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It is fun and easy to drive. A great car for someone who doesn't want something with all the bells and whistles, but wants something dependable and uncomplicated.

I love the size (compact SUV). It's really fun and easy to drive with a great turn radius. It just feels GREAT driving it, whereas my first car drove like a truck and was much more difficult to drive. I didn't know driving didn't have to be so difficult (like with my first car) until I got this car; what a relief! It fits all my needs perfectly, without adding unnecessary bells and whistles that would have driven up the price. A small detail, but I love the hook it has for purses in the passenger side- very handy! I love the color of my vehicle (forest green) and the overall look of the car. I think it doesn't stand out too much so that I can be easily identified on the road if someone meant me harm, but I like that the look and color is still unique enough that I don't look like everyone else on the road. I love the shape and position of the drink holders. It does have really bad blind spots in my opinion, which I didn't realize until after I bought it. I also wish I could put my elbow on the arm rest while I'm driving like in other cars, but the armrest in the middle is too short. Overall I am very happy with it though.

- Mariel T

Reliable. Decent gas mileage. Spacious. All in all wonderful.

Before my Kia Sportage, I drove a low sitting car. I much prefer the Sportage. It is spacious not only when it comes to seating space, but also trunk space as well. It got about 25, maybe a little more, miles to the gallon which is pretty decent for a smaller SUV. I have had little to no issues with the vehicle since I purchased it 2+ years ago. The interior is pleasant to the eye and comfortable. The A/C is a dream as well. It's easily the most reliable vehicle I have purchased to this day. I don't think there's anything I don't love about it. The factory radio is a little outdated, even for the car's time, but that's such a trivial feature and it can be replaced with something more up to date. All in all it is a very wonderful car.

- Sierra M

Pretty good - better than I expected.

I have had my Kia Sportage for over a year and put 30,000 miles on it due to long distance trips for work. Since I have had it I have not had any issues outside of regular maintenance. It drives well in most weather conditions and I love the compactness as I can park quite easily in most parking spaces. I have moved quite a bit and with the seats down I could fit half of my bedroom in the back. I even transported a queen size foam mattress in it. I love this car for all its standard features. It's quite comfortable for a short person like myself. The aesthetic of the car itself is also pretty good. I do not feel embarrassed running around in my red Kia.

- Catherine A

Small SUV with the ability to haul kids and all their stuff!

I bought my vehicle brand new and have completed suggested maintenance and have had no major issues! I love the 4 wheel drive option in the winter. It has a good amount of storage and enough cup holders. I wish it had vents in the back. The headrests are a little uncomfortable. It the seats themselves are great. The visor and overhead compartment both did break only a couple of years after I had the vehicle, but overall I have loved the vehicle and it's been very reliable. The trunk is roomy and with the seats that lay down, there is a ton of storage. We have a tow package so can even haul a trailer. This has been a great family vehicle!

- Claire K

It has a manual transmission.

My 2008 Kia Sportage has a manual transmission. It is amazing! I love how smooth the gears are. They move effortlessly and the clutch catches midway which is best. The car is a crossover/SUV so, definitely a family car and it safe and reliable. 95, 000 miles & 4ever to go! I bought my car used at 36, 000 miles. No major issues with it personally. The biggest thing I had to repair were the brakes and rotors. The other was when a bolt got loose and tore up my timing belt. I really love my Kia Sportage and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Going to rose this baby into the ground and enjoy every minute of it.

- Ashley D

The Kia Sportage is an overall reliable vehicle with an engine

I have a big Kia Sportage 2008 that my mom gifted me. I like this car because it sits higher up on the ground and I like cars that aren't low to the ground. When it runs it is kind of loud. But it starts up easily and I can rely on it to start up and go when I need to go somewhere. Parts of the window cover that came on the car have came off and flap at the wind. The brakes on the car are not the best, I have to press really hard to stop or slow down. The seats are fabric so they don't get as hot as leather seats would the summer. Some of the features include AC, passenger airbag, power locks and windows.

- Erica D

The Best and Worst of the Kia Sportage 2008

My car is comfortable, and has had no problems in over 10 years. It has about 90,000 miles on it currently. Everything still works great. My only real problem with this car is the stereo system, as there is no aux compatibility or Bluetooth due to the year of the car. I have to use CD or a plug in radio transmitter to play music from my phone. Other than that, this car has great miles-per-gallon, and I can fill the gas tank for about $40. I would recommend this car to others, especially for new drivers. This was the first car I ever drove and has been great.

- Kelsey J

2008 Kia Sportage: great family vehicle.

The speakers are not very good, the previous owners may have damaged them but they sound pretty bad above a certain volume. It's a great, reliable car, perfect if you have a family as it is very safe. Its small enough to where you do not feel like you are driving a semi but big enough to still be considered spacious. The drive is comfortable and smooth, the seats are adjustable, the ac/heat is fantastic as long as you maintain upkeep it's a great car!

- Cameron Y

Not a comfortable ride. I do not recommend a Kia Sportage to drive.

I do not own this vehicle. But I drive it everyday. It rides rough. Very bumpy. Like it does not have very good shocks or just made that way. I wouldn't buy one. I would rather drive a minivan. Smoother ride. I just would not buy a Kia. If I were buying one for myself after driving a Sportage on a daily basis and long distance. Not at all a comfortable ride. Even sitting in the seats give you a backache on long distance trips.

- Laura S

I absolutely love my car! Always reliable and even though i bought it used with quite a few miles on it i've never had a problem with the car starting or working.

I bought the car used so it did have a couple scratches and dents on the outside of the vehicle. However it almost always runs fantastically. Earlier this summer i have to have a leak fixed and some belt replaced, just recently the radio has stopped working because of a few loose cables. but the car has never not started and i never worry about it not making it on long or short distance trips. Overall a wonderful car

- Chandler W

Great all-purpose vehicle in all kinds of weather!

We bought the car in southeast Arizona and drove from there to Fairbanks Alaska via the Alcan. The ride was very comfortable and had no problems. We were there 3 years and drove on snow, ice, mud,, and very bumpy dirt roads. It handled all very well. We drove from Alaska to Maryland with no problems. We have owned the car 8 years, kept up with the manufacturers maintenance recommendations and have no problems at all.

- Frances T

Awesome transfer from car to SUV.

This vehicle exceeds all my expectations. It is very comfortable and gives that feeling of sitting up high that most people look for in a SUV, it is not too big and not too small. It is the perfect car for parents who are ready to transfer from a car to SUV. My Sportage has been very reliable in traveling, I have been to many states with it and have made it every single time with no issues.

- Brittany B

It looks small on the outside, but really has a ton of space on the inside - I've actually fit an entire loveseat in the back of my car with room to spare! I've moved several times, and it always helps me haul a ton of stuff.

I like the size and the height - I can see above most other vehicles during traffic. The seats in the back also fold down flat for tons of storage, which has come in handy so many times, I've lost count. Sometimes I wish I had some of the higher end amenities - remote car locks, leather seats, USB port, etc. but my car has taken good care of me these last several years, so I do like it.

- Alicia W

That for the money, you can get a can that is fairly reliable. That they seem to be making improvements every year on the vehicle.

I like that it is a crossover so it is not as big as a full size SUV but is bigger than my car. It is just the right height to slide into without stepping up or stooping. It is enjoyable to drive. I do not like that the steering wheel cover started coming apart within a year and it has always produced a lot of smoke.

- chris b

Older vehicle issues, roomy, but not the first choice SUV.

It is old, it stalls, it uses too much gas, and the transmission slipping at times. Also makes strange noises when using ac or heater, like a belt not running well. It is roomy inside, has an awkward expensive tire size and I don't really like the color either. I inherited this vehicle via divorce, not my first choice.

- Dag K

Great Vehicle - highly recommended.

I love my vehicle! It gets great mileage, super easy to drive. I have not had any problems since I have owned it. I am the second owner. I plan on keeping it until it cannot go anymore, & I am at 200,000 miles & it still runs great. I have not had any major issues. I have only have the normal things done.

- Shelley B

Spacious interior, not horrible on gas

It's a very reliable car, I've never had any mechanical issues with it in the 2 years that I've owned it. It's a nice small size SUV that gets through the ice and snow of upstate New York with no problems. The main issue I have is with the upholstery. It absolutely clings to dog hair and it's impossible to get out

- Cory G

This Kia takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Well it is pretty good for an 11 year old car. It has problems shifting and sometimes slips gears. It needs new brakes and a rotor. I got new tires on it. The interior is ok, needs to be detailed. The outside of it has extensive hail damage. It is very reliable. I have had it 6 years and it is never broke down.

- Tina S

Brief overview of my used Kia Sportage.

My vehicle is very reliable, I have never had any problems other than scheduled maintenance and my CD player is broken. It provides me with enough space for hauling and it does well in the snow. Also the fabric is easy to clean and I did have a few rust holes that needed to be repaired but this is an older car.

- Samantha M

Reliable and practical SUV.

Vehicle is a two wheel drive compact SUV. It has been very reliable with only 90,000 miles. It is a four cylinder engine that has some good pick up. I have done regular maintenance and the cost is pretty reasonable. It is roomy with second row seats that fold down. Ride height is great and you feel in control.

- Robert H

My Kia Sportage and why I love it.

The really only thing about my vehicle that I've had to replace was a knock sensor. Thankfully I was able to find a cheap mechanic to get it replaced. My car does great on gas and we have had no real issues with it. The interior is great, the handling is great and it's roomy enough to fit my family in it.

- Aaron D

It is a nice sporty looking SUV.

I think the Kia Sportage 2008 is a nice car. I haven't experienced any issues with it. I think it would be nice if it had 4 wheel drive but that would make the gas mileage worse, so it's also a benefit to not have 4 wheel drive. I think the car drives nicely, I just wish the speakers were a little better.

- Morgan K

My Kia is silver with pretty big tires for snow. It has window guards.

I take my Kia on long trips. It has been from PA to FL, PA to OH a couple times, PA to IN when I moved and back and forth more than 10 times. Great gas mileage. Low maintenance. Durable. Great in the snow. I wish it had a better radio and speakers. It has over 150,000 miles and still runs with no issues.

- Michelle M

it's roomy inside and it makes for a comfortable ride

I like that it is actually pretty good on gas considering it is an SUV. I love the color, it's green, my favorite color. It's roomy inside and comfortable. I dislike that it is not a newer version with newer technology in it. It has hand turn knobs to adjust the seats that are a pain to adjust.

- Lisa M

I can program the radio stations I listen to the most.

I think Kia Sportage is a good reliable car. Although I had my car for 10 years my CD player no longer works. I think there should be no reason while the CD player shouldn't be working. Other than that I think my car runs just fine. In the 10 years I have my car I have not have any major problems.

- Angelic C

With a hit of a button goes into 4wd with no effort at all.

I've really enjoyed my Kia Sportage until just recently when it started having problems. They're all not major problems but, seems like it's one thing after another. But, what I do like about it is that you hit one button to make it go into 4wd. Very spacious. Id own another own for sure.

- James D

The Kia Sportage is a great compact SUV.

My 2008 Kia Sportage has been a very reliable vehicle so far. I purchased it because it was very affordable and the ten year warranty is an excellent added bonus. It is a great compact SUV. If you do not need a monster SUV like an Explorer, navigator or escalade, this is a great option.

- Laurie F

Great for long-term ownership.

Very reliable car, even though 10 years old. Problem from beginning was gas tank door, it kept saying door was ajar even though it wasn't. Very economical. Hatchback rear door, lock sometimes does not unlock; need to press unlock several times. Does not have station to connect usb.

- Jennifer G

Kia Sportage... Reliable!

My 2008 Kia Sportage has been very reliable, with no mechanical problems. I purchased it new in 2008. It currently has over 151,000 miles on it and I have not had to do anything but routine service maintenance on it (brake pads and rotors, tires, tire rotation, and oil changes).

- Sandra D

Great warranty and a reliable vehicle.

I haven't had any problems with my Kia Sportage. I bought it because of the great extended warranty and for the overall reliability. The Sportage lx is a basic model but comfortable. I will probably buy one with a few more upgrades the next time. I am happy with this vehicle.

- Anne F

Just the right size for all the things that I need.

I love my car, it is just the right size for all the things I need to get done. I can haul my dog around and all his stuff, all my kids. I do wish the gas mileage was better. But I like the style of my car, and I wish the new ones still reflected this type of SUV style.

- Heather A

Will last a long time if you take care of it.

Bought car certified used. Car was only 2 years old and ac compressor within 6 months of me owning the vehicle. Otherwise a very reliable vehicle. Have only had to replace alternator and ignition switch in the time that I have owned it, along with routine maintenance.

- Taylor B

Perfect mid-size SUV for my needs.

Problems, tire pressure light comes on when it gets cold, even though its not low. Drives great and smooth. Very comfortable for long drives, has a lumbar support feature in drivers seat. Very reliable and handy small SUV that can haul a lot with the back seats down.

- Christine W

It is safe and reliable in all weather conditions.

My Kia is very comfortable to drive and I feel safe. It is reliable, I have only had to replace tires and windshield wipers. I have had no other necessary repairs. My only dislike is as I get older it is getting harder to get into the car without the running board.

- Betty D

Good gas mileage and runs amazing.

Alignment problem is the only problem. Great on gas, cold ac, rides amazing, runs great, gets from point a to point b, a little bit of an older car but still works amazing, good mileage, plenty of room for my whole family, overall a great working and running car.

- Destiny W

I love it the room inside is great

I love my Sportage I have been driving it for eleven years, It has four wheel drive and is great in the snow. I have used it for every vacation trip, it is wonderful, I would buy another but they changed the appearance. But WILL PROBABLY STILL BUY ANOTHER ONE

- Jacqueline I

Easy on gas, very reliable, I have had no problems

This is a very good vehicle, I have had no problems with it, I've owned it for five years now. It is very roomy, easy on gas, I just love this car. I drive it daily with no issues, highly recommend it to anyone looking for a car. It also has third row seating.

- Sharon M

That it is a truck body but a SUV. It rides wonderfully and is great in winter when there is snow.

I like that my vehicle is a heavier make and has a hatch in the back. I dislike that it has had multiple recalls and breaks tend to run out often. Parts are expensive because it is a Korean based brand and lots of times I have to compromise for generic parts.

- Katie M

Everything a single person like me who needs a car, truck, camper, etc.!

I really love the room it has in the back especially when the back seats are folded down! I would prefer that it was an automatic transmission but, it was all they had on the showroom floor that day! Now it has 225000 miles on it and is running great.

- Rose G

Unfortunate Unstable Snail Mobile

Around 60 miles per hour the vehicle shakes. The 4 cylinder engine leaves a lot to be desired. Gas mileage as well for a 4 cylinder engine. Lacks a aux or tape deck. Otherwise the car is spacious for what it is and was able to come with leather seats.

- Vladimir P

Only a couple frustrations

I have not had too many issues. The tires are not great at all in the winter and the back wiper blade is always broken and I don't replace it because it costs over 60.00 each time because they have to replace the whole part not just the blade.

- Patricia F

It handles very well in the snow and has a spacious front seat.

I really like how well my kia handles in the snow. The gas mileage is not great compared to other SUV type vehicles, however it isn't terrible. I dislike the height of the center council. It doesn't allow for any one's elbow to rest on it.

- Taylor J

We got the most for the money when we purchased it.

My SUV is the best vehicle I have ever owned, it is very reliable, good gas mileage, good on wet, ice and snow, my vehicle is loaded and purchase price was very good at the time of purchase, that is the main reason we bought it.

- Susan Z

That the passenger side seatbelt tends to lock when the car is in drive. It happens frequently and can be bothersome.

I love that my vehicle is large enough to haul what I need, yet small enough that I don't feel overwhelmed when driving. I have had no major issues with my car in the last 10 years and plan on keeping it for as long as I can.

- Sarah B

It's a reliable car and good with gas.

It is the perfect size for my 3 person family for both around town and traveling. It has been reliable and not too expensive when it does need repairs. I wish it had a hitch, and an auxiliary port.

- Alyssa K

It's a great first car ideal for someone who may be starting a family.

It has it's blind spots like every car but for someone with smaller stature it's hard to see sometimes. The size of the car is perfect not too big not too small. I wish it got better gas mileage!

- Karyn W

The Kia Sportage is comfortable for long drives because of the seats and their reclining capability.

I like the look of my car. The seats are comfortable and the back seats recline. I don't like the tan interior. I enjoy everything else about my car. I wish it had an aux port or Bluetooth.

- Tracy P

It's decent on gas. And comfortable to drive. Oh yeah and I wish that the center console was higher so I could rest my arm.

I like my car. It's not crazy expensive to maintain. I like that it's not a huge suv. I dislike the headrests and the high beam indicator is too bright. I wish is was also on a simmer.

- Michelle P

Good running car smooth ride no major issues with mechanical side of car

I have had the car for 5 yrs and have yet had any major problems with it besides the regular schedule checks oil,tires,etc It's a very smooth ride and recommend Kia to everybody

- Darren K

It is reliable. I like the functionality of my car it is easy to get in and out of places.

I like the size of my car. I like that is is a compact SUV and has all the rugged elements to it. Something's seem to break off easily especially the parts made out of plastic.

- Tiffany M

It is very roomy good if u have a big family.

It is a good car good on gas mileage. The only thing I do not like about it is it do not have an AUX hook up for me to listen to my music on my phone when going on long trips.

- Yolanda C

Very nice when it is working right. Can see well out of the car.

It is very easy to drive. I like the height of it and it is easy to get in and out. There are no arm rest in the middle of this car and the airbag light is on.

- Linda R

Sportage!! I have driven to California and back. Love it!

I have never had a problem with this car! I will buy another one when I can. Kia has been very good to me and my family! I an very satisfied with my Sportage!

- Kevin O

One of the important things about our Kia is that it is gas efficient.

I like our vehicle because it is a nice size, big enough to sit comfortably and haul things but not so big that it takes over the road and is hard to drive.

- Dana B

It's a great vehicle. I would recommend.

None, car runs fine. Have never had any issues with it other than regular maintenance. Kids are grown now so I may look for something a little more sporty.

- Denise J

This vehicle has been worth the loan I needed for it.

Car has been very reliable. I bought it used, and even though it is 8/9 years old it was very well kept and only has a few minor scrapes and dings.

- Justin O

Engine troubles or issues with the engine are rare.

I love the way it drives. It drives smooth and I rarely have any mechanical problems with it. I recommend Kia to anybody looking for a vehicle.

- maria g

My Sportage is reliable and comfortable. The hatchback is handy for larger items.

My Sportage is reliable easy to maintain and comfortable. It has a hatchback with fold down back seats which makes hauling large items easy.

- Christine B

It gets good mpg overall, averaging 26 mpg.

It's the perfect size for our family... It drives nicely and very comfortable... It has all the features I was looking for in a vehicle..

- Jamie S

It is great on gas mileage. It handles great, just like a car.

I love my sunroof. It's great on gas mileage. It has lots of room to haul stuff but not too huge. Great performance and radio system

- Dianna M

Good family car, comfortable and spacious.

Other than the sunroof being broken almost immediately after we purchased it, nothing to complain about. Comfy, roomy, and spacious.

- Dana C

That it handles great and it's four wheel drive.

It doesn't have a built in navigation system. No clips for children seat. I like it's four wheel drive and it handles great.

- Branden P

That it is very reliability.

I love that it can be used to haul things, that five people can sit comfortably. Very good gas mileage. Good for trips also.

- Pamela K

Very dependable, has only a few minor issues. Standard transmission, which is the only thing I'd change

Very dependable and not very expensive. Most people would classify it as an "off" brand, but I've been very pleased with it

- Debbie L

It runs well with little trouble at 136,000 mileage.

Reliable. No major troubles. Lots of room for passengers and equipment for vacations and camping. I feel safe.

- Marie A

It is easy to drive and does not cost much for gas.

Working on the motor is difficult. It is hard to get to things like the timing belt and the back spark plugs.

- Victoria R

It looks good and is fun to drive.

Nothing I can think of at the moment. It is fun and easy to drive and is pretty good on gas mileage. The end.

- Tom W

Safe, reliable, comfortable

Safe and reliable. No major issues with the vehicle. Comfortable. Rides nicely. Easy to understand controls.

- Kristyn N

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Sportage is good in winter and large enough to haul stuff. Dislike that it is older and does not have GPS.

- Monica S

It rides nice and has plenty of room for taking family trips

Had had several recalls. Had problems with the sensors in the tires has to fight the dealership to fix it.

- Cecilia G

Great little car with good gas mileage.

Like size. Gas mileage. Not enough storage. I love the color. It holds my bike rack. Good to take hiking.

- Georgia S

Kia's are a very good value. They aren't terribly expensive but last.

I like my car because it can hold a lot of stuff. It's made with quality. It also gets good mileage.

- Shannon B

Kia Sportage is a good value

Have problems with inside lights going out. I have had to replace battery 3 times. Over all I am happy

- Jessica W

It's a great car for price I feel like my car gives me value.

I like the size of my car. It fits in and out of places well. This car also fits my lifestyle.

- Tiffany J

It's very reliable. Small enough for us but not too small.

The size is perfect for us. It is large enough that we can haul what we need. No dislikes.

- Floyd C

It is reliable and sturdy and roomy It gets me where I need to go

I like the fact that it gets me where I need to go. I do not like that it is so old

- Ilyse J

It is the best Capacity to MPG ratio vehicle I have ever owned. The only dislike I have is that the sensor for the gas cap keeps going out.

It's very efficient for what it can do in terms of towing, capacity, and features.

- Mike C

It's pretty reliable and spacious. I enjoy taking it camping.

Bad gas mileage, but I like how big it is. I wish it had more trunk space.

- Lindsey S

It works. It is no different than any other vehicle.

It is a vehicle that works and it is like the vehicle that we had before.

- Chad C

It's great I really like it

It's a great vehicle gets me to where I need to go and I really like it

- Autumn C

i put $1000 into it after i bought it.

i like 4wd and air conditioning. i also like opening window on tailgate

- james C

Reliability good gas mileage no road noise inexpensive and great air conditioner

No complaints solid car and air conditioner this is a dependable auto

- Joseph B

It is a good car for a family that doesn't need a minivan but needs a bit more space than a sedan.

The rust issues we keep getting are annoying. Love it otherwise.

- Hazel M

Easy to get in and out of.

Like 4 wheel drive. Gas mileage not great. Like shifter setup

- Joel D

Gets good gas mileage and not too expensive

We love our Kia Very reliant saves on gas fuel efficient

- Denise E

Very reliable as long as regular maintenance is done. Handles well, good AC system. The only thing bad about this car is that since mine is a 4 cylinder the engine is underpowered for the size car it is.

Very reliable. Good gas mileage. Will last a long time.

- lorna h

Being a 4 cylinder the acceleration isn't very good. The amount of space is good. The rear folding seats are great.

Would be better if it had more power than a 4 cylinder

- Amber F