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That the engine will not let you down. After 150,000 miles on my Element engine, it doesn't blow smoke of any kind or color nor are there any puddles of any types of fluid on the driveway where I park.

This is a fantastic vehicle and I don't understand why they quit making them. The individual seats in the back can be folded down in so many different configurations and/ removed if need be. Also, the engine has to be one of the best in the world. I have over 150,000 miles on my Element and it doesn't leak any fluids nor are there any puddles under my Element. I really wish they would bring it back into production. The doors open up all the way, as in you have a suicide door in the back seats. The rear opens into a clamshell configuration, plus you have a sunroof between the rear seats and the rear cargo area. No one lacks for space in this vehicle. Bring it back Honda!!!

- Glenn J

A good beginner�s car and it won't disappoint!

I have a 03 Honda Element EX. What I love most about this car is the space it has for back passengers leg and feet area. If you're someone who prefers loads in the backseat instead, then this car is definitely for you. I want to believe it's one of the very few compact SUV made back in early 2000s, so the technology isn't great, but it's doable to someone who doesn't care for future features. I purchased this car from a family member who didn't maintenance this too well, but trust me when I say this car does great with a little bit of work it really does. I would definitely say it's a good beginners car for all of the newbie driver's out there.

- Malee V

Lots of space and vehicle was made for traveling!

At its heart, the Element is exactly what a small SUV should be- practical, reliable, and easy to drive. What sets the car apart is simply how over-the-top utilitarian it really is. The interior is nearly indestructible. The rubberized floors are easy to clean, the seats are waterproof, and the folding rear seats open up a cavernous cargo area that will easily accommodate mountain bikes with the wheels still attached. For a giant rolling box, it handles surprisingly well- though not a sports car, the car feels stable and relatively nimble on mountain roads. An excellent buy for dog owners, college students, or anybody with an active lifestyle.

- John A

Honda Element excellent SUV for any generation.

Honda Element is a really good vehicle. Excellent gas mileage. Repairs have been at a minimum. Paint and exterior trim are still in good condition. Interior is easy to clean and maintain. Floor has vinyl covering that can be vacuumed out easily and/or wiped out with soap and water. Rear passenger doors are a novel experience. Entering and exiting the vehicle from the passenger doors could be difficult for handicapped individuals. Excellent behind the rear seat storage. Excellent beach vehicle. Can drive on beach with AWD. Rear seats recline for camping.

- Vicki S

Car camping Honda element.

I have had no problems with this car, beyond it is normal maintenance, until last year. I have had it since 2003, so that says a lot. It converts to a camper vehicle. Lay down the front and back seats and you have a double bed. Put up the back seats and it is like a cargo van and transported my two large golden retrievers around the country. The back seats can even be removed for more space. It is good on gas/mileage and is not a bad ride even after all these years. Honda's have been reliable cars for me with few maintenance issues.

- Anne S

It looks small from the outside, but has so much room and very flexible.

The Honda element of 2003 is reliable and is good for a small family or one person. While it looks small, there's plenty of room with movable seats to adjust when needed. The car's performance is amazing and has run smoothly for me for about 4 years now. The only small complaint would be that the muffler tends to break and I have noticed that other Honda elements have that same issue. Besides that, I am comfortable with my car and wouldn't give it up.

- Nicole F

The advantage of this car, it protects the people in accident.

This car mileage varies frequently, this is the major drawback of this car. In addition, this car always encounters with some repairs. And always, so much of smoke will generated, when ever I open the engine. One of positive aspect of this car is, when we met with accident, we will be safe, this is the major and only advantage I found with this car. I recommend the people, not to buy this car.

- Marri D

Great camping and family car

My Honda Element has been a great reliable family car and has had hardly any issues since I bought it in 2005, which was 14 years ago. I bought this car before I had my two children and they are now ages 7 & 8. We had a Golden Retriever dog and it's a great car if you have a dog as well. It fits a air mattresses in the back when you lift up the seats so it's great for camping too.

- Carol P

Great for hauling large furniture.

My car is great for hauling large items,couches,chairs. It is good on gas. Needs new tires. Can not pass smog right now I have to drive it 100 miles to get the computer to reset for the smog.Check. I have never had an accident with this car. Visibility is bad in the corners when backing up. Currently I can not get m y high beams to work,low beam are fine.

- Linda E

Ultra practical and goes anywhere!

Well, it is a Honda so you know it is built well and has good reliability. I used to own a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta which was very well built but I couldn't find anyone in my area that serviced VWs. It was too expensive to maintain so I sold it and bought the ultra-practical Honda element. I have since converted it into a mini RV.

- Trevor J

Elementary my dear Watson.

It's one of the most versatile cars ever made, good gas mileage, great utility and fun to boot. The spacious interior really allows the user to do anything they want and the fold up seats mean you can even haul cargo like a truck. Cleaning it is a snap due to interior design and it is small wheelbase means it turns on a dime.

- Paul J

211, 000 miles and still going strong.

The seats can be completely removed so there is so much space to move loads around. Has 215, 000 miles on it and its still running great. The doors are set up butterfly style, and the only thing that bothers me is that the driver seat belt is connected to the back door, so they can't open their door without you unbuckling.

- Amy F

Can get from point A to point B.

I have Broken, cracked glass on windows and windshield. The car Drives okay. I can drive back and forth to Houston from Biloxi without issues I don't have a/c currently. The Gas gauge is off/ I have to get gas often. The Dash doesn't work properly sometimes Gear gets stuck in park even when I press on the brake.

- Kathryn W

Comfortable, spacious, and roomy.

I absolutely love that is looks and seems small, but once you get insight it's very roomy and spacious! I love the multiple ways that the seats and be folded down, or up and tucked into the windows to create more space, and different spaces for your personal needs. You can pack a lot into this nice compact SUV.

- Sara L

Outdoor vehicle for the win

This car is amazing for people that enjoy spending time in the outdoors. I use this vehicle for hunting, fishing, camping, and daily work. It's great for everything and perfect for animal lovers. I recommend this vehicle and would consider getting another one myself. I only wish they still manufactured them.

- John B

The floor elements is water proof. I have taken a garden hose to clean the inside.

The best thing about my car is how spacious it is once the seats are pulled n attach to sides of backseat. I have moved my house four years ago and the element gets me all over and driving is great per visibility is elevated. The only thing that is a drawback, I only get 26 mpg city and about 29-30 highway!

- Terry A

The most reliable car ever made.

My element is the best car I have ever owned. It is very reliable. I have kept up the oil changes over the 15 years I have owned it, and the only major repair has been the suspension. It has 242, 500 miles on it, and still runs like a top. I'd buy another (if I ever need to), if Honda would make them again.

- Pat S

A big box with a purpose.

I love the fact that I can haul big pieces of furniture and I have been able to fit three mountain bikes in the trunk. The only downside is the gas mileage in the city (approx. 20 mpg) which is tough when you work in the city. It has stadium seating in the back with a ton of leg room for those passengers.

- Lucas O

Lots legroom but if you have more than two children this not a vehicle you.

When I first got it I was really excited about my vehicle the element it is good on gas I like to the set up but I recommend it to somebody else yes I would but one thing is you have to be cautious about even though it is a truck is only a four seater and that was something that I do not like about it.

- Carolyn T

My car can be mainly used for heavy duty

It is all manual, you can adjust the chair backwards and forwards, a working radio is installed. Nothing fancy but nothing broken. The car I use can be used for camping or hiking stuff, There is a feature where my car can have enough space to fit in a 5 ft shelf, it is all built heavy duty.

- Manu S

The Honda element is a reliable, versatile vehicle and I love it.

It is reliable, incredibly roomy, versatile and very easy to clean and maintain. It is fantastic for road trips and has tons of cargo space. I love that it is comparatively small for a mid-size SUV, but the 4-cylinder engine does not have a ton of oomph when driving uphill and on highways.

- Melissa J

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle with plenty of room in the back. Love the versatility of it. Pick up when accelerating could be better. The mechanism that controls the windows going up and down on both the passenger and driver side broke and had to be replaced. Great for dogs and easy to clean.

- Agnes D

Element awesomeness for Hawaii but Hawai'i does not take care of its roads.

Suspension is the only issues that I have experienced but it was due to the poor road conditions that are present on Hawaii roads. Other than that it is an excellent vehicle. At approximately 24 mpg it is ok I think it would be awesome if it were able to accomplish at least 30+ mpg.

- Aaa E

An extremely roomy and comfortable utilitarian automobile.

Very reliable... some issues with the electrical system, specifically the starter. Very comfortable, surprisingly roomy inside. Reliable engine. The seats either fold up or can be removed for a very large indoor space for camping or moving. The car is a bit top-heavy, however.

- Frank T

Engineering of Honda element.

Easily damaged . Faulty air quality control. Faulty design. It is big enough to store items. I used the car to move out of my apartment and it was very useful. . When driving in windy areas, the aerodynamics weren't great at all. The car swayed on the road,on the interstate.

- Sarah J

Great for family SUV type vehicle.

Very reliable, no major problems at 125, 000 miles. Have kept up maintenance per recommended schedule. Very roomy and easily accessible, i.e. Wide front door and rear opening back door. Very comfortable ride, responsive steering, large windshield with great field of vision.

- Mark N

I manage to get great fuel mileage. A tank lasts me a whole month.

Dislike the fact it has too many blind spots when driving. Love it cause you can put so much stuff in it as it is taller than normal car on the inside. Have room for my 3 dogs to put there beds in the back and still have room for luggage in far back behind back seat.

- Sharon B

I have never had any major repairs--runs like a top.

Dislike: a-frame joining door to front end--it blocks a portion of the windscreen and so blocks vision of anything (pedestrians, other cars, etc.) In my line of vision. Otherwise, I love the reliability and how long the car has lasted. 15 yrs; 242,000 miles so far.

- Pat S

Radio solution. If no code call dealership to get code

I like my car. I am short so the sun gets in my eyes. Never really had any major problems. Just make sure when you buy one you get the radio code if you ever have to change your battery. It knocks out the radio and need code to fix it. Drives well and very roomy.

- Jeni W

I love my Honda element it's fun and safe to drive.

My Honda is great on gas, very comfortable, reliable, roomy, I am able to use it to move big items by folding up the seats, and if I ever decide to camp where I am it turns into a tent, the mats can be removed and can be washed out if you ever get muddy inside,

- Carmen L

Being able to lay the back seat completely flat makes for a ton of space.

My car is 15 years old and runs great. I have never had any major problems. I do maintain it though. It has so much room on the inside. It has helped me move many times. It is comfortable to tall people and is super-easy to clean since it does not have carpets.

- Lindsay G

My vehicle has very good mileage and a good amount of gas stays in tank.

My car is very good with gas mileage and it doesn't take much to file up my tank and it can usually last me a good amount of time. The car is very comfortable and looks smaller than it is and has a lot of room on the inside for anything you want to put in it.

- Mae P

Honda element is dependable and versatile, for utility and transportation.

I have a small farm and I use this vehicle as if it is a small truck. I use it to haul bags of horse manure, straw, bags of feed and other supplies for my property. I also find driving the vehicle very comfortable, it has a great turning radius and handling.

- Doris K

My vehicle is versatile and unique in that it can be hosed out with water.

My element is a versatile and very useful car. It can haul all kinds of stuff and can actually be hosed out inside. It is very dependable and requires very little maintenance. I currently have 180, 000 miles and I plan to drive it for several more years.

- Deb H

Honda Element is in it for the long haul

A great car if you have pets. Roomy and plastic floor makes it easy to clean up. Seats fold up great for camping and packing a lot of stuff. Various maintenance problems that come with age. I would buy this car again. It has 320,000 miles on it.

- MaryJane S

That the Element is a great car for many applications.

I like that the Element is very versatile. The seats are able to be easily put up for storage. I also like that it is a small SUV that gets about 25 miles per gallon. I don't like that there are blind spots when driving the Element.

- Jarrod H

The undetectable extendable car

This car is amazing, it has fit everything from 75-gallon aquariums, to armchairs, to chicken feed, bikes, and everything else. I have spilled multiple large sodas, and the carpet-less interior makes it easy to spray out and clean.

- Michael S

It's no longer in production but if it was still made I would totally buy a new one.

I love my element. It's got so much room when I take out the seats. I can sleep in it and it's actually a pretty short vehicle so it's easy to park almost anywhere. It also has all wheel drive so it's great to drive in the snow.

- Noe C

The Honda element is the best small SUV.

It is a true small SUV. It is got a great view, it handles very well. The seats fold up so you have huge trunk space, they come out for even more space. You can also put the seats in a bed configuration- it sleeps 2.

- Zack F

Mix of an SUV & small station wagon, perfect for hauling, camping, & shopping.

I can haul almost anything in my Honda element. The vehicle can be hosed out makes cleaning easy. The element is pretty good on gas, easy to maintain and I love so much I would purchase another one.

- Jamie R

It rides very smooth take bumps very well and easy to drive.

Able to travel long distance is very spacious for me and all the kids and also pet if need be seats are pulled up and I can move or transfer things can be in all the way around I have no complaints.

- Marianne L

The most important thing they should know is that the car has been very reliable over the years.

I like that I can store anything in it easily. I like that I can clean it very easily. I like that it has been durable. I dislike only having 4 seats. That is the only dislike I can think of.

- Kim F

They do not make them anymore.

It's small and with the seats up, you can haul a lot of stuff in the back. The back seats are higher than the front, therefore riders can where they are going. It's a fun little car.

- nancy w

it can be hosed out if there's a mess made by kids

I love the fact that it is kid friendly, It has weathertech flooring so you can hose out any messes such as a spilled drink or food. I haven't found anything that i dislike about it.

- brandy H

It only has room for 4 inside.

I like my Honda Element there is a lot of room inside overall, good on gas. The only thing that I do not like about the element is for it size it is only has room for 4 sets inside.

- Carolyn T

The doors suck for passengers, but the car/truck is fantastic, there's a ton of room and it handles anything super well!

No complaints, it's honestly a great car! The only thing I would change are the doors, those get annoying from time to time, but the Element runs smoothly and drives great in snow!

- Ben B

It's a great family car for trips and shopping and can also be used for moving large items.

It's great for moving things. I even fit a washing machine in it! It's very versatile for whatever I need The only drawback is there is no room for a third person in the back.

- maureen a

My car has all the bells and whistles as any luxury car.

I like how it stays clean easily. Dislike how it is hard to see out of the back. I also like how it is small.. But not too small. And I like how you can move the back seats.

- Nicki V

It's bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.

I like that it works and is easy to fix. I dislike that it is old and starting to wear out. Not old enough to be classic, but old enough to be non-modern looking.

- Loren E

Great car and would buy it again!

The seats tore within the first year of owning the vehicle which was very disappointing. Overall the car has been fabulous, offering very little need for repairs.

- Justin B

It's bigger on the inside! It may look like a box, but it's huge once opened.

Love the rubber mats inside, make it so easy to clean out with two young children. The space is so spacious and makes long trips fun. Comfortable. Drives great!

- Anne G

I know that it will never let me down and that is the most important thing to me.

There have not been problems with it so far that I am able to think of. The performance of the car has been great so far, it is very reliable and comfortable

- Charles H

It's my baby! It has never done me wrong she's special to me

My Honda is a trooper. It takes me everywhere, and brings me joy! It has plenty of room to move things, have the kids with me do all kinds of fun things!

- Jennifer H

It is a stick. If you don't know how to drive stick, you don't want this car.

It is a stick shift, so it is bad on hills, the gas tank is small, but it has a lot of space. I have a lot of legroom, so it is great if you are tall.

- Daniel S

The most important thing to know about my car is that it has a lot more space then it seems.

I love the space. My favorite feature is that you can take the seats all out for more space or cleaning purposes. My complaint is the suicide doors.

- Ryan F

Goes into 4 wheel drive if needed.

It's easy to load carry music equipment (keyboard and professional speakers) - lots of room. It feels good driving and it's green - my fav color.

- carol m

Sometimes the engine does not start up, and it it very frustrating

Sometimes the car seat does not adjust very well. Sometimes the car engine doesn't want to start up. This can lead to very distressing moments.

- Alex M

It was a fair and decent price.

She is the perfect car for kids and pets. I can camp or hike or let the dogs swim in the lake and clean her with a water hose when we are done.

- Sheila S

How much room there is inside.

I love how much space there is. I wish that I could fit a fifth person in the car though. I also wish I could open the sunroof via button

- Santana H

It is extremely reliable.

This car is very reliable. The gas mileage is very decent. It holds a lot of goods for trips to home improvement shops and groceries.

- Mike E

It has a good amount of storage.

I like how reliable it is. I like the stereo in it. The seats are nice. The turning is a bit weird considering the shape of the car.

- Devin M

Its amazing and has gone to Florida more than once and gone to Texas only once.

I love the plastic floor. When we go to the beach, we can just sweep the car out. Hate the exhaust system. We've had to replace it.

- Christina W

It can be hosed out and you can remove the back seats. The gas mileage is not bad for the size. It's dependable.

It's great for camping and loading equipment for my small business. I like that it has headroom. I'm sad they discontinued it.

- Zach P

The Honda Element is a wonderful vehicle: Very durable and has great mileage. Miles to the gallon is also very fair and the snow tires help protect it during winter season.

One thing others should know about my car is that it is excellent for all seasons and has an excellent braking system.

- Simon L

It is a lot larger on the inside then it looks.

The Honda Element is a great utility vehicle, it perfect for going on a day trip, grocery store and camping.

- Jamie R

It has a lot of space inside and head room as well. Great for road trips or camping trips. Will buy another if i get any engine trouble

My vehicle is nice because its very sporty with alot of space and head room. Also has nice interior design.

- Timothy D

The space available in it to store anything you need to

I like how smooth it drives, but dislike how it turns. I like the stereo in it. I like the space in it

- Devin M

Good very versatile vehicle for a small family

The car has somewhat poor gas mileage for the under powered motor. But it is very roomy and versatile

- Nat M

once inside you will know that it is safe and comfortable to ride in.

The vehicle has plenty of legroom. Does not use too much gas. Has plenty of storage room.


Keeping it clean and maintained is very easy and affordable.

It is reliable, easy to maintain, gets good gas mileage and is roomy enough for travel.

- Jamie H

Very dependable and versatile

I love it's looks. I love it's reliability. I love it's versatility. Awesome car.

- Wynette f

A full tank of gas (11 gallons) lasts 300 highway miles.

Love the gas mileage per gallon. Very reliable and durable. Low maintenance.

- Rachel S

Although it is a small SUV, the space was very well planned

It is a comfortable vehicle, but it frequently has suspension problems

- Eri S

i can fit at full size mattress in it for camping

comfortable, reliable, gas saver. fits anywhere

- marielis r