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Great feature: seats can be removed with ease!

I just purchased the vehicle two months ago used. I purchased it based on the fact my girlfriend owned one since 2004 and has 240,000 miles on her car and it is so reliable! And going strong! My car was owned by one owner and had at time of purchase 165,000 miles. She never had anything big to replace. Just the regular maintenance that you do with Honda and oil change/rotate tires, etc.. What really appeals to me is the storage capability. The back seats can be completely removed and stored and you can pack this car full! That sold me right there! In addition, I had been driving for work a Chevy traverse and got use to the bells & whistles especially the cameras to back up and see where you are when parking. The Honda dealership was able to put in my Honda element a new Audio system with the capability of seeing when I back up. In a nutshell, the car just makes me happy when I drive it. The boys that I babysit cannot stop talking about how cool my car is. When sitting in the back it is extremely spacious. I just wish they didn't stop making them.

- Kim W

Great for hauling furniture and large items; incredibly durable.

I love my Honda Element. I'm a very loyal Honda customer, because they're always well-made and durable. I bought my Element just a few years ago. It had over a hundred thousand miles on it, but it still runs smoothly. The seats can be folded and moved in endless combinations, making my car the go-to in my family whenever someone is moving, or someone bought furniture. It's a sturdy car, and I can't recommend getting a Honda enough.

- Caitlyn B

There tends to be an amount of maintenance required but it is very affordable!

The Honda element is an amazing and extremely reliable car. The interior is large and comfortable especially for long road trips. The element is the only car I have seen that can make it up any hill when there is snow on the ground due to the four wheel drive. There is no carpet anywhere in the interior so it is always an easy clean up! Being in 2018 and having a 2005 Honda element, it is one of the best cars operated.

- Gabby S

Amazing storage capacity!

My Honda element is reliable, gets very good gas mileage, has a huge storage capacity, and is very easy to clean. The way the front and back doors open allows cargo to be loaded from the side or from the back, and you can flip the rear seats up and off the floor, so you do not have to take them out to haul larger item. It also has removable floor mats instead of carpet, so cleaning is very easy.

- Kelly G

Spacious vehicle! Saves gas!

I like it because it has a lot of space, you can make the seats in form of a bed in case you want to go to the drive in movies, this car is perfect for that, or if you want to go camping as well. You can also put the back seats up to the side that way you have space to carry like small furniture or other things. The only issue is that it is only for 4 passengers, otherwise it's a great car!

- Sonia R

The Honda element is a utilitarian vehicle with many features.

The Honda element is a very utilitarian vehicle. Mine has plastic flooring, completely removable back seats, and is much larger inside than it looks. It has enough horsepower to get going pretty fast but not enough to race. This car would be a perfect first vehicle. Because it is a little boxy, this car is incredibly easy to park. It will just swing into most available parking spots.

- Alec N

Honda element: so disappointed they stopped making it!

There are not enough cup holders. The seat belts are attached to the rear doors, making it difficult to exit. There is lots of road noise. It is so easy to park. It is very roomy inside. It has stadium seating, meaning the back seats are raised. The windshield is large, making for good visibility. The car is a workhorse! Over 250, 000 miles and still going strong!

- Annie F

The perfect urban and camping getaway vehicle.

It has a small footprint and is easy to park in an urban environment but it is also spacious on the inside. The seats fold down, up and the back seats can even be removed. You can haul a lot and even camp in it. I have a 100 lb dog that fits in it comfortably and there is a tent that can hook onto the back for camping. The back even has a 110v outlet.

- Gena D

Love how spacious it is and that it is designed for camping.

Overall it is a fun, reliable car with plenty of room. Many of the vanity features have started wearing down/breaking, and more importantly the base of the driver's seat is breaking/broken. It is all the plastic that has started cracking. The seat is not a cheap fix, unless you luck into a used part at a junkyard.

- Kelsey J

Nothing else that I can think of.

My car is one of the most utilitarian vehicles that I have driven. It is basically a small box van. If you remove the two rear seats you can fit two full size sport motorcycles side by side in the back. Also, one of the best parts is the fact that it does not have any carpet inside. It has plastic flooring.

- Alec N

It has a lot of space for passengers in the back seats. Lots of legroom and very spacious.

My car has always been reliable and working good since I bought it. I like that the seats can fold up so I can transport lots of items in the back. I like the all wheel drive so it is easy to drive in bad weather. One thing I dislike is that it doesn't have very good acceleration compared to other cars.

- jason v

More cargo room inside than looks.

My Honda element has a large cargo room especially if you fold up or completely take out the seats which comes in handy moving my daughter back and forth to college every year. It drives very easy and smoothly. I have not had any major mechanical issues, it has been very reliable.

- Laura B

Love Honda and their reliability and dependability and ease of care.

One of the things I LOVE most about it is that it has no carpet and it's easy to clean! ALL vehicles should be that way!!!! I have loved most things about it and the reliability of Honda, but I have had to fix a couple of "poor design" issues. Overall I have enjoyed it greatly!

- cindy m

I love my Honda element!!

I enjoy driving my Honda element. It is comfortable. There are blind spots at the steering wheel due to the size of the car. And driving up steep hills it has low power. It is reliable and I feel safe in the car due to its bumpers. I also like that the floors are rubber.

- Shelly B

Don't let looks deceive you!! It looks boxy and kinda weird, but inside there is TONS of room, it is easy to clean and comfortable. There are not a lot of bells and whistles, but it runs well and there is not a lot to go wrong!

Love the easy steering. Feel like I can make quick turns and get into and out of any parking spot. Also love the utility style interior. Never have to worry about what spills in there, because it is so easy to clean. It also feels roomy and I can haul so much stuff.

- Nancy P

This is a fun car to drive!

This car is such a fun little box to drive! There is a ton of space, and the back seats can be moved out of the way or completely removed for bigger items. I wish this car had more than 6 cylinders, but otherwise I have no complaints all about this 14 year old car.

- April H

It is safe and rides well.

I love that it is the perfect balance between an SUV and a truck. It is easy to keep clean and so versatile for our family. I do not like the way the doors open, because it is difficult to get our kids into the car when someone parks very close to us.

- Amanda B

The Honda Element is an all-wheel drive vehicle and gets 18 mpg city and 24 mpg highway.

I like how compact it is. I like how the back seats can be easily removed. The only things i don't like about it are that the air does not work as well now and that there is no place to put a travel DVD player for long trips.

- Courtney S

They no longer made these cars and they are in quite demand.

I've had my vehicle for quite a few years. It has been a great car for me. I enjoy driving it. Have a fun time driving it. Good to go on trips with. Like the way the side doors open. Plenty of storage in the back.

- Ryan D

I love it my car and only wish it had 4 wheel drive.

Dislike the fact that they do not make them anymore. Dislike how expensive Honda's are to repair. Insurance rates are higher as well. Love that it is such a practical car? Goes in any kind of weather.

- Chris S

it is reliable and fun to drive, i feel safe all of the time

i have only had to get new tires and a new battery along with regular oil changes. the vehicle has never broke down, gets along in snow and ice. is reliable on rough road and is very comfortable

- sally m

I love my little element!

It is a bit bare bones but very functional. I love the easy-to-clean interior and ample storage space in the back. It drives a little bumpy but makes tight turns and is generally easy to drive.

- April S

Honda Elements are the little engines that could.

It can do everything I need it to. It gets good gas mileage from It's 4 cylinder. It can also town a little boat and fit a lot of stuff in it. It's also 4 wheel drive for the snowy winter.

- Matt Y

one of the better vehicles made by honda

love the vehicle. easy maintenance. excellent use of space. reliable performance. good handling. decent gas mileage. sorry that honda doesn't make this vehicle any longer.

- rick f

That it cant get stuck anywhere;).

The vehicle is very odd looking but it is very nice to drive. It is also fun to take on adventures and go camping in. There is lots of room on the inside which is handy.

- Natalie C

It is extremely reliable and functional.

It's a very reliable car, love the room and the versatility. Wish it got better gas mileage. The suicide doors make more than 2 passengers a bit awkward when getting in.

- Gene A

It is highly configurable into many useful ways for carrying all sorts of items.

Dislike: low gas mileage. And the seat belt is anchored to front seat door, so to allow passenger into back, driver must unbuckle seat belt. Like: everything else.

- Kaye M

It is classified as a truck yet comfortable as a car.

Gas mileage. Size flexibility plastic fenders low maintenance. Standard shift. Easy to drive easy to park. Comfortable spacious. Stadium seating in the back seat.

- Bonnie E

The amount of space in the vehicle is awesome. Never found anything I wanted that I didn't have space to haul.

I love the floors and cargo room. Great for dogs, plants, mulch, and straw. Hard to buckle grandson's booster seat because of where rear seat belts are located.

- Stacy H

2005 Honda element great performing car

Car runs great. Just had battery go dead this morning after having car since 2012. Gets good gas mileage. very roomy in the inside. like the seats that fold up.

- Joyce K

It is reliable and consistently gets 34 miles per gallon.

I like the storage space, tight turning radius, and overall style and shape of my element. The only thing I dislike is that it has rather large blind spots.

- Kelly A

It is well made. Even a used one should provide years of reliable service.

The design never looks dated and it is a very reliable suv. Right now, mine has a little over 300,000 miles on it and shows no problems. Knock on wood.

- Mark F

take out the seats and it's a work van, it can carry all my craft fair items in one shot, which includes plastic bins and set up tables

it is roomy, can really take a full load, the problem is that is has constant problems, always did, i would buy another element if they still made it

- teri s

Extremely spacious vehicle

I love how spacious the back is. Love that you can spray the floor with a hose to clean it. Have had problems with the tires and engine, and breaks

- Meredith M

It handles very well on the road. It's easy and fun to drive.

I love my Honda Element. It's fun to drive and handles very well. The rear seats can be hooked up and out of the way so I have room to haul things.

- Diane M

It is awesome looking, very roomy on the inside, in my opinion it's one of the best vehicles ever made

I love the look of my vehicle, it's very roomy inside and great gas mileage. I dislike it doesn't come with a factory alarm system.

- Tiffany S

It's like the Tardis! Bigger on the inside. Has an incredible amount of space.

We get very good milage. Has a lot of space. We love the removable seats. Great for everyday use as well as camping. No complaints.

- Vanessa B

How safe is it to drive. How much mileage it gets to the gallon

I like that it's good on mileage and that It's very compact. It runs good, the only problem i'd say would be the ac department..

- Matthew M

Honda element fun, exciting.

Seems to be some mechanical issues that you�ll find after vehicle reaches 150k miles if it suffers through Midwest winters.

- Levi H

It is great for camping and for the different configurations that you can do.

I love the versatility of the element. I do not like the outside noise and the low grade materials that were used inside.

- Theresa B

Very reliable. Nice and roomy inside. Has cruise control.

It's an automatic. In great condition. Has cruise control. Has cold AC. Has good power steering. Tires in good shape.

- Chelsea L

Very functional SUV with plenty of space.

It is very reliable. It is quite roomy and comfortable. It is also functional. It could have better gas mileage.

- Nathan V

It is cool and paid for. It is comfortable.

It is comfortable. It is versatile. It sits up high. Does not have a lot of gadgets. It gets good gas mileage.

- Patti T

Extreme reliability. Known for high mileage work horse.

Like everything. Dislike nothing. The perfect vehicle. Honda needs to manufacture them again. Elements rule!.

- Pat M

It is great for a sporty lifestyle.

I honestly love everything about my vehicle except for the color. Other than that it is pretty perfect.

- Ollie J

Good for hiking trips in remote areas but not great for cities.

It's shakes in wind. You have to open the front door to open the back one. Don't like the shape.

- Jessica B

has many uses and capabilities

like the reliability, cost of maintenance, availability of usage for this vehicle

- rick S

I love that it is easy to clean and that the seats fold up in the back giving plenty of space to haul things. My dogs can't really mess it up. I wish it had more features.

It comes with rugged rubber floors! You can completely rinse out the floorboard.

- Elizabeth F

Looks and drives great and has lots of space to haul things.

It has plenty of room, is versatile. Only dislike is it's not made any more.

- Dennis R

She's basically a small rv

I love everything about my vehicle aside from they don't make it anymore

- Sara R

it has a very roomy interior,almost as much room as a truck

I like that it is very roomy. It,however has some electrical issues

- s b

The rear seats are set up stadium style. It gives the passengers a clear view thru the windshield.

Rides and drives great. Easy to clean the inside. Looks different.

- Terence D

the electrical system is bad. Also.has ne 4 wheel drive

it is very spacy and gets good gas mileage . Also,very sporty

- s b

Great storage and versatility good all wheel drive

I think it is a great vehicle I have no complaints.

- Michael T