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2003 Hyundai sonata: an affordable long-lasting and reliable car.

The car is a shared car that has been used since 2003. It does not have that many miles on it but otherwise it has been very reliable. The wear and tear on the car or any problems that have come up with it have only come up in the past 3 years and I think it is because of age. As far as performance I think it performs very well for a car size and its standard. It is been pretty reliable until recently and again I think it is because of its age. The problems we've had with it recently involved the cold weather and we think, although we haven't had a chance to take it to a mechanic to look at it that it, has to do with the transmission fluid. Also it may be in need of a tune-up and possibly oil change so muscle problems might be because the car just needs to be perked up a bit. I think the fact that the Hyundai sonata is such simplistic in its design and even performance makes it a car that is not only reliable but long-lasting and this is important for car buyers of course but not only car buyers for car buyers that are on the lower income bracket. All in all very happy with the sonata in general but saddened that it may be on its last leg after 16 years.

- Morgan R

The vehicle's radio and ignition glow green, i thought that was pretty cool.

I bought my vehicle used, so it's obviously going to have a few problems. BUT the breaks worked fantastic, the engine runs so smoothly, and it makes me feel safe when I ride in it. It is a very reliable good running car. It has low miles when I got it, but my sister has the same car, many many more miles and it runs just as good. The only issue is the person that had it before me did not mount the radiator right so under pressure it busted. That's not the cars' fault though.

- Kaitlynn C

The best car I could ever want.

No problems on the Hyundai. I believe good maintenance goes a long way on a car. The performance of the car is great. I love the way it moves smooth no matter how fast you turn the wheel. The Hyundai is very comfortable in the front and the back, there is lots of legroom in both front and back. The features I have is a sunroof, power locks and windows. The gas mileage is awesome, it gets about 30 miles a gallon in town. I love my Hyundai and will buy another when I am ready.

- Wendy V

The safest, smoothest, and simplest first car.

The car rides smooth, clean, and effortless. No real serious problems experienced in over 100, 000 miles, unless you cause them yourself. The Sonata is a reliable car that I would recommend young teens to drive for a first car. It is safe. I managed to clip a trailer hitch with my front bumper and there was minor damage to the hood and bumper. Parts are relatively cheap to replace and fix yourself. A pretty diy type of vehicle.

- Troy H

The 2003 Hyundai sonata is a sporty and fun vehicle to drive.

The 2003 Hyundai sonata has been a very dependable vehicle. It has required very little maintenance in the more than 15 years I have owned the vehicle. The sonata has consistently achieved up to 30 mpg on the highway, and I have taken it cross-country four different times with no mechanical issues. The sleek design and comfortable seats make it a vehicle that is fun and enjoyable to drive.

- Carl P

A trustworthy car with minimal issues.

The car overall is a very good car. However, at the same time, I have had to replace the coolant tubes at least 5 times due to how easily they rust. Out of 3 the vehicles I own, this car is easily my most used and most trusted. The interior is very comfy and spacious and the trunk is spacious as well. The outside is a nice black that has stood up to scrapes and dings that easily came out.

- Joseph K

Still going strong after over 200, 000 miles. With minimal maintenance.

My Hyundai has been very reliable, great on gas mileage, as well as minimal maintenance. Comfortability is excellent, roomy back seat allows good leg space and ample trunk space. Back windows only go down halfway which is a good safety factor for children. I now have over 200, 000 miles and still rolling strong with no apparent signs of stopping. I hope this does not jinx me!

- Deborah M

Safe and reliable compact car.

I like my Hyundai Sonata because it has been very reliable for my me and my family. We have drove it on mini getaways without any problems. The only complaint that I say that I have might be the fact that space is limited, especially if you are traveling with a family of four people. Although, that was a given, when we bought the car. We knew of the limitations of the space.

- Terry N

Old but it works well. My family has had this car for about 8 years

Transmission issues, turn signals work but do not make noise, very comfortable and easy to drive, because of age it is semi-reliable. Cosmetically, the cars paint is chipping so it makes the car look much older, stereo somewhat works; CD player does not work and there is no aux cord. The speakers are starting to wear out so it does not have the best sound quality.

- Justin B

My amazing old gold Hyundai Sonata!

My car runs great. Very dependable. There is an issue though with the doors locking automatically when I am in it and it is running, then when I stop and get out, alarms go off till I turn it off. It is low so some find it hard to get in and out of, bit if it is a dependable car you want Hyundai is it.

- Cathy O

The sunroof is really nice and it has rain guards.

My car is a Sonata gals, this is an exclusive model of the Sonata, even though my car is older it is certainly a good car to drive. It is good on gas to be a v6 and its sturdy. It has all the amenities you would want in a car today and it has a nice body, great value on the money.

- Rita S

It is got a lot of pep, get up and go when I need it.

We bought it from my husband's mother, she no longer needs it, and we love the way it drives, handles, and the roominess inside. It is good on gas mileage in city and highway too. I do not know what else to say about it, we just got it 3 months ago. Good car and I am happy.

- Marie S

My 2003 Sonata is one of the best vehicles ever.

I have had no serious problems with this car in going on 6 years. Aside from basic maintenance the only major issue was replacing the timing belt. This car starts every time. It has a real smooth ride and yes, she is old and has her little quirks but I strive to keep her.

- Michelle E

gas tank valve prone to break

Drives well and pretty good on gas. I have not had to do a lot of repairs. But, I am disabled and it is very hard to get my feet into car. Also it has faulty gas valve so it takes forever to pump gas and it is too expensive to fix not part wise but laboooooor wise

- Linda H

Oldie but goodie, my car was a special edition and it drove great.

Overall, my vehicle is reliable. The only issue is the rim grinding on the tire, this was damage done to another driver. For it to be over 10 years old, it drives well and the gas mileage is good. Where I purchased my car, it came with automation and key remote.

- Rita S

It's a safe and reliable car.

My vehicle is very reliable, has good pick up and it handles very well in the snow. It gets good gas mileage and has a lot of room. A good amount of trunk space. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to people or even a first time driver, it is a safe car.

- David N

2003 Sonata is a Great Car

Very dependable and I love the sunroof. It is small but roomy. It is easy to drive. Classy looking. And it is decent in gas mileage. Though mine is an older car, it still looks great and is still running very well even with high mileage. I would buy again.

- Lisa W

My car is a gas saver. I use my car for everything.

1. I like that my car has ac. 2. My car is a 5 seater. 3. No problems, it runs great. 4. It is small and not bulky. 5. It has a sunroof. 1. Dislike that my gas area always says it is full and it is not. 2. Trunk only opens with key.

- Alyssa B

It has ok gas mileage. It also needs the oil changed on a regular basis. Don't drive it fast in rain and snow it hydroplanes a lot.

I love the sunroof and radio. I like the interior and it drives smooth. We have had problems with the transmission. Also the starter went out in it so we had to have that replaced. I wish it had more room in it.

- Melissa S

The car makes me happy to drive, the seat is comfortable and I just like the feel of it.

I like that it isn't too big or too small. I love it being a four door, and it has a large trunk. I love the feeling of driving it. I love to open the sunroof and the windows and turn up the tunes and drive.

- Cindy E

They are very practical and dependable little cars.

It is great for gas mileage and it is reasonable price to fix. It is a 4 door car so that is good. It is very low to the ground. I have three kids and we are starting to outgrow a small car like this.

- Mary R

Console cup holders sunroof.

Car is 19 years old- never had to make any major repairs/ sunroof/ gas mileage good/ reliability have never had car break down on side of road. Use to drive 100 miles daily to and from work.

- Donna D

It is a reliable car that keeps me aware of what's going down on with it.

I like the comfort factor my car brings. It is roomy and spaces. I do not like that it is hard to work on my car because there's very little space to work compared to other cars.

- Sam D

It's been a good car without issues

I like this car because the problems i've had were very few compared to others, I don't care for the size of the brake shoes don't like the new seller of the brand

- mark a

It's reliable. It runs good and it's pretty good on gas.

It's a good reliable vehicle. It has some damage that affects its appearance, but it's a good car. I love the sunroof and the electric windows and doors.

- DeeAnn S

It is comfortable. And easy to drive.

I like that it is easy to drive. I do not like how it squeaks while I am driving it sometimes (i have noticed that in a lot of other Hyundai's too).

- Christina R

It provides an exceptional ride. It is inexpensive to operate.

This car rides like a larger vehicle. It has very good gas mileage, good acceleration and high reserve horsepower. It has low maintenance costs.

- Charles B

It's a solid little car with an affordable price tag.

I like the look of the car, the sunroof and it's fairly simple to work on. I have no complaints about the car itself although I'd prefer newer.

- Jessi S

Dependable and has easy handling no drifting or swaying in heavy winds.

Drives and handles well, no blind spots, very comfortable, only complaint when hauling anything large in trunk no place to secure trunk lid.

- Bruce K

It is pretty reliable. It did have a minor problem with a tire.

I like my vehicle because I do not have to currently pay insurance on it. I dislike the mileage. I like how durable my vehicle has been.

- Margaret O

Good solid, dependable car that handles well in the snow.

It is a good solid car. Handles well in the snow. It will need a lot of work for inspection, so I'm looking for another vehicle.

- Sal G

I Really like my Hyundai Sonora but it's hard to refuel.

The problem with this vehicle is that almost every one. Either after a couple months have a problem with the fuel Evap canister.

- Paul M



- Margaret M

Keep your feet clean if you keep your feet clean and do not leave anything in my car!.

I like that it is dependable. I also like the model and size. Hate that it is old and rusted and I may need to trade in soon.

- Catherine O

Has never broken down on me.

Great color, great gas mileage, great vehicle with over 200, 000 miles and little repair work. No sunroof is only dislike.

- Deborah M

It has been very dependable. It is very good on gas and very affordable.

It's a good car. It's more than 15 years old and has been trouble free. Once we buy another car, it might be a Hyundai.

- Peggy S

The car is very reliable.

Haven't had any major problems with it. It runs great. Has great performance and very reliable. Best car I ever owned.

- Patricia G

Runs great with no major problems . Hardly no maintenance

Great car never had any problems with it except for normal maintenance. Gets good gas mileage also. Nice family car.

- Dave M

Extremely reliable and dependable. Starts up and goes every time.

Very reliable. Only routine maintenance required like tires, oil change ect. Runs great and still looks stylish.

- Richard W

It drives better than it looks.

No engine problems/ sunroof/age/ minimal mutinous/ sturdy/ air conditioner/ transmission/ color/ style/ roomy/.

- Donna D

Very reliable, shocking power.

Great reliability, decent mileage, comfortable even for a big guy like myself. Great mileage for freeway.

- Derek J

It's very economical and runs for a long time.

Car runs great. It is very economical and I am nostalgic about it. It has no AC, but I still love it.

- Flori L

Very reliable car. Would buy again.

The paint is coming off handles. Vapor locks after getting gas. Has been a very reliable car though.

- Maggie W

Okay car but too big for a single person as it is roomy which I don't need.

Too big and not the greatest gas mileage. Was not too expensive. Maintenance not too expensive

- Pat H

although It's old,It's still dependable to a considerable extent.

It's a old reliable vehicle thats gets me from point a to point b. efficient.cost effective

- abimbo J

You get your money's with the the Hyundai Sonata!

I like everything about my car. It has good pick up, is easy to drive and very comfortable.

- Gail J

The car has been well kept with oil changes and inspections

The car has good gas mileage. The interior is well kept. There are no dents on the car

- Kevin R

It's very cheap and convenient. It will be your best friend for life!

Great car, very reliable. It's great on gas and will not leave you on the road!

- Flori G

It last a very long time and it is very reliable. Does not have a high cost to keep up the maintenance.

It is too small. Need a newer model. Needs more charger ports and storage.

- Kayla B

it is comfortable reliable and easy to drive with automatic transmission

it's starting to get old and has parts that are hard to find

- echo c

It's a black large sedan,with silver trims all around it. It has a v6 engine with 36 mpg on highway. It has a cloth upholstery.

Its a old ,but reliable and dependable vehicle. Its sturdy.

- Ebenezer A