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Honda Element is award winning

This vehicle is wonderful! The gas mileage is decent, and I live how smooth the car drives in all kinds of weather. It has many safety features and fits our family of three plus our dog absolutely perfect! It really is the perfect size for our family. It's not too big or not too small. I like how the doors are unique in how they open, and it is quite roomy. There are options to move the seats to make even more room! I have always loved Honda's but I have to say that the Honda Element is probably my favorite car that I have owned so far, because of the size, safety, amenities, and the quality. I have owned many cars in my lifetime but I have to say that owning a Honda absolutely sets my mind at ease because of the superior quality of the brand. Not only that but these cars last forever! Thy literally keep going and going! With every Honda I have ever owned, each one has literally continued running way past it should have! I have put literally thousands upon thousands of miles on each and every one of my Honda's, and they just continue going and going! You are getting so much bang for your buck with the high end brands such as the name Honda.

- Andrea B

Honda element, the best of the box shaped cars if you love to travel w/dogs!

I love that there's no carpet to vacuum or keep clean especially since I live at the beach & have 2 dogs that love to get wet & sandy! The material the seats are made out of is practically water resistant & if it does get damp it dries really fast. I like how much room there is in the back & both seats lay back & fold up making it completely open. . . Enough space to sleep back there if necessary. When traveling long distances w/2 dogs they're much more comfortable like that. The way the doors open up across from each other is great if no cars are parked next to you. My only complaint is the doors & that is only when cars are next to you & you must open the front door before the back door can be opened & then you are stuck between the 2 doors in a box if a car is beside you. Other than that I love it!

- Amanda N

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

My car is very gas efficient, and I'd like to think it is pretty reliable. The main thing I do not like about it are the back doors. You have to open the front ones first to open the back doors. And you have to make sure the back doors are closed first before you can close the front doors. Also, because the back seats are technically on the same floor as the trunk, it is more elevated than the front seats, but you cannot really see out the windows.

- Elizabeth K

The good the bad and the ugly.

I feel like my car is pretty reliable, there are not any major issues. The one thing that really bugs me about it though is that the back seat doors open backwards and you need the front doors to open first before you can open the back and vice versa. Also, while sitting in the back, you do not really get to see out the window because you are higher than the front seats.

- Emily K

It's a great multi-purpose vehicle with all wheel drive.

I love my Honda Element. It has the capacity to haul a lot of stuff around which is very helpful for me. I like that I sit up high and the windows are large so I can see everything around me. It has a unique style that fits me well. There's a couple of things I don't like. The brakes are sluggish and it is slow to accelerate (compared to my previous Honda CRV).

- Ann T

I they are all different and unique but they all have that Honda style.

Honda’s are great cars! I have had 5. My element is still going strong and had 256, 000 miles. They are reliable, economic and extremely safe. My friend was recently driving her Honda and was t-boned. Thanks to the airbags and other safety features she did not suffer any injuries even though her car was totaled!

- Jackie H

This is my favorite vehicle I've ever owned

Only a couple of things I don't like about it, is that it's only seats 4ppl. Lots of room, but only 4 seats AND is not easy to work on. You can't just work on it yourself, you gotta bring it in or at least for the starter. Other than that I love it. It's great on gas, my kids love the 'suicide doors'.

- Heather S

The Honda element keeps me in my element.

I love my car because of it is versatility. The seats easily convert for hauling. The element is deceptively large inside and you can haul a lot of stuff in it. I love the square shape of the car. It is unique and so much fun to drive. Element owners are definitely a cult following.

- Nicole F

Functional, but inconvenient for young families.

The vehicle is great for people that like the outdoors. The hard plastic floor is easy to keep clean. Gas mileage is ok. I do not like the suicide style opening and closing of the doors. It is difficult to use with small children or families. And the car only has 4 seats at maximum.

- Jessica P

Honda Elements are the best Utility vehicles!

It is utility at its best, the seats are easily removable or they can be folded up to the side. It has a ton of cargo room. It gets great gas mileage, I usually get 26 miles to the gallon. I have the highest trim level so I have a backup camera, navigation, and voice recognition.

- Lin G

My element fits the Suburban lifestyle.

Muffler system has some issues. Good visibility. Easy to drive for a van, like a car. Great turning radius. Could have more passenger leg room. Rear seats are not comfortable. You can just about hall anything with fold up or removable rear seats. Good heater and a/c.

- Jeffrey S

Good and bad of the element.

I have blind spots especially on the understate. It is hard to get in the back seat. I love the way it drives, there is plenty of room in the back seat. The speakers have a great sound. It has a cooler that can be detached. It is easy to clean and has no carpet.

- Constance K

The Element has lots of storage when the back seats are up.

The Element is a very good utility vehicle. When the rear seats are up, it has lots of storage space. It has been very reliable. However, it is very utilitarian without much in the way of creature comforts. The back, seats, for example are not very comfortable.

- Luis E

Great for hauling, camping, taking trips.

I really love this car, but the seats are very stiff and it can be painful on long drives--and I really wish they went with standard doors instead of doors that fold into each other. It can be a pain to get people out of the car in tight parking spaces.

- Anna S

The Honda Element is spacious, dependable, versatile and has a super cute distinctive look.

The drawbacks have been the clam doors. They are a bit cumbersome when adults try to climb in and out of the back seat area. Other than that i absolutely love it and are waiting for Honda to bring out the Element 2019 before I buy another new car.

- Traci A

Great space, good quality

My only problem is the acceleration isn't so good. I love the space in the vehicle and being able to take passenger seats out. I love the fact there's no carpet - it's a great vehicle for an outdoors person like me.

- Mary B

There is a ton of room available, both for legroom and for moving items.

I like the stadium seating. There is also a lot of room when I need to move things, and the rear seats fold up and buckle onto the sides of the car to give more room if needed. I dislike how loud it is when driving.

- Paige C

It's sturdy and very safe and doesn't require much maintenance.

It's all rubberized in the interior and therefore very easy to clean out. It is extremely well built. An earlier model (2005) saved mine and two other peoples lives in 2 near fatal accidents.

- Sara C

It's just the right size, not too big not too small.

I pretty much love everything about it. Drives smooth and gets pretty good mileage. The seats adjust almost any which way you can think of, and it's been very reliable.

- Fred H

It is versatile in how it haul things, drives, and low maintenance.

Great for hauling things. Rides and drives like a car. Getting in the back seat is difficult. The floorboards are plastic so you can clean and wash them easily.

- Jeffrey S

You can literally hose down the floor on the inside!

I do not like that the back windows do not open all of the way and that the doors open the opposite ways. I wish they were full sized doors in the back.

- Donna F

Good visibility and easy to drive - I like it. easy to get in and out of. Comfortable for four people. And affordable.

Love the car. Drives well. Easy to see out the windshield. Seat is too close to the steering wheel. Poor gas mileage. Lots of carrying space.

- George M

Good car for tailgating and camping.

Has blind spots especially when on the interstate. And hard for older people to get in the back seat because the doors open opposite.

- Connie M

That it has a good title and safe.

Drives really well and easy to clean. Works good in bad weather. My only complaint blind spots. Hard to see on interstates.

- Constance M

It is spacious, perfect for active people, road trips and families.

Love the space. Perfect for an active lifestyle. We can camp in it. I wish the back doors were a bit larger.

- Jessica P