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Good family car safe and easy to drive.

It is very spacious on the inside and lots of head room. Good for families and there is enough trunk space to carry groceries and larger items like strollers bikes bodyboards. Seats are water resistant so easy to drive and easy to clean the interior. Sometimes it is hard to let out the back passengers out easily because you have to open the front door first so it creates a tight space. There are some major blind spots where the plastic covers. The plastic on the outside has a tendency to oxidize so you have to keep polishing it. The car drives well and handles turns easily even though it is a box shape. We keep getting notices about our air bags being faulty and we call those numbers and they never answer! Is that a scam to get us to bring our car back to the dealership? Use better windshield wipers the ones on the car are not very thorough cleaning the rain. Overall this car is good for families and drives well.

- Jennifer L

I love the Honda element: here’s why.

This car is not actually mine, but it is the car that I drive the most often. I learned how to drive in this car and it is the easiest car to drive in my opinion. I like how it is higher off of the ground than a sedan because I find it easier to see the road and I feel safer for some reason. I also like how the back of the car is flat because it makes seeing cars behind me easier. Finally, the interior of the car is super nice. I like how the back seats are a little elevated so people in the back can see out of the front window and there is also a lot of leg space which is good for my tall family. The back seats also collapse so if you need more trunk space you can move the seats and have extended trunk space to carry furniture, suitcases, trees, etc.

- Taylor H

One all around great versatile vehicle.

Bought it used in 2012. Love the way it looks and handles. Especially in the snow. It looks like a regular vehicle but you can easily turn it into a cargo van by manipulating the rear seats Accordingly. My neighbor hauled a washer and dryer in it. So much room! Only thing I don't really like are the suicide doors. Makes it hard to maneuver your grocery cart in between the doors to load the car. Other than that I wish they still made this model because I would buy it again in a heartbeat when I am ready for another vehicle. Am going to hang onto this one as long as I can.

- Debbie C

This car is great if you need to move a large quantity of items.

It just needed a new starter and I have to wait for mine to warm up before I drive it. If I do not, it shuts off on me. The headlights are brighter than most which makes it easier to see in the dark. One feature I really like about my car is that when you fold the seats, they go back and lift up to reveal a large cargo area. I am able to fit all of things in the back of my small car. Another thing I like is how high the roof is in the front. Although the car may be small, it is great for moving items and you do not feel cramped in the car.

- Noel K

It's versatile with the seat configurations. You can lay all 4 seats down for sleeping, or take out the rear seats entirely for more room.

I love that it is taller than sedan type vehicles so I can see further down the road for defensive driving reasons. I love the color because it is easy to spot in parking lots. I also love that you can totally take out the back seats, or lay all the seats down flat. And I love the non-carpet feature! I also love the height in the back seat and the skylight. I wish the skylight was more in the front seat area though. And I wish it got better gas mileage. And overall I wish they made new Elements!

- Kate S

Great vehicle! Small and compact but also very spacious.

This is a very reliable car. Two owners previously owned it, therefore they’re minor issues. For example, leaking oil, leaking power steering fluid, and out of line. Other than that it is a great vehicle and very comfortable. I take this vehicle with me every road trip and every camping trip. This vehicle seems to be good on most terrains as well. Great for families or one person. Small and compact but very spacious on the inside. Back seat fold up on to sides, and front seats fold completely back.

- Shawn A

The styling is not for everyone.

The suspension is a little hard, so comfort is a little concerning; there is a lot of space to store things, and a lot of head/legroom. The 1. 4l engine is a Vtec i4, so it has a kick to it, and it gets off the line fairly quickly. The car is not very reliable, and the interior feels cheap and plasticky (I feel like it is to save weight and to lower the cost).

- Brian T

It's long lasting durability. 245,000 miles and never left me stranded. Not many vehicles can say that

I love everything about my truck. The "suicide" doors that make it very easy to get into and load stuff. The back. Seats come out for extra storage. The seat lay flat so you can line them up and use them as a bed. It has a vinyl flooring which makes clean up easy. It has 245,000 miles and has never left me stranded!! Just a few reasons I love my truck

- Donna K

The fact that I fit comfortable inside my car.

The Honda element is a great car. . Its roomy. . and very reliable. . Haven't had to get much work on it. . I love my car. . . It's good on gas and I fit in it well and I am a large person so I have no problems getting into the vehicle. . . Received many compliments about the Honda element. . I just wish they keep making the element but they don't.

- Maria A

Love to drive a Honda element.

The element is fun and easy to drive from it is short easy to park nose to is versatile cargo area. The sound system is great, the seats are roomy and comfortable and the heating and cooling engage quickly. Three members of my family have purchased this vehicle and all of us are hooked!

- Dj S

Well fuel lasting and AWD for the snow.

I like very much my car. It is 4 cylinders and has a very good interior size. The interior is all plastic around. The best of it is that is AWD. Me living in Massachusetts, AWD is a must to have. What I do not like is that on the suspension and tire parts it requires more maintenance.

- Carla N

2004 Honda element that basically just looks like a box on wheels.

The transmission feels like it is slipping sometimes, like when I go to take off it acts like it is going to cut off for a minute. It is really good on gas and runs great other than that. The radio sounds really good and it passed emissions and there is not a check engine light.

- Amy C

Perfect for pets, kids, and the outdoors!

I love the gas mileage, reliability, look, no carpet, and the amount of room inside. I dislike the center console, the seat belt alarm, and that I could not get a leather seat upgrade. I am very happy with my purchase and it makes me sad that they no longer make the Element,

- Annette P

Lots of space to move around and comfortable seats.

My car has a lot of leg room, very comfortable seating, a lot of little places that can be used for small storage, and it is pretty decent on gas. The car does not seem to have any performance issues other than it is an older car so maintenance is a big thing to keep up on.

- Victoria R

Good vehicle with suicide-doors which could be useful for handicapped.

I have a lot of wear and tear on the front seats. At 190, 000 miles I get about 17 mpg in city driving. Ii still get very good acceleration. The suicide-doors allow for easy storage and retrieval of my 4-wheeled walker. It has door handles, not flippers, for easy opening.

- Keith B

Honda element: easiest car to keep clean.

One bad thing about this car is that it only seats four people. I would love for it to be a little better on gas too. The tank is small so I have to fill up pretty often. It is very easy to keep clean on the other hand because it is mostly plastic and has rubber floors.

- Katie N

Honda element: the practical vehicle.

It is great for cargo, very practical, can be converted to a camper. It is not a luxury vehicle. It is very comfortable to drive. It does have some blind spot issues. The seats can be easily removed. Very reliable for long distance driving. Easy to maintain.

- Lori E

Versatile and reliable element.

Reliable, has over 130k miles and have really had no major issues (yet). Tons of space and functionality in the back - can remove the seats. Easy to clean - can literally hose it down. I work with great Dane rescue, so it is easy to transport great Danes.

- Celeste V

Good to get where we need to go nice ride.

We like it when we got it used but they don't make this model anymore it's still is a nice vehicle. We had to put a lot of items in the car like battery, double radiator fans and regular oil change so it's still runs good for us having now for 3 years.

- Karen E

The look. The handling of the car is good.

The clutch. The brakes. The body of the car is not sturdy. The clutch keeps going out and the passenger airbag goes up instead of out. Other than that it is a good car to drive. Great for camping easy to handle. It is a pleasure to drive like the car.

- Michelle L

Honda elements are fun, square spacious cars.

Honda elements usually have a glass breaking broken. My windshield has a small crack in it. Other than that it's a great car. I can pack lots of items in it and the ac is wonderful. I recently lifted it so I can go riding around without worrying.

- Alicia D

Beware the blind spots on the front window, I ran into a post as a result of the blind spot.

The only thing I don't like about the honda element is the way the doors work they open opposite each other, I love the space inside and the visibility from most windows, there are some bad blind spots on the front right and left window though

- kim l

It is easy to drive in town (streets) but you can easily take it into the mountains.

Great space for traveling. Very comfortable seats. You can easily see out from any seat. It is comfortable to drive whether you are on a paved street or gravel. Closed storage is limited. The mileage isn't the greatest, but it's not bad.

- Tracy K

The 2004 Honda Element: The longest-lasting Honda station wagon with tow power

The element is very spacious with its only flaw being the suicide doors that require one to open the driver door before opening the rear doors. Other than that, it is reliable and can easily last over 200,000 miles in good care.

- Alex O

The seats come out in the back, good gas mileage, seats sit up high, the gear shaft also.

No problems with the vehicle, it's good on gas, the back seats come out for extra needed space. There was a recall on the airbag in which notice was sent out and you were able to take it to a dealership and repaired for free.

- Tanishia T

It is comfortable and gives you plenty of room without being overbearing.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like that it allows us to load it up on big shopping trips, and has plenty of room for luggage. I dislike that they no longer make the Element, which means that we cannot buy a newer model.

- Courtney P

Its safe and gets me through bad weather.

It's been reliable. The fuel economy is pretty good. The all wheel drive has been great in the snow so far in my experience. Also it has a tent feature that seems pretty cool. . We haven't tried it out yet but we will.

- Matt T

The most important thing about my vehicle is that it has an impressive mileage.

What I like about my vehicle is that it leaves plenty of space for my luggage. What I also like about my vehicle is that it is easy to drive. What I don't like about my vehicle is that it leaves me little leg room.

- Quinton H

Honda Element Versatility

My Honda Element is the most versatile vehicle I have ever owned and driven. I feel confident I would like it if it were an automatic but the fun factor is off the charts due to the manual transmission.

- Thomas G

The versatile honda element

It's been a great car so far. I bought it used and have put about 80k miles on it. It gets around 22-24 mpg on average. I've had problems with the transmission and starter. Both were replaced

- Aeric G

This car is perfect for kids and animals. There is plenty of room and it is easy to clean.

I love that the seats are waterproof. I love that the back seats can be taken completely out to make more room to move things. I also enjoy the amount of room that there is in the car.

- Michelle W

It is super reliable, easy to maintain, and has a ton of usable space.

I love how much space it has, the foldable seats, and the gas mileage, as well as the color and the subwoofer and stereo system. I do not like that the towing capacity is only 3000 lbs.

- Kayla A

The back seats go up on the side of the vehicle making it roomy for two large dogs.

That the back seats go up making it roomy for two 90 pound dogs. Four wheel drive. SUV.Visibility-window and seats higher but less than a truck. I hate that Honda stopped making them

- Sandra W

It's reliable. I am a wheelchair user and it's worked out perfect for me and has room to hold my wheelchair in the passenger seat.

Mid size suv. Rear seats fold up to the side so you can tow and haul large items. Has been pretty reliable for me. No carpet so cleaning is easy and spills don't stain.

- Ramon S

size of an SUV but it feels like you are driving a car

dislike how the doors open and that the back seat windows don't roll down. love how much space is in the back with the seats up and the lack of blind spots

- Kayla H

It a great car if you don't have a pick-up in the house.

Purchased car because: 1. has a lot of legroom in the back seat. 2. the seats flip out to the side and you have an open bed for big purchases or camping.

- Marilyn D

reliable, good for people who like the outdoors, good to average gas mileage

had my Element since 2004. I LOVE THIS CAR. Honda needs to bring it back!!! I surf and am very active and can't imagine a better vehicle for me

- brent g

I wish they'd make a new model so I could buy one.

It is spacious. It is easy to transport animals in. It is high enough off the ground that I can see clearly around me. It is very dependable.

- Katie F

It's very loud AND there's that large blind spot between the side windows & the front window

My biggest complaint about the Element is that there is a HUGE blind spot where the front window meets the side windows. It's VERY dangerous

- Stephanie R

Huge interior room makes moving just about anything easy.

I like that it's utilitarian and that I can use it to complete a variety of tasks. I worry because it's getting older and has high mileage.

- R B

That it is very versatile. And that it is easy to handle and park.

I dislike that it is a little small. However, I do like that it is easy to park. Has good MPG. I can camp in it easy enough. No complaints.

- kim c

I can move a lot a once in the car.

I love the space and removable seats. I colors are good. The car design is also very unique. It should have a larger gas tank.

- Tyler H

Huge inside, even though it has a small total space. The seats will make a bed.

The only thing I dislike about my element is Honda does not make it anymore. I love the rest, and hope it lasts until I die.

- Debi L

Good on gas and the tank is easy to full.

Very good on gas, it has a lot of space in the back. Good for carrying stuffs. Can't think of anything bad about it really.

- Nick F

Great car. Spacious, fuel efficient and reliable.

I think the car is spacious, is reliable and is efficient. While the body style is unique, I think it's kind of ugly.

- Katie D

The seats lift up to the sides.

It's a great car! So much room for travel, or moving. And it's compact size makes It super easy to park. I love it.

- Sal M

It travels well and is very dependable.

I love the fact that I can go camping fishing to the beach with my car. It can pull a trailer or camper if needed.

- Michelle L

Safe vehicle- lasts over 200,000 miles.

I like that it is an SUV with all wheel drive. It has an abundance of space in the backseat and is great on gas.

- Mary C

The most important thing about my car is that it has a lot space.

My car is great for nature lovers. Very spacious and the back row seats fold to the roof creating more space.

- Adam L

Gas mileage isn't great.............................

Performs great but low gas mileage. Very sturdy, pet and kid friendly vehicle. Low maintenance and decodable.

- Stephanie V

It is very reliable. Easy to find parts. Cheap to maintain.

It is great on gas and has plenty of room for me and all my stuff. It is easy to clean and very comfortable.

- Dan R

It is good on gas and haven't had any major issues with it.

Love the way the back doors open. Love the way the back seats can lift up. Love the way the seats fold flat.

- Heather P

Honda Element reliable suv

It's very spacious. It's rugged. Can haul a lot of stuffs. Great on gas. Very reliable. It's comfortable.

- Jimalyn P

Very Roomy - exterior doesn't appear so large

Roomy. Decent gas mileage. Accommodates all our dogs. Air conditioner not working

- Tina H

Well made, Worth every penny I spent to purchase it and to keep it running for 14 years and 175000 miles.

Totally awesome. Good on gas. It has plenty of head room. Plenty of cargo space.

- john B

Multi-purpose for every need.

The Element is a multi-purpose vehicle that you can do just about anything in.

- Matthew W

That it had great gas mileage,and is a very reliable car

I have no complaints. This is a great car to own. It is very reliable.

- Shannel J

runs good for having over 200,000 miles on it

not enough cargo space in the back way to much leg room in back seats

- julie p

it is very roomy inside, I'm 5'2 and can basically stand up in the back

I love my vehicle. the only complaint i have is that it is top heavy

- Gracie K

Honda does not manufacture the Element any more. It hardly breaks down.

The element is very spacious and has not had any serious breakdown.

- Gary M

Never let me down, great for vacation. Little accident on the front bumper, repairable

Gas mileage is not that great 4X4 makes it a little heavier

- Luis G

It gets excellent gas mileage. It runs well and is very reliable. I do wish I had automatic headlights.

It has great gas mileage. A little gets you a long way.

- Holly A

i love all the space, i can pack so much in this car. its comfortable. it's great for camping.

a great travel car, very comfortable with lots of space

- christina p

I love the versatility of this vehicle. It can haul a lot of cargo. It a.so has head room for my tall husband. The only complaint is that the upholstery hasn't held up well.

It is very versatile and larger than it looks vehicle.

- Christy B

I love how roomy it is. Feel safe in it.. love how good you can see thru front window .

Suicide doors which I've never had. How much leg room

- Rosanne C