dependable and gets excellent gas mileage.

The size, color, and gas mileage. 6 cylinder. Powerful. Rides smooth. Classic. Never goes out of style.

- Cynthia E

I would have to say that the most important thing to know about my car is that it is fast.

It is fast. It has great acceleration. I don't like it's fuel economy at all. Not enough space inside.

- Jakwan W

it's a v8 and a sports car, so it can move pretty quickly for being a mustang

quality car with decent gas mileage. gets me from point a to point b, which is all i need currently.

- jay r

Great gas mileage, which makes traveling super efficient

It's been a great car. Love the reliability. Dislike the body rust it's starting to get

- Amanda L

It looks like a muscle car, but it's motor is not bigger than normal.

I like that it is a convertible. It drives great and has good gas mileage.

- Tyler M

It is not a good car in the snow. Put weight in the trunk and good tires if you drive it in the winter.

It sucks in the snow. But I like it otherwise. It has been very reliable.

- Jame D

best american muscle car to buy. looks fun and sporty

i have no complaints. i do wish it was a v8 engine. It's fun and sporty.

- jessica b

It is a gas hog but so much fun to drive. Takes curves and out performs most cars on the road. Pure fun to drive but watch for the cops

Mustangs are the coolest cars. It has the power and great handling

- Kathy K

good running car and not many repairs

it is a fast moving car and is convertible, it is too high on gas

- Denis h

Sits low to the ground and is a challenge to get in if you're over 5 foot 4.

Terrible in bad conditions. Sporty fun to drive. Very reliable.

- Rebecca G

Really nice to ride & really nice to drive...

Mustang GT, awesome car to drive... 0 to 60, really quick...

- bob t

It isn't expensive, but still works well and is fun

It is fun to drive, sporty, makes it enjoyable to go places

- Nate M

It's mine I love it nothing can replace it it's too precious

The car is fun. The car is fast., but the car is small.

- Jonah W

Most people do not realize how great of gas mileage it gets.

Fun to drive. Gets great gas mileage. no complaints

- ann d