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2005 Honda pilot: the sturdy, steady family car.

I love that my Honda pilot has lasted for nearly 13 years without really any issues. I used to have a 2010 Honda CR-V that broke down and I eventually got rid of because of battery issues. My Honda pilot has had no issues with breaking down or overheating or anything. It is never had to be jump started either. It is a reliable car and easy to drive. It was the car I learned to drive in, and was good for learning because the break and accelerator weren't too sensitive that I would jolt the car around. I think the sensitivity of the brake, accelerator and wheel were just what I wanted. The car is also large enough that it could fit all my friends and our stuff without being too big and feeling like I was killing the environment by just driving it. Really the only downsides of this car are just due to it being an old car. The seats have been stained greatly by chlorine. It does not have an AUX cord, but the CD slot still works fine. Sometimes the clock runs fast, but I actually prefer it that way. I still feel very safe driving this car. It has been all over the country (nearly 200, 000 miles on it) and has never failed me. It is really a great family car, and I am sure it still has a few more good years with my family. My family and I will be sad to see "snowy" go, whenever that is.

- Olivia H

The Honda pilot is a family-oriented vehicle.

Get rid of the pilot is the most comfortable, reliable vehicle I have ever driven. It has a wide wheel base and is very steady on the road, even if there is ice and snow. It goes right through them. It has an excellent heater, and an excellent air conditioner. It also has a large field of vision, which is important for someone my age. My vehicle is 13 years old, and has over 200, 000 miles on it, but it has rarely had anything wrong with it. I have had to put on two sets of tires, but that is expected. The only complaint I have about it, is that the gas mileage is not high. I get about 18 miles to the gallon, or somewhat more on the open road. But it is a wonderful vehicle to take on trips. It has plenty of room to pack in carry things in, and it is very comfortable to ride long distances in.

- Judy B

Easy access to the radio on the steering wheel. Anyone would love this car!

We purchased our 2005 Honda pilot five and a half years ago. There has never been any issue with it. I love the third row option. It is the perfect space for us for traveling sports, and vacations. In the middle row, middle seat, there is a drop down cubby that has two cup holders that my kids love to use. There is also at least one spot for a charger on each row of seats as well. The child lock has been amazing. It is such a comfortable vehicle. I can stop on a dime, and it has always been very reliable to me. I make sure to have the oil changed when needed, and I get an alignment every 6 months. I believe that has helped make my car as reliable as it is.

- Jessica R

The Honda pilot is a great vehicle!!

There are many things that I love about my Honda pilot. I really like the size of it. It is a good size SUV, which has 3rd row seating, but is not too large so it fits the road well. Both driver and passenger have heated seats!! Love the sunroof... Especially this time of year. It also has a built in DVD player which my little ones love. They are 6 and 3 years old. The only thing I am not crazy about is the year. Because it's an older model, a part in my transmission needs to be changed. Which is a really big and costly job to have done. But because I got a good deal when purchasing, the repairs are not too much of a burden.

- Kristen S

What to look for in a SUV.

The vehicle handles very well and has a smooth ride, it has not had any major problems. I am able to carrie a four by eight sheet of plywood or drywall and they lay down between the wheel wells and can carry up to eight passengers. It has a great sound system and a CD player and a six CD changer plus a tape player and DVD player for people riding in the back to watch. And I love the heated outside mirrors, they make it so much easier in the snowy and icy weather. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone with a large family and or someone who want the convenience of a truck and the ride of a car.

- William G

All 6 back seats can hold any car seat all at the same time!

Fantastic vehicle! The seats fold easily, my children can do it by themselves. Plenty of space. The large back window makes backing up very easy. Visibility is very good. Because of the placement of the back air vents, the kids feet land of them, therefore they have been destroyed. All 6 back seats can hold any car seats all at the same time! Adult legs do not fit in the 3rd row, but kids fit great! Travels through sand, snow, and rough terrain nicely. Replacement tires are cheaper than most cars!

- Martha G

Equal pros and cons, but overall a great car!

Living in a city with a lot of snow, having all wheel drive is very helpful. And even better that if I get stuck, I can lock it in to 4 wheel. . When I am driving between 30-45 miles per hour, the car makes an odd grinding sound. . And when trying to accelerate up a hill in cruise control, the whole car shakes because it is stuck between gears. . Gas mileage is pretty good though. I only need to fill it once a week (and I live 30 minutes from town).

- Sydney L

Very dependable and cost effective car.

I bought this SUV new in 2005. It is the only car in our household. This SUV has give us great service and dependability over the time we have owned it. We have not had to spend any money on unnecessary repairs. We have just had to maintain it with regular oil changes, tires, batteries, and the normal wear and tear you would have to spend on any car. We could not be happier and would highly recommend this car to anyone.

- Michael B

The Takata airbag has killed people

I really like the heated seats especially in the wintertime. I hate the Takata airbag scandal and have not felt secure since the issue was disclosed. I also don't like that I can't see well when wanting to changing a lane because of the post in the backseat window. I never understood why a cassette player was a part of the entertainment system when that media was already outdated when I bought the car

- Doreen B

My Honda pilot has made me feel secure for 13 years.

Very few problems, gets great gas mileage, easy to park and turn, comfortable on trips, rides high above most cars so you can see in the distance, lots of storage space, good sound system. The price is reasonable, repairs have been basic for years, and I have had it 13 years. I am just now starting to spend more money on repairs so am having to make a decision how much longer I will keep the car.

- Patty L

The basic need-to-know of a Honda pilot 2005.

Great visibility, good gas mileage for year and size, incredibly safe, issues with disabling 4 wheel drive that might affect axel over use, weight and balance causes a higher tip over risk, child locks and airbags are able to be disengaged, lights are bright but not blinding to other drivers, seats and mirrors adjust comfortably, very spacious and has a lot of storage, all rear seats fold down.

- McKenzie S

Great style and good on gas.

Rides well and absorbs shocks. Good on gas. Can fit lots of cargo. Nice seats and can fit eight passengers. Good style and design. We even used it to move to south Carolina from New York. We were able to fit a good amount of boxes which cut our expenses down. My only complaint is that if we do not use the dealership for oil changes, which cost much more, the light for maintenance comes on.

- Mary Beth P

It's a very reliable car. It has almost 200k miles on it.

I wish the trunk space was bigger with the third row up. I really like this car for the most part. The TPMS light comes on in hot weather but I think it's from where someone messed it up putting fit a flat in it before I owned it. The check engine light is on and it's recently started jerking every now and then going up and down hills. It does have almost 200k miles on it tho.

- Ashley S

This vehicle never has reliability issues.

The vehicle is old, it runs like a top. Never broken down. It just old and I have that it does not have any features that I like. Do not need, but like. Performance is fine. It is comfortable. I never worry it will not take me where I need to go. Vehicle is driven 7 days a week. Has 80k miles on it. Gets about 20 miles to the gallon of gas. Seats have held up. No rack on it.

- Mitch B

The Honda Pilot is large enough for big families and reliable enough to last over a decade.

A large SUV, this car is wonderful. It has followed our family through high school, college, and life after. We are all tall people, so the Honda Pilot gave us all great leg room. As it has aged, only a few things have broken - some tire issues as well as the steering column. Overall, this car has been a tank in terms of durability and has done it in comfort.

- Amanda C

I have gotten use to the power windows and love the cruise control.

This SUV has 176000 miles on it and it is still running great all that has been done to it is the timing belt and a tie rod end it was a simple fix and it is in good shape the inside is in good condition and the motor runs like new the air conditioning is like new and has never been touched I am confident that you would love to have one like this one.

- Mark T

Not perfect, but a workhorse that keeps going

To start with, my Pilot has 191,000 miles on it so keep that in mind. That in and of itself is a good sign. Any vehicle that old will have a few quirks (like I can't use the dome light by default without running down the battery). However, the engine and transmission are good so far. I hope to keep her going for another hundred thousand miles.

- Jake W

a nice cargo area with reliability and stability but a careless aerodynamic interior design

The car has been built very stable without causing any problems. It has a large cargo area compared to other midsize SUVs, and the power is also competitive. The only problem is that it has a weird aerodynamic interior structure, so when you open a window while driving, it creates a series of vacuum-like air movement that bothers your ears.

- Stephano L

Has heated seats and runs very smooth.

For a car that is over 10 years old it still runs rather great! I think it is even better than my dads newer 2013 pilot. However mine is a bit outdated, there is not an AUX cord outlet, have to get a conversion wit the tape that plugs into my phone. Have had very little problems except for the usual stuff that happens with an aging car.

- Emily K

2005 Honda pilot, an efficient SUV to haul cargo strong reliable.

Good handling SUV, 25 mpg hwy and 18 in town. Three rows seats that can be folded to carry cargo. 4 wheel drive and stable during bad weather. It has great tow capacity with the option to add a hitch and haul cargo. Good car to use as a backup car, strong efficient and little bit of gas guzzler in comparison to the newer models.

- Alfonso M

Perfect family vehicle and reliable for all ages.

Best car I have ever owned rarely any problems. As long as I keep up on maintenance there has been no significant problems and am at 250000 miles. I changed timing belt at 90000 and that is it. There has even been times when I have had to wait till like 10000 miles over the recommended oil change time and still no issues.

- Arin G

Good gas miles, rides good, still looks good, maintenance is easy.

Honda pilot is a superb vehicle, I shall keep it for as long as it is possible. Love the durability of it, the fact that I can drive for many miles, into the 4k rang and it still runs good. Keeping up with the service is a good thing with any vehicle. It rides wonderful, it looks good, it's just a perfect automobile.

- Robert S

Honda pilot is amazing for families.

The reliability of this vehicle is amazing just doing it oil change and gas and that will be all it will take you anywhere you want to go without any problem plus 22 miles per gallon what else can you ask for it. The look is not to impress but sometimes something like that nobody cares about how your car looks.

- Marlon A

Perfect Family Car especially for Road Trips

My Honda Pilot is very reliable and enjoyable to drive. It's large enough that we have plenty of space as a family of 5 but not too large that I feel uncomfortable driving it. The DVD player is also very helpful during long trips with kids and the gas mileage is fantastic compared to other vehicles this size.

- Lindsay W

A great choice for driving around many people.

It is a great car with many helpful features, such as extra seats and a GPS. Some concerns with the car deal with the fact that there is a setting for an AUX cord in the car but the actual place to plug in the chord is behind the stereo, which is impossible to reach without a professional mechanic's help.

- Sam H

2005 Honda pilot, a great car for a busy family!

We love our pilot for our big family! We are able to fit our 5 kids in the car comfortably, including 3 installed car seats. The only feature that is missing is the ability to access the 3rd row with car seats installed in the middle row. Our oldest usually has to climb in through the trunk hatch.

- Liz J

Honda is quality and good value.

Have had no major problems, it's my fourth Honda and have gotten my money's worth from it. Its 13 yrs. old and I spend very little money on repairs, replacement parts vs buying a new car. It's been extremely reliable. Although I replaced parts sooner on my 2005 than I had on my 1997 Accord.

- Doris B

Review of 2005 Honda pilot.

This is a very reliable vehicle. Great for families, but not much trunk space when you pull up the third row of seats. Gets decent gas mileage. Can easily fit three 5-point harness car seats in the middle seat. Comfortable seating. Third row seats fold down into floor, they do not come out.

- Lindsey J

I really do not know what to say here.

I love my car because it has a lot of room my kids fit in there comfortably not like the other cars are too small and have a little bit of space that is why I love my Honda pilot and the gas is good does not waste so much now and days we all have to be in the budget unless you are rich lol.

- Eluvia O

People should know that there isn't much cargo space in the very back. If you have seven people you will have to purchase an extra cargo box to put on top of your car to carry everything you need on long trips.

What I like about it is that it is relatively roomy for a large family. It gets good gas mileage for a car of It's size, too. What I don't like about it is that it comes cambered in on the rear so the tires wear out on the insides easily. I also think that tall people could use more space.

- Grant V

Honda pilot is dependable and would definitely consider buying the newest.

Have owned this vehicle for 13 yrs. With regular maintenance have not experienced any major problems. With the exception of having to replace the ignition switch it has been very reliable considering its age. Was prompted to get this make and model because a family member owned the same.

- Mary B

Reasons to buy a 2005 Honda pilot.

I would have rated this a 5 love it however I do not like the gas mileage it receives. I like that it is an SUV with all the comfort of a car. Seating capacity holds my 4 grandchildren who are in car seats. The hatch is large and holds many items. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Sharon C

The 3rd row seat is a great feature without having to driving a minivan.

The Honda Pilot is reliable. It has a lot of room. Great for large families. Never had any major problems. The gas mileage is not great because of the size. I would recommend for big families or a person with a business. Repairs are reasonably priced. The seat motor has to be replaced.

- Dana J

It looks like a soccer mom car but can do anything you want and get anywhere.

A Honda pilot is a perfect car for a family or just a single person. It has plenty of space with the chairs in the back up and down, had three rows of seats allowing 8 people to be in the vehicle at once. It has four wheel drive so it can take you anywhere you need to reliably.

- Meagan M

The only vehicle you will ever need.

I love this car drives very smooth is a great ride. Car has a lot of space with 3 rows. I usually keep my last row down which give me a lot of space in the back for groceries. Definitely a car you would want to get if you do have children, would not trade this car so anything.

- Chantal B

Honda is fun for the whole family.

I drive a Honda pilot and love this vehicle. It comes in very handy to carry lots of items and kids. My son loves it because it has a DVD player in the car. This car is very roomy and rugged and can travel great distances with no problem. I would highly recommend this car.

- Crystal U

Holds 8 people, 3rd row seating, lots of room for trips.

Large SUV, Honda Pilot 2005, white luxury detailing. Likes: Can seat up to 8 people, plenty of room, great for going on road trips, comfortable, drives well. Dislikes: Wish it got better mileage, leather seating gets hot where we live in Phoenix, not a fan of white cars.

- Lisa G

Honda pilot is and incredible family vehicle that is reliable and dependable.

Always reliable, having over 250,000 miles. Never 1 time have I had any issues. Very reliable and dependable vehicle. Only costs have been normal wear and tear of the vehicle such as tires, wipers general maintenance, such as oil changes, valves and gaskets, plugs, etc.

- Ken M

Honda pilot. The most dependable, reliable vehicle to own.

My Honda has been dependable, low maintenance and reliable. I have not experienced any major problems or repairs even though I have high miles. My Honda is comfortable. On long road trips, I did not feel any discomfort. The grand children love the space the vehicle has.

- Darlene T

The Honda Pilot does not have the best gas mileage.

I really like the Honda Pilot. The size is great for families as it has a lot of space in the cab. The downside to having such a big vehicle is the gas mileage. The mpg is pretty low. Most of the problems I have with the vehicle come from the age as it is a 2005 model.

- Lexi H

Wonderful mom car Honda pilot.

Love my Honda pilot. Mom and kid friendly. Lots of space. Very reliable. Never had a problem with it. Great in all weather. Dealership was great with us on it and gave us a great price on it. My husband loves to drive it also. Great mom car. I prefer it over a van.

- Nicole E

All wheel drive, maintain free so far.

My Honda has been such a reliable vehicle. I had no major problems or repairs. It is roomy and comfortable for long trips. My Honda is fully loaded. The grandchildren loves watching movies as they ride. It is all wheel drive which handles very well in the snow.

- Charley W

2005 Honda pilot—great family vehicle.

The 2005 Honda pilot is a great vehicle! It us very family-friendly, extremely reliable, has great safety ratings, etc. Even though it is an older vehicle, we've never had any major issues with it. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone and everyone!

- Mary S

Spacious and always enjoyable to drive!

My pilot is absolutely the top vehicle I have ever owned. It has tons of room to haul around the kiddo, the dog, family, or whatever project I am working on next. I bought it brand new and have kept up on maintenance making it the most reliable vehicle ever.

- Emily D

Pilot great running SUV car.

I love all the seating I can fit my family plus more. Drives very nicely very comfortable plenty of legroom. I would pick this car over any one. Very reliable car great condition I would recommend to anyone this car no problems very good running good on gas.

- Jess L

It's got a sunroof and a great radio.

It is gold, it has a sunroof, and the only thing wrong is the rear a/c and heat does not work. It has a great radio and the bass is bumping. It is an amazing vehicle. It has two rows of back seats and two front seats. So, yeah. That's all I can think of.

- Ashlee S

Honda 2005 car versus new car.

It drives nice and is just not including all the features I want. I would like something modern and classy. Other than that great car. Features I look for is touch screen radio and backup camera. Just something newer. That is all I really want in a car.

- Betty B

A delight to drive and easy to maintain. My favorite car ever, and when it needs replaced, I'll get another one without hesitation!

So easy to drive, handles well, very durable, super easy maintenance. Was in an accident with it that involved someone going 45mph in a large pickup truck without stopping before plowing into me - my Pilot only sustained bumper damage. Fun to drive.

- kari J

That I take care of it. It was good quality to begin with and it still like a brand new car

Beautiful color. Handles well. Dealer where I get it serviced is a short distance away as I grow older. Looks like a new vehicle. Extremely well-maintained. My wife says the passenger side is not as comfortable as she would like is my only complaint

- Vaughn B

Safe, dependable, flexible, family friendly

I love all the room my Pilot has! The fact that the seats fold flat makes it super easy to transport things and people in many different configurations. I only don't like that it is so old because it doesn't have the upgrades the new ones do.

- kathy A

It's lasted quite long. It's 13 years old with over 177,000 miles and still going.

It provides a smooth comfortable ride. It's not too big nor small. It's ale to drive in snow well, large windshield and rear window for a better view while driving. Spacious enough for storage. One dislike is gas mileage, about 14 to 17 mpg

- Michael G

It's very durable and made with quality. Take care of this car and it will thank you. I'm impressed with Honda.

My vehicle has gotten me through many years. I take care of it by not taking it on long drives and keeping the mileage low. I like the durability of my car and how easy it is to drive. I dislike that my car is big with bad handling.

- Thomas R

It is very reliable, I've owned it for 13 years and had no real mechanical issues.

It drives very well and has good "pick up" making it easy to merge onto the freeway. It is comfortable and roomy, and allows transport of up to eight people or a lot of stuff. It has also been very reliable and has great visibility.

- Jamie L

It fits people comfortably and watch out for the suspension

I like the vehicle because it holds my family pretty safely and comfortable the gas consumption isn't too bad and the turn radius is very very good . My dislikes are the suspension tears up the tires and it always needs alignment.

- Onaje G

Fully loaded. Has third row seating, leather, and dvd.

It is comfortable to drive long periods of time. My pilot has never given me any problems. It has almost two hundred thousand miles and I've never had to replace anything other than the battery, and radiator fan, and a few fuses.

- Corri W

The Honda Pilot is spacious and i have been able to use it for work and personal use alike. Can carry a lot of cargo.

The honda pilot has been a great vehicle for my growing family. I can easily seat my three children with options to seat 2 more in the 3rd row seating. The gas economy is great and It's comfortable for my whole family.

- Jacob S

Please keep up with the maintenance!!

I love the roomy, the solid steering. The gas is not my favorite part. The thing I have noticed most about Honda pilots are the rust that happens by the back tries. I do enjoy how high it sits with minimal blind spots.

- Charley N

Very roomy! This vehicle can fit up to seven passengers plus the driver.

This vehicle drives smoothly! I like that it is all wheel drive, but it sucks to have to replace all four tires at the same time. The gas mileage isn't great either! There is a lot of room and storage space inside.

- Kyle H

It is extremely safe. My daughter and I survived a serious accident in our previous Pilot and I bought another.

I love my Pilot. It is comfortable and functional for my family. It also has amazing safety features. I use it as my daily driver and for family camping outings. I have owned it for three years with no issues.

- Cassie B

It's a great ride but beware even though it's a Honda you will have major vehicle costs for repairs.

I love my Pilot, however I dislike the mechanic issues I've had with my Pilot. We have had 3 major repairs totaling $7300. In the long run we would have been better off buying a new car versus a used car.

- Patricia M

The 2005 family honda pilot Ex-L

I have owned this vehicle for 7 years and i have not had 1 mechanical problem. It rides smooth and is spacious. It is big enough to pack enough supplies to go camping for 4 days and i have a family of six.

- Carmen H

It is extremely versatile, serving as a car for commuting, family trips and moving things.

The pilot is easy to drive. I can sit up high and have good visibility. It has plenty of room to transport 3 adults and four grandchildren who require car seats or boosters. Maintenance has been minimal.

- Jane B

The Honda Pilot a Safe, Fuel Efficient Vehicle you can Safe Driving.

It's a quality vehicle that is built for safety. It's also VERY comfortable, has good gas mileage, and doesn't cost very much to maintain. Repairs have been few and were done quickly at the dealership.

- Carol B

Hondas are very reliable vehicles Hondas are very inexpensive vehicles to run

I love that it is a HOnda. Honda's are very reliable and low maintenance brand. I have very very little issues or problems with any of my HOnda cars. The Pilot is large enough to fit a lot of people

- dione d

It's a great SUV...Buy One!!

The Pilot is very comfortable. It has been virtually problem free. We do road trips a lot and are near retirement, so there will be more travel. The Honda is great and we may purchase another soon.

- Christine D

the fact that the SUV has lasted for 23600 miles is amazing

We bought the car used four years ago. Have put very little money into it just a little everyday things. It has 236000 miles on it and is running strong. Would like to buy another one in the future

- Tana B

It has great gas mileage, good safety ratings. It is comfortable for traveling and sports.

We bought the vehicle used with over 100,000 miles on it, and it still ran great. It has good gas mileage; very comfortable. My only complaint is that we can't afford to get a new one right now.

- Kelly J

Honda makes good reliable cars that are comfortable to drive.

I like my Honda Pilot because it is comfortable to drive. It allows me to load a lot of stuff in the back, especially when moving college students into dorms. Honda makes good reliable vehicles.

- Jane J

Bluish Pilot with a few scratches

For the most part, my vehicle is almost bulletproof as in unbreakable. I have about 200k miles and the only problems im experiencing is with the power steering but besides that, it's a great car

- Sage L

Even though it is used it has a lot of room. Our other car we had was smaller, and was totaled in a car accident. This time we decided to get a bigger car so we could carry more people.

I love that it has a GPS, a good place to set our drinks, and it rides real smooth. It is a used vehicle and has scratches on it, and the seats in the 1st row and second, the leather is cracked

- Kathy H

It holds a lot of boxes for my craft fairs. It is a good hauling car.

It is getting old and bumpy. But it does help us in hauling things we need to take to the dump. It is a good car for hauling things and furniture and i take this car to load up for a craft fair!

- Evelyn K

Safety, great airbags & reliable.

I like the size because I can fit a lot of people in the ride. I dislike the somewhat bumpy ride. I also dislike the rear ac vents because I have had complaints that you cannot feel the air.

- Charlotte F

It's a great passenger vehicle that fits a lot but is still compact.

The Honda Pilot is an Suv type vehicle. Is seats 8 and has 4 wheel drive. I love how many seats it has and also that you can lay the seats down if you need to fit more or big stuff inside.

- Lanna W

That it is a good car for a large family. It also looks nice and is very roomy.

I like that it has seats for 8 people. I also like that the seats in the back and middle fold down so you can haul things. All the extra little compartments and drink holders is nice too.

- Chelsie M

Fun to drive and able to take family or friends and have plenty of room.

I have enjoyed driving my pilot. The gas mileage for an sub is not bad. I have kept the oil changes and regular maintenance. I have driven almost 230, 000 miles and it still runs great.

- Lori D

I was in a severe accident and walked away with no injuries thanks to the SUV.

I love the space that the SUV offers, also love the body style and safety features that the SUV offers. One thing that I dislike is how frequently I have to fill up the tank with gas.

- emily R

Honda's are great vehicles.

I love my Honda. It is a great vehicle for trips. I don't like the gas mileage. I have not had any problems with the suv. It has been maintained and still has more like in it.

- Susan B

There is a ton of storage space to haul anything that you need (including people)

It is an SUV with third row seating and tons of cargo space. I love that there is nothing that I cannot haul in it. I dislike that the gas mileage is higher than my previous car.

- Katie D

It is very reliable and sturdy. We have had very limited problems with it.

I love my honda pilot! We have had very few problems with it. It has been very reliable. Its super comfy, and is a very smooth drive. I would recommend a honda pilot to anyone.

- Virginia R

The paint gets discolored and has hints of white on the hood and the roof of the car.

I dislike the fact that my car doesn't always seem to work. Most of the time it is fine, but on occasions things start to break and it cost a lot of money to replace the parts.

- Ryan A

It is reliable and easy to drive.

I like the way it handles on the road and the comfort and reliability. I am never stranded. I do not like my view when backing up or parking, and I do not like my gas mileage.

- Rita S

Only car I would give up my Toyota Highlander for... AND it may be forever.

Size, storage, comfort, people capacity. Reliability, longevity and quirk-free driving. I also love the fact that I am the second owner, and the first owner loved it, too!

- Suzanne G

It is has good gas mileage.

After a lot of research we decided on the Honda pilot. It will hold the whole family comfortably. It is still in good shape, however we are now looking for another car.

- Diane P

I would say this car is good for first time car owners, it has its quirks but all cars do.

Every car has it's quirks, I love that my car has easy 4 wheel drive. The check engine light is always on, despite having checked engine. But it's a good little car.

- May R

My Honda Pilot is dependable, roomy and fun to drive.

I love the room that the Honda Pilot has. I have never had a SUV before so I have enjoyed being higher up on the road. I also like the fact that it lasts for years.

- Lucy K

Very reliable and heavy, feels very safe.

The pilot is spacious, powerful and most of all, reliable. Unfortunately, given its age, it lacks many of the creature comforts/technology offered in newer vehicles.

- Jason P

It is wonderful to drive and to be a passenger in! It can go anywhere we want it to, from the mountains to the highways

I love my Honda Pilot!! It has so much room in the interior. I can fit my family of four and still have room for my children's' friends or family. No complaints.

- Heather l

It has been running very well for over 200,000 miles.

We have really enjoyed our honda pilot. It has been pretty reliable. We have loved our heated leather seats, dvd package, the fact that it has seating for 8.

- Car G

I will run you over in it.

Good quality vehicle, generally reliable. One owner and well taken care of.... Starting to get some irritating repairs. Gas mileage is not particularly good..

- Butch L

It's a great car that can handle a lot of wear

I love how durable it is. It's great for road trips with my friends. It has a lot of space which was helpful when moving into my apartment. It's a great car

- Alex M

My Honda Pilot is VERY dependable!

I really like my Pilot. It is very dependable. I haven't had any major problems with it. It also has plenty of cargo space and room for 6 of my friends!

- barb H

How reliable it is and the value.

I like how it drives, it is smooth and easy to control. Also it provides plenty of room. The only thing I will is that the middle row had bucket seats.

- Kate R

It has 220,000 miles and still runs great. I have never had a problem with it!

I do not like the interior because it is all the same color and cloth. It has over 220,000 miles and still runs great. Never had a problem with it!

- Kelli V

It is reliable and a good working car.

I love the overall size. I love the option of having additional seating in the back but wish it was easier to get to. I feel safe driving my car.

- Ann P

It's reliable, comfortable, roomy and has plenty of storage for all your needs.

I have no complaints about my car! I absolutely love my Pilot, my husband wanted to buy me a new car and I refused because it just drive so nice.

- Carrie i

It is reliable and comfortable. It is a true joy to drive.

I love that it has so much room. It is reliable and a joy to drive. I have no major complaints except that I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Mere B

The Pilot is great in the snow and is a hearty car.

My Honda Pilot has lasted many years (bought in 2008) and was the perfect size for many things. Almost 200,000 miles later its still going.

- Krist O

The Honda Pilot is extremely Dependable and worth It's value.

Like that it's very flexible.. can fit 8 people and has AWD. The engine is extremely dependable. Dislike.. has mileage could be improved.

- Amelia B

The vehicle will last for years!.

I love how smooth it drives, how comfortable the seats are, and how spacious it is. The only thing I wish was better is the gas mileage.

- Sherry E

It gets good mileage and it rides like a big car.

It is a great family vehicle, but I want a minivan so I can get everyone/everything in, lock doors, and then buckle kids into car seats.

- Kara Q

It is a multi use family suv. It has lasted me 13 years.

I love the leather seats for easy clean up. I like that it has a DVD player for my toddler. There is also a third row that is optional.

- Krystal R

That it is the perfect family vehicle and it would make a great vehicle to have if you were planning a family vacation

I like that it has seating for 8 people. I like how roomy and comfortable it is. I like how you can haul somewhat bigger things in it.

- Amanda S

Love my Honda. Will drive it til it stops running!

Good steady car. Now 13 years old. I get the oil changed, rotate tires and little else. Very dependable. Would buy another if I could.

- Steve B

Very reliable and does not slide on ice.

Phone does not charge when car is off unlike my truck which I do not like. Very little matinee, and dependable. Will always buy Honda.

- Robyn B

The engine has made it through over a decade and is still going well.

The vehicle is large enough to fit anything I need but not too massive. Engine is still going strong. The interior has held up well.

- Eric W

Reliable vehicle that lasts a while with minimal issues.

We haven't had any significant issues with this car. There was one issue with a squeaky steering wheel but the fix was fairly easy.

- Lori B

It doesn't get the best gas mileage but is roomy enough for 6 adults.

I like the size of my car. I wish it had better gas mileage. I like that there is enough room for 3 adults to sit in the back seat.

- Jean R

It's safe and reliable and family friendly. There is plenty of room for a camping trip.

I love the size. I like that the back seats have air conditioner of their own. I feel safe in it. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Nikki P

It's an amazing car for people with kids and dogs who love the outdoors.

Love the 3rd row seating that folds down. The middle console that closes was one of my selling points. I wish it was better on gas.

- Ashley H

It has family features with 4x4 capacity

It's an overall fantastic vehicle. With proper maintenance it is a long lasting machine. Plenty of space and good for off roading.

- erik k

That it works and is safe.

I love the layout and comfort of the Pilot. However, we have had transmission issues with this model that we shouldn't have had.

- Abram M

It is very spacious and big.

I like the size and the way it looks. I do not like that it is older and does not have some of the accessories that new cars do.

- Jason R

It's easy to get in and out of because it has a running board.

I like the size, not too big and not too small. It has a large area where things can be loaded for transport. It's reliable.

- Amelia E

Quality: We've had no major issues with our Honda in over 12 years!

We love it! We would buy another one for our next main vehicle. It rides great, hardly any outside noise, very comfortable.

- Dwayne M

Has there been any issues with this model of car.

I like that I have a lot of seats and there is still legroom. Also, it is great for hauling stuff and it is not a huge SUV.

- Marcy G

It stands the test of time!

It is getting older, but it has been a great car! New technology will be awesome once we decide to get a new car though.

- Chrissy C

It is a very reliable car.

I love my car! It was bought for me as a family car. It has been a very reliable car. We all drive it in the family.

- Diane W

It is great on gas mileage.

I like body style. I like the height. I like the accessibility to the back. I do not like terrible gas mileage it gets.

- Elizabeth S

I am comfortable driving it.

I like sitting up high with a clear view all the way around it. No complaints. It steers easily. It has get up and go.

- Suzette S

It's a reliable vehicle. I've rarely had issues with it.

I dislike the fuel mileage - it gets around 15 mpg. However, I like that it is roomier than the CRV & rides smoothly.

- Nick B

It gets great gas mileage.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable. It is so spacious. The vehicle holds good on gas for a long period of time.

- Sherry Simmons F

It seats 8 people comfortably rides good and if you don't been third row it folds up easy

It drives great and can seat 8,I only wish it could use flex fuel. But other than that I think it's a great vehicle.

- Tabatha B

I love my pilot - highly recommend

I love my car. I bought it used but you can't tell it's not new and has held up so well. It's very comfy anand roomy

- Knz K

Very dependable durable keeps its value.

Fits everyone that I need to fit with me.. There is nothing I really dislike about my car. Has lots of cool things.

- J L

It is a car that families should buy.

The Honda pilot has great gas mileage on the highway. It is very easy to drive. It is a little bit on the big side.

- Jason W

Has a DVD player that grandkids love. It is easy to drive and park.

Very comfortable car. Love the size. Easy to park. Key fobs are weak. Seat covers are cheap. Repairs are expensive.

- Karen S

How big it is. I'm able to travel with my family

It's a great car I love it if had it for about a year now I like having a pilot but I want to get a newer addition

- Tianna B

My car has been running for a long time.

I like how it is still a smooth ride and has last about 11 years. I dislike how the radio sometimes does not work.

- Kayla S

Very secure car and comfortable.

Love it!! Comfortable and spacious. Heat seats, electric windows. Leather seats, big trunk. Nine available seats.

- Maria D

They last a long time and are very reliable.

Runs very smooth and is very roomy. It is good on gas. When it needs parts they are very expensive to replace.

- Rebecca T

Mileage is pretty good, and the car is reliable and lasts long.

I like the smoothness of the breaks. I like that it is spacious. Great for any kind of driver. Great mileage.

- Jenna G

It's mine. Don't try to disrespect my belongings. If you treat my stuff with respect I will give you a ride if needed.

It's very roomy. It's definitely a family car. It's very open. I would rather have a smaller vehicle though.

- April W

It is very roomy and comfortable.

The Honda pilot is comfortable as a driver & passenger. I love the amount of space. I also love the 3rd row.

- Veronica D

It has outlasted any other car that I have ever owned.

I like that my car has over 200,000 miles on it and is still running! I really have no complaints about it.

- Michelle R

Third row seat opens up in the back allowing for 8 riders!

I love the space in this car- the truck is huge and can hold tons of stuff like groceries, dogs, even wood!

- Christa L

Roomy! Love the third row of seats

250000 miles. Never had any problems with it. This is the best car I have ever owned. Hard to beat a honda.

- Theresa K

It is a great family car and very comfortable. Perfect for road trips.

It has very high miles but it runs great. I love that it has 3rd row seating and a DVD player for my kids.

- Amber B

It is very reliable and has a decent towing capacity.

Like AWD. Dislike poor fender design that traps water leading to rust. Like the fold down third row seat.

- Michael S

It has great visibility and is therefore a very safe vehicle

It has great visibility and can seat 7 people comfortably. It has been reliable. It has a roof rack too.

- Elle D

It is safe and very reliable. If someone is seeking out a new vehicle, they should look at Honda.

It is old but functional. It needs repair work. It really should get traded in but it is still reliable.

- M G

Honda Pilot 2005 Car Review

The vehicle is very comfortable has fantastic gas mileage and is perfect for a family and is very safe.

- Mark B

Great mileage.. Easy electronic fob use.. Has gps.

I like the smooth ride and how it gets great fuel economy. I dislike the color. I also like the height.

- Mary P

Honda's are really reliable and run forever.

It runs great and gets good gas mileage. It is also great in the snow. I am just ready for an upgrade.

- Jennifer W

It could turn around really easy.

I do not like that it could turn around easily. I like that it feels smooth. I like the color it has.

- Carla D

2005 Honda Pilot Great family vehicle

Great vehicle, wonderful gas mileage, lots of room for the family. It has all the bells and whistles.

- Heather C

This car is a great family vehicle.

Very reliable car with good performance with plenty of storage space and seating for large families.

- Jared L

2005 Honda Pilot keeps on going

Small SUV with seating for 8. Four wheel drive, towing capability. Very reliable. No major problems.

- Karen K

Great quality SUV! We will be buying another Honda Pilot for out next vehicle

It fits all of my needs! Quality, has never given any serious issues. Ride, quiet and smooth.

- Julia M




It is safe roomy and drives comfortably

It is a great vehicle it handles well and despite the miles on it gets me where I'm going.

- Gordon M

holds a lot of kids/humans/pets, will last a long time

no place for aux cord not alot of room for storage if all seats are used big , comfortable

- danni p

It has a lot of room with seating that folds down for more cargo space

love the look love the room really no complaints I love that i can fit 7 people if needed

- christine M

Honda Pilot is dependable

i love it, but i would love if it had new features such as sensors and side/back cameras

- Rita C

The most important thing to know as a parent is the safety rating

I really don't have any complaints. I love my pilot and have had very few issues.

- not g

the one thing is it always starts every time and never fails me

it takes a beating and keeps going. I must say very dependable. great safe car.

- Lauren M

It is old so it won't perform as well as other cars but It's great

I love it since it has enough space for both my family and business purposes.

- Abdul W

I just bought the vehicle a few months ago. The problems in experiencing are probably due to a previous accident I'm unaware of.

It's a good vehicle, good on gas, has 3 seats, but not a lot of drunk space.

- Bianca B

very durable and reliable. Love the suv and can hold 7 people.

Vert good SUV, durable. Even though it is a used car but runs very well.

- May W

It's a great car. Never had any problems with it

I love my Honda Pilot. I will buy another one. Best car I've ever owned

- Beth V

Reliable, low maintenance, okay on gas

It's reliable and roomy It is low maintenance It doesn't fit my style

- Sean G

I like the large cargo area of my car. I also like the stability of my car. In addition my car has been driven without any issues.

My car has a large cargo area which is very useful when loading stuff.

- Steven L

The vehicle is quite Spacious

The vehicle is roomy and can hold lots of cargo as well as passengers

- Wayne V

has 8 seats for everyone to sit

Love It's big enough for everyone and great for all the soccer trips

- Jess L

it last a long time and have been happy

there is nothing i like or dislike about what you are looking for

- pat i

the honda pilot is very reliable and fits 8 passengers, which at times is needed for families

plenty of passenger room. strong and reliable. uses lots of gas

- laurie w

It has 190000 miles. On it. I hardly ever change the oil and have never had a major repair.

Durable, comfortable, low maintenance. Smooth ride with power.

- John W

Well made and durable, good mobility. Excellent value for price

Easy to maintain. Good passenger/cargo space and driveability.

- Marie M

I like the dependability. It is very roomy for families. I like the fact that it sits high up.

The Honda Pilot is a really reliable and comfortable vehicle.

- Amy J

Its reliable and parts for it are affordable. It can seat up to 8 people.

Its Roomy. Great for Camping. We use it for family traveling.

- Tara H

I love the way it drives and handles. I know that SUV's can be top heavy and gas guzzlers but mine gets great mileage. It has over 200k miles on it and is still running strong. Plenty of space for my kids and things we haul around

Amazing, Smooth Ride, Plenty of space for families, Reliable

- Sara B

It is very resistant to staining on the interior and you can buy things for it.

I like how my vehicle has four wheel drive. It is cool.

- JJ V

if you maintain vehicle it will give back to you and keep running and running

good family vehicle for a family with volleyball kiddos

- roseann m

It's a great vehicle that will last a long time. Love it!

Rides smoothly, great vehicle, has over 216,000 miles

- Lauren C

Maintaining the regular service checks and going in regular check ups

Pilot drives very easily. Easy to handle in the Road

- Deepak M

MPG is low compared to newer models. I love the ease of driving. A little too big, hard to park.

It can seat 8 people which is good for road trips.

- Allea C

Definitely worth the buy!

- Jessica K