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Generations of Jeep safety & dependability.

I purchased 3 different Jeep liberty vehicles in the past 15 years. They are dependable, sturdy, easy to drive and very rarely have mechanical issues. My last Jeep liberty had 137, 000 miles on it when we traded it in. When I purchased my current Jeep liberty I did not bother to test drive her. Yes, I name all my Jeeps, they are of course women. My husband and daughter also own Jeeps. We continue to purchase Jeep products because they are safe and dependable in all kinds of weather and road conditions. Our experiences with Jeep dealerships throughout the years have been awesome, even when we were 900 miles away from home. My next vehicle will be a Jeep but not a liberty because they are no longer manufactured. So I suppose I will need to test drive my next Jeep before I name her.

- Danielle E

The most luxurious common vehicle out there.

I love my vehicle. It is easy to drive, has smooth braking, nice leather seats and good gas mileage. I feel like it is easy to use, and the only problem I have ever experienced was low tire pressure issues, where my sensor continued to go off despite my tires all having perfect tire pressure. I had to take the car into the shop to have them work on the sensor. Other than that it has worked quite well for me in the cold weather, and the 4 wheel drive is incredibly nice to have, especially since the snow in Illinois can be difficult to drive in. I am a big fan of Jeeps and would highly recommend this model to any family member or friend interested in buying a car.

- Elena V

Love this jeep for my family.

Handles great and is comfortable to drive. I live in a place that can experience extreme temperature differences - super snowy winters, flash flooding in the spring, really hot summers. In the winter I have never had an issue getting around in the snow/ice, the jeep is trail-rated so I can go through deeper water on the streets, and the a/c kicks in quickly to cool the car down in the summer. No real issues with the car, just standard maintenance things have been needed.

- Tara S

Great reliable vehicle, tough, and great in bad weather and road conditions

This car overall runs well, smoothly (if you take care of it), but it prone to issues if you don't keep up on regular maintenance like tire rotations and oil changes. It works great in snow (if you know how to drive in snow), and up until my moon roof broke a month ago, I haven't had any real issues with it in the 3 years I've owned it. Seeing as how they no longer make the car with the full retracting moon roof as mine has, the part to fix it is very hard to come by.

- Taylor G

Not the best SUV for your money.

A/c is not very good and there is none in the back. Multiple electric window motors have broken and replacing them is expensive. Rear brake lights burn out about six times a year. Takes too much gas. It has not overheated or stalled out on me at all, it mostly runs fine and my husband can do most repairs at home. Very lacking in features. No locking seatbelt in middle back seat which is where an infant car-seat should be placed.

- Marie S

Jeep is not for sissies just saying.

I really love how it rides and brakes. I do not like the columns where the windows are they are thick and when you go to look to change lanes gotta really look because those columns create s blind spot. I really like that it is four wheel drive and like that the cooling and air conditioning work very quickly. The seat is comfortable and wish it had a little more to the electric adjustment to the seat itself.

- Brenda P

Jeep liberty - lots of space, decent on gas, great stereo system, sport package.

Very spacious, seating is comfortable and roomy, satellite radio and a tow package were included and it runs great! Uses a little more gas than I am used to but still efficient for the size. I like that it feels almost like driving a truck. Speaker systems are high quality and I am able to connect my phone via aux cord for hands free phone calls and listening to my personal playlists.

- Casey L

That I love the make and model and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

I love the size of my vehicle, the radio, the gas mileage is decent, the overall ride/drive of the vehicle. I dislike the windshield because it is very slanted to the point I have no dash and it seems as though bugs are hit even more with the windshield angle. I dislike that my air vents are currently not working and that my driver side window is having issues rolling up.

- Hannah J

Built extremely durable. Can withstand an accident. Safe.

Jeep has leather interior, bluetooth, navigation, A/C, sunroof, hitch, luxury chrome package. Decent on gas, a little bumpy when going over rough roads, train tracks & potholes. I was rear ended once and though the person crushed my car to the back of my seat but only the bumper was crushed. Extremely durable. Feels safe. Back seat folds down for more cargo room.

- Dana M

Title of review Jeep liberty. Interest detail carry home improvement material.

I like my Jeep because it has good performances, in my area the streets has potholes, the Jeep perform well. Jeep is pretty comforted it has lot of space in the back. Sometime I do some home improvements and the Jeep is good. I can let the seats down in the mid. And carry some of my home improvement materials. My Jeep is equip. With good radio system.

- Mary A

Fuel efficient and deceptively powerful.

I like the car. It seems a little girl but that is only due to the name. It is a smaller SUV, which I like, but I cannot get past the name thing. 4-wheel drive which is especially helpful in the winter and decent gas mileage. The interior of the car may not be as strong as you would like but I am a bad judge of that as I am exceptionally hard on cars.

- Vincent S

Great sporty style small SUV. Not good on gas and would be best in four FWD.

Great reliability so far! Driver window has fallen off track. Battery lasted for almost 6 years! Until I had a kid it has been amazing. Having a car seat in the back takes up a lot of room and it is not as comfortable for my family. We love the style but would prefer to have four wheel drive. Gas mileage is not good at all. Great car for short trips.

- Sami P

The best part of owning and driving a Jeep is that you can modify your vehicle.

I love my Jeep. The only brand of vehicle I will ever own. Does use a lot of gas but comes with the Jeep life. Haven't had any problems with it yet. It has a little over 50000 miles on it. I love the ability to purchase many extra accessories. I have modified mine in many ways. I suggest that everyone try a Jeep out just once. You'll never go back.

- Jo B

I love the way the Jeep looks, it is a light blue, which I like.

My Jeep liberty does not drive comfortably and smoothly on roads, but it is not surprising to me. Jeeps have the reputation for bumpy rides. The steering wheel is hard to turn. I took it in to the dealership a few weeks ago so they could address the problem, and they said they were training the current technicians to deal with that sort of problem.

- Linda A

2012 Jeep liberty - a reliable vehicle.

It is a dependable car - good on the road but nothing fancy (stripped down model). There is plenty of room in it (have moved my daughter numerous times with it) but it is not too big to handle. Have not had any major issues with it. The heat is not that great, though. I do tend to take good care of it and take it for routine maintenance.

- Sheila A

Love my cute Jeep liberty!

Cute, dependable and comfortable. Also this vehicle is extremely safe. I was in a bad car accident recently and sustained zero injuries due to the safety features of the car. Only issue we have seen is with the transmission, apparently when the liberty reaches so many miles they begin to have these types of issues pop up - which is pricey!!

- Jodi S

Jeep Liberty Jet edition, leather seats, power everything, comfortable, Bluetooth

Limited edition vehicle. Had a problem with the heater core but was fixed under warranty. Recently had the transmission pan replaced, brakes done twice and need tire replacement. 20" rims and they no longer make the tire currently on my car, so I need to buy a whole new set. Not happy about that one. Car still looks new and runs great.

- Sheryl L

My vehicle is easy to drive in difficult areas.

My car runs smoothly, it's fast, and it can also go on; grass, dirt, mud, a rocks. It has great speakers, bass and stereo. The car alerts me whenever there is a problem with the vehicle or my safety; seat belts. When the oil needs to be changed it will alert me or gas, seatbelt, engine, all the good stuff. My liberty Jeep is amazing.

- Veronica B

Navigation and heated seats.

Love the way my vehicles drives. My car has a moon roof that is not air tight so when I am on the highway, there's an annoying wind sound. It drives great. I love that it is an SUV so I sit higher on the road. The vehicle has a navigation system, which is one of the added features I love, along with the heated seats.

- Colleen L

2012 Jeep liberty review!

Windshield wipers go off randomly, a lot. Center console squeaks while driving. This is really bad on bumpy roads. The noise travels into the car from the door frames, so the moldings could be better sealed. Handles great in the winter. Car handles well, but steering can be a little tight compared to other vehicles.

- Anonymous Z

Jeep liberties are very spacious.

This car is not a great gas efficient car. I have also had problems with the air conditioning. I like the model and looks of the car but it runs like its older than it is. I think it is very spacious compared to other models, like the patriot. I have had it for four years and will probably keep it for four more.

- Jamie D

110k miles on the Jeep and still great ride.

If you are Jeep lover, the Jeep liberty is a perfect fit. It can haul like a truck but with a much smoother ride. With 110, 000 miles, I have had very few issues with this vehicle. It runs well still and drives well in any type of weather. It has great leg room front and back as well as decent storage in the back.

- Beth P

It is a regular vehicle, it is old school so I like the vintage in it.

My vehicle is only here because I need to get from point A to point B. My vehicle has problems like it would break down easily and I would have to go to the mechanics regularly and pay a large amount of money to constantly get it fixed. I do plan on buying a new car, a Toyota is what I am currently looking at.

- Kelly L

4 wheel drive vehicle, sits up high and can see better than in a sedan

4 wheel drive, comfortable, sturdy and great in snow. Don't like the cup holders that well and liked previous designs better. This is worse on gasoline and the trunk/hatchback area is much higher and longer. The spare tire is hard to get to. Preferred it on the back of the vehicle like it used to be years ago.

- Virg K

Comfortable to drive and good performance.

I personally enjoy my Jeep very much. It is dependable and does not require much maintenance. It is comfortable to drive and does good on gas. I love the extra space in the back for my dog and the back window opens so she can hang her head out. There isn't a lot of legroom in the back but my kids make it work.

- Joyce E

The seats are really comfortable.

Since I got it. Window regulator went out. Battery has gone out. Every time my car runs out of gas it dies too and my ac compressor has gone out. Also a tire popped ( on its own somehow didn't run anything over) but it drives nice and smooth and I do like it besides all the issues I have had with it so far.

- Rachel H

Jeep liberty is an awesome car.

The only issue that I have had is with the brakes. They went out shortly after I bought it. Got them fixed and it has been running great for over 4 years! It rides smoothly, is super comfy and spacious, but is not a beast to drive. Its nice that you can beat it up a little and it doesn't affect the driving.

- Megan J

Great truck, not so great on gas.

The Jeep liberty is a great truck, its reliable, sturdy. A good, smooth ride. there's is tons of space, comes with 4 wheel drive. It is not that great on gas though. . It is very comfortable, the seats are wide, there are plenty of cup holders. The rear trunk is super spacious. Good for anything really.

- Emily C

The color, the perfect tires and the bar on the front is awesome.

It is the most comfortable, economic family car for long road trips. Spacious leg and foot room. The sound off the radio is like being in a real concert and it brings family so close together and it drives so smooth. The scene out the window is like out of a movie you can reach out and touch them.

- Gerri L

This vehicle is efficient but small.

This vehicle has very limited leg space. I am 5'6 and for me to sit comfortably the person behind me has zero space. I haven't had any major issues with mine but repairs aren't cheap. Had to fix/replace the motor for one of the automatic windows and it was $300+ which I thought was very costly.

- Monica P

Reliable 2012 Jeep Liberty

My Jeep Liberty is an excellent performing car, it is very reliable and continues to be so. It is a fairly comfortable car but can be a bit "tricky" at times. It is quite cheap to repair and has fairly good gas mileage although it could be better. I'm very happy with this car and its features.

- Jonathan K

Low tire pressure? Which tire??!!

Too small on the inside. Love the four wheel drive. Love the height of the vehicle. Wish the dashboard lights were more clear for example telling me that tire is low but not specifying which tire. I thought that was strange. Also my clock on radio slows itself down by 10 minutes all the time.

- Kimberly H

I love my jeep. And I will not sale or give it up for nothing.

Well to start of I like that it is 4+4 and it has leather seats. Best thing though is the way it looks and the motor sounds. Best to have my kids and to go out of country.Doesn't waste much gas. The only thing I do not like is it is super hard to turn. Other than that I love my jeep.

- Mike O

The liberty does what Jeeps are supposed to do.

I work on a farm and the liberty drives through muddy fields without a problem. There is ample storage for a large cooler and camping equipment. The seats are easy to wipe down when they get muddy or sticky. It handles well in the snow and is not blown around too much by high winds.

- Laura W

Jeep liberty 2012. Love my truck. Won't trade it for another one.

Love my truck. It's great in the wintertime. I have not had any problems. Will buy another down the road. It is great on gas. I have drove it on many trips. Its very reliably. Drive it every day for work. Just need to get new tires but are expensive. Cause mine are size 18.

- Shelly H

Good running jeep. Don't get it for a family car.

The track on the windows are know to come off so that gets annoying. After a few years and buying the car barely used the chassis is messing up. Our alignment is constantly going. The reser sensors don't work. But gas mileage is still good. And car runs well. Engine holds up great.

- Travis O

Great fun and durability!

My Jeep rides a bit rough but love the durability and reliability of the Jeep brand. It is rugged and withstands all road conditions. The gas mileage is great too! The convenience factors such as heated seats, automatic siding roof and compartments make the vehicle fun to drive.

- Angela W

Safe and dependable vehicle.

My Jeep liberty is very dependable. I find it to be very sturdy and can be driven on any type of surface. The best thing I enjoy is my ability to see the road not only in front of my, but on all sides easily because of the raised position of the seat. I recommend it to everyone.

- Debbie M

Reliable, beautiful, tough jeeps can be for just luxury or rock climbing.

My jeep is very spacious. Its reliable and has four wheel drive. It has great gas mileage. My jeep has leather interior stock radio/compact disc player. It HSS foldable seats so you can open up the whole back so you can transport large items than normal.. All in all I love it.

- Casey K

One of the most important things that others should know about my car is that it has 4 wheel drive.

I love that my Jeep Liberty is 4 wheel drive and I can pretty much drive through everything. My only complaint would not so much be a complaint but just an added feature. I wish it had a 3rd row for more seating. If we plan to extend our family, we would not have enough room.

- Shirley B

Highway performance is magnificent.

I love my vehicle I drive on the highway a lot to and from work and the way it handles the speed is remarkable. It is comfortable it has great features and so relaxing. I keep up the maintenance and have the oil changed every three months or so and it has not failed me yet.

- Carla S

Quality car for a "normal-sized" person.

Very reliable car. Of course there are a few minor problems with the car but not enough to outweigh the positives. It is still a powerful vehicle even though it is a little smaller in stature. I will say that this vehicle may not be the most ideal for a man over 250 pounds.

- Vincent S

Gas mileage. Reliable vehicle.

The Jeep liberty is very reliable, handles very well in the snow with 4 wheel drive. It gets very bad gas mileage. I have not had any major issues with it. Tires are very expensive to replace. My vehicle has over 100, 000 miles and still runs great. Small for a family of 5.

- Lisa R

Great smaller SUV that is ok on gas mileage.

It is a good vehicle that handles well. There is plenty of room for my kids, getting groceries, and hauling my supplies to craft shows and festivals. The only things I do not like are the cost of tires, $200 per tire, and not being able to check transmission fluid myself.

- April M

Leaky roof, costs over $2500.00 to repair. Good gas mileage. Very comfortable just roof issues.

I have a Jeep Liberty Jet with the Sky Roof. It leaks all the time when it rains. It also makes a lot of noise almost a high pitched whistle when going over 60 mph. Otherwise I enjoy the heated seats and having a Jeep. Wish Jeep would issue a recall on this roof.

- Kate M

Best model Jeep makes is the liberty.

The car is a really great vehicle. It is very reliable and maintenance is easy and inexpensive to keep. Gas mileage is not the greatest but the space make it worth it. Would not trade my vehicle for another unless it was for a newer version of the one I already own.

- Jose S

It runs great, it's american made so parts are very reasonably priced.

I do like my jeep. When I bought it, I didn't have a child or 2 dogs yet, so I do feel like we are starting to outgrow the vehicle. I love the suv style and how it feels like I'm driving a truck, but will probably choose a vehicle with 3rd row seating next time.

- Hannah B

Sensor issues and ac issues.

The heater and ac blows way too hard and you cannot close the vents. Also, the sensors go crazy whenever they would like. Especially the tire sensor. Also, the keyless start is very touchy and does not work half of the time. Just make sure to test drive the car.

- Crystal M

It is a Jeep. There’s not much more explaining needed.

A known Jeep problem is faulty window motors. I have had two liberty’s and the motor for the driver side window broke on both. The car is very spacious and comfortable for all passengers. Ample trunk space. Surprisingly decent highway mileage for a v6 engine.

- Dana R

Liberty Jeep are great vehicle.

Liberty(Jeep) been recalled for few problems like door indicator flashing even all doors are closed properly, also air condition pipes having a leakage. Performance, reliability and comfort has no issues. Overall, liberty model are dependable and reliable.

- Rosemary S

My car gets great gas mileage.

I like that it is a SUV and a multiple terrain vehicle. I dislike that the jeep company no longer makes the liberty. The liberty is more reasonably priced compared to the wrangler which I do like, but I cannot afford, but I very much enjoy my jeep liberty.

- Amanda F

Reasons to buy a jeep liberty.

Smooth ride. Good highway mileage. Small but spacious. If you are look for a good car for yourself or a first time driver, this one is a good vehicle. The inner city mileage is about 17 mpg but that is still good compared to other SUVs of the same size.

- Carli H

Comfortable and reliable small SUV.

The jeep liberty is a great comfortable small SUV, has been very reliable and easy to take care of over time, only thing I wish was different would be to have a bit more leg room in the back seat. Very classy looking vehicle at a medium price point.

- Erica G

The Jeep fits a family easily and has enough room and easily change of cargo area to take the thing you want with you

i like the size and versatility of the Jeep. it is 4 wheel drive which is required where i go to get a permit to drive it on the beach, all wheel drive vehicles are NOT allowed. What i like least is the ride on the highway is too rough

- laura z

The one most thing is that it is not spacious at all inside.

The vehicle that we have is a SUV so it has 4 wheel drive which is good, but it is very small inside. It isn't that roomy. The trunk is tiny and 3 small kids can fit in the back seat. We kind of wish that we didn't buy this vehicle.

- Jessica C

My car drives well really comfortable little SUV without the big SUV price.

I like the size, color and features of my vehicle. It is a limited edition so it has sunroof, great sound system. In addition it has all leather seats in a beautiful cognac color with I love. I just wish it was more fuel efficient.

- Marlin N

The most important thing i should know about my car is that it's going to take me where i need to go safely and efficiently.

I love my car, it never has any problems and nothing has broken yet. I've had it for about 8 months now and still runs good. None of the dashboard lights (including the check engine) ever come on. I am pleased with my purchase.

- Huan N

It is very roomy and comfortable!

I like how much room there is in the backseat: I also like that there is a lot of room in the way back of the vehicle. I do not like that there is a bad blind spot when there is someone sitting in the passenger seat next to me.

- Allison S

Good in snow and feel its well made. Good company to buy from

Prefer the back hatch floor area be lower to the ground like the last one we had, needs more cup holders and place to set something to eat would be great, better gas mileage is needed and less obstructed view when backing up

- Vir K

Gas mileage is not the greatest.

I have always wanted a jeep and I love it. Just disappointed that when I have to buy a new one, jeep changed the style of them so much that they look like all the other vehicles out there and I prob will not buy another one.

- Julie M

It's a very safe car. Built on a truck frame, so the car is stronger and we feel secure.

We were in an accident. Rear ended by a pick up, then 2 seconds later another rear end. Both the pick up and the car that hit the pick up were totaled. We were able to drive away. Yes, there was damage; but we were safe.

- Kathryn M

That is has 4 wheel drive for the rough weather.

I love everything about my vehicle! I love that it has a remote control start, it also has heated seats. It has a sunroof! And it is also 4 wheel drive! The only dislike that I have is that it is awful on gas!

- Lindsay P

It is very top-heavy. Be careful going around turns too quickly.

I love the multiuser driving ability. I can take it anywhere and know it will handle whatever comes our way. I drive a very basic model and it has lasted really well over the years. Extremely durable.

- Chapel D

It is a well made car that has never let me down. It has required little to no maintenance beside your normal care that cars require.

I love my Jeep Liberty because it handles nicely in all seasons. It is a great off road car as well. It is dependable and made by a company I love and trust and who is always setting the trend.

- Joella R

Its mine. And I love it...I appreciate my vehicle to the fullest.

I love the vehicle leather seats, phone connect to speaker system, and look. But only one thing I do not like is that it is rwd but I put 2 sandbags over rear wheel well and all is good now.

- Phyllis F

Love the size it's not to big and it's not to small

Have only had my jeep a short time. Haven't had any problems with it at all. Love that it has lots of space. About to put seats down in the back to have lots more room to put big stuff in.

- Jennifer C

Great car for dogs, moving, and stuffing as much as possible into it!

I like my vehicle because it is an SUV. I do not like my vehicle because it cost a lot of money to fill up the tank. The a/c does not work. Also, the computer system does not work either.

- Ari L

This vehicle is reliable and safe. It does not break down easily and as long as you keep up on regular maintenance you shouldn't have any issues with it

My vehicle has been extremely reliable since I bought it. We really like the 4 wheel drive feature and it has tons of space. We really haven't had any major issues or repairs with it.

- Ashlee S

It runs great when properly taken care of.

I enjoy having an SUV to drive. The biggest problem I have with it is how much gas it uses. I drive a lot for work purposes. Because of this, I spend around $100 in gas every week.

- Alex W

It's safe and reliable. It's 4 wheel drive and independent suspension makes it perfect for an all weather and terrain vehicle.

There was a recall on the tires, and that has been my only issue so far. I love the independent suspension, 4 wheel drive, automatic doors and Windows. It's the perfect vehicle.

- Brandi F

The Jeep Liberty is a great car for those who need a lot of space.

I love the amount of space and generally "sturdy" feeling of my Jeep Liberty. However, I often have problems with the brakes, and I dislike that it doesn't get very good milage.

- Alida D

It's compact yet big enough to function somewhat as a truck.

I love how it drives and rides. My favorite part is how I can put the seats down and carry things. What I dislike most is that it is not 4 wheel drive and can easily get stuck.

- Sara G

It rides very nice and is very comfortable.

I love that it is a limited edition. I love that it has the retractable roof which makes it easy to enjoy the nice weather. I love the detail that Jeep put in to the interior.

- Cassidy S

It uses a lot of gas. Gas mileage is poor. It is harder to drive when on 4wd. Turning while in 4wd is more difficult.

It uses a lot of gas. It's doesn't drive well in the rain. Otherwise it is a spacious vehicle. Able to move big items. I could fit a loveseat in the back with the seats down.

- Tia T

The safety issue a d the built in rear camera as the phone input

I am in love with Jeep because I had it before. I love that it has build in rear camera. Also I can connect my phone and drive safety. It is a small car but tall for safety.

- Ade B

It is a reliable car and I have not had any issues with it since I bought it.

I have not had many issues with the car. It runs great and is great on gas mileage. I have had some issues with the heater and wish the back seat was a bit more spacious.

- Christie M

It handles well and could be a great family car. However, it does not get the best gas mileage.

It is a nice sturdy vehicle. I can use it to haul things in. Great for luggage, 4 wheel drive is awesome. I have had a jeep of one kind or another for probably 20 years.

- Alexis C

It doesn't get good gas mileage.

It is great in the snow. While I don't think it's necessarily a cute Jeep, it's still a Jeep. It is comfortable. I have had it for 6 years, and it's been perfect for me.

- Valerie N

The Jeep not only looks rugged and cool, but it handles well and has been a very reliable vehicle.

I like how rugged and sporty the jeep looks. I love how it handles off road. I love how easy it is to put into four wheel drive and back again during the winter months.

- gurchi b

Jeep Liberty- Good Vehicle

There have been electrical issues that makes lights come on or keeps certain things from turning on. The seats going down is convenient for transporting large objects.

- Sarah W

Great middle ground between wrangler and grand cherokee

I like that it is a small SUV. Big enough to carry people and stuff, but not too big to make it hard to drive. Like that it seems luxurious but without the price tag.

- Leslie P

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that is a good size car for a small family. Great trunk space.

I like the size of my car plus it makes me feel safe. I dislike that is takes time for the car to speed up. My biggest complain is the basic features in the car.

- Betty G

It drives very differently than the older liberty models.

I like the way my car looks and the amount of things I can haul in it. I dislike all of the little issues I have with it that are not covered under my warranty.

- Claire M

Jeep Liberty hatch light on

The car run nicely, I did however have a problem with my back hatch saying it was open and my alarm going off it happened to be just water getting into a sensor

- Cecile M

Jeep liberty are no longer made. 2012 was there last manufacture year.

I love how durable and save my Jeep feels in the snow and wet road conditions. It is somewhat heavy on gas but I do not mind as I do not commute long distances.

- Caitlin M

It is a very comfortable mid size SUV.

My vehicle is good on gas and it is just the right size SUV for me. I have always had a car but since going to this size vehicle I'll never go back to a car.

- Shelly L

It is solid and dependable.

I enjoy driving this vehicle. It handles nicely and I feel secure in it. The gas mileage is not the best, but it does go into Eco mode were it preserves gas.

- Dina L

Great on gas and very convenient especially if you like to take road trips.

I like how big and tough it is. I like that it is sturdy. I do not like that it uses a lot of gas. It isn't very gas efficient and also a very heavy vehicle.

- Stephanie A

Jeep Liberty 2012 Customer review

The Jeep Liberty is a very dependable vehicle. I love all the features. My only complaint about the vehicle is that there are no air vents in the back seat.

- Morgan V

I have the vehicle paid off and I own it outright.

I like the amenities that come with it. I like that I also still have four wheel drive for the bad weather months. My one complaint is it uses too much gas.

- Julie B

Very Dependable vehicle that gets me where I need to go.

It is a very dependable vehicle. It handles great in the snow because of the 4 wheel drive. The fuel mileage isn't the best. Otherwise I really do love it.

- Valerie B

I like the rearview mirror has the high lights option.

It's a wonderful mini suv to transport our little family to and from all our locations. Love the 4wd option that it comes with and we have plenty of room.

- Kelly S

Mid size SUV with lots of space for pets!

I absolutely love my jeep liberty and wished they still made them! I love the shape and the box like style, you don't find that anymore. Good gas mileage.

- Taryn A

My car is getting old and needs to be replaced before I start having problems with it

My jeep has been very reliable. I am at almost 150,000 miles and have had very few problems. It does not have a lot of power and gets lousy gas mileage.

- Andrew K

The car is very dependable. I know that I don't really have to worry about getting stranded.

I love my vehicle. It is very dependable. The look is very sleek and it is equipped with maybe features. I just wish the back seats were slightly larger.

- Rachel D

It is extremely dependable. I had not previously owned a Jeep but I love it.

I love my Jeep Liberty. Even though it is 6 years old it is in great condition. It is extremely reliable. I have no complaints about it at this time.

- Rachael V

Quality make of auto at a reasonable price.

I like it cause its a jeep. But I love my grand Cherokees...Love the look and feel. Feel safe in the winter but need more room like a grand Cherokee.

- Tammy B

Typical Jeep, good and reliable, worth it in the long run.

Really reliable. Brakes and transmission go bad fast, but that might be user error. Typical Jeep issue of windshield breaking at the slightest chip.

- Lindsey H

It's affordable and drives great in the winter months.

I love the look of it. I like that It's 4 wheel drive. I like the storage space in back. i dislike the electronics... my clock always loses time.

- beth n

Very dependable, reliable, safe and comfortable,

This is the second Jeep I have owned and because of me seven of my friends and family have purchased a Jeep for themselves. I think that sums it up.

- Mary K

Jeep liberty-Family Vehicle

I love my jeep. It comfortably fit my family of 5. It is not bad on gas either. Also I love that we are easily able to go off road with the 4x4 ft.

- Amber G

It's mine! Plenty of storage room.

I like the comfort of the vehicle and the fact it has four-wheel drive. I dislike the fact it does not have a power source for charging devices.

- Rob H

The back seat doesn't have a lot of room but the cargo area does.

I like that it looks more luxury than other jeeps but still does some of what the sportier jeeps do. However i wish it has four wheel drive.

- Gabrielle R

Degrading jeep liberty (2012)

It has a poor sense of gravity. Slides around turns that are wet at all and shakes above 70 mph. The car is slowly driving worse and worse

- bren s

It's had a lot of issues that no one can figure out how to fix.

I like the size of the SUV, but I've had a lot of problems with it as of recent, and no one can seem to figure out what is wrong with it.

- Thomas H

Jeeps have a lot of mechanical issues.

The car does not always start so I have to try starting it a million times and sometimes the car will not stay locked. It unlocks itself.

- Elizabeth H

I love the look on the outside, but the inside is smaller than it appears from outside and it is not very comfortable

It feels very small inside, my boys hate it, not enough leg room, there aren't the usual bells and whistles like automated seat movement.

- Meena M

Good in the snow and cold weather. Nice interior. Love jeep.

It no longer fits our family. It is good in the snow and cold weather. Leather seats are great with kids. Has been very low maintenance.

- Kasie W

Its reliable and great on gas.

I like all the new features it has like cruise control and wheel navigation of the radio. I love the comfortable ride i get driving it.

- joann p

Effective in doing what it is supposed to do and beyond.

I like that it gets us from point a-b.. It is economical on gas.. There a long lasting vehicle.... I do not dislike anything about it..

- Toni M

When a drunk driver hit me, my Jeep kept me protected.

I love the design of my Jeep. I also like the protection driving an SUV provides. It's also roomy enough to carry passengers or cargo.

- Melissa C

Poor gas mileage only 16 miles per gallon.

Great design. Poor gas mileage. Poor visibility. Great 4 wheel drive. Poor leg room in front seat poor height clearance in front seat.

- Bruce A

Many safety features, comfortable and perfect size (small SUV).

The 2012 Jeep liberty is extremely comfortable and I have had no major issues since purchasing. For an SUV, it has great gas mileage.

- Emma B

That I carry random stuff in it. Anything from clothes to guitars and so on and so forth .

It's awesome and its very spacious . It gets the job done for almost everything . It's also very easy on the eyes and decent on gas.

- Frank M

The most important thing about my car is that is four wheel drive.

Trail rated, four doors, 18 mpg city, 21 mpg highway, heater doesn't work correctly, green paint, custom door handles and mirrors.

- Taren O

Great jeep but major design flaw in the sunroof drains. Leaky!

Love my liberty, but hate that it leaks when the rain is heavy. The sunroof drains clog when it rains hard and water pours inside.

- Charlotte O

The car handles great and is easy to drive.

I love the amount of room I have. I haven't had much trouble with maintenance. The only problem I have is with gas consumption.

- Jennifer B

Besides the tinted windows, everything else is factory model.

My car is very reliable. Since buying it, I have never had any issues with it. My hope it to keep it running for a long time.

- Catherine T

Minus some of the features I wish it had that are now available for newer cars, is the perfect car for me

The only thing I don't like about my car is that it seems outdated now, compared to all the features you can get on cars now.

- Erin H

That it's a better quality vehicle than people give it credit for.

It's fairly rugged, and reliable. I haven't had too many issues with it, and I like that it's been fairly easy to work on.

- Nick S

It is roomy and has navigation and heated seats. And good safety features.

I like it has heated seats. It has been reliable. I like the navigation on it too!! I dislike it has a bumpy ride at times.

- Roxanne H

This jeep is easy to roll over be careful.

I love my jeep because it set up high of the ground. It run great, also I like the way it looks, I get good mileage on it.

- Mary W

Looking for a ride to take the family vacation in? Get a Jeep liberty!

It's a great vehicle runs great just needs cleaned out on the inside. Other than that a great family vehicle to travel in.

- Jennifer B

It is roomy. It is easy to see out of while driving.

I like the color. I like the room. It has leather seats and safety hooks for a car seat. It has room for my whole family.

- Leigh W

This vehicle gets deceptively "meh" gas mileage.

I like that it's higher off the road than most vehicles. It gives me peace mind in the snow. I dislike the gas mileage.

- sean D

Easy to drive, comfortable, sit up higher than most cars. Long lasting, depend.

I had a Jeep Liberty 2002 new till 2017, had 182 thousand miles on it and I loved it so much we bought another liberty.

- Joy G

It is a great buy and value.

No complaint. Love vehicle works perfectly. Bought it brand new in 2012 drives and handles well. Love highway driving.

- Tiffany D

Have had it for ten years and still love it.

Dependable no major problems. Runs well, sits up high which is nice. Good cargo space. Seats are a bit uncomfortable.

- Leslie L

Jeep liberty jet series - balances sports utility and comfort.

Great reliable vehicle that also comes with comfort and luxury. Awesome in snow with 4WD option and satellite radio.

- Lee L

It is a very dependable and comfortable car for a family of 4.

My Jeep is perfect for our growing family. It is easy and comfortable to drive. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Jenna S

It has a very nice interior.

I like the size and color. I like that it fits my family and our groceries. I dislike that it gets bad gas mileage.

- Amy W

It's a safe vehicle that is durable for a family of 4.

I have always owned and loved Jeeps. This is a good vehicle but does have a lot of computer and sensor problems.

- Annika T

Reliable. You asked for the one most important thing and I told you in one word.

No problems, drives great, good gas mileage, about a 7 out of 10 in comfort but has all the bells and whistles.

- Peter J

Great Vehicle, with no issues

everything works as it should with no problems beside the regular maintenance you have to do to keep it running

- brittany b

That it is very reliable vehicle.

I love my Jeep as it has great visibility. I want to see everything around me. It is also a fun car to drive.

- Janet N

Great to drive and you feel very safe

I like that it is an SUV. I feel very safe in it and it holds everything that I need to carry. It looks great

- sam J

big fast comfortable for family

my car is very good especially its big it I have never got any problems with recommending that and also it is

- Avazkhon S

It fits my lifestyle, grandkids and dogs and trips

I love it, I have always wanted a jeep. I think it needs a recall cause of the airbag issue but I love it

- Tamara B

I'm not sure an interesting fact about my car

Not sure whaT problems,performance, reliability, comfort, and features my car has. I'm getting use to it.

- Johnathan B

It a very comfy vehicle to ride in and it has a great ac system

Love the size of it and how it drives.i don't like how fast it goes thru tires.just wish it had a sunroof

- Angie D

Not great on gas and the tires are expensive.

The electrical system seems to have gone over the first 3 years. I like the sky slider (deluxe moonroof).

- Vita S

It is a durable and very reliable car. This is a great first car.

It is reliable and gets you from point A to point B. It is not a luxury car but it is very comfortable.

- Alex T

Jeep liberty degradations.

Vehicle center of gravity is terrible. It slips around wet turns despite new tires. Shakes over 70 mph.

- Brent S

For the vehicle being boxy it is comfortable and roomy.

It is a decent SUV. It is not 4 wheel drive and the ac/heater is loud. It is very boxy but comfortable.

- Crystal M

That is great in all kinds of weather.

I like that I sit up high and can really see all around me. It is very comfortable and is reliable too.

- Janet W

It is very roomy and drives well.

I have no complaints. I like the room and the space in the back. The shape of the vehicle is great too.

- Cathy M

Keeps are not that reliable and are costly to fix if you need to

I like the size of the vehicle but we have had a lot of issues with the motor and heating/oing system.

- Amanda D

It only has 40,000 miles on it.

I like the height of my vehicle. I like that it has 4 wheel drive. I love that it is black and sporty.

- Sara W

A good utilitarian car, nothing spectacularly good nor bad.

I love the 4 wheel drive. The body clearance and just the overall look. Jeeps are just cool to drive.

- Jo J

It is reliable - all the time - even in snowstorms and bad weather.

It has great pick up. Has been reliable since Day 1. I have no complaints about it at this time.

- Elaine P

It handles well in all weather, whether it is raining, snowing or otherwise.

I like that it sits up off the ground. I like the storage space. I like that it is 4 wheel drive.

- Ashley B

Easy to drive and maintain ,it fits in most spaces.

Not very big so easy to get around in. Could be more fuel efficient. Love the roomy trunk area!

- Terry H

Excellent Jeep, great value for money

Love how it drives, most comfortable I have had. Only dislike is that it is heavy on gas use.

- Frank D

It reminds me of a box. I would like to have more room. Better gas mileage would be a plus. I do enjoy driving it.

We've enjoyed family time in the car whether it was going on vacation or just out to dinner.

- Karla f

Go anywhere SUV, reliable car, great in mileage, no big issues

Great body style, wish was more gas efficient, have has no real problems- great reliable car

- Dawn T

That it's reliable and has never broken down.

I like the color. I like the style. I like the way it drives. I like how much I paid for it.

- John D

It is great for someone needing compact

My vehicle has transmission issues and is small on space. I am looking to get something new

- Jordan W

I like that I feel safe and protective in it. I wish it was easier to get into it. I like that I have room to haul things.

Heavy and protective. I feel that I will be protected in the event of an accident.

- JoAnn M

It has great safety features to help protect you when you're in a car accident

It's a bulky car that I feel safe in. The one thing I dislike is the gas mileage

- Shelby C

Very safe vehicle in all types of weather and has a lot of features available

Drives very well. Sturdy vehicle - feel safe in it. Does well in bad weather.

- Cathy T

It is good on gas for an SUV, unlike other SUVs that take more than 40 to fill the tank.

It is the best ever. It has cold AC. It's roomy, and it has seat warmers.

- Brandon C

it easy to handle and is for wheel drive which is good in northern ohio in winter

like the vehicle dont like the gas mileage gets terrible miles per gallon

- sandra b

I like the 4wd capability. I wish it were a little more fuel efficient.

It's four wheel drive is amazing. We have never gotten stuck in the snow.

- James B

great in bad weather very comfortable

i really like my jeep great in the snow i would not drive any other car

- Deborah M

It is reliable, but at the cost of gas mileage

I like the size. I like the 4 wheel drive. I don't like the gas mileage

- Pablo S

It is very reliable. It is one worth having. Never had anything go wrong with it.

No complaints at all. Have always loved jeep. Very good resale value.

- Kyle N

It's an all around amazing vehicle that will keep you safe and make you not want another car again.

It drives really well. I can trust it to hold up and to keep me safe.

- Mac M

It's one of the easiest SUV car to drive with very little blind spots.

I like the size and the 4 wheel drive. I also like the way it looks.

- Kelsey C

I love it when it is clean. I love the rims that are on it. I especially love that it is a jeep.

My jeep has been discontinued unfortunately. It does run ok though.

- Abby S

it's easy to drive and take care of. it is attractive.

Good size. Drives well. Fits a lot of stuff. easy to maintain.

- misty s

They get you where you need to go

It has Its problems but I have always enjoyed owning jeeps

- Tara K

My car is a luxurious ride for comfort, ease of maneuvering and beauty.

Easy to drive. Comfortable. Low gas mileage for its size.

- Ruth B

i like my vehicle because it was a good price and works great

the price and the miles it has left on it for better use

- Ser L

Cool looking,nice rims,excellent in winter weather

4 wheel drive, sporty looks. Transmission feels funny

- John H

It's amazing and great gas mileage

It's a great car. I feel tall and powerful driving it

- andi S

no problems go on vacation about four times a year have not had any problems i ve had over a year enjoy driving it

reliable lots of space drives smooth good in winter

- patty s

It's just absolutely awesome. Runs smooth.

I like sitting up high. I have no complaints.

- beverly k