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Faulty systems. Clutch seals should be made and sold separately.

My car is a stick shift very cheap on gas and has been a very dependable car. It is easy to get around in small spaces. The only trouble upon owning I have replaced the transmission once because I let my daughter drive it and she clearing does not know how to drive a stick shift. I did have a little trouble while doing so because the clutch h is different and ended up replacing the clutch as well due to the garage I chose losing a seal..I was very disappointed that because of a two dollar piece of rubber I had to replace with the whole clutch kit $150 because it couldn't be bought separately, other than that and the fact the passenger side leaks on the inside through the motor I always liked my little car.

- karen M

Standard Kia spectra with great miles and. Easy to drive.

There hasn't been much. . . Good on gas. Its a standard like that too. The electronic parts ate wearing out but its 15 years old. It's quiet still engine starts fine. Had a battery for over 7 years in it before changing. Had arm replaced when got it nothing else. . But the usual spark plugs and tires. Oil change be careful of tilted oil pan most Kias have that so they try and say you have a slow leak where as they didn't tighten it on right because it's tilted.

- Heidi H

My car is a small car and it makes it easy to get into tighter parking stalls.

It works great. Just a few problems with it. One problem that my car has is the speedometer has stopped working but it is not to bad because I never used it much before plus when driving you only need to follow the speed of other cars. When I drive a night I usually use the waze app to see my speed if there is not another car near me. The acceleration is not the best but it is not bad either I feel like it is better than a Dodge caravans acceleration.

- Jacob S

High performing, reliable Ford f250 super duty.

Our Ford f250 super duty extended cab pickup truck is a great vehicle. It has had only minor issues, such as having to fix the steering because it veered to the right and minor maintenance repairs. It has a lot of power being a v8 and really is a great vehicle for a family with dogs and it has been very convenient for hauling things. We love this truck and would not hesitate to purchase another Ford truck in the future, .

- Chris T

I pretty much covered all this in the last paragraph.

Great gas mileage, roomy trunk, but there is no AC. Good for long drives, body rusted out pretty bad. Plenty of room for four people. Decent stereo system. Overall it is a great little car. Was perfect for what we needed. Engine is good, great on gas. Just needed a little body work and the usual maintenance needed for the average car. I think anyone would be happy to have this car for their own.

- Dee S

My Kia spectra - a great driving car, . Have not driven 100, 000 miles yet.

My car is very reliable so far, for the past 14 years. I have changed the tires because of blowouts or punctures in my tires. I have done some work on my driver door at Kia dealership. I have not had any other major problems. I have about 86, 000+ miles on my car. . I believe it will take me through another 5 years or more. The Kia is a very reliable car.

- Loretta B

Overall great run with my little spectra.

I really enjoy this car its very reliable only problems I've had is having to replace the battery other than that I have had no problems. It is been more than 5 years and still running very well. There is plenty of space in the car from seating as well as trunk space I wouldn't say I enjoy the features though but there is an aux input so it helps.

- Chris N

I put the vehicle for about five years and there is about 130, 000 miles on it.

I recently had to have the entire engine replaced it is been running very well since then. I have had no other problems with the vehicle. It gets good gas mileage. Has a lot of trunk space the air conditioning and heat are in good working order. The body of a vehicle has a little resting on it but not a lot.

- Kimberly M

The car is perfect for travel from Texas to Ohio and back.

Great gas mileage. Good motor. Body is starting to rust but that happens to any vehicle in due time. There is no ac in it though, and that is something I am going to need in my next vehicle. Overall, it is a great little car. Plenty of room in the trunk. And can fit at least four people comfortably.

- Dee S

Great driving and riding car!

Great driving vehicle. It is a comfortable riding car. I like the Kia brand. It's done well for its age. I bought it used. Only issues I've had are the AC compressor locked up and the linkage broke. Drives great in all weather, rain and snow. I would consider purchasing another Kia.

- Jeanette J

Comes with a sunroof and CD player.

My car is a gas saver great mileage. Sunroof with a great paint job color it's comfortable to drive good sound from Audio. Parts are cheap to buy comes with a big trunk also very affordable. Lots of room for necessity cup holders on doors are great and cup holders on console.

- Rosie S

Interior is decent and no damages on vehicle

Vehicle has a blown head gasket currently otherwise runs pretty well. The water pump is also not working properly and belt is not installed properly either. There is also a coolant problem that is leaking from somewhere because vehicle tends to over heat within minutes

- Meagan G

Kia not a limo but it works.

It gets good gas mileage. No major repairs, except for ignition assembly. Clutch was iffy now it is great with repair. Not super comfortable but no serious leg room issues in front seats. No so great in the back seats. Has emergency release in trunk. And handles good.

- L L

Kia spectra. Great mileage. Great to drive. Oil change every 7500 miles.

Good car gas mileage of 20-35 miles/gallon, came with a few dents but works well. Has 4 well functioning doors with a slight squeak when opened. Due to age of the car. Headlights that are bright but turned a little crooked but I have grown used to it. Color is red.

- Sarah S

Uncomfortable driver's seat.

Very uncomfortable driver's seat due to seat belt receiver being so close to seat. Windshield broke from turning on heater and we live in SoCal where it does not get below 50s in winter. Gas mileage is good- around 30 mpg city. This model is a manual transmission.

- Linda D

Kia spectra- easy to find repair parts.

The car I had wasn't maintained well. It was able to go places and that's what mattered. Kia spectra is a car that will take you where you need to go but it's not a cat that you can flex on. I got it in 2012 and it has lasted through all the journeys that I took.

- Daniel M

Perfect little car with good gas mileage

My Kia is a small car but the inside is very spacious. It's a 2004 but it still runs like it's brand new. We haven't had any problems with it yet or hopefully not for a while. Everything still works, the power windows, radio, air conditioning etc. love the car

- Bai F

A whole big Spectra-um, all to yourself!

Really great for being a 15 year old car!! The only issue I've really had is that it just feels too light. However, I used to drive a big, heavy, Cadillac so I'm pretty sure that's why I think it's light! But overall I've found it to be a very smooth ride!

- Mel A

My review is of a Kia spectra and the fact that it randomly shuts off.

The car had a history of randomly turning off if driven too long and turning. It makes absolutely no sense because it runs well and does start up afterwards each and every time I would not choose a Kia or this make and model. But at least it drives well.

- Steph G

Good little sedan great space.

It's good. Drives good only 112000 miles on it. Plenty of trunk space plenty back seat space. Only had to do minor so far tires usual maintenance. The right arm had to be replaced. The electrical windows are slowly going out. But that's a replacement.

- Karin H

It�s still running after fifteen years

Internal plastic: dashboard and other parts just started melting in the Texas heat. Other plastic parts just broke. Air conditioning parts stopped functioning on a regular basis. It really has no features, but it IS still running after fifteen years.

- Bill C

It needs new tires. Sometimes they shake when they get up to 70 miles per hour

I like the fact that it gets about 30 miles to the gallon, I can go to the next town over and back on a quarter tank. I dislike the state the exterior is in, it kinda bashed up, but at least it runs ok

- Anthony B

It's a great gas saver and economical to fix.

I love the design of my car. The ease of which it drives and the gas mileage is a great feature since it's only a four cylinder but has a lot of power. The seating and comfort level are a plus.

- Darla C

Kias are very reliable. That is the one most important thing.

I bought my car used and it has been awesome for 4 years even though it is an older car. I would totally consider buying a new/newer Kia when my blueberry finally gives up on this life.

- Rachel C

It has very low mileage and it takes me everywhere I need to go.

I like my car because it takes me places. I like my car because it has very low miles. I like my car because it doesn't use up much gas. I dislike my car because the ac does not work.

- Christina F

It has a four cylinder engine which makes it cheap on gas.

It is fairly fuel efficient. Since it is paid for I have no auto loan payments. It is a dependable automobile and the ac and stereo still work fine.

- George S

It has good gas mileage, it is important for people who travel often or students.

I dislike that is is all manual except for the driving section. I like that it has lots of room. I also like that the car gets good gas mileage.

- Jessica H

Great car for a low price

2004 low miles runs great so far. Just changed brakes after about a year or so. Needs new tires and front window but other than that it's great

- Deanna B

It drives and rides so smoothly.

I like how reliable my car is. I like the color of my car. I do not like the worn-down nature of my car. I still love my car though.

- Anthony M

My kia spectra is a small gold 4 door car.

It runs great for being an 04 and still has less than 100k miles.The interior and exterior of the vehicle is in great shape as well.

- Holly B

Comfortable car to drive and get around town and on vacation.

The turning radius is phenomenal, but the exterior isn't very durable. It's been through a lot, but the car is still chugging along.

- Peter Q

Smooth to drive, safe and easy

Reliable, easy to maintain, comfortable to drive, big trunk with lots of storage. Able to put all three of my kids in it, safe

- Lisa M

Good dependable car but nothing fancy or special.

Pretty reliable, not lot of power. Good solid car for money. Wouldn't buy one new but recommend it to prospective buyers.

- Charles D

It gets me from point A to point B without hesitation.

My car runs amazing for being 14 years old. Drives smooth good on gas and it is the first car I have purchased on my own.

- Ashley L

Gets great gas and its silver

Love my car. It gets me everywhere I need to go never broke down. Gets great gas. But I am over driving a stick.

- Ashley S

Very dependable and comfortable. Also very fuel efficient.

extremely reliable, very comfortable, great design and fuel efficient. Also has a sunroof which is very useful

- martin K

I have a 2004 kia spectra and i love it. After my last car, this one is a huge blessing. I've had it for a year now and haven't had any mechanical issues or problems. My ex husband is a mechanic and he told me that he almost never sees a kia come into the shop.

I can't decide between the hemi or the way it handles the road. Seriously, I love both of these features.

- mary h

The body style is really good

I bought the 2004 Kia new and have not had a problem with it at all.it is very comfortable and reliable.

- Thelma Y

It is very reliable and inexpensive.This was my second Kia.

The durability of the car is incredible. The maintenance has been minimal. The gas mileage is great.

- Tammie S

It is a small 4 door sedan

My Kia is a small 4 door sedan. It gets good gas mileage. For It's age it has held up quite well.

- Brandy Y

Long life. It has lasted a very long time and I would drive it across the country

It's a great car. Good gas mileage and last a long time. I really wish Kia would make a truck.

- Lre D

It's pretty much maintenance free and there are no cars cheaper

I like everything about my Kia its reliable gets great gas mileage and it's cheap

- Mickey R

Might not have been a bad car if it wasn't bought used. My car had previously been in a wreck..

My car breaks down a lot...It burns oil. Also the parts are very cheaply made...

- Cody B

that it's reliable. It gets me from where I am to where I need to go. and it's a beauty.

it's reliable and fun to drive. I love my car. It's been an amazing experience.

- Mary B

The exterior material isn't very durable. I recently had to replace my front bumper.

I love the turning radius. The gas pedal is more touchy than the breaks

- Taran M

refined like a more expensive car

great ride, comfortable, reliable and great build quality

- martin R