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Car problems the dealership will not fix.

The passenger seat belt alarm goes off intermittently while driving even though it is buckled this has happened ever since a few days after purchase the dealership said there is nothing wrong when they checked it I said you have to drive the car they told me to leave it with them for a week or so they did not offer me a loaner free car so I still have the problem and the new first year warranty is up so I am stuck with the problem now the ac has a problem the dial that controls the flow blowing top and bottom only blows the bottom the dial that blows top only still blows top so now I am stuck with paying for work on a car that is barely a little over a year old.

- Karen A

It drives like a truck, but has the space of an SUV.

I love that it has tons of space for me and my dog. It drives well, and the 4-wheel drive is great for the snow and ice that we get here in WIsconsin. I also like that I was able to get it in a simplified form - no backup cameras, built-in gps, etc. as I always find that distracting when I drive, but still has features that I do want like both a cd player and an aux jack. I'm a fan of the heaters for the side mirrors, as it saves me tons of time. I don't like that the tire pressure sensor is so sensitive - sometimes it comes on when I've been driving too long on a hot day, and the tire pressure is still where it needs to be.

- Tonya S

Patriot is the right car for safe driving.

The patriot is a road worthy car. While it is a little noisier than family cars, it has the added ability of being an off-road vehicle with 4-wheel drive. This is a necessity depending on where you might live and since I live in Alaska, it is definitely useful. Between dirt roads and snow and ice, it makes for a safer ride and provides for everything needed in safe transportation. Had an accident with an earlier model when someone didn't stop at a sign. Minor injuries, but felt safe inside. 2015 patriot was totaled and replaced with a 2017 patriot. That is how much I trust it.

- Walter K

Jeep Patriot: a great SUV and family vehicle that is reliable!

Love my Jeep! It is a newer model with low mileage so I do not currently have any problems. It runs great with a nice smooth ride. I can be assured that it will start. It has a remote start which is my first time having this feature on a vehicle. I use it more than I thought I would be it is a great way to get the vehicle going on either hot or cold days. It also has heated seats which is great on cold mornings. It has a sunroof which I do not use very often so I do not think that will be something that I will want in a future vehicle.

- Elizabeth M

Perfect size SUV. Jeep knocked it out of the park on the patriot.

I love my patriot. I have not had any problems. I previously had a Tahoe, much to big. Perfect size car. It rides great. It is not completely loaded but enough for me. Great on gas/mileage. My patriot is white with tan interior. Love that my mobile calls and texts come through the car steroids. All controls are easy to use and very accessible. You can control the stereo and cruise control on the steering wheel. Plenty of room in the back area but it you need more, you can lay the back seats down for extra storage.

- Judy M

The car is a gas guzzler.

Vehicle has problems with the low pressure tire sensor, easily shifts into low drive, guzzles gas. Vehicle provides a smooth ride, easy to navigate, makes getting directions and taking calls easy with the hands free Bluetooth, provides sirius radio and allows you to track mileage. Seats adjust easily, plenty of trunk space and even more with the easy to put down seats. Cup holders in both the front and back seats, air conditioner has multiple settings for comfort and easy to close vents.

- Elizabeth B

My vehicle is a 2017 Jeep Patriot High Altitude

Very comfy vehicle especially when used as a daily driver, my only problem with this vehicle is that there is no four wheel drive in my specific Jeep. I bought the high altitude which is equipped with a sunroof, all leather interior, and an upgraded sound system and radio. It is reliable however be cautious because the brakes are very "iffy". I don't know if there were any recalls but with my Jeep I have to push the brake all the way down for it to start stopping.

- Devon W

Perfect small family SUV!

I love our Jeep patriot! We have not had any major issues or concerns with our vehicle. We did take it back to the dealership to get the ac checked, as we felt it was not blowing hard enough through the vents like it should, however the dealership found nothing wrong and when we got it back, it was working perfect! The size is perfect for our little family of three! More than enough room in the back for our toddler.

- Yvonne N

A beautiful red, 4-door jeep.

My car is amazing. I use to have a run down car, so having this car is really helpful to my commute to work and school everyday. Whenever I go 60+ mph it runs so smooth that I don't even know I am going that fast. You can barely hear it on the road. It has a butt warmers, Bluetooth, leather seats, and a sunroof. With these features and the performance of my car, I know I made the right choice purchasing my car.

- Ashley R

Great car that fits your every needs.

I really like the patriot. I think it has a lot of great features like the look and build of the body. I chose a neutral color for the car which I really like and it is the way to go in my opinion. The seats are very roomy and comfortable, and there is a lot of space in the interior. There is a blind spot of sorts on the left of the windshield, however, it is not a huge blind spot and can be maneuvered easily.

- Matt G

Winter-ready Jeep Patriot!

Super reliable, I drove it across the country with no issues. It is incredibly comfortable. With heated seats, four-wheel drive, and an automatic start, it is perfect for a Michigan winter. It drives really smooth and does not take a ton of maintenance. The one thing I wish the Jeep Patriots came with is a backup camera. Most new cars have them, but it wasn't an option when I bought the car.

- Natalie S

Commuter vehicle with confidence, reliability, and the ability to keep you going.

Great car. Jeep's brand is a leader in reliability and this vehicle demonstrates that quality. For a mid/small vehicle, I fit well as a large man. The engine is a bit on the small side and performance is lacking but when you understand the intended design, you appreciate the quality that has gone into those design decisions. This vehicle is a commuter vehicle that has a lot of options.

- David J

I like the style of my Jeep patriot & how it was built.

I wish the gas tank was bigger because yes it cost less on 11 tank but it has to be filled up twice a week so it's more of an expense. When I travel on highways, not good for my pocket book! I have to literally gas up to get there. Again when I am there to go sightseeing around then gas up again to get back. Yes another fill up for the week. Not a gas friendly item. Sigh.

- Sylvia D

Jeep Patriot -- luxury, performance, and quality.

Absolutely love the vehicle. No problems, very reliable, and extremely comfortable. We love the Jeep Patriot because of it performance and sleek look. The rustic, outback looking nature of this vehicle is a natural fit to what we look for in a small SUV. We prefer it very much over the new space age look that some many of the automobile manufacturers are going to.

- Michael S

That it is strong and capable and looks great on the road. It is dependable.

I like that my vehicle is a Jeep, as I have been a lifelong Jeep lover. I love that I can switch to four wheel drive and that it is an overall well made sturdy vehicle. I wish that it had a sunroof. I also wish I had gotten a wrangler instead of a patriot so that I could take the doors off. I think wranglers are a little more aesthetically pleasing as well.

- Megan M

Jeep patriot's are reliable and affordable and offer the utmost dependability.

Jeep patriots really hold their value. They are built well with top quality parts and get good ratings all around. Very reliable vehicle. I've driven Jeeps for 25 years now and the patriot is one of the best. I would recommend a Jeep patriot to anyone who is looking for a new vehicle or thinking about looking into a Jeep. Can't go wrong with a patriot.

- Lisa B

The patriot is a fun vehicle to drive.

The patriot drives like a car but has SUV qualities. It handles easily in all kinds of weather. The only drawback is in high wind situations. The vehicle does sway. The only other problem is the Bluetooth capability. After a malfunction and receiving maintenance it still has problems, which is attributed to a low to medium radio system in the vehicle.

- Rosanne C

My SUV suits me, feels elegant, acts rugged.

I have had my Jeep about four months. I like the way it handles, small turning radius, comfortable seats, feels solid on the highway. It is relatively quiet, and the air conditioner is powerful ( I live in phoenix, AZ). The only item I do not like is the hatch opens up and is heavy to close. Being short I prefer the hatch to open from the side.

- Terry R

Jeep patriot very good car year 2017.

There’s no problems with this vehicle it runs great and is very safe and reliable. I recommend this to anyone who has children has safety features like four wheel drive works well in the rain and snow I have had it for a year and it has yet to give me any issues I do not think this car will give me any problems in the long run.

- Emily S

Great SUV...Smaller in size but mighty in performance.

I absolutely love my jeep, this is my second jeep. My first one was a jeep grand Cherokee. Decided to get a smaller jeep, it is great for gas mileage. Love my heated seats, and the performance on the road is great. It meets my needs for work and if I need to put the back seats down I have plenty of room larger items if I need it.

- Marcella C

2017 high altitude version has a built in Garmin!

I love my jeep! Have had close to zero problems except one minor manufacturers defect that was fixed on the spot with no cost! Was in an accident, and vehicle is very durable. Not very good on gas, but drives exceptionally! I have had it for over a year and brakes are still very well. Leather interior makes it look professional.

- Miranda O

It is manual locks and window which can be inconvenience sometimes but highly dependable and haven't had any issues at all with it.

Just wish it had automatic locks and windows as it's a pain to lock a row up windows kids left down especially with snow and rain.. It is very reliable not hardly any problems since we got it nor has it been in the shop except for oil changes and keep up. Very dependable and would recommend for anyone looking for suv type.

- Lisa N

A great drive . Most interesting detail is the 4 wheel drive.

It has 4 wheel drive, lots of room seats r comfy great on gas. Haven't seen any problems. Overall great car to drive on Hwy, does well on city streets the car also has satellite radio. Air conditioning is great. We chose not to have electric windows. It was a 2000 ollie savings. It is a great car for trip plenty of room.

- Joyce W

Rides wonderfully, love the space, easy to use and just a great vehicle.

I have had the chance to lease/own a variety of Jeep vehicles over the years and I think the 2017 Jeep Patriot just might be my favorite. The ride and room in this particular vehicle is really wonderful. I love that the seats fold down completely for easy use and transporting items. I would highly recommend to others!

- Lucia R

The Jeep patriot is a fun mid size SUV.

It has four wheel drive and drives smooth. Wish it had more room for additional passengers. I have the middle model. So I do not have any heated seats, sunroof, navigation or full size spare. I do like that it sits higher than a car. I would love to have a few upgrades like leather seats. It has pretty good mileage.

- Ira J

In my car specially there are not electronic locks or windows.

I love my Jeep! The interior is really nice and spacious especially for the size. It has good gas mileage and I have had no issues with it. I get compliments on it everywhere I go, especially my hand-roll down windows. The Bluetooth radio is very nice so I can listen to music and talk on the phone when I am driving.

- Ash V

Gets me where I need to go when I need to go.

I live on a mountain with a clay and gravel road from the valley to the top where my home is. I require a 4X4 to get up and down in both wet/muddy and Icy/snow/wet weather. My Jeep does that. That is the best thing. I also carry a lot of product to set up a produce stand and it has plenty of room to do that too.

- Bonnie W

I don't quite know what direction to take that question in.

I like the simplicity and versatility of my vehicle. It is everything I was looking for! It offers plenty of legroom for my growing teens, room in the back for the dog/groceries/sports equipment/etc. , I even love the color! I do like hidden compartments for storage so I wish there were more of those though.

- Ashlee S

Jeep patriot 2018 I love my sunroof.

It has 4 wheel drive which is good for winter driving. I love my sunroof. I am sorry they are no longer manufacturing them. I like it because it does not look like a station wagon. I wish it was better on gas and had more cargo room. I would also like it to have all the options that are on the Wrangler.

- Fran G

It has fog lights and are a great feature to the Jeep.

It is a great Jeep. I would recommend it to anyone. It is comfortable and has lots of room. It is nothing fancy and it is affordable in price. We have not had any problems with it at all. I would definitely buy another Jeep in the future. It is great on gas and just a great way of transportation.

- Michael F

It's very sporty and has a lot of storage space.

I like the sportiness about it. I love the color. I love the space and interior of my Jeep. It's a beautiful car. It has more room then it looks like it should. . I dislike that sometimes when I use the breaks it feels like it slips. And I don't like the extra gear settings on the gear shift.

- Teresa L

The Jeep Patriot is a good family vehicle for a family of four.

The tires that were put on it are terrible. Besides that it drives smooth, it gets decent miles per gallon. The comfort level is very good. I do wish I would have gotten the one with four wheel drive because the traction is not very good. It is a nice car, the heat and a/c works great.

- Brent R

Small but comfortable for a big guy.

My patriot was very economical to buy and is also economical to use. Not a luxury vehicle but comfortable. Surprising power for a four cylinder. Nice features for the price. I am a large person and it is still comfortable for me. Gas economy is really good. Fuel tank is a little small.

- Ronald S

The Jeep has buttons on the steering wheel which I love.

The Jeep has good gas mileage. The tank only takes as much to fill it up as my car does, both v6. It drives smoothly, the steering wheel isn't stiff. It is pretty good in the rain when taking curves, but will slide if I do not slow down enough. I haven't driven it in the snow yet.

- Nikki R

That the key it stops working and it is a hundred something dollar key. It makes it hard to start the car.

I like that it doesn't require a lot of gas all the time. Bad thing is that is not spacious for the whole family. I also love how it looks and it is easy to park everywhere. I also dislike the problem with the keys and you can't turn it on for some reason. Everything else is good.

- Yenixa R

I am happy with the Jeep. I love the auto start and heated seats.

I bought the Jeep about six months ago. It lags then just when accelerating. A rear light had a defect and blew the bulb many times before it was fixed. It is reliable. I take long trips, over 1, 000 miles one way without any issues or fear of it experiencing mechanical failure.

- Wendy G

It is excellent in snow and rain.2-3 feet of snowfall is not unusual here.

I love the looks of this car! The interior is so comfortable, easy to get into and easy to buckle into. The back storage area is large and easy to access. These are especially important to me since I am in a wheelchair. Four wheel drive is priceless here in the Adirondacks.

- Gail A

Strong like a truck but runs and feels like a comfortable car.

Very dependable vehicle with a high clearance that works great driving over deep snow. Comfortable and drives more like a car than an SUV. Makes pretty tight turns. Favorite perks - being able to turn 4-wheel drive on and off yourself instantly, remote start, and heated seats!

- Candice R

The back seats easily fold down giving the trunk even more storage space.

It is extremely comfortable and makes me feel safe without the hassle of being in other larger SUVs. The turn radius is amazing and I think it is an attractive looking vehicle. It has several safety features and easy to manage controls. There is plenty of space and storage.

- Erin W

Easily get the kids to various sports & activities with the whole family in tow!

Great for an adorable vehicle that has enough room for my growing family. My oldest son is involved in many activities, including sports. This vehicle makes it easy to get him to and from his sports activities with all his equipment and still have room for everyone to ride.

- Kelsey Z

My 2017 Jeep patriot review.

I have no problems with my patriot. It runs smooth and is extremely reliable. It is sturdy and the high seating allows me to see the road better to avoid accidents. I have owned a Jeep for the past 3 yrs and will probably keep buying in this family when I decide next.

- Renee B

My family loves how it is all black.

There have been with brake pads running out. I have had to replace all the tires twice. I wish the suspension was better and the axle has needed to be replaced twice. Other than that the Jeep patriot is very spacious and handles well. My family really enjoys it.

- Meagan J

Great vehicle must have great for long rides with lots of stuff.

The vehicle is not as smooth and all, but it is more of an off terrain vehicle. It is not as high tech as others, but who needs all that high tech stuff. It has plenty of room for a trip we have 4 dogs 2 big 1 medium 1 small they all fit even with 2 people.

- Emily W

2017 Jeep patriot-love it.

No problems so far! The only thing I have had to do is change the oil and put gas in it! Has great mpg for a SUV. I love the extra room in the trunk, but I do wish the back seat area was a little bigger for my daughters car seat. Other than that I love it!

- Samantha G

Off road capabilities were very good.

Does not feel well put together for the price I paid. Rough ride, a lot of road noise. Started rattling after 2 months of driving and it was purchased new. Seats were uncomfortable on long trips and storage area was small. Rear seats were a bit cramped.

- Bryan L

Pretty and functional, smallish but mighty!

Used to drive a Jeep grand Cherokee, but absolutely love the patriot. Smaller, but still tough. Drives like a dream and it is very easy to switch off 4WD. Still has lots of space in the trunk, and comfortably fits 3 passengers, 4 if you are ambitious.

- Laura R

Heated seats for me, they are the best.

My 2017 Jeep Patriot is really good in gas, it has heated seats which is a bonus especially for the winter. It handles really on the road especially in the winter, I am able to get in and out without any problems. It is a very reliable vehicle.

- Crystal C

It handles very well in poor weather. I feel very safe driving it in heavy rain, sleet and snow.

I got the vehicle prior to having a baby. The backseat is very small, so when the car seat was installed, the front passenger now has very little room in the the front. They have to sit very upright. That would be my only major complaint.

- Nicole F

I have only had this Jeep for a couple of months so I am not quite sure; however, It is great on gas mileage.

It is spacious for a small SUV. It drives well and gets good gas mileage. The seats are comfy. I like that the back seats fold flat so you can have room to move plenty of things. It does not have fancy tech features, just the basics.

- Kandace O

It's compact, but very roomy

I have the high altitude edition, that being said the car is fully decked out with leather heated seats, Bluetooth, Sirius radio, a sunroof, and more. It's an amazing car for someone wanting a smaller suv that is beyond comfortable.

- Kimi N

This truck is not a gas saver at all.

It is a cool truck if your local, I travel a lot and miles goes fast, gas is expensive. I travel to work 38 miles for 4 days. I have to put fill my truck up every 3-4 days. I wish I would of looked at the savings for this vehicle.

- Shanna S

It's very small and hard to get in and out of. It looks much bigger than it is.

Jeep patriot has some good qualities, like passengers side air/heat. Safety record etc. The back seat is hard to get in and out of. Thought the storage area in the back would be big enough for all the baby gear, but it isn't.

- Chelsea C

This car is well enough to get around in.

My car is ok on gas mileage and has a subpar ride. It is a base model and this base model of this vehicle is terrible. It doesn't even include items that most base cars would. blind spot awareness, lift gate, updated system

- aleighsha P

Comfortable, good looking ride!

My Jeep Patriot is an awesome vehicle. Comfortable, good gas mileage. Drives well. My only drawback is the get up and go. It is a little sluggish if you really have to put on the gas. Overall a great vehicle for the price.

- Sue S

The most important thing for me is the fuel efficiency and mileage.

The Jeep Patriot has turned out to be a very reliable car for me. It's great on gas and mileage. The only problem I have with the one I bought is that none of the locks or windows are automatic. Other than that, Love IT

- Javaun W

My Jeep is comfortable and smooth driving

so far, we've had the vehicle for 2 months, brought it used. Never had a problem with it, traveled over 2 thousand miles for a move and not one problem. I love this vehicle, wouldn't trade it for the world right now

- Lillian U

Jeep Patriot Nice , but doesn't have bells and whistles

I have not had many problems with my Jeep. It very comfortable! I love that it has heated seats. I don't like that Jeep's do not have a backup camera or show how many miles you have left or tire pressure in tires.

- Emily A

The Secret Life of a Girl Who Loves Her Jeep

I love my Jeep Patriot. It is so small & compact but still has the SUV style. It has great gas mileage. I run about 30 mpg. The seats are super comfortable. The black interior is very nice. The AC works so great.

- Elizabeth L

Ease of driving and maintenance.

My Jeep patriot runs perfectly. I bought it 3 months ago and have thus far had no issues. It handles wonderfully and looks fantastic. There is plenty of space inside and is a good sized SUV from my perspective.

- Tia K

It is very reliable and since I've had it there is nothing bad i can say about it

It is a very reliable car that can get you to a to b and it is great on gas mileage and it has a great ac and heater and it has a lot of space so you can fit your family or your friends it's a great vehicle

- Richies L

Review of 2017 Jeep Patriot

It's not the most comfortable, but it performs well, it is reliable, the dealership was too expensive, but that doesn't reflect upon the car. It's a nice, sturdy, older variety, no electronics, good car

- Laura Z

They aren't interesting details but I do like the bluetooth ability and heated seats very much.

I am happy overall with my Jeep. It has bluetooth and heated seats. There is plenty room for my kids and my day to day needs. I would say it has terrible pick up, especially coming onto the highway.

- Erin T

That it is safe and has several airbags. That it drive great.

I love the room in it and cargo space. I love the way it runs as all my cars have been older. I do hate that I have had to put it in the shop several times due to issues of it hesitating to start.

- Lori F

This car is reliable and safe.

2017 Jeep patriot with leather interior, backup camera, Bluetooth enabled, navigation, heated seats, remote start-up. Four-wheel drive works great in the snow. Incredibly safe and reliable.

- Catherine C

Though it handles great in snow, do not expect it to be a great vehicle in mud.

It's a nice vehicle. Great in snow and rain. It handles great. So far it has been rather reliable. No issues thus far anyway. It's no wrangler, but also does not cost half as much either.

- Tim G

My Jeep Patriot has more space inside than meets the eye

My car has really comfortable seating. It is higher up from the ground than a normal car but not as high as a truck. It has been really great through one rough winter so far, reliable.

- McKensi M

It's a really great car but not for a large family or is you need to haul stuff around.

It could use A LOT more leg space and trunk space. It hasn't given me any mechanical issues at all. Drives great and smooth. I wish I had picked a different color. Overall I love it.

- Susan L

For me and my needs, it is the perfect size and style.

Nice size, good ride, good on gas. It is nice on trips, lots of legroom for back seat passengers. Lots of storage room. Like the hands free to make calls. Love the seat warmers.

- Tony G

Make sure you get ac if you live anywhere warm.

It doesn't have ac so we are not overly fond of this vehicle. It is better on gas mileage than our previous vehicle and while not as comfy, it is adequate for our needs.

- Tina N

So far, it has been a decent car, but is way overpriced for what it is.

I like the 4wd, sunroof, heated seat. I do not enjoy the squeaky suspension after 1. 5 years. Additionally, the functionality of the air conditioner can be really poor.

- Nicole F

One of the most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a family car and it is a 4 cylinder car.

What I like about my vehicle is that it has a sunroof, navigation system and it is four cylinder. What I don't like about my vehicle is that it is not spacious enough.

- noelia H

I would recommend this vehicle because it is very comfortable.

My only issue with the vehicle is that it takes a little longer to accelerate on to the highway. This vehicle is very comfortable and spacious. Nothing over the top.

- Jennifer H

It's an amazing car and your safety is high up.

Adequate foot room for 2 kids in the back seat. Like sporty look. Had a jeep before and trust jeep. Seats fold down for extra room. Lots of room in back for storage.

- Beth H

Best car for winter driving. It had 4 wheel drive and handles well on snowy roads. I always feel safe driving it.

I like the handling of my Jeep. It is great on bad roads. No problems with getting around in the winter. It is roomy enough for the things that I need to carry.

- Penny S

It's extremely comfortable for long distance driving.

This is the closest I've ever come to owning a brand new car. The Jeep handles like a dream. I've had no problems with it and enjoy driving it every chance I get.

- tomdog E

I feel safe in it and it is mine

It is a straight stick, which I haven't had since I was in my 20's. The acceleration is nice so I can get out traffic. It has plenty of area to put things.

- Ron U

It has style. It is great for car camping as you can put an air mattress in the back.

I like the radio in my car I have satellite radio. Also I have always wanted an SUV. The turning is not so great sometimes the steering wheel tens to stick.

- Cynthia g

It is very reliable and affordable, easy on gas. great on trips

Love it, very comfortable to drive on trips, no problems. I had an '08 and loved it so I had no problem purchasing a '17, love the features and accessories.

- Tammy H

Hey, it gets me from a to b, right? Lol.

My daughter throws up in the car gets sick in it frequently. It is too low to the ground. I do like the color combo of white exterior and beige interior.

- Tanya P

Traveling fast is more of a long run trip thing.

This vehicle is too small for my family.. This vehicle is very affordable.. This vehicle is not good in inclimate weather.. This vehicle looks nice.

- Johnny R

Jeep is such a reliable and safe vehicle to drive. Makes amazing family cars.

I like that my car is so good on fuel. It doesn't take much to fill up the tank. I would prefer if it were a bit bigger though. Its a bit to small.

- Sara H

It is a safe vehicle, and rides very smooth.

I love that it drives smooth and its good on gas. I hate that it has manual locks and manual windows. It also is very sluggish going up hills.

- Stephanie B

Very good brand cars,nice.

This jeep appearance is really domineering, I like it very much, the power of the engine, the sound of the low engine very driving feeling

- CReddy R

People should know that my car has a useful backup camera.

I like that it has the space I need for my growing family and the features I like for safety purposes as well as entertainment features.

- Kelsey Z

It is very durable and it is not good on gas.

I love the durability, I got into a car accident and has no damage. I wish it had a bit more features though, considering it is a 2017.

- Carina M

Reliable and great on gas!

Reliable, fun to drive, Bluetooth, smooth ride for a Jeep. Not crazy about it being 2x2 given our snowy winters but it's great on gas!

- Liz B

Jeep Patriot, basic model

Basic interior. Very comfortable seats. Vehicle rides smooth and easy. Gas can be a little pricey, but it fills up for less than 50.

- Megan S

I like that it warms up nicely when the heat is needed.

Poor gas mileage. A lot of noise when highway driving. When driving down a gravel road the dirt gets in very easily. Very compact.

- Chelsea B

It does. Not have 4WD. . So it is not great in the snow.

No problems, ride good, Bluetooth is not the greatest music skip and there is no 4WD. . . Very comfortable and not huge vehicle.

- Amanda K

Its reliable and drives well.

Like its performance, handling, and capabilities.. Dislike its small gas tank, 4 cylinder engine, low power to the 4x4 system.

- William K

That it has crank windows.

I like how it drives. I like the interior and the radio system. I do not like the crank windows or how good the brakes are.

- Isabella S

That its transmission can be both automatic or manual.

I like that I can switch from automatic to manual. I like the color. I like the roominess. I have absolutely no complaints.

- Maria H

Easy Ride and comfortable

It's great to drive and comfortable to sit in. A little low to the ground, but it works in the snow and is great in price.

- Rebecca U

The best car I had so far

It's very spacious and roomy, great handling haven't had any problems with it so far but I would recommend it to anyone.

- Dominick C

Dependable and reliable car.

Great car, lots room, great off-road, great winter vehicle, good value and resale, good highway driving, and looks good.

- Ann R

They should know that the car is very safe.

I like the look of the car and that I feel safe in the car. I dislike how bad it is on gas and how slow the pick up is.

- Indie S

This is one of the lowest priced vehicles available and it is very dependable.

Car is very economical to purchase and operate. Small four cylinder engine. Not very roomy for a person of my size.

- Ron S

It's a jeep and yes it's mine. I love driving it and I never worry about it breaking down

IT's very awesome looking. It's great on gas. It is reliable and always gets me where I have to go. It's a fun ride

- Rocco r

I love the cargo room. Iris great for hauling big stuff and large purchases

It rides great, has lots of room, love that the back seats fold down, lots of cargo space, interior is set up nice

- Jennifer C

First car I've purchased and I love it

Great, reliable car. I love it. Good gas mileage. Plenty of space, very comfortable. Drives great and looks great

- Kelsey S

Comfortable and easy to drive with good cargo space and roomy back seat.

I love jeep brands I love SUV and their reputation. I do not dislike anything about the jeep company as a whole.

- Sam G

The one thing that I would say is the most important thing is that Jeeps are very safe.

I love the color. Wasn't excited about the build or the amenities. Drives very well. Runs out of gas very fast.

- Aaron P

A lot of room for it not being a big SUV, looks classy and clean.

Gas mileage is terrible but does not cost a lot to fill my tank up. Drives smooth and is the right size for me.

- Julianna B

Smooth drive. Has awesome leather seats, an automatic starter and heated seats.

I have yet to have my problems. It is a little small for my family though, especially if I have another child.

- Sarah W

Why they stopped making Jeep Patriots

too many blind spots and the seats aren't that comfortable -- glad it's leased so I don't have to keep it long

- Ann p

It is comfortable and good on gas.

It is like a small truck gets good gas mileage I haven't had it long enough to have any complaints on it yet.

- Bruce G

Daughter gets sick in the car frequently.

Wastes a lot of gas, too low to the ground my daughter gets sick in it often the trunk space is too small.

- Tanya P

Sporty, comfortable, easy driving, good stereo system.

Just acquired it. Comfortable driving sporty look. Nice interior good sound quality from stereo system.

- Kelli H

It handles much better than my previous Jeep

It's a white Jeep Patriot. It's smaller than my previous SUV but it drives well and makes me feel safe

- Marcy B

How much space there is especially when the seats are down!.

I love the design, the ease of driving and size of the vehicle, however I wish it were 4-wheel drive.

- Brooke E

it's equipped with the best safety features. it has an awesome navigation system.

it has a smooth ride. when i ride over bumps in the road, i can't feel it. it has a lot of power.

- Lee W

It does not accelerate quick enough. Gas mileage is pretty good. Radio is good. I dislike that the speedometer is not digital, per what I am used to.

Others should know that it isn't a good Jeep to go off-roading with, since it does not have 4WD

- Rachel P

It is dependable, it will get you there and bring you back.

Jeep has good gas mileage. It needs a usb port. It is dependable. It needs a bigger engine.

- Frank C

A great value when it comes to automobiles

I love it because of the 4 wheel drive, the roominess, and the final price after discounts.

- Brian a

when you buy a jeep you are buying a great car. it will be very dependable.

so far it has been very reliable.as plenty of room for the two of us. it has enough power.

- raymond B

Good gas mileage. I love the moon roof feature. After having a kid not enough storage room. Small trunk.

Jeep is a wonderful car company to purchase an automobile from. Reliable and dependable.

- Addie S

Roomy, sporty. It is able to travel over many terrains

Roomy. Dislike is that it is the last year this model is made so it will be hard to sell

- Penelope S

Dependable vehicle trustworthy and safe handles well in snowstorms

Quality vehicle worth the money it's fun and adventurous great in thes snow

- Cindy G

It's great on gas , definitely better than other SUVs

I love our jeep! It's comfortable and fun to drive and just the right size

- Alice j

Good starter car with good height. The size and trunk are great.

It's a good car. Especially for the price. It makes a good first car, too.

- Sam G

It is in Good condition and good price. It is in Good condition and good price.

The Patriot is Roomy and stylish. It has good gas mileage. It is grey.

- Craig S

it is a 4 wheel drive great for the snow and ugly weather that we get in our area which is the north eastern region we get lots of bad weather

i love everything about my jeep It's safe and comfortable and roomy

- lisa m

Sits lots of people and bluetooth is nice

I like the blue tooth. I like the AC. I also like the smooth ride

- nancy C

the fact that it is four wheel drive and i can rely on it in the winter

great vehicle love to drive it very comfortable and stylish

- jeff s

over all i really do not have any complaints about this car

its looks and rides well.it feels like it built well

- s s