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This probably would've been an ok car 100,000 miles ago.

I bought my Jeep from a family member for a very fair price, so I don't have anything super negative to say. That said, I also don't have anything super positive to say. She seems to have reached a point where im having to dump money into her just to keep her running. The back seat is so cramped, and the seats are the most uncomfortable thing in the world. I've had the fuel pump give out on the highway with no code and seemingly no reason why... Luckily she started right back up. But... Basically, my compass gets me from point A to point B but I don't have a lot of faith in her. Any day could be her last and given the opportunity I would have spent a bit more on a better/newer car when I had the chance. 190,000 miles

- aaron B

2008 Jeep Compass Sport, Rallye edition, 2.4L, front wheel drive.

I bought my Jeep used about 3 years ago. It's the Rallye edition and I fell in love with the body and leather interior. Pros, its sleek and sporty looking, gets decent fuel mileage (avg. 26 mpg), drives really smooth, and is very roomy. Cons, it's not super comfortable for long distance rides, the transmission is a CVT and expensive to service and runs into problems, plus this particular make/model does not hold its value. Current trade in is only $1400.

- Heather H

My reliable Jeep compass never lets me down.

Handles more like a truck than a car, especially after a couple years. 153, 000 miles and it is still running fine. Normal maintenance like brakes, alignments, etc. Had to replace clutch though at 60, 000 miles and needed a new transmission at 100, 000 miles. Its unusual for a manual transmission to fail. Always reliable, it's never left me stranded and it is always started no matter how cold or hot out.

- Liz F

Life long built to jeep standard forever covered. Powertrain great value.

Hello reader. This will be a comprehensive review of personal experience I have had with this . 2008 jeep compass. 2.4 liter 4 cylinder. Easy on the fly 4x4 . 5 speed automatic cvt w/ autostick feature. This transmission was replaced at 126,000 warranty covered all parts and labor!! This jeep came with amazing lifetime warranty no other auto manufacturer has even tried to match this warranty.

- Jeffrey H

Why I love my Jeep Compass

My vehicle does great in ice and snow. The Heated seats are great when it gets cold. I can fit car seats in easily, when I need to take grandchildren somewhere. The seats fold down and I can fit 4 dogs in the back. It rides more like a truck when goes over potholes and speed bumps, not so great in the shock absorber department. Also, I like how high I sit up, great visibility.

- Phyllis S

The Jeep compass is a very smooth and comfortable ride.

I really enjoy my Jeep compass. I have owned my Jeep for about a year. About four months ago my husband hit a pole in the parking lot of Walmart. Although it is not very pretty, as far as the hood of the car, the car has not given me any problems. Truly a very reliable car. I would recommend this car to someone else because it is a very smooth riding and comfortable car.

- Amanda P

It provides a huge space throughout the entire vehicle.

The Jeep Compass is very reliable vehicle. It provides enough space to fit almost anything. It has four-wheeled drive for winter conditions. The older models may have more body tear the vehicle but still a very good vehicle overall. I would definitely invest in another Jeep Compass in the future. Jeep is one of my favorite brands for vehicles.

- Zach N

Great car, very reliable vehicle.

I love my Jeep! It has 4 wheel drive. Haven't had any major issues- had to get the abs fixed but it was only a quarter of the price I thought it would be. Have done most the work myself (with help of a friend who is mechanically inclined ). Pretty decent on gas, has made two cross country road trips and at 185k miles is still going strong.

- Lauren F

I'm not impressed by the features.

It doesn't handle as well in the rain/snow as an SUV should. I am very disappointed in the electronic traction system. It doesn't really stop you from sliding like I was under the impression it would. The back seats are very difficult to lay down and the latch system to put in my daughter's car seat is nearly impossible to connect to.

- Victoria H

Nice, affordable and good gas mileage

My Jeep Compass is a great car. It gets good gas mileage and rides nice. In the winter time it does good traveling in the snow. The tires get a good grip in the snow not allowing it to slide. It is a very safe car for children. Jeep Compass are good in the rain. They ride heavy enough to keep from sliding on slippery roads.

- Tammie T

Small 4 door SUV perfect for a new single family

Very reliable, however I've had to get a new transmission put in after 111k miles... other than that I have never had any issues with the car! I know every car will have its quirks at some point in time and that is just life so I put a new transmission in it instead of going and getting something else and it does great!

- Amber J

Great gas saver and very reliable and safe.

My vehicle is great on gas and I have traveled in this vehicle and noticed how great it was as far as highway mileage and locally. It is very comfortable to drive and my children love it and find it to be very comfortable. I do consider it to be reliable. The features such as the satellite radio is one of my favorites.

- Nancy B

Good single child family car.

Currently my airbag sensor is going on and off. No real issues besides wear and tear of Michigan roads over 6 years. Seats could be more comfy and advanced in the movement. Windows get stuck down more times than I'd like. Neat storage up front. Good car for single child family. Not all car seats fit in this car though.

- Sarah H

Jeep compass great first vehicle.

I bought my vehicle used. Soon as I saw the design I knew she was the perfect vehicle for me and my daughter. The motor is very strong, great up and go. Took me a minute to get used to the cut trans but after I got the hang of it there was less worries on my end. I wasn't used to not feeling a vehicle shift.

- Ashley G

It gets the job done and I can get my destination.

The engine turn off when come to a stop. It sound like the diesel engine. It is not the comfortable. It has roll up windows. Comfort is alright it get your destination. No features in the car only has dope CD player and speakers. There is nothing talking about the car it there you can drive.

- Vishnu P

It gets the job done and I can get my destination.

The engine turn off when come to a stop. It sound like the diesel engine. It is not the comfortable. It has roll up windows. Comfort is alright it get your destination. No features in the car only has dope CD player and speakers. There is nothing talking about the car it there you can drive.

- Vishnu Pillai P

The Jeep Compass is a huge money waster.

After two months of owning this vehicle, we had issues with the exhaust system and had to replace the manifold and Cadillac converter. A year later, we had to replace the starter and battery. A month after replacing those parts we had to bring it into a shop to get corroded wires replaced.

- Bob S

Jeep Compass Runs Forever

The A/C Fan makes a buzzing noise, but for the age of the car it runs very well. There are no transmission issues and the interior is still in amazing condition. The gas mileage on this vehicle is decent, 26/22. There are great features like power steering, auxiliary input, and more!

- Allison N

It's interesting how my windshield wiper knob has 8 settings.

Minor front end problems that can be easily repaired (brakes, rotors, possibly new calibers) runs good, mileage is over 285000. I wish the seats were height adjustable and more room in the back. Would be nice to have automatic locks and windows. New radio to be installed soon.

- Ashley B

Jeep is awesome. It will take the roads, and the off-roads. It goes forever.

I have had some transmission replacement issues, but was covered under warranty. In general, I love my Jeep and my next car will be a Jeep. It runs very well. It has almost 300, 000 miles on it and is still going strong. I would never have another vehicle. Jeep it is!

- Regina M

I love my jeep compass! Buy one if you can!

I love this car. It is very spacious and comfortable. You get excellent miles per gallon. The car has a 4x4 option so if you live in an area with a cold winter with ice, this feature is wonderful! Plenty of trunk storage with the option to lay down the back seat.

- Cynthia M

Jeep compass good on gas bad on oil

Transmission problems not very big on the inside little trunk space inside interior tear quickly. Overall not a good family car. Mileage and gas intake is pretty good though. Runs low on oil quickly. Other than that it's a good car for a drive around town car

- Niya G

Bright blue Jeep Compass, very pretty

Sometimes have problems with sunroof vents backing up and it leaking water into car. Overall is very comfortable and has lots of room. It runs very well, have not had any problems with the engine and has a nice sound system. Love that it has a manual mode

- Bella M

It's been a reliable car for 10 years!

Recently have had gas tank issues. The pump releases after just seconds of trying to put gas in the car. My relays went bad to the point that the car would just stop while driving. Other than regular maintenance fixes the car runs amazing and I love it!

- Kris W

Review of my Jeep compass.

Lasted me since I bought it in 2010. No major issues. Just maintenance issues. Must keep up with oil changes, and regular routine maintenance to run smooth. It is good on reliant roads but not hills if you have front wheel drive which is what I drive.

- Maria M

Not a true off road vehicle

I like that the AC cools down really quickly, especially nice in the summer when it's really hot. I also like that the windshield wipers has many levels. What I don't like is that it is not a true off road vehicle like all the other Jeep cars.

- Margie M

That it is a crossover and sporty car. The size is great for handling on a highway

I really like the size of my Jeep. It isn't too small but it has a decent size cargo storage area. I find that it is costing a lot of money to maintain though. I recently had my power windows break which has been a pain

- Mark S

The safety features. Advanced airbags and side window airbags.

I love Jeeps in general. I like the transmission which removes the pitching of the car as it changes gears. I also like the safety feature of advanced airbags and, side window airbags. No complaints, I love this car!

- Judy N

It is underpowered and it gets bad gas mileage compared to other cars.

I like that the compass is a 4 wheel drive vehicle with plenty of room. It seems to be underpowered and does not get the best gas mileage. It probably should have a six cylinder engine instead of a four cylinder.

- Cal C

It's spacious and sporty looking. It gets pretty good gas mileage (23 mpg)

I like the style and color, as well as the brand. However, it's very uncomfortable on long distance drives. And the transmission fluid has to be checked at a dealer, which is a bit of an inconvenience

- Heather H

Almost look a the background of the car, don't just buy anything.

I haven't had any terrible problems with my car, I just bought it a couple of months ago and it is done a great job for me! It is very spacy and leather seats, it is the perfect car for me.

- Alyssa B

2008 Jeep compass. My first SUV experience.

The surfaces are low end, my leather seat has split. I had to replace my transmission in year 8. I do enjoy the size and its fun to drive. I do not have off-road capability.

- Chris C

It is safety rating is very high and I've never had a problem with it.

I like the space I have, I like the 4 doors. I dislike the gas mileage. I also dislike the one key standard. I love that its a Jeep. I hate the floating feel that it has.

- Samantha H

How good on gas mileage it is.

It is the first car I have ever paid off. It has never gotten stuck in the snow. I do not have any car payments. I have not had to put too much money into it is up keep.

- Tammy R

It is really good off-road, which is always a plus.

I like the body size and mobility. I do not like that it does not have Bluetooth for car yet it has buttons for the phone. It is driving is good but better on highway.

- Mansour A

Good on gas mileage, and you can't beat it for size and comfort.

My sunroof leaks when it rains heavy outside inside my car it leaks by the interior lights and I have a carpet in the backseat that is damaged looks bad.

- Elizabeth T

It keeps trying to go in 4 wheel drive on It's own.

It is too small for a family of four. It keeps trying to have the 4 wheel drive turn itself on. It is hard to have two carseats in the back seat.

- ashley h

It has really good gas mileage.

It has great gas mileage. It's compact but not too small. Has 4 cylinder engine. I do wish it was 4 wheel drive and had more towing capacity tho

- Jen M

It gets fantastic gas mileage for its size and is a long lasting car.

I like the size of the vehicle, the gas mileage, look and capacity. I think there are some blind spots in the front and I do not care for that.

- Jennifer H

Don't buy, jeeps use to be a well made product, not any more. They are straight junk. They know the clock spring goes bad at 150k why not a recall??

It is a cheap piece of junk. Sunroof leaks, floor boards are rotting. The ac works when it wants, and the parts are cheaply made

- Vincent A

Drives great abs problems.

I love my Jeep but it has a lot of brake part issue. Abs light on needs new sensor over and over. 4?4 light on no clue why?

- Karen S

Reliable, handles well in snow

I just love that it is a dependable car. Issues with gas tank that was very expensive to replace, I don't like about it.

- Charlotte H

Bad gas mileage. Not reliable whatsoever. Map lights leak like crazy.

Horrible gas mileage. AC leaks. Car overheated until I got it fixed. Spent way too much money fixing it. HATE this car.

- Krista P

It constantly has issues!!

I like the leather and mpg I get. I hate the way it drives, all the issues that go wrong with it, and how small it is.

- Nicole T

I am in love with my Jeep Compass!

I love the size, the way it drives...It's excellent on gas, and a perfect size. I love the features and drivability.

- Chelsey B

Pretty color 2008 jeep compass

It has a misfire and we need to get new brakes. When i drive it it makes me feel like i could easily tip it over.

- Ashley W

The jeep that has all problems and no recalls

Nothing but problems. From a leaking sunroof, which is all jeeps, to having to replace the transmission at 120k

- Vincent A

The joys of Jeep ownership.

It's a nice, fun ride. The interior is not fancy but it's roomy and comfortable. It gets very good gas mileage.

- Robert A

Nice family car very spacious

It is good car nice size ...great quality family car and have no giving me any problems through all this time

- Jeffre J

it's a jeep, i like jeeps, will definitely keep buying jeeps

reliable, had it for 4.5 years, bought 2nd hand, no major issues, good gas mileage, comfortable, 4wd reliable

- Jessica G

Love the style and easy use

Great car, runs well haven't had any major issues. Love the style and the reliability. Great for long trips

- Desiree D

Dependable in snow, goes most everywhere.

Dependable, a lot of frontend work every few years,, defect in subframe shouldn't have to replace this.

- Charlotte S