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Easy to maintain, reliable, comfortable and spacious.

Some issues I have had with my Jeep liberty are: not being able to roll down the windows all of a sudden, the tire pressure sensors are completely off (saying low pressure but when I check them it is fine), the spare tire alert is completely wrong (saying the spare tire is being used but it is not). Performance wise, it is been fine, the town I live in is rural so I mainly just do city driving which lowers the gas mileage a lot but when I have to go to bigger cities (highway driving) the gas mileage is great. The cruise control is wonderful and easy to use as well. It is very reliable (other than the tire pressure sensors). It is never not started (even when it is been -20°f outside). The engine always sounds good and the brake pads do not wear down too easily. It is easy to maintain. Comfort wise, I like how spacious it feels inside, not too cramped. I have heated seats so that makes it very comfortable in the winter.

- Megan G

Reliable and sporty small SUV.

Even after 14 years on the road, my Jeep liberty runs great at 105, 000 miles. It is a Jeep so you feel every bump in the road but it drives nice for a small SUV. The back seats are spacious as is the rear cargo area. Heated leather seats and the moonroof add elements of comfort and adventure through all kinds of New England weather. This car handles well in the snow since it is all-wheel drive. Heats up pretty quickly in winter which is nice for colder days on the road. The one thing that takes some getting used to, especially at the drive-thru window, is the automatic window buttons are located on the center console above the emergency brake. This always confuses my fellow passengers and can be annoying when you try to use the auto lock buttons (which are located on the front doors) to open the windows. Overall, a fabulous and safe car.

- Britney M

I love my Jeep liberty limited edition.

I have loved Jeep since my parents owned a Cherokee when I was in high school. I am pretty rough on my vehicles, or so I have been told. So when I had the chance to own my own Jeep I jumped at it. I love my Jeep liberty. The ride is super smooth. There are no crazy blind spots anywhere. There are vents in the backseat which I have always thought was a nice feature. Another feature I am enjoying is the wiper on the back window. I have never owned a car with a back window wiper and I just think it is great. Overall I would say I have no real complaints about my Jeep liberty. I love it, and it is the perfect size for my little family of 4.

- Tiffany M

Looking for a small SUV? This review is the key.

My vehicle is a 04 Jeep liberty sport. It is a really nice SUV for someone who wants an SUV but nothing huge. It is a hatchback so there isn't much a truck area. If you are a taller person, this SUV is not for you. The leg room is limited. It does have 4 wheel drive which makes it nice for the winter months. The downfall to this vehicle is the gas mileage. I drive 10 miles to and from work and I have to fill my tank once every week/week and a half. Also, the vehicle is a roll hazard so experienced responsible drivers should only own this kind. I hope this helps you make your choice on the make and model.

- Amanda S

The Jeep liberty: a short review.

The car is very comfortable, very durable and reliable. Only reoccurring problems I have had are rather minor such as window motor problems and an occasional engine misfire. None of which have been costly repairs. Includes 4-wheel drive which is helpful in the winter. It does well in the snow and performs well under harsh conditions. Also has a remote starter and spare tire on the back. My Jeep is a sort of tan green color which makes it distinguishable and conspicuous, it gets decent gas mileage in the form of both city and highway miles. It is not extremely comfortable on long rides but it is doable.

- Nate S

2004 liberty transmission beware!

I love my sunroof. I like that I am higher than other cars. I like c4 wheel drive. I find it is very comfortable to drive and also easy to park. I do not like that I have had to replace the transmission 2 times in this car. One time was covered under warranty. It was quite expensive and I only have 84000 miles on my car. The rear window defroster detector fell off, so I have no defroster in the rear. To expensive to have glued and reattached. I have a nice radio but my CD changer stopped working years ago, so I only have radio. The seats are comfortable. Dash panel is easy to read.

- Leslie K

My old, but still kicking, workhorse.

My vehicle was used when I bought it, and had both the engine and transmission replaced. The vehicle runs quite well, and for a small SUV gets decent highway miles(18.5MPG). The primary problem that I have had with my vehicle is that it fails to come out of 4-wheel drive, and you must shut off the car in order to do so. The most expensive problem I've had with my vehicle was replacing two radiators within 3 months of each other, which I blame on the poor crimp the manufactures used on the radiator tanks. Other than that it has been a reliable, and smooth driving vehicle.

- John J

Not great for families or larger crowds.

I have never had a Jeep before this car but have been generally happy with it. The liberty is not great for families or someone who transports a lot of people as it is more of a "condensed" SUV (meaning the body is not very long therefore there is not a lot legroom in the interior). I am single and usually drive only myself so I think it would be good as a first car for teens or young adults. I have had some issues with tire sensors and rotors but not to many other issues. I plan to buy a Jeep grand Cherokee because I have been satisfied with Jeeps thus far.

- Kelsey P

2004 Jeep liberty pros and cons.

This 2004 Jeeps liberty burns oil which causes it to smoke. This also means adding oil much more often than you would with a regular car. The coolant tank has had a leak several times and the whe tank has had to be replaced. The window has torn up several times and by torn up I mean once you roll it down you can't really back it up and it gets stuck which is awful if you're out and about when its raining. Other than those few minor problems the Jeep has been reliable and gets you from point A to point B. The design is sleek and does have 4 wheel drive.

- Bradley M

2004 Jeep liberty solid and strong.

Maneuverability excellent. Handles well in all weather. Great size not to large or small. Sharp looking in every sense. The recent problems I have had are; I just had to replace the gear shifter assembly and cables as it would not allow me to start my Jeep. This was quite an expense and very unexpected as I thought it was going to be either ignition module or starter. Other than this I really haven't any major expenses with this vehicle. It is a great vehicle and 4th Jeep I have owned in the last 25 years.

- Sher L

It's a Jeep do we need to say more.

Fun to drive. At its age has normal age related issues engine is made different then I have had in past making normally simple day repairs more difficult. My Jeep has an uncommon tire size which sellers in my area do not have on hand. . Its suspension has been recalled and needs checked by a Jeep dealer 4x4 also works different then other 4x4s I have had in past but still gets you out of being stuck. . . This year Jeep is prone to rust near door bottoms at least in the Midwest.

- Cathy I

My experience with my 2004 Jeep liberty.

I have owned this 2004 Jeep liberty for 11 years now. It has been a reliable, safe, and trusted vehicle for me through college and into adulthood. The repairs I have had over the years have been pretty routine and not included any major repairs to the engine or transmission which I feel speaks to the quality of the vehicle. It is easy to handle and drives well in all weather conditions. It is automatic, heated seats, CD player, leather interior and a good amount of cargo space,

- Hillary W

Good reliable vehicle to start with.

My vehicle, all around, is very reliable. It is nice for commute or if you are loading the dogs or family up for a nice hike! It is very comfortable and includes heated front seats and automatic side mirrors and rear view mirror. The biggest complaint I have is the location of the window buttons, they're not located on the side panels but actually in the middle. It can get confusing when trying to roll down the windows, as they're not in a convenient location.

- Breanna B

My sparkling white, chrome accented Jeep liberty.

I got this car used with 140, 000 miles on it, so I wasn't expecting it to be spectacular. But it is! The only trouble I have ever had was the battery dying at the drive-in movie theatre one night. It is the best car I have ever driven. It is comfortable, good looking, and I am always confident in its ability to get me where I am going. I have put almost 30, 000 miles on it in the past couple of years and it still runs and drives beautifully.

- Heather B

Reliable and comfortable SUV.

The interior fan does not work unless on the highest setting. The truck had a transmission issue that was resolved with a fluid/filter change. None of the tire pressure sensors are inaccurate. Very comfortable and has a lot a leg room. The four wheel drive is very useful. The power steering line has air trapped in it so you have to allow the vehicle to warm up or it makes a terrible whining noise when you turn the wheel.

- Tim S

They do not make Jeep liberty's anymore.

The air only works on the highest level, sometimes the windows do not roll backup, the car is so expensive to fill up, the radio does not work all the time. It is a very bumpy car. I do feel safe in my car though! It is a very good sized vehicle for me. One of my favorite things other than it gets me places is that the window buttons are between the driver and passenger instead of on the door, makes the car unique.

- Anna L

I would buy another jeep vehicle

I have owned my jeep since 2004 and have had very few issues. I have a liberty renegade which sits a bit higher than the other liberties. I have an all leather interior, drivers seat has worn a little over time. The seats are easy to move in the back for added room and it handles amazing in winter. I love everything how it heats up quickly on a cold morning....i would buy another jeep.

- Denise S

I love the size and the way it feels to drive it.

I like the size of the vehicle. It drives well. All though it is a gas guzzler since I drive it mostly in the city. It handles well in the snow and on the ice which is good since I live in Minnesota. The cons to the Jeep are the tires are expensive to replace, the u joints have a tendency to go out, and the 2004 liberty has a known issue with the manifold cracking.

- April H

Lots of room. Convenient that the back window lifts up, tailgate opens out.

I love that I can put my kayak into the back by opening the window and sliding it in. I also love that the back of the Jeep is very roomy. There is also plenty of room in the interior, back and front. I do not like that it is no great in the rain or snow. I have heard this is because it has a short wheel base. It is also not very good on gas mileage.

- Laurie V

It is reliable. It is strong.

Even though it is an older car now it is very safe and reliable. I didn't start running into problems with it till I have over 150, 000 miles which is pretty impressive. The car is pretty strong as well. The body of the car is not how they make it now a days. Great during the snow storms. 4x4 drive. It is cute and stylish. Last a very long time.

- Rachel L

This car is so comfortable, between the heated leather seats and the power adjustments it is a joy to sit in this car.

I love my Jeep because it is super comfortable, it is a beautiful color, and the 4WD is a comfort in the winter. On the downside, it gets the worst MPG of any car I have ever owned (16-19 MPG). Another poor design is there is no key lock for the rear (tailgate) door. Combine that with the faulty rear door motor and it is just a big problem.

- Caroline S

If camping out, jeep can be very comfortable to sleep in, also has space for large objects.

The jeep has been a reliable,although I've had to some work to it such as water pump after 55,0000 miles,was a major. Everything else was normal wear and tear such as tires oil change... ect. Have not needed a tuneup and I have 156,000 miles on it. The windows are my biggest problem. The motor goes bad. Gas and comfort have been good also.

- Marilyn B

An all-around great, reliable vehicle!

The Jeep liberty offers great driving, shifting, and steering control. The front and back seats are very spacious. There's ample storage room behind the back seats. The care is equipped to install a hitch, bike rack, and extra roof rack onto the existing roof rack. Great gas mileage. Handles very well on rough terrain and in bad weather.

- Sharon W

Pros/cons of '04 liberty renegade.

Positives: fuel mileage, handling (in regular road conditions), cargo space, upkeep, pull lever for immediate four-wheel drive, 3.7l engine provides a lot of power for a little jeep. Negative: rear wheel and light-weight makes for a lot of kicking out or fishtailing on slightly wet or icy roads, rusts showed up early on running boards.

- Jodi W

Safe and reliable, stress free and comfortable.

I have yet to have any issues with my 2004 Jeep liberty. I bought this car used and was in a wreck twelve days after buying it. I went over a patch of black ice and rolled, with my dog in the car, and outside of a few minor cosmetic bumps on the outside of my Jeep both my dog, myself, and the integrity of my vehicle were fine.

- Dakota W

My vehicle is a black 2004 Jeep liberty renegade 4WD edition.

I love my Jeep! It is a beautiful car and it is reliable. Lovely on the outside, the black is my favorite. Interior is just as nice and has a sunroof. Only downside is the dash is pretty small but that is not really a biggie. Bought it used so it came with the normal wear and tear but all in all I am happy with my purchase.

- Brittany S

Jeep life great for traveling and plenty of room.

Drives great only problem is it isn't great on gas. But it has great space and a trunk that opens to where you can sit in the back and just relax anywhere or pack things in. It is very spacious. Nice leather seats and seats lay down in the back to where you can make more room. Or even if you want to lay one side down.

- Candice B

drives great in the snow.

Very dependable car in the snow, I live in an area that gets loads of lake effect snow. Rusts on rockers and bottom of doors easily, but that is due to the hard winters where I live. It drives very well overall. It is a smaller vehicle, and good for day trips. It is a bit of a gas guzzler, but overall an awesome car.

- Jackie N

Reliable and great vehicle.

This car is really nice. Very small and easy to manage. It is not the best in gas but other than that I love it. It is a good reliable vehicle that I would highly recommend. A Jeep liberty is an excellent choice may surprisingly durable compared to my driving and has been through a lot and is still running smoothly.

- Katie B

It is super reliable and lots of fun.

14 years old other than routine maintenance have only had to take it to the shop twice to be worked on. Once for a/c repair and the other for oxygen sensor. It gets great gas mileage for its age. We take it out 4xing all the time. Great to drive on the road less traveled and has more than once made our own road.

- Lori H

SUV with a sunroof, luxury interior.

Very comfortable, love to drive it! There is plenty of room for my two children and myself. I love the sunroof in it. . The negative to having this vehicle is gas mileage, I am currently averaging 17-20 miles per gallon. The only issue I have had with the vehicle is it needing an oil pressure sensor replaced.

- Ashley P

Reliable car with great features.

My vehicle is very comfortable and drives well. It hardly has any problems and is very reliable. The only problem I have had with my vehicle over the years is with its transmission occasionally kicking, but that is common in most Jeeps. Overall, I am very happy with this car’s performance and other features.

- Jenna T

I love the exterior look of the vehicle.

Have had this jeep liberty for over 8 years, and have had no issues other than regular maintenance, tires, battery, etc. Has good fuel mileage, comfortable to drive. Love the interior, easy to maintain. Two cup holders, four wheel drive is very easy to switch on, 4 doors, back seats are comfortable as well.

- Terri L

The visibility of the car is great, it has minimal blind spots, and it is more maneuverable than it looks.

My Jeep Liberty is a powerful compact SUV. It is very roomy for the size and has a good 3.7L V6 which gives the car a balance between efficiency and power. The car can comfortably seat 4 and can carry plenty of cargo in its cargo area. It is a strong, efficient car and I enjoy using it as my daily driver.

- Carlos B

Jeep is awesome for the four wheel drive is wonderful.

Brakes went out, and by it being an older vehicle it is costing me money. The person that owned it before me didn't keep up the maintenance. If they had then I would love my Jeep. So now it is not reliable and my son is now too tall. I am currently without a vehicle because the brake hose is damaged.

- Shaun W

My jeep is not the great with gas mileage. I have to fill my tank about every two days.

I love my jeep liberty. My jeep has a sunroof, really nice to open in the fall and spring for fresh air. I got my because I am showing dogs, I wanted the room for my dogs and all my train and show gear. I like that it is 4 wheel drive and drives very well in winter. I have not had any major issues.

- stacey t

The jeep liberty is problematic but reliable.

I am having an issue with my transmission. The pick up on the car takes a while and every time I switch gears there's a thud. There are also multiple front end issues and issues with suspensions. The back windows easily break too. The 4x4 on the liberty is excellent and it is never failed me.

- Alison M

My liberty . Its big. Old looking and not shiny but runs like a dream.

Overall though my vehicle is a little more than 14 years old it still function really well. No major problems on the engine. The features are not so modern like newer models but it serve its purpose and has not let me down yet. It's a good size vehicle and a perfect fit for my small family.

- Karen C

The jeep liberty is a very reliable auto.

The back door window motors are not operating. The pistons that hold the hood up and the back window up are not operational. Other than that the car has over 150000 thousand miles and runs great. I change the oil every 6 thousand miles. The tires are rotated every time the oil is changed.

- Tom S

2004 Jeep issues that I have had.

Only major issue I have had with my Jeep is the fan quit working and found out that it is a sensor that caused it so I have to have it hooked up around that sensor in order to have a working fan so my cat does not overheat. We tried to replace the sensor but we are unable to get to it.

- Kristin S

My jeep liberty has been my favorite car.

The break lines tend to go out pretty quickly, other than that fix when they go out I love my car. I love the way it drives, 4 wheel is always awesome where I live and it is pretty roomy. I can take my laundry and I can go grocery shopping in one go. Would recommend for a first timer!

- Kristen G

Great mid-size SUV for poor Chicago roads.

I am a big fan of Jeeps in general. Our Jeep is great for Chicago winters with the snow and ice (4-wheel drive). And it is rugged enough to deal with all the potholes in the spring and summer. The only thing I do not like about the vehicle is it gets about 3-4 recall notices a year.

- Wb R

I have enjoyed driving this SUV and it has been very reliable.

Living where we get our share of snow and ice, the 4WD has made driving a lot safer. There's plenty of cargo space and passenger comfort. The thing I am glad they changed was antenna. This model had an antenna that was welded on. Unfortunately, it still snapped off in a car wash.

- Diana W

Small but strong jeep liberty.

Super comfortable but the leather seats start cracking/ripping after a while. Four wheel drive is a little hard to switch in and out of. Accelerates super easily, turns easily, very responsive. Can easily fit three car seats across the back seat. Very spacious for a smaller SUV.

- Holly L

I love my Jeep. It's nice to ride with the sunroof open.

It has a sunroof. Fog lights on top. It handles good on and off-road. It gets good gas mileage. The back seat lays down so you can haul large objects. The only problem is the window motor goes out a lot. Costs about 100 to replace it. I would recommend this vehicle to buyers.

- Susan P

It is a quality product that is both comfortable and effective.

I absolutely love this car. I like that this car is somewhat more elevated off the ground than other small cars. I will say that the rust forming on the inside panel of the side doors is frustrating to look at and fix. Other than this issue I have no complaints with this car.

- Ashley L

Low maintenance/fun to drive.

My Jeep liberty has provided me with 14 years of excellent service. It is almost rust free, runs great and minimal repairs. Very durable. You just have to make sure and do your proper vehicle maintenance and then you can expect to get many years of service from this vehicle.

- Bert A

Why I like my Jeep liberty.

I like my car because it is has a sunroof and heated seats. It is 4 wheel drive and goes great in the snow. I can goodness the seats down and have extra room in the back. It is very roomy inside and has leather seats. I like sitting up higher in my SUV then you do in a car.

- Tracy V

Plastic motors in windows break easy.

All 4 motors in the windows have warped due to excessive heat in az. So all 4 windows have fell off track and were stuck down. This also happened in 2 Jeep Cherokees that I had prior to this. I have had 12 windows in total that I've had to fix over the years. Ridiculous.

- Shannon W

Great on gas 4 wheel drive is great in snow and rides smoothly.

Jeep liberty rides very smoothly, great on gas and very comfortable for driver and passengers another great feature is 4 wheel drive I never got stuck in snow or mud. With my jeep I never had any major problems as long as you keep up with your basic oil change your good!

- Dawn L

Love it! I would buy another!

If I could buy a new Jeep liberty I would get the tow package. Also would love to have a candy Apple color too. It is very spacious in the back. I had 10 bags of grain that weighs about 50 pounds each. I love the center console because it does not get wet when it rains.

- Ann B

Mileage to me is an interesting item, 270, 000.

The only problem I had with this car was I had to replace the transmission. It was shattered so I had to replace the entire system. It happened after the warranty was done. Other than that the car has been good. I now gave 270, 000 miles registered on the odometer.

- Linda J

Good car for a starter family.

Gas mileage is an issue, but otherwise it is a great car. Comfortable for a small family with room in the back for going grocery shopping and such. Sits up higher so you do not feel like you are sitting on the ground. Good size, not too big and not too small.

- Samantha R

Jeep fan keeps Jeep for 15 years and going.

I love my Jeep! It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. Other than tires and oil changes, I have had only 1-2 small repairs (like brakes). My Jeep fits my need for work and play. I have had it 15 years and still going strong! Wouldn't trade it!

- Christy D

She needs some TLC but she drives awesome.

The only problem is the speedometer is messed up. It drives up and through places other vehicles cannot. I have had it for a few years now. It has never left me stranded. It has 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive. It has adjustable mirrors, extending visors.

- Ceile B

Make sure that the car you're looking to buy has fully functioning features.

The car itself needs a constant oil or engine change. The air conditioner is broken, as it constantly failing to work. The windows in the backseat are broken, failing to roll up or down on command. Also, there are cracks scattered across the windshield.

- Sebastian R

Love my jeep liberty even with some of its small issues.

Does great in the snow in Midwest. Common issues with steering fluid leak and it burns some oil. It is to be expected with over 260,000 on the engine. Overall it is been a dependable vehicle. A little small for full size car seats if you have children.

- Kirsten B

Reliability with low maintenance.

Over 200, 000 miles and only maintenance has been oil changes, tires and brakes. I have had no major issue with this vehicle in 8 years and will be looking to purchase another Jeep . The comfort is acceptable and the reliability is beyond expectation.

- Christine M

It is dependable and luxurious.

I love that it is reliable. The color is attractable it dark maroon. I like the fact that it is four wheel drive. The only thing I do not like is the people before me did not take care of it so it is got some rust on it more than it should have.

- Heather K

The windows will consistently break, and cost you thousands of dollars and there is no way to get them fixed cheap.

I like the size of the vehicle. I hate how the windows break all the time even once you get them fixed they break again a month later and it's like 400 dollars to fix each window. I also hate how much gas it takes and how quickly it uses gas.

- Erica D

They look fun and driving them can be fun, but they are money pits. I'm on jeep number 3. It's been a very very expensive road.

All older jeeps have issues with the motor in the Windows. They warp with heat and have to be replaced. Very costly. Lots of parts on jeeps don't last long at all. A jeep owner knows that u are always replacing something. It is never ending.

- Shannon W

It's the perfect size car for a family of four. It has all the room you need to transfer all that sports gear. Awesome for tailgating at the game. You can even stretch out in a pinch, to get a nap while traveling. Just add the sleeping bag.

I love it, it drives like a dream. It's a comfortable ride, weather you're driving or a passenger. It gets great gas mileage, is easy on the tires, as well as the eyes. After driving it for so long and yet it's still feels like a new car.

- Billie T

There's a reason the military uses Jeeps to this day. Think about it.

The design is a Sport model without me feeling like I am driving a minivan or bus. It handles well in the Minnesota snow and ice. I have a model year that is sleek and stylish. The new models look "boxy" to me...no curves or style.

- Timothy W

Sleek and Smooth 2004 Jeep Liberty

It's a great, comfortable and compact car that has been great in Nebraska winters. It is so-so on gas but better than a lot of other jeeps or large trucks. Sleek and smooth, this jeep has been very great with me on long road trips

- Kathryn T

My jeep has sufficient passenger and cargo space!

I love jeeps but it wouldn't be fair to make a judgement based off of my jeep. It has almost 300,000 miles on it and at one,point was not taken care of. The transmission slips and it had a slow oil leak causing it to run rough.

- Samuel L

Jeep liberty: one hell of a ride.

I personally loved my Jeep. It had problems with shocks and it needed a coil pack system but after those repairs it ran great. One downfall was it was a kind of rough ride maybe because of the shocks but you felt every bump.

- Prissy P

If you need a vehicle that can handle rugged roads this is a great choice.

It is great for the travel and camping my husband and I love to do. It is roomy and has lots of space for gear. The gas mileage is not great and we have had a few issues with electrical stuff but overall a great vehicle.

- Kathleen C

The window motors always break and it costs about $400 each window professionally or about $150 to fix it yourself!

Jeep Liberty's are notorious for broken window motors, and my Jeep has been no exception. I have had all of the window motors break now and one time or another; some multiple times. The sunroof also leaks.

- Elisha H

Its durable & dependable.

The Jeep liberty is a wonderful vehicle. It is extremely well made. I have had no real issues other than minor fixes that come with age. It is a 2004. Rides and drives great. Is not very economical on gas.

- Bert T

That it is a very comfortable car. It drives great and is very dependable.

I like that it is a four wheel drive. I also like that it is good on gas mileage. I LIKE THAT THE SEATS ARE COMFORTABLE. I do not like the rack on the top. It is hard to clear snow off of it in the winter.

- cindy h

It takes me through almost any bad road conditions and is lightweight as well.

I like it because it is small enough but powerful at the same time. When the weather is bad I don't worry about getting stranded. I have had no problems to date with my jeep. Would buy another of the same.

- pam p

The Jeep liberty is one of the finest cars I've driven.

For the most part I am happy with the Jeep liberty. But it's an 2004 and is starting to have computer problems. And the fuses keep going out. But other then that it runs great and never has gotten stuck.

- Curtis K

Problem free and comfortable to drive.

Very easy to drive and handle. Able to see all around due to all the Windows. Very comfortable to drive on short or long grips. My favorite car that I have owned. No major maintenance problems at all

- Tammy S

That I worked hard to save the money to buy it, so even though it was used it is new to me and I enjoy having it.

I have only had it since March of this year. I like being higher off the ground than my previous car. I like having more space. My only complaint is the gas mileage isn't as good as my previous car.

- Dawn G

It is really durable. It can take a beating for sure.

My car is awesome. There is not really any issues that I can complain about. I have a 2004, and there's over 180, 000 miles in it and it is still reliable. The only complaint I have is the gas mileage.

- Katie H

It has been extremely dependable. Feel safe and comfortable operating my jeep.

Overall very happy with my jeep. I do however find it inconvenient that Windows are controlled from center console. Also would like to be able to open the back without having to unlock entire vehicle.

- Wendy P

Jeep Liberty: Fun until it's not

The Jeep is great in accidents, but completely unreliable on an everyday basis. It has broken down very often since I bought it. It is a blast to drive, but just too expensive to keep maintained.

- Jane C

It handles great in all seasons, especially winter because of its four wheel drive and how high up the car is.

I love how it handles in the snow, I do not have to worry about getting stuck. I love how high up it is. I enjoy driving it. I do not like how it can be a bit top heavy while making sharp turns.

- Hannah S

My Jeep Liberty is the best vehicle I've ever owned.

Love my Jeep. It had previous owners. I've had it for 6 yrs now. Never has been to the shop. Maintenance is kept up for sure. Just my size. Folding down back seats for loading larger objects.

- Bobbie M

It ain't cheap but it is worth the price for quality.

I like the size of the jeep liberty. I also like the fact that all window controls are on the center console. I do not like that the seats do not fold down flat but are at an angle instead.

- Jacob W

Very reliable no serious issues i.e. engine, transmission, etc

Very reliable vehicle, have not had any serious problems. Excellent traction as a 4 wheel drive in bad weather. Visor clips break really easy. Has gone through 4 batteries which is a lot.

- Roy M

Jeep Liberty: You won't be sorry! Fun and dependable.

There really isn't anything I don't love about my Jeep. I love sitting up higher than a car, the four-wheel drive has gotten me out of snow banks. It's been a good and faithful vehicle.

- Bonnie T

Cute little SUV with plenty of space inside without being too large of a vehicle.

I love my Jeep Liberty. It's a nice little SUV, fairly compact but still lots of room for my family and extras like groceries and/or recreational items such as blow-up rafts or bicycles.

- Ocie J

My car has been reliable for over 14 years.

I like that my liberty is small enough to fit in tight parking spaces and can turn sharply. I also like the rear storage. I do not dislike anything. I have enjoyed it for over 14 years.

- Tiffany H

The back seats lay down flat into a platform

Had a lot of coolant leak issues. Good mileage, fairly dependable. Good space in back, but very short dash board. Okay for small families. Would not recommend with more than 2 kids.

- Blake E

It handles well in the snow which is important in the winter.

Check engine light keeps coming on then going off again. Otherwise, I really like my Jeep. It is a pretty blue color. But I still miss my old jeep that was totaled in an accident.

- Laura S

Easy to transport items. Great in the snow.

I like that it is a small suv. Easy to handle. Great in the snow with the 4 wheel drive. I like that you can put down the back seats and there is plenty of from to transport items.

- Dolores W

making sure it runs good, I drive with precious cargo in it.

I feel comfortable driving it, I don't need anything special, it comes with some extra and they get used. this is the second car I have that is the same make and year, it is great.

- shirley p

It has lousy gas mileage, always has. Also, it drives like a truck when driving on rough road.

I like my jeep liberty but the repair costs are really high. I have replaced window motors at least 2 for all of them. This car also has had 2 recalls which is very inconvenient.

- Julie C

How much I love it. I am not sure what else there is to say about my Jeep.

I love my Jeep. I got it last year, she had a lot of miles but I knew the Jeep would last another 100, 000 miles. Right now it needs a new water pump & its high mileage.

- Tabatha G

The most important thing for others to know about my vehicle is, that it can fit in small spaces and a nice family size SUV.

I like that it is reliable and also comfortable while not being to big. I dislike how loud it is while driving on highways, and how poor the gas mileage is per gallon.

- Caitlyn T

It is extremely dependable and long lasting if maintained.

I love the size. It is easy to drive, the height makes it easy to park. Has a great turn radius. It is also extremely dependable. Good gas mileage. No complaints.

- Sherri M

It's a lot smaller on the inside than most SUV.

I love the powerful feeling of it being a jeep and SUV. Love going to the beach and using the trunk space for the storage we need. Hate the small back seat leg space.

- Jacalyn M

The is a recall on the suspension.

I love my Jeep. We did have to replace the engine but we bought it used. It is a very smooth comfortable ride and has all the luxuries you would expect from a 2004.

- Jessica T

That it is a little shaky when driving on the interstate.

I like that the car allows me to sit higher up. I also enjoy the space inside the car because there is a lot of room. I don't like that it runs through gas quickly.

- Samantha B

The most reliable vehicle I have owned.

My 2004 Jeep Liberty is wonderful! It performs best on the highway on long trips. It is very reliable. I can get in, start it up, and just go, even in cold weather.

- Marla A

Would buy another one tomorrow!

I am the only owner of a 2004 Jeep liberty, this vehicle is reliable, great on gas, and is relatively affordable to fix when maintenance or repairs are required.

- Josephine S

Fun to drive and easy to maintain

The Jeep Liberty is a great vehicle. IT drives very smoothly and it has had no major mechanical problems since purchasing it. It is reliable and fun to drive

- Katy M

Car takes a beating, but must often be taken to the shop.

It survives well in car accidents due to the plastic buffering on the side of the vehicle.It does break down often though due to small issues in the engine.

- Jane C

This car is not flashy and lacks many of the fancy extras of today's models but it is reliable.

While older and fairly simple, this car has been reliable. I bought it used and it had been well cared for. Simply a means of getting where I want to go.

- Jay H

It may not smell so great right now but it is very trustworthy, and it'll definitely get you from point A to point B.

The wiring is a little funky, so the radio doesn't work but that's just because it's old. The interior lights also don't work. I love the size of my car.

- Andy I

It's very dependable. We can trust our Jeep to get us where we need to go.

It's very dependable, looks good, drives well. What I don't like is there's only one way to unlock the doors from the outside. It needs more key holes.

- Carol t

it makes me feel safe & able to go anywhere due to the 4 wheel drive

i love that i no longer feel stranded due to my 4.wheel drive ... though i dislike having an electrical issue that no one seems to be able to find & fix

- beve c

It will require some maintenance, but overall it's pretty solid.

It's a good size for taking trips, seems like we can fit lots of stuff comfortably. The gas mileage could be better. Things are starting to wear out.

- Emily T

I love how my vehicle has heated seats!

I love my jeep! I would take it anywhere. It's great on gas also. I hate the tires, but those can be changed easily! I'm never buying another vehicle!

- Deni H

It is a trail rated therefore it does have four wheel drive so it comes in handy during winter

Awesome as long as you take care of it. Very little that I've had to fix on it, and what I did fix is just normal wear and tear and is good as new now

- Ken J

2004 Jeep Liberty. For being almost 15 years old, runs well. Still looks good.

Bought the car used in 2013. No major issues aside from driver's side window comes off track and needs to be reset and some air conditioning issues.

- Janna H

Jeeps are great cars that will last.

Being that my jeep is 14 years old, I do believe that it is running well for its age. I have not had to do any major repairs other than the basics.

- Abby J

Most comfortable ride to be in

It is very comfortable to ride in and it's easy to drive and gas mileage isn't too bad either the back area has a lot of room to put stuff in also

- Heather T

It has a wheelchair ramp.

I like the leg room and dependability. I dislike the gas mileage and the fact that it does not have a rear wiper. I also enjoy the 4 wheel drive.

- Christina D

Easy to drive. Nice features but if you are looking for good mpg it sucks.

Easy to drive. Comfortable seating for the driver. Good radio. Gas mileage sucks. Good 4W drive for snow. Nice interior dashboard features.

- Chris Y

It is easy to go faster than it seems like you are.

I like that it is the perfect size and easy to drive. I don't really have any complaints. It could get better gas mileage since it is so small.

- Delaney S

It has an alarm system and automatic shut off..very safe

It is really well kept and in good shape. It is high off the ground and you can see around every thing. It has good mileage for its year.

- Victoria B

It is a fun vehicle to drive. 4x4 adds to the dependability

I love the dependability of it and the room. Only thing i would change is the metal they used for the doors, everyone i see is rusted out.

- jodi f

It is easy to handle. Very good in the snow.

My jeep is a powerful but small suv. I feel safe in bad weather .it is convenient for transporting goods and easy to load yet comfortable.

- Pam F

It is not that great on gas.

I wish it was a tad bit bigger, I cannot fit my convertible car seat in it.Overall I like it very much. Not a big fan of the gas mileage.

- Barrie H

It is no longer manufactured. .

Had very few problems. Since it is 14 years old, the comfort is wearing out but it drives like a champ and has almost everything I need.

- Penny S

I summarize my vehicle is a great all purpose vehicle for anybody City or the country

The bushings at times after about 20,000 miles or so but other than that the vehicle stands up pretty well basic maintenance does a job

- Christopher K

Great car for cold snowy climate. It's safe. Never really had issues.

I like it because it's 4 x 4. It handles great in snow. Only thing I don't like about it is that the frame is too high and it's rough.

- Ake G

Jeep vehicles are meant to last but are expensive to fix.

I like Jeep as a manufacturer. I dislike that the Jeep is so old that everything on it is breaking down and it's so expensive to fix.

- Maranda L

Good car if you want to spend less gas. Also very easy to drive for beginners.

I like that it's small and easy to park. It also doesn't use up too much gas. The problem is that it has many issues over the years.

- Isabel C

it is good on gas mileage and has a good safety record

I like that it has room for the whole family and that I can fit stuff needed for getaways in it grocery shopping is much easier now

- kerrie P

Jeep liberty - gas mileage high for small vehicle.

The ride is a little rough, the performance is good, but radio, Bluetooth, technology is outdated. The interior is nice for a Jeep.

- Susan C

My jeep is very dependable

My vehicle is very dependable very few issues other than the norm. Is great in the winter. Great in the summer for leisure and fun

- Dorine B

you can't go really fast or it feels like you could lose control easily.

I don't like how fast it runs out of gas. I don't like how it feels shaking while driving. I like how it is a four wheel drive.

- Perri P

It is great for off roading and great for traveling. It is good on gas.

I love that my jeep is small enough to get IN and out of places. I do not like the fact that it doesn't have air conditioning.

- Maya M

Very Versatile seating and 5 doors.

Love the size and convenience of this vehicle that transports me to work and my 4 large dogs to parks, vets and family visits.

- Pamela J

Gets me to and from work in all weather conditions. I love it

It's four wheel drive, great in all seasons of the year. Has never left me stranded, or given me any problems since purchased

- Ronald S

mileage needs improvements.

Like that it sits u high. The back door are hard to get in and out of. The car is starting to rust badly around the doors.

- diane K

Transmission problems it leaked and have to replace gears his is know for jeeps.

I like it cause its compact and 4x4. I do not like the back gate where it swings open or the spare tire on the back of gate.

- Audra M

It is very dependable and reliable.

It's great in the winter time. It's easy to handle drive. Do not like way seats were made. Doesn't need a lot of servicing.

- Sharon R

Jeep is reliable, solid transportation. My next car is going to be a Jeep,

Jeep Liberty is great for carrying my dog, an Irish Setter. It's a four season SUV; has never let me down in snow and ice.

- Larry L

2004 Jeep Liberty does hydroplane very easy

Nice small SUV. Disappointed it is not as cheap on gas as we thought it would be. I hate that it does hydroplane very easy.

- Janet S

Jeeps are roomy and comfortable! If you are going on a road trip this would be the perfect vehicle.

I love that itches 4 wheel drive and cant get me where I need to go. It is a comfortable ride and there is plenty of room.

- Amanda V

It is durable and reliable. It handles fantastically.

It is perfect for summer or winter. It handles great. I love having four wheel drive. Plenty of room to transport things.

- Dana S

That it is my car. Be respectful of it.

I like my Jeep I just want a car again. I do not like the color of it. I like that I can take my friends with me places.

- Ashlyn P

Great to handle. Reliable, easy to maneuver and can half lot.

Great handling. Fits a lot into storage in the trunk, but has some mechanical issues. Very comfortable to sit and handle

- Margo J

its roomy and holds a lot of things between the trunk and the seats that lower. drives very well despite its age. comfortable to sit and drive in

Great vehicle for people who need a midsize car that can be driven around town but also has a lot of space in the trunk

- Lina G

Rv tow vehicle, Jeep off-road.

Spacious inside, sporty looking, drives well off-road, reliable, can flat tow behind rv, oil leaking is a common issue.

- Angela H

Personally I think it fits people wonderfully.

I do not have any complaints. My Jeep is comfortable and if it is my family. It is very nice size and good gas mileage.

- Jessica S

It's very reliable but not the best in snow. Would recommend for small family

I like how it rides and have had it 6 years with very little trouble. I don't like how it handles in winter conditions.

- Michael H

It doesn't get the best gas mileage. For being as small an "SUV" as it is, most people think I get great mileage.

For being as old as it is I have had few issues. If you like a vehicle that drives like a truck would feel this is it.

- Mon S

Jeep Liberty is A-One vehicle

My jeep is amazing. Low miles and I inherited it from my grandma. It is super reliable and gets me where I need to go.

- Jordyn M

It is a safe vehicle overall.

I like that I can't transport my kayak- either on top or in the back... I do not like that it's not the best in rain.

- Laurie V

It was wrecked and tail light goes out.

My car is older so new problems keep popping up. This is becoming an expensive problem. It is also not a smooth ride.

- Cass V

2004 Jeep liberty, amazing

The 2004 Jeep liberty is a fantastic vehicle, during my years of owning the vehicle I have only replaced the radiator

- Jack C

That it is not a luxury more expensive car, that drives insurance up.

I haven't had a lot of problems with it. Haven't had to fix car. Minor work only. Loaned truck out and want it back.

- Tins M

It sits up high for good visibility. Even though it is a little difficult to get in.

I like sitting up high. 4 wheel drive. Moonroof. 6 cd player. Spare tire on the back. I don't) like where it rusts.

- Diane O

Jeep is a popular brand and I would purchase again.

I like my compact SUV but it has 2 recalls and all the window regulators have been replaced twice for $500 a piece.

- Julie C

There is limited space and leg room

I like that it works. I like that I can go wherever I want. I dislike that there is very little room for the driver

- Tomi I

Good multipurpose vehicle.

steady, old, clicking noise, rattles, solid, right size, good on road and trailing, rear wheel drive, dependable.

- shawn b

LOw molies fair. condition green

Low miles fair condition but not for sales green solid 4 door though low miles mechanical concerns electrical ect

- Tina D

It was originally my moms and was handed down to me so it is been driven a lot.

Has not require much maintenance considering the high mileage. Air does not work. Could have better gas mileage.

- Jami S

It'll get you from point A to point B with no problem!

Reliable little red Jeep. Has been with me through everything. Dependable, fast, perfect! Love you little Jeep!

- Chelsea J

My father moved to the UK and barely drove this. I purchased it from him and had it shipped to me from Texas. It has a sentimental value plus a LOT of storage space. It looks much smaller than it actually is.

Lots of room inside, seats 5 people, 4 door, Seats move down, I can fit a loveseat in the back, 15 gallon tank

- Fallon B

It is a good commuter car.

I like the 4 wheel drive and its roomy. I also like the comfort of the seats. I dislike the bad fuel mileage.

- Jeremy L

4 wheel drive is great in bad weather. Small and easy to fit in tight spots.

Jeep is 14 years old, reliable, comfortable, great in snow. No major mechanical problems. Still runs great.

- Sue M

It is cool it is the best car to get.

The car is a really good car it is black it roles on wheels it even has a steering wheel how cool Is that.

- Mike L

I think that the radiator does not last very long and it does overheat easily if It's hot outside.

I dislike that the vehicle has a lot of rust and the car seems to have an issue with the radiator as well.

- Inna B

It is a Jeep!!! What more could you want?! It is a beautiful car that is old but still mostly reliable and will run forever.

Constantly has problems like any other Jeep and is expensive to fix but I still love it. It is comfortable

- Brittany M

It's fun to drive but hydroplanes if you don't have the right tires.

Has to go to the shop a lot. The ac doesn't work as well as I would like it to. Not very good gas mileage.

- Kelsey C

Quality midsize SUV for city and suburban driving.

I have had my car for over 10 years. It is reliable and has had no issues other than routine maintenance.

- Ryan C

Keep a good watch on It's performance.

I have had my car for over a decade. I do not hate it. I have no problems with it. It's a good vehicle.

- Mary b

Gas mileage isn't great but the overall performance of the Jeep Liberty is wonderful

Have had to Liberty for 14 years and love the way it handles and have had very little problem with it.

- Ronald F

review of Jeep Liberty thanks.

an old car such as a 2004 is bound to have problems but the drive is smooth and the radio is perfect.

- josh a

Easy to maintain other words low maintenance also car is very reliable and can be fun to drive in 4-wheel drive

I like that it gets good gas mileage still has decent power runs well easy to maintain last long time

- Daniel C

It is a dependable vehicle.

I like the Jeep brand and that it is a small suv and still feels like a truck, I have no complaints.

- Lynn M

Its dependable, it's fun to drive in snow it seats 5 including driver

I enjoy riding in it, I love that it is 4×4 I would have to say the air conditioning sucks in it

- Eric H

It may be old and rusting out, but it is paid for completely.

I love that it is small but has plenty of room inside for groceries. I dislike that it rides rough.

- tami s

that it does have some problems, but any car will at 170,000 miles. it has held up well.

i don't like that gas mileage. i do like how well it has held up. it is a very dependable jeep.

- Bart W

My Jeep goes anywhere, at anytime, including in deep snow in the winter.

I like everything about my Jeep except for its body integrity; it rusted out very easily.

- Richard L

I like that the Jeep Liberty is a large, but compact vehicle. It makes me feel safe, and that I am in control on the road.

The Jeep Liberty is top heavy, so on some sharp corners or turns, I do get nervous.

- Kelsey P

Local Jeep has over 200,00 miles and is still going.

I love the cargo space. I love the 4-wheel drive. I wish it got better gas mileage

- Marge U

It's reliable, ok on gas, and I have the premium limited edition so it looks good.

No complaints. Wish they still made it. The size and performance is ideal for me.

- Terri P

It drives like a truck. Very bumpy ride.

It's at the age where everything needs to be replaced. It has poor gas mileage.

- Holly b

Very reliable, no issues for me to speak of.

It rides nice, sits up above to see things better. Handles well, nice and solid.

- robert P

Gets you out of the snow. Great car. Love it to drive.

Great car. Reliable. Good car to commute it. Gas mileage could be better.

- Carol R

I like that it is a good vehicle for all seasons. I dislike that it is currently having transmission issues.

Good for all seasons. It can handle the snow and is good for road trips.

- Marisa S

That it may go through some places a car can't go.

I like having 4 wheel drive. I don't like that it may tip over easily.

- Helen G

that it is 4 wheel drive and fairly comfortable to drive.

I like that the jeep can be used in all weather including snow.

- aimee m

I like my Jeep Liberty a lot. It is, of course, getting old, so there are a few things like brake squeaking and rust. But that's what you get with a car that is able to hit 180,000 miles no problem. I hope to keep my Jeep for another few years.

Jeep cars are built to last from urban driving to off roading.

- Kelsey S

Turn radius is amazing on it especially with it being a 4x4 drive

When going on the interstate the brakes constantly shake.

- Hannah K

It's 4 wheel drive and is great in the snow, that is all.

It's a decent vehicle that gets me where I need to go.

- Kevin S

Fun to drive, loud and heavy, not great on gas tho.

I love it! Has had transmission issues from day 1 tho.


I love my vehicle but it doesn't get good gas mileage

I like that it is compact but sits higher than a car

- kelly e

Well made vehicle on a truck chassis.

Great maneuverability, good on gas and way to park.

- Carla E

I love that it is a small SUV. It is also fun to drive. I love that it is a Grand Sport.

It rides smooth for a SUV. It holds it value well.

- Sherry R