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You can never go wrong with choosing Lexus.

The reliability of my Lexus is amazing. Although it is old, it looks beautiful and the black paint does not chip or ever lose its gloss. The leather seats are chic and comfortable even though they get hot in the summer, it is beautiful. You can switch from sports mode which is a little bumpy to comfort mode where it is smooth sailing. Although if you are looking for a sportier, yet more in control ride I'd go with sports mode because it feels like you've got a better grip. My only complaint is at one point recently my drivers side window had trouble going up and down. Other than that it is an amazing car. The air conditioning is very strong and gets cold fast and there's vents in the back as well. Also, there's a window sun shield in the back to hide from the sun if you have people in the back. Probably works well with babies too.

- Monalisa M

A timeless and reliable classic.

This car is like new and I bought it used 8 years ago. Virtually no maintenance, no repairs and the leather upholstery is durable and looks great. The sound system sound s great even though it only plays cassettes. The seats are adjustable and heated. My mileage remains as is-consistent and great on long drives the ride is extremely smooth and I can accelerate reliably and quickly for freeway driving. Also have heard from other Lexus owners that the configuration for windows has higher visibility than their newer models. My car has over 180,000 miles and I haven't had to get a repair yet.

- Joanna V

Beautiful and powerful all in one.

It is the best car I have ever owned. I love the look and the comfort. The wood steering wheel is lots more comfortable if it is hot or cold outside. I love how the headlights re adjust every time you turn the car on so they are optimal. I really like how the power is and have not had any problems with it other than having to change brakes and battery.. The sound system that it comes with is great and the heated seats are a must in winter.

- Mary Ann F

2002 Lexus es- loaded, all leather, sunroof, nice reliable car!

Even though it is an older model (2003), it drives like a new car! I love the smooth ride and luxury feel. It has nice heated leather seats with seat warmers. Nice large truck for those big shopping trips. Seats are comfortable for long road trips. I really enjoy how dependable it is! Starts every time and the engine has lasted into very high mileage (233, 000). I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking to buy.

- Kim M

2003 Lexus - I had no idea how much i’d love this car!

This is a brand new purchase. It is so smooth, quiet, comfy, lots of cup holders. I am still discovering features; I have only had it a week and have a 2 mile commute to work. I know I love that it has seat warmers and a sunroof. I wish it had more technology but it was built in 2003 so it is all cigarette lighters. I love the new floor mats, the leather case that holds a special Lexus first aid kit and it is Manuel.

- Jen B

Comfort and style all in with the leather seats and heated seats is a bonus!

I have really enjoyed my Lexus even though I brought it 15 yrs old. It has been well maintained and the oil kept up and it rides beautifully. It is a workhorse on the highway and if I am not careful it is very easy to go over the speed limit because you do not hear the road and there is no strain in getting to the speed limit so it is easy to sit back and enjoy the ride.

- McDowell M

I love my Lexus, it is beautiful, powerful and drives like a dream.

I love the way my car handles. I has the smoothest ride and takes curves like a dream. It is a lot of car with a powerful engine and a lot of pick up. Even at 16 years old, I barely have to push the gas pedal to beat the other cars when the light turns green. This car made me fall in love with Lexus and I understand why everyone raves about them.

- Lisa W

It is a very nice car, with great features.

It performs really well, engine seems really great. It is very reliable, the leather seats and seat warmers are comfortable. It has the regular features like aux, and radio. It drives really smooth, and has a very nice blue color on the outside. It also has a sunroof, that is lined and covered with leather and cloth as well.

- Sim D

Comfortable and convenient Lexus es-300.

My favorite features about this car are the radio and the sun roof. My Lexus is spacious and comfortable. The chairs are very easily adjusted, my two children's car seats fit well in the back seat. There is plenty of trunk space for traveling, packing up my stroller and all of my groceries. This car has served me well.

- Susanna M

Lexus vehicles are reliable, comfortable, low maintenance, long lasting, and over-all worth-while.

it's extremely reliable. it was purchased used in 2006 and has served its purpose more that I could imagined. there hasn't been any major service or maintenance issues since the time it was bought. i'm currently looking to replace it with a newer later model. Lexus is definitely a brand that i'll recommend to anyone.

- lawrence m

Family car with style and a smooth ride.

I love my car. The style of the body is classic and the interior feels luxurious. It drives very smooth in town and on the highway. It is fuel efficient and annual maintenance has allowed it to run nicely even with higher miles. The interior is roomy and provides a large trunk. A reasonably priced luxury 4 door.

- Lori W

It is very dependable and reliable, e.g., it seldom has broken down on the road and it is still running very well and has more than 241,000 miles on it currently. I anticipate driving it for another 2 - 3 years!

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It has many state of the art safety features that other vehicles do not have. It handles very well under all types of conditions. The only real complaint I have is that the parts are somewhat pricey and it is often difficult to do my own maintenance on it.

- Judith L

My baby my family car I love her.

I love my car, it drive smoothly, the heat and air is amazing, it have heated seat, heated mirror, the stereo system is great, I love the way the body is made, the color, the tires, saves gas, mileage low, great lighting -inside and out, it's very clean, it's my baby had her for a long time.

- Annette J

As a girl this car is everything I wanted as a first car.

Very beautiful interior, smooth on even bumpy roads, very comfortable seats and is an amazing first car for me. It is exactly what I wanted and in very good condition. It's too hard to not have it in good condition. Reliability is great it's a great car even the car make is very luxurious.

- Judy B

The size of this Lexus is great, one of the best I've ever seen! you can fit so 5 people and there's a huge trunk!

The Lexus ES300 is a very reliable car. Much more reliable than my first/last car, which was a mustang. my car does have problems with the catalytic converter so it doesn't perform at its best. But it is still a great vehicle. The gas mileage is great and the size and space is amazing.

- Whisper G

A real bonafide ''ol' reliable'.

Nothing about vehicle has given me much thought. The car manages to take care of itself, it never seems to have any hiccups of note. It has served me well for an extended period of time. I have absolutely no complaints. It is an automatic yes from me, I cannot live without it.

- Jason K

Lexus the only vehicle you'll ever need.

My Lexus is almost 16 years old, and still runs like a charm. Lexus is the only car I will buy, once my 03' is no longer operational. I am a Lexus customer for life. They are well worth the price; every car-maker should have the same standards as those with Lexus brand.

- Angela B

Luxury 4 door sedan with all fully loaded features.

My car is a luxury four door sedan that drives like luxury. The only problem I have had is regular maintenance. It is all leather interior with wood grain makes it more luxurious.It's very roomy inside for a sedan. I have to say that overall it is a reliable vehicle.


I love this car I have enjoyed owning this car.

The car is very low maintain no major problems. The car drives wonderfully. The seats are very comfortable interior is roomy. The car looks good. The Lexus es is a Toyota Camry in most ways you cannot buy a better car anyone would love this car l love this car.

- Gary L

Although my Lexus is an older model, it is still in good shape and runs well. Very reliable vehicle.

I like the body style of my Lexus; it is timeless and classy looking. I've never had any mechanical issues with it, so I would definitely consider purchasing another Lexus vehicle. The interior is spacious and comfortable.

- Angela R

Lexus ES 300 Comfort, Durability, Reliability and Dependability

My car is completely comfortable to drive and has all the features I need plus some I never use. So far, it has been totally dependable, reliable, and durable. It has the power I need and has good gas mileage.

- Michael S

It can go in all weather types.

Love the style and color. Great comfort level, quiet. Perfect size for me, good trunk size.. Has needed very little service work.. I have had this car for 15 years and honestly cannot think of any complaints..

- Stephanie L

Lexus Sedan - looks professional, but lacks versatility

Comfortable and easy to drive. Hard to manage in any poor weather. The car is pretty low-set so it's easy to bottom out when driving on dirt driveways or roads. Good gas mileage for a car as old as 2003.

- Maggie M

Lexus dream luxury car the most affordable.

Lexus are very reliable vehicles as long as the mandatory maintenance is followed great on gas all luxury cars use 93 by the way Lexus is the most affordable maintenance wise out of all luxury vehicles.

- Robert B

It is a luxury vehicle so maintain it and it will keep its value for a long time.

It's a good car still, even though its getting old. Been using it for 15 years and mostly runs great. Major issues are just that it is not compatible with a phone for music.

- Dylan B

Great vehicle to keep and own.

Very reliable vehicle. All the features work as they are supposed to. If the vehicle needs parts they are easy to find. The Lexus shares some parts with the Toyota Camry.

- Christopher C

Unfortunately doesn't have aux port.

I bought my car off a lot. Runs really smooth, but does consume gas. Nice interior, leather with some nice wooden features along the steering wheel.

- Tevin T

Nothing to be said, I have no problems with the model itself.

Love the vintage leather seats.. Many thoughtful extras in the interior.. Long term motor build, state of the art refined for 2002.

- Gary A

Reasons I love my Lexus sedan!

I love my car! It is reliable, has any easy drive and is just as luxurious as its sister cars. Great car overall.

- Courtney M

Lexus: reliable long-lasting luxury.

Performance has been great and this car has had very few issues despite going on 15 years. Extremely reliable.

- Alex K

its fund to drive and still looks nice even though it's 15 years old

love the color style interior, fun to drive and have not had issues with it. The nicest car I've ever owned

- Susan E

That it is long lasting and durable. One hundred fifty thousand miles and no major issues.

I've enjoyed that vehicle is low maintenance and has been running for a long time with no major problems.

- Michael B

tough and durable. Easy to find parts since its made by Toyota. I will buy another in the future.

very durable and long lasting. I have no complaints about the car. Parts are easy to find.

- christopher c

tough and durable. Easy to find parts since its made by Toyota. I will buy another in the future.

very durable and long lasting. I have no complaints about the car. Parts are easy to find.

- christopher c

Dependability! I has never broken down or prevented me from going where I want to go, when I want to go.

It has been the most dependable car I have ever owned. Cost of upkeep has been minimal.

- Rufus R

I like that my car has a sensitive brake and doesn't require me to hit it very hard to get a good amount of stopping power. It also accelerated at a decent speed. I also like that I got a luxury brand car for a really good price.

Shivani's Lexus is Amazing. Everybody should take a ride in it at least once!

- Shivani D

It doesn't break down much and the interior is comfortable

The vehicle has a smooth ride and is very reliable (doesn't break down much)

- DW C

Lexus is quality and reliability

I love the smooth ride. I love the comfort I love the reliability

- Erin K

Very reliable car as long as it's being taken care of

Good family car. Very reliable. Smooth drive. Feels like luxury

- Alex L

Engine we know very well .my car engine very good

Very good car I like it Very comfortable No Complaints

- Shlok J

Lexus has earned its reputation as reliable and comfortable.

It's reliable and comfortable sedan. Low maintenance.

- Pat G