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Dependability and comfort.

I really enjoy the GMC envoy. It is 15 years old and very reliable. It is equipped with a dependable in-line six cylinder engine. It is fully loaded with power windows, locks, moonroof, and a high end Bose sound system. Even after 15 years, the leather seats are still incredible. With proper maintenance, a GMC envoy could provide decades of dependability and performance. Mine recently made it past 290,000 miles. As it ages, I have noticed the problem areas are more on the electrical side, as opposed to the mechanical. Various sensors will fail from time to time, but many are easy to replace and if you can DIY, they can be relatively inexpensive. It is a good vehicle, for the money.

- Ryan P

Gas saving 7 seater with curb appeal.

My 2005 GMC envoy XL has been an excellent ride for me. I have ten grandchildren whom I occasionally transport with me. Not all at once! It seats 7. And still has space in the rear for groceries or backpacks. At other times I fold the seats down and transport my four German shepherds. It has a straight six under the hood and gets great gas mileage with also lots of get up and go! I bought it used and have put 200, 000 miles on it so far. Change the oil every 3000 and give it a tune up routinely. I downsized from a suburban, and I have been very happy with my choice.

- Roslyn Z

2005 GMC envoy XLT is reliable.

I purchased my envoy XLT in 2005. This was a new purchase from a dealer. At the time we had 2 young kids, so seating and cargo space were very important. It has the 3rd row seat for extra passengers and then the 3rd row seats lay down for extra cargo capacity. The seats are very comfortable and the leather seats are remarkably in good condition. They are not cracked at all. Love the fact that it has 2 wheel drive, AWD, 4 hi, and 4 lo! My envoy has 258,000 miles on it and has been very reliable and I would highly recommend purchasing one.

- Deb U

2005 GMC envoy - great SUV if you can find one.

I love my envoy it has lots of room and I think it is comfortable. I have owned it two years and it runs really well and is very reliable. . The only drawback is sometimes the headlights will go off for no reason and with no warning. It can be very scary. I did report to appropriate agency but so far no recall on my year only 2006 for the same problem. . Despite that I would purchase another gmc SUV. They are stylish and the look does not look outdated like some other older models of different makers.

- Sandra G

Snap out headlights, awesome!

First I just bought the GMC for a “just in case car”. It has been very dependable but think it is high priced for parts. The 0-60 pick up is excellent! The inside is very roomy with back seats that fold down for more room, my only complaint in that is that the seats are so comfortably stuffed they will not lay flat. The gas mileage is a lot better than I figured. All in all I rate this car 7 out of 10. I like to have driver and passenger front door keyholes just in case.

- Connie C

2005 GMC Envoy xl great vehicle.

I purchased my 2005 Envoy xl in august 2017. It is a great, reliable car. All power windows. Heat and air conditioning. A very smooth ride. I had one problem with power steering lines however it was a quick fix and wasn't too costly. I love the fact that it also has 3rd row seating to be able to fit my family of 6 in comfortably with additional room. The seats lay down for extra space if needing to haul something. Overall great vehicle. Would definitely recommend!!

- Jennifer M

That it is just as strong as the day I first bought it.

I love my GMC envoy it has been very reliable and has been easy maintenance. It is very comfortable to ride in and I love the features that come with it. The problems I have had with it were easy to fix and the parts were cheap to buy unlike other cars I have had in the past. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. It has plenty of moving room and has a huge back to store things. It hauls things with ease and is just as strong as it was the day I bought it.

- Jordan A

GMC Envoy with all the bells and whistles

the interior is beautiful, has a great sunroof, gets good gas mileage and is very stylish, is very comfortable to drive, has a lot of storage room, is safe to drive, very reliable and has had very few mechanical issues. It has a Bose stereo, great speakers, lots of legroom, power seats and windows and also has a memory system to remember the seat setting for the both the passenger and the driver

- Susan D

Nice SUV especially if you have kids because of its space and smooth ride.

My 2005 GMC envoy is nice and roomie and my 2 kids love it compared to the smaller car I had before. The ride is smooth but could be better. There are a/c vent in the back which is great. It has front and back windshield wipers. It has a spacious trunk area. My major problem is the gas mileage and once I had a problem with my gear being stuck in drive but it was a simple fix.

- Natasha H

2005 envoy, power, comfort and performance.

My envoy has been an extremely reliable vehicle and is very comfortable to drive. The four wheel drive feature provides a sense of safety during the icy winter weather. I wish it got better gas mileage but when you take into consideration the size of the engine having enough power to pull a good sized travel trailer, I really do not have much to complain about.

- Lucinda R

GMC Envoy- A Great Buy for a Cheap Price tag

While it is an older vehicle, my GMC Envoy has racked up loads of miles while having very little issues with it. Since it never has broken down I'd say it's pretty reliable and the gas gauge also seems to show the correct amount. My GMC Envoy also has a leather interior and sunroof, making it very comfortable to be inside and has a lot of power behind it

- Theo O

Pros and Cons of my GMC ENVOY with 196k miles.

Problem would be electrical issues, gauges dont work anymore. Gets low gas Mileage. Lots of room. Very spacious and easy to use. Everything has buttons it's not all electric like brand new vehicles. Seats fold down for even more back room. Back is tall like a box its not round. Multi CD changer, xm option. Seat heater but wish it had a seat cooler.

- Mitch S

Comfort and Spacious. Plenty of room for the whole family.

The biggest challenge I have is with the fuel. I had the fuel pump replaced a few months ago and now it is very difficult to get gas. It clicks off every few seconds so you have to repeatedly pump it. I have had 3 mechanics attempt to fix it unsuccessfully. Other than that, it has been a great vehicle. Lots of space, comfortable, and easy to clean.

- Sam C

GMC Envoy: The Best Vehicle I Have Ever Owned!

I love my GMC Envoy! It has third row that is so helpful with kids, their friends, and sports equipment! I feel safe in my Envoy and it runs wonderful! It has seat warmers that everyone loves on cold mornings! We have had transmission problems, however it is always worth it to fix the problem because I can't imagine driving anything else.

- Rachel G

2005 GMC Envoy; Great Family vehicle; worth the money!

Great gas mileage. Easy to operate. Quiet ride. Space is adequate. This SUV is big enough to demand its own space, but small enough to fit into average sized parking spaces. There is enough leg room in the back. There is only two rows of seating. It has great trunk space, and it is good for adding a hitch to haul trailers or boats.

- Christie V

I really like the trunk space for hauling things.

It has great gas mileage, it's durable and has a lot of room in the back, especially if you let the seats down, which is very easy to do. It is a vehicle that is easy to work on yourself and doesn't have many problems. I got my car from an auction, and you can tell it was in a wreck, but it still runs well with minimal problems.

- Jay M

Dependable, reliable, spacious, economic, rugged.

Very reliable. Power steering pump is noisy but works, but hey its 12 years old. Very spacious. I live how easily the seats fold down. The spare tire is located underneath which is a hassle. I would prefer if the spare was located in rear storage. Of you maintain your vehicle as recommended this model will last you a long time.

- Melissa A

My family GMC envoy is a great traveling vehicle.

I have no problem I love my envoy it gets me where I need to go. I live the sunroof it is great on gas it is a good family vehicle if drove it to Texas and Florida and I go back and forth from baton rouge to new Orleans great car features seats very comfortable and air conditioning is great and very roomy trunk for luggage.

- Lillian T

My rating on my GMC Envoy 2005

Very reliable very roomie and smooth riding SUV V6 Moyer is strong on pulling trailers interior is nice and easy access to features like climate controls and cup holders and the back seating area has its own A/C controls makes it comfortable for passengers to say cool or warm I would recommend this SUV to any person

- Patrick T

My vehicle has a very sleek design.

My envoy gets me from point a to point b. I have relied on this vehicle to drive over 500 miles. The only problems I have ever had were brakes and tires but that is a routine thing anyways. It does not get the greatest gas mileage but it makes up for it in storage space. The vehicle rides great and seat 7 people.

- Avery F

The car rides great. It is like you do not feel a thing coming down the road.

It rides smoothly and is a very efficient car. The shelf life is great. It is been in the family going on over 4+ years and it has really stood the test of time, weather and any crazy mishaps that could come its way. The year model runs great on gas. All around it is a good truck to have and no complaints at all.

- Carine G

There is plenty of room for 4 kids while on trip as a single mom it is perfect.

Love it. Enough room for all 4 kids and gear. I have had no major problems at this time. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. It is great in snow and gets me all over. I live in the country and drive on average 1000 per month for work. My next vehicle will be a third row. I wish they still made the Envoy.

- Tracy H

I love my envoy’s roominess inside but economic small size.

I love the size of my envoy. It is very roomy inside but is just the right size to fit in anywhere I need to go. I love the heated seats in the winter. I have not had any issues with it other than having maintenance performed on it. I have even used it to pull our boat and had no issues with pulling anything.

- Regina G

It holds up great with wear and tear with two kids that are hard on the interior.

A sensor in the engine gets gummed up and needs to be cleaned often or the check engine light comes on. It is super comfortable even for my 6’4 husband to drive. The air ride shocks don't do so well in Wisconsin in winter. They can take a bit to inflate and often are deflated each morning with cold weather.

- Lisa J

An interesting detail is the automatic sensitive windshield wipers.

The envoy is a very nice car for outings. It is very spacious but should only be used for smaller families. The sunroof is nice for sunny days and the windshield wipers are sensitive to rain. It drives smoothly and is easy to accelerate. It would be a nice starter car and would offer a good performance!

- Destiny B

2005 black GMC envoy 4 wheel drive.

It does have some preexisting problems with the electrical, mechanical, and frame but overall, it performs good and it is reliable and comfortable. It has power seats and windows. The front seats are also heated. It had two function sunroof, which I absolutely love. . . Especially on beautiful days!

- Shannon W

Honest review of my 2005 car

I find the car to be very comfortable. I enjoy the heated seats. That there is heat and air in the back seat. I also like it has a built in hitch. The body does seem to rust out thought. And the door handles are coming out of there housing but they still work. The tailgate lock is broke as well.

- Craig P

Headlight issues, electrical problems, odometer issues

The only recurrent problems I've had was the headlights stop working. Had to replace the same fuse twice now. It supposedly has electrical problems with that year but I haven't had any. The odometer stopped working. Strange issue. It would say I was going over 120 mile an hour all the time.

- Ashlee K

2005 GMC Envoy with sunroof, heated seats, BOSE sound system, etc.

Overall great car for driving and road trips. Has a Bose sound system, power everything, sunroof, heated seats and dual AC. The car runs through oil very quickly, and the average MPG is not amazing, roughly 20 on highway and 15 in town. Overall, there have been no major problems with the car.

- Jacob B

The envoy is a great family and adventurous vehicle.

It is old but reliable. It drives nicely and has lots of room. The AWD is great and drives well in the snow. As it has gotten older, things have started to break. The breaks are odd and the gas gauge and speedometer have needed to been replaced. The gas mileage is decent but could be better.

- Olivia P

The Envoy, for families and others on a Adventure.

There's nothing really wrong per say. It's a great family vehicle, lots of space, good on gas and great for long trips. It's has plenty of seating, I enjoy the 3rd row seating the most. Recently had an oil change and tires rotated, since it runs like it was just off the showroom floor.

- Daryl S

Amazing 4 wheel drive, family vehicle.

Drives very smoothly. Has 4 wheel drive, holds up to seven people, not much cargo space but great for traveling as a family. The seats are pretty comfortable and easily adjusted. The radio has a six disc CD player along with Bose speaker system. Perfect for a family and very reliable.

- Desi C

The most important thing I feel would be the issue with the rear seating and how it does not create a full, wide open flat area for hauling things.

I like the way my vehicle rides and drives. I really dislike the way the rear seating folds down because the seats do not all fold down completely level to give you a larger amount of room for hauling. I do like the quality of the vehicle compared to some other Makes in its class.

- Debbie R

The GMC envoy has sturdy, sporty running boards.

Suspension rides nice and smooth. Steering wheel turns smoothly allowing you to maneuver in traffic and park with ease. Very roomy in back seats and cargo area. Not so roomy in front seats. Cargo area has hidden compartments to store things, which is a nice feature. Looks sporty.

- Melody K

Reliable but it�s outdated

My car is fairly old and I would like to have something newer. It is a reliable car but I would rather have something that fits me better. It has ran well for a number of years, I would just rather have something smaller, not so big of an SUV. I will be looking for a new car.

- Alison B

What I like about my car that it has comfy chairs.

A problem that I have with my car is it does not want to start sometimes and the back doors would not lock with the remote or with the door controls anymore, I have to go and lock them myself. On the good side the chairs are really comfy, and the interior of the car is good.

- Jara G

Drive great, nice and smooth ride!

No problems, runs great, had it for long time, we kept up with all maintenance, was recalled once on front axle GMC replaced this for me, runs smooth just kind of hard on gas, would recommend this envoy to anyone to purchase, wish they would make them in more newer years

- Jessica S

My truck is great in that it doesn't lack space.

I enjoy my envoy. I have plenty of space. It isn't too bad on gas. Plus the radio is good. My kids like it as well because they don't have to sit scrunched up. However, something seems to drain the power and the ac/heat doesn't work. All in all, it is a good family SUV.

- Penny C

Made several trips to Santa Fe,New Mexico.

Has 201,000 miles. Front hood and bumper beat up. Grill missing from hitting deer. Dash gauges don't work from electrical problems caused by installation from so called stereo expert. Good tires. Step side rails. Silver in color. New spare tire never been on vehicle.

- David P

Review on the 2005 GMC envoy.

My car has lasted for the last 3 years. It drives really well and it never breaks down. The one thing wrong is that this car cannot use off brand gasoline. It has to be filled up with bp gas or QuikTrip if it is not the truck will shake and/or had trouble starting.

- Arianna M

Envoy edition. Love the towing package!!

The envoy is very reliable. It is stable in all weather and any surface. The 4 wheel drive helps with stability and ease of control in the snow and off road. Gas mileage is average for this vehicle. Has a long life if properly taken care of. I would purchase again.

- Barbara A

Gas light only carries 16 to 25 miles.

I just wish it delivered better gas mileage. Other than that I really do enjoy my envoy. It has leather interior, ats all wheel and four wheel drive, all electric and it runs great considering that year. I do however wish I would have chosen one with a sunroof now.

- Jessica W

GMC envoy, comfortable mid size SUV with individual climate controls.

This is the perfect size and height. It has 2 wheel drive, all wheel drive, 4 wheel drive low and 4 wheel drive high all without getting out to lock your hubs. Comfortable heated seats, rain sensor wipers, dual climate zones up front and rear seat climate control.

- Denise B

Review of 2005 GMC envoy!

It has great features: leather seats, heated front seats, power seats, and an automatic sunroof with two settings. It is comfortable and rides great. It performs good, is reliable as, and does not have many unusual problems as long as maintenance is kept up on it.

- Shannon W

It is safe, built tough, great gas mileage.

Heating and air, adjustable seats, climate control, cupholders, defrost, rear windshield wiper, automatic windows, foldable rear seats, jacks under rear seat, high off the ground, easy to get in and out of, CD and cassette tape players, adjustable steering wheel.

- Elana R

Looks nice, lots of common GMC problems.

Comfortable ride, looks nice, Rebuilt transmission twice, gas gauge broke(common in this vehicle), sunroof broke, passenger window is broken (won't work). Got it used and was fully loaded. Has cost me a lot in repairs, but is overall reliable and still runs ok.

- Ashley C

Envoy, small but yet works for a family.

The car is reliable, comfortable. It is got 4 wheel drive. Small but not too small, good with kids! It is got a sunroof. Also can lock the back doors with switch and kids cannot open them. You can open just the back window without opening the whole back door.

- Jenny J

The GMC Envoy is a great car for anyone with kids or dogs, seats are easily accessible and very easy to lay down to have space for hauling things.

I love my Envoy! With two kids in car seats, it is very easy to get them in and out of the car without bumping heads. Being only 5 ft tall can pose a problem with most vehicles but my seat can go all the way up and I can easily see over the steering wheel!

- Hannah L

Overall good SUV if bought from the right seller

I believe if I bought my GMC off the lot I would like it much better but since I bought it from a private seller it has a lot of issues, overall I like it. Its big enough for my family has good gas mileage for a truck. It's comfortable for long road trips.

- Mandy B

2005 GMC Envoy is amazing

It is a great truck. I'm doing minor repairs that an older car needs but overall a good truck. I love the space, mileage, and the way it rides. I would love to let someone test drive mine because I honestly love the way it reacts to rain and snow as well.

- Annette M

If I had to get another car it would still be the same make and model just newer.

Like the room and third row seat the smooth ride what I do not like is how the speedometer and gauge clusters break do not know why it was never recalled because was told it is a common problem with the gmc also so hard to work on to replace parts.

- Carol L

Dependability, comfort and ease of operation.

Vehicle is loaded with all the options. Very comfortable. Gas mileage is fair to good. Have not had any significant problems with this vehicle. Very dependable. Compared to other vehicles in this category, I would rate the GMC as being number one.

- Robert S

It's a decent car. I do not recommend it to parents with very small children.

My envoy was purchased used. Since I've had it I have had to make some minor repairs. I have 2 rows of seats in the back, for parents with small children it would of been more useful to have captain seats to make it easier to get in and out.

- Terra B

Can't decide big SUV or a pickup truck, you can have both with GMC Envoy.

I love my envoy. Many people don't realize that this vehicle can be a big SUV and sit 6 people, however with the touch of a few buttons it can transform into a pick up track. I like the feature that likes me adjust the pedals to my height.

- Randee C

Its very nice. . You will get your money worth. . . Not to many problems.

My vehicle is very nice. . . I have had it for a while. . . I really haven't had to do anything to it besides replace the water pump. . . It takes a lot of gas if you are a traveler. . . Its a real nice ride to have. . .

- Brandy O

My GMC Envoy has been the most reliable car I've ever owned.

My car was reliable until about a year ago. It now has electrical problems that I have been unable to get diagnosed and corrected. It seems to be unable to stay in alignment as well. Worked great until recently, though.

- Kristy S

The back end can be converted into a pickup. Can also be used as an SUV.

I like my envoy as I appreciate the way it handles. I feel safe with the size of it on the road. Also like the ability to change distance of gas and brake pedals. Only concern is it may be difficult to parallel park.

- Randy C

Family Friendly vehicle, works when grandkids ride with us or when driving by ourselves

I have the SLT model and I do like it. It is easy for this old lady to get in and out, good for towing a camper. One thing I would change is the gas mileage, it's too low so it's a little pricey to drive everyday

- Chris S

The gas mileage is bad, it also has electrical issues.

The gas mileage is bad. It's a noisy ride with the wind noise. The A/C stopped on it's own on a 90 degree day and then started back on its on when it was in the 70s when I didn't really need it.

- Patricia H

That a lot of things in my car are broken.

I like that my car has a lot of room inside and it runs great. It was hit and has a dent by the gas so it makes it harder to pump. My center console is also broken so it pops open all the time.

- Alexis M

It is dependable and low maintenance; has been very reliable

I love that it is a reliable vehicle. I like that it is dependable and has not needed a lot of repairs. I like that it is 7 passenger. Only complaint I have is that it is not gas efficient.

- Stephanie R

This Envoy drives like a dream, 13 years old and it still runs; drives; and looks great.

I have owned my Envoy for 13 years now and it still looks and runs great! I have only had to change the fuel pump and new plugs. Great car; if GMC still made the Envoy I would buy it again!!

- michelle h

Heated seats four wheel drive

Most reliable car I have ever had. It's comfortable seats are heated which is my favorite feature in the winter! It also has four wheel drive which is a lifesaver when you live in Michigan

- Theresa S

If the stepper motors haven't already gone out, they probably will.

I like all the space it has. I learned the hard way that this particular year has some issues for a lot of GM vehicles. The stepper motors in the dash die out, so none of my gauges work.

- Sera S

It has a lot of room. Nice if you have children

My vehicle runs very good. The only problem I am having right now is with the gas gage. It seems like it doesn't want to work, so I don't really know how much gas I have in it.

- Lahana D

How much gas mileage, tire pressure and how to change the oil.

I love that it's big, sturdy and reliable. I don't like that it's high gas mileage, its old, doesn't have an aux outlet, the CD player doesn't work and it has 202,000 on it.

- Lauren M

Sometimes the speedometer doesn't work, but everything else is amazing

I love that it's sleek and reliable, and it gets me to where I need to go. I don't really like that the speedometer goes out often. The heated seats are nice too!

- Isabelle N

Repairs, such as fuel pump and power steering along with brakes having to be replaced a year after they were done

It is a comfortable ride, and has a nice interior. The the cup holders are located in odd spots. We have to repair a couple major things in it which I don't like

- Rachel L

It is very safe and durable. I have been in two wrecks and have been safe and little damage.

I have had very little trouble with it over the years. It is a good size not too big not too small. It has had some recalls ie the gas gauge and the speedometer.

- Virginia D

That it is manual and has four wheel drive.

I like that my car is four wheel drive and can drive i in tough terrain. I like that it is family size and i have plenty of room in the back. I like my sunroof.

- Amber T

It may be big, but it can whip

It is reliable but the bigger the car that you get most likely the worse the gas mileage. However, the positive thing is that you won't get stuck in the snow.

- Jessica K

It is reliable and easy to drive if you keep up necessary maintenance.

I do not like the security system. I do like the size and look of the vehicle. The radio is not that great. It seems to be a very reliable vehicle overall.

- Tori B

It actually gets pretty good gas mileage if you consider its size

I like the space the envoy offers and I like the heated seats. I would love to have built in usb option to charge phones. I am overall pretty satisfied

- Kayla B

A Small SUV. It's really the same size as an SUV, but the trunk space is smaller...so the vehicle is not as long as a typical suv. It has 4 wheel drive and a upgraded suspension with tow package

The envoy is a great vehicle. It does tend to have an issue with switching in and out of gear. So periodically, you will need to get this repaired.

- Andrew M

It often carries my children in it. It is a safe vehicle for families.

I like how spacious the inside of the car is! It has plenty of seating and carrying space! My only dislike is that the car is getting rather old.

- Victoria F

Make sure there are no issues with stalling in your particular vehicle

I love almost everything about it visually and comfort wise, but it has some issues. It stalls sometimes and seems a bit underpowered for a v-6.

- Michael A

The Envoy handles very well in various weather conditions including blizzards, strong winds, and heavy rains.

I love having the third seat. The interior is very roomy and comfortable. The Envoy handles well in all types of weather conditions as well.

- Kendra M

It has been a great vehicle and made well with little repairs needed so far.

I love that it has been built to last. 13 years old and we haven't had to put much money into it. I do wish it got a little better mileage.

- Lisa C

The tow capacity that it shows is not compared to what it can actually do.

I love the room that it offers. The engine never quits. I love the color both ensure and outside. I love the tow capacity that it offers.

- Christopher D

Beautiful SUV with 3rd row seating

I love my vehicle! Its gray which is one of my favorite colors for vehicles. It has 3rd row seating. Plenty of room and smooth riding.

- Bobbie B

My Envoy is a great family vehicle

My envoy is very comfortable, has heated leather seats, a 3rd row seat and a built in DVD player. It does have minor mechanical issues

- Amy B

I absolutely love my GMC Envoy

I absolutely love my vehicle. It has strong will power. Has yet to let me down. I have never owned a GMC but by far my best decision.

- Meilani L

Roomy but compact and easy to get in and out tight spaces

I love my GMC Envoy. It is very roomy but compact enough that I don't have any problems getting in and out where I need to go.

- Regina E

It is dependable and it has been a great car for me and my family

It has served me well. I like how high up it is and how reliable it is. The gas mileage could be better but I like the size

- Aaron H

I had a problem with the gear shift not shifting all the way into park.

I like the way it drives but it is older so it has a tendency to run rough and some problems do arise that have been fixed.

- Haley M

This is a very nice driving and riding vehicle.

This vehicle meets all my family's needs. Lot of head and leg room, plenty of cargo space. Nice power and fuel consumption.

- Donald U

It's reliable and gets me to where I need to go.

I love how it handles on the road. It is roomy and when I travel it is comfortable. I hate that it uses too much gas.

- Helen S

It has plenty of options and looks good

I purchased this vehicle for my wife and she loves the way it rides. It is good on gas and has been very dependable.

- Thomas L

Con: the car also is not very good on gas i have to fill up several times a week at least 30-40 dollars

The auto theft system is always activating randomly, besides that my suv rides very smooth and is very reliable,

- Yasmine C

One important thing about my car is that it is good on gas.

Hard to see in blind spots.. Not as easy as a jeep to turn and park.. Like that it is 4 wheel drive-smooth ride.

- Darcy P

I finance it. We do the best we can with what we have.

Good reliable car - just aging and wearing out. We need to replace / upgrade cannot really afford to at present.

- Russell B

Envoys are awesome! mine was a little decked out because of previous owner, but I just feel comfortable in it!

While my Envoy is old I love it! I like how comfortable I feel driving it, right height and everything for me!

- Alicia P

The 2005 GMC Envoy makes us feel safe while driving and riding. Also kid friendly.

It's very spacious. It's comfortable on long trips. It makes me and my family feel safe. It's kid friendly.

- Karyn M

GMC envoy xl has 3rd row seating.

GMC envoy is very reliable and is very spacious and comfortable with passenger seating and storage in back.

- Katrina M

Check for the problems it has and not rush into it.

I like how it is an suv and the size. I bought it used and don't like how it was upkeep and taken care of

- Mario G

It has great room in the back.

I wish the previous owners had not put big tires and suspension to go off-roading. The gas mileage is ok.

- Diane C

It is very dependable and offers a comfortable ride.

It offers a very smooth ride. It's very spacious. It offers a dependable ride and is good on gas mileage.

- Jacqueline D

GMC is a great investment!

Gas gage never works. Love the way it drives and it is very safe and durable. Would purchase another one.

- Toni D

Very roomy and spacious. Also good on gas

I like it because it's very reliable. I dislike it because it's a bigger suv and sometimes hard to park.

- Brina W

Gmc envoy 2005 model year

Bad gas mileage. Otherwise quite nice vehicle. Back hatch doesn't open a common issue with this vehicle

- Matt R

It runs and runs well, It's a car you can depend upon and its madewell

I is a real trooper starts, stops, runs in the rain, snow, and sun. Easy to drive and rides real nice

- spence p

The GMC Envoy is a good vehicle for a small family.

It has 4 wheel drive which is great. I wish there was a little more space in it. It drives nice.

- S F

the air conditioner does not really work well and so it is hot.

it is comfortable and has plenty of space. however, the air conditioner doesn't really work.

- kris c

It gets me where i need to be. It has been a good vehicle.

I love that it has a lot of room. Very smooth and quiet. It has been a very good vehicle.

- Dolly W

it's been dependable and like the size of SUV. I would get another GMC Envoy.

I like the size. I don't like the fact its 13 years old and right need to have some work.

- stephanie c

It's extremely dependable, performs very well in all weather conditions

Envoy drives wonderfully. Has performed well for 164,000plus miles. Maintenance is key.

- Sandy F

Excellent gas mileage and performance. With normal maintenance, you should get excellent service

I enjoy storage capacity, gas mileage & performance. Seats are not as comfortable.

- William M

It is big and it needs a lot of room to park. Also, gas is expensive.

It is great. It is big and roomy. The only thing I don't like is the gas mileage.

- Laureen H

It's a family car big enough to occupy my 5 plus family

I love how roomy my vehicle is I dislike the number of problems I've had with it

- Stephanie S

Very spacious and extremely special. Ac works great

Its lasted us very long. It's barely hanging on but it's maKing it

- Anais B

It is four wheel drive and has Bose stereo.

I love it because it is awesome. I love it because the roof opens

- Geo B

That the car gets great gas mileage. That is the number one thing I like to look for when looking at purchasing a car.

I love how smooth the car drives and the gas mileage is great.

- Maddie W