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This vehicle is reliable and comfortable

My 2009 Kia Sedona is a very reliable vehicle. It has not needed any major repairs, just normal wear and tear type work like tires, brakes, etc. The model we have is the shorter one so it doesn't have a lot of room behind the back seats for storage but there is a small area. I like how the middle seats are easy to fold down in order for my kids to get into the backseat easier. The AC/heat is still working great! The seats are comfortable even for long drives. The glove box has a lot of room. There is a drawer under the passenger seat for some extra storage. If the back windows are down the door will not lock when it is open. The 3rd row windows only crack open, they are not full windows. It does very well in winter conditions. We have a tough driveway for winters and it seems to always get us out after we have shoveled/snowblowed the driveway. The audio controls are pretty user friendly, although to change the sound from right to left or back to front took me awhile to figure out. It seems to get good gas mileage. My kids think that the seats are comfortable. There is not a lot of room in the 3rd row if you are using a car seat or booster seat but someone can still sit in the middle seat, it is just tight. Overall it is a GREAT vehicle and has never let us down.

- Beth R

It is functional for my family, even if I don't love it.

Although this wasn't my first choice of vehicles, my previous vehicle got totaled in an ice storm and we had to buy a newer car. Going from a CR-V to a minivan was a definite size increase. I love the flexibility that we have in seating: captains chairs, backseat, fold down part or all of the backseat for more storage/trunk space, head space (I can be in the back buckling my Little's buckles no problem). I dislike the electric opening doors. Although they were great for the first year, after that we had problems with one of them not functioning properly (liking to NOT close) and have since turned off the power doors which makes them more heavy to close.

- Nondi K

Kia Sedona. The Benefits of a Reliable Family Vehicle.

I frequently haul large loads of equipment and long lengths of boards easily, due to the size and to move the seats. We easily traveled with 6 people and the luggage, as well as camping equipment for a week. It comfortably seats 8 with normal use. I love all the compartments, dashes, and cup holders. In the years that we have had it, we have only had to have the tires rotors ground down, windshield wipers, light bulbs, and regular maintenance. Car seats fit well and are easily accessible for both sides of the vehicle. Visibility is good. It does not cost a lot to maintain or buy parts for. I would purchase another if I needed to.

- Jennifer W

A great roomy & comfortable van to take on trips.

I love the comfort of the seats. The back windows roll down another great feature that my grandkids love as well. The leg room in the front as well in the back is spacious. Great for long trips as well as short trips. Lots of room in the very way back of the van-for groceries as well for our luggage. The back doors both open for convenience-easy to get in & out. It holds 7 people without being crammed in. We have taken our van on many trips & it drives so smooth & has great pick-up when we need it. We have never had any problems with our vehicle either. Not bad gas mileage either which is a big plus as well.

- Pearl T

Reliable vehicle and maintenance normal

I have had very few problems with my vehicle. We bought it used eight years ago. We love the ability to put seats down and up. We have driven across country with it. We keep the oil changed and normal maintenance completed. In the winter the doors have frozen shut and there was a time we had issues with the windshield wipers. It is pretty basic. It does have a CD player and radio with a option of connecting a USB, but we have never used that.

- Beth B

An interesting detail is that it�s still holding up after 9 years.

My vehicle still works after 9 years. Also still goes fast and comfortable. The outside looks pleasant and maybe a few scratches, but that's what happen when you been owning a car for 9 years. One Pringle's that I have been noticing is that the steering wheel starts to shake while driving and I couldn't figure out why. Another problem is that the radio suddenly stopped to work. Overall amazing car.

- Chelsea L

Kia Sedona is a reliable roomy family vehicle.

I have had the Kia around 18 months and no problems so far. I like it for the most part. It runs great and gets good mileage. There is a bit more street noise then id like. It comes with great features and the cargo area is deep and has tons of space. Also decent room in passenger area. I love the storage compartments. It handled well during the winter months. It's a great family vehicle.

- Tanya M

Amazing Kia Sedona with amazing features!

The vehicle seats 7 which is great with four children in car seats. It has a great hatch for my stroller along with the children's sports gear. It is very reliable. It has power doors power locks power windows. It also has a mirror to check on the passengers in the back. I also have cruise control and soft cloth seats. It has 206,000 on it and gets great gas mileage.

- Diane T

Nice comfortable ride, poor gas mileage.

Kia sedona does not get good gas mileage. Cruises down the road at 80 miles an hour. Good performance and does not lose power going up hills. Have had some issues with electrical. (doors and radio) drives nice and is comfortable. Just wish it got better gas mileage. Around town gets about 11-12 miles to a gallon. On the highway gets up to 21 miles a gallon.

- Kent K

Great family van, great for long trips.

My van has been very reliable. It does good on gas mileage. It drives more like a car than a van. It has a good size trunk. We've had it for almost 10 years and just this year was the first time we've really had to have work fine on it. We like the navigation system that was included and it has a really good sound system.

- Hanna P

Awesome Van to drive! I would recommend this van for any family or anyone.

I love this van because of it's stopping power and it's great for people with disabilities and wheelchair needs. It also has great gas Mileage and it doesn't take long to heat in the winter. It also comes with a CD player and it also has a storage compartment for groceries and you can fold the back seats down as well.

- Erin S

Great reliable car and performance.

It is big and roomy to fit 7 people. DVD is not working. Drives wonderful. It is a wonderful reliable car. Just added a new battery and new tires. Really the only issue is because it is a big car it takes a lot of gas to fill up. Other than that I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking to purchase it.

- Stacey S

The Kia Sedona has been a very reliable car and has high safety ratings.

The Kia Sedona has been a great vehicle. It's very roomy, love that it has a 3rd row with fold and go seats which gives us room for 'stuff' when we go on vacation. The Kia gets great gas mileage. I have not had many mechanical issues with this car. It's has been very reliable and has high safety ratings.

- Nancy C

Reliable, affordable, and easy on the wallet!

No problems. Car is reliable, ride could be better, but most important is reliability. Kia has held up well. No major repairs. Good gas mileage. Comfortable seats.I would order an upgraded version. Lots of new things to add. All in all I would buy again and recommend Kia to anyone.

- Karen M

Best family van you will ever need

I love the space and gas usage. It is easy to drive and very reliable. I like that you can take out the middle chairs and hide the back seat and it can become a cargo van very easily. It has a lot of compartments for day to day activities. A perfect vehicle for a big family.

- Denise N

Very comfortable, air, CD player, Roomy for comfort.

I love my Sedona, it is really reliable. It has air front and back, 2 rows of seats, 3 if you count the front. Auto locks and windows. Very comfortable seating. Back seats recline. CD player, and the air in the back you can adjust. Comfortable rides for long trips.

- Angel S

Bad doors. Kia says not a safety issue.

I have had many issues with the automatic sliding doors. They fail to latch and open right up while driving. I have replaced the latches on both doors twice in 2 years. Now I have my power turned off and o e door is not Usable in which has a brand new part in it.

- Tara L

Reliable Family Vehicle for Travel

The vehicle is reliable. It is capable enough to tow our popup camper. It is large enough to fit our family and luggage when we travel. It gets good gas mileage. It occasionally has issues with the latch on the rear doors. They also tend to freeze in the winter.

- Lisa N

Durable car with many miles

I have over 200,000 miles on my car. It has been a good durable car and I make regular maintenance checks. It has a lot of cargo space which has been helpful on long road trips. My radio went out a few years ago, so I just pay for satellite radio instead.

- Jen M

Roomy, dependable, and safe minivan

Have had ongoing Issues with the automatic doors not opening at all and/or not closing all the way. The van is temperature sensitive and takes a long time to warm up in cold temperatures. It definitely Runs better when kept in the garage in the winter.

- Victoria W

Bad and good points of a Kia Sedona.

Electronics doors and windows have problems. Company cannot seem to get it corrected. The sunroof window would open but not always close. Otherwise the car runs fine. If you are a tall person seat does not go back far enough for comfortable driving.

- Helen D

It's a 4 door Kia Sedona is a very reliable I haven't have problems with it love the comfort the way it performs lots of room and drives pretty good my whole family is happy with my car

I love my Mimi van I never have had any major problem with my car it's great reliable car runs good and it has lots of room and everyone will be comfortable 8at lest with plenty of room my vehicles Is in good condition is safe for my family

- Lucy C

2009 Kia Sedona van. It is dependable and reliable. I would take the van anywhere.

I love the Kia Sedona van. It is comfortable to set And ride in. We take it on long trips once a month and we have never had any problems with the vehicle performance. And the kids loved it because they have Room to stretch out and relax.

- Billy B

It is a very roomy and comfortable ride

My vehicle is perfect for a large family. I have plenty of seat space. It also has tons of storage space that accommodates lots of items for lots of people, for example, everyone's luggage for vacation.

- Bobbi M

The interior space is great for families with multiple children.

I like the space and that it is easy to drive. I dislike that the battery wears down quickly if not driven long distances regularly. I also dislike how large the vehicle is when it comes to parking.

- Elaine W

It is a reliable vehicle with no frills.

I have had very little repairs needed to the engine. The interior cosmetics have broken frequently. The arm rest on two bucket seats have broken. The latched on the seats have broken. It runs well.

- Pat D

One of the reasons I chose my current vehicle were for the safety features, the number of airbags and anti-lock brakes.

I like my vehicle very much and plan to purchase another of the same make and model when I buy a new car. I will look for new features like backup cameras and heated seats on my new vehicle.

- Mary H

Decent Mini-Van. If a teacher in the carline messes with your auto-door, it may get messed up.

No engine problems so far. Seats are comfortable. Drives well. One automatic door either stays locked or stays open sometimes so I can't always open the sliding door from the outside.

- Sara T

It drives great gives pretty good gas mileage the only thing is the motors on the van doors don't last very long

I love the space in the storage space I love how big the trunk is I dislike the fact that the motors on the door have already going out but all in all it's an awesome car

- Amanda E

The car does run great on gas.

Overpriced piece of garbage. Was suckered into paying 20k for a 3k car. Jd byrider should be put out of business as any other scam artists used car dealer should.

- Bryan E

Overall a great car, but could use better sliding doors.

Overall we very much enjoy this van. It is not too fancy, but not a piece of junk. One major complaint- the sliding doors stick and have needed to be fixed.

- Kelli P

My car is a great family car.

My Kia is comfortable and easy to drive. I love that it is roomy enough for all the things that I need. The only thing I would change is power doors.

- Lora W

It has great horsepower and for an older vehicle work really well in getting me around.

I like that it's roomy. It's great for long road trips. I like that we have plenty of storage. One thing that could be better is gas mileage.

- Dawn S

My Kia will always have your back and take you where you want to go.

It's very reliable. We have used it and filled it with so many projects, from house repairs to transporting children and their friends.

- Angie s

That it has good gas mileage. That it is very roomy. The seat is very comfortable.

We were only able to buy a used car. This had a good deal even tho there were some issues with it that was not obvious until later.

- Darlene B

My car gets good gas mileage, even when running poorly.

Ghost accelerator issue. . . Ac needs recharge, all doors need to be greased, hood light recall, but it gets from A to B, love it!

- Erin F

That uses no oil with lots of miles on it.

Good Eng. And transmission. Blue in color. Sits 7 people also good for work. Like that back seats fold down. Good to use for work.

- Patricia V

The kia sedona gets good gas mileage and is reliable transportation

Love it. 6 years put only battery, tires, gas and oil. As of this week had to replace ignition, now stater. 167000 miles on it.

- Ann L

It kept me safe in an accident. It kept my kids safe.

It is a minivan that gets me where I need to go safely. I can transport my kids and others. It kept us safe when someone hit me

- Diane S

My Kia minivan is nine years old.

My Kia Sedona is easy to handle, but the gas mileage is not very good. I bought it because my wife's scooter fit in the back.

- Larry T

KIA Sedona Van. 2009 3.8 engine

rides good, needs front wheel bearing, 436,000 miles. Use for work every day. Has check engine light on, needs cataclysm cover

- Patricia V

It has as over 120,000 miles and still going strong.

Pretty dependable. Have had issues with air conditioning and door not locking automatically. Otherwise, not a bad vehicle.

- Ann M

Very reliable and economical car. Never had any issues and I feel it is well made.

Very reliable car that gets decent gas mileage and was affordable. Roomy car. Dislike it is a van would prefer a n SUV.

- Carmen H

gas mileage, year, conditioning, style, features, model.

great on gas, great for traveling far distances comfortably. nice features, plenty of room. all around great minivan.

- mike t

The price is right. Nice sedan.

Rides like an old pickup truck, seats uncomfortable, good trunk capacity but difficult to move seats up and down.

- Linda F

It's flexible in both seating and cargo.

It's comfortable to drive, fairly economical, and it can haul almost anything I throw at it.

- Steve M

It is old but it gets me where I want to go.

I like it fine, but it is no frills. I wish it had a few more frills. And it is getting old.

- Beth P

Lots of room especially if you have a growing family like I did.

Lots of room for family. Like the Bucket seats. Ac works great. Gas mileage not so good.

- Robert J

Very safe vehicle's. I would buy another one if I had the money.

Great on gas.Lots of room.Great in snow.Parts are expensive. I have no complaints. .

- anthony A

It's got a good get up and go after it is stopped

Works for my purposes and haven't had many issues with it

- Diana K

It is a very reliable vehicle. The vehicle I have had really no issues just basic maintenance. It is a comfortable travel as well.

I love it. Will be buying another. It is great on safety.

- Shelly B

I love that I paid a fraction of the cost for most minivans for my Kia and it has been very reliable! I do wish it had built in DVD players but the newer models probably have them. It is nice that when things need to be replaced, parts are relatively cheap for Kias.

It is a very reliable vehicle without costing a fortune!

- Jessica T