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Dependable and expendable.

My Ford ranger is the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. My ranger has an amazing miles per gallon ratio and does great just about everywhere. The only issue is, my ranger is a little small. I wish I had a larger truck. That, and my ranger is a rear, two wheel drive, manual truck. You could imagine how bad that is in the winter. Normally, I just stick wood in the back to keep it weighed down. It is not too heavy in features, manual windows, manual seats. I like having a simple vehicle. It is a little cramped inside, so anyone could picture how three people fitting inside one of these things feels, especially when you have a shifter in the middle.

- Tyler S

My truck, an amazing Ford ranger.

My Ford ranger is fun to drive and so reliable! 80, 000 miles in and it still drives just as well as it did with very few miles on it. I get a lot of compliments on my beautiful grey Ford ranger. I am very happy and have had no major problems in the myriad years this car has been around. I inherited the ranger from my dad, so it is a very special car to me. I know my dad is always with me in my truck, making sure I am safe and enjoying the ride!

- Melody A

My little Ford ranger. Good on gas,, and a nice little truck!

My Ford ranger is really good on gas she goes a long way on a tank of gas, I really have had very little problems with my truck since I've bought it, except for the recall they have on the air bags and they are replacing free of charge so far I have had one replaced I still need to get the other one done other than that my truck seems to be wearing well she has 168, 000 miles on her and she is still kicking it!

- Brenda C

Rangers rock! Solid and dependable for me.

This is my 3rd ranger. Compact enough for good fuel economy, large enough to haul what I need to haul. My next ranger will have power windows and cruise control. Other than that, I wouldn't much at all with this reliable workhorse. My 1st ranger was purchased brand new and I sold it after driving over 267, 000 miles with nothing other than routine service, and it was still going strong!

- Dominick R

Drive an amazing Ford ranger.

I like the smaller truck for driving and can still haul things in the bed. It goes great in snow storms. The seats could be more comfortable and I wish that I had an extended cab so that more than 2 people could go at one time. There is a small amount of space behind the seat for placing some items. I like driving the truck over a car because I like being a little higher off the ground.

- Beverly B

The interesting detail is the double cab it fits for two more people.

Well our truck runs beautiful it's very smooth riding great on gas and it has lots of room in front and the back seat, we double cab I love this truck the tires were not expensive great big window in the back sliding window in the back its blue the bed has a plastic insert so it helps to keep it from scratching.

- Jessica B

It is a truck, a great truck.

I bought a used truck a couple of weeks ago and I love it so far so good, it seems reliable and solid. It runs good for his age and it's the type of car that maybe is not fast enough but you know that will run a long way. Also, it has power locks and windows and an incredible audio system.

- Sebastian S

Small truck with decent power.

It is a great reliable vehicle. Have never had any major problems with it. Just standard brakes, tires, oil changes, etc.. For only being a 4 cylinder it can hold its own. It pulls way more than it really should. It is only a single cab and wish I had gotten an extended cab or a door.

- Chris W

Best pickup I have ever owned.

Very reliable. 4x4 works great in the winter months. No mechanical problems, 21 miles per gallon. Comfortable seats, has a great stereo. Excellent resale value and being a small pickup is in high demand. I receive offers all the time. My next vehicle will be a new ranger.

- allen B

Compatible with a camper top.

My vehicle is awesome. I drove from South Carolina to California and back with zero problems. Sure, I have the regular maintenance issues that comes with any car though. In the past 6 months I have replaced brakes, struts, changed the oil far more than twice.

- Rush P

Great, but needs some minor updates.

My car does run really good, it is a little small, but is a wonderful car altogether. Also I need to update one thing because the previous owner broke the gauge that shows if you are on park or reverse etc. But I can still tell with the clicks where I go.

- Ashleigh C

Handy small size, with adequate power. Very dependable.

Light duty pick up is handy for hauling firewood and rocks for my driveway but not too big to be hard to drive. Serviced by Ford dealer, so has been very dependable. I added small plow, to plow my own driveway. There is nothing I do not like.

- Jake G

Very reliable, fully living up to the reputation Ford carries year after year!

Bought this truck brand new. Have been involved with every mile recorded on the odometer. Have enjoyed every mile along the way. Truck is 4x4, needed on our ranch. Never want anything less! This is, no doubt, the best vehicle ever owned.

- Donald S

It's a sturdy, fairly reliable little truck

It's a sturdy little truck which is nice, however, it is a little too small for my needs. It's overall a pretty reliable truck, although lately it has been needing many more repairs which is really expensive and frustrating.

- Emily S

I feel its dependable, stable, safe and gives me the performance I want.

Size is perfect. Enough power for my tasks. Options are all I need. Ok let's Do this again. The size is big enough for me, the 6 cyl gives me power that I need and the air conditioning and sound system work well.

- Andrew J

Good light truck for commuting or work

Reliable light truck assembled in the United States. Plenty of power for the weight. The small cab helps the air conditioning work at peak performance. Room in the bed for 4x8 sheets of plywood or sheetrock.

- Joe S

It's been a great vehicle for our use. It gets decent mileage and is fun to drive.

We bought this truck new and really love it. It has been a very useful vehicle and we have enjoyed driving it and being able to carry things we need to move around.

- Lorraine B

It is a comfort ride on a long trip.

I love that my truck is pretty reliable and sturdy. I dislike that it is not a 4x4 and not quite as big as I would like at this point in my life.

- Emily S

2006 Ford ranger pickup is excellent used vehicle.

Over 100k miles, still runs well if well maintained. Poor gas mileage, but 4 wheel drive works great regular cab plus, bed cover all are great.

- Mark K

It's dependable and can get me through anything. It drives great through snow and mud

It is a smaller sized pickup truck. It is an extended cab but only has two doors. It's a dark blue indigo color and is four wheel drive.

- Shannon B

Folding the seats down is not as easy as it looks.

It is old and used just like me. It is reliable. Air conditioner works. Heater works. Looks rough though but gets the job done every day.

- Scott P

It is a very good vehicle that has been a great first car

I enjoy having a bed on my vehicle to carry things. I do not like the rate that the brakes wear down. I don't like the low gas mileage

- Brock L

Safety is the most important.

I like everything about my truck except that I do not have all the new technology that newer cars have. I do not like how small it is.

- Christina W

It it really amazing truck and it fun to drive and it good on gas

My truck has been good. Put 253800. Miles on it had it for 12 years. I had brake pads replace. On it and coil oak that is it so for

- Joe A

It is dependable and easy to service.

I have got 105, 000 on it and I have only had to replace the tires and battery. I do not have anything I dislike about my truck.

- Walter R

It has been a very reliable vehicle for 12 years.

I absolutely love my truck. It is small enough to take day trips in, it can haul my needs and it is relatively fuel efficient.

- Ken M

it's durable and lasts long time

has treated me well, has almost 200K miles and still going strong. Local ford dealership are a bunch of ass clowns though.

- sam S

That it has been durable and I have had very few maintenance problems with it in 12 years of owning it.

Bought it brand new and it still runs great with routing maintenance and a few parts replaced. Love my little Ranger!

- Will P

Ford ranger 2006 good truck.

It is a very comfortable vehicle. The four by four works great, and the bed space is awesome. Really cannot complain.

- Bill R

Its a Ford Ranger 4X4, very dependable truck for its size.

Very reliable means of transportation with few mechanical issues for its age. Good gas mileage for a truck

- Tony B

My truck is really good to drive when its snowing.

My truck is red and the only real problem with this vehicle is the amount of rust underneath the truck.

- Catarina M

Rangers are bad on gas.

It is a gas guzzler, other than that I do not have an issue. It has a very small tank. Drives well.

- Liz S

Ford seems to last long then all others on the road

No complaints it's a great truck,love ford trucks had few trouble with it fix all my self

- Keith K

it's a great workhorse great mpg

a very reliable dependable vehicle had it since new and never a major problem with it

- Robert W

that it is not made anymore

it is a small truck and it is very usable in a lot of ways and it is rare.

- Brian M

it is small but dependable also it is a fx4 model you can't buy.

it is the best made truck. they don't make anymore. it cannot be replaced

- Brian R

Runs pretty well, good gas mileage, good work truck

It is small, cold ac, white color, has 180,000 miles on the engine

- Jeff L

It's alright and it's pretty huge on the inside and it's perfect

That's it's huge fits lots of people and nice on the inside

- Lady L