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Love my truck! It is perfect for me and everything I need.

I love my truck. It drives and handles amazingly and so far have not had many issues with it. As with age some things have needed to be replaced on it like seals and valves. Turns nicely and gets up to speed fairly quickly. Have driven it all over town and out of town to California and Vegas and back and no issues at all. Gets good gas mileage for being a truck. Nice size gas tank that can be a bit costly to fill up but does last awhile depending on if you floor it or not lol. Fits 2-3 people nicely in the front but can be a bit tight depending on the size(height) of the passengers. I have added a full size locked toolbox in my truck bed and that has not affected my gas mileage much at all and that is where I put my groceries when I go shopping if I have a passenger with me so that we still have room in the cab for their legs. It also does towing beautifully and can hardly tell when you are towing anything. Gas mileage does not go down too much when towing either. All in all I love my truck and would highly recommend it to others.

- Stephanie A

Rangers are a great daily driver if in need of a small truck

Reliability with these older generation trucks is not even a question! They run fantastic! I replace parts when it calls for them, I used to be a mechanic. They are not the quietest machine but they do drive nice it's semi comfortable could use more ergo seats but it is an older truck and doesn't bother me too much, spark plugs are a hassle and cost a penny or two to get done labor is a bummer, but suspension is tough and so is the trans and motor, mine is manual and I like manual vehicles more than auto, less parts to break... overall I give my truck a 4/5 due to fuel economy being a little lower than I wish but it is not horrible, great truck!

- Andrew C

Not a bad truck, at all, for what it is!

The inside of the cab is reasonably comfortable. It is a good height, perfect for plowing, and a pretty tenacious little truck, but there have been some performance issues. Had to replace the starter even though it does not have many miles on it, needed a new fuel pump after not long at all. Most of the things were easy fixes but a little pricier. That being said, we live in the northern area of new Hampshire and have never had an issue with it being unreliable in the cold weather or snow. It is got good steering and good heating, and for what it is, is not bad on gas either. We have a small snow plow hooked to the front of it.

- Danielle S

Ford Ranger that has never been in a garage!

I truly love my Ford Ranger! It's an extended cab, automatic with cruise control. This vehicle has lived outside since the day my family brought it home and has held up very well. Last year was the first time that I ever had a flat tire with this vehicle and it was exceptionally easy to change on the truck versus cars I had previously driven. My only concerns have come with the paint peeling from the hood and the rubberized black coating on the truck bed is wearing thin. Otherwise, anytime I need replace parts it is easy to 'diy' or of low cost to have done professionally.

- Sarah L

The most recent generation of the Ford Ranger was produced from 2001 through 2011 and typically came in four different flavors: XL, XLT, Sport, and the off-road-oriented FX4.

Older Rangers aren't quite as out of date compared to competitors of similar age. And given its wide choice of trim styles and lower pricing than comparable Japanese rivals, a well-maintained late-model Ford Ranger could be a good choice for a used pickup, provided you don't need a lot of passenger capacity or horsepower. But if you're looking for a relatively new used compact or midsize pickup, the Ford Ranger pales in comparison to other trucks with their more powerful engines, roomier crew-cab body styles and greater overall refinement

- Harlene M

I think the ford ranger is a great starter truck

With a regular cab on a ford ranger there is limited space in the back seat. They have two jump seats in the back but only small kids are really able to fit. I do like that it is 4wd and am able to get around in the snow just fine in the winter. The load capacity is just fine as well. I have hauled lots of rock before with no problem. Probably not the best truck to be pulling anything though such as a boat or loaded trailer.

- Patrick F

Top quality mid-size truck.

This is the third Ford ranger I have owned, all have had the 3. 0l v6 motor. When it comes to reliability, strong power and fuel efficiency this truck and motor are the perfect combination. As a daily driver I have never been stranded on the side of the road while having good towing/hauling capabilities for a mid-size truck. The only downfall I have is that mine does not have rear suicide doors for the extended cab.

- Justin R

Great first car! Good for beginners. Not a heavy duty truck. reliable.

This car is my first car, and I love it. It's a little small in the bed of the truck, but everything fits as long as you strap it down well. The car doesn't go very fast, but for a first car, I think that's a good thing. It drives well, and as long as you take good care of it, the car should last a while. I bought it about three years ago with 100,000 miles already on it and couldn't be happier. A great car.

- Lena C

The amazing Ford ranger with great gas mileage.

I love this little truck! It seems that in the current market only great big trucks are for sale. I have driven this ranger from Texas to the east coast. It survived and thrived in an east coast winter. I then drove it to the west coast and back. The hvac works wonders in this little cab. The only damage is on the hood from a year in west Texas; lots of sandstorms buffed the clear coat away, but that is it.

- Sarah L

Great for do it yourselfers.

It is a great truck. It has two issued. One, when using the air conditioning the motor surges as the compressor kicks in and out. Two, the check engine light comes on when the gas tank gets below half a tank. Because it is a basic model truck repairs are easy to do myself and because it is older, parts are less expensive when purchased online. The auto parts stores are double the price for most parts.

- Peggy H

Simple and small truck with a queen size bed.

It is my first vehicle ever. I got this truck when I was learning how to drive and have had it ever since. For eight years this truck has been my only means of transportation. Never broke down and has decent miles. I have driven it across states and in mountain terrain. The only thing I have ever had problems with is that it's not great on snowy roads unless the bed of the truck is full.

- Misty B

The most important thing I would like people to know that the Ford Ranger has been a very dependable truck.

I bought my Ford Ranger new in 2002. Since then I have had very little issues with it. The best feature is this vehicle has been very low maintenance. My truck has almost 300,000 miles on it and have had no major issues. The only problems I have had is that the wheel alignment does go out frequently if not kept up with. Comfortable seating and wide visibility is also a plus.

- Leslie C

Very reliable and fun and easy to drive

I love my Ford ranger. It has a simple, basic design, but is very reliable and trustworthy. In spite of its age I have had no major problems with it and have had it for several years now. I would highly recommend and older model ranger. I'm unfamiliar at this point with the 2019 rangers. The only thing I would change is the gas mileage. It's not the greatest.

- Julia S

Ford Ranger Review, June 2019

It beeps randomly, apparently a lot of 2003 ford rangers do this. The air vent whistles a bit. Other than that it's a very reliable car. Two jump seats in the back and a three person bench seat in the front. I've been driving it for almost four years and it still runs well, gas bill never gets too crazy, typically never more than $50 to fill the tank

- May R

The sound system in the ford ranger 'tremor'.. The giant bass speaker.

Pros: very good on gas mileage. Ac and heater have always worked great. Smoothe riding for its size. Cons: very limited on interior space... The tremor is an extended cab, but you really cannot store anything in the extended cab because it has a massive speaker that fills the area.. Speciality vehicle that was built and known for its radio package..

- Wesley H

Ford rangers are dependable.

I really enjoy the utility of having a truck. It is a manual transmission which is very fun to drive. It has low mileage but I have heard of these trucks making it upwards of 300k miles. I look forward to driving it for a long time. One thing I am worried about though is that is it having trouble starting on the first try,

- Michael G

It drives smoothly and looks good

I currently have no a/c. Performance is great. The truck is super reliable. Comfort is super nice. Power windows. Power locks. Extended cab with bucket seats. Automatic transmission. Gas mileage for city is 18 mpg and 22 mpg Hwy. truck liner. No problems in terms of use, only had to replace the water thermostat this far

- Sam A

Ranger Ford pickup older models late 1990 through 2003.

Dependable automatic 4WD truck. Good gas mileage, easy to maneuver, comfortable ride. Only downside, the ignition does not offer auxiliary if your are stopped and just want to hear radio. This is a xlt model. Would recommend this truck and looking forward to the return of the ranger model which includes crew cab.

- Carla Y

Ford Ranger Bed carries beach/soccer item everyday.

Problems did not start until 80,000 miles. For the next five years I replaced brakes, tires, radiator and major tune up. I now have driven 144,000 miles. Changed my oil and filters every three thousand miles since it was new. The exterior paint shines like a new red truck. I will buy another Ford Ranger Edge.

- Jan G

2003 Ford ranger is a reliable good driving vehicle.

Does not do well in inclement weather other than that the reliability, comfort, are good and the features are basic. Load carrying is good and towing is good. Engine is good and maintenance easy. Suspension is strong and ride is smooth and easy. Corning is good and does real good on fuel efficiency.

- Norman T

Love my truck it's awesome!

I love my Ford ranger it handles really well gets good gas mileage it's also very cute I get lots if complements on it. I bought the truck to use for getting hay and supplies as I am redoing a house it was going to be just used occasionally but I like it so much that I use it as my primary vehicle.

- Pam J J

Good for inclement weather and for using in off road conditions

small 4 wheel drive. 4.0 auto. has decent acceleration, likes gasoline, poor fuel mileage. small enough for my wife to drive in comfort. handy for hauling small to med. loads. Good to have in snowy or off road conditions. Extended cab which makes it handy to carry groceries and things in the dry.

- Melvin R

The perks and cons of having a ford ranger

The ford ranger is a great pick up truck reliable, some issues with electrical dash and fragile knobs but it's a great tool for everyday use! The bed is great for moving tools, furniture, building materials, and sports equipment. Only issue with this truck would have to be shorts with fuses

- Jacob R

Best Truck I ever owned. Love the edge package and the way it sits.

driven over 100,000 miles no major problems. I do all my oil changes at 5000 miles and I have had to put new front brakes on. Also change the struts both left and right. That and replace tires 2 times that is it. Runs great and good mileage. It is a very smooth ride and very good handling.

- John D

I get a lot of compliments on my little red truck.

Love my truck gets good gas mileage handles well it very comfortable I have had it almost a year and it has been very reliable it handles well in the rain on wet roads. I have no had any problems with it since I purchased it. I would not hesitate to purchase another one in the future.

- Pam J

2003 Ford ranger is a great little truck that gets the job done.

This vehicle is almost mint condition, minor scratches and dents in some places, it has manual windows and locks, new speakers there is a visible subwoofer in rear passenger door. Brand new goodyear tires, new suspension and new spring shackles this vehicle has 200, 000 miles on it.

- Mason A

It�s a gem and has lasted me 16 years and still drives like new.

First gear sticks but other than that it's perfect. Lasted me since 2003 and it has wonderful gas mileage. Paint job has held up but buttons on the interior have worn out. I did replace the radio and ac still works wonders. Can't tow large weights but handles great on rough roads.

- Lindsey W

Reliable, sturdy truck with good gas mileage.

I like the fact that it's easy to get in and out of. It gets good fuel mileage. It's a sturdy vehicle and I use it when I go exploring on back roads. It's also neat because I have a small camper shell that I use when I want to go camping. It's the perfect size vehicle for me!

- Susan K

Nice truck and very Comfortable.

No problems with the truck. Just a couple maintenance fixed some brake change and oil change but no big issues with the truck. Love the truck so far. Probably will kept the truck until it finally break down for good. And kept on driving. Again no major problems with the truck.

- Ron T

Reliable Ford ranger, they no longer make this style of car!

This car runs well and is in good condition but has had recent issues with timing belts and it's suspension. This car is very comfortable and easy to drive, as well as very convenient for moving. It currently has a working AC and an amazing heater for the colder weather

- Katie A

The pros and cons of a 2003 Ford ranger.

Have had this vehicle for 10 years and it is been dependable. No problem with it at all. The only problems I have had have been electrical with the interior light but it was a quick and easy fix. I would recommend this vehicle but I would like to see it a little larger.

- Sherry M

Ford ranger with 60,000 miles 5 speed bucket seats never had a problem with it

With the Ford Ranger the cab is a little small it and the seats are not the most comfortable. There are no special features. Ranger has a small engine so it is slow and it doesn't have any power to pull anything. Reliability is great never had anything to go out on it

- Matt B

My Ford ranger's pros and cons

My truck has oil leaks and needs brake work soon. Other than the front brakes and rear main seal, it's the best truck to have. Always starts, never has left me stranded. It's the 4.0 so it's a pretty solid truck with 4x4. The only thing I would change are the seats.

- Shane C

Full-size capability's in a compact size. Good gas mileage, and looks good on the exterior

Love my truck. Very reliable. Gives the capability of a full size truck, with the compact size. The interior has a little left to be desired as far as aesthetics, but is comfortable enough. Small things break here and there but no more than any other car.

- Shaun F

What's better reliability or comfort?

For the basic version, it's reliable. But, for me, it's very uncomfortable to drive. And the windows are manual, which is a mistake I will hope to not make again. It has very low mileage which is what attracted me to it, and has held it's value quite well.

- Stacey G

I going to have a fundraiser to burn it & bury it being a good trunk for me.

It is old got 3hundred thousand miles on it oil leak water pump going out, front end need lots of work brushed aliment, smoke use oil, seat got hole in the them drive like a tank. Paint job need bad let tire all 4 need to be replaced grab new car I wish.

- Jeffrey S

Reliable small pickup truck

Very reliable small pickup truck. My XLT model has automatic trans, air conditioning, power steering and brakes. Electronic door locks with fob. My vehicle has been equipped with a Viper alarm system with remote start. Runs well even after 105,000 miles.

- David W

Ford Ranger is a very safe and dependable truck and is also very comfortable to ride in.

I love my truck because my nieces love to ride in it with me, it's got a bed cover and it's a neutral color. No complaints no dislikes. It's got tinted windows and a soft bed cover. And it's also a manual transmission which I also like in a vehicle.

- Andrew M

Great little pickup truck, mpg could be better.

It has the 6cyllander 4. 0 engine. Runs great, however it has just hit 100k miles on it. Just replaced both the oxygen sensors, now the air condition compressor went out. Other than that on only gets 20 mpg but is dependable runs good.

- Jeffery J

It's steady and reliable but doesn't accelerate well.

It's my Dad's red truck and my Dad just passed away. I've been the main driver of it for the last 9 years. It has had a few issues but seems pretty reliable considering its age. It handles well but doesn't have great acceleration.

- Tim T

My truck has been quite reliable. Its had a couple of minor problems that were easy to fix and parts weren't expensive.

I find my vehicle comfortable and enjoyable to drive. It has good power for my needs. One thing I don't like is the suicide rear doors it makes loading groceries in the back a little difficult, but still better than no doors.

- Todd G

Small but heavy duty truck that can tow and still gets good gas mileage.

It's a truck so that already lets you know problems persist. Suspension very noisy and many oil leaks and rear differential leaks. Truck has been reliable for years but at 250,00 its finally starting to have soo many issues.

- Tim W

Good Gas Mileage in a Truck

I have the standard cab version and if I could do it over I would have gotten the extended cab. I have been able to haul what I have needed and I have gotten fairly good gas mileage. It is a good size to drive around.

- Jim K

The Ford Ranger is the most dependable compact dual cab truck I've ever owned.

My truck is a compact dual cab that I've had for over 11 years and has never given me any trouble. It's been a good vehicle with a good gas mileage and is very dependable. I'd recommend the Ford Ranger to anyone.

- Bonnie W

Its reliable. All my friends newer cars break down and mine just keeps on running.

My vehicle is a little older, which makes it not have some of the features of a newer car. However, it's fairly computerized so I can replace parts on it easier than I would be able to on a newer model.

- Regi L

It is long lasting and dependable.

It has been exactly what I want and need for the past 8 years. It is getting old and I no longer need a truck but I am happy that Ford is once more making rangers it ever I need the option again.

- David K

It handles very well in various weather conditions.

I like the gas mileage. It's a perfect size. I got into an accident when it was only a year old and it saved my life. Not only that, it has had zero problems since the accident. No complaints.

- Ashley E

It is easy to drive and has a good turning radius

I like my ford ranger because I have sight problems and my Ranger is mostly windows so I can see around me better. i do wish it fit more people.I like that it is still running with low mileage

- Rosalind H

It's the only vehicle I've driven.

Runs great. Gets you where you have to go. Not the best looking truck but that doesn't bother me. Air condition works great. Wish there was more room in the back, that is my only complaint.

- Grady C

It is good on gas. I can drive all week on a tank.

I love my Ford ranger because it is small. It is very good on gas. It was a gift from my sister. I can drive all week on a tank of gas. All my friends say they would like to have one also.

- Linda J

Driving in a small truck gives you a much better view of the road and time to react to the road around you.

My Ford Ranger is a perfect all-around starter vehicle. If you need to haul a small trailer, a large amount of goods from the store, or just make short trips - it will be reliable.

- Michael E

Good truck, good mileage, just has issues with the fan belt. And you may need to get your brakes re-done once a year.

Has had serious fan belt problems, and the brake drums have been replaced twice. Air conditioning went out about a year ago, and the stereo doesn't come with auxiliary input

- Cole N

It is easy for a mechanic to work on and parts are usually readily available.

I like being able to haul things and it is good on gas mileage. I dislike that it is a manual transmission and the clutch is not adjustable because it is hydraulic.

- Patti L

A dependable small class truck.

It has taken 15 years to replace the last of the factory parts. That is a testament to the durability of this truck. I only wish that the bed were a little longer.

- Steven A

The split bed cover is very practical as I do not have to remove the entire cover if hauling something tall.

I have never had any problems all the years I have had it. Good road handling and very reliable.Side running boards and a heavy duty bed cover complete it.

- Joe K

Pretty reliable... for the most part.

Like that It's a small truck that i can haul stuff to and from. Dislike that It's not very good on gas but this could be because It's so old maybe.

- richard B

It gets me where to go. It's a small truck. It's economical.

Compared to all the big heavy duty trucks they make now, it's a small truck that's good for light hauling and economical on gas for a older truck.

- Alvin M

It has never been in a wreck.

I liked the price when I bought it 15 years ago. It got good gas mileage and was durable. I have had a few manufacturer defects over the years.

- Marvin B

There is a real inconvenience without having electric locks and windows.

No electric locks or windows, small, gas mileage not good, not real comfortable, pretty tight inside no room to move, parts are very expensive,

- Duane R

I like driving it and it fits me perfect.

It is reliable, easy to drive, smaller version of a truck. Dislike the gas mileage, can easily be flipped, and can be rough drive.

- Lex K

My truck has Bluetooth which most 2003 trucks do not have.

I like that my truck is a truck. I dislike how it is so small. I like how it is lifted up. I hate that I can only fit four people.

- Nicole C

It was a great purchase and has been well worth the money spent on it.

I love the good gas mileage! The truck has been very reliable in the 5 years I have owned it. Only downside is the shorter bed.

- Amanda L

It is reliable and lasts for a long time.

Runs good, does not usually have problems. Rides good, comfortable seats, good heating and cooling. Only hold 2-3 people though.

- Amy A

It is a good truck. I'd recommend them.

It is been a great little truck. I have had a few issues with motor but that is age. I am holding on to it for a few more years.

- Travis J

Mileage is perfect for me and comfort in driving suits best.

Perfect performance. Suitable engine I guess for my trips to work and all. I can rely on it anytime and anywhere I wanted to go.

- David G

It is in good condition.

It is very dependable. There is nothing I dislike about it it. It Gets good gas mileage and maintenance does not cost too much.

- Mike R

The car is a hatchback and it is very roomy. When the seats are folded down.

I like the savings on gas mileage. don't care to much for manual transmission and single cab. The engine size is good as well.

- Carlos F

body of the truck has lasted through many years.. no rust except for the running boards.

Vehicle is a great little truck.. not too big but big enough to move loads of stuff. truck is in great shape for the year.

- Donna M

it can carry so much more stuff than a lot of other vehicles

i love that It's a truck because i can put tools and so much more in it the only thing i dislike is that It's a standard

- christina m

A pick up truck that hauls anything you need hauled.

It shakes and it's never been comfortable. It gets us to where we are going, but I wonder how much longer it can last.

- Steve T

4 doors are great, makes it easy to load things and unload things without having to move seats around

great mid size, having 4 doors is really helpful, 4 wheel drive always great, size of the bed makes for hauling easy

- Stephanie h

All around great vehicle good for beginners or veterans

I have rarely had problems. Mostly front end wheel bearings and struts performance is great reliable everyday driver

- Stephen G

Runs well with a 4.0l engine and has plenty of power for towing and hauling

Great vehicle that has lasted me a long time. Clutch throwout bearing is poor quality but that is my only complaint

- George C

They are definitely top heavy.

My truck has been very reliable, and I bought it used from a dealer. It runs amazing. I really have no complaints.

- Susan B

Belonged to my dad, he wanted me to have it.

It belong to my late father. Reminds me of him. But makes me miss him. Wish it was straight drive, not automatic.

- Steve W

Gas economy on these trucks is awesome.

Love the gas mileage. Hate the lack of space in the truck bed. Love the flip down seats in the backseat of cab.

- Amber L

It is a truck no big deal

Just truck nothing special something to get me around town. I will be glad to get rid of it and back to a car

- Pam C

Not good for big families.

This truck is really reliable for first time drivers, good on gas mileage sits five people but really tight.

- Raquel G

Rusty but for the most part trusty

Starting to have things fall apart so it is very frustrating. But love the power it has for being a toy

- John S

They last for a long time.

My truck has 250, 000 miles on it and is still my daily driver. Still rungs good and is very dependable.

- Lauren D

4 wheel drive I need where I live

its 4 wheel drive I have no problems with it the reliability of it is great the comfort of it is great

- Robert F

Ford ranger extended cab.

Good truck. Very reliable and comfortable. Very sporty with decent pickup with the four liter motor

- Jason D

I would buy another Ford Ranger because it is well built

Small truck, 4x4 when needed, can haul or pull trailer, only have to repair normal wear & tear

- Deborah L

It has a few blind spots. It is more expensive to maintain than a car.

It is very useful for moving things. Helps with everyday needs. Great in bad weather.

- Terri M

It has low mileage on it and has a great sound system

it has low mileage, it has a clean interior. It is fun to drive. I have no complaints

- Rosalind c

It is great on gas,And it is nice looking and I love the truck

I have know complaints, I love my truck, it is good on gas, and has lots of room.

- Theresa C

Overall it's a very Reliable vehicle. Most would enjoy this truck

Good on gas. Perfect size. Reliable. Dislike how old it is and that's about it.

- Richard P

That it has been reliable .

I like that this vehicle has been dependable and gets good gas mileage .

- jum w

Dependable and pretty good gas mileage for 4 wheel drive

Love the 4 wheel drive. Like that it sits high. Don't like no back seat

- Cindy R

Great gas mileage. Air Conditioned.

No complaints. No dislikes. Reliable. Dependable.

- Mark B

Small pickup is nice to have.

It is getting older and would like to upgrade.

- James w