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A great family vehicle, that doesn't feel like you are driving a bus.

I love how smooth the vehicle runs. It is hard to tell it is even on at times. It has 3rd row seating which is a must for me. Seats fold down to allow for more cargo room if needed. It is a very reliable vehicle that has never left me stranded. Have only owned the vehicle for a little over a year, but have had no major issues with it. Did have to get new tires this spring but that was just from normal wear and tear on the tires. It is very roomy inside yet feels like you are driving a car. The Bluetooth feature is great, I use to never answer calls while driving but now I can without ever taking my eyes off the road or my hands off the wheel. There are many great features besides the Bluetooth, if you like XM radio the vehicle is equipped with it, you just need to get the subscription. Driver and passenger controls allow everyone in the vehicle to adjust the temp so they are comfortable. No more one kid yelling they are cold, they can all adjust for their area. I get about 22 miles to the gallon on the highway but only around 17 in town. This again is not too bad. I was driving a truck that I was lucky to get 17 mpg on the highway, so for me this is good. I enjoy all the extras for the kids to plug in their electronics when we go places. The only thing missing from mine is a DVD Player and a moonroof! I enjoy this vehicle and when I am in the market for another vehicle I will be looking at an Acadia again, that is for sure. Love the vehicle.

- Andrea C

2009 GMC Acadia -Spacious but Leary of mechanical faults

This vehicle has been wonderful for transporting kids and offers a spacious ride for both driver and passenger. I am disappointed in some of the mechanics on the car as my tire pressure warning light is on most of the time and is on everyday throughout the winter. Sensors were changed with new tires and for whatever reason the light still is on. I also frequently get a check engine light that will go on and then not be lit the next day. This particular year of the Acadia has an oil consumption problem. Unfortunately this was not caught by the dealership I purchased the vehicle from used and therefore by the time we discovered the problem it was out of manufacturers warranty. In order to fix this problem I need a new transmission and the car is not worth replacing the transmission at this point.

- Nikki S

This vehicle is very family friendly, easy to drive, and nice to ride in.

This car is very nice. It is large enough that you can fit a good-sized family in it (or friends) but not too large that it takes up a lot of room and is difficult to drive. It has wonderful features including a dashboard that has the speed projected on it using light technology so that you can Focus on the road while also checking your speed. It is comfortable to sit in, with leather seats that are adjustable in many ways. Heated seats are also a bonus for cold weather. In the summer, the sun roof comes in handy for a greater feeling of freedom and fun. However, my car has had a few problems with tire pressure. It continually decreases and I have to fill the tires almost twice a week in the winter.

- Nicole R

The car is all wheel drive, three rows seats, and a phone inside it.

I love my car. In NY when it is snowing outside I had no problem with it. The driver and passengers seats are comfortable, but I cannot tell you much about the back seats and the very back seat. I got my car in the year it came out and have not done real anything to it. It is been a really good car and I would buy another one if I had to, but I just hope it will last a long time. I am just now starting to fix somethings on it, but normally things. Just take one out for a test drive and you will see for yourself. My sister drove my car and then got one for herself, but a little bit more things on it.

- Lene S

Great family vehicle without the 'Minivan' look.

Smooth ride. However I've had issues with the sensors. Last year I had one replaced and I still need to get a tire sensor. It's a very reliable vehicle to be used. I purchased the vehicle from it's first owner 2 years ago. It hasn't given me any reliability issues as far as starting and getting me where I need to be. The interior is spacious height and width. There is also a 3rd row seating. There's plenty of cargo space available. The trim is sleek and very 'SUV' looking. I plan to keep it as long as I can. It's a great family vehicle.

- Shayla R

Great convenience with a lot of cup holders.

This is a very nice vehicle and the feature we like the most is the cup holders. This design is a wonderful idea. This vehicle also has a feature called the traction control which is very helpful if your brakes pads are low and your rotors are starting to wear down some. The performance of the vehicle is very impressive. The comfort of the vehicle is also a great feature with adjustable seats, lumbar and the like. We would have liked to see a GPS navigation and a backup camera, this would have made this vehicle a top notch vehicle.

- Pamela K

Happy with my Acadia. Never felt safer driving in any other car:).

I love my Acadia. When my daughter was in school, it was wonderful for carting her and her friends to all her games and other events. I live in upstate NY and the roads are treacherous in the winter; my Acadia gave me the confidence that I could go anywhere she had a game and would be safe in my Acadia. I am disabled and have many problems with pain and mobility, my vehicle is very comfortable and has made me able to take longer road trips. I take care of my vehicle so she still looks fantastic too.

- Kitty W

2009 GMC Acadia salt, roomy and sporty.

My GMC Acadia is very roomy and is the perfect height to enter and exit the vehicle. I have had to replace the timing chain which thankfully was covered by GMC and not my extended warranty. I have had to replace a control arm on the rear suspension which was not covered under warranty. Car has good pick up but does not do well on gas, 15 mpg in the city. I do use for rideshare and everyone is impressed even though it is 9 years old and has over 100, 000 miles.

- Timothy J

Acadia- a comfortable, spacious ride.

Love my Acadia. Very spacious for my traveling softball family. Had a roof rack put on so adds double the space. No mechanical problems. Bought it used. It is a 2009. When we go out of town we always have a fifth person with us plus the girls always have extra bags. It is never an issue with seating or fitting all our bags, food, coolers, equipment. I would highly recommend a GMC Acadia to anyone. We are soon to be shopping for a new one here in the future.

- Renee F

Great alternative to the minivan that provides similar benefits

The space and overall utility of the GMC Acadia is wonderful. It is durable and easy to get around and has been a great family car. The issues we have had have been transmission and power window related - which have been frustrating but nothing out of the normal when considering the mileage. As a mom of 3, the GMC has offered me the convenience and space of a minivan while allowing me the more sleek and outdoorsy aesthetic appeal.

- Sara E

It has awesome truck space which is why we went with an older model, because the newer models cut the trunk space in half. As a family that travels often we needed the trunk space, but didn't want to purchase a full sized SUV.

We decided to purchase a little bit older model to get the best upgrades. So while I don't love the age or the miles it had on it, I do love the dvd player, auto folding mirrors, heated and cooled leather seats, and the speed being projected on my windshield. I also don't love how much gas it uses since it's an all AWD. Love the space and captains chairs in the middle row. It fits our family of 5 perfectly.

- Jodie H

A good family vehicle that can take you anywhere for a good family adventure.

My vehicle is a good family vehicle, it can seat seven people and is spacious. It can be driven anywhere you want because it's an AWD. It has adjustable seats and the third row can be folded for more cargo space. The transmission is not very good though because it gave up after eight years of driving, and the ac system gave up after six years, and had to replace it with a new one.

- Josephine F

This is a very nice luxury car, very spacious and comfortable.

Having engine problems with it and passing smog but I love this car. It is very roomy seating 7 and I love the comfort of this car. It is very nice looking and is safe to drive. It is a great family car and I would love to just replace the engine over replacing it. This vehicle has had many recalls though, they no longer make these cars, it is made my GMC but it is a Saturn SUV.

- Carolyn A

GMC Acadia 2009 - 2019 Review

I have been driving this car for about 10 years. In the beginning it worked perfectly fine till about 8 years down the road. I started experiencing problems, the car shook a little and the sensor thing for the tires is a little messed up so it dings every once in a while. Other than that it works perfectly. The seats are comfortable and it's easy to drive.

- Robin S

It looks great, and works great for the most part. Be prepared for known issues, and research prior to purchase.

I like the space that it offers.. 3 row seating and plenty of storage space when putting down the 3rd row. However, it does have some disappointments. In the few years that we've owned it, 2 separate engine cylinders have had to be replaced, and also a timing belt. We are now experiencing power steering issues. All before 100k miles.

- Dan K

It drives well in the snow.

The 2009 GMC Acadia has had tons of problems. One after another. Also it has had tons of recalls. I do love the way it drives if it is not having front end issues. Our model has a middle console in the middle row. This is something they could have left out of this Acadia. It makes it very hard for kids to get in and out of the car.

- Jennifer H

I like that the seats fold down to create more room.

My car works great. It did have a issue where the throttle body sensor needs to be replaced. But a code in my car and my car was in able to drive till fixed. Otherwise I love how the car drives and there is a enough room for my growing family. I love that there is a backup camera and a button to open the truck automatically.

- Nicole A

Comfortable mid size SUV!

When we first bought the car we had lots of problems with the stabilitrak and traction control. I think they worked the bugs out because this was one of the first models of this body type of the Acadia. Put more money into then wanted too. But I do love the comfort and look of the car. It fits 8 adults comfortable.

- Amy M

Best car 10/10. Luxurious exterior and interior. Many styles and colors.

GMC is the best quality car brand you can ever get your hands on. Yes, the parts and fix is expensive but it is worth the drive. You'll get long distances covered and it is has a very comfortable interior and luxurious exterior. Comes in variety of colors and styles, also for the interior is also an option.

- Monica R

Very spacious and easy to drive.

We have had a lot of manufacturer recalls for the 09 Acadia. I love that its a SUV with easy lay down seats but passenger access to the third row is difficult wish we would have gotten the captain seat option at times. I love driving my Acadia and my two girls love how much room they have in the second row.

- Melissa M

2009 GMC Acadia is garbage.

Have had engine trouble since the day we bought it. Have had the transmission rebuilt, replace spark plugs every 10k miles, had to replace 2 catalytic converters, bad gas mileage, after many visits to the dealership the car is still broken and there is not anything the manufacturer will do to fix it.

- Valerie N

Perfect vehicle for the family!

I had some issues with the wave plate inside the transmission. It cracked on me; however, GMC had a special bulletin out on it so they paid for all the repairs. Other than that, it is the perfect car for my family! From size to performance to reliability, I never have to worry about or question it!

- Angelika H

I have the SLT version of this vehicle.

I have experienced shifting problems with this car. Other than that I have had no real issues with this car. I did have to have the rack and pinion replace. But this car has 160000 miles on it and is reliable. I would purchase this car again I really like it, it's perfect for my family of four.

- Kristin R

Family friendly vehicle recommendation - Acadia fans!

The captain's chairs and 3rd row are great for three kids and two dogs. Still plenty of room for all. We have higher mileage but with routine maintenance we have had little to no issues. When we decide it is time to trade it in for a newer vehicle, we would likely look at a newer Acadia first.

- Cara S

I love my Acadia. Very spacious family vehicle.

My vehicle is perfect. It has a bench seat and 4 captains seats. Back seats fold down for more space. Roof rack for luggage. It is pretty hard on gas it seems like I am always putting gas in. I have only had to have it fixed one time since i've purchased vehicle. Very spacious.

- Lynn S

GMC Acadia problems! Very sad.

Timing chain went out which means you have to replace the whole motor but you have to really do research to find anything about them being common for the timing chain problem. There is also a liftgate problem! But I love the car itself. It is very nice & has a lot of room!

- Cheyenne B

Too many sensors including faulty transmission.

Good looking vehicle. I have had transmission problems since I bought it. Transmission slips (been fixed). Makes noises when you back up too fast. The onboard camera screen is in the mirror and is very small, hard to see. Has 3 timing chains that had to be changed. Big repair.

- Nora Y

Vehicle satisfaction of 2009 GMC Acadia.

I have no issues. The transmission went out at 120, 000 miles. I have owned the vehicle for 3 years. Other than normal maintenance such as brakes tires and oil changes I have not had to do anything else other than the transmission. I am very pleased with this vehicle.

- Amanda D

2009 GMC Acadia Woes. Steer clear of this one!

Bought it used 4 years ago. I've had trouble with it almost the entire time. Engine light always on, engine misfiring, trouble starting it. Every summer it seems as though something goes wrong, I'm stranded, and out $1500. This has not been a reliable vehicle for me.

- Martha D

Comfortable, reliable, plenty of seating room.

Reliable, comfortable. Mines used so has a few interior things to fix. I added a DVD player and auto start when purchased. Love that it seats 8 and seats fold down. I do wish for a little extra room in the back when 3rd row is up but it still has a good amount.

- Sam B

No special details. It is a good ride very comfortable.

The GMC Acadia is very spacious for 7 pass: lots of room for lots of small packages. When you turn on the engine you will not here any strange coming from it. Miner problems will come when you buy used but if you know how to use your warranty it will not cost much.

- Carlos T

Great dependable, family vehicle!

My Acadia is 10 years old. It has generally been a dependable car. Only in later years have we had any issues from normal wear. I love how spacious and comfortable it is. As our main family vehicle, it has allowed us plenty of space to meet our family's needs.

- Diana B

Not great on miles per gallon.

The fuel pump is a problem. The gas range reading is inaccurate and once the reading is less than 20 mpg it can leave me stranded at any time. This vehicle is a gas guzzler. If these things were not a problem I would otherwise be satisfied with this vehicle.

- Vanessa F

I love my 2009 GMC Acadia!

The Acadia is very spacious. The vehicle has seat warmers automatic lift gate, it has 2 sunroofs, a DVD screen which my kids love. I love that the mileage can be seen in the window so I do not need to look down & the rear back up camera is very convenient.

- Alexis G

Timing chain issues on GMC Acadia.

It has issues with the timing chains, so far we have had to put about $1000 worth of parts into it and it is still not fixed. The dealership wants $7500 to fix it. They also suggested replacing the whole engine but it would also cost $7500 approximately.

- Katie K

2009 GMC Acadia, great car for this Grammy!

Car is very reliable, we have had very few problems with the car, even with high mileage like our (180, 000 miles). Love that I can fit 4 car seats for my grandchildren. It gets good gas mileage, 17-19 mpg in town, 22-24 on the highway.

- Gail S

Extremely comfortable and the size makes it more secure feeling.

This vehicle has spoiled us, so much luxury. Heated seats, Bose surround sound, DVD player, so much room, everything you can think of. So many features that after 2 years, I still do not know everything about it and how it works!

- Cynthia O

Third row seat gives option of extra seating or storage!

I like that it has third row seat and all wheel drive. It's comfortable, with lumbar support. I even like the color. The only thing I dislike is that it doesn't have as much storage compartments as my previous vehicle.

- Makayla R

Great for the room...just be careful of earlier year models.

I love the room that the Acadia has, however, I have had more mechanical troubles with this can then any other vehicle I have owned. I've had the vehicle for 3 years and spent over $6000 in repairs.

- Laura H

That it is one of the easiest, most comfortable vehicles to drive.

I love the space and features. They really convenient for my family and I.. I do not like how expensive the simple car parts are though. And where the battery is, it's the most horrible spot ever..

- Sabrina B

Style and function meet to provide a pleasant driving experience.

I like that my vehicle is stylish, but functional. I like the way it drives, and it's more of a tank, so I don't feel like it's fragile. The only thing I would like is more trunk space.

- Shekina J

Great car with comfortable options.

I like my car and will most likely replace it within the next 1-2 years with another GMC Acadia. I have the upgraded trim package and will get the same on the next car I purchase.

- Deanna S

they are known for having catalytic converter issues and coils going bad.

It has mechanical issues and has from the very beginning. I love how it rides and some of the features like the back up camera and the third row. The trunk has plenty of room.

- Lindsey H

Good quality with longevity. Highly recommend

I have had this car since 2009 and had the factory battery the entire time. I just had to replace it for the first time. I have not had any other major issues with the car

- Eren S

All wheel drive, drives well in the rain and snow, bad weather.

Nice luxury vehicle. Has all wheel drive. Does well in snow and rain. Nice interior and exterior. Trim is also very nice. Seats eight comfortably. Very good buy.

- Nicole U

That it has plenty of room and rides comfortably going on long trips

I like how comfortable it is to ride in. However, I have had issues with it since the first month after I bought it new. I have had several recurring issues

- Denise P

GMC Acadia: Great Seating Bad Gas

I really enjoy the amount of seating the Acadia, my biggest problem is the amount I'm spending on gas and how the gas mileage the car gets isn't that good.

- Lexi W

It is safe and secure that I trust my babies being in this vehicle at all times.

Just that I have had to sink money in it already. New tires and brakes. Also that the nozzles for the windshield wipers were broken when I got the vehicle.

- Karen T

Don't buy a GMC Acadia or you will regret it.

We have had issues from the time of purchase. Check engine light is always on. We have had to replace all three timing chains and multiple other repairs.

- Rhoda S

It was a lemon! There were too many bugs in the earlier models of the Acadia.

It had too many problems with that model. It was in the shop monthly, for the first two years. I bought it because it was a very beautiful vehicle.

- Myrna P

Lots of interior room with a compact exterior and wheelbase.

Has a lot of room with third row seating. Plenty of storage room. A nice smooth ride with a v6. Wish it had in dash navigation and satellite radio.

- Robert T

Very comfortable riding car

Overall I love the car but I wish the back up camera was bigger. Since you can't really see behind you very well, you have to rely on that to see.

- Sabrina S

Very roomy and comfortable to ride in.

I like that it seats up to seven people and you can fold down and remove seats to make room for large items. I absolutely dislike the gas mileage.

- Rachael K

Best family car that doesn't look like a mom car

It has never given me any problems and at over 100k it still runs great. It is still in perfect condition. All I have done is routine maintenance

- Alysha R

It's comfortable, and very roomy on the inside. The controls in the back let you stay comfortable even in the very back

The exterior color is black. The interior is black leather. Fully loaded, and seats 7. Big enough for a large family like ours, and luxurious.

- Sheryl M

That the vehicle has a backup camera and the car beeps if something is to close.

I like that there is room for 7 people. The vehicle gets decent gas mileage. I don't like that it makes noises when it needs its oil changed.

- Krystal B

Clean, smooth, runs amazing! 3rd row seating for 7 people.

This Acadia is amazingly. Seats 7 people comfortably. It has a split bench as the 3rd row which is great for folding down when needing space.

- Kristine C

It's Dependability is important because I drive an hour each way to house daily.

Love the style and dependability but it's had more problems than my other vehicles but doesn't put me on the side of the road

- Angie R

Excellent for traveling for the space and comfort.

Gas mileage is not the greatest. Lots of legroom for taller people. All of the extra features of the salt model are a bonus.

- Brittany B

Pros & cons 2009 GMC Acadia

Comfortable to drive, like DVD, leather, and heated seats, roomy, smooth ride, not much storage, hard to change light bulbs

- Misty F

Overall it is a very good car it has served my family well

Roomy but back row doesn't have lots of legroom. Trunk could be bigger Would like it more of back row could recline

- Melissa C

This is definitely the vehicle to choose if you like the same space as a minivan but don't want a van

I love the space my vehicle has. There is plenty of room for all my kids! The best part is the easy to fold down 3rd row!

- Katherine M

This vehicle is a great vehicle for a family of 5 or more!

I love that it is a 7 passenger vehicle. I love that I can fold the back seat down for more space. No complaints really.

- Stephanie P

This car is choice and recommend it to anyone.

I love this car. It drives really smooth and doesn't have much problems. The spacious seat are very comfortable as well.

- Jeff D

Several problems have arose. Air condition, catalytic converter, battery.

I like the space inside. I do not like the gas usage. I do not like the problems we have had with the vehicle.

- Morgan C

It has been a reliable, dependable vehicle since the day I bought it.

I love the space I have. The back 2 rows of seats lay flat when collapsed making room for large items.

- Jen S

It is very spacious and it has enough room to fit a family.

It's roomy, has back up beep, dependable. Feel safe for kids to drive. Sunroof is nice on warm days.

- Melissa H

It's super roomy and comfortable

i love it. It's super cute looking and luxurious. It does have some issues that i done like.

- robyn i

Dependable good on fuel mileage and sporty, great vehicle

Roomy and comfortable lots of safety features will buy another

- Timothy W

Bad wiring. Third row seating os awesome. Drives well

Has an electrical problem. Rides very nice Has lots of rooms

- Rachel W

Fits 8 people comfortably & rides smoothly

Fits 8 people but uses a lot of gas , not much cargo space

- Joyce B

Drives well, comfortably good on gas Luxury feeling affordable

No complaints . It is easy Great driving good on gas

- Zee M