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Yukon is a great vehicle!

I drive about 25 miles one way to and from work each day, and also run errands throughout the day for work. My Yukon is easy to get in and out of, comfortable, and I feel very safe on the highway. It turns sharp enough that I do not have trouble parking it anywhere. The features are excellent. I have remote start, heated and air conditioned front seats, heated bucket seats in the rear middle row, navigation, XM radio, and a DVD player in the back. I do not have children, but we frequently load up friends to go out of town to dinner or to visit friends and it seats 6 adults comfortably with easy access to the rear seats, having the bucket seats in the middle row. I often pick up my niece and nephew from school and they enjoy having their own seats in the back. I have owned Yukons for the past 7 or 8 years now ranging from 6 years apart on the make, and I would continue to shop for a Yukon in the future. The motors are hearty and I do not have issues with maintenance. I would recommend this vehicle to a single person, a mid sized family, and anything in between.

- Stacy B

Best SUV for large families!

I love my Yukon! We have 3 kids and needed a vehicle that could handle car seats and still be comfortable for long trips. The third row seat is easy to take in and out when extra space is needed. The captains chairs in the middle row are heated and recline, which makes for a comfortable ride. The DVD player is our saving grace for 9 hour car trips to grandma's house, and the wireless headphones are an added bonus, so mom and dad can listen to a podcast in the front while frozen plays in the back! Living in Colorado, I appreciate the automatic start, which warms up my seat in the winter and cools down the car in the summer. The one button open and close automatic tailgate is such a lifesaver when I have my hands full!

- Kacey S

Amazing family vehicle, perfect for traveling!

Amazing automobile. We're a family of five and love to take road trips. We have more than enough space to carry on top and have the whole family traveling comfortably. Passenger seat can be laid out, two middle row seats can be laid back as well and back row has enough space that the third kid sitting in the back can sit safely while sleeping. All four back seats can be put down for extra carrying space and we have even carried purchased furniture in our Yukon from the amount of space we have in it. Our pit bull/lab mix can easily sit or lay down in the walking space between the middle row seats and kids are still comfortably and safely in their seats.

- Liz R

Keep OnStar and get extended warranty, keep maintenance up and it will last.

Overall my vehicle performance has been top notch. I currently have approximately 292, 000 miles. The warranty to include extended warranty is no longer available on the vehicle, but the OnStar features is somewhat helpful. Major replacements done has included transmission and computer modem on the vehicle, and replacement of engine coils. But with the miles I have on my vehicle and the fact that I put over 400 miles a week, I am impressed. My vehicle is reliable, but I keep up my maintenance on a regular basis. Comfortable, it is off the change. It is a three seater and everyone has their own space with no complaints.

- Trina V

GMC Yukon, I love my SUV, totally recommend a Yukon.

I love the Yukon, not bad on gas mileage and just enough space for what I need!! The look is sleek and classy, and GMC always has beautiful interior. I bought mine when it was 2 y/o and always ran great and smooth. Such a luxury ride and great sound system. The only default I have had was the exterior trim on the doors. It looks like the paint almost boiled to the actual trim and rusted. People have told me it is pollen, but whatever I do, it will not go away. Unfortunately there have been a lot of complaints like this and GMC will not recall it since it is just trim.

- Holly S

GMC Yukon solid SUV; glitchy electrical system.

Overall my Yukon has been a great vehicle. Pros: very roomy and comfortable, decent gas mileage for the size, car seats fit securely. I have the bucket seats in 2nd row and it makes getting to 3rd row easy. Cons: electrical system is glitchy, had a lot of problems when first got the car. Went to multiple dealerships to get it fixed and none could solve the issues. Went to a small shop where we take our older jeep and they figured it out. It still makes noises when the car is off but it does not glitch out anymore.

- Carrie F

The car is good for families who need extra room.

When we originally decided on the Yukon as our car of choice. It came down to the space it allowed us to have inside the vehicle really. We love that the third row comes out when not needed allowing for more space in the trunk. If we need it we can always add it in. I can easily fit two car seats with plenty of more room for whatever else. I am a tall person as is so I love that there is room for my legs. It is a big car but it is worth it for family's.

- Mart T

The media feature has been a true life saver on long car rides.

We love the size of the car. With 4 kids we needed something they could get in and out of easily. We have the DVD player which has also been a life saver. Down side is we had the transmission replaced in 2016, then the engine went in 2017 and this past month we had to replace catalytic converters and the front differential. There is an oil consumption problem on this year which caused the engine to finally give up.

- Jennifer M

Love my truck but could use better interior lighting!

Absolutely love this vehicle! This is my 3rd Denali Yukon xl. Love the heated seats and heated steering wheel. Performs well in all terrain; flat, hills, highway, dirt roads. . It has a v8 for the get up and go when needed. The back up camera is a huge benefit. Only thing I would change is the lighting inside so I could see the garage door opener buttons better.

- Eleanor F

The engine is very good it almost never break down.

I really love my vehicle because first of all, it is really pretty it has a lot of space for all my family and we travel every year so is really helpful for me i can take everything I want and we all feet perfectly also is pretty modern has a pretty color the rim are pretty too the only thing is that it spends a lot of gas and gas is really expensive right now.

- Annette D

Goods and bads of owning a Yukon

My biggest issue has been that the oil does not last as long as the car says it will. I usually have to get my oil changed when it's around 25%. Also, the dash has cracked and rattles when driving. Other than that, the car has been extremely reliable. It is spacious and perfect for vacation or travel. I love the option to remove seat for extra space.

- Jeni B

It�s a very spacious car .

The car is great for a big family with kids. I don't have any special features, but I haven't had any issues with the car since I keep up with the maintenance as scheduled. I bought the car because of the space I needed and it's super comfortable and easy to clean when the kids get things on the seats and easy to take out seat as needed .

- Shay S

Great SUV with ware and tare.

Absolutely love my Yukon. It is a little older, so there are a few problems happening to it such as transmission slips going into second gear. The dash cracks from high heat (sun), control buttons (thermostat buttons etc. ) Ware off. But overall it is a great SUV. Comfortable and great for family trips.

- Mandi P

It is a rather good size sedan however has quite great gas mileage.

This is a very convenient and affordable vehicle. It is very spacious and is a great vehicle for the whole family. For the size of this vehicle the gas mileage is absolutely amazing. You can drive quite a distance on just one tank of gas, and you have to stop a lot less to top off the tank.

- Stormy D

Vehicle is so convenient for me I'm happy I purchased my GMC Yukon.

Very dependable vehicle. I've been leasing it 9 months absolutely no problems. Leather seats front and rear air conditioning. Three rows of seats. You can also break the seats down if needed for storage. Great gas mileage considering the size of the vehicle and also the engine size.


Yukon Denali xl. Fully loaded with heated and cooling seats.

Durability. Passenger comfort. Very spacious. Ability to tow. Great for traveling with family and a dog. Great for all weather and camping. Powertrain is awesome. Maintenance is required to obtain the longevity of the vehicle with the best fuel. Great for long distance driving.

- Lena I

TV / DVD player is the best feature.

I love my GMC, I have a child and nieces and nephews, I am very close with my sister so it helps us all be able to go out together and have room for all the kids, car seats. I love the TV feature to keep the kids entertained on long car rides. Best vehicle I have owned so far.

- Brittany B

2009 GMC Yukon xl great family SUV.

3rd row seating, all leather makes it a great family vehicle. Very reliable. Split 2nd row seating makes getting to the back seat easy! Tan is a great color, does not show dirt:) that is good for me. Running boards make it easy for the smallest of kids to get in and out.

- Becky R

Our experience with a GMC Yukon.

The Yukon is very comfortable and roomy. It does not get the best gas mileage though. We haven't had many problems, mostly routine things like brakes, battery, starter. The spark plugs have blown out twice. It is great for family and pets and hauling things.

- Stacey C

Great vehicle and really great for someone with family.

I haven't had any big issues with it everything very easy and cheap fixable, I love the way it drives never really had issues with that. Have a family of 5 driving them to school no problem. Really good stereo system. Took it on long trips not one problem.

- Angel R

People should know that my Yukon is awesome and everyone should want one for themselves! It's the best!

I like that it is big in size and very comfortable for my family. It is fully loaded, but I wish it had Bluetooth and a wall charger or USB ports. I also wish it had a built in air compressor for when my tire pressure gets low.

- jessica m

It's very roomy and safe..

It is big enough to fit all of my children and my groceries. Although it is large it still has a lot of luxury to it, it does not feel like I am driving a tank. I like the feeling of driving a big car on the roads these days.

- Becky C

It has four wheel drive and towing package.

Honestly there is nothing about my vehicle that I hate. I love all the options it has. It has plenty of space. Seats that you can move to make more room. It has awesome features. Chevy and GMC are #1 in my opinion!

- Jennifer W

It seats 8 even with car seats and the storage in the back is enty roomy for.three people to go grocery shopping.

It is roomy which includes room to seat 8 even with infant and youth car seats. There is plenty of room.in the back for groceries and cargo. It is a big vehicle but is easy to get used to driving.

- Cathie M

Big enough for everyone to fit comfortably.

I love the drop down dvd player, the leather interior and the captains chairs in the 2nd row. It's big enough that I can go grocery shopping and take all 3 of my kids with, no problem.

- Jeremy l

The features make this the best vehicle I've ever owned.

I love that it's very roomy and our family of 5 fits comfortably in it. The features are great, like the DVD player and Sirius. I don't like that it's a bit of a gas guzzler.

- Estela K

It has all the comforts you need and come to expect in a vehicle.

It a reliable heavy vehicle that we can use for heavy hauling. It is has a lot of room for the tall people in our family. It sometimes is hard to handle on the road.

- Larry c

It is a safe and reliable vehicle to drive and own.

I like how safe I feel when I drive. It has nice features. I like how smooth it handles. I am having a hard time finding a vehicle that I like better than this one.

- Lisa C

I have never had problems with it. And it is a 2009 vehicle.

I really love my car. It is older but it runs very well. I have never had any problems with it. I bought it used in 2010 and I have loved it since I got it.

- Kristen F

I really like the rear backing sensors and camera great for tight areas.

I really enjoy my vehicle, it is stylish, roomy and it is economic enough for my liking. It fits my family of 5 very nicely and is great for road trips.

- Deavin C

It rides good, is in good condition and is very comfortable.

It is comfortable and spacious. I have had some electrical problems. The sound system is very good. Love the leather seats and seat heating system.

- Carolyn K

Easy to drive in traffic and easy to get into parking

Like room to pack people and groceries in without cramping. Dvd for kids to watch while traveling. Room to fit numerous car seats without trouble

- Ciana G

This truck is very spacious inside, and great on the highway.

I love the space inside, and the back up camera feature! I hate that it does not have a screen in it for my grandchildren while traveling.

- Sundra L

that it a great overall family car that drives great.

I love the automatic start I love the rear AC I love the overall way it drives I dislike the buckets seats I love the rear hatch opener

- debbie s

Reliable, dependable and a very smooth ride (even when riding in the very back).

Very reliable. Love the features that it offers. So far the only complaint would be cosmetic and amount of money to fill the tank.

- Miranda M

If you are moving, the backseat comes out and you are able move a lot.

We bought it used so there is some wear and tear. I do like how roomy it is and that I can fit 8 people in it. Overall I like it.

- Nicole H

Best looking SUV on the market

GMC Yukon very reliable, stylish and comfortable vehicle. Sound and entertainment system is excellent, Would buy another one!

- abby t

Good reliable and heavy duty vehicle. It is durable and trustworthy; It is well worth the purchase; but you must take care of maintenance requirements.

Black reliable and slick. Expensive to keep up but must do it. Takes me from A to Z. Love the onstar service it provides.

- Trina V

It is not the best on mileage and the cost to fill up the tank is a pretty penny.

I like how big it is and it has enough space for a big family to travel comfortably. I dislike how expensive it is on gas.

- Kennedy H

Heated seats make the winter months comfortable!

I really love this car! It fits our family perfectly. The heated seats are a nice feature for the winter months.

- Celeste E

It does use a lot of gas but it is great for taking trips.

I love my vehicle. It is comfortable with lots of room. Only problem is they are known for the dash to crack..

- Mandi P

That it's a very safe car to drive. It is nice also having rear ac that actually cools one off.

It's a very nice car with some bells and whistles I don't like that it has captain seats in the middle row.

- Debbie S

It is nice and safe to ride in.

It has a comfortable ride. Nice body style. Problems: gas hog. I like amenities that the vehicle provides.

- Linda M

It's a big car so it does take up room, but its good if you have children.

I love that it is very spacious and has the option to take out the third row for more room in the trunk.

- Mart T

I really like the rear backing assist, I find that feature very helpful.

I really enjoy my vehicle, it is roomy for my family of 5 stylish and economical enough for my liking.

- Devin C