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Hands down the best car I have ever driven

This car is over 10 years old and is hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned. The car had 164k miles on it when I bought it and I have driven it for almost another 100k and have had zero issues. I use this car on a rural mail route and have driven it through thousands of miles of rough terrain and it has handled it all without complaining. The amount of space inside this vehicle is ridiculous. I am not a very tall person but I can almost stand up in the back. My only complaint is that I wish it had more cup holders and Bluetooth capability.

- Alicia M

2006 Honda Element, Code p2646 is most likely electrical issue

This vehicle has an electronic issue throws code p2646 saying it needs a new part when in reality the connection plug is corroded. It also has transmission issues. It gets me from point a to point b so I guess that's what's important. This vehicle has VTech parts so it's best to buy replacements directly from Honda dealership. It also has several recalls regarding the passenger side air bag. It can explode and throw shrapnel. If you consider purchasing please make sure this is fixed, dealership will do it for free.

- Ashley N

Red 2006 Honda element, reliable and sturdy.

The engine has had a lot of issues, we have had to take it into the shop multiple times. There are only ac/ heating vents in the front. Shakes when I get up to/try to go faster than 45 mph. Very sturdy vehicle and roomy once you sit inside. I was rear-ended once and it barely made a dent and everyone in the car was fine, this vehicle is built to withstand impact. Does not have automatic lights, must turn on headlights manually and remember to turn them off. I like the red paint it came in.

- Sarah G

Honda element is great on gas and ready for adventures!

My Honda element has been a very reliable car, no major issues since I got it, which has been over 2 years now, we maintain the good functioning by doing the regular services like oil changes, tire rotations and stuff. I love my car cause it gives an adventurer look and the seats become a bed if you want to take it camping which we have done! Pretty fun! It’s very good on gas since is 4 cylinder but that also makes it a little slow, that is the only thing I do not love about it.

- Aurora A

The space the car offers is amazing! It offers a lot of room.

I am a full time college student that also commutes, having a car in general is amazing. Not only that having a car I do not have to pay for and is paid off is a privilege. The car itself has amazing space for tailgates and carpooling. But do to the amount of miles and just the age the car has reached its toll. It is constantly in the shop getting something done. And the shape of the car leaves a lot of blind spots which is a challenge.

- Brie B

Caterers want it, and my friend thinks it looks like a toaster!

Very reliable, caterers have asked me to call them if I decide to sell it. Excellent gas mileage, ease of changing out seats for use in moving large items. Heating and cooling systems have always been dependable. Front seats are falling apart. I love the ease of cleaning with seats being removed, and the interior being hosed down. Plenty of room for passengers sitting in back seats, but not very comfortable.

- Beckie M

Roomy, comfortable, orchestra seating, gorgeous box car.

This vehicle was purchased as used in 2010. My husband primarily uses it since he travels for work. We love it because of the orchestra seating. Very roomy and comfortable to drive. The only thing we do not like about this car is the blind spot. Since the purchase, we changed the brake pads twice. The chassis needs fixing and the mechanical light is constantly on since a couple of months ago.

- Rowena R

Honda element: bring it back.

I love how spacious it is, it very reliable but I wish it got better gas mileage. I love the rubber floors and the easy to wipe down seats. It's great for moving, road trips, or getting from school to home. I love how easy it is to change the oil and lights myself, everything is very accessible. This is not only a great starter car but great for families or for people with multiple dogs.

- Rose M

Incredibly reliable and great gas mileage.

The Honda element the Honda element the Honda element ex has been a faithful vehicle. It's never had any major issues or had to have any serious work done on it. The car has over 250,000 miles on it and was purchased used with 80,000 miles on it. The only downside to this car is it has a bit of a rough ride for the passengers but other than that it is very reliable.

- Chelsea J

The perks of driving a toaster.

A very reliable vehicle. Great for camping. The suicide side doors and low deck make loading and unloading a snap. The rear seats lie flat then fold up to the side for more open space in the back. The seats also remove completely. The one drawback is the gas mileage. It only gets 25 mpg. As it is only a 4 cylinder and I think it should be more fuel efficient.

- Cheryl J

Up the mountain with an element

It's a great family daily driver. We camp and travel often. It's easy to clean. The all wheel drive makes it perfect for going up the mountain. My only complaint is the way the doors open. It's annoying but I've gotten used to it. I would recommend the element to anyone with an active outdoor lifestyle in need of a reliable fun vehicle.

- Randy C

Great utilitarian vehicle.

I have had no real issues with the car. It has 165, 000 miles on it. I have driven it across the country with no problems. It has tons of room for the passengers. I do wish the engine was a little more powerful. Gas mileage is ok, it gets about 21 on average. It drives really well in the snow. You can tow small trailers with it.

- Christopher K

The Elements large bumper has really come in handy.

My Honda Element is very reliable, it is has plenty of room inside and the back seats fold over to add more space for storage. This really comes in handy on my yard sale expeditions! I bought used and it hasn't given me any problems yet. Honda's are known for lasting a long time. It has been a great vehicle for me and my family.

- Carolyn M

Efficient and reliable Honda Element

The car is really reliable and I have taken it back and forth between states for a couple of months and have not had much problems with it. The fuel economy could be better but other than that it is very spacious and has been efficient. The removable seats have been very convenient with me traveling with my military career.

- Veronica R

Never sell your Honda element.

I have no issues with my Honda element. They should have never stopped making them. The whole vehicle is bulletproof. I use mine a lot for recreational purposes and hauling band equipment. It is like a utility SUV but with class, comfort and fun all rolled into one. Plus the sound and speakers for music are amazing.

- Jessica A

Spacious enough for cargo.

I think the car is a bit ugly. I particularly do not like the fact my car is orange. I do like the space it provides. It is a very spacious car. However, it only seats four people. It is a good car if you like camping and need to carry equipment around. However, it is not the most comfortable or elegant car.

- Mariah M

Reliable and utilitarian, low maintenance cost.

My car has only needed routine maintenance for the majority of its 10+ year life. It is not the smoothest ride, nor does it have lots of the bells and whistles that the newer vehicles have, but I can hose it out when it is filthy from camping, hiking, beach, or dog adventures, and it is lasted ages safely.

- Sarah P

this is a nice little car

The visibility of this care is really great. You don't feel like you are driving a box. My one qualm is that the gas pedal is hard to feel with your foot. And since it is an older car it is starting to have some issues. Though it is still new enough to be able to be repaired. It is a nice little car.

- Brit S

Good car for busy person.

Vehicle runs well. I feel like the gas mileage would be better if the vehicle wasn't a box vehicle. The inside of the vehicle is very roomy and the ability to put the back seats up to make a bed type section is very convenient. The process for putting the seats up is also very easy and manageable.

- Stacey H

My go to vehicle never fails.

My Honda element is comfortable to drive, spacious, reliable, and a gas saver. This vehicle is so versatile, from a work vehicle to a delivery service vehicle, to a camping and outdoors vehicle. My kids love the two way doors, and the leg room allows them to sleep comfortably on long driving trips.

- Patricia G

User-friendly smaller SUV.

This is a very cool, smaller SUV. It looks small from the outside, but has more cargo space than you could imagine. It has very usable features like back seats that fold up against the sides of the vehicle. The seats are also removable. It has a built-in roof rack. It get fair-good gas mileage. .

- Jodi R

Dependable but not for me

I bought it used and it needed some repairs and maintenance. That cost me more than $3000. But it seems reliable and has AWD. It worked well for my job. My legs are short and the seat doesn't lean down. So it hurts my right leg while driving. I can't afford anything else yet so I'm stuck with it.

- Lottie T

It has a moon roof so that is awesome!

This car is amazing, it is very spacious and drives great. For the size of the car it gets pretty good gas mileage compared to other big cars. My car is still running after putting 230k miles on it so that for sure shows how great it is. It only has four seats but other than that it is great!

- Jordan P

The Honda element is an extreme mobile!

The element is extremely Versatile, it is great for hauling lots of gear and people. It has a very spacious back seat area with skylight which garners lots of compliments from passengers. Handles well in all weather conditions but is not as tippy as a standard SUV, it is lower to the ground.

- Therese L

There is nothing interesting about my car it just doesn't work and I am tired of.

It is a shame Honda won't fix the Honda element parts that were broken when I brought the car, to many faults and wrongs and Honda doesn't want to own up to their faults and nobody want the car, because the gauge is broken and the speed gauge is gone and the hot and cold needle is also.

- Amber S

Big and nice very nice car I will keep it.

It nice and big lots of room and drive good and really good car I would not get anything else it gets me around I had it for along time I will tell my friends about it to buy one it's a very good car it will be the only car I will have I love this car and will keep it for long time.

- Tommy H

The Honda Element is sleek and can turn on a dime.

Most of the problems I've heard Elements have is the windows malfunctioning. It's not a big issue for us since we don't really use drive thru. It turn ratio is amazing, not very much technology wise since it's from 2006 but it definitely supersedes what's expected of an older model.

- Paul O

06 Honda element family car.

I love my car. It is only a 2.4 so it is good on gas even though it is a SUV. It is also all wheel drive. So you can drive it all year around. And I have drove it in the snow and it goes really good. It is a nice family car. Only bad thing is I wish it had 3 back seats and not 2.

- Amanda S

The Honda Element is wonderful in both terms of performance and features.

The Honda Element is an all around wonderful car. It is reliable, not to mention the fact that there is a large amount of space within the vehicle. My personal vehicle does have some noise issues, but in terms of overall performance this car is one of the best on the market.

- Mary H

Grey, leather seats, automatic doors

It dies a lot. But the chair are comfortable. It is a three role set. It got it brand new. My whole family can fit you in the car. We take it on every vacation we go on. It has a lot of miles but still runs good for use. If someone ask me what car to buy I would say a Honda

- Caroline P

Boxy Honda with spacious interior

My Element is a standard transmission which under the right circumstances help increase my gas mileage. The inside cabin room is spacious, but the boxy shape is unsightly. The vehicle runs very well after 12 years and seems to be able to continue to run for many more years.

- Chris M

Very spacey. Looks small on the outside but the back chairs fold down.

Reliable and easy to maintain. A/c went out early. Only complain. Its too much to repair now 2000 dollars is more than the car is worth now over 10 years later. It runs amazing. Never had a big problem as far as the transmission or brakes. Great mileage and cheap on gas.

- Asia L

You can remove the back seats and hang them up out of the way.

It's very roomy so I never have to worry about being able to fit things in it. I love how the back seats fold up and out of the way and you can fold the front seats flat so you could go camping in it if you wanted to. It's reliable and haven't had any issues with it.

- Lori C

2006 Honda element wonderful off-road car with plenty of space.

I love the Honda element it's a great off-road car its very spacious it's easy to keep clean. The Honda element has wonderful gas mileage, it drives smooth. As far as comfort it's very comfortable for the driver and passengers and it has wonderful trunk space.

- Emma M

Honda's last a long time, if you take care of it and get its oil changed regularly your Honda will last you 200,000+ miles

I love my Honda because it is durable and it is extremely useful, the seats can be lifted up in the back or taken out and I am able to haul heavy things all the time. One time we even slept in the back of my car, we were able to fit a mattress back there.

- Raeannon H

Its made for camping so it does not have traditional carpets.

I absolutely love that there is no carpet, making it the idea pet friendly option. I also love that the back seats open up to completely open the back end of the car for a number of uses. Perfect for camping or moving! Does well on gas and drive smooth.

- Kelli B

It runs great and is perfect for people with active lifestyles. My car gets dirty often but is super easy to clean.

I really like the versatility and toughness of the car. The suicide doors are a little annoying and make getting my family in and out a little hard. It gets great gas mileage and the repairs are cheaper. It is running with no problems at 175,000 miles

- Kyle C

It is incredibly versatile.

I love the versatility of my vehicle and how easy it is to keep clean. I like that I can haul almost anything in it, including my large dogs. I dislike that it's older and doesn't have bluetooth capabilities.

- Heather S

I love how roomy the back seat is!

My car is very reliable. Also, it is very easy to clean. My Honda element is very spacious and easy to drive. It drives like a small car but has the comfort and protection of a larger vehicle.

- Isabella V

very versatile for small suv

has good power and it has a lot of room for the driver seats lay down for hauling very comfortable to drive but only get 20 mpg thought a 4 cylinder would do better when I bought it

- nickey s

It has amazing plastic floors that are great for dogs and camping.

I love my car because it always keeps going. It is a smooth ride and always keeps my safe. I don't like the suicide doors and would never buy a car again that has those.

- Michael O

Great used car w/ >200,000 mi

Got the car used, cruise control doesn't work and interior is in moderate shape. Love that the rear seats fold up for extra storage, and how spacious interior is.

- Tyler V

It is a good utility vehicle.

We like the roominess and its reliability. It is large enough that we feel safe on the road. Good cargo space. Mileage is not great. Seems to need repairs often.

- Andy B

Best vehicle I have ever owned

No problems so far with this vehicle. I have changed the starter and that about it. I love this vehicle so much I will have it until I can't drive it anymore

- Tyler C

It has no middle back seat.

I love how the doors open. I love how easy it is to clean out if something spills or we gather sand from the beach. The only downfall is it only has 4 seats.

- Lauren D

LOVE how the seats flip up and clasp on to the side!

I really like the car, but I have had issues recently with the v-tech (I think that's what it's called) but the car itself has some very cool features!

- Savannah P

when it starts to fall apart is does a bang up job and everything starts breaking as soon as the warranty is up

seats are awful they tear up easy..windows are great at breaking the actuator and dropping the window into the door costing 500 at a dealer to fix

- Angela M

It helps out when it snows outside because it is all wheel drive

The Honda Element has a lot of room. I'm short and have a child that is in a car seat and I am able to climb in the back and put him in.

- Miranda L

Runs great until it don't and then It's toast

It was a good car but now all of a sudden it has started falling apart and that is so aggravating and the seats are starting to tear

- Angela S

Resale value is great because it is one of the most demanded cars.

I love my element. Wish it had more pulling weight and load weight. I have the black out curtains so I can sleep in it. Love that.

- Grace J

It's the perfect do-everything car. It can fit everyone, everything, every size.

I love everything about it, the size, the features, everything. except I did have to replace the transmission and the brakes.

- Andrew S

The one most important thing that everyone should know about my car is that it is spacious!

I love that it is spacious. I love that the floor is rubber. i love that it is compact. I would like more miles per gallon.

- Monica G

The sets fold up. That helps to carry bigger purchases.

I love the style of my vehicle. I love the color. I also love the rubber bumpers. I dislike having to take it to get fixed.

- Amanda T

It's very spacious on the inside even though it doesn't seem that way on the outside

I love the space. It's got room to transport many things. It's very affordable to fix and has great gas mileage

- Joel T

Honda no longer manufacturers this vehicle so it can only be obtained used.

I like the versatility and the storage room in the Element. I also like that it gets pretty good gas mileage

- Eric N

Seats fold to the side so a lot of floor and trunk space.

Very reliable with awesome power steering, very room and floor space, the only problem is not enough seating.

- Emily C

It keeps on going like the Energizer bunny

It has been very reliable with no major repairs needed. I would buy another one if they still made them.

- Alex P

There is more space than it looks like and it has been very reliable

like the space & practicality of the vehicle. dislike they don't make them any more.

- Chris B

4 wheel drive in fantastic in the winter time her a t engine

The seats wear out easily but other that that it's a good car

- Barbara M