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This Taurus gets 25-27 mpg which is really good for a midsize car.

It performs well and is very reliable. It is comfortable. I especially appreciate how I can adjust the driver's seat upward & forward & yet tilt it down a bit in the front. It works really well for a short person such as I. By lifting the driver's seat up it also helps when It's sunny out to see better. The trunk is so roomy, you can fit a lot of stuff in there. I am thankful for 2 phone Charger hookups, one in the front & one in the back. About the only thing that concerns me is the front lower area of my car sits so low It's too easy to hit things & it could do damage. Otherwise I truly like my Taurus.

- Linda P

2010 Ford Taurus Size is perfect! Very large trunk.

My Ford Taurus is a great car. It is easy to drive and very dependable. Air conditioner is very cold and has dual controls. The only real issue I have had were the brakes. They had to be replaced far sooner than they should have been. My car leather seats, but does not have heat/cool seats which I would like. The size of the Taurus is just right for me. It is not a compact, but also not too big. One of my favorite features is the size of the trunk, very large. There are plenty of outlets for charging devices and I love the sink controls on the steering wheel.

- Leslie W

A dependable and spacious car with great gas mileage.

Living in a state that had a long winter, I find my car handles very well in the snow and ice. I bought the car used, but in very good condition and after having it for 6 months now it has been a reliable mode of transportation to get me to and from work everyday. My commute is 45 minutes each way, but the car does very well on gas mileage. I like the space that the car has as well- it is very spacious inside. Overall I am pleased with the car and would consider buying another one similar in the future.

- Andrea Q

2010 Ford Taurus should be your next car.

I got this car 2 days before my 2th birthday, a few months later I had major knee surgery so I couldn’t drive for 2 months, the only major issue I have had with my car is needing to replace the battery because I had it sit too long without starting it, which is my fault and replace the back break light. Other than that it is a beautiful nice car that has more features than my mother’s 2013 Ford Focus. It is a great purchase and I'd recommend it.

- Bobbie M

Anything newer than the first year of the latest style is better.

My Taurus is the year of 2010, the first year of that particular style. The silver trim around the lighting has started to peel. I see changes of that in the newer models. No major problems except for the fact it has rusted a hole in the center of my back bumper. My ac makes a clicking noise when it is turned off or on. The repairman stated it is a $20 part and $400 labor. The seats are comfortable and it handles the road well.

- Robbin C

My car used to belong to an undercover police officer so it had extra items.

I loved it when I first got it but once something went wrong it has been non-stop fixing it. You have to realize that once a tire needs changed you have to change them all and not only does it have to be aligned in the front it has to be aligned in the back as well or you keep going through tires. For someone that does not know much about cars they let you go through several sets of tires before you are told.

- Patty M

My golden chariot is smooth riding and quiet. It is the perfect automobile.

I have had some electrical problems with the front passenger seat back lifting forward once it was in the recline position. It stopped moving up without warning and stayed like that for months and one day it started working again. Overall, I love my car because it gets good gas mileage, it is quick to pick up speed. It sits up high off the ground and it is roomy. It is a dependable car.

- Josephine B

Super spacious car, you don't need a truck when you have a Taurus!

It seems that's with the Ford Taurus, the fuel injector is always needed to be replaced! Something always goes wrong that my car starts acting up because of that. The type of leather that it has on dash & doors once it gets a little stain of anything it will ruin it! Not got if you have toddlers. Over that everything else is fine spacious car perfect for a family car!

- Melissa C

Why to think twice about buying a Ford Taurus.

It is a comfortable car to ride in. It is very roomy but a lot of problems with the electronics. The rear back sensors have lots of problems, my gas cap has a problem stating shut. I have replaced it twice already. Also the air conditioner has its number of problems. Passenger side blows out hot air when it is on. I wouldn't recommend buying a Taurus.

- Drew D

Old car. Served us well for a good 2 years.

I got it really cheap from one of my relatives, always had problems but they had just got a new car and gave it to is for 200 dollars. Used it for 2 years and now we're looking to get a new vehicle. It is white, pretty reliable despite problems. It was a really old car when we got it and I was surprised it still worked for as long as it did.

- brandon S

Smooth driving from Ford.

The car performs well. The handling is simple, room inside. The car is so very nice. Anyone should buy a Ford car. The gas mileage is not as good as a Honda or Toyota, but it is better that some 'American cars. I like the exterior and interior. The car runs well and I will reiterate to anyone that it is a good car to purchase.

- Michele B

2010 Ford Taurus - small price, big performance.

I have owned the car for five years and have not had to have any major repairs. It is a comfortable drive for a non luxury car. I get 20 mpg. , Which is helpful in these days of high gas prices. The speakers do not work as well as I would like: I do not want to have to turn the volume all the way up in order to hear the radio.

- Erin J

2010 Ford Taurus - holds up over time

The model is reliable for the most part. Had minimal problems except for the AC. Which has gone out twice. Comfortable interior. Would prefer more waterproof material on seats. Trunk space is awesome. Part of the reason I bought the car. I have the base model and don't require more than what comes with the base model.

- Kim M

Review of Ford Taurus - car love.

I have had no problems with this vehicle whatsoever. I love it. It is very reliable. It also handles really well and will really go fast which I love. It is a very comfortable ride as well. I love all the features on it. For example, the Microsoft sync, the interior floor and door lighting, the seats, the roominess.

- Melissa R

I have had the car for 9 years now, Ford makes long lasting vehicles. It's still in good condition and other than normal wear and tear, it drives well.

Love the size, 4 door and very comfortable. It's a full size sedan and has a very large trunk for storage. It does require premium gas which is more expensive, but I pay it. It is a smart car, has upgrades like navigation & maps, blind side indicator, self wiping windshield and heated seats. Nice in the winter!

- Mary G

It is limited full option have a lot of sensors and blind spot on the mirror also very good on gas

Ford Taurus is very reliable car. I had it for two years now it is very comfortable for long and short distance driving. I like the sensors in it like the distance controlled cruise control and automatic wipers massaged Chairs and cool and heated seats . Very good car and surprisingly good on gas. Love it.

- Dany Y

All in all this vehicle has been very reliable and a great buy!

My car runs great and looks great. I have only had regular maintenance issues with it. Tires, brakes stuff like that. The only things about my car that are not the best is the driver seat is not comfortable on a long drive and there are blind spots when turning left. Other than that I have loved this car!

- Janet B

My car reflects my personality and provides reliable service

It's a good reliable car with required maintenance from time to time. Overall I have few issues with the car other than just general wear and tear. The car gets me where I need to go on a daily basis and it also gives me the ability to go on long trips with no problems or worries. Overall a reliable car

- Alicia S

Bad engine Ford Duratec engine.

My car performs well, it has been reliable for the most part; the features are good, several blind spots, a/c vents awkward, great ride, roomy trunk; had to replace engine due to water pump failure, Ford would not honor or assist with replacement of faulty design. I will not buy another Ford product!

- Amos J

Byford, By Taurus, Great products!

Good size 4 door sedan. Drives great. Excellent features. Holds 5 comfortably. Good on gas. Large trunk for carrying goods. Bluetooth. Fabulous sound system. Inside trim is outstanding. All the features are more than I expected. Back window shade helps keep sun out. Seats fold for easy trunk access.

- Vicki B

It is a great back and forth to work car = no matter what it looks like or the year it is. And I will keep it until it is too costly to keep!!!

The Taurus is the car we drive to work (50 miles each way) - we bought it for our son when someone ran off the road and totaled his truck. When he got the insurance $, we took the car. It has been a really good car and we will run it into the ground - to keep our other car/truck for our retirement

- Jeannine G

The elegant tank of cars.

It is incredibly roomie inside and amazing for road trips. When driving, it just feels sturdy and safe, whether that is in rush hour traffic or driving through a rainstorm or multiple feet of snow. It comfortably fits five people while also having a large enough trunk for five people to fit luggage.

- Bell N

2010 taurus sho. Awd. Heated and cooling seats. Fast.

It drives like a luxury car and has speed of a performance car. It has a huge back seat with folding down seats. The trunk is gigantic. AWD allows the winter months to be stress free. Great sound system. Heated and cooling seats. It drives like a dream. I would definitely buy another one.

- Nick J

Great on gas and overall very dependable.

The only issues I've had is some door on my ac/heat not closing and making a knocking noise which my husband was able to fix and wasn't very expensive to resolve, it has nearly 130, 000 miles. If I didn't require a bigger vehicle when I am ready to buy another I would get another Taurus.

- Natasha S

Ford is the best in Texas.

My car super spacious wide a lot fits in the trunk! Love the radio sounds like it has its own system in it! The only problem it does have is a fuel injector has had to be replaced twice already and I've only had it for less than a year! Other than that the car is working awesome!

- Melissa C

The ford Taurus is a safe and reliable car.

My Taurus is reliable, safe and smooth driving. I love that I always feel safe from it is wide body. The interior is warm, cozy and roomy. I haven't had any major issues with my Taurus and it is a 2010. You will love the way a Taurus makes you feel, like you the boss on the road.

- Jodi M

Reliability at a fantastic price with many standard features.

Reliability, great gas mileage, affordable. Its grey with dark grey interior. Power windows. CD player. You can plug in your phone and listen through the radio. Power steering. Only thing is there is no middle dome light. Only has doom lights St the front. Has Bluetooth option.

- Michele W

2010 Ford Taurus Large and reliable

Nice and large, I'm a tall and robust man and this is one of the few cars I can sit in comfortably, driving or passenger. It drives a bit slothlike. It's a big car so it doesn't turn as quickly as I was used to before I got it. After almost 10 years it holds up well though.

- Malcolm S

Ford show stopper. Turning heads and leaving others in your rearview mirror.

Love the performance twin turbo action. Handles great and sporty. Excellent to carry others when other cars cannot do so. Car had lots of tech features and I love the paint color. The rims are awesome looking. Great factory sound system. Push button start and remote start.

- Bill G

It is reliable and rides well.

It is getting old, so small things are starting to go wrong. I am also perturbed with the small bumps. And bruises. However, I love the way it runs, the GPS works well, and it is very reliable. I love the notifications on the car that tell me how the car is functioning.

- Liz A

It's one of the most comfortable cars I've ever owned

It is very comfortable. I love the heated and cooled seats. The car's dash display is the perfect size because it's easy to read and use. Perfect size for my family. Ok on gas. So far, it hasn't needed much maintenance, just routine care. I love the all wheel drive

- Leah M

I am very thankful for the Ford Taurus.

Have had to replace the starter three times. The ignition coil has needed to be replaced twice. It provides a reasonable fuel efficiency. Plenty of power to facilitate safe passage in an interstate highway environment. Comfortable to drive on long or short commutes.

- Norman P

Good running vehicle needs tender love & care by it is owner's.

It has a few minor damages like needs new tires, sparks plugs changed, other than that decent vehicle, comfy dark colored vehicle, no major issues since I've had it, I've kept up with oil changes, also got brand new wiper blades and bulbs for this back tail light.

- Ashley C

Nice car. No one believes this is the Taurus.

I really like my car. I have the limited edition and the extended warranty. Ford did a great job of trying to make sure they take care of me. The bells and whistles were more than I expected. I am looking at buying the 2018 model or the new Lincoln continental.

- John L

It is a great ride and handles the road well.

It a great car. The pick is amazing when entry into oncoming traffic. The one thing I do not like about the car is I have a hard time looking out of the rearview mirror and when I look out on the right side I have to bend forward if someone sitting in the car.

- Rose C

My car is a wonderful car.

It has a sunroof, 6 CD changer, USB outlets, vanity lights on the floor that stay lit while driving, heated seats, air-cooled seats, rides great. I love driving it. I always get compliments on my car. It also has a rear window shade, and a very large trunk.

- Robin O

I love driving this vehicle - comfortable and speedy.

The Taurus is a good, reliable vehicle- it is comfortable to drive and as a passenger. The trunk is big and roomy. The stereo system is good and you can sync your phone for hands free driving. We have had minimal issues considering it has 77000 miles on it.

- Michelle M

Great car if you travel a lot. Or have a big family. Smooth ride, great car.

My Taurus is comfortable to drive a lot of extras on it. Leather seats, this is our everyday car and vacation car. Great fuel mileage on hwy. A lot of room up front and back. We have 5 grown children and they always ask if they can use my car. Huh no.

- Sherry R

Car report-I love the style and design of my Taurus and then performance.

No major problems with my car, I love the performance l get from my car. I had to replace the thermostat when my car was 4 years old, but nothing major since then, other issue was replacing brakes and rotors which is normal wear and tear for all cars,

- Bernice W

Car has great benefits, runs great and have had only 1 issue.

The only issue with the car that I have is that when the air/heat turns on it makes a clicking sound. Car is very roomy. Car is comfortable on long drives. Lots of room in trunk. Car drives well. Easily fits 5 adults in car. Ac is good and very cold.

- Lisa W

There's a lot of room, especially in the trunk for luggage or sports equipment.

The comfort and style are wonderful. There have been some significant failures including transmission seal, engine controller, rear window shade motor, and rear sensor that are expensive to fix.

- John D

It has a high safety rating.

I like the size, It's perfect for me. I have plenty of trunk space for shopping and taking the kids to sports events I have good gas mileage. I would like a little more room in the back seat.

- mary W

Ford Taurus; if you are considering a new vehicle, this should be the one.

This is my second Taurus and I love it. Quiet ride, huge trunk, easy low maintenance. I have never had to spend a lot of money on repairs other than keeping up with routine maintenance.

- Wanda V

Ford Taurus cars are easy to repair at an affordable price.

I like that my car is spacious, comfortable, and affordable to repair. I dislike that my car has a low resale value,. I do not like that my car has 8 cylinder, and burns too much gas.

- K G

Others should know that is can start before you get in.

I like the roomy front and back seats. It has an eco-boost system to help me save fuel. I do not like the optional manual transmission in that there is no clutch and no skill required

- Job J

Sporty family car. It moves like a sports car.

My taurus is a very comfortable ride. It has not given me any problems and I bought it new.It has 140000 miles. I do keep it regularly maintained. It was speed and gets good mileage.

- Debbie B

The back up beepers and side lights are awesome for backing up and city driving.

I like it because it is nice and I can reach everything and it has the back up beeper and side lights, I dislike it because for a car it is a bit larger, spaceship like and awkward.

- Felicia M

It is a piece of junk to me, but to others, it may seem nice. I think it is a good car for someone who is just learning how to drive.

I don't like the exterior and/or interior appearance. It is not as innovative as other vehicles. There are no technological features (e.g., rear view camera) to promote safety.

- Emily R

It is an SUV but drives more like a car.

I really like the strong engine and classy interior. I dislike length, low body, and blind spots. I like the exterior and feels like it looks like a nicer car than it is.

- Margaret E

It burns gas very quickly.

The car burns a lot of gas and it has some engine problems. The car is somewhat reliable, but I have had some issues with it. The car is very large and comfortable.

- Alex B

It is a nice smooth riding car but it is a large car.

It is a nice comfortable car. It is reliable. It has a large interior with good seating. However, it is quite large and somewhat difficult to turn in tight spaces.

- George O

Ford Taurus is Reliable Over The Long Haul.

It's a nice looking car that has been very reliable. It does most things very well. My only complaint is that the seats are not very comfortable for long drives.

- Dave H

Master Key option can be set up by accident. Need to have the master key, don't forget to get if/when buying from a private seller.

Love the feel and strength of the car. Has nice pickup and great brakes. I do dislike the Master Key setting though, it's frustrating. Great MPG and looks great!

- Karina D

It was a graduation gift from my parents. IT is name brand & I love my Ford Taurus

I love having a used vehicle that was giving to me. It gets me around to work & other places I need to go. I feel like it nice to go and come when I get ready

- Minette R

It's big and comfortable. I can't imagine driving a smaller sedan ever again!!

I love my Taurus more than any car I have every owned! It's fast and comfortable. I'm so sad that this is the last year that Ford is making my beloved Taurus.

- Kim N

That it is safe and gets me where I need to go.

It runs and it is the car that I choose to drive. You asked me to tell you and I feel that answers the question. It is my choice how to answer your question.

- Sue U

Lots of legroom but has issues.

The car is great all around but the lights stopped working in the back and the company won't fix it I have not even paid it off yet and it's falling apart.

- Jasmine M

That is is perfect for all of your needs. From work, to errands and travel. A great family car.

She handles very well, and is excellent on the gas. Perfect for my traveling and everyday use. Also the Taurus is very well made. A solid and safe vehicle.

- Tammy F

The breaks need to be replaced more frequently than other vehicles because the hub caps allow for lots of salt to reach brakes in winter

I like the way that the inside looks. I like that I can switch from manual to automatic. I do not like the brakes as they need to be replaced frequently.

- Suzie S

Roomy Taurus with a lot of space in trunk.

Large Sedan, very comfortable, has blind side indicators, navigation screen, auto wipes, heated and cooling seats. The premium gas required is expensive.

- Mary G

It is a really nice car, which has anti-lock brakes, power steering and will set speed for freeway driving.

The car is roomy and has a large trunk. Plenty of room for five adults. Comfortable for long trips. Decent gas mileage. The tires are expensive though.

- Phyllis W

It's a nice car, looks nice and has great appeal.

I like my car it drives good. Has good acceleration and good gas mileage. Never really had any kind of issues with it. Its spacious and durable.

- Eric K

It's the second Taurus I've owned. No problems with it.

Its great. Gas is good very reliable. Would buy another. No complains other than they could have sprayed the seats like they did my last one.

- Grace Y

The most important thing about the car is the safety.

Like the heating and cooling seats, durability, and safety. Dislike the side mirrors due to hard to see the side. No complaints on the car.

- Shaneen T

That it is safety equipped, it is good on gas.

I like that it is good on gas, I has a lot of room. I wish it had Bluetooth. I like the mileage. I like the color and the design of the car.

- A S

It has quite a few little problems but overall it gets me where I need to go

I like that everything works. The car is aging faster than I would like because the paint is peeling and the seals around the doors leak.

- Lala P

The Driving is very touchy, but the interior and fuel mileage is great.

The gas mileage is excellent, However, the acceleration and braking are touchy. The interior and the driving quality is very comfortable.

- Patrick S

The Taurus is a terrific car for long trips. It is spacious and has plenty of trunk room.

The Taurus is very comfortable and attractive. I feel that it is less reliable than I expected. Repairs take much longer than reasonable.

- John R

Great family car comfortable and roomy.

No issues ever always did services as needed never had any problems. Would recommend is a great family car very roomy and comfortable.

- Candice J

Ford cars are one of the best automotive brands out there.

Its durable for how long we are using that vehicle now. Engine is good and it is very dependable since it hasnt broke down too often

- Jheb S

Ford Taurus SHO is a beast of a car!!!

twin turbocharged, AWD, 365 horsepower. Beast of a car. Hot and cold front seats, heated rear seats. Best car I have ever owned.

- Eric D

It is solid and easy to drive. I would buy it again in the future.

I love that it has heated seats. I like the size as it can accommodate more than 3 people. I wish it got a bit better gas mileage.

- KT S

The speed is great and the car is spacious.

The speed. The model. No complaints about the car. Like the color. Like the style. The backup camera. I like the space of the car.

- Tina P

I believe it to be a safe vehicle.

I like the size, it is roomy but not too big. It is comfortable. It handles nice. My car is nice to look at and has a big trunk.

- Kevin K

Review of ford Taurus sedan.

The car is a good size to maneuver, roomy for passengers, good trunk space. Pulls from front, most helpful during snow days.

- Fiona G

College girl review 77246

It's a great car. It gets great gas mileage. I love that it that it has an aux plug and a usb drive for your phone charger.

- McKenzie A

This car gets good gas mileage and has the best speakers of any car I know

It is really great and runs smoothly because of constant maintenance. If I would get a new car it would be another taurus

- Josh W

It is very easy to drive and it was a used car with a lot of extras.

Drives great, interior is comfy! Looks nice and sleek! Love that it is keyless! Has heated seats and massaging seats.

- Anne G

I like certain elements of the interior and details that it came with, but it is a little bulky

People should know that it is dependable, doesn't require repair often, and has unique features, like massage seats.

- alyssa R

All wheel drive makes for a safe ride in winter.

No complaints on this vehicle. Love the look. Love the reliability. All wheel drive is terrific in the snow and ice.

- Jamie B

I had this car for seven years and it still rides good.

I like the.. Ease of handling. And repairs reasonably. Price.... I dislike the size for parking. Want smaller car..

- Barbara R

It is very comfy and rides smoothly

Very spacious, love the features, warm and cool seats, backup camera, a little wide of a vehicle, runs very smooth

- Eric K

V6 sports car power with the body of a family car

Plenty of back seat room. Engine is pretty big- it has V6 sports car power. Trunk is huge. Not much to dislike.

- Brian K

Good in winter and site up high.

No I do not have any complaints about my vehicle, it runs well and gets me where I need to go. Bought it cheap.

- Isabel H

Reliable Vehicle for Family

good gas mileage, comfortable ride. Reliable not as new as I would like, doesnt have more technical features

- Kim J

Twin turbo engine runs better on premiums fuel if you run cheap stuff mpg go down

No issues just general maintenance, All wheel drive is great in the snow but makes it drive like a tank

- Kevin T

great Value and super performance

I have never had to any work on my ford with the exception of changing the oil and putting on new tires

- denny b

It doesn't waste a lot of gas

It doesn't waste a lot of gas I could fill it up with about 40 bucks and it lasted me more than a week

- Manuel B

I have had very little to complain about. It is more efficient than I expected it to be and it is loaded with options.

That it is a very efficient car for its size and it is as comfortable as luxury brands of equal size.

- Frederick K

My car is large and is very comfortable to travel.

I like the comfort. It handles nicely. It is large enough to transport personal and work materials.

- Amy D

Comfortable, and very safe for the family. Ford goes the extra mile.

It's a luxury style vehicle. I thinks it's a great family car as well. I will have it till it dies.

- Marlayna M

very smooth ride & get many compliments about the car good looks for being eight years old.

very good looking & smooth ride. Also, has many bells & whistles. b Bad gas mileage- AWD

- Jim B

I don't have a lot of car malfunctions with it.

I like the vehicle a lot. It good on gas. I would like to get a newer one when I can

- Nick C

Premium leather seats and radio

It rides smooth. It has comfortably seats. It drives good. It has a nice radio.


How great is it on gas and the get up and go. Fast car.

Love everything about this car looking to trade in for a newer one, ss model.

- Lori S

Very Comfortable. No juggling around. This is a pain.

Nice big comfy car . It has a smooth ride. Even as and heated seats.

- Suzanne J

Car is trustworthy and made from a reliable brand.

It's stylish. It's comfortable. It has everything I need

- Tonia C

love the car and size of car but would like a back up camera and GPS

good gas mileage and easy to drive lots of room inside

- Debbie W

Smooth ride, very dependable. Good gas mileage. would purchase again

Love it. Easy to drive. Hard to see outside mirrors

- Sharon B

Good ride and comfort. Excellent seats.

Good motor. Good service and maintenance. Good ride.

- Erica S