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The steering wheel is very convenient. It has all options.

Actually love my vehicle, love the color of my car teal and gray trim. It is fully loaded heated seats and drives great. It has dull options on the steering wheel to control radio cruise control. I have three kids so my husband and I and our children fit comfortable. The trunk is huge and gives you the ability to open just the window part of the trunk as well. The seats are all leather and heated. The color is a beautiful blue gray color which accents the outside paint color beautifully. I will definitely be purchasing this car again.

- Shea S

This car that looks great, handles well and is a great value!

I love my Kia! It has been a good car for me. It rides smooth and handles well. It is an older car so of course I have had some problems, but nothing that I think wouldn't happen to most cars as they get older. I am looking to get a new car because of the gas mileage. It is not really great on gas but not as bad as others either. I just want to go smaller and more fuel economic. I would highly recommend the Sorrento to anyone looking for a good family car at a great value!!

- Connie B

Kia Sorento. Inexpensive and a blast to drive.

216,000 miles mostly highway miles I replaced serpentine belt, and air condition went out at 202,000 miles. I replaced the 02 sensors because the gas mileage was slipping It was during that repair I was informed of a leak in the exhaust at The motor it is a little costly to fix but, it's no easy job. I had the vehicle 3 years and am very satisfied. It has all wheel drive which is awesome.

- Julie T

Great Reliable Mom Car with Plenty of Trunk Space

My Kia Sorento has been nothing but reliable. It is a 2003 and the only thing I have had to get serviced was the air one time. The alarm system sometimes goes off at random times. That is the only problem I have had to deal with. It is very roomy inside. I am able to fit two car seats in the back seat and there is plenty of truck space for a stroller along with some groceries.

- Taylor C

Good looking stylish SUV and very reliable.

We purchased a Kia Sorento when they first came out. We have owned this car since 2003 with no problems aside from the normal oil changes, brake replacement, tire replacement, etc. This car has taken us on a lot of road trips throughout the years with no issues. Our family has very pleased with out Kia! Comfort, smooth ride, roomy interior with lots of legroom.

- Roxanne M

Kia is not for me unfortunately

The Kia is rear wheel drive which is terrible in any kind of weather, AC broke, heater is now starting to go out, you have to change your headlights (which is quite extensive due to the model of the car) every 3 months or so, and the windows have stopped working. The thing also goes through about $20 worth of gas every 2-3 days.

- Katy J

An interesting detail about having this Kia is can handle rough mountains.

I have drove my car to Atlanta and back. I love it because it is comfortable for travel. I have used my vehicle for going in large amounts of traffic and the brakes work well. I use the air it works really well. I have a sunroof and that is another nice feature. I drove my mother around and she was comfortable in the car.

- Amy C

Does not have of the current features like GPS.

As long as you keep oil changed on regular basis. You will not have any problems. It is easy on gas and dependable. Although I do not do much highway driving it has 97, 000 miles and is a dream to drive. The only thing I would change is having side steps. If your a short person it's hard getting in and out.

- Pam H

Reliable, comfortable, great vehicle!

My vehicle has always been reliable. Headlights have always shorted out frequently. Wish it had better gas mileage. Replacing anything is quite expensive. Comfortable seats, great in the winter time. Able to haul a lot when the back row is down. Great first vehicle and has a safe feel to it. Lots of room!

- Morgan R

The black Kia Sorento. /SUV

Runs good not to many problems. Fits the family well. It is. A good car /SUV. Perfect for a small family. Mine is black. 2003 love the fact it has a sunroof. Lots of room. Has been a reliable car me and my family for months now. Only problem. Is my motor in the windshield wiper does not work.

- Michelle A

My truck is red and makes me feel great and I can sit high.

My truck is still in great running shape, I do not have any issues with how it drives, my ac or heat work great. The only off putting thing about my truck would be the leather is worn and I would need to get that upholstered and making it look new again. I love my truck and love to drive it.

- Camille S

Roomy Comfortable Great for hauling

This vehicle has so much room! The air stays really cold and the heat really warm in the Winter. I have had some trouble with it overheating due to leaking coolant. I've had to replace the hose a few times. Other then that it's a great car. I have no complaints.

- Mira H

Love my 2003 Kia Sorento, it's been a great and reliable car.

I haven't had any real problems with my car in the 15 years I've owned it. I've kept up the maintenance and had to replace some wheel bearings over time but other than that, it's been a great car!

- Tonya W

Keep oil changed and low mileage.

I still have a lot if original equipment on vehicle. I keep oil changed and try and keep it clean. It's good on gas and does not have many highway miles. I have had no serious problems.

- Pamela H

It has a lot of issues that require fixing.

I like the size and comfortability. I also like the shape and color of the car. I hate all the issues with the engine and starter and how unreliable it can be.

- Amanda K

Nothing much it's a great car wish I had one a little newer.

Parts can be expensive overall big gas saver. Its very spacious inside have had to put about 1000 dollars into it since we got it. But that's been in 5 years.

- Brenda M

My car fits 5 people and has a large back area so it's great for road trips, even though the MPG is a little low.

My Kia is decent enough, it gets me from A to B with AC and a radio. But I don't love it. It has pretty low MPG and there's several pretty large blind spots.

- Morgan W

My car is sturdy and surprisingly comfortable and reliable

My Kia Sorento is almost 15 years old. And it's a beast. Still running and holding up nicely. And it fits so many things inside, since the seats fold down.

- kate d

Safety rating is also very high on the Sorento, seems to hold its' value well.

Purchased right off the lot in 2003, this Sorento was ahead of its' time, super vehicle, goodride, paint still good, everything works, love it!.

- Bonnie B

Its safe, smooth driving nice cooling system.

I love my car because of how safe it is. The miles are amazing and runs great. The dislike I have is that since it is so old the parts are old.

- Mikayla E

It is great on gas, and there is plenty of room for my family

It is just the right size for me and my family. Good on gas. But it also has enough room to hall both kids and their stuff to and from places

- Pat B

Reliable transportation in a nice looking, easy to maintain vehicle.

It's a fairly reliable small car. My main interest in a car is reliable transportation and I get that! It holds up well considering its age.

- Dennis K

Very common problem in these Sorento is the crank sensor.

I love the space, and comfort it provides. I dislike how much gas I go thru in a very short trip. Also does not have a very big gas tank.

- Felicia H

It is paid for. I have never owned a Kia before and so far I do not have any negative thoughts about the company.

I bought the car used. There is a few minor things that my husband had to fix. Things we knew were wrong with the car when we bought it.

- Robin C

It's a great family vehicle.

Drives well in snow. I like my sunroof. I like everything about it. I like how much room it has. I like the heated seats.

- Cindy C

The car has served me well and has done great for a car of its age.

I like that the vehicle has been paid off and has served me well over the last 15 years. I dislike that it is old.

- g k

I dislike the gas mileage of my vehicle, but I do like the vehicle in general. It's very large, so I can store a lot of things. It drives very nicely, I just dislike how expensive it is to fill it up with gas.

Bad gas mileage, Good for driving. Can handle both on road and off road driving very well

- Mary B

It is a very reliable car. and comfortable to drive.

My A/C does not work and it is very hot here in Southern California.

- Joan R

My vehicle has plenty of room for my kids and their belongings. It also runs well for its age. However I dislike the color of it and that it doesn't have access to use a cable to connect your phone or iPod for music.

It's a good car for traveling, it has a big trunk.

- Tammy C