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The fit is a good fit for urban drivers.

The car is fairly loud when on the road. It also does not have a lot of engine power. I think it is an excellent price point for a really reliable car. I love the hatchback and honestly one of the best features of the car is that it has a ton of cup holders. I have had my car for over five years and have had nothing but very minor mechanical issues. I am noticing, however, that there seems to be some electrical issues. The interior light in the gear shift as well as the cup holder are is only on for a portion of the time. I also think that while the gas mileage of the car was a feature that was really talked up when I bought it, I do not think I have ever gotten really great gas mileage. Certainly not an above average amount for any other sedan or hatchback. I think this car is perfect for in-city driving with the occasional longer trip.

- Crystal N

The fit: fits all the categories that are important to a savvy consumer.

The fit is a car that feels bigger than it looks. Its four doors which makes it easy to get in and out of the back the trunk is large enough for all your things, I find that if I put the seats down I can make the trunk exceptionally large. Because it is small I hardly spend anything on gas. It is simple with very few gadgets which is exactly what I want and need. There just are not that many things that breakdown. It was relatively inexpensive and yet I feel I got the reliability of the Honda name. This is my second fit. I saw the new fits and I don't like the shape of them as much, but maybe I will give it a try.

- Mary K

It is a good ride for the money.

Love the back for carrying loads as the back seats fold down flat and there are no wheel wells like there are on other makes. There are also compartments where you can store small things. The mileage is really good but it has plenty of get up and go when needed. My car has over 100, 000 miles and I have had very few problems although the most common seems to be the fan motor going out, which has happened with both my Honda fits its small so I assume a large person would find it uncomfortable but its good for a smaller person. Rides well with little noise.

- Linda P

A nice inexpensive but reliable vehicle.

Good gas mileage. No problems in four years. It is comfortable enough. It is a basic model and we knew that so it is not loaded with luxury features. It does have electric locks and windows, a good radio and CD player, automatic transmission, and fold down back seat leaving us quite a bit of room to haul things. It handles well even in snow and on ice. It is powerful enough to easily pass other vehicles. Air conditioning is cold. One problem is that in extremely cold weather, (under -10 f) the heat vents do not keep the side windows clear enough.

- Rochelle D

Once you buy a Honda you'll never want any another!

My Honda fit is easy to drive, reliable and gas efficient. I like that it has a 5 star safety rating because I spend a lot of time driving my young grandsons around. On trips it has great pickup, no problem keeping up on the highway. Additionally, I love that I can either raise the back seats up or lay them down depending on what I am carrying. Funny, when I bought the car, my first Honda, my daughter made the comment "once you drive a Honda you'll never want any other car. " She was right, i'll be a Honda fan forever.

- Jeanette P

It is reliable and practical. You don't have to worry about this car having issues it is reasonable easy to haul things around.

I like that it has had very few problems since I've owned it, which has been for over 2 years now, and none of those problems were expensive to fix. Also, it's very roomy and I have no trouble transporting large objects such as christmas trees or furniture. My only complaint is that the electronics are mildly finicky, but not overly troublesome. For example, some of the lights have gone out, and the requires a security code to function after changing the battery.

- dorothy t

Newest recent Honda convert praises fit.

Smooth quiet ride, very good acceleration, surprisingly good gas mileage, exceptional storage. Very easy rear door loading, even longboards and oversized packages and boxes have presented no problems, very short stopping distance. All in all I can very comfortably state that I have been very pleased with the appearance and performance of my fit and will certainly consider purchasing a Honda when the time comes to replace my current auto.

- Paul J

It's great if you want the space close to something mid-sized, but don't like driving them! I like the Honda CRV as well, but didn't want to drive something quite that large.

I love that for a small car it has a lot of space for both passengers and cargo. For the cargo you can push down the back seats and make a ton of room in the trunk. I've driven a few different Honda cars. They are nice to drive, a very smooth ride if lacking a little pep but they handle the hills and weather just fine. My only complaint is that the battery doesn't always do well in the cold, but that can happen with any car.

- Kasey A

The Honda fit: a compact that is affordable and reliable.

Positive: great gas mileage, the manual shifts very well, does not "pop" out. Can still fit 4 people comfortably. Real easy conversion of the backseats, able to create a lot of room for larger items, luggage, etc. Base sound system is great. Negative: if you change the tires, the tpms light may stay on for a long time. Overall, generally low maintenance and issues. A great car for a single individual or couple.

- Jonathan H

My Honda fit is a peppy, dependable car.

I love the comfort, mileage of this car. The car is peppy and accelerates well. It is not good in snow, however, perhaps too light and I don't use snow tires. I had a challenge getting an inspection sticker this year, as the emissions computer kept denying ok despite mechanics telling me nothing wrong, just car needs to be "warmed up" more. It took 4 visits with me driving more than I planned to "warm it up". .

- Ann K

Honda fit is fantastic. Overall great car.

My Honda fit is very reliable. I got it in 2013 and have only had to change the front tires once. I have had a couple of oil changes. But other than general maintenance, I have never really had any issues with it. It is very roomy. Great gas mileage and easy to drive. Parking spaces are a lot easier to find and fit into. The hatch is really nice and there’s plenty of room for luggage, pets or groceries.

- Allen L

Gas mileage on the highway is exceptional!

I know it sounds corny, but, this car just "Fits" me. My husband drives a car that is low to the ground and I have a hard time getting in and out of it. My Fit is just perfect for me. The only thing I dislike is the upholstery is very cheap looking and seems like it will not hold up. But, I have had it for 5 years and no problems, yet. I wish the salesman had encouraged me to buy the more elite model.

- Carla S

It is actually much bigger and comfortable on the inside than you'd think.

Do not buy this car unless you are a very defensive driver. I have been hit, bumped, and run off the road several times because other drivers don't see me. Acceleration is jumpy but the car is surprisingly powerful. Rides relatively smooth and has great visibility. Plenty of room for storage and comfort inside, with several cup holders that make up for the lack of a center console.


Honda fit, great car but not great for families.

The only real problem with it as it does not comfortably fit two car seats. And is reliable and gets great gas mileage! It has great versatility for hauling things. Not the best family vehicle though. And it also would be nice if it had some sort of storage in the center. It has a lot of power, and for the most part can get through snow but one year I got stuck twice.

- Anna N

The Honda fit is the perfect city commuter for the budget minded individual.

The 2013 Honda Fit is a very good city car. Parking on the street is easy and I love the wheel manual shift pedals that come with my sport trim. The sound system is good and it has lots of room on the inside. I also like the synthetic oil because I only have to change it every 5000 miles vs 3000 miles. The gas mileage for me averages about 27 mpg. Great little car.

- Keith N

My fit is the best for my on the go lifestyle.

I love my fit. I have moved several times with it and it fits a lot more than you'd think. It is the perfect car for a small family, or a single gal. It is also a very comfortable car for both people driving and passengers with plenty of head room and leg room. It is a speedy little guy, but drives smoothly and is the best for packed parking lots and tight spaces.

- Jessica E

2013 Honda fit - great car for its size.

I love how reliable my car is along with its great gas mileage. One tank of gas typically lasts me at least a month, but I do not drive as often as other people do. There is also plenty of room to move stuff despite the car's small size. One issue that I have had with the car was a problem with the power locking feature, but that has not been a problem in months.

- Alyssa S

The perfectly named Honda fit.

My Honda four has almost everything I need from a car. It drives well, it is reliable, and most importantly, this compact car is designed. So well it can hold as much as a full size SUV. My one issue with it is mileage. While acceptable and certainly better than most vehicles, it is at best average for a compact. In this day and age, this is quite a flaw.

- Erica L

If I had to give the car a slogan, it would be "Bigger on the inside!" For a car that looks small on the outside, something that has a super tight run radius and can fit into small spaces, it can hold a lot of gear.

The Fit has sooo much cargo room. With rear seats that lay down flat, you can fit two adult bikes in the back, plus suitcases. It gets great gas mileage for a traditional car (37 mpg on average). I don't like that it's a fairly noisy ride. It doesn't matter most of the time, but if driving with a soft-spoken person, it can be a bit of a strain.

- Erin S

Compact car with a lot of space.

It is great! Lots of room, seats fold up and down to make more or less room. Cup holders arrangement could be better because they are arranged in a weird way. Does not have Bluetooth which is not convenient when driving. It gets great gas mileage. I would have liked an option for a lighter color interior. Overall the car is a great small car.

- Maury M

Honda fit: quality car at an affordable price.

The Honda fit is a quality car and ranks high in value for price. The car can be sluggish at times but drives well and is reliable. You cannot beat the price. The car is more comfortable after having an armrest installed. I love the feature of having the cupholders in front of the vents so that drinks stay cold or hot depending on the season.

- Thomas F

Honda fit is small but can be utilized for space and efficiency.

It is a very small car, but since it is a hatchback and the back seats fold down in two ways you can haul quite a bit in the car. It is great on gas and does for a long time. I haven't had any issues in 5 years. I have been able to find a bike rack to fit on the car nicely. It is not a flashy car but it is very functional and sturdy.

- Jaime B

Reliability of a Honda fit.

It is a really dependable car, we haven't had too many repairs needed on it. It is sometimes a bit small for us. The ability to use an iPod is nice, as well as the ability to totally remove the back seats if we really need more space. We have been in a few accidents with this car, and it has not had any problems with repair to it.

- Marcy M

The fit is cheap to drive, but you don't feel like you are making too many sacrifices.

The fit really lives up to its name. It is amazing to me that such a small car has so much room. It has multiple cup holders which is great in the morning. I can put my coffee in one and my juice in the other. I can push the seats back and carry most anything. The gas mileage is superb and when I drive it I feel nerdy, cute.

- maryanne k

A secret compartment under the rear left passenger seat.

With gas prices so high the car is excellent on gas. The car is very reliable. I have had no major breakdowns. The only problems I've had with the car was the air conditioning, but was fixable. Love the size of the car you can park anywhere with no problems. The car has a lot or room on the inside also. Overall I love my fit.

- Melinda C

The 2013 Honda fit gets good gas mileage.

The Honda fit is a good solid compact car. It gets great gas mileage. Roomy enough for a compact car. Very affordable. The air conditioning and heat work very well. The problems are that there has been a constant series of recall and repair notices since the purchase of vehicle. The repairs were free, however time consuming.

- Ted T

Good vehicle for an economical minded individual.

Good performance, could have more horsepower and torque. It should have a 6th gear. I wish it had a miles to empty display. Better gas mileage. It needs better exterior looks, yet the interior is very nice for the base model. Wish it had factory Bluetooth capability. The interior is very spacious for how tiny it seems.

- Nicholas S

Good car. . . Very reliable. . Lasts a long time.

The seats are hard as rock and the back of the seats aren't comfortable but the car drives nice and smooth. Gas mileage is ok. I would prefer another color other than red and I don't like the GPS. It has lots of storage space. It's very reliable. . . I've owned several Hondas in the past and they last a long time.

- Sue F

Honda fit is cool and convenient.

Convenient size and comfortable ride for road trips! I like how compact it is and there are options to fold the trunk to open more space! Only thing is it cannot go too fast and has a small gas tank so we have to refill every two weeks. Honda’s are usually really easy maintenance so we are happy with our cars.

- Kristin S

Honda fit is the best fit for you.

I love my Honda fit. It is perfect for me and my two kids. I love how it fits all of my young kids things and gives them room so they are not cramped. The seats are comfortable for long road trips and it's easy to fit into small parking's. I never have any problems with my car. It was a great choice.

- Angela W

As I stated earlier, it has a surprising amount of storage space and room for passengers. You wouldn't believe it seeing it from a distance or on a website.

I do like my Honda Fit very much. It great pretty good mileage, has surprisingly ample room for storage and seating, and handles well for a small car. It was a great value in terms of cost and maintenance. The only issue I've had so far is two separate cracks in the windshield for no apparent reason.

- jeff n

Overall great car for low gas mileage, lots of space, comfortable, and reliable.

I bought my fit new off the lot five years ago. I have had no problems whatsoever. The only times I have taken it into the shop were for oil changes and normal maintenance. It is comfortable, reliable, fits a ton of stuff in the back, and has cup holders everywhere. The gas mileage is great.

- Jessica V

This is why I love my Honda fit!

I really like the gas mileage I get on my long commute to work 5 days a week. It is very reliable as far as maintenance. The hatchback has plenty of room when my family travels. It’s very comfortable to drive. I really enjoy the cruise control feature. It performs great in snowy weather.

- Shannon M

The fit is a great fit for anybody!!

It has a great capacity to haul things. It is very easy to drive around town or even long trips. It has great gas mileage, 30 miles per gallon. Easy to park and get around tight places. I have an antique business and I go to a lot of estate sales and never have trouble loading and parking.

- Susan U

My fit is mostly very fit!!

My car has been very reliable and is good on gas. I did have trouble getting a sticker this year due to a glitch in the engine/emissions computer which was annoying. It took 4 times in the shop to pass inspection because the car has to be very "warmed up". Other than that, I love the car.

- Nan K

Honda fit is a good car for its price.

I find the Honda fit to be a very good car for its price. It has many features and it is very roomy. Good for carrying a lot of stuff when you need to. It is very comfortable and offers a good "ride. " I have heard complaints about it being "too noisy" but I find this to be unwarranted.

- Patton M

Small car, lots of space, big dreams.

Reliable, sturdy vehicle that gets good gas mileage. It has required only routine maintenance. Fits 4 people comfortably, even my tall friends and family. I wish there was a middle console and the ac/heat circulated better. Honda is a good reliable brand and the fit, fits my needs.

- Tam P

It is a small car. we are a small family, so that is ok, but sometimes we have other people visiting us, so then we need a second vehicle to take everyone somewhere.

I LOVE my Honda Fit. It's a great little car, gets pretty good gas mileage. It is very easy to drive, and I like it better than other stick shift vehicles I have driven before. The car also has a hatchback, and the seats can be pushed down for hauling large items. No complaints.

- elizabeth m

Honda fit is a zippy, reliable vehicle!

The fit is surprisingly roomy for a small vehicle! It has been reliable without mechanical and other issues over the past 2 years since we purchased it used. It runs smoothly and efficiently and gets great gas mileage. It can be a little slow to accelerate, especially on a hill.

- Meredith W

The car may look small, but its storage options are superior to many much larger cars. It's called Fit for a reason! I've had 2 large bicycles in it, and a full size bed!

I love my car in every way except for the fact that the dealership messed up my free oil change and the engine seized. As they are incompetent, I am now on my fourth engine, which at least was free. It has never run as it originally did, I am always worried about breaking down.

- Tamara B

An easy driving car for the every kind of person.

I have always been a nervous driver, but the Honda fit makes driving so much easier for me! It drives smoothly, is always reliable, and has never given me any trouble. Actually, my whole family had fits now (in red, orange, and yellow) because we all love driving them so much.

- Centennial C

the engine has over 120,000 miles on it and cranks over every time I hit the key.

My Honda Fit is a pretty reliable vehicle. when I first got it, I would get in upwards of 42mph. Right now, after 5yrs of ownership, it has over 120,000 miles on it. for all intents and purposes, it is getting a little less in mileage, but have had no major issue with it.

- Leo B

Honda fit safety is exceptional.

Reliable, safe, basic car. I was in a bad car crash about six months after buying my first fit and was able to walk away with just bruises and whiplash. I immediately bought an identical fit. The seats fold down nicely, although I use that feature less since we had kids.

- Beth T

Is different from a lot of vehicles but others are copying it.

Excellent gas mileage, handles easily, reliable, dependable; only required regular maintenance; has limited cargo space, limited leg room in back seat. Rear can lie down for additional storage space but then limits passenger space to one which limits usefulness at times.

- Jean G

Awesome small car with great miles per gallon fuel economy.

I love my Honda Fit. It is the perfect small car. Although it is pretty basic the features are pretty great. It has a backup camera, cd player, bluetooth capabilities, ac, automatic transmission and many more. It gets great gas mileage too. I've gotten up to 50 mpg!

- amy m

Great mileage, great space, great car.

It gets great gas mileage and is easy to maintain. It is great when we go on family trips, whether it is just a weekend away to see family for a week to the beach. We have a baby and the car seat, stroller and other baby supplies fit perfectly. It is a great little car.

- Jennifer B

Great gas mileage, does not cost me a lot in gas.

Great gas mileage and easy to drive. Small and easy to manage. I do not have any issues with reliability, which I find is usually the case with Hondas. They are great vehicles and the hatchback is convenient. I would recommend this car to anyone. It is a great vehicle!

- Casey R

Excellent car in its class!

I love this little car. Has excellent gas mileage, surprisingly comfortable rear seats for a car in its class, and loads of cargo space with the seats folded down. Smart handling, and fun to drive. Simple, straightforward dash. I am proud to own my little Honda fit!

- Erica A

Excellent storage space in a compact package.

I have been driving my 2013 Honda fit for 5 years and put nearly 100k miles on it without any major maintenance required. I average 35 mpg, and the interior is spacious (thought the rear seating could use more leg/head room). Top notch service from Honda, as well.

- Chris F

Honda Fit is a good car to drive.

Car runs good. Engine shifts a little late for my taste, but that can be override with paddle shifters. Speakers sound great and it has good gas mileage. There is a nice amount of space on the inside and AUX port. I personally like how easy it is to drive around.

- Stuart L

The car's battery seems to die pretty fast. So, I would recommend that people who buy this car are aware that they may need to run/use it more than usual. At least more than once a week which shouldn't be a problem if one has a job.

The vehicle contains a buttressed brake pedal. I like the convenient size of it and the high seat position so I can easily see around me. Turns and all other functions are very smooth. My complaint is the radio code that must be entered if I replace the battery.

- Emma K

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is very fuel efficient.

I love the fact that my car is really good on gas. I love the fact that the rear seats fold flat. I can also fit my car into really small spaces that larger vehicles cannot. I do wish that it came with a Built-in center console but other than that I love it.

- Larchere E

The Honda Fit is quick and compact, but cramped for a family.

I dislike that the engine is too loud. I am looking for a new car this month as we have a 3 year old and need to get something bigger. Possibly the CRV. I love that Honda is reliable and the parts are good. However, I hate the design of my tiny boxy car!

- Lara K

Honda fit: a gas guzzler I am not.

I like the 2013 Honda fit gas mileage. It gets over 30 miles to the gallon sometimes 35. Also I have had relatively few problems with it to this. Point. The one thing that you should know is that this car is automatic and does not accelerate too fast.

- Thomas W

It is a great car for commuting and shopping.

I love my Honda fit. It is a compact vehicle so it is really easy to park, but it is also roomy inside. The hatchback is an awesome feature that is super convenient for shopping trips. The food down seats make it really easy to fit even the big stuff.

- Chris A

It handles well in traffic although doesn't accelerate so quickly when entering the freeway.

My Fit is an SUV in which I can load an incredible amount. I get around 30 mpg in town, can easily seat four passengers, and handles easily. Is there anything I don't like? Maybe it feels a little light in a crash which I hope I won't have.

- don P

Has a pretty big blind spot.

I like that it is good on gas and is a small car but still spacious inside. I love the hatchback door for the trunk. I dislike the length of the seats. I wish the seat cushion were a tad longer to support my leg better on longer drives.

- Jane S

It's possible to rearrange the interior to suit the needs you have at the moment.

I like how compact it is. It has a tight turning radius and is easy to get it into parking spaces. Remarkably enough, it has a great cargo capacity. Also, the seats can be rearranged in several ways to fit odd sized cargo into it.

- Mary P

It has amazing gas mileage, but has a lot of wear and tear on the brakes.

I love that my Honda fit is like a mini minivan - the back seats can fold down to have a large holding space in the back. I do not like that there's no Bluetooth capabilities and I do miss a trunk that can close and be hidden.

- Christy S

My car is perfect! It has great gas mileage, is easy to load and unload, has a fantastic GPS, and lots of windows for great visibility.

I love the hatchback on the vehicle, particularly that it is lower than an SUV, which makes it easier to load for me. I love the navigation system, and the high visibility I have from all of the windows. I have no complaints.

- Deb M

The Honda Fit is an amazing car at a great price.

The Honda Fit is a very simple car, but it's very versatile and capable. It has four doors for multiple passengers, and the back seats can be laid flat for transporting items. It gets amazing gas mileage and is fun to drive.

- Mike H

The most important thing is the mileage rate. It is sensationally low.

What I like about the Honda Fit is its size. I can park it anywhere easily. It moves easy, has a good radius. Another point I like is that it has a good mileage rate. What I dislike a bit is that the motor isn't very strong.

- Cecilia I

The name "Fit" is very accurate!

It's nice and small, so it can squeeze in small parking spaces, but can fit more luggage than you would expect. It goes decently fast and gets good mileage. The cupholders and kind of small though and not very convenient.

- Kasey E

It gets good gas mileage, it's got a lot of cargo space when you fold the back seats down

I like that it gets good gas mileage, and I like how it looks. I dislike that it has had recurring spark plug issues since it was brand new and some trim pieces have fallen off around the windshield. It seems cheaply made

- Melissa L

It's well made by Honda. It's the second Honda we've had and have had very good luck with it.

I like because it is good on gas. We have traveled off-road to some extent with it too. The main reason we choose it was we could flat tow it behind our RV. The raspberry color makes it easy to find in parking lots.

- Bruce K

Honda Fit the dependable, economical and fun to drive car.

The Honda Fit is a vehicle that can carry a lot, has good gas mileage if you slow down and drive well, has good visibility, relatively maintenance free, rugged and just drives well. Oh, it has a good sound system too.

- john k

It is a fun car with a lot of zip.

I like almost everything about the car. The only thing I do not like is that I feel my vision is somewhat limited when I want to pass. I feel like the headrests block my vision and the rear window is not big enough.

- Rita L

Honda Fit: fuel-efficient with plenty of storage space

The Honda Fit is compact but still has tons of storage space with the seats folded down - I use it to transport my keyboard, amp, and other gear regularly. I also love that it's very safe and fuel-efficient.

- Rebecca H

It's a great value for the price and the gas mileage.

I love that my car is small but still has a lot of room to haul things. I also like that it gets good gas mileage. I wish it had a few more bells and whistles like heated seats and Bluetooth connectivity.

- Anna M

It is an affordable car with plenty of leg room, head room and storage room.

The Honda Fit is very good on gas mileage, even when just doing errands around town. There is plenty of space in the back for adults. The amount of storage room is very surprising for a small car.

- Denise F

Honda Fit is functional but not flaw-free

My honda fit is FINE, I don't love it. The gas tank is obnoxiously small, and I feel like I'm always getting flats. The electronics console is awful and the bluetooth is messy. It handles fine.

- julia H

It is easy to drive and easy to park.

I love how easy it is to park, because it is so small. I also like that it is able to hold a lot of cargo, even with It's small size. I find that really amazing. I also like the gas mileage.

- Mary R

The MPG that I get is much higher than the official MPG; it's close to 42 on average.

I like my Fit a lot. It gets great mileage and is fun to drive. It's a little loud in the cabin, and the hatchback is a bit stick now, after almost five years, but overall it's been great.

- Kerry S

It saves on gas when you commute a long way.

What I like about my vehicle is that it saves me a lot of fuel when I travel. I get more for my money. What I dislike is that it is too small. When I travel with my family we have no room.

- Evelyn Z

How fit is the fit? It has trunk room, back seats fold down for more storage.

It is a fun and comfortable car to drive. The mpg is not good and there have been numerous leaks. I have had many Honda's before and was very satisfied. I think my car is just a misfit.

- Darlene K

It's a manual and it has a cd player!

I absolutely love my car! It's my second Honda fit. My only complaint is that they are so hard to find used. I also had to buy it as a replacement for a car I had for only 9 months :-(

- Erika P

I think the most important thing people should know about my car is that it gets good gas mileage and i fell safe driving it

I love that it's so small. I feel like it can fit anywhere. I also love that it gets good gas mileage. The only complaint that I have is that the air conditioner doesn't work great

- Ashley B

Overall, this is a great car in terms of practicality and enjoyability.

I like the look and style of the car. The visibility is great. The space is great. It's fun to drive. There's a few tech specs I wish it had and the gas mileage could be better.

- Chris K

Definitely a great car to take on road trips. Don't let the size fool you. You can literally fit your life in that car.

It's a great car the gets excellent gas mileage Spacious room and drives very smooth. Only thing that I don't like about it is that it has 9 windows, so tinting may be suitable.

- kevin O

Great gas mileage. It gets 42 miles per gallon.

I like the color of my car, which is red. I like how it gets great gas mileage. I like the ease of which I can load my dog in the back seat. I do not like how low it rides.

- Marianne E

Like a tardis -- it's bigger on the inside. Very flexible cargo space.

Love the folding rear seats. Can fit a lot in a little car. Great visibility. I wish that a hybrid version of this car was available and winter traction was improved.

- Debbye B

A small but reliable car that is perfect for a single person.

It's reliable and works for me. I've had no real problems with it over the years. The main issue I now have is that it's getting too small for my family's current needs.

- Cortny K

Short Review of My Honda Fit

No problems at all. Performance is great as long as the tires are in good shape. Comfort is great. My only complaint is that the ground clearance is less than ideal.

- John D

This car gets great gas mileage and is a decent compact car.

I love the gas mileage as I travel a lot each month for business. The interior is pretty accessible. I do think it is a little smaller than I would wish for a vehicle.

- Kristi C

Compact, but roomy and fun

I like that it's compact, but yet feels roomy. Lots of visibility through the front windshield; comparable to that of a minivan. I wish it had a bit more pep, though.

- Stacy G

If you take care of it, it takes care of you! It's the best.

I love that it's fairly small but seems to have tons of room. It's safe enough for my baby and car seat. It is good on gas. It has never had any mechanical issues.

- Gwen K

Honda Fit great gas mileage!

I love the gas mileage it gets. It's a small, compact car that fits me perfectly, yet has enough space for multiple people. I do wish it came with Bluetooth though.

- Priscilla F

Love the color. It easy to find in a parking lot. A fun car.

Love my fit. It is fun to drive around town. Would like to have more options. Such as back up camera. As a senior citizen it is easy to park and drive around town.

- Anita M

Comfortable ride, great cargo space.

The Honda fit rides very smoothly. It is reliable and trouble free. It can accommodate a wide variety of cargo by folder seats up or down to extend the cargo area.

- Le K

Great, practical car for a single person or small family

I love that it is practical. It holds a lot of cargo when I put the seats down, yet is small enough to be compact. I love the gas mileage, and it's fun to drive.

- Chelsea S

Five years with no problems. There for the car is of great quality

No complaints.I like that the back seats fold down flat. I can actually get my snap on kayaks in the back,they come apart into 2 4 ft sections. MPG is good too.

- carl t

Super spacious and comfortable!

It is very spacious and drives smoothly. It is also very cheap to fill up on gas. However, the biggest problem I have is when it jolts when I break or speed up.

- Maggie K

Great fuel efficiency makes it an ideal choice for long trips.

I like the fuel economy and ease of maintenance. The size works for now, but I'd like to upgrade to something larger. The handling isn't as precise as I'd like.

- Cassandra R

More room than expected and great gas mileage

this car has a lot of room for being compact. The gas mileage is great. I travel an hour each way for work. I love how this car handles the stop and go traffic.

- katie k

Excellent gas mileage; holds 10.4 gallons; had to fill up every two weeks.

There is not enough room in rear seats, no leg room for passengers; headrests are not comfortable, they cause a crick in my neck, storage space is inadequate,.

- Jean C

Always go with Honda cars.

I wish the air conditioning was better, but for a base model, it is a really fantastic car. I have never had any issues outside of standard wear and tear.

- Emily W

it's roomy and gets good gas mileage travels well cheap on fuel

it's rides and runs great gets good gas mileage the only downfall is the small tank.it rides good roomy.i like how the seats in the back raise up or down

- betty t




It has excellent gas mileage.

The vehicle is small so easy parking the car but because it is smaller than the average car it is able to move easier with wind/natural occurrences.

- Elizabeth T

Gas mileage is great. It makes it affordable to drive a lot and take trips.

I like the gas mileage. I like the small size for parking. I do not like the round shape of a gerbil ball. Also my power window motor wore out.

- michele f

The Honda fit is small in size but big on storage.

I like the size of the car and the hatchback. It's great for parallel parking in the city. It gets good gas mileage and provides a lot of storage.

- Heather W

Roomy, affordable and great gas mileage!

I love the Fit. It is affordable. It has great gas mileage. You can fit a lot of stuff in it. Lastly, it has great cup holders for beverages!

- William B

Good space in the inside to haul things.

I like the size and the gas mileage. I like driving manual transmission. The space is lovely. I do not like how it handles in the snow. No perks.

- Caitlin B

Lots of room! Unless you have a car seat

I love my car. It looks super small but it's not when you put the seats down. However, a car seat for a baby makes it hard to pull it in and out

- Melody S

It is a hatchback, and therefore, I can put a lot of stuff in it.

The vehicle performs well most of the time. It does, however, have a manual transmission which is expensive to fix when it needs to be fixed.

- Alanna M

If you need a small reliable car, you should consider a Honda Fit

It has been a very reliable car and I love the size as it's easy to park. I have only had a few issues nothing major, and it's driven a lot.


It get great gas mileage and runs well.

It works well. I have never had to pay for any repairs, just regular maintenance. It is roomy for a small car. It has a lot of cargo space.

- Joe s

It is a hatchback and the seats fold down to haul anything.

No problems but the rubber on the bumper always hits the ground when going up hill and started to come off the car so I had to remove it.

- Amanda H

Good reliable comfortable vehicle that will keep your family safe.

I like the way the vehicle handles. The car gets good mileage. The vehicle is a little light so wind requires fighting steering a bit.

- Mary F

The most important thing is that it is safe and does not have many blind spots.

It is manual which is good. Has lots of cupholders and trunk space. Gets up to speed quickly. No sunroof. Not the sleekest looking car.

- Erica P

Hybrid, cleaner than 90% of cars

I have a hybrid so I love that it is less polluting. I love that it is small and easy to park. Occasionally I wish it had more umph.

- Francine L

It is a great choice for a car if you have a small family.

I have never had issues with the car itself. It is easy to drive, feels safe. No major complaints except a few inconvenient recalls.

- Emily B

This is a great little car that gets great gas mileage.

I love it is size, how much space it has for a small car, and how fuel efficient it is. I do not like how loud it is on the highway.

- Nicole L

My car is easy to drive due to its size, gas mileage, and newness.

My car is compact so I have no trouble parking. My Honda Fit has great gas mileage. My car has never broken down and is dependable.

- Sarah T

Amazing space in the back. It can haul quite a lot for such a small car

I like the gas mileage, reliability and the price. I don't like how light it is driving in snow, and it has no perks or features

- Caitlin Mary B

It is a well made, reliable car and it gets great gas mileage.

I love our Honda Fit. It's good on gas. It's a very reliable vehicle. We still have the original battery and it's 5 years old!

- Sue H

It has a lot more space than you think.

It is a great size! So easy to drive! A lot of space! Can actually fit anything! There is nothing I do not like about my vehicle.

- Sara D

It is banged up (prior to purchase), but it runs very well and is comfortable.

There is no way to unlock the back hatch independently. You only have the option of unlocking only the drivers door or all doors.

- Gina D

It's economical and although small can still be family friendly

I like that it is a compact car but I can still use to carry my girls around when I need to. I like that it's fuel efficient too

- Jenniffer A

The car might look tiny from the outside and is has exceptional leg space

amazing looking and great comfort level. I love the functionality of the car specially the abs system and the car audio quality

- Jenny P

The 2013 fit is a decent car!

It is a nice car. It has a decent interior which is fairly comfortable. It is pretty reliable in the years it has been owned.

- William D

It accelerates fast and very smooth drive.

I love everything about it however it is hard to see out the front when changing lanes. It is a fast car and fuel efficient.

- Arianna L

Affordable in payments, but costly in tire replacements. Gas is a lot cheaper, smaller tank.

It is cheaper on gas. Easy to load at the grocery store. It does cost more than expected replacing tires though, expensive.

- Dianne P

It is very dependable car to drive.

The compact size makes parking easier. It has good gas mileage. It has air conditioning. It is dependable. No complaints.

- Michele J

2013 Honda Fit Pros and Cons

Good miles per gallon. Drives smooth. Very reliable. It's easy and cheap to service. Biggest downside is weak A/C.

- Jacob F

It can fit a lot despite appearances.

I love that it is low fuel, it is compact. The only thing I dislike is the wind can whip it around something fierce.

- Kyle J

Overall a great little package.

Recall on airbags. Fixed for free under warranty. Great gas mileage. Great handling. Surprisingly roomy interior!

- Bryan H

That it has more space inside than it looks like.

What I like about it is that it is small and can make tight turns. Dislike that it does not have a backup camera.

- Beth M

It is a really good car, and it runs good.

It is a really good car to drive it has a lot of legroom and space. It is not very big it does good in the snow.

- Brandy A

The Fit's name fits. Lots of room

Love the car, great amount of room inside, however small front disc rotors cause me to purchase new brakes often

- Hector T

It isn't huge, but has a really nice storage capacity

It is a great little car. Not the most powerful, but good for my needs. I love how much can be packed in it.

- Chelsea C

It is reliable car for a low cost then other similar cars

I like that it is small but can fit a lot of things with the fold down seats. I hate the size of the gas tank

- Amanda W

It is bigger and more comfortable than it looks from the outside.

I like the size of my car. It is easy to drive and park in the city. It is very roomy and comfortable inside.

- jpi p

Step on the gas and it takes a while to accelerate.

I like the size, fuel economy and how the seats flip up or down. I don't like that the engine has no pickup.

- Marie T

The car is affordable and gets good gas mileage.

I like the compact size. Gas mileage. I do not like the cost of maintenance. I have had more than one recall.

- Ted T

I had it modified at the time of purchase to all leather interior.

Driving I find it a bit zippy, passengers say it feels like a skateboard and that it does not move very fast.

- Kathy M

It will last at least 10 years or more.

Gas mileage is ok and not enough storage space but other than that it's awesome. Seats are too hard as well.

- Sue F

The car is small and does not go real fast so I would stay of freeways.

No problems, drives perfectly, lots of room, storage space for days. Extremely comfortable, easy to drive.

- Patti H

It's easy to drive and easy to park. The fit has good gas mileage!

The car is easy to drive, easy to park in small spaces and seats can be lowered for packing the car full.

- Anna K

Very economical and a fantastic car for starting a family

I love the fuel economy and dependability. It also fits a lot of material inside. It's also fairly cheap.

- Aaron G

Good on gas mileage, with the extreme high prices today of gas you can still fill up with $20

I didn't get to pick it out, I do like the color and the gas mileage. I don't like the shape of the car

- Kisha M

It is a teal color. Very nice good on gas and stuff.

I like that it has a lot of space. It is good on gas. It is a nice color. I wish it had a touch screen.

- Bree R

Great gas mileage and a smooth ride.

I love my Honda fit. The only negative thing I can say about it is the interior. It wears done easily.

- Jennifer M

Great small hauling vehicle! Easy to fold down seats.

The main issue with the car is that it does not have a 6th gear and is therefore loud on the freeway.

- Alaina W

Compact size makes very easy U-turns.

Small, compact, cute. Easy to maneuver. No backup camera or side sensors. Good on gas. Very reliable.

- Joseline B

It is fuel efficient and dependable.

Really like the short wheel base, the good gas mileage, and the dependability. I would buy it again.

- Kristin M

Honda makes a very high quality product. Our fit has a lot of versatility and cargo room for such a small model.

I love the gas mileage, reliability, and style. I also really love the color, Blue Raspberry.

- Donna K

The Honda Fit surprises you with seat arrangements

I love that even though it's a smaller car it is quite comfortable. I love the fuel economy.

- Heather M

It gets good gas mileage and the car runs great

Love how it drives and handles. I like that you can put the seat down and get more space.

- Will M

Reliable, but boring car. Does not accelerate fast; scary to get on the highway. I wish it had a back up camera. The air conditioner is not cold enough. The replacement parts, including tires, are stupid expensive.

It is a Honda, so it is reliable. It gets horrible gas mileage for such a small car,

- karen j

Small yet plenty of room for all kinds of things. Good on gas and comfortable

The Honda Fit is good on gas, comfortable and although small has plenty of room.

- Jean K

Handles nicely and needs little maintenance!

It is a hatchback which has a good amount of reeo, but is not very quiet to run!

- Barry E

high mileage, lots of room for walkers, no mechanical problems in addition to normal maintenance, easy to park, comfortable, easy in and out, nobody wants to steal it.

comfortable and easy to drive for senior citizens with excellent mileage

- loretta s

Honda Fit is a small reliable car that is fun to drive.

I like that it is reliable and easy to park because it is so small.

- Erin D

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size. I do not like the wipers.

- Philip h

fits into small spaces when parking and is easy to park

the perfect size for us. Gas mileage is great Maintenance is low

- Brenda W

That it has good gas mileage and is very functional.

It is small and has good gas mileage. It has good acceleration.

- Lisa B

great and easy to drive you should go to honda dealer and test drive and see how you feel

small and easy to drive save gas cheap to maintain like this car

- pat R

It is a very efficient car and save you on having to pay lot on gas.

It is nice and small, save me on gas and it is low maintenance.

- Barry L

This is a reliable car with great gas mileage and is roomy

Good gas mileage, very roomy, I wish I had a satellite radio

- Jen B

Can park in really really tight places where bigger cars have problems

The gas mileage is awesome. So it the rate of oil changes

- Martha T

Incredibly reliable vehicle. I've had it new since 2013 and have had nothing go wrong.

Love the vehicle. It honestly blew away my expectations.

- Daniel D

The Honda Fit has great Fuel economy and has little maintenance

Great fuel economy. Little maintenance Looks great.

- John M

I like my Honda Fit because it is a reliable vehicle. It is manufactured with a high degree of quality. It is fun to drive and very fuel efficient.

It is produced with high quality and performs well.

- Julie N

looks small but it is very roomy and spacious from inside

spacious hatchback but has a very slow pickup time

- R S

I'll still have it when you're replacing your car

Good gas mileage reliable small but spacious

- Sheldon B