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The Jeep patriot is the best SUV I have owned.

This vehicle is a mountain goat in the wintertime. It is fun to drive and when I first got it I would take it out for long drives just to enjoy being in it. I have had no maintenance problems. I have the 4x4 2. 4 l engine, 5 speed manual sport version and added the tow hitch, tow hooks, oil cooler myself to make it more capable. Fuel economy is better than advertised, I can easily get 30 - 31 mph on highways and 28 - 29 on the expressway. City driving gets down to 22 - 25. Acceleration in 5th gear is good for passing. The patriot corners well and has a tight turning radius, I can get into parking spaces that other smaller vehicles cannot without stopping and backing. It has room for four adults and some baggage. The back seats fold down, both or just one of them and then you'll have room for three and lots of baggage. It is limited in towing ability so do not get this expecting to haul heavy trailers around, 2, 000 lbs. is the limit. I am 6'4" and have plenty of head room and leg room but side to side gets a bit tight after several hours. The windows fog or frost up on the inside and it does sometimes take a considerable amount of time to warm up enough to clear them with the blowers. At below zero temps though you'll probably want to let it warm up anyhow. All in all it is a god vehicle. I'm an old school Jeep girl and I really like the "boxy" style of it. This is a great little SUV for the money, reliability, fuel economy, cargo space and overall comfort. The next one I get will have more features like Bluetooth, navigation, Sirius XM radio, remote start, etc. I didn't get these features in this one, but really wish I did!

- Karen H

One of the things I love about my Jeep patriot is the on/off switch for the 4x4.

My 2011 Jeep patriot is the base model with heated exterior side mirrors. I absolutely love it. The interior may look a little barren to some, but for me that just means that there's less upkeep and it'll last longer. It drives fun, and is extremely dependable. I also get 23 mpg which is one of my favorite things about it. I do have some issues with my suspension, but I am the third owner so I am not holding it against the patriot. That is what you'll usually see in any 4x4 vehicle, since people abuse and sell. Even with its issues it runs great and I haven't had any major problems. Be sure to check your spark plugs as mine were bad and it made it jerk upon acceleration and going up hills. It is a quick $10 fix you can do yourself. If your patriot has problems, rest assured you will learn more about vehicles as your Journey together progresses. I wouldn't have any other Jeep!

- Liz M

Are Jeeps all that, or are they overhyped?

I drive a 2011 white Jeep patriot. Before the Jeep, I drove a 2014 Nissan Altima, and I loved it. The Altima had seat warmers, Bluetooth, nice speakers and interior, and the air-conditioning and heating systems worked quickly, and I found that I was never waiting longer than 2 minutes for the car's temperature to change to how I like it. The Jeep, however, is extremely basic, which is nice for teens who do not have a preference, but I am extremely picky and feel like my Jeep does not have much to offer. No seat warmers, no Bluetooth, the speakers are horrible, and I find that the ac and heater is a lot slower than my Nissan's. The inside of my Jeep, however, is modern and sleek. The car is easy to keep clean, and I find myself always getting complimented on how nice the car is.

- Madison L

My Jeep patriot is a very reliable, comforting, and overall fun vehicle to drive.

My Jeep patriot is a really easy car to drive! It is quick and zips around easily. I have been able to drive it to many places without a problem, and have put around 21, 000 miles on it so far. It fits a decent amount of people (5 in total), and it is the perfect width- size to feel comfortable. The back seats recline easily, which is very convenient when having to store items in the back of my car. I have always felt safe in the Jeep and think it is a perfect size for a person. Problems I have had with the Jeep are the breaks. The breaks are not very quick, and can screech. The material of the car feels kind of cheap at times. The air conditioning is not very good, but still works. The sound system is very good, however!

- Claire E

My vehicles best detail would be the mpg. Amazing gas on the highway.

My transmission light came on a couple times like it was overheating. I actually love my car though. I have been obsessed with Jeeps since I had my 2004 liberty. The comfort of the car is unreal, it is spacious and very cool colored. Gives off a homey/family like car. Has great room for storage. Mpg is insane, I drive a hour and 40 to school and it only takes 1/4 of tank to get there. Radio has Bluetooth and great speakers if you like music. I believe that Jeeps are all around great cars to drive. They have a roll cage around the car so tipping wouldn't affect you as much as it would in any other brand car.

- Casey B

It has lots of room and can haul lots of things.

I love my Jeep. It is very reliable and have not had any problems with it. It is very comfortable and roomy. Love the back to haul my groceries and other items that I have bought. The fact that the seats in back are easy to fold down and backup. Just moved and loved the room it had to move almost everything I had! Road trips are good does have some road noise but it does not bother me. Plus the fact that I can listen to radio, CD, or use app from phone to listen to music. Also has option for satellite radio. If I were to buy another vehicle I would buy a Jeep!

- Melissa F

Basic user review of the jeep patriot.

The jeep patriot is a good value vehicle that has good fuel economy. It has more internal storage than the jeep renegade and a better mpg rating while giving the boxy jeep style that reminds you of the original jeep Cherokees. The problems with the vehicle that I have noticed so far are mainly to do with the internal computer. Another downside to the vehicle is the smaller four cylinder engine which while helping the gas mileage, makes it unable to tow anything effectively.

- Aubrey H

Decent all around vehicle with good gas mileage.

Not a bad car, but not a spectacular car. Plenty of get up and go, good gas mileage, sadly not 4 wheel drive, but fwd. gets you around. Surprising amount of creature comforts like ac/Bluetooth, heated mirrors and seats, cruise control. I rated it in the middle as it is not the softest ride, but being an SUV it does have plenty of room for hauling anything from animals to groceries. Too bad Chrysler decided to discontinue them as their motors last for a long time.

- Connie P

Jeep patriot-not your mother's station wagon.

I was not in love when we bought the jeep but in time it has grown on me a lot. Its roomy, comfortable and fits our family life style as we have dogs & I do a lot of small furniture repair. I can bring home just about whatever I want in the jeep patriot. It's great on gas mileage & most importantly will get up & go if needed. We have had very few repairs in the 9 years we have owned it. Love my jeep.

- Dee L

Electrical mess with bad gas mileage.

The gas mileage is very low, about 15 miles per gallon. I have had issues with the electrical system, having had each headlight and tail light changed 2 times a year since I bought my vehicle 4 years ago. The battery wires are very cheap, so they have had to be replaced a couple of times. The car has been reliable in the sense that I have never been stranded on the side of the road.

- Meredith E

I has always started and it seems that the engine is still in good condition.

I have had about 4 recalls. Presently my car is running fine. I am at the 70000 mark but I am concerned how much longer it will last. The recall that I am most concerned about is the airbags. There is no solution to the issue due to the fact that the makers have filed bankruptcy. I think that this is very irresponsible of Jeep and will most likely not buy another vehicle from them.

- Judith A

Jeep patriot is both fun and practical.

The Jeep patriot is a fun and sporty car, but also serves as a practical mode of transportation. It is a fantastic car to take into the outdoors—plenty of room for bringing all the things you'd need for a fun day out, or a weekend in the wilderness. Gas mileage is comparable to the size and structure of the car, and it is worth the extra couple dollars to enjoy this vehicle.

- Hannah K

My jeep is a cool, affordable ride that works great for my small family.

My jeep is a good little SUV. I really like the style of the car and that it is not too big or too small. Also the blind spots are not bad. My jeep was extremely reliable for the first 5 years and needed no repairs. Since then, I have had some minor issues with the cv joint, ac and some of the sensors on the car. It is not a fast car by any means and gets decent gas mileage.

- Stephanie S

drives smooth, overall a safe reliable vehicle with character.

I love my Jeep patriot its safe, reliable and has some amazing features. It has nice black leather heated seats. The air conditioning works great. The engine is nice and quiet just the way I like it. It's very comfortable. Great for road trips. It has r doors and a decent size trunk which worked great when I moved out. It fits 5 passengers. Overall it is a great vehicle.

- Olivia R

2011 Jeep Patriot. Grey & nice rims.

I like the car, but I feel like I got ripped off in a way. $449 A month for car note and $137 in insurance but when we received the car, it had a cracked windshield, smelled like cigarettes inside & had a lot of miles. I really need/needed a car so I went on ahead and got it. Just be careful when you go and bring an experienced adult with you if you are going alone.

- Bernard P

Smaller SUV with a lot of space.

I bought my Jeep used in good condition. Over the years, it is been recalled a couple of times. It is needed some minor repairs, but nothing major. It is pretty spacious for being a smaller SUV, and the back seats fold down for extra space. The seat belts are adjustable which I really like because my husband and I both drive it and we're different heights.

- Kristen S

My Jeep romance. I love the 4x4.

I love my 2011 Jeep patriot. It is great in bad weather like snow rain than dirt. It has heated seats and it is very comfortable. This vehicle is very reliable and I enjoy having vehicles like pl this vehicle is very reliable and I enjoy having vehicles like this. There is plenty of space when you have to go shopping or traveling long distance.

- Connie C

Great Size, Roomy without being too large.

I love my Jeep Patriot. It's very roomy without feeling too big. I love the 4 wheel drive. We have a cabin in WV with a very bumpy driveway and my Jeep goes right up it where our other vehicle can't. I would buy another one. Only thing I dislike is the blind spot on the side. I have to be very careful on the interstate roads.

- Cathy A

Love this Jeep! Spacious, comfortable, great on gas.

The best car I have ever owned. It is a smooth and very comfortable drive, especially for long road trip. It is been very reliable, if anything needed to be fixed it was all easy things (i.e. Blinker lights, crankshaft sensors, belts) and not costly to fix. It is very spacious in all spots of the car, you do not ever feel cramped.

- Kristin L

Affordable, yet very comfy and ideal for families.

It is quite reliable and is rather nice considering the age of it (2011). For people who are looking to buy a used car, this would be most ideal. It is rather comfy to sit in as well, which is always a plus! For my family it is good for road trips / going out for casual drives (and we used this car day to day).

- Jacob H

Review of 2011 Jeep Patriot.

Very reliable, affordable for me. The only thing I do not like is that it has a terrible blind spot on the right rear. It would be nice if it had a spot where I could affix my smart phone to the dashboard securely. I drove to Florida last year and found it comfortable to drive for long periods of time.

- Chris C

4WD. Excellent ground clearance. Back Seats can fold down completely flush.

This Jeep is very reliable in the winter-time, and I like having the 4WD features. However, it is not fast, and trying to pull out into traffic or to merge onto highway/interstate ramps is difficult. I like this Jeep, but I would not buy it again. I would look for something with better pick up.

- Sarah L

My perfect aesthetic, a white Jeep patriot with black-on-black interior.

I really like my car. I just recently bought it, the only issues I have had thus far is an issue with my evap (I believe that is what it is called) and my battery. The only thing that would make this car a 5/5 for me would be if it had a better radio system. I am looking into buying one myself.

- Nicole H

Look how much I love my 2011 Jeep patriot!

I simply love my Jeep patriot! I love the way it handles in all types of weather, rain, snow, sleet! Low maintenance. After having my Jeep I will not buy another type of vehicle! I have taken it on many long trips. Drives well, gets good gas mileage. Has super good air. I just recommend them!!

- Patricia D

If you will be driving this a lot of miles per year, you will not be getting many years out of it.

Has a small SUV feel but fits no more than a car. It does have great storage in the trunk area. One thing that would make me not purchase, is our engine went bad at 120,000 miles. We were luckily found one at a junkyard or we would have had to scrap a car after 4 years of having it

- katie t

Jeep patriot!!! Why I am in love with my Jeep .

I haven't had very many problems with my Jeep so far just the basic things, although its a 4 cylinder it had good power to it. It does good on gas and has lots of room for people as well as hauling things in the back, I really enjoy driving my Jeep , it goes in all types of weather.

- Patty T

Vehicle 2011 Jeep patriot. No problems year 2011. Mileage 70166 as of 11-02-18.

No problems with this Jeep performance no problem just have tires rotated and new ones put on since I have been in san Antonio 2013 no 2018. Oil changes no problem battery’s no problem brakes changed twice. Backed in to right side corner panel need new door. That was problem.

- Andy S

2011 Jeep Patriot - compact SUV.

Not a lot of cargo room and battery is small so not as powerful as I would like. Also have issues with the engine revving at a stop. I really like the car as it is compact but still sits high like an SUV. It had some minor issues but overall good car. Pretty good on gas mileage.

- Michelle L

I love my Jeep because its reliable.

I love my Jeep because its comfortably fit 5 passengers. It is very good on gas. Drive very smooth as long as you change oil and doing tune up. Break very nicely. The only problem is after 5 year the speakers start to not sound clear. The head light starts to burn at all time.

- L P

Trim levels accelerate different. The latitude takes off slower than the sport.

It is been very reliable, but it is not as attractive looking as other Jeep models. I love the heated seats, but it rides hard. You feel each bump. The gas mileage is really good, even in city. It is also comfortable to take a nap in while driving half way across the country.

- Sammi S

My 2011 Jeep patriot. Love the heated seats!

I love my Jeep patriot. It is great on gas and mileage. It has a hands free setup and seat warmers. It does great on long distance and through the snow. The tires are all season. Also, you can start the car from inside your home. Great for both hot and cold weather.

- Sharon E

My car is perfect for someone low maintenance and does not drive a whole lot.

I love my car. It is pretty cheap and nothing is in it is automatic, but it gets me where I need to be and I wouldn't be good at taking care of something fancy or expensive. There have been a couple maintenance situations, but it is just getting to be an older car.

- Rachel C

Reliable smaller size SUV.

Comfortable fabric interior, smaller size SUV, built in emergency flashlight, seats 5, 4 cup holders, lights in cup holders, headlights turn on when unlocking car making it easier to find in the dark, adjustable back seats, decent trunk space, large side mirrors.

- Julie R

My jeep patriot what I love about my choice.

My jeep is great in the snow and ice and on long road trips it does real nice on gas I am not selling it but I do love the black leather seats and silver trim it is really spacious enough for up to six people with a luggage rack on the roof it is easy to drive.

- Gina T

Jeeps have a great reputation and live up to what they promise.

Jeep patriot is good on gas and mileage. It is comfortable to drive and a reliable vehicle. It is roomy in the inside. It is also a good vehicle for kids/ families. The parts are easy to replace when needed. Jeep brand lasts many years and have good reputation.

- Leah B

2011 Jeep Patriot manual transmission.

Love the 5 speed manual transmission, great gas mileage, comfortable seat, good strong heater and rear wiper is nice too. Can fit a lot into the back seat and the back hatch. Only oil changes, brakes and tires. No major repairs. Very reliable transportation.

- Cheryl J

Great for a first car to buy.

My car is actually quite reliable. Haven't had any engine issues adding to the fact that it has over 80k miles. It still looks in great condition. Gas mileage is pretty average. Great space inside. Very simple car. It lacks a bit of comfort but it will do.

- Jonathan G

Reliability and Safety of the vehicle. The manufacturer quickly issued two recalls for safety issues

I have never driven a vehicle manufactured by Jeep, so I was a little skeptical, but after a test drive I was sure it was the vehicle for me. I'm comfortable driving it, plenty of room and reliable. If I ever purchase another vehicle, it will be a Jeep.

- Denise C

The life of a patriot fighting for America.

This vehicle is great not a lot of problems, it's never broke down on us other than a flat tire once, its spacious, nice upholstery and decent pick up when its going, its riding smoothly, looks pretty, I really have no complaints, it has served me well.

- Thomas M

Not a family size vehicle.

I enjoy driving this vehicle. However, as a mom I find it not ideal. The back seat is far too small for a car seat. My husband who is over 6ft cannot sit in the passenger seat with the car seat behind him. Nice looking, just not a practical family car.

- Taylor T

It can not only carry your stuff, but also take you on the road not taken.

It is very roomy and spacious, with the ability to fold down both rows of seats. I really enjoy the 4WD, it is amazing. I do not like that the engine is a bit underpowered for passing but it has enough for daily driving.

- Victor D

It gets around well enough.

It did need quite a bit of work after we purchased it and I did not like that. There were many recall type things that needed corrected. After all that has been done, the vehicle runs amazing and has for quite a few years

- Dalton D

Slow but roomy yet compact.

I have never owned a 4 cylinders before so it is difficult for me to enjoy driving my Jeep because it has no get up and go like I am use to. Over all it is a great vehicle I moved with it even though it is a smaller SUV.

- Lacey N

It's good transportation and gets decent gas mileage.

It's a decent mode of transportation. The inside is not as spacious as what we usually had. It takes us where we want to go. When we bought this vehicle, we needed a car desperately. So, it satisfied our needs.

- Sharon P

Easy to drive and good visibility.

Decent performance. very reliable and comfortable. Heated seats are great in the winter. Drives nice in the snow as well. Has four wheel drive. The only problems so far have just come from it being a used car.

- Rey R

It is a comfortable. Classy yet casual car.

I love the space, I love the truck size, I love the size, & I really like it is whole interior design I really do not have any complaints. This car has never broke down on me and I absolutely love it.

- Mossy D

If you are buying an SUV for family purposes, this is not the vehicle.

I feel like it is very cheaply made car. It does not have as much space as I hoped for when I bought an SUV. I have had to put a lot of money into fixing the vehicle in the few years I have had it.

- Kellt C

Very little servicing needed.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I have taken it to Nevada and back. I love that it has room for packing a lot of items. My only complaint is that the headrest comes forward too much.

- Cherye E

It is very cheaply made. Plan to have to replace suspension and steering components early.

The car seems cheaply made. I have had to replace both lower ball joints once, and both outer tie rods twice. It only has 60k miles. But it drives nice and has decent room for its size.

- Andrew D

It is perfect for a family or children.

I like that there is a lot of room and seats. Also I have always owned jeeps. They are a personal favorite of mine. The only thing I don't like is the level of maintenance required.

- Nadia V

great in winter on bad roads

love the brand. I like the 4x4 feature and good gas mileage. Only complaint would be that you get rid of the transmission and start from scratch. You could do better....a lot better

- edward M

It is a good smaller sized SUV for a single person or for a small family.

Like that it's good on gas, has 4wd, room for storage, and regular outlet. Dislike that it doesn't fit my car seat, hands free calling does not work.also the xm radio does not work.

- Alissa M

It is durable and drives well.

It is an American made car so it does come with it is fair share of issues. The care is about 8 years old, just about everything (not major items) has been replaced on this car.

- Susie B

While driving this car you will feel very safe, however you will not drive fast.

I love my jeep because it is the perfect size. I feel safe while driving this vehicle. The only thing I would say I dislike about it, is that it does not have Bluetooth.

- Alexis N

Very reliable and dependable great for traveling.

I've had my jeep for about 6 months. I haven't had any problems so far with it. I enjoy the comfort. It is just right for me and my family. Very reliable vehicle.

- Cynthia D

2011 Jeep patriot is such a great vehicle.

Decent on gas. Very reliable. Roomy and has heated seats which is great for the winter months. Power windows and locks and cruise control. Plenty of trunk space.

- Kara N

There is heated seats and all wheel drive.

I like the mileage I get for the gallon, it runs smoothly, good in snow, it fits well in small places, and good for going up hills and getting thru rough roads.

- Ronald T

Everyone should know about the blind spots its dangerous.

The Jeep is not made very well, parts seem cheap. There is not a lot of room in the backseat. There are blind spots. It makes it really hard to change lanes.

- Heather B

The air bags don't have a resolution. This is frustrating.

I have had several recalls on the vehicle since I bought it. One for the airbags which there is no resolution due to the company filing bankruptcy.

- Judith S

It is the base model of the Jeep family, however it gets decent gas mileage.

My Jeep Patriot was my dream car. My grandpa drove a Jeep and I loved it and him I do wish it had a sunroof, but the truck area is very spacious.

- Christine B

Good gas mileage for a vehicle of this type.

Great gas mileage, good handling, gets through snow well, adequate hauling capacity, hauls 5 people comfortably. The ride could be better.

- Kenny L

It is a great SUV for the money.

Love the look of the patriot! It is great in the snow and rides nicely. It does have blind spots which make backing up difficult at times.

- Laura A

Jeep Patriots are budget friendly and a great family vehicle.

Jeep Patriots are a very reliable car, I have had my car for 7 years and never had any problems. I love that it is a budget friendly car.

- Marcela I

Great size SUV for a small family. Not ideal for a growing family though...

It is a great size SUV. However I wish the trunk space was bigger. More leg room would also be nice, but don't want a large SUV.

- Casey H

The Jeep Patriot is safe and dependable.

It has been a very dependable vehicle for the past 7 years. I don't have any complaints. I sometimes wish the interior was larger.

- Amy R

My car looks and drives very smooth. It is all black with red LED interior lights

I like that it is comfortable. I like that it is all black. I like that it has good air condition. I like that it has Bluetooth

- kristina r

It is very dependable and gets pretty good gas mileage

It has been an outstanding vehicle. Fair gas mileage and low maintenance. But I wish it had a few more of the extras as standard

- Brian D

I see a lot of them on the road. I think that is a positive thing.

It is a nice ride and is pretty good on gas. So far I have had no problems. I like that I paid a good price for a good vehicle.

- Marcia R

It has been meticulously serviced and maintained.

I love that it is a compact SUV, but it fits my family of 4 very well. I would love for it to have better gas mileage though!.

- Amy R

For a 4 cylinder vehicle, it does not do good on gas

I like the heated seats and mirrors. I like the interior. I like the size of the vehicle. I don't like the gas mileage on it.

- nicole r

It is affordable and reliable.

Smaller sized SUV, no 4WD or AWD, built-in emergency flash light, comfortable fabric interior, limited space in backseats.

- Julie R

It has great gas mileage and I rarely pay $30 for a full tank of gas.

I like that it is very comfortable, it is spacious enough for my family. I get great gas mileage so that is a huge plus.

- Morgan F

Cute and Mighty ride rocks

I love my Jeep Patriot. I bought it brand new in 2011 and I haven't had any issues with it. It is so cute and reliable.

- Jodi C

I don't know something I have never thought about, I guess good gas mileage

Drives great. Good gas mileage on and off the highway. Comfortable ride. Lots of room in the back for hauling stuff

- Vida S



- Debbie S

4 wheel drive and gas mileage too low.

Love the gas mileage and the 4w drive. Tires are hard to find. Love the color. Drives safe in the rain and snow.

- Barb S

My jeep rides smooth and I get as good gas mileage as mid size cars. For the room, comfort and safety of this vehicle...we will buy another Jeep in the future.

I mainly love the gas mileage. It's great for trips with the family. Comfort level is great for all passengers.

- Neil C

It is very safe and had a lot of accident prevention

I like how good it travels off road and long distances. I wish it was a little more technologically advanced.

- Elizabeth G

Great gas mileage easy to handle.

Great gas mileage. Not big enough for 5 people. Easy to handle has great get up and go. Love my heated seats.

- Debbie K

I like that it does not use too much gas, but has 4 wheel drive. I also like that it is an SUV but is not too big.

It has not given me too many problems as I have kept up with regular maintenance. It has been a reliable car.

- Jennifer K

It is a very safe vehicle.

It is very reliable. It gets good gas mileage. Dislike that it is now feeling cramped with a car seat.

- Nicole J

It's reliable and well built. I have always received great customer service with Jeep.

I love the brand and the styling of Jeeps. It's a rugged car but I wish it had a little more pick-up.

- john m

My car is my liberty of traveling.

I really enjoy the space and durability of the vehicle. I do not like how long and wide the jeep is.

- Kelly S

It's a great vehicle and it's paid for! I have gotten a full size dryer in the back of it and did not have to pay the delivery fee!

Can't think of anything I don't like about this car. I wish Jeep did not discontinue it

- Randi D

It's a pretty sweet looking car. It's roomy enough to hold a family but not look like a mom car.

It's a nice size and roomy in the inside. I don't like how bumpy it is when I drive it.

- Kecia H

That it is completely unsafe for family use. Get any different vehicle

It's a piece of crap. Over 10 recalls. The steering column shakes. Not worth the money

- Josh T

It helps tell others that I'm a hard working woman who spends money wisely

I love my jeep , it gets me places in rain or snow . It's easy on gas and handles well

- Patty K

My car doesn't need a huge amount of gas it's easy price.

I like the colors of my car. There is nothing that I dislike to be honest.

- Naija H

Great 4 wheel drive capabilities and lower gas mileage

4 wheel drive is necessary with a family while still remaining small.

- Lucy J

There is NOTHING like a Jeep for everyday use and travel.

Perfect size for my family. Easy to navigate. Great on fuel.

- Deb G

Always in the shop and broken down. A lot of money spent

A lot of repairs and unnecessary money spent on this vehicle

- Jennifer R

the size ,comfortable to drive, big trunk small gas tank

size,comfortable to drive, i do not have any complaints

- Edna R

It's a Jeep. It's a Jeep. It's a Jeep. It's a jeep.

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- E G