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Dependable and safety first.

I honestly am very impressed with my 2010 Kia minivan! I have not had any problems out of my van, other than your routine maintenance upkeep. Above all though, the 2010 Kia Sedona had one of the highest ratings in the safety aspect which is what matters most to me. I have 3 kids and they go almost everywhere I do, so keeping them safe and not having to worry about the van breaking down is everything! The only thing I am not a huge fan of is that my sliding doors are still manual and not automatic, and it did not come built in with a DVD player. The things I don't care for though are only wants and not essential needs.

- Jessica P

It is a very safe car with lots of room to transport children. For Girl Scouts and youth group that has been a great benefit. It also came in really handy to take the girls to college.

I like that the last row of seats can be completely folded down and the middle row can be folded up so that is gives more room in the back. I don't like that the floor mats gets caught in the seat locks to the floor if you are not careful when you put them back up. I like the warranty that came with the van. I don't like all the sensors on the vehicle that cost a lot in order to replace (the tire sensors). I also don't like that to get an additional key since it is one of those electronic gadgets would cost so much. Overall I have really liked our Kia.

- Cordelia R

Give Kias a try. Nothing fancy, but good value.

Our minivan has been a good value for the money. It doesn't have the bells and whistles of other models (like a motorized sliding door) but it has plenty of cargo space which is important to us. The seats are comfortable during long road trips.We have been diligent about maintenance and haven't had any huge must-fix mechanical problems (like the transmission) but we did have to spend $1100 to fix automatic locks on two of the doors this past summer.

- Courtney C

Reliable, safe family vehicle.

My car is practical. It's not a bad looking vehicle but is very basic, no add ons. It has been very reliable and that's the most important aspect of a vehicle to me. In 9 years, I've only need to maintain regular maintenance such as oil changes. I've not had a single problem... mechanically.I would definitely recommend this type of vehicle for family use.

- Julia L

We love our van. I also like the storage room. When we moved,

It has been a good vehicle for 8 years now. The auto locks and door handles are broken on both side doors. There has been issues with the battery needing replaced but I think that is typical in fl. We also have brakes that need replaced as well. But overall, our van has gotten us to work and school and also on our family travels to Indiana every summer.

- Heather G

Reliable-make sure you get a warranty

The 2010 Kia Sedona is very reliable, I've had very few problems with it. The one problem I had was with the air conditioner, which was a fairly expensive fix, but luckily the warranty from the company I bought it from covered it. Has managed to continue to hold up to my constant travel, and haven't had a single problem while doing so.

- Susan S

Nice family mini van with seating for seven.

Plenty of seating, drives well, uses a lot of gas, have not had many problems at all since buying in 2014. Vehicle is reliable, always starts during winter since replacing battery in 2016. Lights are very bright at night time, often get oncoming vehicles flashing me because of bright lights even when hi beams are not on.

- Skip H

Beatrice the big blue minivan

I have noticed that a lot I'd the plastic on the inside easily breaks. The arm rests also have became loose and even started breaking off. Performance wise no complaints. The parts are not expensive and easy to replace. It drives extremely smooth even with its age. I love my Kia minivan and would buy another one.

- Melanie S

Kia Sedona, a great vehicle to have!

It is a great car and is very roomy. It is easy to drive too! The maintenance is good and feels like a car with room of a van. I would definitely recommend this van to others. It does take a lot of gas but most vans do. Great family vehicle. I love the two different control systems for the front and back air.

- Chris M

The best soccer mom van ever!

I love my Kia Sedona. I would like for it to have a little more room in the very back where you can store things. When all seats are in use I can't fit my stroller in the back. I love that it has ac vents on every row of the car. I am short so the seat depth is important and it's perfect in this van.

- Lisa W

Kia Sedona silver and its features.

It is not comfortable for very long drives. For example, if I was going to drive all the way to Alberta, it wouldn't be comfortable. They include a free trial of Sirius XM radio when you first buy the car. Also, there's loads of seats. It seats 7 people. Again, it is not comfortable for long drives.

- Ren M

Nice and roomy. Seats are easy to work with and make more room.

Nice ride, very reliable, no issues to date with starting, air conditioning, ride quality, strange noises, dash lights or anything. Seats are comfortable, my back doesn't hurt, and I am high enough to see (I am a short person). The power is good, not sluggish or difficult to get up to speed.

- Lucy M

It's very spacious and drives smooth.

Its very spacious and comfortable for long trips. It's a 7 seater. So very easy to get to the little ones. It drives smooth on the highway. It's not a four wheel drive, so you would have to be mindful when driving in the snow. It drives well in the snow but it sometimes get stuck in the slush.

- Marissa B

It�s an old Kia, but it�s reliable.

It's old, but it's reliable. The door needs work, but I think that's the only thing wrong with it. The engine is reliable, It drives very smooth. It hugs the road. It doesn't get much gas mileage. The AC blows cold. It could use an update radio system that with a hands free Bluetooth system.

- Tee F

There is rear-control air-conditioning and heat options.

The brakes tend to squeal. The back windshield wipers tend to click and make noise when used. In general, the van is reliable and has lasted 9 years and over 130,000 miles. It does use up more gas than a typical car would, so no need to get this unless you have enough kids to fill it up.

- emily L

Dealer failure to take identified issues seriously.

Mirrors have not worked since I bought it, though dealer found nothing wrong. Sliding door locks broke. Both fobs quit working. Discussed all with dealer and they did not find any issues. As a result probably the last time I by Kia. Love the room, space and reliability.

- Pam K

Losing the power steering while it is raining can make it very difficult to make turns.

It has met our needs well for travel, transportation, and family. We are mostly pleased with how it runs. It has, however, had one repeated issue; when it is raining and you are using the AC, the belt will sometimes slip and we lose the power steering for a little time.

- Joseph O

2010 Kia Sedona has decent gas mileage and good driving vehicle but bad seals.

Great minivan. Could be a little better on gas mileage but it's ok. The only thing I hate is the rear sides and back hatch seals stick in the heat and the cold. I think they are just not good seals. Front doors, driver and passenger are good though. Overall good car.

- there's a T

Big red is the best get a Kia!

I love my truck it has a backup camera amazing ac & heat! The seats heat up! I have a TV in the back for the DVD player or games if you want to hook up something extra! Two row! My truck gets me to where I need to go and back. It red like candy and sweet like me!

- Ashley H

I love my Kia Sedona! Buy one now!

I have had zero issues with my vehicle. I love it! I have leather seats... front are heated. I have a sunroof and six-CD player. The sound system is great! My gas mileage is very good. The stowaway seating is great for hauling stuff. My van is perfect for vacations!

- Amy S

I love the double sided doors.

I haven't had any major problems with my car. There are some recalls I need to get taken care of but since I bought it, I haven't had to replace anything major. Just regular oils changes is doing the trick. I like that it is double sided doors and very spacious.

- Caitlin J

It does what it needs to.

No complaints, good mileage. The interior is enough to haul whatever I need, but is not as absurdly large s some other options on the market. The only problem we have with it is that it will occasionally not accelerate on the uphill.

- Stephen D

It runs good even after 100,000 miles. Very affordable and safe to drive.

I have been a KIA customer for over 10 years.The KIA Sedona is an affordable minivan. I really like the safety standards. It is a good and safe vehicle for a family. My vehicle currently has over 100,000 miles and still runs great.

- Dawn V

It is a great value for a van with good gas mileage and several great features.

I have enjoyed having the van I have. It has enough features for us, and plenty of room. The only complaints I have are the wear and tear we have put on it. It has stained seats and some rough looking scratches.

- Bekka M

This vehicle is very reliable and dependable.

I like the way the car handles. I like the ride the car has. It is very roomy inside with plenty of room for passengers. It is a dependable vehicle. There has not been what I would call unforeseen repairs.

- Joe R

It was affordable and reliable.

I like that it is meat and potatoes not a lot of unnecessary extras. It has been reliable and was affordable. The only complaint I have is when the sliding doors freeze shut during winter .

- Rae B

Very roomy for a large family and easy to drive.

I love all the room the van has. I like that you can take the middle seats out. The trunk has a lot of space too. It is nice that the seats recline comfortably. It ha been pretty reliable.

- Christine M




Extremely dependable and safe for families. Great car.

I love this car so much. I haven't had many problems with it. The Kia brand is a great company and the dealership is a great place to have your vehicle maintenance.

- Andee S

Very roomy and smooth riding.

Gas mileage is not too good. I do a lot of traveling. I do love all the seating and I love the roominess. The ride is smooth and I can store a lot of things.

- Kathy T

Great value and very good buy.

I love my minivan. Moveable seats and dual side doors. The only thing I hate is that the rear door seal sticks really bad which makes it very hard to open.

- Theresa T

It's a good running van, vert reliable

I don't really like mini vans but because I have a disabled daughter in a wheelchair a 3 other kids it the only thing that has enough room

- paula H

Best family car i thought i never wanted.

Very reliable. Good safety. Car is roomy. Lots of cup holders good air conditioning. Fold down center console is great.

- Jaime L

Storage and Roominess in the van

It's nice and roomy. After sitting for a while the seats don't feel quite as comfy. There's a lot of room for storage.

- Christine O

the van is a workhorse it is very dependable. Gas mileage is very good.

Very reliable, good gas miles, comfortable. the down side is maintenance and repairs are double of an american car

- michelle m

It's a great reliable car.

The vehicle is really reliable. It gets me from point a to point b. I never had a problem with it so far.

- Dominique W

Stills runs good and is in great shape considering the year of vehicle.

Great quality and warranty. Very reliable vehicle. Paid a good deal on vehicle for a dependable car.

- Merle L

My overhead console is broke. The circuit board is cracked $100 to buy a new one Had to replace air inlet hose. Easy to replace. $50

Very dependable. Stowaway seats are easy to use. Radio can play MP3 or disc. Sirius radio

- Steve W

I liked the power doors and trunk. However it's too expensive to fix now that they are broke. Don't like that I can't change the station on the steering wheel. Only the volume

Doesn't have a tight turning radius. The hitch that was added is too big for the vehicle

- jill s

Great ride and nice size to carry people was well as large items because seat goes down into floor

I like the size and the amount or size it can carry. No complaints

- Marvis H

Parts are too expensive. Don't have to spend a lot to buy it. Plenty of room for everything.

It is very roomy inside. Plenty of space if you have kids.

- Selena W

I have been having issues with sensors going bad. I had one replaced last year, one this past June and now it has to go back into the shop for another. The van performs as expected and was a really nice van when I bought it new. The next one we get we would like to upgrade to a more luxury model because the average model does not have the comfort features like heated seat etc. Also on road trips you can hear the wind as you are driving and it is very loud. I never really wanted a minivan but I have triplets so economically it is the best affordable vehicle for my budget and family.

It has the right amount of space for a large family.