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Best low-maintenance, reliable car you will ever have.

I bought my 2015 fresh off the lot 3. 5 years and it now has 31, 000 miles on it. Despite my failure to keep up on routine maintenance, it is very reliable. During this time, I have only been able to do about 7 oil/filters changes and have had to change 3 tires due to foreign objects lodged in them. The only thing that has suffered is my gas mileage but that is completely understandable. I love that I can raise the seats up because I am very short. I do not like the breaks as much as my 2008 Kia rio because I knew my brakes could stop my car on a dime in emergency situations. While the newer model does stop quickly, the action does not feel as smooth and I can feel everything going on through the pedal. Compared to the 2015, my newer Kia does not drive through road water as well but it can keep up with high-paced traffic. There are very few vehicles that I would say that drives better but I prefer my current vehicle because I know how well it performs and how low-maintenance it can be.

- Jessica M

The vehicle is great on gas and is easy to drive.

The car drives really well, but it is low to the ground so be prepared to have the bottom scrape a lot, the shield may become dented upon hitting pot holes, and if you drive a lot, where and tear on tires happens fairly quickly. It gets great gas mileage between 30-40 mpg, which I find pretty nice. It has an eco mode which is useful as well.

- Amanda H

Great small car, just one temporary issue.

The car looks small on the outside and fits into tight spaces very well but it still feels roomy on the inside. The seats are comfortable and the backup camera has been a lifesaver. The only issue is when it had about 20k miles the gas meter stopped working and it took several trips to the dealership to get it fixed completely.

- Kat C

Small white 4 door sedan. Very large trunk.

I honestly have no issues with my car. No problems except the occasional flat tire or dead battery. Very comfortable. I only wish it had automatic locks and cruise control. Very good gas mileage, one of my favorite things. It is comfortable and has lots of room for a small car, including a huge trunk.

- Lacey S

In this day and age I would say the excellent gas mileage.

I purchased my Kia riot in 2016 and could not. Be happier. I have a base model with manual locks and roll down windows which I love! It is great on gas and a very smooth ride. Very comfortable ride on long trips and just around town. I love having an USB port for my iPhone with an added Charger port.

- Allison V

Cheap, reliable enough, works.

Fairly reliable most of the time, pretty basic features almost bare minimum, pretty comfortable but not anything to write home about, handles ok, some minor issues every now and again nothing serious enough to be concerning, about the best car you'll get for the price that's fairly cheap.

- Aaron W

My little race car' 140 mph it's a great little gas saver especially on trips.

Fun to drive, hugs the corners when in fast motion. Seats are comfortable. Very low profile bumper in front need to be extra careful at times. Blind spots, most other vehicles have them as well. It's like a little race car. It sparkles when the car is clean and has a good wax job on it.

- Kim A

Car does not come with cruise as standard.

My car is very reliable. It handles well in snow and rain. It also starts fine in cold weather. I think this brand of car is made well. I was surprised when I got it home and did not realize that it did not have cruise control. I thought most new cars come with that but I was wrong.

- Dana H

It runs smooth and with regular maintenance it is holding up very well.

I have ran it up to 120000 miles and with routine patience it's given me no issues. The only thing I have an issue with as of late is the ac. Seems like I now need to recharge it. Other than that it's been a great experience having this Kia rio. My optima is cool too though.

- Alex T

It is a great car and I like my Kia Rio.

I don't really have problems with it. The gas is really good because it's a 4 cylinder and it last me while before I have to put gas in it again. It is very reliable and gets me to where I need to be. I love the features of it and that it is a nice size for me.

- Christina T

Do not buy a Kia riot. Get a bigger car.

My Kia Rio is a small car. I do not mind small car but in the back seat is a little uncomfortable also I notice that the gas does not last too long like it Kia says. However, it does has a small tank so I have never spent more that $25 with an empty tank.

- Margaret M

I have realized that the gas mileage is actually getting better!

My particular model does not have cruise control however gets very good mileage going on trips! Very comfortable ride very sporty car payments reasonable! Good mileage in town. $ 20. 00 A week pretty much gets me too and from work and a bit around town!!

- Beverly R

The gas mileage information.

It is pretty dependable. I have never had any problems. It is small and compact, so it is easy to fit into parking spots. Has a small gas tanks, but gets decent mileage. I only need to fill up about once a week and it costs about 20$.

- Samantha P

It has really good gas mileage compared to other cars the same size.

I like the gas mileage I get. It has a big trunk that can fit 2 28 inch suitcase and a 24 inch suitcase. I don't like the fact that the passenger seat cannot rise, it stays at a low level and the passenger cannot see over the dash.

- Dean H

It is a very dependable vehicle and the gas mileage speaks for itself. ,

I really do love getting the highway mileage out of it and it is not a klunker either and I am always getting compliments on it too because it gets better gas mileage than most of the other small cars do!!

- Johnnie S

Great gas mileage, your money goes far on this car

I like the size of the car - bigger than other vehicles in its class for the price. The ride can be bumpy and you do hear a lot of road noise, but I think that is what you get for the class.

- Marie A

It's great on gas, has all the necessary features, and cost under 20k.

I like the size and affordability of my Kia. It doesn't have cruise control, but I rarely ever used that anyway. I would eventually like something with more smart features, though.

- Sonya W

It really accelerates quickly for such a small car, and even after all that zoomy speed, it's got great fuel economy

I like my vehicle because the aesthetics and gas mileage is fantastic, but it does not have a very high impact rating and local maintenance shops charge greatly to repair it.

- Timmy T

The screen in the dashboard is very helpful with parking, gps, and connecting your phone to the Bluetooth system.

The car drives very smoothly. The seats are comfortable and also has seat warmers, which is really nice. The only thing is that I can't change how high/low my chair is

- Lisa V

is mostly plastic and sits so low to the ground that it is easy to hit something and incur lots of damages

Car is super low to the ground so it is super easy to incur damage if you run over something. The road noise is horrible. The front passenger seat sits super low.

- April D

Good quality car and easy on gas. Very good price .

I like my car, it's very good on gas and it doesn't require a lot of maintenance. It's easy to drive. The only thing I don't like is the shape of the car.

- Christen G

It gets me from point a to point b.

It get very good gas mileage. It also drives pretty fast for a small car. I do not like that it is the base model and it does not have any cool features.

- Kyle T

It is just a good car. It is perfect for a senior citizen or teen.

Have had no problems. Very good on gas comfortable ride easy to keep clean. Trunk is very good size. Good for long trips. Size makes it. Easy to park.

- Toni P

It's a good car for the money.

I do like my car, but since I'm kind of short it's a little difficult to see over the hood. I think the seat needs to sit up a bit higher.

- Peggy C

That is it very dependable.

I really enjoy how it is an automatic. Everything is manual except the transmission and the windows. It is very simple and great for me.

- Kelsey E

Little car, big trunk, great mileage

Other than the horrible blind spots and really low passenger seat, I love my car. Great mileage and for a small car it has a huge trunk.

- Vanessa S

It has great gas mileage and it's a very reliable car.

Love the gas mileage and the small car. I don't like that it does not include cruise control, because it can be hard on long trips.

- Zach D

It is a great car for a fair price. I really enjoy it.

I like my car a lot but the worst part is the rear window. It is very hard to see through. Other than that it is a pretty good car.

- James K

Seats not comfortable on long trips makes your hole body hurt ... Good just around town ..

I love the size of the car . I don't like the color of the car . The tires on the car ware to fast . Over all i am happy with it.

- Tina T

the most important thing others should know about my car is that it's a great car

I like that it's compact. it had good gas mileage. it's got a nice sleek design. I would prefer it to have been all-wheel drive.

- Rachael t

It does not have a lock/ unlock button.

I like the size and gas mileage. I also like the roll up windows. I do not like how there is not an unlock button for the doors.

- Kayla F

I think it's operated successfully and I can't think of anything that I should tell you at this point other than good job.

I've enjoyed the Kia brand since the early 2000's when my grandmother bought a Kia Rio, which I was gifted later on in my life.

- Jeremiah V

You should know is that it does not speed up very quickly.

I like that it is small but I wish it had more pick up and go when I get onto the highway. The ac could use some work too.

- Heather H

The overall quality of the car is great for the value!

Great on gas mileage. The motor is very good quality. The size is awesome. The car is equipped with great break system!

- Teresa W

It is a very reliable and dependable car.

Pretty good car. No big issues. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles but that is ok. It has heated front seats.

- Melissa B

The seats are really nice and they don't get too hot

I love how my car has lots of good nice things like seats and other things like windows and windshields which is good

- Cole D

The car gets decent gas mileage.

No complaints. Good gas mileage. Easy to drive. Like the looks. Very comfortable on long drives. Love the body style.

- Wanda J

great car for commuting and short trips

gets great gas mileage and is easy to handle. did not have a spare tire only an air pump and a can of fix a flat.

- patrick M

I would have to say the style of it and the color.

I like the style but the front seats are not comfortable. The headrests are pushed forward. Very uncomfortable.

- Betty C

My car has great gas mileage and not expensive to fill up as other vehicles.

There is a pretty bad blind spot. I love how smoothly it runs. Never had any issues with it. Great gas mileage.

- Erin D

Fuel efficient vehicle with style

I love my red Rio. It's small enough for me buts has space for m4y passengers. Great on gas and just my style

- May B

Great car for the money, handles great out on the road

My kia has never caused me any problems. It is great on gas. The design of the car I love it looks sporty

- barbara h

That for the price of a Kia there is little maintenance that needs to be done well built vehicle

I like they style of the vehicle. It handles well out on the freeway. It's very fuel efficient.

- barbara L

I like the size, ease of handling, and the gas mileage of the vehicle. I do wish it had cruise control.

It gets great gas mileage and even though it has a small engine, it still has plenty of power.

- Kari K

Very affordable, and the size makes it easy to park.

Small, compact, easy on gas. I have not had any problems since initial purchase.

- James W

that the car is a very good and consistent brand that work well

nice and comfortable seats. lots of legroom and space in the trunk. good used car

- derek b

great gas mileage and fun to drive. would buy again if they still make them

great gas mileage, good and smooth driving. like the way it handles also

- don h

Good on gas, low miles compact easy to get in love

I like it because it good on gas and get me where I need to go .

- Millie U

I like how compact the vehicle is. We are a family of 3 so it's perfect size. I'd say if you are tall or larger in size this car isn't for you. We love it.

Great of gas and mileage. No issues repair costs are reasonable

- ashley s

It's a great car and I would suggest it to anyone looking to buy a new car.

It runs well. It is comfortable. It doesn't do well in snow.

- Laura K

Great gas mileage. Extremely reliable.

Car gets great gas mileage. Windshield fogs up too easily.

- Ru W