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The Honda Odyssey touring is comfort, is equipped. Has Michelin pax system tires.

I own a 2008 Honda Odyssey touring. It is very comfortable and spacious for a family. Features: The features in my vehicle include FM/am radio, CD player with a CD player changer, captain chairs in the second row, capacity for 7 passengers, spacious trunk, entertainment system, sunroof, all leather seats, 16 cup holders, electric windows, electric sliding side doors with sensors, driver's and front passenger's seats have heaters, and GPS guidance with a large screen. The tires are special, they have the Michelin pax system. Reliability: This vehicle is very reliable and have had no major repairs, only those that are needed with wear such as battery and alternator change. Performance: It gives me about 18 miles per gallon in the city. It drives smoothly and performs good. Problems: The biggest problem that I have encountered with my the vehicle are the tires. They are specialty made and not found anywhere other than the dealership. When the time came to change the tires, I was unable to find anyone that had them except the Honda dealer and they are very pricey since they have to be Michelin pax system. Because of this, I decided to change the tires but the wheels are also a special size, they are metric and no tire would fit them. I found out many other owners have changed the wheels to conventional sizes. After a lot of researching, I found the closest match for the wheels and tires. My next huddle was to find someone to do it. I called every place I found but got the same answer, because it had the pax system, they wouldn't touch it and referred me back to the Honda dealership. I was finally able to find a tire place that removed the wheels that I had and changed it to a conventional size to be able to use regular tires.

- Mi M

Driving Odyssey: good family van to drive and to haul with.

Does not seem to blow hot air out the heater it does heat up and gets warm takes a while. The heated seats take a while to heat up and then they cool back down was disappointed about that. I have a bad back I have to use an extra back support cushion. Overall I do like the van a lot performance is very good and reliable. It rides good have taken it on some road trips. It's not that good on gas mileage though. Only major part that I had problems with was the power steering pump needed replaced. I do love the sun/moonroof my favorite part of the van, like that I have Sirius radio, I liked all my electric windows and I can lock back windows. I like that my doors are on a timer and will lock on there own when unlocking with remote, I like the anti-theft a good feature, it does pickup and goes good, does well in the snow. I do not like my back-up camera is in the rearview mirror it can be turned off I wish the camera was on the dash like newer vehicles. Lots off room to haul things the back seats fold into the floor great for hauling the second row seats do come out if you want more room for hauling. Over all it is a good van.

- Laurie M

Why you should buy an odyssey.

It is a mom van, so the image it projects is not cool, but it carries a lot of people and cargo which comes in handy frequently. The only problems we have had are the result of an accident (deer) and the poor repair job. Neither of which had any thing to do with the van or the Honda company, so I cannot fault either of them. Both performance and reliability have been excellent. We have worked it pretty hard and it has never let us down. There are many features on the van that enhance the comfort level of the driver and rider: roominess, auto rearview mirror switcher, the auto window button (both up and down), mirror defroster and tons of cup holders to name a few. My only complaint is it takes a long time for the heat to warm up the cabin and the a/c to cool it off, maybe due to the size of cabin. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Christine L

Honda Odyssey- Perfect vehicle for parents

I absolutely love my Honda Odyssey. The remote open sliding doors on both sides is very convenient for kids, and/or loading groceries/other goods in a hurry. The dvd player located right behind the two front seats is very nice, and I love that it can be used for occupants in the back seats at the same time that the radio/cd/aux player can be used for the front seats. This saves my sanity on longer trips, and allows me to listen to what I'd like while my children) can watch movies. The only thing i would change is to add a remote open button for the back hatch, but it's not something that greatly bothers me.

- Lora P

Awesome, reliable, lots of seat flexibility options.

Love my Honda odyssey. Best car/minivan ever. Once we had our third child buying the minivan was the next option. I have had my car for over 10 years now and have had no maintenance issues at all. I am at almost 100,000 miles and it is still running very well. Love how easy it is to move the seats around and remove them. The third row seating is perfect for large family car rides. I can also pop down half of the third row and pack up for the beach/camping/luggage..Etc. I highly recommend the Honda odyssey. I would definitely buy it again.

- Pamela N

The Honda odyssey is so roomy!

We have enjoyed our Honda odyssey. We have plenty of room for traveling with a family of 5. We have gone on many family vacations in the past 10 years and this van has been perfect for traveling. It had lots of space and is easy to move around in the vehicle. It has room for 8 passengers and a large spacious trunk. There are lots of cup holders in our van as well. We have had ac issues in the past year and half, but the car is older. I haven't found another van that is as roomy as the Honda odyssey.

- Andrea C

Versatility and great gas mileage for a minivan - I love the fact that it shuts off cylinders it isn't using.

It is so reliable. It is very innovative, having everything I need for everyone, including ample cup holders, heated seats, sunroof, space for eight passengers, storage everywhere, roll down windows even in the second row, a removable center seat in the second row, center seat belts that tuck out of the way in the ceiling, DVD player in the back, and so much more. Everyone who rides with us asks us what it is and so many of our friends are looking to buy one, because they love ours.

- Khrystyl B

Honda odyssey is a must for families.

So far, I have had no mechanical or performance problems with my odyssey (alternator was replaced before we bought it). I love all of the space for my kids to move and sit. Automatic sliding doors are a must for busy moms with full hands! The back up camera is an awesome safety feature. I feel like I am driving a smaller car, most of the time, because the odyssey just drives so well. The DVD entertainment system is also helpful for longer trips with my kids.

- Lisa E

Great value. You can't beat a Honda for bang for buck. You get the best features, the most reliable cars on the road, at a fair price.

We bought this new before our second daughter was born. We love the amount of space it offers, and the smooth, comfortable ride. It has held up well for ten years. Our only complaint is that one of the sliding doors is a bit fussy, and sometimes stops abruptly when trying to open....takes a couple attempts. We have read that others have had this problem with doors on the odyssey from this year as well. Still, a great vehicle.

- Kevin L

Super dependable and comfortable for families! I love my Odyssey!

I love the visibility I have when driving. I love how comfortable it is for long distance trips and how easy the seats fold down when needed. I don't have a good place to put my phone on a mount - too hot on the dash and if I put it over the vents it blocks the controls for a/c etc. I do not love the automatic doors and I was very unhappy when I had to fix the a/c or my car wouldn't run and the repair was super expensive!

- Linda H

Extremely reliable, low maintenance vehicle.

The Odyssey comfortably seats 6 adults and has room for 7 people in total. There is plenty of storage space and compartments that makes packing for long trips convenient. It is exceedingly reliable, the only major issues being when Honda issues a recall. My model does not have automatic sliding doors which is inconvenient, sometimes the doors don't properly latch open which becomes more of an issue when parked on an incline.

- Taylor S

Drives very smooth and is easy to handle.

The car is very reliable and comfortable. I enjoy the speaker system and how you can adjust the volume. The seats are comfortable and the car is great for traveling. The automatic opening doors make it easy for when are getting in the car with children. The car also seats 8 which is a plus when you are traveling with relatives. The a/c burns ice cold and our van has a backup camera to see when you are reversing.

- Shayla W

A great car for moving around the kids all day long.

The engine makes a humming noise when I am easing into traffic. Sometimes the left sliding door makes a pop sound when opening. I wish it had a rear auto lift gate. I love the color, but hate the ac controls. The seatbelt is scratchy against my skin and I do not like that sensation. Sometimes the car smells yucky. But that may be from one time when the kids got sick in the back.

- Michelle G

Honda Odysseys have an amazing amount of trunk space!

We've always bought Hondas! They're very reliable, made well, look nice, and even though they may cost a little more than some other brands, they are definitely worth it! The trunk space in an Odyssey cannot be beat; with a large family, it is a necessity. We've looked at others, but they just do not have enough storage space! We'll continue buying any type of Honda.

- Tanya S

The automatic sliding doors and capacity to fit 8 people and cargo in the back is great!

I like the ease of use when I have my daughter and dog with me. We have automatic sliding doors which are awesome! I would definitely look for this feature on our next car. I don't like that the lights don't automatically go on and that when my daughter turns on her individual light in the back it doesn't go off when the car is off after a set amount of time.

- Car T

That it is very dependable - it starts every morning and gets me and my family where we need to go.

The van fits my family well. The dependability and the longevity are two very important things for me. The van drives nicely and is something I can count on. Those things being said - the gas mileage is not great - the systems (like heater and air conditioner) are just average and the doors and windows always seem to be just a little out of whack.

- Loran G

Can insert 10 CDs in system. Great for long trips.

Bought my Honda with 14 miles on it. Had it serviced per required under warranty. I have honestly had very few issues with this vehicle. It drives and rides smoothly. Very comfortable for around town or long trips. Economical, comfortable and reliable. It is almost 11 years old and the only complaint I have is that the arm rest leather is tearing.

- Frances M

2008 Honda odyssey - great van!

I have had no trouble with my 2008 Honda odyssey it is 11 years old. I follow all the maintenance schedules and it is a very reliable van. We travel in it on family vacations, plenty of room to stretch out comfortably. To my surprise I still love my van as if I bought it yesterday! The exterior and interior still look great and it has 155k miles.

- Julie A

Hondas are built to last.

I love how smooth it drives. The features that make it easier for parenting (automatic doors, DVD with Bluetooth headphones, seating options, etc.) are wonderful. My CD player does not work well when there?s more than one disc (can hold up to 6) and the arm rests for the front seats are so tight the leather has ripped from being put up and down.

- Jasmine B

My daughter prefers to practice in the Odyssey rather than the Accord.

The Odyssey is a great family car. It is not too big; has plenty of room for up to 7 people; everything is within reach of the driver; comfortable; smooth ride; great gas mileage. My current van has the navigation system (which is very useful after all) and the rear entertainment system. The kids love being able to watch movies on road trips.

- Mary B

The driver's blind spot outside the front passenger's seat is pretty long.

We have had no problems. It handles really well. The driver and front passenger seats are very comfortable, it has heated seats, lumbar supports and plenty of legroom. The middle and third row seats are not comfortable. We are only getting 15 miles to the gallon, but it has a 21 gallon tank so it can go quite a while between fill ups.

- Gary S

Awesome vehicle found in the Honda Odyssey! Will not buy any other type vehicle!

Amazing, reliable vehicle! Honda makes awesome vehicles. They run for a long time with minor wear and tear. We have owned our vehicle for 10 years and have put a ton of mileage on it and are just now having to get services done on it. The oddest is great on mileage and very comfortable. We will be purchasing another one of these soon!

- Lori C

Vehicle evaluated and guaranteed as road insurance.

T. His minivan is comfort, spacious, safe in the road. It is also comfortable to travel. If consumes a lot of gasoline and fills up with much. For large families it is the ideal way out. I like it because it's seats are comfortable. I like it because it's seats are comfortable and it has many compartments to store different things.

- Marisol R

Seats 7 people. Seat totally fold down.

Very large so can hold many items as well as can seat 7 people, the seat totally fold down when needed. It can carry items on the roof holder. Has sliding back doors so can hit into small spaces and when opening the door, since it slides, people can get out easily. Putting babies in the back is very convenient since it is low.

- Diana C

For being 11 years old is has held up very nice. Reliable and a classic choice.

Drives nice. Has nice seats and has held up nice. Getting out of date. It does have little things that are strange. The automatic doors mess up sometime. Feels safe to drive and lasts a long time. Has plenty of room for many people. Has a seat that can be removed which is very nice. Easy to clean. Nice radio and speakers.

- Claire D

It is great for families.

It drives smoothly like a car. It has a lot of space and seat configuration options. The doors slide open automatically, preventing the kids from slamming a door into another parked vehicle or from pinching their fingers because it stops automatically, too. The sliding doors make loading and unloading much easier.

- A E

Really good van for vacation trips and everyday use for long drives.

Wwll I use this car as my everyday drive for work and ny drive is a hour drive and the van has way over 200 thousand miles on it. It's been such a great van out of the 3 I've owned. I love the space and size it's perfect to work out of and for a family of 7. Can't go wrong at all. Its a Honda what more can I say.

- April A

It's not available in four wheel or all wheel drive.

I dislike how one of the sliding doors sticks and Honda never fixed it. I also find it a hazard how I have blind spots at each corner of the dashboard...I see there are now peep windows that have been installed in those spots. I have enjoyed the ease of knocking down seats and the space for a family of five.

- Emily B

My favorite thing about the van is it is side doors are automatic.

It is comfortable easy to drive. Fits all the people I need to carry. Meets all demands. I got the automatic sliding doors. And the convenience of a sunroof side door windows roll down and is excellent on gas I recommend it to anyone who has to carry kids and buy large quantities of groceries and supplies.

- Janet C

Great for multiple car seats!

Such a great vehicle! We have had ours 10 years and it's never broken down. Very comfortable for long trips. Spacious enough for three car seats in a row. The "magic seat" is a fantastic feature. We also really love the in floor storage area. It's been inexpensive to maintain. I would recommend this van.

- Sara M

Able to see all angles easily with adjustable mirrors and big windows.

Able to see all angles of driving. Dependable, roomy and comfortable. Able to hold wheelchair easily and get disabled individuals safely into car. Nice ride with minimal rockiness. Son liked car so much that he brought a new one for his family and dog. Allows big dog to easily jump into back cargo area.

- Diane F

Lots of room for a growing family, easy to use & fun to drive for a minivan.

I like the layout of the interior, the center console in the front & the flat fold seats in the back. The cargo area is deep & has lots of room. The captains chairs in the center could be easier to fold & slide. The layout of the electronics in the front is weird & the dual glove boxes are just strange.

- Hope D

An amazingly comfortable ride.

This car is great on gas and is very comfortable. It has very little problems and if it does have a problem, then it is rather small and easy to fix. The car is also good on tires and it can handle semi-rough terrain. The only major concern however is the small parts that seem to break at the same time.

- Mack A

This car is reliable. It is sturdy and safe to drive anywhere. The gas mileage is good also.

It has over 160K miles and still runs great. Dual sliding doors and entertainment system a must when travelling with children. I never worry when I'm driving it because it is so reliable. The leather seats have started breaking down from the sun and heat but that's the only negative thing I have to say.

- Lydia S

I love the heated leather seats! It makes riding in cold so much more enjoyable!

The van drives great, and is very dependable. The van is also loaded with features such as heated leather seats, backup camera, and DVD player. The van rides very well. It can carry up to 8 passengers. It has had regular wear on tho ha like alternator and battery but has 158,000 with no major problems.

- Tammy J

We really like our van a lot.

My van is very comfortable. We love taking it on trips. It has plenty of room for luggage. I like taking it the store. It is easy to load. I like the captain seats. And the dual temperature. I wish the back seats had seat warmers. The back up camera is getting harder to see so we cannot use it anymore.

- Christy Z

The DVD player is probably the most interesting detail because it is a huge hit.

My family has driven our Honda on multiple family road trips where we are putting a lot of mileage on the car. The Honda always does really well and we've never had a problem with it. I like that it is reliable also there is ample room to sit and relax when you are stuck in the car for multiple hours.

- Bridget B

Minivan: the mom machine.

For being over ten years old, this car is pretty great! However, the steering wheel sometimes gets pretty hard to turn. Also, the mpg is not the greatest, but it is a big car. The sliding doors are useful, but sometimes randomly get stuck. I like the extra storage in the front hidden under the seats.

- Jenna N

The amazing Honda Odyssey.

My car has a lot of cool features, such as a TV and air-conditioning, which is great for long drives when you have nothing to do. This car is very reliable, and has great mileage. Sometimes, the tires act up but this rarely happens. The car seats up to eight people, so it is great for family trips.

- Caroline Z

Honda 08 van the best van for you.

I only have problems with the sliding doors on my van other than that the van runs amazing and well kept I would recommend this van to anyone with a big family and on a budget for cheap maintenance on the van if it is getting expensive to drive around check the ikat on the van and have it replace.

- Kyle G

I love the sliding doors. Convenient and extremely handy!

I have had this minivan for 6 years and it has been very reliable. I have had all the maintenance performed and completed. Otherwise, very few unexpected issues have arisen. I did a lot of research before deciding on this. The deciding favors were family friendliness and reliability, hand in hand.

- Elisabeth T

Perfect family vehicle/SUV.

My Honda Odyssey is amazing!! The performance of my vehicle would be considered the best I have ever driven. It's a smooth ride. The gas mileage is amazing and it has the higher end amenities without breaking the bank. It whips around like a small compact car but is as big as a large minivan.

- Nicole O

It is very roomy and comfortable and looks great on the road.

I love my Honda odyssey 2008 when I purchase it was in 2013 it has comfortable seats great engine great style looks fine on the road I need to only upgrade to a better odyssey the odyssey is a great car or van to purchase in the near future it is comfortable and the newer style looks awesome.

- Barb P

Great comfortable, spacious family van!

This van is super comfortable. We have the ex-l with DVD and navigation. There is so much room around the 8 comfortable leather seats. We love the middle, removable seat. The navigation system is great. The kids love the DVD for long road trips. So far no real mechanical, performance issues.

- Kimberly A

It is a great family vehicle. It is extremely versatile for many needs.

The seats are comfortable. It is outfitted with a fair amount of luxury comfort items (heated seats, automatic mirrors, etc.) that I like. It is easily customizable with folding and removable seats. Easy to drive. There really isn't anything I dislike. I would buy another in a heartbeat.

- MaryAnne T

Removable middle row seats

It fits everyone in my family and I like the feature of being able to remove the middle row. However I don't like that with the middle row installed it is difficult to reach the children's car seats in the back row. The middle row seats don't fold out of the way enough or conveniently.

- Amy K

Our odyssey is spacious and roomy. Perfect for any size family!

The Honda Odyssey is the perfect family vehicle. They come equipped with many features. The room they provide for our family of 4 is it's greatest selling point. We have had ours for many years now and it's still super reliable. Definitely would purchase another Odyssey in the future.

- Kristin T

Great family vehicle - we love it and it meets our needs very well!

We love our Odyssey for our family of 5! Plenty of space, user-friendly features, decent gas mileage... It suits our needs well. We do wish that it had a bit more power - it doesn't do well on unpaved surfaces, which makes parking at fall festivals, farms, or campgrounds problematic.

- Kara S

It is a bulky car and is rather hard to drive and get used to.

No complaints. The vehicle does its job and is mainly used to teach my son how to drive. It is a bit bulky but I do not mind as it runs perfectly fine and is a good overall car. I might need to purchase a new car soon however, as the car is almost a decade old at this point in time.

- Bobby J

Love my Honda odyssey, very reliable at 100,000 plus miles.

This van is perfect for a large family. It is very roomy and great for sharing carpooling. There are a lot of safety features like the backup camera, sliding doors beeping if something is in the way. The seats fold down to make a large open area to help when vacationing and moving.

- Lisa P

I am still going strong at 225000 miles.

I have owned it since 2009 and I have not had any problems outside of normal maintenance. It has been very reliable and is very roomy. I am currently at 225, 000 miles and still take it on long trips without worry. I have a family of seven and can pack and go anywhere at anytime.

- Gab G

The Honda odyssey is a good reliable minivan.

It is not good in the snow or in wet weather. The comfort is not too bad. Overall it is a good car and would recommend it to some one looking to buy a minivan. It now has a power steering leak. Otherwise no major issues or problems. Nothing else to tell about this make and model.

- Tracy N

Trouble free, long lasting vehicle!

My Honda Odyssey has been a great van. I have not really had any problems with it, and it has 200, 000 miles on it. The leather has held up well, and everything is still working great. I have the tour package and it has been great with 4 kids. I would definitely buy another one!

- Julie L

It is very reliable and comfortable with little road noise

I have had my car for nearly 10 years and have had to do little more than basic maintenance. I originally bought it because of the lack of road noise and the fact that Honda has a good reputation. It is very comfortable with three rows of seats and rear entertainment system.

- Mandy H

Added Benefits of the Odyssey

My Honda Odyssey has a seat heater in the driver's seat and the front passenger seat which is fantastic! There is a back up camera on the rear view mirror which is very helpful. The sliding doors are automatic, but can be locked to prevent young children opening the doors.

- Pamela T

it is a very reliable car and a very family friendly and safe

we bought it used with very low miles it was in great like new condition as it still is today we have owned it for 7 years it is very reliable is roomy enough for the whole family love the a/c with It's own controls for the back seat areas wonderful vehicle. would buy again

- r w

It does have a good but dated GPS and screen which I use on a regular basis.

Have had problems with the breaks, they have all needed replaced. When I first bought the used Honda and car would drain a new battery in a few months, due to the glove compartment light not going off so I removed it. Oil pan also when up and needed replaced at 150,000.

- Ray R

I haven't owned this vehicle very long, but I have 3 kids and have been loving all of the features that make life easier. The DVD player, automatic sliding doors, tons of space all make life with small kids a bit less stressful! And the zillion cup holders are nice too!

- Ivy D

Honda Odyssey, a great family car.

My car is very reliable. Couple of scratches. The ball joints need to changed, it clicks when making sharp turns. Other than that, the car is a fair condition. Gets me to point A to point B. The oil gets changed like its suppose to. Runs great on gas. Not a gas guzzler.

- Brenda C

Vans are seen as gas guzzlers by most, but our van gets up to 25 MPG on the highway, which is about equal to a lot of other cars.

The car was bought as a work vehicle, and has held up for countless miles. It is driven over 100 miles a day and has barely had any problems. We have had to get the AC replaced, and the tires replaced, but for being driver over 100k miles, it has held up substantially.

- Westley H

It is perfect for large families. There is space for all of the people and all of the stuff!

I love that it has more space than any other minivan for people to move around and for storage. I love that to doors open by remote. It helps when loading children. I wish it was higher off of the ground, more like an SUV, but the gas mileage is great, more like a car.

- Kim K

It feels smaller than it is, so be careful of your surroundings. It is one long minivan.

It's nice and spacious. I haven't had any major issues, and it is close to 200K miles. It's a great people mover. The only complaint I have is the backup camera. It's on the rear view mirror and doesn't work well. It would be much more convenient to have it on display.

- Kerry O

Great family vehicle and great value for the money.

Great vehicle for a family. Good gas mileage, ample space, automatic doors, and low ground clearance which makes it easier for the kids to get into without assistance. The car is reliable and the maintenance cost is low comparable to other vehicles I have own in past.

- Ben K

Odyssey a mom's dream! Room, power, and cup holders!

It is a roomy vehicle with a powerful engine that has a lot of get up and go! I love the ability to fit a lot of people and things into it. The heated front seats have spoiled me rotten. Lots of cup holders and the tray between the front seats makes travel a breeze.

- Jill E

2008 Honda Odyssey great vehicle.

I love my Honda Odyssey is a 2008 and has sliding doors on both sides which is very convenient lots of storage capacity has the bucket seats and I like to purchase a new one eventually in the future it is a good quality vehicle and very good on gas for six cylinder.

- Barbara P

It is a great family vehicle because of its capacity and versatility.

I like the variety of seat configurations; it allows for storage capacity and more comfortable ride for passengers on long trips. The sliding doors are helpful when I'm carrying the kids or loading gear/groceries. It rides smoothly even though it is a big vehicle.

- Ar E

It's great for families, especially for traveling.

I like the versatility, it's very easy to reconfigure the seats when I need to haul things. I love the power sliding doors, very helpful when trying to get two kids in the car. And I love the air conditioning controls that are easy to manage for multiple zones.

- Lisa G

It is a dark grey van, with one of the doors not working.

It is actually a great working van, it has not given up on us after all this time. Even took it on two road trips. However it does have a weird tapping noise coming from the back when we first start the car. It has never bothered us with driving around though.

- Julia W

The vehicle is good I give it a 4 out of 5.

This van is good. It has a lot of good features. It has automatic doors. The windows on the rear let down. It has good gas mileage. It was a good purchase it has a lot of room. The back has a lot of storage. It has a good radio system with a 6 CD changer.

- Kimberly J

Great family vehicle, perfect for road trips!

My 2008 Honda Odyssey is still running great after 10 years!! It has only needed to go to the shop for routine maintenance. It is a great, roomy family vehicle, perfect for casting around my kids and their friends, and a smooth ride for long road trips!

- Stephanie D

Honda Odyssey is one of the safest cars on the road. Great for family.

Love the size and feel. But the brakes are very soft and we have tried to get it fixed, but Honda makes soft breaks. So we will not consider them in the future. Would love to get another Honda in 2019, but not if they don't fix the soft breaks issue.

- Rani D

A van not just for soccer moms.

Honda is durable and reliable. It has enough room for a busy family with sons who are 6 foot tall and up. Loads of storage space, a sunroof to make me feel like I am not just a minivan mom. The 3rd row seats come in handy for travel and extra people.

- Denise G

Large trunk space, in floor storage and two glove compartment spaces

The vehicle is all power and includes heated front seats. If the back windows are opened while moving and not the front the wind makes a whooshing sound that hurts your ears. There are only 2 charging spots in the vehicle and one is in the trunk.

- Andrea H

A newer one would be perfect for larger families.

Normal issues with older vehicles. Does not run the best and not everything works as it should. Auto doors pick and choose when they work and windows do not always go back up when you want them to. Engine constantly needing expensive maintenance.

- Amanda R

It is a reliable brand and it has a sleek look.

The odyssey is an awesome family car. It has great gas mileage. Also, has a ton of space and seating for more people... My dislike the color of my odyssey. Also, I wish it was easier to take the seats out. And they are very heavy to lift out..

- Natalie G

Overall my vehicle is perfect shape, no problems love all the space I have.

My vehicle is a minivan and I prefer to have a smaller car, so far in great shape, very comfortable, lots of space in the back and leg space. It is automatic so it is easier to use in my opinion, but the wheels are sliding when it is raining.

- Alexa A

It is a great running vehicle and gets pretty good gas mileage

I have only had my vehicle for 2 months but absolutely love it. I love the stow and go type rear seats. I love the compartments that are there if you put one of those rear seats up. I love the center "console" that you can put up or down

- Deanna W

Honda vehicles last forever - I have over 100,000 miles on my vehicle.

I like that it fits 8 people comfortably. I like that it has a removable middle seat in the second row that allows for easy access to the 3rd row seat, thus creating captains chairs on the 2nd row. Lots of room in the rear cargo space.

- Jaime F

Honda's have a great reputation of lasting a long time and we have experienced that with our van.

It is super convenient when you have kids. The slide doors make it so easy for them to get in and out. We have had this van for 10 years and it has been a great vehicle for growing families. It's comfortable, reliable and runs great.

- Angela H

Honda Odysseys are the perfect vans for families

I bought my van used. I have had absolutely no problems with my vehicle since I bought it. I rely on it to drive to work 30 minutes each way and carry my 2 children and husband on numerous trips. I will get a honda odyssey again.

- Angela H

It has great space and has been a good fit for my family.

I like the sliding doors and that I can manually close my back door. I wish that the middle windows would roll down the whole way and that the center console between then front buckets seats was crafted so I can clean it better.

- Carrie D

Storage is exceptional as well as the automatic sliding doors and touch button back hatches

Has great gas mileage. The GPS comes in handy. The double automatic sliding doors make l ou adding and unl ou aging kids convenient. Touch button to open back hatch is a wonderful feature. Roomy. With plenty of storage

- Sabrina O

It has been very reliable for over 10 years. It is large and fits our family well.

No complaints. This has been a wonderful car for our large family. I'm ready to have a non-mom car soon though! I like that it is reliable, roomy, and speedy. It's a 10 year old car and still looks fairly new somehow.

- Debbie M

A bit expensive but reliable and convenient.

Overall van works well for its age. We have had to replace normal parts of the engine. There is no trunk button, can only be done by hand which I hate. Electronics are starting to show age but overall very good car.

- Emily P

It runs very well. The ride is smooth. It is reliable and a good family car.

I love this vehicle. It has plenty of power, handles like a sports car, drives perfectly in the snow and has plenty of room. I have no complaints about it whatsoever..... I do believe an AWD option would be nice..

- Arthur R

It is just a great car. I've never had to worry about it.

I love the ease of the car. Kids can get in and out without help. Doors open automatically, the fold down seats are awesome. I do not like that the navigation software is outdated and you have to buy a new disc.

- Cheryl L

Has a few issues, but overall great van

It's a great car, however we have problems with doors not staying open and power steering sticking. Its lasted us 100k miles so far though and except for needing to replace power steering, it's done pretty well.

- Patrice C

My vehicle hold 7 or 8 people.

I love the amount of people my vehicle can hold. We have 6 kids and need lots of space. I like the size and the gas mileage too. My only complaint is that it is getting older and I will have to replace soon.

- Erin K

It is drivable and gets a person from point a to point b

My minivan has 7 seats, a rear view camera, automatic transmission, a radio, and the air conditioning does not work, it rattles, the seat fabric is torn, but it is drivable and gets me from point a to point b

- Cathy W

The blind spot is really dangerous

It is too big. I do not like parking it. The sliding doors freeze in the winter and I cannot get them open. There is a major blind spot in the driver's side left view. It handles well and accelerates well.

- Saehee M

The Honda Odyssey is a great vehicle for large families with small children.

I like having sliding doors for the ease of getting my kids in and out. I also like having a third seating row since I have 3 kids. I dislike how large the vehicle is. I also do not like the gas mileage.

- Megan S

It's reliable and it's perfect for families with kids.

It's a wonderful vehicle for families with kids. We love the sliding doors and optional 8th seat. It's been a super reliable vehicle requiring minor and few repairs. I just wish it had a power liftgate.

- Sylvia H

it's fun to drive, even though its a "mom" car

i love that it is so roomy and comfortable to drive, i sit up high but the van doesnt feel so big. kids and their friends can pile in. very low maintenance means not too much money or time at the shop

- megan f

The Odyssey is reliable! It has never let me down. Routine maintenance is all that's been needed.

The Honda Odyssey is very reliable. I have not had any major repairs other than routine maintenance. It is also very comfortable. There is a lot of room, plenty of storage space and lots of cup holders.

- Marilyn C

The Honda Odyssey is a great family vehicle!

I love my vehicle. It has space, drives smoothly. Love the sliding back doors. Everything I need is in reach. Fits my family. I do wish it did not need to be so big but that is due to my family size. :)

- Beth M

It is the perfect family car.

It is a very comfortable to drive and ride in. I like the back up camera. I have been on many trips as a family of 5 and we have plenty of space for all our luggage and still be able to stretch out.

- Anna W

Great value for the price

Excellent ride with comfortable seating for 7. I have the EXL version and it comes loaded with options: Power doors/windows; front and rear a/c with rear seat controls and an entertainment system.

- Russell T

Spacious and smooth ride. Very comfortable and safe to travel in.

I really like my Honda odyssey because if all the room it has. It is a smooth and comfortable ride. I love that the doors appendix automatically so the kids can just get in right away & buckle up.

- Jessica Z

This has been a very reliable car that has the right features for a family.

Drives great. Plenty of room. Low maintenance costs. The only complaint is that it is missing some technical features common today (i.e., bluetooth, GPS), but otherwise has been a great vehicle.

- Leonard N

it gets good gas mileage and is very roomy for my family.

i love that it has so much room for me and my family. I love that we have a dvd player for our kids to watch when we travel. i do not like the look to be honest. not as sporty as i would like.

- elizabeth s

It's safety- top rated and drives well. There is an option for a dvd player

I like the space for storage and the 3rd row that folds down. There are also a lot of cup holders. I dislike the location of the backup camera and the 3rd row seats are kind of uncomfortable

- Dana R

A white Honda Odyssey. Love the minivan life!

We have owned for car for less than a year, but are enjoying how it handles. A problem we currently face is that one of the sliding doors is not working properly, requiring it to be fixed.

- Stephanie C

It's extremely reliable and you will never have to worry about it.

It has been reliable from day one. We've done routine maintenance on it, but spent very little money on anything else regarding it. It's never left us stranded. I love the size of it.

- Tricia B

My van has a lot of room. You can fit many people and items.

I love the space the Honda has. I love that I can remove the middle seats, and the back bench can slide into the ground. I wish I had a back up camera. I do not have any complaints.b

- Stephanie d

It has a lot of safety features, is roomy, and is perfect for our family of four.

We travel a lot to visit family. The extra room makes for a pleasant trip. We love all the safety features and many cup holders. We also love the touring package features as well.

- Angela u

The performance that it has is tough to beat, once you drive it and experience.

This vehicle is very comfortable for my family and it have great entertainment. I do not like that the truck doesn't operate with the touch of a button like the back doors does.

- Nisha T

It's reliable. The backup cam is amazing. It's nice to have space.

I love having a van. I like that it has captain seats and the kids can't touch each other. I like that there is space. I like that they can't open the door and hit another car.

- kim e

Sturdy car, will get you where you need to go.

Good car, it is lasted a long time and although it might have some minor issues it still drives so that is alright in my book. The sliding doors tend to be the first to break.

- Anna S

The one most important thing so far is that it runs nicely and has lots of room for transportation.

So far my Honda Odyssey Van has been nice. It has not caused any problems. I have plenary of space to take kids from place to place no matter age or if they sit in a car seat.

- Kit M

Drives like a car not a van. Feels safe in this car.

My car is 10 years old. We have enjoyed driving this car. It meets our needs. Drives like a car not a van. Has everything I would want in a car even though it is 10 years old.

- Beverly M

The amount of space, you can carry a lot and pack it tight.

I love the space, however it is a very used car. Being so used so often the to automatic sliding side doors have problems. It also does not blow the coldest air when in idle.

- Jessica L

Everyone should know how roomy the odyssey is and how dependable.

I absolutely love my Honda van. It is very roomy and fits us well as a family. It has many features that I absolutely love. The only thing I wish it had was a backup camera.

- Emily J

Comfort and room in the van, especially with more than one child.

Van is very roomy. Van has good storage capacity. Van has comfortable seats. Van's mileage could be a bit better. Van needs every year new breaks, which is my only dislike.

- Silvia B

The doors are electric so they open and close on their own.... ....which also means if you have a electrical issue doors may not work

My vehicle is a 2008 minivan. Since we are a large family having space is a must and this vehicle offers that. Doesn't have any up to date features but I am ok with that.

- Tonisha M

Reliable, Roomy and No gas hog

No major issues thus far but the dealership is expensive to get it repaired. The Odyssey offers a lot of flexibility for seating and gets decent gas mileage for the size.

- Holli P

It's messy from my kids yet it's comfy and reliable and we've made a lot of great memories in her

I love the automatic doors and the moon roof and the automatic trunk. The heated leather seats are also a big draw. Plus it's a Honda and very dependable for my family

- Jordan B

It is roomy and comfortable, and is a good all purpose vehicle.

I like that there is a lot of room, the seats are removable. I like that is gets decent gas mileage. I don't like that the electrical system is fragile and needs fixing.

- Debbie s

The most important thing about my car is the size. It has plenty of room for our family which includes 3 kids and 2 large dogs.

Honda Odyssey is a fantastic vehicle. I have only had to perform routine maintenance such as oil changes, tires. It is easy to drive and very comfortable for a family.

- Amber M

It is a great car for a busy family with multiple children.

It can set up to 8 people and still has a lot of room to bring sports equipment, suitcases, etc. It had a lot of top of the line features for 2008. It is very roomy.

- Susan S

It has an incredibly high safety rank above many other vehicles

One of the best purchases we have made. It's safe, fully loaded with an entertainment package. The children enjoy the car rides. It's comfortable for the entire family

- Mandi P

Comfortable fun to drive well designed.

The van is very dependable... I wish it was newer... I want the newest model out there. I cannot afford a 2018 van yet, but maybe one day I can afford to buy one..

- Barbara A A

It is a honda, which can usually rack up a lot of mileage and still last!

I feel confident that my vehicle will run well for a lot more miles. It is a good size for my family. We have had multiple issues with the automatic doors though.

- kate t

It maintains its value better than most van type vehicles.

The Honda odyssey is very reliable and is such a well built auto that repairs are few and far between. I also feel that due to its size it is a very safe vehicle.

- William L

Drives like a car with the storage of an suv.

I enjoy my van because it is easy to drive. It drives like a car but has the storage of an suv. The only downside is that it doesn't speed up quickly from a stop.

- Cara R

Smooth ride, and enjoy the leather seats, DVD player and spacious interior.

Older model odyssey has its share of high mileage issues. Needs maintenance every few months. Gets us where we are going but will be seeking a new vehicle soon.

- John R

That it is well made and lasts a long time.

I love that my van is a Honda because they are so well made. It has amazing safety features. It will last longer than other vehicles I have owned in the past

- Tasha B

Honda's are very reliable and if maintenance is done properly, you can keep a Honda for many years.

I love my van because all around Honda's are reliable cars. I love that it has plenty of seats for my family and extra for when traveling with extended family.

- Esmeralda C

Overall very dependable and easy to configure for your needs, ie, bikes, groceries, artwork etc.

I like it's many options for passengers and cargo. I like it on the highway because it is high and good visibility. Not as good as station wagon when in winds.

- Georgia B

It is safe and dependable.

It has space for kids. Large storage space and comfortable to drive. The automatic sliding doors are very helpful in parking lots. It has a DVD player as well.

- Kate W

The vehicle is a van able to fit about 7 people and it has decent mileage for the age

The only problem with the vehicle is the right sliding door and that it will not open up. We have had this van for years and it is still working as it should

- Bryan R

It is very reliable. If you do routine maintenance and take care of your car, it will be reliable

Hondas are extremely reliable. It is a comfortable vehicle, and it meets the needs of my family. I like that I can rely on it and not worry about problems.

- Crystal M

Very reliable and durable car that can stand the test of time.

I like the size and that is has enough room for my family. I also like the safety features of my car. I only dislike that it doesn't have a backup camera.

- Kandis S

Reliable, Spacious and overall look of the van is why I chose it!

I love the space for loading my two children into the van! The large doors makes buckling car seats so much easier. The look of it also made it appealing!

- Emily M

It is a great family car!

It's a relatively nice vehicle for a family. I enjoy it, and the convenience and smoothness of the car. The car could be a little more spacious though.

- Huy S

You cannot beat the reliability and safety of a Honda Odyssey.

It is very reliable. I like that it has lots of room for my kids and their friends. I dislike backing up such a large vehicle and wish it got better mpg.

- Agnes A




It is great for families who drive long distances often.

Love it! Has tons of room and setting. Plus the kids can watch movies. Great on gas. Never had any problems. Sets easily fold down for storage space.

- Susan W

It is a beautiful car and a family vehicle for the transportation that it gives.

It is a pretty blue color. I like to drive it very much. I wish my rear hatch door was automated. I wish I could have leather seats inside the cabin.

- Tara P

Honda ?s are great. I highly recommend them.

I like that it is roomy and that it has a CD player for my son. It is also very good on gas. Honda is a good reliable car. No major issues thus far.

- Tracy N

It's perfect for a growing family!

I love all of the space in my van. There is plenty of room for cargo in the trunk. It is an older van so I wish it had some of the newer upgrades.

- Stephanie F

this car is good for big family. if you buy a new one buy the one that have the most features.

good car for big family, smooth, big trunk. I like that it have enough space for my kids. but I don't like that it doesn't have automatic lights.

- ira K

The Honda Odyssey is a great car that is well built for families

Honda Odyssey has been very reliable with all of the features we like and need. The eighth seat was a game changer at the time that we bought it.

- Leonard R

The capacity it can hold.

I like the capacity but am not very happy with fuel consumption. There are also some wiring issues no one seems to be able to correctly diagnose.

- John D

It is a minivan that seats 8 people.

I like the color outside and inside. I like the sunroof and the heated seats. I do not like the rough transmission and that the doors don't work.

- Marnee M

This van is perfect for a family with small kids and hauling large things!

The van is really spacious and very convenient for a family with small kids. Really reliable vehicle! Love the foldable seats and sliding doors.

- Steph J

Hondas last forever! This van comes with a removable part to the second row, turning it into captains chairs, which is easier when you have lots of car seats!

I love the convenience of my minivan. I love that Hondas are so reliable and we have had very few issues besides regular, expected maintenance.

- Jennifer R

It has a rear view camera which makes it easier when you are parking

The color and overall physical appearance is very nice, including the dashboard. Although the brakes tend to get a bit hard u adjust overtime.

- zina b

The van is reliable even with high mileage. It also has good gas mileage

My van drives well but it is starting to have issues. My doors don't shut correctly. The tailgate does not stay up and needs to be propped.

- Kelly F

The car is very good in bad weather, such as snow.

i like the fact that it seats 8 people. Also I like the automatic doors. The seats are very comfortable and the seats can be reconfigured.

- Marlene S

This is a great family van

This van is a great family vehicle. It has carried our family of 5 comfortably on many road trips. It handles nicely and is fuel efficient.

- Anna D

Tried and trusted! Only requires standard maintenance

Getting up there in the mileage, but the car runs well. I enjoy having the extra space in the back, especially with the seats out or down.

- Jonathan L

Why I love my Honda Odyssey

We purchased our Odyssey when it was about 5 years old, and absolutely love it. The maintenance costs have not been high to keep up with.

- Faith S

My vehicle suits my needs. It is spacious and gets decent gas mileage.

I like the space. I like the reliability. I like the gas mileage. Sometime the air conditioner doesn't work when the vehicle is stopped.

- Marsha W

The Honda odyssey. Durable and dependable.

Vehicle has been 10 years old and never had a single problem with it. It is reliable and we mostly take it to long drives and vacations.

- Kirsten V

The most important thing to know is the convenient push button sliding doors.

I like the push button sliding doors from the keychain. I like the good gas mileage. I like the ease of removing seats to clean the car.

- Sha2n T

It is spacious goo for a large family, carpooling, or carrying things around.

I like the space it has but don't like the mechanical issue we have and it seems like the interior and exterior of the car wears easily.

- Yun T

It is perfect for a growing family on the go.

I like to that there are automatic doors. I like that there is plenty of room for all of my kids. I like that the back seats fold down.

- Debbie W

It's a Honda so it is a very reliable car. They are typically more expensive vehicles but they do last longer!

I have had this vehicle for 10 years, I have had regular oil changes and NO problems whatsoever with it. It has 205,000 miles on it!!

- Lindsay P

Providing Security Every Day

The Odyssey is a real work horse - starts every day - fits the whole family comfortably - it gets us there safe and then gets us home.

- Loran G

reliable and comfortable minivan

my minivan is very comfortable and spacy. it does not really have any major problem. although it is over 10 years, still very reliable

- Mary w

I would tell everyone that the seats are very comfortable.

I love all the luggage room and duel a/c in the van. I don't like that it has captain chairs or that it does not have a better radio.

- Angelina C

Dependable, good gas mileage and low in insurance.

Dependable and good gas mileage, comfortable. Got everything we needed on van. Too big. Hard to park. Too much for vehicle insurance.

- Ken S

It gets me and my friends/stuff where they need to go.

It has enough room to move people and large objects. It gets decent mileage. It does the job. It hasn't been too expensive to upkeep

- Elizabeth A

It's a great car for kids lots of storage and a built in dvd player

The ride is smooth. Air system works great. I can plug in my phone to the speakers. But i do not like how expensive it is to fix.

- Chuck D

It is a great family car with lots of room.

It is a spacious vehicle with plenty of extra seating for family and friends. I enjoy the safety features. I enjoy the gas mileage.

- Amy B

It registers high on the safety features which is something one should care about.

It's a great car. Fits a lot of kids so I can do carpool. Just wish it had the newer technology. The doors do get stuck sometimes.

- Lacey V

The rear seats fold down into floor. Lots of cargo space.

Like the size and features, engine size and power it has. Dislike the tensioner pulley and the power steering pump issues it has,.

- Lorenzo K

It's great for a family of 5. We have plenty of room for traveling.

It has great storage for traveling with our family. The driver's side rear door doesn't work well, but other than that it's great.

- Rachel N

Minivans are irreplaceable for families with you kids.

I bought my van used and instantly loved it. I wish I would have bought it new. I hope it continues to work for many more years.

- Christine H

It has low maintenance expenses and a reliable performance. The electrical system, however, is a bit quirky.

It is extremely reliable, and the cost of maintenance is low. It also has a smooth ride, large interior and comfortable seating.

- Robert F

It is safe and it is very reliable.

It has a lot of space and I love the seats that go down into the floor to create more space. Instruments are easy to see and use.

- Barry T

I can get 8 people in the car and still have room for luggage or other things.

It is comfortable to ride in. I like that I can carry a lot of cargo. The one thing I don't like is the expense of maintenance.

- Judy W

Its a Honda, so its built to last and withstand a lot

I like that its third row with captain chairs, enough room for all my kids, has an entertainment center and sunroof, good on gas

- anna s

Safe, reliable, and dependable family vehicle for many kids.

The Odyssey is a very reliable vehicle. I am never worried that it will not work. I always feel safe and secure when I am in it.

- Sonya C

I like the interior it has a nice feel to it and it's roomy

It is an ok car but the exterior isn't the best looking the quality of the car is fine but the outside isn't the best to look at

- Adam L

It can have 15 gallons in the gas take. Can run for a while.

I like that it has enough space to sit my whole family comfortably. It also has space for any groceries or equipment we have.

- Dan W

love the sliding rear doors - makes for easy access for people and loading.

Love the minivan. First time with a minivan. Comfortable, easy to get in and out, convenient access to interior. Reliable.

- Dene P

The Honda Odyssey is spacious and a non problematic vehicle

I love my Honda Odyssey. It is easy driving, smooth driving and plenty of room for my family especially my kids friends also.

- Stacie S

Great gas mileage. Very fast.

I love being able to fit lots of people in it and I love taking it on trips. Very roomy and can fit tons of stuff in trunk.

- Michele R

Aside from the issues I have had, it is a good, sturdy vehicle.

It is big enough for a family of six. It is reliable. But it has had electrical issues and problems with the sliding doors.

- Lesley M

I love the flexibility of having a minivan. I like that I can fit my kids, their friends, and their stuff. It drives smoothly and is comfortable. I wish I had a backup camera and better gas mileage.

It is super flexible - comfortable ride for day to day and useful for towing, carrying a bunch of stuff, or lots of people.

- Caryn P

It has been a nice family car.

White Honda odyssey, 2008. It runs well and has new tires and a new battery. This van has low mileage, mostly used in town.

- Angie W

Exterior of car showing age

Ride and condition has been good for 10 years. Now age is starting to show. Paint chipping off on roof. Front lights foggy.

- Nancy B

It is a super safe vehicle, rated one of the safest on the road and has a lot of room if you have a bigger family.

I love how it drives and how big it is for our family. It also has lots of extras with the DVD player and seating options

- Emily R

It is safe and very reliable. It is also very user friendly

I love my van. It is safe and very reliable. I love the stow and go seating as it allows for so much more storage space

- David Y

It is very reliable and will not leave you stranded.

I like that it fits 7 passengers comfortably. I like that it is very reliable. I dislike the mpg because i drive a lot.

- Kathy C

Great safety features. It has a built in DVD player which is great for long trips

It is very comfortable to drive. I bought it used and have had very few mechanical problems. It is easy to maintain.

- Cheryl T

It carries my valuable family members.

It is getting old. The interior is showing signs of wear and tear. It has scratches and marks on the exterior as well.

- Lisa F

It is blue and has a back and forth air conditioning.

I like that it is blue. I don't like the radio as it's always static. I don't like the steering as it's hard at times.

- Carolyn a

The car that never dies. super reliable and usually works even if it has problems

Lots of space. reliable. easy to fix. runs forever without dying. have had multiple odisys and they run for many years

- Leah O

That it has a DVD player in the back

Good gas Mileage and that it has a dvd player in back to keep kids quiet and busy. The side doors open automatically.

- Tim K

The reliability of the vehicle. We have had it for 10 yrs with minimal problems with it

Very reliable vehicle. It is comfortable and roomy. Have had little go wrong with it in the 10 yrs we have had it.

- Rebecca B

There's so much space! There's room for everyone and all their gear.

It fits more than a large SUV. It's easy to drive. It's easy to park. It's comfortable. It's a great family vehicle.

- Andrea L

Gas mileage must be good to save fuel.

No problem so far. Runs great. Durable and reliable. Honda odyssey is very durable, comfortable and strong vehicle.

- Shahid M

This is a great vehicle, reliable and sturdy. It has held up to our 4 kids well!

I enjoy the extra seat option in this van. We have had repeated problems with the automatic doors getting stuck.

- Melody G

The automatic doors give us problems.

It is very spacious, drives well, smooth, quiet, great family vehicle!! I wish the seats moved a little easier.

- Alyssa S

It is very useful if you have kids, automatic doors, big trunk, plenty of room.

It is a big car, good quality. Easy to get in and out, it has a lot of room. Perfect for someone who has kids.

- Paula B

Very reliable, would purchase again if I needed to.

Absolutely love it. Haven't had any major problems with it. Still in good condition and has helped out family.

- Cherish G

Good vehicle with a great engine.

Great vehicle, great engine just gives problems the older it gets: if you have a good mechanic you will be ok.

- Smalling S

It is dependable and gets me to work and back.

My van is great but had issues with it in the past. Issues were breaking, the leather, and power steering.

- Matt T

This car is perfect for large families. It can seat up to 8, which not all Van's can do. The trunk size is generous. I also love the automatic double sided sliding doors.

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it's best suited for large families.

- Abby J

It has tons of room and great for family trips.

great vehicle no problems that i know of has a dvd player and screen the kids love it drives every well .

- alissa m

It is reliable and roomy. You can take it on a road trip and be relatively comfortable.

I like that all my kids fit comfortably. There is a decent amount of space in the back. It is reliable.

- Sarah D

Has good power and love that is has an optional 8th seat.

Love how it drives. Do not love that the back is not automatic. Also we have had issues with the doors.

- Liz D

It has served our family's needs well.

The car has been pretty reliable. We love the built in DVD player for long trips. It is also spacious.

- Emily M

In the beginning it was a great car, good gas mileage

I hate that it is 10 years old and always having issues and i need to continue investing money into it

- Stacy P

Minivans are awesome! Storage is nice and the capacity is huge.

Love the kids not having doors that swing open. Hate that for a Honda it seems to need lots of work.

- Caryn M

It's a comfortable family car. It's safe. Very reliable too.

Honda Odyssey is my family car and it's served its purpose. It's reliable and safe and comfortable.

- sri k

It is comfortable ride after all these years

I like the comfort, durability, ease in driving and minimal mechanical problems throughout the years

- victor B

It's very comfortable and spacious. The gas mileage is kind of bad.

I love all the space in the car. It's great for road trips. I just wish it had better gas mileage

- Jered S

It's comfortable, it runs beautifully without any hiccups

The only dislike I have is the way the vehicle eats gas. I love everything else with the vehicle.

- Sharon N

Economical for its size and dependable

Functional and roomy vehicle. Can easily seat 6 comfortably. Great for long-distance traveling.

- Tim L

The Honda odyssey is an 8 seat minivan.

I like the moonroof and heated seats. I also like the color. I dislike the way the doors open.

- Marnee L

It's the best vehicle for larger families and extremely dependable.

I have four children and getting in and out is so easy. Despite the size it drives like a car.

- Shari A

It's great. Plenty of room. The sliding doors are great.

I love it. It's reliable and safe. I love the sliding doors when I'm in a tight space.

- Ashley F

They are reliable! I have never had any trouble with my van and it has over 150 thousand miles on it now.

I love my Van. It is a reliable vehicle. It is large enough to carry my entire family.

- Kristen C

Good, reliable car. Great for larger families. Great to take on long trips.

I like my minivan. I like that it can hold lots of people. I like that it is roomy.

- Hope B

Like the ride it's smooth and not bumpy and able to put down the back seat to make room for transporting and camping

Like that it seats 8 Dislike that things are electronic that it gets expensive to fix

- Danette G

I love everything about it. Space for the kids and groceries or even traveling. The automatic doors broke rather early in use and has happened to others with came vehicle, but otherwise it's great

Will last forever if taken care of. It is very reliable and I am close to 200000 mi

- Tanya L

great if you have a bunch of kids and runs smooth and it is nice

like sliding doors runs smooth i don't like that it does not cool off if just idol

- kas m

My car is a very comfortable car to ride in on long trips.

I love the roominess. It's great for travel. Well built and high safety. Rating

- Audrey C

It is a very reliable car. Easy and comfortable to drive. Plenty of room for our family.

It doesn't feel like you are driving a minivan. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Theresa C

Its very spacious. It is also great if you have kids.

I love my car. It is spacious and my kids are comfy. I am highly satisfied.

- Chang L

I love my minivan. It has a very spacious interior, power windows in the rear, and a television. It is very comfortable to drive and the a/c is amazing.

It is super family friendly!!! It fits the needs of our family to a "t".

- Emileigh w

It fits a lot of people and can carry a lot of things.

I don't like the plastic bumpers and I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Owen M

Safety and the comfortable for you and your family to drive

I really love it. It I so comfortable to drive and it is very roomy

- Linh R

Very family friendly, lots of room. Large trunk space

It drives smooth. Has plenty of room. Love the fold down seats.

- aleta b

There is a DVD player in van and it keeps the kids quiet for the most part

The gas mileage. That there is only 2 headphones. Room is small

- Tim K

Classy drive. Clean. Comfy. Cute. Lots of space. Leather.

Easy to clean. Easy to drive. Awesome camera. Lots of room.

- Zoe K

I love how it has so much space. You can just pile the kids in and go!

It's very spacious. It is a great car for any family!

- Taylor A

I love that it works well for my two young children. I don't like that it's very much a minivan. We should have more style on the outside.

It has an outlet in the back that I use all the time

- Sue R

I love the safety aspects, because I drive with my children. I like sitting up from a higher visual vantage point. I dislike the wear and tear on the interior of the van.

It is a safe and comfortable vehicle for my family.

- Lisa F

it is very comfortable. large space for children

is large. comfortable. it does not break

- Margaret C