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Great for in town driving; not recommended for long trips on the highway.

The jeep patriot is smaller than my last SUV. For a family of 4, it is almost too small. There is not a lot of space between the driver and the passenger in the front seat. You'll always be bumping arms or elbows. Another thing, this make and model has a CVT transmission and tends to overheat anytime you drive a long distance at a high speed (like 70 mph on the highway). You have to let the vehicle sit for an hour before driving it again safely.

- Jennifer G

Jeep Patriot is perfect for camping. Back of the Jeep is roomy

I have a 2007 Jeep Patriot, white. I love this vehicle. It has a great features that make camping a breeze. There is a flashlight in the roof in the back, so if you break down and forget a flashlight, you have one hidden in the back. We have a tent, that Jeep makes that fits on the back of the Jeep so you can sleep in the back. Let me tell you, it is so comfortable, we have a blow up mattress that fits in the back and it's perfect for camping.

- Alice S

2007 jeep running at 165,000 miles.

Mostly been very sound. At 165k miles and other than ball joints and tie rod type front end issues have had no major mechanical problems or breakdowns. The interior held up well through the war is starting to show on the rubber of the steering wheel and in the seats. Never really liked how much dead space is overhead really would have been nice to have a moonroof or something but that is only va personal choice thing.

- Bill P

The minor problems encountered by one Jeep Patriot owner.

There is a good deal of "road noise" in any Jeep. I have had some suspension problems, but they were easily addressed. I have only had one problem with the engine, and that was having to replace my alternator. We were able to do that ourselves over a weekend. I have found that the Jeep does weird things with the dash lights whenever there's a problem, which makes it difficult for a home mechanic to diagnose.

- Melissa D

Excellent vehicle for highway use or off-road and simple to operate.

The Jeep patriot is a very nice vehicle to drive. Performance is good and handling is excellent. Fuel mileage is around 23 miles per gallon. The vehicle has proven to be reliable and reasonably economical to drive. The all wheel drive works as it should and the engine has plenty of power for this size. Vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone needing this type of automobile.

- Harry R

Jeep Patriot- compact 4 x 4.

The Jeep Patriot is a compact SUV. It is good on gas mileage, due to its 2. 4 L 4 cylinder engine & cvt transmission. It is a fairly basic vehicle. If you are going for the newest technologies inside your vehicle, this may not be the vehicle for you. It serves it is purpose, but is not fully loaded & with the times, when compared to other vehicles. But, it is also not as expensive.

- Jake K

It is a midnight blue, durable, go getter car!

A little shaky when it gets to a high speed due to it being a 4-cylinder. It feels like a sturdy frame, so I feel safe. The steering wheel is tight and easy to maneuver. I do not like there not being lights in the back, and the lights not being bright in the front seat. I like the seat material and structure, and the spaciousness in the back seat. The trunk is a great size too.

- Leah P

It has lots of space, reliable, within my budget

The car is very spacious and which is why it was purchased. It has enough space for groceries, baggage and other equipment. It is not a city car but it was within the price range I was looking for and meets most of my needs. I would rate this car three stars because it gets the job done but it's not the most eye pleasing car which I consider to be very important.

- Gabriela C

Perfect sturdy vehicle with everything you could want.

I absolutely love my jeep! I have wanted a jeep my whole life. Sure I have had some issues with my suspension and some wear and tear on the interior but the dark grey/black interior is perfect not a lot of visible stains or rips. All in all it is a sturdy car. Perfect for long trips the seats are comfortable and sturdy. I couldn't ask for a better vehicle.

- Makayla C

Almost runs like a Lamborghini.

Sometimes it makes a very loud and worrying noise from the engine. The features are amazing, and has a create music console, including the speaker system. Overall, the comfort is amazing because the seats are cloth and comfortable. The only downfall is that the car uses a lot more gas compared to other cars.

- Victoria S

Great car with plenty of room for 4-5 and great 4wd.

We have had some brake problems otherwise this car has worked very well for us. It is very comfortable and has great room for 4 people as we often take friends with us and it has been quite reliable. Great amount for power it has this car being four wheel drive it works very well in the snow we have here.

- Linda D

A very good, dependable and comfortable vehicle.

It is a very roomy, very comfortable car that is suitable for long rides. It is also very good on gas depending on if we're driving highway plus speed factors in. It drives well and there's not very many problems otherwise. Lots of room in the trunk/hatch in case you need to bring multiple items with you.

- Renee S

Oldie but goodie! Had to address some major issues but it runs and drives good!

I love the leather interior, the sunroof is a bonus for me. The heated seats heat up well and fast. The 4 wheel drive feature is great in the snow! Good fuel mileage and runs sturdy as a jeep should. Though, it is an older jeep we've had to upkeep and replace the battery, alternator and oil filter.

- Andrea R

Things to know about the 2007 Jeep Patriot.

Only the 2007 model has a built in outlet. That I am aware of. Sunroof, seats that heat up. Lots of trunk space. Gears go up to land. Great on gas. Leather interior. Performance will last just as long as maintenance is up to date. I also enjoy how it tells me when the tire pressure is low.

- Lynne C

My 2007 Jeep Patriot is honestly a great vehicle.

This vehicle is amazing to get you from point a to point b. I've been in a couple wrecks and it's still in one piece with little to no damage. The only problem is the transmission may be going out but, it is getting old. Other than that, there's honestly nothing much I can complain about!

- Hayley M

I am scared to drive my Jeep.

When I purchased the car it had no issues, however a hair storm hit before my insurance was in line and it now has hail dents, someone hit the back of my parked car and fled so it is dented, and the air conditioning no longer works. The brakes hardly work and I am scared to drive my car.

- Aly P

Top of the line basic! It's nothing fancy, but its strong and looks great.

To date I have had no problems with my jeep. It is a manual jeep so good on gas. It is very simple and base no bells or whistles. Great truck.!! Furthermore it is very durable, versatile and not bad looking when cleaned and waxed. Acceleration is good and fast for me.

- Ivory L

Gold Jeep Patriot that runs and is good for a first time driver.

It needs a tune up and the air isn't working. I also need some cosmetics done on the outside of the vehicle. Everyone I am driving now, it stalls a little. The seats have a few stains that are hard to remove and I would love to have Bluetooth and navigation.

- Tay B

Reliable drive, unreliable engine light.

Runs good but check engine light is always on. Get the oil changed had it looked at, no problem but light still on. I think it must be something wrong with the computer but it worries me. How do I know if something is wrong if the lights always on?!?!

- Cheyenne L

A sporty crossover perfect for a student on the go and frequently moving

I have no major complaints about this car. It's comfortable, it drives well, and is reliable. The gas mileage is acceptable. My only problem that I've had is I cannot fill the gas tank to completely full. If the tank is filled to fill, it will stall.

- Renee H

People should know that it does get pretty good gas mileage for a jeep. It drives good.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive and you just have to push a button to get it into 4WD. I like that it has traction control. I like the 6 disc CD player, and I like the navigation. I also like the heated seats. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Logan S

It does not have very many features. But it handles any type of weather.

It is pretty high in miles so I have started having some issues with it. The catalyst converter went out and it has had a few oil issues. Over all I love it because it is perfect for the weather here and the outdoors lifestyle I live.

- Jennifer L

Great vehicle if looking for a small capacity vehicle.

I love the four wheel drive capability of it. I love the smoothness it has when driving. I hate that it has such a small engine and is in general very small. I also hate that it gets terrible gas mileage.

- E O

They gave me a car with a busted speaker.

I love the vehicle just not the dealership I got it from because they didn't have the vehicle in the shape they presented, the name of it is patriot auto, maybe it was just my car but highly doubt it.

- Terrence G

4x4 fuel efficiency is better than most vehicles I have seen.

Vehicle is very reliable. I have had it since 2007 and have had no major issues. 4x4 capability really comes in handy during winter months. Fuel efficient for a 4x4. Overall good car.

- Tony N

Not sure but it does run well.

We got this used but it has held up extremely well with few problems. In fact, oil still runs a nice caramel even after driving it past It's due date for change

- Shae M

It is dependable and nice riding.

It rarely has trouble and I wish it would last forever. It has less than 90,000 miles and is only eleven years old. I want another one when this one dies.

- Cindy L

Jeep Patriots might not be lookers but it does accommodate that with space on the inside

My jeep patriot is very reliable but the issues it does have i can't really get fixed because the dealership i got it from didn't say all that was wrong

- Terrance G

Jeep with rooftop window.

My Jeep is good in gas. It drives smooth and it has a rooftop window. I could recommend it for anyone that wants a car to drive to work or to go out.

- America T

That it's not a Jeep Cherokee.

I like the 4 wheel drive. The 4 cylinder is great on gas for SUV. I like the fact although my patriot is older it looks just like the new ones. ).

- Dennis R

Her name is shadow. Very dependable!

No problems, runs like a top, lots of get up and go, comfortable and I will never own anything else even though my dream car was a mustang.

- Karen G

the vehicle is very reliable

good gas mileage, and the interior size is great for hauling a large number of boxes. It is not the most comfortable ride, and is noisy

- wil D

The one thing that others should know about my SUV is that it is very economical. It offers great gas mileage.

I love the size of my vehicle. It's a comfortable size SUV. I also like the storage that comes with it. There are no complaints.

- Teresa M

An always dependable Jeep.

It has been very reliable. The only problem I Have had is with the sunroof getting some rust around the edges and then leaking.

- Ray H

This is a car that can get you places without any stress

It rides smooth although it does burn up gas. Overall it's reliable. The only problem with it is a check tire pressure signal.

- Blake M

One of cheapest vehicles available, but you pay mechanically to drive it.

Front end suspension has been problematic. Front windshield offers a low view. You pay mechanically to drive this vehicle.

- Mark B

Great for college students.

It is old so we are starting to have to continuously pay to replace parts that have worn out or don't work anymore.

- Maria M

Its awful, not a very well made vehicle.

Hate it. Not good. Bad engine doesn't run well. Bad looking, interior is awful. I want a new vehicle but i'm broke.

- Lance B

For the adventurous it is made to be durable inside. Looks great inside and out.

It is a pretty reliable vehicle not wonderful on gas it is a little too boxy for me in the inside but looks great.

- Tracy C

The vehicle is my I am the owner

You have to give good maintenance so the car can last longer at least 10 years or more Is a good car I love it

- Carlos D

The size is perfect for small family.

I wish it had four wheel driving. I love the size of the car. I wish it had built in Bluetooth capability.

- Taylor B

The air conditioning system works.

It does not have good handling. Its old. The leg room is limited. There is not enough power for a jeep.

- Nathan H

a sturdy, rugged yet stylish Jeep

It's reliable, comfortable and I feel its stylish yet rugged. It's roomy. perfect for a family of 4.

- Elena O

My car gets great gas mileage and has enough room for all of my family. My husband, son, daughter and our two dogs

Love driving my Jeep. There is only one problem with it. It shuts off if I fill the gas tank.

- Stacey L

too small, need more room

I like the manual transmission and sunroof, I do not like the ride (not very smooth)

- Ali w

It is not a utility vehicle as you would think Jeeps are supposed to be. It's a city car!

I like the dependability, comfort, and ease of use. I don't like its lack of power.

- Ruth P

The gas mileage isn't great, about 18mpg

It's fine. I don't think i would buy it again because it's just a little too small

- Laura R

it runs well even though its over 10 years old. All issues are small.

it's well made have a powertrain warranty. I like the body shape. runs well.

- jacqui c

It has four wheel drive. It has lots of storage and is a crossover SUV

I love that it is a smaller SUV. It is easy to drive and has lot of space.

- Kyla D

I like all the space it has. I don't like how the wind catches and shakes it while driving. I don't really like that I have to use higher grade of gasoline in it.

It is top heavy and the wind moves it while your driving on the highway.

- Melissa C

It is too small to travel with children. In perfect vehicles a little higher off the ground. I do not like that it does not have power adjustable seats.

It could be better in gas. There is no air vents in the backseat.

- Blake M

mostly reliable, minor complaints are tight space between front seats, fan needs repairing, and indicator for tire pressure remains on even after you add air

reliable, takes you where you need to go even in snowy conditions

- Alyssa L

Dependable and good on gas. Inexpensive to repair.

Love it......no complaints. Good gas mileage. Comfortable ride.

- Nancy L

That is rides smoothly, gets great gas mileage, and was affordable.

I like the comfort. Good mileage. Good design. No complaints.

- Wendy B

i love my jeep the back seat fits 2 car seats comfortably without cramming the person in the front passenger seat. Drives well and the 4wd works great. lots of cargo room in the trunk area and the seats fold down for additional storage. great gas mileage

plenty of seating space for front and back seat passengers

- melissa h