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Kia Sportage is a perfect family car with plenty of legroom in the Sportage.

The Kia Sportage is a perfect size family car, it can fit up to 5 adults comfortably. It's great on gas in the city and on the highway. A 23 mile highway trip I take regularly uses less than a quarter tank of gas there and back home. I haven't had any problems mechanically with the car since I purchased it 6 years ago. The one thing I don't like about the car is the rear seat windows. They are placed in a position that makes it difficult to see when checking your blind side. It's something you have to get use to. My kids really love the Bluetooth accessibility. They are able to connect their devices. There are several charging and USB ports so when the power runs low on those devices we can charge them up. This is really helpful on road trips. Speaking of road trips the hatch is roomy, it also has a USB port and it has a lower covered area that's great for storage of things you want to keep in your car. I use it for umbrellas, snacks, water, and safety kits. If you're in the market for something a little more sturdy than a car but not a gas guzzler, the Kia Sportage is the perfect car. I would definitely purchase another one. Plus Kia gives the best warranty!

- Kelly H

The fact that it is roughly only twelve to thirteen thousand and long lasting.

Good car probably last forever four cylinder engine with the same layout as my 95 Honda Civic accept this Kia will likely last allot longer because the engine although same design as the old long lasting Honda Civic models is bigger inside a bigger hood. Although the fuel efficiency is allot less than a Honda Civic the engine of the Kia has the potential to last a lot longer because It's easier to work on because It's bigger in a bigger compartment making it much more accessible than even a Honda Civic which is much smaller and more compact making those old school Honda Civics more difficult to repair even though there simple cars the Kia Sportage has the advantage of both a really economical Honda Civic as well as a truck because being bigger they can ironically be easier to fix and long lasting a few disadvantages might be the lower fuel efficiency compared to a Honda Civic or Nero but twenty or thirty years from now you might still be seeing alot of Kia Sportages.

- Robert F

My Kia Sportage is the best car I have owned so far for reliability.

My Kia Sportage has turbo boost and it can go when needed. It is a very reliable vehicle. The seats are very comfortable, heated for cold and ac for hot. The steering wheel is comfortable and the car handles well in any situation. The AWD is ideal for snowy conditions. It has 2 sunroofs. One that opens in the front and one that does not open in the back. This makes for comfortable riding. The back seat has a cup holder and armrest that comes down between the two seats that is convenient, especially for long trips. The back seats fold down to create much room in the rear to haul larger objects. The back has a cover that you can pull over your groceries to keep them from the sun. The navigation is exceptional. It has voice command, Bluetooth, usb, radio, satellite, cruise control, AWD, easy to engage. The leg room in the front and the back is exceptional. Have had no problems with it and have owned it for almost 6 years.

- Shirley W

My favorite ride! Just wonderful and has 2 sunroofs, 1 more than I asked for.

I love the color..Medium blue, it is very easy to drive and a very comfortable. It has 2 windows on the roof but only the front opens... The other is just for light. It has heated front seats (great for Ohio winters) has the GPS built in and the rear view camera for backing up. The visor has an extension so when you put it to the side window it extends back farther. The radio has a CD player and the sound is great. There are electric seats for the driver and they can raise up higher for better vision and has the lumbar handle. There are buttons to check the temperature, outside, your gas mileage and trip functions. Also, has the luggage rails on top. I suppose the best part it is not a 'car' so it sits up higher for driving visibility.

- Nancy B

Perfect size, perfect performance

I have had my Kia Sportage for six years. I stay on top of the maintenance schedule and it has proven to be a very reliable car. There has been only one mechanical issue with this car, the charcoal emissions filter. After several trips to a mechanic and finally one trip to the Kia dealership, it was figured out, replaced and resolved entirely. The car is very comfortable for me and my family. The seats are durable and easy to clean. There is plenty of room to fit 4-5 people comfortably in addition to spacious trunk area behind the seats. I love the sporty look of this car. Parallel parking is a breeze.

- Kari W

An all around great vehicle.

This was my very first new car. I have had it for 5 years and it has been totally reliable for the entire time. I have never had any troubles with the engine or battery. Recently bought new tires for the first time at about 87,000 miles. Although I find it comfortable for myself I have noticed the backseat gets a tight quickly when adults are involved yet, I have used the car to move a few times and it packs quite nicely when the seats get folded down. I especially like the all wheel drive which helps get through the winter months. The eco feature is also a huge plus to help get the most out of your trips!

- Grace W

Amazing car to accommodate kids

I have been driving my 2013 Kia Sportage for almost two years. It accommodates my two babies and myself while leaving us with comfortable leg room. It is very roomy and can seat everyone comfortably. The trunk area is spacious and fits the kids items/toys that I need to transport when going different places. I have not had any issues with the vehicle besides the ac compressor going out, but it was an easy fix. I love the Bluetooth feature for phone calls to keep hands-free driving. If I need a new car, I would definitely look into getting a newer version of this one.

- Lily R

Great for a family with pets! We love that the back seats go down separately.

The 2013 Kia Sportage is a great vehicle for a small family - 2 adults + 1 child with pets or 2 adults and 2 children. It provides a decent amount of space when the seats are put down for pets to ride along. It is convenient to be able to put the back seats down separately so one person can still ride in the back while the other seats are down. For a small SUV, it gets very good gas mileage and it is not overly expensive to fill up the tank. I have not really had any mechanical issues to date. We use it as our main vehicle for riding around town and for long trips.

- Kristin B

Reliable basic mid size SUV.

My vehicle is a perfect size. Not too large that it is difficult to park and not too small that there isn't sufficient room for carrying extras. . It drives easily and has a great turning ratio. It is not super powerful or luxurious. It is basic comfort. I find that it has a lot of road noise. Not great seals around the windows possibly? I have found my Kia Sportage to be very reliable, and I would recommend purchasing one to someone looking to buy a basic mid range SUV.

- Cynthia B

The eco gas saver, I drive to san Francisco and have saved money on gas.

When putting gas at times it does not allow you to do so the gas hose and the censor does not seem to work well and it get to be a little frustrating especially when putting gas at Costco. I have had to find ways to put gas while other people are waiting it is very frustrating that at time I do not even get to put a full tank just for that same reason. People at the gas station have tried to help me and they cannot help either, so I just go home. And try again later.

- Celia B

2013 Kia Sportage Car Review

I have a 2013 Kia Sportage. I really like my car for several reasons. It is very roomy, very comfortable and drives really well. It has Sirius Radio and a CD player. The seating is very comfortable even for passengers in the back seat. It has great accelerations. The only issue that I have with it is that the airbags are in the support posts that kind of get in the way when you are trying to look to your right to see the right of way.

- Mitchell R

Handles great and has good suspension!

My Kia Sportage handles great. The seats and comfortable and has just enough room in the back for my needs. The only issue I had with my Kia was the heating/air temperature control went out and needed to be repaired. A couple of items that could have been designed better would be the lack of fog lights (the headlights are not enough to see at night or when it rains) and the seats in the back row could be more comfortable for passengers.

- Sarah P

Under appreciated but over delivers!

I love my car! I have never had a problem with it. My only problem was once my battery died but that was after driving the car for 4 years without changing the battery. The car always looks and smells new. It is extremely reliable with good gas mileage. You'd be surprised how much stuff I can fit in that car too. I have used it multiple times to drive cross country and to move and I have never been let down.

- Emilie J

The comfortable ride availability.

My Kia has an excellent performance. No problem with accelerating, it takes off and.Picks up well. It is comfortable to drive. It maneuvers well and it is delight to drive. Very comfortable and plenty of legroom. It sits 3 children in the back well. Which also includes a car seat. The radio works well and picks up stations well no matter where you are at. The Sirius radio is amazing. .

- Jeanne A

I love my 2013 Kia Sportage!

I love my Kia! I haven't had any serious problems with it. Every once in a while my low tire pressure light comes on but that is an easy fix. I really love the gas mileage. I drive roughly 70 miles a day and then some. I only have to fill my tank once a week. It is comfortable, spacious and is very reliable. It handles great in the snow too!

- Emma H

Pick a different vehicle or know how to pamper and use real talc.

Gas economy is not that great in fact we are filling it a lot for a newer car. The handing it is wonderful either. Very uncomfortable on long trips. If you were to take a long trip I really suggest grab a lot of pillows for you and your passengers. Bumper is very flimsy. My child was playing (very small) and hit it and cracked the bumper.

- Heather M

It has a backup camera that is useful for me who isn't good at parallel parking!

I don't have any problems with it yet. It gets great gas mileage. It has great features in it like nice seating, a backup camera and good speakers. I like how it is quite while driving fast down freeways unlike other cars I've owned before. I wouldn't trade this car in for anything else! Kia is the way to go!

- Tiffany M

I love that it has both seat heaters and coolers!

Super comfortable, love the cargo storage, for a smaller SUV the gas mileage is not an issue as much as I expected. The only thing that I wish I could change is the get up and go. Sometimes changing lanes or merging on the interstate makes it difficult when it does not immediately have the pep you need.

- Abby C

The headlights look like a pair of eyes coming at you.

We love our car very much. It rides well and the SUV is the best way to go. I would recommend a Kia to anyone. The Sportage fits 5 comfortably.Nice and roomy in back with the seat put down you have lot of space to carry large items. It is just a good looking car. We are very satisfied with our Kia.

- Mary Ann M

Love my Kia! A reliable and cute car

No problems. So reliable and comfortable. It drives well, has never given me any issues. I love the panoramic sunroof and my heated/air conditioned seats in the front. I will drive this car until it dies! The only complaint is the Bluetooth system doesn't connect to my phone very well at times.

- Lauren M

Kia Sportage comfortable and spacious

It's very comfortable and rides smooth. No problems with the car. It has heated and cooling drivers seat and heated passenger seat. The glove box also has a vent to keep things cool. Car has plenty of space for seating and storage. It got me and my husband through a snowstorm safely back home.

- Amanda R

The comfort and reliability of the 2013 Kia Sportage

I really enjoy my 2013 Kia Sportage. It is very reliable and good on gas. It fits four people comfortably and has plenty of trunk space. The back seats easily fold down to make more room. It comes with the option to receive satellite radio. Also, your phone can be synced to the vehicle.

- Kelly T

The Kia Sportage is a two row smaller SUV with large trunk and storage.

I absolutely love my Kia Sportage. Large trunk with storage, spacious back seats, and easy to clean. As a mom of two young kids always traveling from games and practices it offers great gas mileage and is easy to drive. The only reason I would get rid of my Sportage is to get the new model.

- Danielle M

Best gas mileage I have had in an SUV.

Love it. Great gas mileage for a mid size SUV. Very comfortable car. The blind spots can be bad, but can be fixed by adjusting the seat. I do have to special order rear windshield wiper. Bluetooth in my car is great. Phone connects with no problem. No oil light on my current model.

- Sydney T

A satisfied customer of Sportage.

Am having issues with the turbo at the present. Otherwise it has been overall good running. Easy to handle, park, plenty of room. Have enjoyed the car the entire time I have had it. Love it. Would purchase the same again the next time I purchase. Would recommend the auto to others.

- Linda A

Super dependable, easy on the gas!

I am pleased with the dependability of my Kia Sportage. We have not had any major problems mechanically. The mileage per mile has been around 30 mpg, very good on gas, especially on long trips to visit daughter out of state. Rides comfortably and we enjoy owning this vehicle.

- Elizabeth H

Sporty, nice look, comfortable. Great car if you have toddler seats.

The only problem I have had is the air conditioner going out. It was still under warranty and was fixed. I love my Sportage. It is comfortable with enough leg room. I can fit two car seats for toddlers without having to move seat forward. It drives good and has plenty of power.

- Sheryl J

2013 Kia Sportage is a great SUV

I love my Kia Sportage. It is a great SUV and gets decent gas mileage, seeing that I travel for school. It is very spacious and has a good size trunk. It has great features, such as heated/cooling seats, backup camera, push to start, automatic seats, and sun/moonroof.

- Breanna M

Great crossover vehicle. .

All features are great. My car is 5 years if reliability is excellent. The only things I have had to have done are new headlights, oil changes, and tire rotation. I would like it to have more features it dr does not have many. The warranty is the best out there.

- Lisa S

The size of the vehicle. And how it handles on the road.

My Kia is very comfortable ride. It has a lot of room. And very fuel economy. It is just a good vehicle. For long trips. I would purchased another one. It has plenty of legroom. And plenty of room for storage. And the vehicle handles very good on the road.

- Susan I

For the time that I bought it was very advanced for base model technology wise

I have never really had any problems with my vehicle it is so reliable! I wish I had upgraded past the base model. It is the perfect size and there have really never been any issues with it for me. It is also great in the snow, I have never gotten stuck!

- Felicia T

Almost never needs to be fixed.

Has been a very good ride. Only complaint is it don't have the acceleration like my neon did and still does. The air cuts off at random sometimes but will come back on but works other than. The handler like breaking off everything easily, as well.

- Cole G

It is well taken care of and perfect for a small family.

I like that how it drives and i do like kia as a company but i do not like that it is getting kind of small for my family. I wish the trunk was a little bit deeper so i could store more in the trunk instead of cramming it into my backseat as well.

- Katelyn S

Small suv fits cost anything and is very safe with all wheel drive!

Blind spots, no functional back hatch window, and the jukebox is not intuitive and audio ne3ds to be rebooted intermittently. I wish it had leather, sunroof, better bluetooth, heated seats, climate control. I do like that it has all wheel drive.

- Gelcys N

Comfort and style is what a Sportage is.

Reliability and comfort are great from the Kia Sportage. It fits my family of four very comfortable. It is super spacious. I know I can count of our Sportage for road trips. It gives you a lot of miles per gallon, considering it is an SUV!

- Ana H

Kia's are a good brand, and some of them are assembled in the USA.

I like SUVs because you sit up higher and can see the road and other cars better. I've never had any problems with the car. I like it's features like the GPS, backup camera, 4-wheel drive, ac, and it's an attractive car. No complaints.

- Steve N

This vehicle has lots of air bags making very safe for my family.

I dislike the "trunk", it's to small for storing groceries and luggage. Not enough leg room for my tall teenage son. I like that it's good on gas, the body style and color. I also like how safe the vehicle is for my family.

- Canisha A

The space of a SUV without being way too big for everyday use.

I like that it fits the seating of a car with the extra storage of a van or SUV. I like the back up camera and Bluetooth phone capabilities. I like how it is up off the ground without being too high off the ground.

- MaryAlyce K

It's a great car to own and drive stylish and sporty

This car really performs well under all weather condition rain, snow, ice seems to be very stable and safe has plenty of power and still is efficient on fuel never had any mechanical problems with it since owning it

- John C

the warranty is 10 years 100,000 miles, and I have had no problems with that car so far and i have had it for 6 years and am at 80,000 miles

The car runs perfectly! I love this car the only thing i wish i wish was different was that i got the 4 wheel drive one, and had racks on top but other then that it is perfect! great car would totally recommend.

- Kyle W

It's very affordable and has great reviews.

I enjoy how comfortable this vehicle is. I feel safe and know my child is safe. I love the size of the car. Big but not too big! The handling is extremely smooth and driving long distances is very comfortable.

- Ashley R

The gas mileage is great, and it rides smooth and quiet.

I like the gas mileage and that it uses economy. It rides and steers good. The only thing I don't like is that the outside mirrors are about an inch or inch and a half to high, they block the view.

- Clara P

It is very safe with all the airbags provided.

I like all in my vehicle, but I want to upgrade it. Model, color, safety, everything, my kids love it too, we have amazing memories in it. I do not have any complaints.. I do not dislike nothing..

- Yair R

It is a manual. Most people do not know how to drive a stick shift.

I like the color options as a lot of cars do not have black inside or hard to find. Gas mileage could be better for the size. And needs to be a little bit bigger but not as big as the Sorento.

- Connie S

It is a luxury car and it has the heated and AC seats and it has backup.

No complaints I love the way it rides and I liked it I save on gas I like that I have room in the car for my grandchildren and my family I like that I have space in the car for my groceries.

- Ambrosia R

It's a great little car, that has a lot going for it!

I like that my vehicle is very fuel efficient. It gets very good mileage in both the city and on the highway. I also like that it has a comfortable ride. I really don't have any complaints.

- Brian S

The turn radius is incredible.

I like the size, but wish it didn't have a rounded top. When the windows are down your ears pop, but it is easy to drive. I also love the turn radius. My next vehicle will have a third row.

- Danielle J

It is one of the safest models, and very short people friendly.

I like the Bluetooth for hands free calls. I also like the seats fold down easily for storage. I believe the wheelbase is too short so the ride tends to be bumpy. The gas mileage is fair.

- Laura B

Seeing out the back can be troublesome however the 4 wheel drive works great and it handles wonderfully!

I love the car overall, compact but holds everything and everyone I need. My only complaint is the weight of the doors, they're heavy and close easily when you're trying to get out.

- katrina l

It has a really sensitive break.

I like that it's a crossover. The back-up camera also beeps when I get too close to an object. I don't like that it doesn't have tinted windows. The break is too sensitive.

- Kathy M

Good in the snow, climbs snow covered hills very good.

Like the AWD and adjustable heated drivers seat, handles nicely and fairly good on gas. Do not like the passenger front seat it sits to low and does not adjust up.

- Sheila R

Great for family outings because it is roomy.

I love my Sportage, Its roomy always have a great ride, not bad on gas. It has a great radio sound. Always keep my service appointments. to keep up maintenance.

- Irene L

Kia Sportage 2013 reliable car.

Very reliable. Never any maintenance issues. Very comfortable. Plenty of room in seats which are heated and cooled. Only problem is the radio quit working.

- JuliAnne m

Comfortable, reliable, family vehicle

My car has been very reliable in the 3 years we have had it. I often travel out of state and in general frequency drive it. It has not given me any problems.

- Cristina F

Smooth driving and easy to drive.

I have had my care for 5 years. No major problems. Is great on gas and drives good on the highways. Maintenance is good but you have to keep on top of that.

- Anona T

It drives great and is good on gas.

I loved everything about my vehicle until my family grew and after a few kids it feels too small now. Also have 2 dogs so trunk is tight for them.

- Courtney M

Great warranty and it is a safe vehicle. Multiple choices of styles for the KIA

Never had a problem with it. There is a great warranty on it and staff for services is always great. Love the color and it is a safe vehicle

- Kerri C

Faulty starter and ac problems after a short time.

I wish I would've gotten a bigger model my model is very compact. I also wish it was newer. The ac has been faulty. It is good on gas though.

- Jennifer E

It is very reliable. It has a bunch of room to transport many items.

I like the comfort of the car. It has very nice acceleration. It get good gas mileage. I dislike some of the blind spots that it has.

- Mitchell R

When it comes to gas, it is very economic.

I love everything about the vehicle. Great size, very economic and has not given us any trouble so far. I do not have any complaints.

- Danielle C

The Sportage is a great car for driving in the city.

The vehicle has been extremely reliable. It is big enough to carry large items of cargo, yet smaller than other comparable vehicles,

- allen r

Like Kias. They have performed well and have been reliable.

Good car and has performed well and has been reliable. Although, I liked my optima a little better. Bigger engine and smoother ride.

- Jennifer W

thay it is in good running condition

It sits up high so i can see better.I always get a smooth ride. dislike i don't have heated mirrors or Built in gps/ backup camera

- Irene C

Feel like I'm in a mini race car and can zip around curves, good handling.

like the turbo feature, like the design I do not like the windshield, distorts images I do not like the limited storage space

- Brandi B

It is a reliable vehicle that drives very well.

I like the spaciousness of it. It gets good gas mileage. There are more blind spots in the vehicle than I would have liked.

- Mitchell G

love my car it gets me from point a to b

it's fine I've had the car approximately 3 years so far I Have had no problems to date is great just preventive maintenance

- Diana b

It is a great small family vehicle.

I like that it drives very smooth. I have never had any issues with any upkeep at all. There's plenty of room in the trunk.

- Kirstie I

This car is a great ride with good pick up and roominess.

I like the smooth, quiet ride of this vehicle. I like the roominess . However, I do not like the gas mileage it receives.

- Jan R

Nothing else about my car stands out as important.

Very spacious; great on gas: love the color; not too big; perfect for me; easy to get kids in and out of.. No complaints.

- Nicole B

This is one of the safest vehicles to own.

I have owned 3 of the Kia sportages. They run well and get good mileage. Kia sportage is a great size compact vehicle.

- Amy S

Easy and lovely and economical to drive

Love size, economic fuel usage, love nav system, heated and cooled seats. Dislike that no showing outdoor temperature

- Julia W

Smooth ride. Great in gas!

Like how it drives. Good on gas. Small vehicle with growing teenage son. Not enough storage room (baseball player).

- Amy R

Great family car for sure. Amazing gas mileage and easy to drive

I like that i can take all three car seats plus whatever bags i need to travel. Spacious. Dependable. Good on gas

- Jamie P

Reasonable price and good gas mileage and dependable.

I like the space and way it looks. Could have a little better gas mileage. Drives smooth. Had issues with radio.

- Carolyn U

All the perks of a crossover without the price gouging.

I like the size and maneuverability of it. It also has a large amount of interior space and great gas mileage.

- Jason M

No more cold seats in the winter with heated seats

love the backup camera. the seats are heated in the winter and cool in the summer, I love how i seat up high

- sue a

It has really good gas mileage. It takes 26 miles to the gallon.

Only have I ever had issues with the windshield wiper fluid running out too quickly in between services.

- Thomas G

The blind spots are bad. Be extra careful.

I love the size of the Sportage, rides smooth, & is just perfect for me. Dislikes is the blind spots.

- Audrey S

Great car, great mileage. It has a lot of nice amenities.

The doors are very heavy and will not easily stay open when you try to exit the car.

- Patricia P

It's fast, and has great pick up. It's turbo charged

most reliable car I ever owned. Great pick up and speed. really good looking.

- deb n

It is a very reliable car and very good for the price.

I like it. No complaints at all. I just wished it was paid off.

- Brad n

It is the perfect size for my family. It has enough cargo space to meet our needs.

Car meets family's space needs without being ridiculously huge.

- MaryAlyce G

I love the amount of space I have. I like how it drives. I dislike that it doesn't get as much gas mileage as I would like. I like that it's dependable.

It's a great vehicle that drives good and is very dependable.

- Syreeta S

Is it a good buy? Is it large enough? Does it get good gas mileage?

It's Roomy. It's Economical. It has good Fuel consumption.

- Sue R

good company, great warranty, good prices, like the style

gas miles, great style, have no complaints great warranty

- Lisa M