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2005 Ford Ranger—Little but Adaptable

Standard cab 2005 Ford Ranger—It drives easily, works well as a small farm truck pulling small trailers. We can load goats or dogs safely, and can haul 10 hay bales or upwards of 800 lbs of feed with ease. Our tires have occasional trouble during extreme weather fluctuation, although that is a solvable problem. We will rarely have an oddity with the engine or check lights, but nearing 200k miles it's still functioning very well. My only complaint is I wish we had the extended cab!

- Karma B

I love that it is a manual transmission.

My Ford Ranger is a manual transmission, with manual windows and locks. It comes with driver side and passenger side airbags. The interior has bucket seating. There have been little problems in the 2 years I have owned it. Those were all cosmetic or lighting issues. The truck runs well, is very reliable, and if you don't need a lot of room, and want a stable vehicle, the Ranger is a good choice.

- Katrina N

Ranger pickup: handy for light hauling.

I have difficulty getting into the cab due to it is height and you physical disability. My husband does all of the driving and this is usually his vehicle of choice, due to the ability to haul things with it. The bed is regular length and has a liner and metal cap with side windows that give you access to the truck bed.

- Nancy B

It is a reliable small pickup.

My truck is really reliable, and it has well over 100, 000 miles on it. I have only has brake issues with it, but those were easy fixes, as they were regular wear and tear. My truck has is a very basic model, and it has roll-up windows. Overall it is a comfortable, reliable truck, and it hauls things pretty well.

- Kate B

Very dependable daily driver.

I have had this truck for 13 years with minimal problems - the most I have had to do is replace some components in the rear-end of the truck. We use this truck to do everything, shopping, riding the beach, day to day use. It has maintained its reliability very well over the past 13 years.

- Chelsea F

Small but spacious couple gallons of gas lasts forever.

Very reliable. Good on gas and dependable usually cheap repairs and love the room for small truck. This is the 2nd ranger I've owned and not my last. I've had to replace normal things like brakes and tires but nothing major on it. Definitely good vehicle for trips smooth ride.

- Stacy J

One bad Mustang GT with accessories and custom wheels and tires.

I love my 2005 Ford Mustang GT and looking forward to buying a 2019 Ford Mustang GT with custom assessor he‘s with custom mags wheels and tires I am great transmissions and I had a supercharger and computer chip and headers Custom lights and lamps what special license plate.

- Terry U

Ford rangers are great!:).

Would prefer it had modern features like Audio hook up for connecting to phone. As is, only has CD player and radio. I have also gotten a recall notice regarding this model which I have yet to follow up on. This model apparently has issues with the drivers side airbag.

- Laura P

Happy Ford off-road ranger owner.

I bought the vehicle new and have 145000 miles in it. The only problem I have had is replacement of my alternator. Everything else was routine maintenance. I have used the vehicle off-road numerous times. Never used it for towing. Overall very happy with the vehicle.

- Richard P

It is very dependable and has a long history of excellence.

It has room to carry things. The cab is smaller than a car so it heats and cools quickly. It is height makes it difficult to get into. A truck is not very formal or elegant for those times you want to “dress up”. A truck rides harder, bumpier than a passenger car.

- Nancy B

Comfortable, reliable and fun to ride. I would highly recommend a ford ranger.

I love how it rides. It has been VERY reliable. It has had only one small mechanical problem in the last two years. It is comfortable, except for the small back (extended cab) seats which are not comfortable, but that extra area is nice for storage.

- Mary R

Great gas mileage, comfortable seating, very roomy, dependable for commutes.

My ranger is very reliable due to maintenance and care but there is a recall on my Ford ranger airbags. The truck is very dependable and easy to drive but cons are it is instability in snowy conditions. Great gas mileage, I love it.

- Cody S

It gets me from point A to Point B and is reliable.

It is a 2005 with less than 70,000 miles on it. It's small but still 4 wheel drive to hall lumber and big purchases. It gets better gas mileage than bigger trucks and still offers a little room for storage.

- Courtland D

Ford Ranger - Best small truck.

I have been driving my Ford daily since I purchased it in 2004. I have had no major breakdowns and only regular maintenances has been needed to be done. I have over 112000 miles and would recommend Ford.

- Jefferson B

That it is a good all around utility truck esp my SuperCab with the extra area behind the seats. Access to that space is good on the passenger side, but not on the drivers side.

I purchased it new 13 1/2 years ago and 50,250 miles and the only problem I have had in all that time is one flat tire due to a nail. My only dislike is that I wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Carl C

It fits my lifestyle and my families so we can haul large loads of gardening supplies too.

I like my Ranger because I can buy lots of things that an ordinary vehicle couldn't. I like that it can be used as a car and a truck. I like the size of it too, just right for me and my family.

- Beverly H

Might be a small compact truck but it is just as strong as a full size truck.

Small compact with strong motor. Love the 4 wheel drive and extended cab. I wish it had a 3rd door and seats in the cab. Gas mileage could be better otherwise no complaints. Very reliable truck.

- Mario Z

Black truck, extended bed, limo tinted windows, leather seats, 4.0l engine.

Reliable, all issues are from age of truck. There was a recall on the airbags but was taken care of quickly. Got into an accident in it, front bumped slightly messed up but held together.

- Breanna H

It has great gas mileage and is easy to take care of.

Love that it is a 4 cylinder and it's good on gas. It's small and I like that as well. No complaints really just my daughter wrecked it and it's not is a good a shape as it was.

- Gail B

It is only a 2 seater, even though it is an extended cab.

I like the size as a daily driver. The truck is also reliable. It does well in the snow. It was also fairly cheap. My dislikes are how new it is, and the fuel economy.

- Jacob D




Transmission issues. Stuck with a lemon.

Car part of recall due to transmission issue. While class action lawsuit file no benefits provided to myself. Now stuck with car that has transmission issues.

- Alice A

Great little truck with lots of space in the bed.

Truck is great. No major issues. It makes wide turns, which can be frustrating at times. But otherwise, it had always handled great and been great on gas.

- Michael L

It's a good all around truck and has been dependable for many years.

It's useful and can carry a lot of cargo for a smaller truck. It handles well in bad weather. But it doesn't have as much leg room as I would like.

- Ae V

It suits me. It is the most fun car to drive I have ever owned

It is small enough to park easily, the bed of the pickup is very useful, and it is tall enough for me to see well at intersections

- Terri S

I like the gas mileage. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have 4x4. I also like the color.

What's the most important thing others should know about my car? Well basically it's badass and anyone would be lucky to have it.

- Jordan H

Review of the ford that I drive

The front end has some issues but other than that it has been good to me. fun to drive. Wish it got better gas mileage tho

- Sarah S

2005 Ford Ranger is a reliable vehicle

Easy to drive, reliable, comfortable to ride in. Easy maintenance, good gas mileage. Would be willing to purchase another

- Annette W

It is a small compact truck that has a 4 cylinder motor which is great on gas.

It rides smooth built tough and gets the job done. The seats are comfortable and it has all the features a vehicle needs.

- Troy K

Nice ride. Good on gas. Easy to handle.

Like it. Easy to drive. Extra space. Nice color. Great CD. Easy to park. Great tires. Good on gas. Quiet. Smooth.

- Rita F

Overall a good car, keep it well maintained and it should last.

It does what it is supposed to for me. I got it used with 70000 miles and I am over 125000 now without issues.

- Ron J

2005 Ford Ranger Black Color

Reliability on long trips around the states that I visit. Good gas mileage and burning oil at this time.

- Richard M

Always check the condition of the frame of the vehicle.

Very reliable. Easy to fix any issues and easy to find parts. Has frame issues but is replaceable.

- Robert C

It is good for driving around town and hauling smaller items.

I like having a truck for the height off the ground, but wish I had more internal storage space.

- James M

It's got a tricky tailgate.

I like the higher ride and 4 wheel drive for MN winters. Dislike turning radius.

- Dan C

The AC works great. It has not been touched from new.

Not quite as big as I am coming to need. My next truck will be a crew cab.

- Michael L

How fun it is to drive. Gets good gas mileage.

I love the smooth ride and how easy she is to drive. Not dislikes

- Brian s

It a good car that has lasted me 10 years. I has been a good car.

Well it's old but still runs and might need to replace it soon.

- Leticia M

it's on the airbag recall list so I have to take it in to the dealership for replacement

Never lets me down, has good pep, has high ground clearance

- Tammy D

Ford ranger... Ok: a not very expensive vehicle.

- Seth M