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2010 Kia rio is great for people who do not take the best care of their cars.

It has been very reliable and very low maintenance. I bought it used. It was 4 years old and had 60, 000 miles on it. I am bad about getting routine maintenance done on my vehicle. The car was not well taken care of, it still had the original brakes and spark plugs from the factory after six years, and I never had a problem with it. I only recently had them changed as part of routine maintenance. The only thing that ever goes bsd is the coil packs. This is a cheap and easy fix every 4 or 5 years or so. It goes pretty good in all types of weather too. It's been an excellent vehicle.

- Gina G

2010 Kia riot- great first car.

My Rio gets decent gas mileage and I love the eco feature. I wish it had power windows and a key fob, but it does not, but it is a basic car. I use my auxiliary plug in all the time to listen to music on my way to work, and it has a USB plug as well to charge my phone. The major problems I have faced with it have been the coils in my engine needing to be replaced because they all went out at different times. That kind of maintenance was very expensive.

- Dylan B

This car is great on gas mileage. Not really an expensive car to fill up.

Not for people who have large families, looking for space, or a high performance vehicle. Perfect for couples or singles. Great for getting where you need to be. Even if your looking to make a small road trip, great on gas. The car is a base model so don't expect power locks and windows. But has USB and AUX ports for music. You can also purchase a subscription to satellite radio.

- Erin A

Gas is cheap and the car itself is reliable, will get you one place to the next.

Makes noise when in park, the air conditioning works fine while the car is driving but when in park it becomes warm. The windows you have to manually roll them down, which is not bad but makes it difficult while you are driving when you want all the windows rolled down. Overall the car is not all that bad just a little old fashion.

- Lillian O

Runs great. Good for the winter. Good as a start off car. Good on saving gas.

It's a decent looking car. It runs smoothly and its good at saving gas. If you just want an average car nothing special then I would say this is the car for you. Works great depending on how well you take care of it. Drives well and is also good for when the winter comes. overall I would say it's a good car to start off with.

- Jennifer S

Kia-s great value and performance over all.

It is easy to drive easy to park gets good gas mileage, dependable. The thing. I miss is I do not have automatic windows, compare to Toyota it's pretty comparable. It is silver compact. Gets in & out of tight spaces easily. Holds it is value well. If I was to buy another car I'd buy another Kia perhaps the mini van.

- Barbara J

Base model without power options.

Runs well. I would have liked to have air conditioning rather than the satellite radio option. however the car was perfect for the price. The tires have been replaced approximately once a year. As long as the oil is changed regularly, there has been no problems. I recently had to purchase a new battery.

- Geneva A

It is eight years old and still runs perfectly fine.

There are only very minor things that I would change about my car if I could. My ignition switch is starting to do strange things, there are no seat warmers, and the seats could be a little more comfortable. Everything else with my car is absolutely wonderful. I have had no issues whatsoever.

- Brandi R

I do not like my Kia rio. It is mechanically unreliable at 8 years old.

It is starting to fall apart, one system after another. The engine has issues. This vehicle’s mpg has decreased over time. I am not happy with the features either. I recorded this car used from a relative, but I wouldn't choose to buy a Kia new. There are much better vehicles out there.

- Natasha N

My car is fully paid off and inexpensive to maintain and repair!

I like that my car is comfortable and has power steering and air conditioning. It is reliable, inexpensive to maintain and easy to repair. Because it is small, it fits easily into tight parking spaces. I don't like that it doesn't have snow tires or 4 wheel drive for winter driving.

- Elisabeth B

2010 Used Kia Rio. Small car, good gas mileage.

There are a few problems with the car is the airbags do not work and the seat belts do not always stay clip close but it is a used car. The seats can be a little more comfortable cause after long trips or a long day my husband back gets stiff. The car does have good gas mileage.

- Elizabeth J

This is the best car I have ever owned.

Great gas mileage, easy to handle, short wheel base, easy on the eyes. With back seats down I can use it as a mini hatchback. This car is very reliable and gets me where I need to go. I would recommend this make and model to anyone who asks. Our was within my budget to purchase.

- Kathleen M

Small, some comfort yet reliable.

The problems, 1- I find with the riot sx-5, is how small the entire car is inside and out. 2- the performance with it being a 4 cylinder, is slow with start off and power is slow to kick in. 3- the reliability and comfort of the riot is minimum at best.

- Sharon W

Its extremely reliable. It hasn't given me any trouble.

It's not the prettiest car, but it's cute. It is extremely reliable and very low maintenance. I've had it for 4 years and had no problems from it. It's not the greatest in snow, but for my purposes it's a pretty good car.

- Gina G

It has amazing gas mileage but it is a very basic car. It does have Sirius XM in it, though.

I love the gas mileage my car gets. I only have to fill up every 1/2 - 2 weeks. I don't like that my car has manual locks and windows. I would really like it to have automatic locks and windows.

- Jessica G

I would not recommend buying a Kia, but I would recommend trying other types that are more stable and reliable

The Kia Rio is technically good and has comfortable space and mattresses, but its weight is rather light for its size, which makes it quick to drive at a certain risk, especially when turning

- daniel T

It isn't a lot of money, it's pretty good, and barely has any problems.

So far there hasn't been any problems. The car has been amazing for 7 years now. It does have problems the A/C, as in it randomly shuts off, but the problem gets resolved.

- Helena M

This car is very reliable! I feel Kias are well made and are built to last a long time.

I love our Rio. This is the second Kia we have owned and we love it! We haven't had any major issues with it. The car is well over 100,000 miles and is still going strong.

- Samantha L

It is a small car so it is easy to park in smaller spaces.

This car has great gas mileage and is good for the warmer months. It is not to great in the snow. Where I live I need a all wheel drive for the winter.

- Sandy M

It is a great economic and reliable car and it is durable

I like that my Kia is compact. The mileage per gallon is great because it is only a 10 gallon tank. Plus it is a 4 cylinder car and it goes pretty fast

- Angel C

The most important thing about my car is the gas mileage. That was the primary reason for getting the car.

My 2010 Kia Rio is a wonderful car, it has good gas mileage it gets a estimated 31 MPG. It a wonderful sound system it Aux and USB capabilities.

- Damon C

It is a reliable car. Just 1 minor mechanical issue in 6 years.

I have owned my Kia rio for 6 years now. Only issue so far has been an ignition coil needing replaced. Fairly cheap fix. Very reliable car.

- Travis W

That it gets great mileage and fuel economy is very important.

It gets good mileage and is comfortable to drive. It's small so it's easy to maneuver. I have been able to do a!lot of maintenance myself.

- Bev P

It gets good fast mileage.

It has lasted me a long time. I have only had about 2 issues with it and one of them was my fault. I love that It's small and compact.

- Kassidy B

very reliable car for small families. good gas mileage.

very reliable and its very good on gas. Never had too any issues with the car. just maintenance and upkeep with the car every year.

- Laura H

It looks good and drives even better than I expected

Tye car is reliable transportation. It runs well and i have had little to no problems with it since I acquired it. Its dependable.

- Heather K

My car is very safe and the drive is smooth.

I like that my car is not too big & not to small, I do not like that it does not have power locks but it was what I could afFord.

- Deborah T

It gets my daughter back and forth to school. It is great on gas.

It is great on gas. Does not have all wheel drive. In Colorado weather AWD is a must or else you just slide all over the place.

- Sandy M

it is very good on the wallet for the price it can't be beat

I like my kia rio very much for the simple fact that it gets good gas mileage. i am however not a big fan of how generic it is.

- jordan m

Very reliable in the fact it doesn't take much to take care of it.

It runs well for the price I haven't had any major problems it performs very good only had to take it for repairs three times.

- Tommy V

It is unreliable as a vehicle and it has no extras.

No extras like power windows, too small and it is unsafe. I bought this car because I couldn't afford my SUV that I enjoyed.

- Beth D

It gets around as a daily drive really good.

I like that it is pretty cheap to maintain. I don't like that it doesn't have power windows, cruise, or power locks.

- Melissa B

The gas saving feature, it really makes a difference because i do drive a lot.

It's really good in gas and also is a 4-door car, the only bad thing is the very small space in the passenger side.

- jose S

Its dependability. Never had an issue with it starting in below freezing temps.

I love my KIA. Gas mileage is great, compact size, and its very dependable. It has great heat and air conditioning.

- Diane F

Reliable, good looking, very good on gas mileage, and reliable.

I like that it is paid off. Good gas mileage. Nice looking. I dislike that the AC doesn't work well.

- Michael T

It's a Kia. It pull to the right while driving. We call it the homobile

It's a small reliable car. But it's not the smoothest ride. It has a few issues with steering.

- Amanda B

Kia's are not a "do nothing" kind of car. The are reliable and just a good car.

It's a small 4 door sedan. We've put 111000 miles on the car and she's still going strong.

- Debbie t

It's reliable and has had no major issues since I purchased it.

It's been a very reliable car. The air conditioner is great and it's stayed in good shape.

- Haley S

It moves fast its cool at nite has good pickup speed just love it

I love the grill in the front and how it's shaped The floor mats I love how it lights up

- Kris W

It's white in color and a 4 door.

It's been a good little car. It has 111000 miles on it and we've had no problems with it.

- Debbie T

It does not like to gain speed very fast, but it has a nice stereo system.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I dislike that it doesn't have cruise control.

- Christopher S

it's been reliable, easy on gas. it's a no frills car

it's a cheap no frills reliable car. could be a lot nicer but that would cost more

- j c

My kia is good on gas. Don't have to fill up very often

It's good on gas. Dash lights come on after 100,000 miles

- Amy W