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Kia, Rio... best small car for performance and comfort.

I bought my 2013 Kia Rio as a used vehicle that had low mileage. It has been one of the very best vehicles that I have ever owned... including new and used vehicles. It is a very classy looking car that I am proud to drive. It gets very good gas mileage, has a very smooth ride, and is easy to control in traffic. It has an awesome sound system that I love. My Kia has a lot of extra accessories that I would not have expected for the price that I paid which makes me enjoy the car even more. The gas tank on this car is small... holding 9+ gallons. Because of this feature, I may fill up as often as most cars but the cost of a fill-up is much less for me. I love my Kia and have found no complaints regarding the look or the performance. It is comfortable and fun to drive. It has an economy feature to use on the highway but I am happy with the speed and power of this vehicle.

- Brenda H

Pros and cons of a little Kia rio.

I have a 2013 silver Kia rio. I love this car, it is very suitable for people who are always on the go. The car is very small which makes it easier to park, and in my opinion easier to drive. There is 5 seats in the car, two in the front and three in the back. The back three seats fold down to expand the trunk size. The only problem with this car is trunk size. It is unable to carry large luggage, or anything large for that matter. I enjoy driving this car because it is small like me. At a whopping 5 feet, I can get into and out of this car with ease. It is a very reliable car, I have never had major problems with it. I have had this car for about three and a half years, and the worst problem I have had was having to recharge the air conditioning. Overall, people should by this car or a newer year of this car.

- Colleen B

Kia Rio: comfort, reliability and features.

My car is very small so tall people often can feel uncomfortable. The passenger seat is very low to the ground which some people dislike. My car had an electrical issue where it lost power of steering the first year I was driving, but other than it has been good and reliable. There is no rear facing camera or back windshield wiper which is inconvenient when it rains a lot. The car has an eco friendly setting which I like. The gas tank is pretty small so it has to be filled up pretty often especially if you drive far distances everyday. Because the car is so compact it is easy to park it and get it into any space which is very convenient.

- Lauren T

The Kia riot, good basic transportation.

The Kia riot for me, allowed me to buy a new car because of the price. While more basic than other 2013 models, my car has been very dependable. Pretty much just doing routine maintenance. My car did have a recall, which was promptly repaired. A sensor also went bad but it was covered under my warranty. . It is not fancy but it does get the job done. I am looking forward to keeping it for many more years to come. The only thing I did not like about the Kia riot is that it did not come with a spare tire. It has the repair kit which is not always useful depending on what caused your tire to go flat.

- Steven M

I personally like the ecosystem. . It helps to save gas.

I have had my Kia Rio for over a year now and I really love the car. It is really good on gas and has great features. It has Sirius satellite radio which gave me a free month when I 1st purchased the car. It is a 4 door sedan for easy access. It also has an ecosystem which is helpful for saving gas when going on long distances. . . Like riding the interstate for awhile or going on a long trip. It has also a very spacious trunk as well. I feel like the gas cap has to be fully on and twisted right. . . If it is not it might trigger the check engine light, but so far the car is great.

- Brooke N

2013 Kia Rio. 5 year 60,000 mile warranty.

This car is very economical. It gets good gas mileage on the highway and in town. It is sporty looking too. Kia offered a better warranty than most car dealers so that was one of the selling points. The only thing I do not like about this car is that it sits kind of low and sometimes is hard to get out of. I have a small pillow on the seat so I sit a little higher and I like that. It does have a back up screen in the car so you can see if anyone is behind you when you back out of a parking space so that is a plus. So far it has been a very reliable car and is almost 6 years old.

- Nita B

Kia Rio-Practical not luxury

Issues with brake fuses during the first two years that had to be replaced. Cruise control was not included and makes long trips less ideal with the car. The passenger seat awkwardly sits six inches lower than the driver and it is difficult to see over the dashboard. The Aux and USB ports do not work all of the time. Any liquid, even water, leaves a stain on the upholstery which requires professional cleaning. Other cars from 2013 have technology like a backup camera and Bluetooth installed but the Rio does not.

- Danielle K

The best detail about my car is the Bluetooth radio.

My car is reliable, it does get me from point A to point B, however it does have some performance issues. The gas gauge is off by 60 miles or so. My car is fairly comfortable, however the steering wheel is falling apart. My car has 4 doors, a sunroof, no spare tire, large trunk space, touch screen Bluetooth radio and power windows. There are some electrical issues with my sunroof. however I would say the best feature in my car is the Bluetooth touchscreen radio.

- Amanda R

A comfy vehicle with enough space for a lot of people, groceries, camping gear, you name it! I wish it had better gas mileage, but at least it's a durable vehicle.

I like the Kia Rio because there's a lot of room for storage which comes in handy if you're going on a camping trip or doing lots of grocery shopping. I think it's an ideal car for an Uber or Lyft driver, or a large family because there are plenty of seats and the back seating area is spacious and comfy. My only issue with the car is the gas mileage. It's not the worst, but I feel like I go through a tank of gas really fast when I barely drive my car.

- Colleen G

It is great on gas. It allows you to get 45 miles per gallon.

My Kia Río is a very small car. I like the car but it has a lot of minor issues such as the eco setting. If you drive with the eco setting on around town/city it makes the car feel like it is having trouble moving. It is hard to find tires to my car because it is so small and most people have 5 lug tires on their car. As opposed the Kia Rio has 4 lug tires. Overall it's a great car with excellent gas mileage and is not a gas guzzler.

- Olivia D

I get awesome gas mileage!

I had to get a car quickly, didn't want to spend a lot of money and knew I was looking for more of an economy car that would get me safely from place to place but would also be fuel efficient. I started doing some research online and Kia owners were really generally happy with the car's performance. I really like my little riot, I get terrific gas mileage and other than normal maintenance, I have had no problems and would recommend.

- Joanne G

Great Reliable Family Car

I've had my vehicle now for 6 years, and it's held up pretty well. It has a slight tapping noise when idling or hitting than has that started around year 2. Other than that it is a very reliable car. If there is one thing that I could change about it, is that it would have a little bit more space inside of it. The trunk is huge, which helps a lot for those large grocery trips. All in all it has been a great car for my family.

- Jodi G

Kia riot great for Maui Hawaii. Nice car for short distance driving.

It is a great small car. I live on Maui, the car is great for the small distances we drive. I bought from hertz as a one year old vehicle. Like the pick up and performance for a compact car. Have no extras on the car. The air-conditioning works well. The mileage is ok for a gas powered car. The style is what attracted me to the Kia rio. I have had no problems that needed work at the dealer. I would recommend the car.

- Joan N

Slick looking. Easy to park, compact outside, plenty of room inside.

It performs well, it has a handy ECO mode which saves me gas while helping my car run more efficiently. It's simple design is comfortable and it can handle a lot of mileage. The seats are cloth, but comfortable and the design of the radio and CD player is nice! I love having satellite radio capability and the ability to seat up to 4 more passengers (not including myself, the driver) at one time!

- Allie B

Wonderful little commuter car.

Only problem I have ever had with my Kia Rio was when I first bought it, I bought it used, only about 1-2 weeks after the check engine light came on. I took it to my mechanic and it ended up being a bad sensor. Other than that the car has been a great little car. I have driven the whole length of the east cost with it. Very great gas mileage and very comfortable. Just wish it had cruise control.

- Logan P

2013 Kia RIO REVIEW-Reliable Commute Vehicle

Absolutely love my Kia RIO. I have had no major issues with my RIO although when running the A/C I have noticed a knocking sound when shifting, otherwise the RIO is a quiet ride. The audio speakers seem to be low quality although the car is a great daily driver and commute vehicle. Not a family vehicle but perfect for a College student or someone looking for a cheap reliable vehicle.

- Joshua B

Sporty looking car with good gas mileage.

The Rio has very good pick up and I have gotten 40 mpg on long trips. Had the Rio 5 years with zero problems. The dash has two 12 volt power supplies a USB receptacle and a earphone plug all which have come in useful to me. Folding down the rear car seats and opening the hatchback allows for a pretty large space for loading lots of items. The car also comes with satellite radio.

- David C

KIA's are cheaply made with cheap parts. Do your research before buying and don't go for the cheapest car. Seems like a lot of the parts needs replaced already and the tires it came with sucks! I slide on the road when it rains!

I thought this car was a good value. Brand new it was under 20k, however not long after I had it the passenger lock stopped working and I have to manually push it to lock it. Also the driver seat broke and can no longer be adjusted so I have to sit on a pillow to see! It just got paid off and now the issues are rolling in, it's making a loud noise and I'm over this hunk of junk.

- Cheyenne g

How low the passenger's seat sites, and how difficult it is to get out of.

Love the way it handles. It is good in snow and always started right up in cold weather. The hatchback gives me extra space if I need to move something, I don't like the fact that it did not come with a spare tire. The pump and "fix a flat" in a can is useless. The front passenger seat is ridiculously low- very uncomfortable to sit in. Could have been a deal breaker had I know.

- Janice G

Kia well built car with great gas mileage

My Kia Rio has 95,000 miles on it it's a 2013 and has been wrecked badly 2 times Both times it was put back together and was like a new one. I love the gas mileage but would really like a larger vehicle not so close to the ground for a better ride. I would like more room too. I plan on buying a Kia Sorento within the next 2 years to give me the ride and room I want

- Carol N

Be careful when backing up because you really cannot see out of the back sides.

I love the handling, and gas mileage. I really dislike the obstructed view when backing up. I have to ease out into the lane and hope no one is coming, or if they are that they can stop, because by the time I see them it will be too late. It has a lot of space in the hatch for such a small vehicle. Since the seats lay down, I can really get a lot of stuff in it.

- Susan K

Great gas mileage especially for long trips.

Vehicle is very comfortable. Gas mileage is very good. Eco option helps a lot especially with long trips or traveling. When traveling its has a lot of leg space and does not take away from the trip or make it uncomfortable. Car is reliable and has no regular issues that occur. I have never had any big issues with the engine or a main part of function.

- Sarah S

Tiny car with a big attitude.

It shakes beginning at around 80 miles. The back seat is small but it does fold down to show a large truck for easy travel when needing to pack a lot. The radio allows you to plug in a car USB and play from your phone while also charging it. I have had it for 4 years and she gets me where I need to go and back. Definitely a daily driver car for sure!

- Karen H

You get what you pay for.

Car does not accelerate easily. Bumpy ride also noted. It is good on gas and is reliable so far. The body of the car is very easily dinged. My local soft cloth car wash put a large dent in the wheel well. The car hesitates when I accelerate. Small bumps in the road are felt easily. Had to replace the breaks two years after its last brake service.

- Julie K

Why I like my Kia/rio with manual transmission.

It get very good gas mileage. 27 to 33 in the city and up to 40 mpg on the freeway. It is comfortable for me and a stick shift which I love. Windows are not automatic and other features on the car are manual so there is less to go wrong and less expensive to fix if something breaks. It is also quite small and great for parking in a city like la.

- Lee R

Bad transmission, not a luxury car by any means.

It has problems going from 2nd to 3rd transmission. Occasionally will not change gears at all, even when in manual mode. The radio stopped working for no reason. The way the back seats fold down is very roomy and helpful. While driving you can hear and feel every little bump. If driving 1 hr per day you will be filling the tank up every week.

- Ashley C

It's got one of the highest safety ratings for a car in its class

I love the stability, dependability, the way it handles & that it makes me feel safe though it's one of the smaller cars I've owned. The long warranty period & our excellent dealer support. I don't like that others seem to respond, in traffic, as if they are more important. I don't care for the way the center back seat belt is situated/works

- Valarie S

Kia Rio has nice stylish body.

The Kia Rio is a very rough riding small vehicle. Lots of road noise comes through. Great on gas. Radio system could be better. Has a stylish body style. Roomy on the inside. Seems to be dependable. Does not have daytime running lamps. Manual windows and locks. Abs system is very good. Stops on a dime. Overall I would recommend the Kia riot.

- Kim M

There�s an easily accessible place to put your things behind the cup holders.

My Kia Rio has been a very dependable car for everyday needs and long road trips. The inside is very sleek yet still feels comfortable with plenty of room to stretch your legs, even in the back. No need to worry about space for luggage or whatever you wish to put in your trunk, this car provides more trunk space than any other car I've had.

- Ivy S

Kia rio is basically a small compact car that gets good gas mileage.

We have multiple problems with the engine knocking. We've changed the oil multiple times even before the mileage date, and it is still continues to knock. Even with premium oil and gas. Also, the Kia rio are really close to the ground. One hit of a small animal will break or crack your bumper. It has happened on multiple occasions with us.

- Renee K

2013 Kia rio, likes and dislikes.

Very reliable! Had it a few years and I've just done oil changes, fixing it from hit and run and car washes its great! I am short so the headrest is uncomfortable wish that was different. Stereo system isn't the best but I like my music loud lol good gas mileage, it gets up to speed quickly. Since its short it's not the best in the snow.

- Ashley S

I'd definitely purchase another Kia.

It's great on gas mileage and came with an extended warranty. I have had no major repairs done only a few minor repairs. It's comfortable and roomy for a smaller hatchback. It's a lot of fun to drive and has decent pick up for a smaller car. I've had great experiences at my local Kia dealership. I'd definitely purchase another Kia.

- Melissa K

This car is a good size car for the first car for me and it has an eco.

Engine is shaking have not had an oil change now my car go and I need two new tires. I also have an oil leak my car shakes when I drive it and the car sit for to long while on the engine stops. The oil falls out the car very fast and my car want lock with button on the keys I have to put the key in the car to lock the car.

- Andrea S

I would not want to buy any other car I have enjoyed my little.

Its small but roomy and I get very good gas mileage and I like the black shiny color of it. And I haven't had any problem with it so far. If anybody wants a small gas saver I would tell them about my little Kia Rio the best car that I ever owned so people think about small and gas saver its pays off in the long run.

- Linda L

Great features with an economical power source.

Very reliable car! Great features including Bluetooth capabilities and hand free options for your phone. The trunk is spacious and the back seat for three comfortably. The red color of the outside of the car goes well with the black and tan interior. I like that it has a gas saving economy button for highway miles.

- Christina G

It looks small, but is super roomy inside.

I fell in love with the Rios when I was 17 and looking for a new vehicle. I finally bought a used one at 19 and still love it. It is been having a few issues now that it is nearing the 100, 000 mile mark, but just in the 2 years I have owned it I have put it through a lot. Plus the mileage has been pretty great.

- Kaitlyn H

A big car in a little body.

I love it nice and cozy. No problem. You can adjust the driver seat up and it feels like your driving big SUV, good on gas, lots of room for back seats, back seat lay down for more room that you need, , you have a speaker in the middle of your dashboard for surround sound. Overall my Kia is a perfect pick.

- Antoinette L

Low maintenance and a great commuter!

My Kia gets great gas mileage and is perfect as a commuter vehicle. The ride is not the smoothest, as you feel all the bumps in the road. Overall I am very happy with the car for the purpose it's used for. The car is very reliable and has needed very little on the maintenance side for the first 100k.

- John M

Kia's are reliable! I never have to worry about my car getting me where I need!

The only think I have found is that it is a little bit low, and the gas mileage is not what I was originally told. I had been told it would be 35 miles per gallon and that has not been the case. But I do get where I need to go and had have not had any maintenance problems. All in all a very good car.

- Danielle P

My little red Kia Rio a great car.

I love my Kia riot, its dependable, great on gas and has never let me down. My dogs love the view from the back when I put the seats down. I live in Florida and have driven my Kia to Maryland several times. It's the perfect car if you want to save on gas and still feel safe and comfortable. '.

- Jill D

Mostly that it has poor visibility when backing up.

I love my Kia because is economical. It's easy to drive and seats my small family comfortably. I have not had any issues a all with this car. The only drawback is there is poor visibility when backing up and you have to be extra cautious because of that. Also I would love to have a sunroof.

- Tina B

Kia rio and its mystery problem.

The car is great and runs nice and looks very sleek and smooth. Lately though there has been problems where it will not start sometimes and there is no indication on what is wrong, but then after waiting awhile it will work fine. Other than that though, I have never had any other problems.

- James J

I only got it for 11k! For my first car I am paying for, I love it.

I adore the gas economy and how little gas I actually need to put in - 10 gallons max, a lifesaver with increasing gas prices. It feels smooth and is very cozy. The seats are a bit difficult to maintain, and it takes damage pretty easily, but otherwise it definitely gets the job done.

- Leigh L

It is sturdy for a small car!

Although almost everything is powered, the seats are not which is a bummer. My AUX cord has been broken since I bought the vehicle and sometimes the USB cable does not work. The air conditioning needs to be fixed once a year, but other than these minor setbacks, the vehicle is great!

- Caitlin C

The Kia rio is a great vehicle to own. It is dependable and great on gas mileage.

The performance of my vehicle is great. It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable. I know that every time I drive it that I know I can rely on it to get me where I need to go. After 90000 miles it still drives smoothly. The trunk has lots of room. The car has great traction also.

- Sheila M

Kia Rio has good gas mileage.

It has been pretty reliable. I commute 30 miles back and forth to school five days a week for the last 2 years and have not had it break down at all since 2013. It gets good gas mileage. Mine has a good sound system. Very comfortable. The back seat is kind of small to fit 3 people.

- Autumn B

Just a general idea of my Kia experience.

When I first went to purchase a vehicle, I didn't have credit. I was only approved for the very basic Kia Rio with white paint. No exceptions. It does not have Bluetooth capabilities or cruise control. I have come to love it. The gas mileage is great and I paid of my lean early.

- Mackenzie S

Most reliable Kia riot 2013.

I have had my Kia riot for 4 years now and have had zero problems with it. I have driven it to different states about 6 times and it is always been very reliable. It is also the perfect size for me, being that I have no kids. Not too small, not too big. My favorite car by far!

- Alexandria K

Cute hatchback that is reliable.

So far it is been very reliable. I love how it can speed up really fast and drive nicely. It really has not had any problems and that has been the best thing ever. Since I have had many cars with many problems. It looks like a really cute car and it has many nice features.

- Rebecca P

Great car small but spacious.

Great car! Compact but spacious. You wouldn't expect much from a car like this just looking at it but it is a workhorse! Does not have four wheel drive, but has made it through some though Rochester, New York winters. I would definitely make a Kia rio my next car as well.

- Kayla B

It gets me where I want to go. And has not quit.

The car is too low and the passenger's seat is too low. It needs to be able to pump up like the driver's seat. I had cruise control put in. Which the salesman told us it had. It does not have power windows. There is a lot of legroom in the back seat. It is a smooth ride.

- Betty M

Dependable car with great gas mileage.

Seats stain easily, back door lock sticks, paint is not common and not easily repaired, hard to get in and out of if you have any joint problems or if you are very tall as it sits low to the ground. Great gas mileage, low maintenance, easy to get an oil change anywhere.

- Katie M

Kia Rio manual transmission performance review.

It is a manual 6 speed transmission. It is a 4 cylinder, but with the manual transmission, it drives nicely and it feels like it has more power. I keep it well maintained and do not drive it too hard or often. I haven't had any problems with it, and it runs really nice.

- Ally R

Kia rio has comfort, style, excellent fuel economy.

My car gets great gas mileage in the city and on the highway, has a sleek design inside and out, reliable battery, comfortable seats, roomy trunk and plenty of legroom for passengers. Heating and air conditioning work very well, love the USB and AUX cord compatibility.

- Kristen W

Great gas mileage. Great speed and perfect for a family.

No problems, Kia's have a great life. We keep up on maintenance and our Kia works great. We have had no issues at all, no recalls. Great speed, great performance. We are going to purchase another Kia in month or 2. We love Kia, price and performance are excellent.

- Emily R

Reliable and safe car as well as very comfortable.

I believe that it is a very comfortable car. It has been very reliable in the time I have had it. I bought it used and still I have had almost no problems with it that are mechanical problems. It is a very good car as far as I can tell. It is reliable and safe as well.

- Da D

Other then the few times it is been in the garage it is been reliable.

I like that there is a backup camera and that it gets great gas mileage, but I do not like that there is not the option for heated seats and there are not air vents in the back. I also do not like that there is not enough space on the dashboard to put a phone mounter.

- Megan P

Changing the oil filter requires a certain tool.

It took some adjusting to the seats at first. It is not a smooth ride like my Ford Explorer was, but it is a small car. I was impressed with how much I could fit in the car when I moved. It gets amazing gas mileage. Honestly, I am an SUV person, but I love my Kia rio.

- Lindsey M

My vehicle really does not have any interesting features.

I love my Kia riot it gets great mileage I love the color and while it only has basic features it is great for beginning driver or someone looking for a more fuel-efficient vehicle have had no issues with this vehicle and would highly recommend it to anyone who ask.

- Kara D

2013 Kia Rio, GREAT cash car.

It drives smooth, it's pretty on the outside, gas isn't ever over 30 dollars. The process was very easy. Cash car. Great sales guy. I haven't had any problems with my car and I've had it for a year. I've had to get my oil changes twice since I've driven so much

- Kristin P

Amazing on gas, light weight, and speedy.

Mechanically good and love the interior. The radio and speakers are amazing. The seats where to light and stains show up easy. Just feel like the body was made out of cheap plastic. But other than them few things I am a happy camper. The car is amazing on gas.

- Courtney H

This vehicle is considered a 5 door with the additional hatchback more space.

When I first got the car, the tire pressure light came on and although it was serviced, the light is still on. The seats are extremely comfortable however it does lack arm rests. It drives very smoothly and has a modern look to it along with great gas mileage.

- Ashleigh D

Kia Rio gets amazing gas mileage!

I enjoy my vehicle so much! The model I have is a stick shift and everything is basic on it but I get amazing gas mileage! Runs smoothly and it is a nice size for me and my two kiddos! Has a huge trunk as well and I have never had any problems with it so far.

- Courtney H

The best small car around.

I wish it was bigger and more up to date with technology. I have the base model. I love the gas mileage. Only take $15 to fill up. It gets me from point a to point b. I do not have any real issues with it. It's very reliable. It's an inexpensive maintenance.

- Dee O

Affordable and reliable car

Gas mileage is great, affordable gas, tiny tank. I use my car predominantly for driving to school and work and it has not had many issues. Regular maintenance is done and tires are not so costly. However, I wish the maintenance cost was more affordable.

- Laura J

2013 Kia rio, small and cute but with a lot of space.

I have not run into any issues with my Kia Rio and I have had it for about five years. I will say I wish it had seat warmers and the technology was more up to date but I think it is because its a 2013 model. I would get another Kia vehicle for my next car.

- Patricia K

Compact efficient and road trip ready.

I have never had a problem with my vehicle. The only thing is that it has very basic features. I do not have power windows or power locks at all. I do love how compact and easy it is to drive. The back trunk has a lot of space to go on road trips with,

- Melissa D

my car is very comfortable and I love its power.

I haven't had any issues with my car other than the normal of just making sure I keep it's maintenance. I never had any issues as of the car not working properly. I love my car. It runs very smooth. It's a family car and very comfortable to drive in.

- Jasmin Q

Back-up camera is wonderful for parking and backing around cars.

I love my car. Reliable and anything that comes up they honor their warranty no problem. The dealership I purchased my Kia from are very friendly and helpful. When you drive your car into the shop they meet you right away and ask what your there for.

- Rita V

It is very fuel efficient and gets a lot of miles per gallon.

I absolutely love my car and it is one of the best cars I have ever driven. It would be the perfect car if I had an upgraded model of the 2013. The model I have does not have power windows or door locks and so it makes it a bit issue at times.

- Destiny L

It is a lot cheaper to get manual locks and windows on this model. You just have to remember to lock all doors and roll up all windows if you choose this option!

I like that my vehicle gets excellent gas mileage, is compact, has quality air conditioning, is safe to drive and easy to park, is equipped with satellite radio and is attractive in design. I dislike that the locks and windows are manual.

- Kristyn W

My car is a Kia Rio. The pricing was second to none. .

My car has 25000 miles and, except for oil changes, has had no breakdowns. It is a reliable vehicle. The next time I buy a car, it will be a Kia. Too, Kia is the best value available and has the best pricing in the industry.

- James S

ASK FOR A SPARE, it doesn't come with one. Also do a test run for more than five minutes, especially up a hill.

The car gets okay gas mileage, and has excellent turning. However the car has little leg room for taller people. It has very low acceleration, growling trying to even go up a hill. Also the brakes wear down far too quickly.

- ryan K

It's fuel efficient. I can get by on one tank of gas for a week.

My Kia Rio is a reliable, efficient vehicle. We've taken long road trips, including a 14 hour drive to New Orleans, and had no problems with comfort during the trip. I've had the car for six years and it's been great.

- Christy G

It gets great gas mileage.

I like my Kia Rio because it has great gas mileage. A main reason we purchased this car over other small sedans is because of it's roomy trunk. My daughter's wheelchair fits in the back. That is very important.

- Kim T

Pretty good car, nothing too special!

The Kia Rio has been a pretty great car! I do like the eco feature to save a little money on gas. The car really hasn't had any problems since purchasing in 2013. Pretty dependable. Nothing too special though!

- Samantha M

It gets good gas mileage!!

It gets good gas mileage and it is cute. It has lasted me a long time without breaking down. (I drive more often than the average person) I do wish it held more gallons of gas in the tank though.

- Autumn B

Nice and Small, can fit in tight spaces. Easy U-turns.

The engine can be a little wonky at times, seems to work harder as the vehicle gets older. Sound system is good but should have Bluetooth not just aux. Comfortable seats, spacious. Good on gas

- Leticia R

Good gas mileage, roomy interior, inexpensive!

I like the size (it's pretty compact, but can comfortably hold four adults.) I like that parts are relatively inexpensive. It gets good gas mileage, which helps because I commute pretty far.

- Jessie N

A compact sedan. Fills up with $20. Can get 360 miles on a full tank.

Runs very well after 5 years. I haven't had any major issues with anything under the hood. As long as I keep up with normal maintenance (oil changes, tires, and fluids) it runs like normal.

- Danielle C

Has fuel econ which helps safe gas! Nice feature.

Bought the vehicle two years ago, great little car for me. No problems, very dependable, reasonable on fuel, features I was looking for: satellite radio, roomy, 4 doors, front wheel drive.

- Care W

Kia Rio is our family car!

This car rides smoothly! It has easy shifting, comfortable for a passenger... the only real complaints I have are regarding the back seat. It's small, and difficult to fit a car seat into.

- Rebecca S

My Kia. Is always reliable. My Kia is always good on gas.

My Kia has no problems at all. My Kia is great on gas. My Kia is always reliable, and a sharp looking car. My Kia accelerates fast. I have a black Kia and the resale of that color is good.

- Alfonso M

Very spacious trunk, able to fit a lot in there. Very smooth drive.

The engine fan stopped working and had to get it fixed, wasn't to cost effective though. The gas on it is alright, I have to feel it up weekly and I drive roughly 40 miles on day on it.

- Ana Z

Decent gas Mileage, decently reliable, cozy and small footprint with plenty of room for four people with a large trunk

Love the size- easy to park and easy to drive. Has useful components of radio control on the steering wheel and automatic windows/seats(driver). Wish it had seat warmers and navigation

- Jessica V

Very reliable, comfortable, and dependable.

I absolutely love my 2013 Kia Rio. I have had no problems in the time that I have owned it. The air conditioning works wonderfully and it is very safe for transporting my little one.

- Brianna W

Decent first car for 20 something.

It is a decent around town vehicle but has flashy features that are not necessary instead of features like power windows/ locks and cruise control that would be far more useful.

- Annie S

It is great on mileage and has a great sound system.

I like that it is small and easy to park. Cheap on gas and gets great mileage. It is comfortable. Sometimes a pain in the snow. Gets stuck in my parking spot at my apartment.

- Madison W

It's reliable, small, comfortable and easy to park.

It isn't very fast, but it is comfortable to drive. I love that it has heated seats and a sunroof and the sound system isn't bad either. It gets good gas mileage as well.

- Madeleine Z

It is a stick shift, and zippy!

I love my car it does the job, but I was under pressure by the salesperson when I purchased. I didn't get the car I was truly looking for with all the features I needs.

- Kalyn R

It is roomy inside, I am 6'2" and actually have to scoot the seat up.

It is a little bumpy on the road, and the rear view cam stopped working about 2 years after I bought it, the seats are a little uncomfortable, but it is great on gas.

- Jesse R

It is not comfortable, and does not have much room to stretch out.

The vehicle itself drives well. It does not take up a lot of gas, and even with a lot of mileage, it holds up. My only complaint is that the car itself is too small.

- Devon P

It's great on gas mileage!

I have had my car 5 years and have never had any problems. I love everything about it! I was the original owner and will continue to drive it until it falls apart

- Rae G

Fun little car for first time buyer.

Fun little car for first time buyer or hand me down for your kids. Comes with Bluetooth for music streaming as well as a CD player for your old music collection.

- Justin B

Do not buy it unless you plan to spend a lot of money getting things fixed.

The air-conditioning compressor went out after having 1 1/2 years and something is always going wrong and I am having to dish out money. I like the gas mileage.

- Lauren S

Great on gas and price. Kia gives you outstanding customer service

Little too low to the ground other than that I love it. Good gas mileage and never had any major problems. Service department very helpful with your concerns.

- Debra G

This car is very basic and gets me where I need to go without much fanfare.

I like it's gas mileage. It's very low frills which is good. Sometimes I don't like how basic and cheap it is. I often wish I had a car with more features.

- Jake n

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is fantastic on gas. It'll save you hundreds of dollars a year!

I love how good my kia is on gas. The amount of money I save on gas helps me out tremendously. I dislike the look of the car. I'm more of a sports car guy.

- George F

It's a small car. If you are a larger person, you won't be very comfortable.

I like that it's small and fuel efficient, and that the rear seats fold down for cargo space. I dislike that it has large blind spots and manual windows.

- Shelly D

It has several blind spots.

It does not have cruise control and didn't realize it when I bought it..... It sits to low to the ground.... It does have great traction control..

- Jordan S

It doesn't cost much to fill up the tank when putting in gas.

I like this vehicle because of the size and gas mileage that it contains. It does not take much to fill the gas tank. It is a very reliable car.

- amanda l

Basic car with excellent mpg.

This vehicle is a very basic but extremely reliable. I currently do not have any mechanical issues with this car. It gets amazing gas mileage.

- David z

Small, compact and decent mileage. I don't like that I have to put 91 Octane so the engine won't ping.

The only base model of this car that uses a manual transmission has no power options such as power windows or doors KS excluding driver door.

- Ken G

Although small, it drives like a truck.

I love my Kia Riot. It is compact and easy to drive, gets great mileage, etc. I like the advanced technology, etc. It is small but spacious.

- Debbie Y

The front of the Kia looks like the helmet of a stormtrooper.

The fan makes noise when running the ac and the brakes make a grinding sound even after a new service, possibly too sensitive to water too.

- Madeline S

Inside size is much bigger than new ones.

I love having a hatchback! It's small but I do not feel claustrophobic. The gas mileage is great, but a bigger fuel tank would be nice.

- Chelsea S

It has good gas mileage and does not take much to fill up tank.

It is somewhat small, not a lot of room in the backseat for passengers. But it is a gas saver which is great because we like to travel.

- Ora T

It has a backup camera which is VERY helpful and has saved me from some close calls especially backing out of spaces in parking lots.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I also love the backup camera. The only complaint I have is that is doesn't have a lot of power.

- Linda B

It is just a very easy to drive car.

It is a very compact car, easy to handle, easy to park, and very easy on gas. On the highway it is easy to move in and out of traffic.

- Nancy W

very economic fuel wise and comfortable

I like the economic fuel tank. It is very comfortable while driving long hours. It has not have any problems mechanically speaking.

- gabriel A

Its a manual transmission, it gets great gas mileage.

Leather seats, backup camera, handsfree Bluetooth system, great gas mileage, its a manual transmission and it's a fun car to drive.

- Ellen G

So far I have had it 5 years with minimal problems outside of the standard maintenance

The car get great gas mileage and has the option for satellite radio. My biggest complaint is that it does not have cruise control.

- Kim L

It seems very safe and seems to be lasting a long time.

I dislike that the passenger seat is so low. I dislike that i cannot change the color of the radio. I like how the car drives tho.

- Francesca C

Great car. No major maintenance problems.

Good gas mileage. Never had any maintenance issues. don't like the cheap upholstery. Hard to clean. Price for the car was great.

- Ann H

It might look small on the outside, but it really is spacious on the inside.

We love how small it is, yet has great storage. It gets fairly good gas mileage, but we definitely wish it got a little better.

- Karissa B

Reliable car for long period of time.

Great reliable car that has great gas mileage and warranty. The car continues to be low mountaineer and great for long trips.

- Alicia A

I really like how big the trunk is

All in all the vehicle performs well. My biggest dislike is the tan interior. It stains easily and loses its luster quickly.

- Maria M

Great gas saver, makes nice family car and great for grocery shopping.

Gas saver, small, lots of truck space, easy to drive, convenient, good space inside the car. Great car for small families.

- Sophia P

This car is definitely a hidden gem!

I like that it is great on gas. There has also been minimal upkeep to it. It has lasted much longer than I had expected!

- kristen b

That its not made in the usa.

I like it that its small, easy to drive. I do not like it that whenever something goes wrong, the parts are too expensive.

- Rosa V

The Kia Rio is an ideal car for a first time car owner.

In the five years that I have had my Kia Rio I have never experienced any issues. Great car for a first time car owner.

- Catharina S

That it is very fast and the ride is smooth and good handle.

No complaints, I love everything about the car. Get me from point a to point b, never any trouble; addons are amazing.

- Eli D

Nice small car quick and automatic transmission cheap car

The ac went out other then that I love the car but it not very gas efficient i have had no other problem with the car

- Brennan C

It is an affordable sedan and it has excellent gas mileage. Great looking car.

Just small. We have a new baby and her car seat barely fits in the backseat. We love the gas mileage we get though!

- Jackie M

Get oil changes and it runs very smoothly and it's good in the snow

It's good on gas. It's the right size but has plenty of legroom. I wish it was easier to see front end when parking

- Monica C

Good gas mileage. Some newer models do not have cruise control.

I like smaller cars. Not much maintenance to do. Replacing bulbs are hard to do so you do have to go to a mechanic.

- Cindy H

Great gas mileage and good value for the money.

Overall it is too basic. There is no onboard GPS. There are not enough options. I do like the body and profile.

- Jennifer W

It is fantastic on gas and picks up speed very quickly! Reliable at 800k miles

I bought if new off the lot and didn't include a spare tire. Also, no cruise control either. Small little car.

- Alexis W

It is almost paid for and still in great condition.

It is simple to use and looks great, but there has been minor problems with it working and starting at times.

- James B

It is a reliable car and I can depend on it to get my family around

I like that it is Easy on gas.I also like that it is reliable.I like that it has plenty of room in the trunk.

- Marsha A

Comfort and cheap in gas for commuters.

Small and cheap in gas! Dislike the speed sometimes but it is great overall however I switched to the optima.

- Lenis Q

Wonderful car with great feathers.

Good on gas easy to drive, has a camera, hasn't broke down since I got it, mind is a hatchback looks sporty.

- Esther H

Can become expensive if you don't maintain after warranty.

Great starter car that is reliable to get you to where you need to be. Low maintenance and easy to manage.

- Alicia D

Great gas and dependable handles great on the road.

Great gas mileage great handles great on the road. Like the color black. And like the interior color tan.

- Caroline B

Looks hatch camera gas mileage.

Great car handles good great gas mileage roomy trunk. Front seat needs more padding so your not sinking.

- Rae V

Good gas mileage, easy to get around. Good car for teens.

Good gas mileage. Drives well. Low maintenance. Easy to get around and can transport items easily.

- Teresa E

Reliable Kia, a car for a lifetime

It's very reliable I love it. There's no major problems I've had it for 3 years and it's not dead yet

- Khelsea L

Good for parking in tight places.

Like that it gets me where I need to go, dislike that the air from the left tire keeps getting flat.

- Martin C

It's fuel efficient and fairly inexpensive. It doesn't hold much gas.

It's very fuel efficient. The gas tank doesn't hold very much. The car body also isn't very sturdy.

- Kirsten W

The wonderful gas mileage.

I have a Kia Rio. I love that gas mileage of my car. I fill it up with gas for ~ $17.00.

- Christina b

it has an eco gas button to help you use less gas in and save money.

it works well and rarely has issues. i love the design of it. and it has awesome radio.

- rebekah m

it is dependable good on gas , It is not to bumpy when I drive

I like the color and the seats are comfortable. It is good on gas. And it runs good

- Chris C

great on gas, looks good , like the style of it. love the color easy to drive, like the 4 doors

good on gas, like the look and feel of it. like the style of it and color, midnight

- L A

It is very fuel efficient and has a smaller gas tank

I like that it is easy on gas and it has an eco mode that makes the gas last longer

- Joshua A

Great gas mileage!!! It's small and pretty easy to maintain

It's small and efficient on gas. It's cute and quiet. It's not fancy but it works.

- Natalie P

It is way too low to the ground. While driving in a slight incline the front end will scrape the street not matter how slow you drive.

It is not an ideal car. It is too low to the ground. Also has a poor resale value.

- Russ E

Great on gas mileage. Has a switch to conserve on gas

Great on gas. A hard to get into. Sometimes a little slow because it's a compact

- Francis L

The plastic on the bumpers are cheap so they sent easily

I love my car! It has leather seats.. fast pick up and it's sporty looking

- Kalyn R

It has a high safety rating for the size that it is.

It is comfortable to drive. Fuel efficient and maintenance is low.

- Dee H

It didn't come with a spare tire it has black interior no power locks or Windows

No spare tire if you slam the driver's door too hard the door locks

- Donald H

This is my third rio to date, and would buy it again.

good on gas, good rep, easy to drive, and at a reasonable price

- Richard M

Like: Fuel efficient, comfortable, reliable. Affordable. Dislike: small gas tank, no cruise control.

It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive.

- Ellen P

Great gas mileage easy to maintain Affordable to replace tires. No cruise control. Runs smooth quiet

Great gas mileage quiet running compact low cost repairs

- Edna P

Very close to the ground. Slight incline and you'll scrape the bottom of your car.

Too small. Feels unsafe. Too close to the ground.

- Russ H